Barbie's New Pocket Friend


As a pink car that highly resembled a Porsche drove through the dense forest-like area…
"Recalculating route. Recalculating route. Recalculating route…" the female robotic voice said over and over. The driver of this car, a teenage girl named Polly Pocket, angrily slapped one of her hands on the dashboard where the voice was coming from.
"Ugh… that's what you said, like, 20 wrong turns ago! Sigh… I should just face facts. I'm lost." Polly said. But she didn't stop. She kept on driving through the dense forest hoping she would find something. As she drove, she took note of the 'trees' she was driving past.
"What strange looking trees, though. They're colored green and have no branches." Polly said.

After several more minutes of randomly driving around, Polly looked ahead and saw a bright spot of light in the distance.
"Whew… finally! Light at the end of this tunnel!" Polly said as she accelerated towards the light, which was actually the bright sunlight shining down from the sky. Once Polly drove into the light, she took a look around and saw she was out of the forest.
"What… the…!" Polly said as she took a look around at her new surroundings. In front of her now was the absolute biggest house she could ever imagine seeing.
"It's… it's… it's… it's… big." Polly said as she parked her car near the first step (of a few) up towards the front doors. She got out of her car and stared over the house, which she didn't know yet was Barbie's Dreamhouse.
"I feel like I've stepped into that fairy tale with the giant castle… maybe there's a giant person living in there too!" Polly said as she took a couple steps, but then she stopped and gulped nervously.
"But what if he or she steps on me without knowing it? No… I have to be strong. Whoever lives in there may be my only hope of finding my way back to Polly City." Polly said. She walked towards the step and jumped a few times, but obviously could not reach it given her size compared to the steps.
Then she snapped her fingers and ran back to her car. She dug through the back seat and pulled out what appeared to be a grappling hook.
"I always knew I'd find another use for this thing someday." Polly said with a smile. She then ran back towards the step and threw the hook upward, allowing it to cling onto the top of the step. Polly climbed up the rope, ascending the step like it was a mountain.

Polly eventually made it to the top of the step, and repeated the process for the next few steps. Eventually, she finally made it to the top step where she saw the gigantic set of pink doors. Leaving the grappling hook behind for now, Polly walked towards the doors, taking a deep breath along the way.
"I sure hope whoever lives in this giant home is friendly." Polly said. She then heard a muffled female voice behind the doors.
"3… 2… 1… BLAST OFF!!!" the female voice said. That's when Polly watched the front doors swing wide open. On the other side were three giantesses. Two of them were holding each door open, while the other giantess was about to fly out of the house on her skateboard. This particular giantess we knew as Stacie, the 12-year-old younger sister (one of three) who was very much into extreme sports. Of course, she was wearing a helmet and pads for safety! ^_____^
"Eeeeek!" Polly screamed as she ducked thinking the skateboard was going to roll right over her, but instead, she watched as Stacie jumped in the air. Polly watched as, weirdly, Stacie flew overhead in slow motion, but speed picked back up as Stacie landed several feet away, making another jump (and 360 degree rotation) over the stairway and eventually skateboarding off the property.
"Woot! Thanks, Barbie and Skipper! Be back soon!" Stacie shouted. Polly looked up at the other two giantesses, which as you might have guessed by now, were Barbie and her 16-year-old sister, Skipper.
"Hahaha! Oh, that Stacie. She'd be perfect for Tony Hawk if she were 10 years older." Barbie said. Skipper, meanwhile, was tapping away at her smartphone.
"Um… I think he's already married." Skipper said. Barbie half-smiled, trying to pretend she was familiar with that bit of knowledge.
"Right! I knew that!" Barbie said as she walked away from the door.
"At least Stacie didn't crash into the fountain this time." Skipper said as she walked away from the doors as well.

Polly, of course, was in awe seeing how big not just Stacie who flew overhead was, but also Barbie and Skipper.
"Wow… they're big. Hey! Wait a second!" Polly said. She realized this was her best chance to get inside the house with the front doors wide open, and so she went into an all out sprint towards the doors even as Skipper was closing her half of the doors. With a foot or so to spare, Polly dove inside and was able to make it inside the Dreamhouse. She got up and watched as Barbie and Skipper walked away, still chatting with each other.
"Hey! Excuse me! Back here!" Polly shouted, but of course there was no response.
"*sigh* I knew I should've borrowed Shani's megaphone." Polly said. Still, she walked around for the next couple of minutes, admiring the place from inside.
"But I have to admit, this looks like a really extravagant house. It's like whoever lives here is a gazillionaire or something!" Polly said.

