The Strange Fruit




CHAPTER 1: The Attack!


It was a very peaceful day out in the Grand Line; Luffy and his crew sailed peacefully through the least until the Marines shown up...


"Oi, Luffy! The Marines are right behind us," Ussop shouted as he ran inside the galley of the ship. Almost as usual, Luffy was slouching over the table waiting to eat. "Sanji, when is Lunch going to be ready?" "Lunch!? 15 minutes ago you just ate breakfast." "I did," Luffy questioned. "Luffy, we've got bigger problems than hunger, the Going Merry is under attack," Ussop shouted. Sanji quickly dropped the dishes he was cleaning into the sink and ran to alert the other crew members.


Outside on the deck of the Going Merry, Zoro was napping away as cannonballs were plunging into the sea near the ship. Sanji ran to get Nami down in the sleeping quarters nearly tripping down the stairs. Nami was lying on her bed taking a nap. "Nami-swan looks so cute even while she's asleep," was all that Sanji thought as he witnessed Nami in her bed. He just stood there for a moment gazing upon the beauty of her face and the size of her bre...Quickly he realized why he was in the bedroom as a blast from a nearby cannonball rocked the ship throwing him to the floor. "Nami-swan, sorry to wake you but the ship is under attack by the Marines." Nami was wide awake after hearing this and sprung out of her bed. Sanji nearly exploded after he noticed that Nami was wearing only a bra and her underwear. As Nami got changed and ran up to the deck, a heart-filled Sanji lay on the floor with blood pouring out his nose. "Mellorine..."



[Meanwhile on the Marine ship in the Admiral's office...]



A lieutenant ran into the office and saluted the Admiral as he was sitting in the chair behind his desk. "Admiral Sir!" "What is it lieutenant? Have you identified the pirates we are chasing?"

"Sir, the pirate flag has been identified as the Straw Hat Pirates!" The Admiral nearly jumped out of his chair. "You mean the pirate crew led by Captain Monkey D. Luffy?! The man worth 30 Million Berries!?!" "Yes Admiral!" "Very well lieutenant, carry on to the top of the ship and continue pursue of the Straw Hat Pirates."

"Yes, Sir!" The Lieutenant gave another salute to the Admiral and ran off out of the office. The Admiral stood up from his desk and walked over to the window in his office. "Finally," the Admiral thought to himself, "a chance to become famous throughout the entire Marine Corps! Imagine the reputation for capturing a man who defeated Arlong!" The Admiral started to smile at the thought of him being congratulated at the Marine HQ. The Admiral took one final glance out of the window to see a couple of dolphins jump out of the water and moved back towards his desk. He took another seat in his desk grabbing a cigar and lighting it in his face.


"Luffy! Turn the sail 30 degrees port-side!" "You got it Nami!" The Going Merry was picking up pace as it was moving along with the wind. Zoro began to wake up and asked, "What's with all the commotion?" "Zoro! Marines," Ussop shouted. "Oh...wake me when it's an emergency." Zoro fell right back to sleep and began to start snoring again. Luffy in the front of the ship shouted for Nami. "Nami! There's a dense fog approaching ahead!" Nami looked up to see the fog and made sure that the Grand Compass was pointing the same way as the fog. “Good Luffy! We can lose the Marines in there." The Going Merry was moving at a fast pace and was moving closer to the dense fog which lay ahead. The Marines began to fall back as the speed of the Going Merry increased.


As the Admiral sat in his desk, the lieutenant came barging through the door of his office again. The Admiral stood up and demanded a report on the overall situation. "Sir! The Straw Hat Pirates are entering the Fog!" The Admiral ordered, "Make sure they don't enter that fog! If we lose them I'll lose...err...I mean that we'll never be able to find them!" The Lieutenant saluted the Admiral and ran up to the deck and ordered the Marines to increase speed and hone in onto the pirate ship.


"Almost there," Nami thought to herself as they closed in to about 100 feet from the fog. 75 feet away. 50 feet away. 25 feet away, the crew began to see the sun start to fade. "Everyone! Keep alert! We are entering and we don't know what we might see!" 10 feet away. After a couple of seconds, The Going Merry quickly became enclosed with fog.


The Admiral quickly came up to the deck. "Everyone! Steady the ship! We can't enter the fog, this is the Grand Line!"  The Marines slowed the ship down to a halt only 100 feet away from the fog. "Strawhat," the Admiral said to himself, "you may think you're brave but think again. You may have been able to use your Navigator's skill to get away from the Marines. Now, try using them in the Grand Line where anything can happen...hehe." "Admiral Sir, what do you propose to do?" "We'll wait till the fog clears up and then we will move in.”



CHAPTER 2: The Strange Island.


An hour later...


