Three Giantesses of Mainframe


 I come from the net. Through systems, peoples, cities, to this place, Mainframe. My format ‘Guardain’, to mend and defend. To defend my new found friends, their hopes and dreams. To defend them from, their enemies.

Chapter one: Enter the Game Cube

Inside the War Room, everyone was inside celebrating the captor of Megabyte, now became a Trojan Horse Virus. All of a sudden, a screen popped up and Bob can be seen.

“Dot! We don’t have Megabyte, it was alias. He must be in the war room with you. One of you is Megabyte do you understand? He tricked us, get out of there now!” shouted Bob.

The screen vanished. Dot looks at everyone, she noticed Friskett growling as if he was in pain. All of a sudden, Friskett started to change its form and turned into Megabyte.

“Its Megabyte!” shouted everyone else as they were trying to get away. Megabyte stopped them by shooting his wires that make them all zombie like slaves. Hack & Slash grabbed hold of Dot and exit the room.

Before they took her away, Dot noticed Enzo being shrouded by the people that are under Megabyte’s control. “NO!” screamed Dot as she was being pulled away. Welman, Enzo’s father, grabbed hold him and headed towards an opened room. As the doors were about to close, Megabyte’s wire blocked it and struck Welman.

Mouse and AndrAIa were about to escape until Megabyte noticed them and fired his wires at them. Phong divined in front of the attack and blocked it from hurting them. “Phong!” screamed AndrAIa, as Mouse was pulling her.

Megabyte stopped attacking till he noticed that everyone apart Enzo is under his control. “HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” laughed Megabyte as he was walking towards the controls of the War Room. Megabyte pressed a button and a hologram appeared outside the building.

“Addition, as you all now aware, the Principle’s Office is now under my complete control. Your all might be looking forward to one of my speeches about Megaframe and about me. But I’m afraid that I have to disappoint you, there is no grand scheme here.

This is about revenge. Viruses are predators by design and its time for me to follow my function. Prepare your selves, for the HUNT!” echoed Megabyte’s voice.

The hologram vanished and the whole city began to scream. “Dam it!” shouted Matrix. “You know…at times like this, I wish that a Game Cube, just drops on top of us,” said Bob as he began to run. Matrix followed.

“Warning! In coming game. Warning! In coming game” echoed a very familiar voice. The two of them stopped running and looked at each other. “You had to say didn’t you!” said Matrix. “Sorry” said Bob as he looked at the ground.

Outside, up into the sky, a huge purple cube was slowly hovering its way down ontop of the Principle’s Office. In the War Room, “What? No!” roared Megabyte as the cube engulfed him and everyone else inside the room.

“Bob said it, didn’t he?” asked Dot as she was looking up as the cube was covering over her and the robots. The Game Cube covered the whole of the Principle’s Office. Everyone on the streets looked at the cube and waited.

Bob opened his eyes and found himself standing next to Matrix in the middle of an open market. “What kind of game is this?” asked Matrix as he looked at Bob. Bob looked at his Glitch and a hologram appeared and said. “It’s a adventure game, the user’s goal is to stop the sprites from getting his three treasures, three gold coins, a hen that lays golden eggs and a singing herb”

“So we got to steal the user’s treasure and we win this game?” asked Matrix. Bob nodded. “So where do we find the user’s treasure?” “I don’t know…maybe we should reboot,” said Bob. “ReBoot!” said both of them as they touched their icons.

Green rings shot down from above them and as the ring hit the ground, Bob and Matrix’s looks changed. Bob, now is wearing black top, white trousers and green shoes and Matrix now looks like a cow.

“Why do I have to be the cow?” asked Matrix as he looked at Bob. “I don’t know. Lets look around. There might be a clue on how to find the user’s treasure” said Bob as he began to walk down the market. Matrix followed.   


Dot opened her eyes only to find her self-alone in a dark room. “Is anyone out there?” screamed Dot. As her voice echoed through out the darkness, someone answered. “Dot? Is that you sugar?” echoed a familiar voice.

Suddenly the whole room began to light up. Dot can see two other people, they are Mouse and AndrAIa. The two of them began to run towards Dot. “What game is this?” asked AndrAIa. “I don’t know…but it feels like I’ve read about it” answered Dot.