But shortly thereafter, she felt a series of thumps almost knock her off balance. She turned around feeling that's where the thumps were originating from. She looked up nervously and saw a giant dog (Taffy) and cat (Blissa) both staring point blank down at her. Being familiar with pets, it took Polly a nanosecond to figure out these two had her on their menu.
"Heh heh heh… nice doggy and kitty…" Polly said as she backed away slowly, but Taffy and Blissa took steps forward to match. Polly did the only logical thing she could think of.
"RUN AWAY!!!" Polly screamed as she turned around and went running in the opposite direction. Taffy and Blissa naturally chased her around the room. In classic cartoon fashion, the three ran back and forth a few times. Polly breathed heavily as she kept looking back.
"Huff puff huff puff… aren't they ever going to tire out!? WHOA!" Polly said, only to feel herself tripping over something, which turned out to be the edge of the pink rug she and the pets had been running around on. Polly landed face first on the ground.
"Ugh… anyone get the license plate of… whatever tripped me?" Polly said as she rolled onto her back and saw Taffy and Blissa both towering over her and licking their lips.
"I guess this is it… sigh. Farewell, cruel world. I hope you'll forever remember the name Polly Pocket." Polly said as she closed her eyes and prepared to be drenched in saliva and then digested in whichever animal grabbed her first.

However, she would be saved by the bell… or in this case, female voices.
"Taffy! Blissa!" the voice shouted. The dog and cat looked away from Polly and then went running towards the person calling for them, which of course was Barbie! She was joined by three other girls… two of her younger sisters, 16-year-old Skipper and 8-year-old Chelsea, as well as Midge… her best friend originally from Willows, Wisconsin, who recently moved to Malibu. Taffy jumped into Barbie's arms, licking her face off, while Blissa purred happily in Chelsea's arms after jumping there.
"There you two are. What are you two doing running around in circles?" Barbie said.
"Probably chasing each other like always." Skipper said.
"I'm always amazed they don't break anything!" Chelsea said. Midge then looked down where Polly was sitting.
"Huh? Hey, Barbie, look down here on your rug." Midge said. Polly gasped… that's when she realized someone had finally noticed her. She jumped up and down and waved her arms around as the other giantesses looked down at her.
"Oh, it's moving! Is it a bug?" Chelsea asked.
"It doesn't look like any bug I've seen before." Midge said.

Skipper then got down on her knees, causing Polly to nervously back away. She watched as Skipper was doing something with her smartphone.
"Look at the size of that phone…" Polly said to herself.
"Wait a sec! It's a little girl!" Skipper said.
"Huh!?" the other three ladies said.
"A little girl? Come on, Skipper, you can't be serious!" Barbie said.
"See for yourself." Skipper said as she stood up and showed the other three girls a zoomed in picture she took of Polly.
"Well, I declare. I didn't know girls came in that small a size." Midge said. Barbie then slowly approached the tiny girl. Polly backed away as the giantess wearing a purple skirt, pink top, and pink high-heeled shoes approached her and got down on one knee.
"It's okay, little girl. We won't hurt you. Climb on." Barbie said. Polly breathed a sigh of relief.
"Okay… a BFG. So far so good." Polly said as she did just that, hopping onto the palm of Barbie's giant hand.

Barbie stood back up and held Polly at chest level with the other girls watching nearby.
"Sorry about my pets chasing you around. They both like to chase things smaller than them... when they're not chasing each other that is!" Barbie said.
"Heh… it's okay. My pets back home are the same way." Polly said.
"So what's your name? I'm Barbara Millicent Roberts, but you can just call me Barbie." Barbie said.
"I'm Polly Pocket." Polly said.
"I see! It's nice to meet you, Polly." Barbie said as she used two of her fingers to shake Polly's tiny hand.
"Oh… here's everyone else. These two are my younger sisters, Chelsea and Skipper, and this is one of my best friends, Midge." Barbie said as she introduced Polly to the other giantesses.
"What's up?" Skipper said as she showed the peace sign.
"Nice to meet you!" Chelsea said.
"Pleased to meet your acquaintance!" Midge said.