"Nami," Luffy shouted, "I can't see anything." "No kidding Luffy, there's fog all around." Nami walked to the front of the ship as Sanji came up from Nami's bedroom with cotton balls up his nose. "Sanji, what's with the cotton balls," Luffy asked. "Nothin' just...changes in climate." "Hmm...Seagulls flying above us, which can only mean that there must be...




The Going Merry stopped with a sudden halt and everyone fell straight forward onto the deck of the ship. "What happened," asked Ussop as he got up with a bruzed nose. Nami looked over the front of the ship to see the shape of a tree come clear as the fog dissipated. "We must have hit the shore of an island," thought Nami. Everything became clear and the image of a beautiful island appeared before them. "Wow, this island is beautiful" Nami was so amazed that she jumped off the front of the ship to have a look around. "Hey, I wonder if there's food on this island," Luffy said as he followed what Nami did. "Everyone, come on the island so we can discuss what we are doing!"


"Okay everyone, listen up. We are going to split up and explore the island a bit. I will look around for any treasure on the island *Nami's eyes sparkled*; Sanji, you can explore the island for food; Ussop, you can look for a stream or source of water to gather water for the ship; Luffy, you can...look after the ship with Zoro." Luffy looked very depressed but soon asked, "Nami, I'm the Captain of this crew! I should have a say in this!" Nami replied, "Fine, what would you like to do?"


"Fine Luffy, go ahead and explore around the island."

Luffy instantly grew a smile and ran into the jungle of the island. "Alright, we'll all meet back here at sunset; understood?" "Yes Nami." They all broke up and began searching the island.


As Nami walked off, she decided the first place to look for treasure was in the forest. She walked around taking notice of the exotic birds which flew overhead from tree branch to tree branch. The Trees were not that bad as well, the trees were green and very full of life. Nami continued her walk as she also noticed a large mountain about 100 feet in front of her. "How can I get by this?" Nami looked around and noticed a small opening into the mountain. "A cave...I hope there's nothing alive besides me in this cave," Nami said as she walked into the cave.


Luffy was running all around...on the tree tops. He looked at all the exotic birds and began chasing after them. "This island is great! The view below looks so cool." Luffy jumped from tree to tree when all of a sudden, a tree branch gave in and sent Luffy falling below about 100 feet from the ground.


Gumo Gumo no Balloon!


Luffy inflated himself to absorb the fall as he landed on the ground. "That was fun!" Luffy continued to have fun while Nami was exploring deep within' the mountain.



CHAPTER 3: The Strange Fruit


"This is interesting, seems like people used to live inside this cave." Nami looked around at the pottery and old leather which lay on the ground. She walked on deeper into the cave when a small chest caught her eye. "Ah-ha! Treasure." Nami walked over to the chest and tried to open it up, but it was locked. "Darn." Looking around, a skeleton caught her eye in a corner. The skeleton had to be thousands of years old based on the color of the bones. What really caught Nami's eyes was a necklace which was wrapped around the guy's neck bone. "Wow, what luck." Nami grabbed the key around the guy's neck and moved back over to the chest on the other side of the cave wall. The rusted key seemed to crust as Nami placed the key into the lock. The lock fell off and she opened the chest. Inside was a fruit...a plain fruit that was in the shape of a pear. "That's the treasure?!...wait...why is this fruit still fresh...." Nami was quite pondered by this strange looking fruit. "This must be a Devil's Fruit!" Nami seemed excited because she dreamed of having a special power like Luffy. "I wonder what power this will give me...maybe I can control I can change the weather...I can't wait!" Nami grabbed the fruit and took a huge bite out of it. She continued to eat the fruit without hesitation. All that was left after eating the fruit was the core. "...Leaves a terrible after-taste." Nami walked outside to try out whatever power she was given.


"Weather become Rainy!"


...Nothing happened.


"Blowing Fire!" Nami exhaled expecting fire to breathe out of her mouth..."Why did I think that?"


Nami shouted out random things trying to figure out what her power was, but failed at her attempts. "Darn! What power did that fruit give me. Maybe the fruit wasn't ripe enough yet. I wish I knew what power I got." Nami sat on the outer side of the cave and looked upward into the sky. "Maybe the fruit was too small to be a Devil Fruit."


Soon after saying "small", Nami quickly felt a strange sensation in her body. Next thing she knew, everything around her became larger. "What!?!" Nami looked around at the trees and the plants around her. "I must be an inch tall...this must be the Power I got!" Nami was overjoyed when she figured out what her power was. Nami walked over to some of the flowers growing near the break in the trees. The flowers were tall, compared to Nami they were 10 feet tall. As she looked up some more, the trees were gigantic! They had to be at least a mile high (compared to Nami's height). She wondered how she could use this power against her enemies when suddenly an interesting thought crossed her mind. "Hmm...if I can shrink with this ability...maybe I can grow too..."