“You read, about this? Explain” asked Mouse as she crossed her arms. “Well…when I was really young, my dad read me a story called Jack & the Beanstalk. It’s about a young boy who grew a giant beanstalk over night and climbed up into the clouds.

As he got up to the top of the beanstalk, he stubble upon a giant castle and inside it was lot of treasures and stuff. Make story sort, the boy climbed up three times, stole three treasures and was being chased by the giant that owns the castle.

As he got to the bottom, he chopped the beanstalk as the giant was climbing down and it killed him. The boy and his mother became rich and lived happily ever after” answered Dot.

“So this game is like Jack & the Beanstalk? That pretty much explains the huge table and chairs that’s in the room” said AndrAIa as she was looking at them. “Huh? What huge tables?” asked Mouse and Dot. AndrAIa pointed up and the others look at what she was pointing at and saw the huge table and chairs.

“How long were they there for?” asked Dot. “Maybe you two didn’t noticed them because you two were talking to each other” answered AndrAIa as she looks back at them.

“Well, enough about that. I got a pretty good idea on what we’re ment to do” said Dot. “What’s that?” asked Mouse. “To steal the giant’s treasure” answered AndrAIa. “Alright then, this should be easy. Leave this to me” said Mouse, as she was about to press her icon.

“Oh no you don’t…we in this together and I should pretty much be easy with all three of us to steal the treasure” said AndrAIa as she too was about to press her icon. Dot smiled and said, “all right then, lets go”

“ReBoot!” said all three. Green rings shot down from above them and as the ring hit the ground; Dot is now wearing a dark purple dress with gold shoulder pads and a crown on her head. Mouse is wearing a maiden style type of clothes and AndrAIa is also wearing maid clothes.

The girls look around them and noticed that they are above the table as if the table has shrunk down. “Huh? Wasn’t the table and chairs were much bigger then us before?” asked Dot as she looked at the others worried.

“That’s wired. Maybe, the table and chairs shrunk down as we ReBooted?” asked AndrAIa. Mouse shook her head and said, “Maybe it’s the other way round”

“How is that possible?” asked AndrAIa. “It’s a game…anything can happen” answered Dot. All of a sudden, loud footsteps echoed through out the area. “Honey! I’m home!” echoed a deep man’s voice. The girls look towards the open door and saw a shadow heading towards it.    

Chapter two: Up the Beanstalk and into the User’s Den

Meanwhile, back with Bob and Matrix

The two of them then walked down the market, hoping to find something that will help them complete the game. As they were walking, the two of them spotted someone they knew, sitting at a stand.

“Mike, the TV?” said Bob. There in front of them were a yellow Tv with arms; legs, eyes and a mouth. The Tv looks up and saw Bob and the cow version of Matrix. “Bob! Baby! Where have you been? And, what’s with the cow?” said Mike as he jumped up.

“Well this cow was once a normal sprite! Have you got anything that will turn me back to normal?” asked Matrix. “Why yes I do, but the bad news is that I can only give you one item” answered Mike. “What are you talking about?” asked Bob.

“You want something that will help you complete the game and you also want something that will restore the cow back to normal. The chose is yours” All of a sudden, everything went all dark and a spot light shined down upon Bob.

 A spot light shined upon Mike as he jumped next to him and said, “Bob, will you choose this bag of magic beans? With this you can enter the giant’s den. Or will you choose this magic potion? The potion will turn your cow friend to normal. What will you choose?”

“Hmm?” said Bob as he was thinking.

Seconds later…”GET BACK HERE WITH MY ITEMS!” shouted Mike as he was chasing Bob and Matrix, who has took both of the items.       


Three minuets later, “I don’t think I can run anymore,” said Matrix, as he was slowing down. Bob stopped running and noticed that Mike was no longer chasing them. “We can stop now,” said Bob as he took out the magic potion.

“Hurry up and give that potion to me!” ordered Matrix as he opened his mouth. Bob pulled the top off the bottle and pulled the potion into his mouth.

 Matrix suddenly got covered in green smoke and just like magic, he turned from a cow, back into his normal human looking sprite form. Matrix was now wearing the same clothes as Bob is inside the game.  