Skipper then remembered that one time when Barbie and Raquelle were small (although not as small as Polly was at the moment!).
"Don't tell me Ken's been playing with the Shrinkerator again." Skipper said.
"The what-er-ator?" Polly asked.
"Oh, an invention my boyfriend made that shrinks things. It's supposed to help with decluttering some of my closets." Barbie said.
"Oh, I see. Well, actually, I'm always this size." Polly said.
"Really!?" all four ladies said.
"Well, yes… where I come from, everyone is 4 inches tall or less!" Polly said.
"Oh? That's very fascinating. Where do you come from?" Barbie said.
"Polly City. I was trying to drive my way back there, but I got lost in some forest and found my way here." Polly said.
"A forest? There's no forest for a couple miles." Midge said.
"Maybe she meant the blades of grass in the front lawn. Wow… you're very lucky to have survived out there!" Chelsea said. Polly then looked around the rest of the room.
"Wow… you have such a huge place, Barbie." Polly said.
"Thank you! I'd be happy to give you a guided tour." Barbie said.
"That'd be great!" Polly said.
"Haha! Wait until you see her closet." Skipper said as the ladies walked out of the main room.

With Polly now sitting on Barbie's shoulder, Barbie opened up the double doors that led to her massive closet (and I do mean massive!). Polly already was awestruck by how it seemed to stretch on forever.
"Oh… my…" Polly said.
"Told you you'd totally be surprised." Midge said.
"But how… how do you fit a closet this big in your house?" Polly asked.
"The best way to put it is magic." Skipper said.
"Teehee… Skipper's right!" Chelsea added.
"Haha! Magic, eh? We believe in magic too in Polly City. In the rare times we get visitors, that's always the excuse we use if something can't be explained." Polly said.
"I'm glad to hear that! I used to think I was crazy for believing in magic. Anyway, most of my job outfits are right here… veterinarian, race car driver, presidential nominee, astronaut, doctor, pilot, flight attendant, shop owner, mall owner, hamburger flipper…" Barbie said, only for Polly to cut in.
"Oh my! I think I've heard enough! How many jobs have you had?" Polly asked.
"135, more or less." Barbie said.
"WOW! Why is it you can't hold a job?" Polly asked. Barbie looked confused at first, but Skipper once again came to the rescue.
"She's just that talented." Skipper said.
"Haha! So is Skipper. Even though she's 16, she's already worked at least a dozen jobs." Barbie said.
"Including at Hot Diggety Dogs, only the best hot dogs in the galaxy! Or so they claim, but I won't tell." Skipper added. Polly had an awestruck look once again. What a talented and wide-in-variety group of giantesses she was interacting with.

Just then, however, she felt something buzzing in one of her dress pockets. It was her cell phone, and she held it up to her ear after recognizing the number.
"Hello? Oh, hi, Lea! I'm sorry I'm late, I got lost in some forest, but I found these new friends to help me. What, is he really? Well, I look forward to seeing it. Anyway, I should be home hopefully soon. Okay, bye." Polly said before hanging up.
"Who was that, Polly?" Barbie asked.
"That was my best friend, Lea. She's wondering where I've been. Sigh… I really should be getting back to Polly City. Everyone there is probably very worried about me." Polly said.
"Hmmmm… I see. If only we knew where Polly City was… we could take you there." Barbie said.
"Leave that to me! The Internet has the answer to everything." Skipper said as she whipped out her own cell phone and rapidly tapped away at the screen.
"Haha! Watch, Polly. Skipper's got cell phones mastered like the back of her head." Barbie said.
"I should know, from having her teach me how to use them." Midge said. Skipper then lightly gasped.
"What is it, Skipper?" Chelsea asked.
"It's close. VERY close… like only a couple blocks to the east from here. You know that empty lot we keep commenting on anytime we go shopping?" Skipper said.
"Yes?" the other ladies said.
"That's the location of Polly City. Am I right, Polly?" Skipper asked as she showed the screen of her phone to Polly.
"Hmmmm… yes, the overhead shot does look familiar from watching the weather report every day!" Polly said.
"Alright then, it's settled! We'll all take you back to Polly City, Polly Pocket." Barbie said.
"You… you will? Thanks! That'd be great!" Polly said.
"Okay! To the Barbie Mobile!" Barbie shouted as she and the other ladies went rushing out of the closet.
"Seriously… do you still call it that?" Skipper asked.
"I can't help it. It's from my days as a superhero." Barbie said.
"Wait… you were a superhero!?" Polly asked.
"Remember… 135 jobs." Skipper said with a wink in one of her eyes.