CHAPTER 4: Tiny Island



Nami was almost excited at the thought of just growing to a larger size than normal. She then quickly shouted, "Grow!" Soon, the entire landscape around her went back to its original state; she noticed that she was back at her normal size. "Okay, now here comes the fun part...GROW!" All around her the landscape shrunk, the same sensation she felt when she shrunk struck her body again. As she grew, her head came soaring through the tall trees causing birds that sat in the trees to quickly flutter out. Her breasts forced a couple of trees to fall to the ground as her breasts grew with her size. She continued to grow with some of the trees also being forced down as her thighs reached the top of the trees. Immediately as her waists grew to the height of the trees, Nami stopped growing.


Nami looked at herself as she stopped growing; the trees only came up to her waist and the mountain barely came up past her breasts. Judging by the size of the trees, she must have been 300-400 Feet tall. "WOW, This feels great!...good thing my clothes grew with me." Nami now noticed that the birds had reached up to eye view. "How cute," Nami said as she looked at the birds flying almost as high as her height. She looked to the ground to see her massive legs almost as long as the trees. Nami became excited just comparing her size to other natural things on the island. Soon, Nami became so aroused by the birds that flew around in the sky, she forgot about her height for a moment. With one smooth action, she took a seat on the side of the mountain. As she sat down, the ground and mountain beneath her shook like an earthquake (Nami hardly noticed this). On the opposite side of the mountain, mud and rocks came crashing down the mountain from the quake.


As Luffy walked on the ground, he noticed a huge quake which rocked the ground beneath him nearly sending him flying; "What was that?!" Immediately, he heard a low rumbling sound. "What the--" In front of him, a huge wave of rock and mud came crashing down advancing quickly at Luffy. "Uh-Oh," shouted Luffy as he quickly stretched his arm out at the top of one of the trees...


Gumo Gumo no Rocket!


Luffy went hurdling into the air to the top of the trees. As Luffy gazed away from the massive rock slide, a shadow on top of him caught his eye. With a questioning look, Luffy looked up to see a mountain in front of him with a large Red dome at the top attached to a skin-colored stump (as Luffy imagined it to be). What a weird looking tree. Luffy jumped down to the ground as soon as the rock slide settled and became interested in what the tree was.



CHAPTER 5: The Red Tree


Nami grew tired of watching the birds and decided it was time to sit up to stretch. Nami rose into the air and examined the mountain side she sat on. What she left was two craters close to each other each about 20 feet in diameter and about 5 feet deep. Nami only smiled seeing the damage taken at the side of the mountain. Quickly she became bored being tall for the moment; she wanted to return to her normal size. "Alright, time to shrink," Nami said with a tired face. Around her the landscape grew larger again...but immediately stopped. Her height shrunk by only 25 feet. "What gives?!" Nami looked around and noticed how the mountain became the same height as her.


Luffy, on the other side of the mountain, looked back to the peak of the mountain to see the "Red Tree" mysteriously vanish. "Huh? The tree was just there...could it have been my imagination?"


“I don’t get it, why did I only shrink a few inches (compared to Nami’s height)?” She then was thinking about the power of the Devil’s Fruit and remembered how Luffy gave every move of his with a shout and a phrase. “Okay, maybe I didn’t give enough excitement into the move so I only shrunk a little bit. Here it goes…”


Nami Shrink, Human Size!


            Around her, the landscape grew larger and soon she shrunk back to normal size. “Ah-ha! I knew it!” Nami looked back into the sky and noticed how she used to be above the trees; she also noticed the trees which have fallen because of her breasts, which sparked some excitement within’ her. “I need to remember to use this power only for good…speaking of which, I need to show the others this!” Nami returned on her way back to the Going Merry taking notice that the sun was setting.


            “I’m back,” Ussop said as he appeared with a huge barrel full of fresh spring water near the Going Merry. “What took ya,” Zoro questioned Ussop as he awoke from his nap on the beach. “I was around exploring the island a bit before I decided to come on back…did you happen to feel an earthquake on the island?” Zoro stood up interested in what Ussop asked him. “Yeah, I felt it too. I wonder what it was.” Luffy jumped down from the tree tops in front of Ussop and Zoro. “Hey guys! Did you feel a weird earthquake?” “Yeah, Zoro said he felt it too.” The three stood there wondering what it was. “Did anyone feel a huge quake in the ground?” The three looked towards the voice coming from the woods. Sanji appeared with a basket full of exotic fruits and a cigarette in his mouth. “Welcome to the club,” Zoro sarcastically said as Sanji was advancing towards the Going Merry. As the three loaded their findings onto the Going Merry, Ussop noticed that Nami still hasn’t arrived out of the forest. “Hey, where’s Nami?” No-one knew where she was. “I’ll find her,” Sanji proposed. As Sanji jumped off the ship to find Nami, a huge sounded from the ocean. Right near the Going Merry, water landed on the ship. “The Marines are back,” Ussop shouted.