“Man, it feels great to be back to normal,” said Matrix as he was looking at his body. “Right then, now that we got you back to normal, we can now worry about how we’re going to win this game,” said Bob as he took out the bag of magic beans.    

“We need to bury the beans and wait over night till the beanstalk grows,” said Matrix as he sat down. “Well, if you say so” said Bob as he was beginning to dig a hole and placed the beans in it.

Once Bob buried the beans, he sat down and then lay down. Bob and Matrix both fell asleep. A few seconds went by and the two of them woke up. “Wow, now that is fast,” said Bob as he looked up. “Night time only lasts for a few seconds in these type of games” said Matrix as he stood up.

The two of them walked to the Beanstalk that has now grown. “Better start climbing” ordered Matrix, as he was about to climb. Slowly the two of them began to climb up the beanstalk.

Sometime later, elsewhere, up in the sky, flew a pirate ship. On the outer deck of the ship was Enzo, who dressed up like the captain of the ship. Megabyte walks up behind him and picked him up. 

“Someone please tell me why I have to baby sit this stupid child?” roared Megabyte, as he was holding onto Enzo. “Hay! I’m the captain of this pirate ship and you have to do what I tell you to do!” said Enzo as he was trying to brake free from Megabyte’s grasp.

“Why did we have to play as the sky pirates in this stupid game?” thought Megabyte as he dropped Enzo on the floor. “Captain!” shouted one of the pirates. “What is it?” asked Enzo as he stood back up.

“A beanstalk has appeared out from nowhere and two people are seen climbing it” said the pirate again. Enzo drew out a telescope and looked towards the beanstalk and saw Bob and Matrix climbing it. “Bob and Matrix!” shouted Enzo all excited.

“Bob and Matrix are climbing that beanstalk? Perfect, I could just destroy it by using this ship’s cannons” thought Megabyte as he was walking his way in.

“Hack! Slash!” ordered Enzo. The two robots appeared out from nowhere and hovered its way behind him. Enzo turned around and ordered, “Bob and Matrix are climbing that Beanstalk, I want you two to bring them here so that we all can get the treasure” “Yes boss…I mean captain!” said both of them as they were hovering towards the beanstalk.                          

At the beanstalk, “Hay Bob! Hack and Slash are heading towards up” said Matrix as he was pointing towards the two robots that were heading towards them.

“Wasn’t Dot ment to be with them?” thought Bob as he stopped climbing. “Aren’t we happy to see you two! Captain Enzo is waiting for you lot on board the flying pirate ship,” said Hack as he grabbed hold of Bob, while Slash grabbed Matrix. The two of them carried Bob and Matrix to the pirate ship.

As they were carrying them back to the ship, Megabyte got into the weapons room and set one of the cannons to fire at Bob and Matrix. “What are you doing?” asked one of the pirates that entered the room. Megabyte stopped what he was doing, looked back and saw three pirates with Enzo. “Oh…erm I wasn’t doing anything,” said Megabyte.

“Likely story. You were trying to kill of Bob weren’t you” said Enzo as he took a step forward. “Should we throw him in the cell?” asked one of the pirates. “Yes let’s,” said Enzo as he left the room. The three pirates walks up to Megabyte and dragged him to the cells.

Bob and Matrix was aboard the ship and in the control room. “They threw him into the cells?” said Matrix as he was looking at Enzo strangely. “Ya, so don’t worry about it. In this game, I’m the captain of the sky pirates and Megabyte is powerless in this game” said Enzo as he walked up to the helm.          

“Any idea where Dot and the others are?” asked Bob, as he looked worried. “My guess is that they’re at the castle or somewhere up the beanstalk” answered Matrix as he was trying to cheer him up. “Well what are we waiting for? Let’s go up the beanstalk and find the three treasures” said Enzo as he set course for beanstalk.

Elsewhere, back with Dot and the others

As the girls were watching the doorway and saw a shadow heading towards it. A chubby man walked in and began to laugh. “Who’s that?” asked Mouse as she looked at the others as the man entered the room. “My guess…the user” answered AndrAla as she took a bow. “Servants…make me dinner for me and my wife” said the man as he walked up to Dot and hugged her.  