Eventually, everyone walked out the front doors of the Dreamhouse, with Barbie holding Polly Pocket in her hands once again. They were coming down the front steps when Polly suddenly gasped.
"Wait, STOP!!!" Polly shouted.
"Huh? What's wrong, Polly?" Barbie asked as she was hovering one of her high-heeled shoes a foot above the ground.
"You almost stepped on my car." Polly said. Midge looked underneath Barbie's shoe and saw the car.
"Found it! Wow… this looks waaaaaay different than my old 57 Chevy." Midge said as she reached down and picked up the car. Skipper and Chelsea whistled over the vehicle.
"*whistles* Those are Hot Wheels!" Skipper said.
"Wow! That looks a lot like your car, Barbie!" Chelsea said. Barbie carefully inspected the car that Midge was holding.
"Hmmm… the exterior does look similar. I'm impressed, Polly! Have you worked a lot of jobs too?" Barbie asked.
"Well… not really. I just consider myself lucky and very fortunate." Polly said. Barbie gently patted the tiny girl on her head, especially the blonde ponytailed hair.
"That's the way to go, Polly. Now then, you get to see my cars." Barbie said with a smile. She pulled out a remote, opening up the garage doors. Polly's jaw dropped when she saw at least a few different pink colored cars, all of them of the supercar nature that most of us can only dream to afford! ^_____^
"Oh… My…" Polly said.
"Heh, this is nothing. You should see her downtown garage. Jay Leno would be jealous!" Skipper said.
"Hahaha… oh please, Skipper. It's nothing to brag about." Barbie said.
"Oh! Can we please please please please please please please please please please please please please take the Ferrari 360, Barbie!?" Chelsea as she playfully tugged on her older sister's skirt.
"Hahaha! I wish we could, but since there's four of us, we'll have to take the SUV." Barbie said as she walked towards the sport utility vehicle (a Volvo, BTW). Barbie took the wheel with Midge taking the other front seat, both of which were careful to handle whatever they were holding, while Chelsea and Skipper jumped in the back. Polly was eventually placed in one of the cup holders between Midge and Barbie.
"You'll be safe in here, Polly. Buckle up, everyone! Here we go!" Barbie said. After hearing four clicks of seatbelts, Barbie started up the car and drove out of the garage and away from the Dreamhouse. As she was driving out, she didn't notice Ryan walking towards the entry gates of the Dreamhouse. Ryan watched as the SUV drove off in the distance.
"Huh? Where is Barbie going on a day like today? And I even wrote her a new song too. Sigh… I guess I'll have to sing to Raquelle. Again." Ryan said as he slumped his way away from the Dreamhouse, dragging his guitar down on the ground.

A short while later, the group pulled up to the empty lot Skipper described earlier. Everyone got out, with Barbie placing Polly inside her car that Midge continued to hold.
"Well, we're here." Barbie said.
"Yeah, but no city." Midge said.
"Unless maybe it's hiding within the grass!" Chelsea said.
"It's have to be a REALLY small city to hide amongst those short blades." Skipper commented.
"This is where I come in. Would you kindly set me down on the ground, please?" Polly said. After Barbie and Midge looked at each other and Barbie nodded, Midge kneeled down and safely set Polly's car on the ground. Polly briefly looked up at the four ladies towering over her, but then looked back at the empty lot and reached inside her dress. She pulled out what looked to be an ordinary locket, which she opened up. Polly then busted out a quick song.
"Gonna be the best time ever! Gonna be fun forever! Cause when we're all together, every day is an All Good Day!" Polly sung.
"Wow… nice song, Polly!" Barbie said.
"Thanks. All my friends and I are in a band… Polly and the Pockets." Polly said.
"Crafty." Skipper said.
"Look! Something's appearing!" Chelsea said as she pointed forward.

The four ladies and their tiny friend watched as a full fledged city suddenly appeared over much of the empty lot. It appeared ghostly at first, but the objects quickly solidified and formed building after building before everyone's eyes. Of course, the city was quite small… only a few buildings barely towered over Barbie and her friends.
"Wow…" Barbie, Midge, Skipper, and Chelsea all said. Polly, meanwhile, drove her car through the city's entry gates.
"Welcome, my new friends, to Polly City." Polly said with a smile. As she drove in, many of the citizens came to a stop as they saw not only Polly returning, but also the four women towering in the distance.
"Sooooo… should we walk in?" Skipper said.
"We should probably wait until Polly gives the all clear." Midge said.
"I agree, Midge. Wow… that's good thinking, actually!" Barbie said.
"Haha, thanks! I got the idea after watching some late night movie about a 50 foot tall woman." Midge said.

Polly, meanwhile, slammed the brakes on her car when she saw nearly all her friends come running out from a nearby shop. They were Lea, Lila, Ana, Crissy, Kerstie, and Rick. Also with them was an older male, who was actually the mayor of Polly City, Dave.
"Polly, you're back!" Lila said.
"Wow… we were so worried about you. You're a sight for sore eyes!" Lea said.
"Thanks, everyone. I'm sorry I'm late in returning. I took a wrong turn or two or three or eight…" Polly said.
"At least we have our future mayor of Polly City back in our loving arms." Dave said.
"Yeah, but… who are THOSE ladies!?" Kerstie said as she pointed behind Polly at the giantesses just outside the city limits.
"Oh, it's okay! They're new friends who helped me get back here. Come on in, everyone! Don't worry, they're super gentle." Polly said. Barbie nodded as she watched Polly motion to walk towards her, and she and the other ladies stepped into the city. There was a bit of nervousness going around amongst the people as Barbie and the others walked carefully.
"They look so terrified…" Chelsea said.
"Hey, wouldn't we all if a giant woman came marching into our city?" Skipper said. Once Barbie and the group were a couple feet away from Polly and her friends, Polly introduced all of them.
"I'd like you all to meet Barbie, her two younger sisters Skipper and Chelsea, and her best friend, Midge." Polly said.
"It's a pleasure to meet you all!" Barbie said as she waved down at Polly and her tiny friends.
"Far out! You've got the grooviest looking city!" Midge said as she did a quickie dance with her hips.

Finally came the moment where the ice was broken, when Dave stepped towards the giantesses.
"Well then. Any friend of the future mayor of Polly City is a friend of us! Welcome, ladies." Dave said. All four giantesses lightly gasped.
"Mayor!?" they all said.
"Heh heh… yeah, though that's a number of years away. Anyway, these are all my friends. Mayor Dave, Lea, Lila, Ana, Crissy, Kerstie, and Rick." Polly said.
"Nice to meet you all. Say, Polly, why not give us a grand tour?" Barbie asked.
"Sure! No problem! Just follow us." Polly said. The giantesses started to walk behind their tiny friends… however, they stopped when Midge accidentally whacked a nearby building with her hand, denting it somewhat.
"Whoops! Sorry… Barbie says I can be a klutz sometimes." Midge said with an awkward smile.
"Heh heh… don't worry about it, I'll make sure the damage is repaired immediately." Dave said. Barbie then looked back at Midge, Chelsea, and Skipper.
"Girls, we better be extremely careful. One wrong step and suddenly we'll be on the 11 o'clock news as the giant women from outer space or something." Barbie said.
"Ha! You HAVE been watching those late night movies!!" Midge shouted.
"Ooooooh… the thought of that makes my skin tingle." Skipper said.
"Better get the sunscreen!" Chelsea commented as she and the other giantesses finally followed behind Polly and her friends.

For the next several minutes, Barbie and company were impressed with what they saw. Not just in how small the city looked compared to themselves, but how bustling everything was. They didn't say much while Polly and her friends did all the talking, although the tour came to a stop all of a sudden when one smaller building took Chelsea's interest. She got down on her hands and knees and peeked inside.
"Oooooh… what's in here?" Chelsea said.
"Oh! This is the beauty salon! The people there are fantastic! Just ask them whatever you want to do and they'll do it." Polly said.
"I see. Could they dye my hair pink?" Chelsea said.
"Of course! And in world record speed too! Hold on, let me go get them." Polly said as she ran inside the salon. In the interim, the other giantesses were curious why Chelsea made such a request.
"Huh? Why would you want pink hair, Chelsea?" Barbie asked.
"I've seen other kids with pigtailed hair with it. It's the newest fashion trend!" Chelsea said.
Before the matter could be discussed any further, a few female adults came walking out.
"Hi! Are you Chelsea?" one of them asked.
"That's me!" Chelsea said.
"Polly tells us you'd like your hair to be pink. Just lay down and we'll do the rest." one of the female adults said.
"Oh, okay. You're sure my size won't make things difficult?" Chelsea asked.
"Nonsense, child! We work with customers of all shapes and sizes!" one of the female adults said. Chelsea finally did what she was asked and laid flat on her back. Immediately the hair stylists got to work on the younger giantess. Polly smiled and then looked up at the other giantesses.
"This could take 10-15 minutes. We should continue with the tour and then come back later." Polly said.
"I agree. We'll be back, Chelsea!" Barbie said as she and the others walked away from her.