Mouse and AndrAla left and headed towards the kitchen and began to cook something up. “Can’t believe that Dot is the wife of that man,” said AndrAla as she was starting to peel the carrots. “Don’t worry sugar, I’m sure this will make it easier for use to steal the treasure” said Mouse as she was boiling the water.

An hour later and the girls were able to whip something up for Dot and the user. Mouse picked up the plates and headed towards the diner’s room. AndrAla was left to wash up the pots and pans. Without AndrAla knowing, something flew into the kitchen through the open window. It was a little airship and inside was non other than, Bob and the others.

Inside the airship,

“Oh boy…” said Matrix as he looked up at his giant lover who didn’t know they were there. “Huh? What a strange looking bug” echoed AndrAla’s voice as the ship vibrated and almost lost control.

Everyone looks up and saw AndrAla was getting ready to whack them with a fly spatter. “She thinks we’re bugs!” shouted Enzo as he tried to get the ship out of the way. The ship started to head down and drove into the diner’s room.

“Enzo! We’re going to crash into that giant table!” shouted Matrix as he pointed towards the table. “Its too late!” shouted Bob as he was about to grab hold of something. The ship crashed landed onto the table and was beginning to fall apart. Bob, Matrix and Enzo were able to jump out just in time. “What about Megabyte?” asked Matrix, as he landed and others landed safely on the table.

The three of them looked around them and noticed that many plates and two mugs are towering over them. “We worry about him later, right now we need to find the giant’s three treasures,” said Bob as he was beginning to walk towards one of the two giant mugs. “Well then? When do you keep the treasure?” said a familiar voice. Bob stopped walking and looked up and saw a giant Dot eating with the user.            


“How are we going to find the treasure?” asked Enzo as he looks up at Matrix. “Don’t know, let’s catch up with Bob” said Matrix as he was walking towards Bob. Enzo followed Matrix and after a few steps, the two of them stopped and noticed Bob looking up. Slowly the two of them looks up and saw a giant Dot eating. “I know we got a big sister…but this is just stupid,” said Matrix.

From that moment, Dot looked down and saw Bob, Matrix and Enzo looking up at her. “Huh? What are you looking at?” asked the user as he noticed Dot was looking at something. “Oh nothing” said Dot, as she rolled her eyes to the left, hinting to the guys to hide behind the plates.

“Come on,” said Bob as he ran behind the nearest plate. The other two ran after him. As the three of them were hiding, Megabyte, got out of the ruined airship and looked at the area he was at. As he was looking, he noticed Bob and the others hiding behind one of the giant plates.

Megabyte climbed down the ruins and started to run towards them. As he was running, he shouted, “BOB!” “Huh?” said Bob as he looked behind him and saw the virus running towards him with his claws shooting out. “Damit!” shouted Bob as Megabyte dived into him.

Chapter three: Game Over

The two of them rolled into the view point so that the giants could see them. “Matrix! Do something,” said Enzo as he looked up at him.

Matrix was about to draw out his gun but because of his reboot character, he was only able to draw out a sword. “Dam! Stupid game!” shouted Matrix. “Give Bob that sword now” ordered Enzo, as he saw Bob losing to Megabyte.

“Bob catch!” shouted Matrix as he slides the sword towards Bob. Bob noticed the sword, grabbed it and swung it at Megabyte’s claws. “Let’s end this right here, right now!” shouted Bob as he was getting ready to fight. “So be it because I’m the one who’s going to win this fight” said Megabyte as he went running towards him.

“What was that noise?” asked the User as he was looking around. Dot looked down and notices Bob and Megabyte fighting each other. “Got to stop this,” thought Dot as she leaned forward. Bob swings his sword at Megabyte but he blocked them by using his arms.

 As Bob was about to swing his sword again, he noticed Dot was leaning towards them. Megabyte noticed that Bob was looking at him and went diving towards him.      

Megabyte whacks the sword out from his hand, Matrix and Enzo began to run towards them and to help Bob, but they stopped as they saw Dot moving towards them. As Megabyte was about to stab Bob, something picked him up.

 Megabyte looks at what picked him up and saw a giant Dot looking angry at him. “What’s that you got there?” asked the User as he was trying to see what she was holding. “Just an ugly bug, don’t worry…I take care of it” said Dot as she was about to walk off.