The group arrived next at a wide open park, where everyone saw a wide variety of people and pets running around.
"This is the park! Lots of kids like to come running around here and play." Polly said.
"Us included! I lost count of how many games of tag we've played here after school." Lila said.
"Wonderful! I always tell everyone it's important to get outside and stay in shape." Barbie said. Some of the kids then came running up towards Polly and her gigantic friends.
"Wow, Polly! Those women behind you are huge!" one of the kids said.
"Teehee, thanks!" Polly said. One of the girls looked at the smartphone that giant Skipper was holding.
"Wow! Look at the size of that girl's phone! Imagine watching a movie on that screen." the girl said. Skipper heard that and raised her eyebrows.
"Hey, good idea, little girl!" Skipper said. That's when she walked towards a nearby tall tree (well, tall to the native citizens of this city!), kneeled down and, after tapping on the screen a few times, set her phone down so that it leaned against the tree. On the screen was some movie playing about the adventures of a fairy princess (who curiously looked a lot like Barbie!). Naturally, to the tiny people of Polly City, this phone was twice the size of a standard movie theater screen, so everyone sat down to watch the movie.
"Heh… enjoy the show, even though I didn't bring the popcorn." Skipper said as she lightly stroked the purple streak in her mostly brown colored hair.
"Haha! Well then, let's get back to the tour." Polly said. Barbie and Midge started to walk away… when they turned around and saw Skipper was staying behind.
"Skipper, are you coming?" Barbie asked.
"You guys go on ahead. I never get tired of watching this movie… and I don't want anything bad to happen to my phone, like it getting stolen… somebody spilling juice all over it…" Skipper said. Midge started to say something, but Barbie cut her off by holding a hand to her mouth.
"Don't. Skipper would literally die in a second if anything ever happened to her phone." Barbie said.
"Right… gotcha…" Midge said.

The tour continued with only Barbie and Midge now left amongst the giantesses, although once again the tour came to a stop when there was suddenly a loud rumbling noise.
"Oops… pardon me. I guess I skimped on lunch today. Do you know any good places to eat?" Midge said.
"Hmmm… I think I know just the place. Follow us." Polly said. A couple minutes later, the two arrive at a restaurant that clearly looked out of the 1950s. Midge opened her mouth wide and clapped her hands together.
“It’s… it’s… it’s perfect!” Midge shouted, jumping up and down a couple times with joy.
“Heh, my friend has a thing for old style restaurants.” Barbie said.
“I see!” Polly said. Like with Chelsea, Midge got down on her knees and peeked inside. Unlike at the salon, however, the people inside were freaked out when they saw a giant eyeball out the window. That’s when the people went yelling and screaming for the doors.
“Huh? Wait! I won’t eat any of you, I promise!” Midge said, watching as some people ran in between her shoes.
“Sigh… it’s bound to happen given how big you two are.” Ana said.
“What are we going to do now? I’m soooooooo hungry. I’ll eat anything that’s food!” Midge said as she kneeled down and put both her hands around the roof of the building.
“Midge, wait!” Barbie shouted, but it was too late. Midge used all her strength to rip the roof right off the building, setting it aside in the nearby vacant lot. Midge looked in every corner of the restaurant, admiring the checkerboard floor but not able to find any food.
“Ugh… food! I must have food!” Midge said as a tiny bit of drool came out of her mouth and made its way inside the restaurant. Barbie had a worried look on her face. Midge would often go off the wall anytime hunger strikes her.

Suddenly, one of Polly’s friends spoke up.
“Never fear, it’s Rick to the rescue!” Rick shouted as he went running through the front doors of the restaurant. Just as quickly, he was in the back of the place in the kitchen. He soon came out with two trays full of hamburgers and cheeseburgers.
“Probably 27 or so hamburgers and cheeseburgers… enough to satisfy any sized appetite!” Rick said.
“Oh, thank you thank you!” Midge said as she reached down to scoop up the burgers into her hand.
“Yikes!” Rick said as he dove out of the way to avoid being hit by Midge’s giant fingers. Midge lifted the burgers up to her face and did the only logical thing… throw both trays straight into her mouth, gulping every last burger down her throat without chewing any of them.
“Well, how were they, Midge?” Barbie asked. Midge playfully rubbed her tummy.
"Mmmm… good, and really low in calories too given the size!" Midge said. Barbie couldn't help but giggle over Midge's remarks.
"Barbie! Barbie!" a young female voice shouted. Barbie immediately recognized the voice belonging to Chelsea, who she looked over and saw carefully stepping over the tiny people. Barbie then gasped when she looked at Chelsea's hair. It was now colored pink instead of her usual blonde.
"Oh, Chelsea! You look nice with that pink hair!" Barbie said.
"Teehee, thanks! Some people actually have been calling me the Giant Pink-Haired One." Chelsea said.
"Haha! I think it suits you perfectly!" Barbie said with a smile.
"And the best part? They didn't use the permanent dye. They said my hair would return to normal in about 24 hours." Chelsea said.
"Nice! It's good to see technological advancements in this city too." Barbie said as she gently patted her younger sister on the shoulder.