Matrix and Enzo helped Bob up and quickly hide behind one of the plates as they noticed that the User was looking down to check if there were anymore bugs. In a few moments, the User got up and left.

Dot entered the kitchen and saw that AndrAla and Mouse was about to collect the plates and mugs. “Dot! What’s that you got there?” asked AndrAla as she noticed that she was holding something. “Ok girls, you never believe me when I tell you that I got Megabyte in the palm of my hand” said Dot as she walked up to them.

Dot opened the palm of her hand and the girls could see Megabyte looking up at them. “Oh grate,” said Megabyte as he knew what was going to happen next.  “Well then sugar, say you’re last words” said Mouse as she looked at Megabyte with a smile on her face.

“The User has left the Game…I repeat, the User has left the Game. No one wins” echoed a familiar voice. “Huh? That never happened before” said Dot as she looked up and saw the Game Cube coming down towards them. “Game Over!” shouted Megabyte as he was beginning to laugh as the cube engulfed them all.

Dot opened her eyes and noticed that Megabyte was still in the palm of her hand. “Huh? What the?” said Mouse as she noticed that she still wearing her game character clothes. The three of them looked down and saw that they were towering over Mainframe.                           

“If we’re still in our game character mode, does that mean that the others are as well?” asked AndrAla as she was looking down at Mainframe. “Dot…let’s finish the job,” said Mouse as she looked at Megabyte.

“Blast! I thought we’re all going to deleted for sure,” said Megabyte as he looking up at the giantesses. “Goodbye…” said Dot as she was about to crush the virus to death. “No! I’m not going to end it this way!” shouted Megabyte as he dived off Dot’s hand and landed on one of his henchmen’s tanks that was going to save him.         

“Catch me if you can!” shouted Megabyte as he entered the tank. “Hurry catch him!” said Mouse as she tried to grab the tank. The three giantesses began to chase after him and tried their hardest to destroy anything and they were moving.

Down at the city, Bob and the others were also stuck in their reboot forms. “What’s going on? Users never leave the game half way through and why are we still in our reboot forms?” asked Matrix.

 “Normally the reboot form wear off after a few hours or so. We better find the girls,” said Bob as he looked at both Matrix and Enzo.      

“Found them” said Enzo as he pointed towards the sky. The other two slowly looks up and saw the three giantesses moving around and what looks like them trying to catch something.

 “What is that?” asked Matrix as he took a step forward so he could see what they were trying to get. “It looks like a tank,” said Enzo as he was looking out from his telescope.

“Show me,” said Bob as Enzo passed him the telescope. Bob looks out into the sky and saw the tank that Enzo said that they were trying to catch. “You don’t think?” asked Matrix as he looked at Bob as he lowered the telescope and handed it back to Enzo.

 Bob nodded and said, “Megabyte” “We can’t let Megabyte escape at all cost. We just need help to do that” said Matrix. “Leave that to us” said a familiar voice that came behind them.         

Elsewhere in Mainframe,

Mike the Tv and his filming crew was setting up so they could film the giantess chasing Megabyte. “All set” said the sprite that was using the camera.

The crew is all set and Mike took out a microphone and said, “Mike the Tv here back from the Game Cube where the User for som reason left the game halfway and as you can see behind me, you can see three of our citizens has become giantesses”

All of a sudden, a red pirate ship appeared. “Are you getting this?” asked Mike as he looked at the sprite that was working with the camera.

The cameraman nodded. “As you can see, a pirate ship has appeared out from nowhere and if I remember correctly the last pirate crew that entered Mainframe were the Saucy Mare and their captain, Gavin Capacitor. Hay! Zoom in towards the ship”

The cameraman began to zoom towards the pirate ship as it was about to fire cannon balls at the tank that Megabyte was in. “Please tell that you’re getting this” said Mike.

On the pirate ship,

“Bullseye!” shouted Enzo as one of the cannon balls hit Megabyte’s tank. “Hay Gavin, where did you get the new ship?” asked Matrix as he looked at the captain as he was at the helm. “I got it off the net…good deal” answered the captain as he looked back at Matrix.

“Enough chit chat. We can’t let Megabyte escape for all our sakes” said Bob as he was watching the tank giving off smoke. “One more hit and he’s out” said Enzo as he was about to set the cannon to fire.

A few moments later, Enzo fired and was able to hit the tank.

Inside the tank,

“Sorry captain, but don’t have enough power to go on like this” said the pilot that was controlling the tank. “Silent! If we don’t have enough power to keep this thing from exploding then I can always do… this” said Megabyte as wires went shooting out from his left hand and entered the pilot’s head

Megabyte aimed his right hand at the engine and fired wires at it. Slowly, he was draining the energy from the pilot and into the engine.

Before the pilot got deleted from his drainage, he said, “Sir…you don’t know how to fly the tank.” From that the pilot slowly faded away, leaving behind Megabyte all only without a clue on who to the fly the thing.

“Drat…now I wish I knew how to drive” said Megabyte as he drew back his wires and watched the tank crashing towards the buildings of Mainframe.        

Down at mainframe streets,

Mike and his filming crew began to run towards the ruin building that Megabyte crashed into. The crew set up the equipment and began filming.

“The pirate ship has just fired at the tank that Megabyte was escaping in has just crashed landed in the building behind me. Will Megabyte survive? Or will he be deleted? Let find out,” said Mike as he slowly looks towards the building as the three giantesses walking towards it.                                                                 

The whole area went silence as they were waiting to see if Megabyte has survived at all. The pirate ship that Bob and the others are on landed down the street from where the crash sight is. Dot, Mouse and AndrAla just stood there waiting if the virus will emerge. Bob and the crew joined the crowd as the watched the building.


All of a sudden, Megabyte’s evil laugh began to echo through out the area. Everyone got the look of shock on his or her faces. “I’m so sorry everyone…I live” echoed Megabyte’s voice. Bob drew out his sword and waited for the virus to exit the building.


Suddenly the doors of the building opened and Megabyte slowly walks out with his claws sticking out. As Megabyte began to walk towards the people, he noticed that everyone was looking at him strangely. “What?” asked Megabyte as he looked around.


“Oh my god…Megabyte’s back to his normal form before he entered the web” said Matrix. “Wait a minute…if Megabyte back to his normal form, then that means that he lost his new powers and his control over the people he possessed,” said Bob.


“What caused his lost of his powers?” asked Enzo as he looked at the old form of Megabyte. “Must have been caused when he crashed into that building and that his new powers must have saved him” explained Bob.


“What’s going on? Why do I feel weak?” said Megabyte as he was trying to stand up. Bob and the others looked at him and noticed that he was slowly fading away. “Megabyte!” Megabyte slowly looks at Bob. “How did you get you’re powers?” asked Bob as he took a step forward.


 Megabyte began to laugh and said, “From the net…so Bob, are you going to finish me off?” Bob walks up to Megabyte, raised his sword and said, “What right do I have of deleting a virus that will be gone with moments?” From that, Bob lowered the sword and drew it away.


Megabyte looks back at him in shock and shouted out, “You’re just like the boy! He wouldn’t kill me when he had the chance. I just hope that you all will be deleted when the that day comes!” From that Megabyte faded away completely. Everyone began to cheer for victory as the virus known as Megabyte is now gone for good.


Bob looks up at Dot and smiled at her and then she smiled at him. “How are we going to sort this mess out?” asked Matrix as he looked at the tree giantesses that were towering over Mainframe. “Leave that to me” said a familiar voice. Everyone looks at the person who said that and saw Phong and Welman in their reboot form.


“Phong…are you a harp? And dad…are you a robotic chicken?” asked Enzo as he rushed up to them. Indeed the two of them were a harp and robot chicken. “As you can see, we’re the treasure that you lot were ment to get and now…we stuck in this body” said Welman. “So what have you got in mind?” asked Bob as he walked towards Phong.                 


Phong’s plan was able to use energy from the reboot characters that they were in and use it to restore the damage that Megabyte and his followers have caused. Everyone was turned back to their normal form but only Dot and AndrAIa remained in their giantess size. In the end, Bob and Matrix got used to their lovers being huge.

As a month went by, Mainframe was back to its normal self and was now in peace. Mouse was able to hack into the net and blocked the pathway for any invading virus that wants to attack. Ever since then, there was no Game Cubes being sent into Mainframe. Bob and Dot finally got married and after awhile so did Matrix and AndrAla.

Mainframe is finally at peace.