Just then, Lea, one of Barbie's friends, looked over and saw a dark skinned woman running fast towards them.
"Hey, Polly! Here comes Shani!" Lea said. Shani huffed and puffed as she stopped in front of Polly and all her friends.
"Shani, there you are!" Polly said.
"Guys, we've got a big problem… and I do mean BIG!" Shani said.
"What are you talking about? Barbie and her friends have been very nice. They're friendly giantesses!" Crissy said. Shani looked up in awe over Barbie, Midge, and Chelsea towering above them. This was her first time seeing them in person after all, but then she shook her head.
"I mean a different big problem! You know that giant fighting robot I finished building a couple days ago? Well, I activated it, but now it's out of control! It won't listen to any of my commands!" Shani shouted.
"Oh dear! Have you tried shutting it off?" Polly asked.
"Even that won't work! We have to get everyone out before…!" Shani said, only to stop when she and the others heard a loud exploding sound. Everyone looked to see a building come crumbling down and a giant robot step over the wreckage. The robot was cloaked almost entirely in red… in fact, it looked exactly like Red Rocker of Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots fame. ^_____^
"…before it wreaks havoc on the city." Shani said.
"Yikes! Everyone don't panic! Stay calm! Evacuate to the nearest safety zone just like we all practiced!" Mayor Dave said as he ran away trying to keep the crowd under control, but that was proving difficult when the robot was rampaging around, punching another building like crazy until it came crumbling down.
"Shani blew it again!" Lila shouted, commenting on how Shani's bad luck streak of one of her inventions causing a problem for Polly City was continuing.

"Polly! What are we going to do? It's up to us to save the day, right?" Rick said.
"Er… right. Except… I've never really dealt with giant robots before. Too bad we don't have a giant fighting robot of our own…" Polly said as she put a hand to her chin trying to think of something. Barbie heard Polly making that comment and then snapped her fingers.
"Don't worry! I can help! I'll take that giant robot on." Barbie said.
"Huh? You will, Barbie!?" Polly asked.
"Sure! I know Kung Fu, and I had a great teacher in Ken. This robot should be a piece of cake." Barbie said with a confident smile. Polly and her friends looked at each other for a few seconds.
"Okay… good luck, Barbie, and be careful!" Polly said. Barbie nodded as she stepped over her friends and started to walk towards the robot.
"Wait, Barbie! How are you going to fight in those high heels?" Midge asked. Barbie looked down at the shoes she was wearing.
"Hmmm… yes, you're right. Thanks for the heads up, Midge!" Barbie said as she gently slipped her feet out of her high-heeled shoes, leaving her in her bare feet.
"Go get him, Barbie!" Chelsea said, cheering her much older sister on as she turned around to approach the robot.

The robot rocked and socked another building (that thankfully was empty) down to the ground.
"Hey! Evil robot!" Barbie shouted, causing the robot to turn and look at the same-sized giantess.
"How dare you disrupt the peace of this beautiful city AND disobey your master's orders? I cannot and will not forgive you. I am Barbie Roberts, and in the name of girls of all ages, sizes, and shapes everywhere in the world, I will punish you!" Barbie shouted, going into a pose strikingly similar to Sailor Moon.
"Woohoo! Go, Barbie! Just like an action heroine on TV!" Chelsea cheered.
"One from the 90s at that!" Midge added.
The robot did not say anything, not that it seemed to be capable of speech. It instead put up its dukes and approached Barbie, who did the same to her opponent. The two quickly traded blows, whether it was with their arms or legs. It almost looked like a boxing match with neither side able to land a clean hit for what seemed like forever.

Eventually, a few minutes into the battle, the robot finally did land a jab at Barbie's chest and then the next punch went to her gut. The robot wound up one of its arms and landed a hook at the side of her face, sending her spiraling out of control. Polly and her friends scrambled out of the way to avoid being crushed by the giant Barbie as she landed flat on her back. Barbie sat up and rubbed her lower back.
"Ow… that smarts." Barbie said. She then gasped when she realized where she landed after looking back and seeing Chelsea and Midge.
"We're over here, Barbie!" Polly shouted as Barbie looked just to the left of her skirt and saw Polly and all her friends in one piece.
"Whew… thank goodness you're all okay." Barbie said.
"Yeah, we may be, but Polly City is getting wrecked by the second. Sigh… it's all my fault." Shani said.
"Shani, come on! You're one of the brightest minds I know! You did like a million diagnostic tests on that robot, right?" Polly asked.
"Yeah, I did, but still…" Shani said.
"Don't worry, Shani. I'll get that robot disabled somehow, then you can figure out what went wrong. I guarantee it!" Barbie said with a wink from one of her eyes.

The giantess got back on her feet and approached the robot. The two went at it again, but this time, it was Barbie that eventually found an open window to attack. Barbie swiftly ducked underneath a double punch attack by the robot and stood back up at just the right time as the robot retracted its arms. That's when Barbie punched the robot left and right, following up with a roundhouse kick that caused the robot to spin in circles.
When the robot stopped spinning, Barbie wound up and then delivered a devastating uppercut, causing the robot's neck to extend upward and suddenly stop moving (like with the real toy).
"Yay! You did it, Barbie! You're the best!" Polly shouted.
"Wait a minute… what's happening now!?" Lea shouted. Everyone watched as the robot suddenly moved again and snapped its head back into place. Barbie sighed as she wiped the sweat off her forehead. She fought long and hard against this robot and fatigue was starting to set in.
"Ugh… I don't know if I can go another round… let alone 10!" Barbie said. She watched as the robot charged forward and wound up to punch Barbie while she put her arms up ready to block the punch.

However, the robot came to a dead stop, its fist inches away from making contact with Barbie. Barbie lowered her fists and saw the robot frozen. It didn't even have faint glows coming from its eyes to signify it was powered on.
"It… it stopped?" Barbie asked.
"Whew! Looks like I saved the day right on time!" a female voice said from behind the robot. Barbie looked behind the robot to see it was Skipper.
"Skipper!" Barbie shouted. She ran past the robot, making sure not to crush any people or vehicles along the way, and gave Skipper a monster hug.
"Whoa! Okay, Barbie… easy on the hugging!" Skipper said.
"Wait… Skipper, are you telling me you were responsible for shutting the robot down?" Barbie asked.
"Just a little hacking here and there with my phone which allowed me to wipe the BIOS. Yo, Polly! Tell whoever invented this thing to seriously update the security program!" Skipper shouted.
"Er… of course! I'll do that ASAP!" Polly said as she winked back at Shani, who laughed and rubbed the back of her head. Barbie laughed too and patted Skipper on her shoulder.
"Haha! Oh, Skipper. I'm so glad one of us is up on technology." Barbie said.

The giantesses all gathered back together and then watched as Polly and all her friends approached them. Other citizens came out of hiding and applauded the giantesses.
"Barbie… thank you so much for saving us and Polly City from the runaway robot. We are forever in your debt." Polly said.
"You're welcome, Polly. I do anything to protect my friends." Barbie said. Everyone then heard a ringtone go off nearby; it was Skipper's phone. She looked at the screen and lightly gasped.
"Uh oh… I think Raquelle is having another bad hair day and taking it out on the Dreamhouse." Skipper said as she showed off a black-and-white image (which looked like it came from a security camera) on her phone to Barbie.
"Oh, you're right! Sorry, Polly, but we all need to get back to the Dreamhouse pronto. Raquelle can literally do anything when she has a temper tantrum." Barbie said.

Seconds later, Barbie and her friends step out onto the driveway, away from the lot that the normally invisible Polly City resides.
"Goodbye, Barbie! Please come back and visit us again!" Polly said as she and the other citizens of Polly City waved up at the giantesses.
"You are always welcome as our honorary guests!" Mayor Dave said.
"It'd be so cool to be as tall as all of you!" Shani shouted.
"Thank you, everyone! One day our paths will cross again!" Barbie said as she and the others got in the SUV and eventually drove away. Polly and her friends walked back into Polly City, with Polly looking back and thinking maybe… just maybe someday she can be as world famous and multi-talented as Barbie is.