CHAPTER 6: The Defeat



            “Admiral, the Strawhat Pirates are located on the island straight ahead!” The Admiral with a smirk ordered the Marine to report back to the deck and attempt capture of the pirates and their captain. The Admiral leaned back in his desk looking over his dinner plate. Underneath it was a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” poster of Luffy for 30 million berries. The Admiral picked up his dinner knife and examined it. “You won’t get away this time.” The knife was then thrusted towards the desk and stabbed the face of Luffy on the wanted poster.


Meanwhile back on the Going Merry, cannonballs were flying everywhere yet Nami was nowhere to be in sight. “Uhh…y-you guys go ahead a-and fight. I, the brave warrior of the seas, will find Nami!” Ussop then jumped off the ship running like a cheetah to find Nami as the others began to prepare for battle. “Chicken shit” was all Zoro could say about Ussop at that moment.


The Marine ship was closing in about 100 feet from the island. Zoro took out his katana and Sanji put on his normal black shoes. Luffy, while standing on the back of the ship stretched out his arm to the Marine ship…


Gumo Gumo no rocket!


            …Luffy was launched into the air towards the Marine’s ship.


“HIS ARM STRETCHED,” the Marines shouted. Luffy landed aboard the ship and was preparing to attack…


Gumo Gumo no Pistol!


Luffy’s arm stretched forward and punched out five marines. One of the shocked Marines shouted, “WHAT KIND OF PERSON ARE YOU!?!” Luffy, with a smile on his face, replied, “I’m a Rubber Man, I ate the Gumo-Gumo fruit!” At this time, the ship landed on the island and Zoro and Sanji boarded the ship to battle.


            Ussop was running through the jungle looking for Nami. “NAMI! WHERE ARE YOU?!”


            Nami was walking when she heard Ussop call for her. “Ussop? I’m here.” Ussop came running and met up with Nami. “What’s going on Ussop?” “Nami! The Marines are here and attacking!” Nami, with a surprised look on her face, replied “Let’s go! Hurry!” The two ran through the jungle, hoping to reach the ship in time so they can make their escape.


            “Damn, these guys just keep coming.” Luffy then punched out more Marines while Sanji and Zoro kept on with their own fight. At this time, a door opened up from the main entrance of the ship. The Admiral appeared as the Marines were being defeated by Luffy, Sanji, and Zoro. “Monkey D. Luffy!” The Marines turned their backs against the Strawhats and faced the Admiral. “Admiral!” The Admiral walked on over to the three pirates. “Monkey D. Luffy, as Admiral Cunning of the Grand Line Marine Corps, I find you under arrest.” Luffy stood there and stared at the Admiral with nothing but a smile on his face. “You think I will give myself up to you?” The Admiral only stood there with a smirk on his face, “I don’t think you will give yourself up, I know you will beg for mercy as you give yourself up.” The Admiral took off his coat and commanded the Marines to stand down. “The Admiral…is using that power!”


            Ussop and Nami reached the edge of the forest and noticed the Marine ship next to the Going Merry. What the two didn’t notice before was the size of the Marine ship compared to the Going Merry. The Going Merry was a mere tugboat compared to a real ship. “Luffy! Are you okay!?”


            On the ship Luffy was laying on the ground with blood peering out of his cuts and injuries. “You see Strawhat, you were no match for me and my Rock-Rock Power.” Zoro and Sanji only stood there nervous after witnessing the near defeat of their captain.


            Ussop and Nami climbed up the Marine ship to see what was going on. When Nami reached the top, the only thing that struck her was the sight of Luffy on the ground. Ussop soon followed after Nami taking notice of Luffy as well and gave the same reaction as Nami. “Luffy,” Nami shouted! The Admiral turned and stared at Nami and Ussop.  “Watch and behold the killing of your captain.” Nami stood there thinking for a moment. “I’ve got it,” Nami thought to herself.



CHAPTER 7: The Battle Begins


“Ussop, Zoro, and Sanji! Take Luffy off this ship. I will handle the rest of this fight.” The three looked at Nami with shock. “What do you think you can do,” Ussop shouted at Nami. “Wait and see, just get off this ship with Luffy.” Each of the three acknowledged it and immediately grabbed Luffy and jumped off the ship. The Admiral only stood there and laughed. “What do you think a girl like you can do to such an awesome power like mine?” Nami only stood there, smiled and said, “Watch and see.” She then jumped off of the ship with the Admiral looking puzzled…


Nami Growth,, Mountain Size!


            Nami instantly grew larger and larger. She grew upwards to 1,000 feet this time. Everyone looked up at Nami in shock…except Sanji who looked in awe. Zoro only stood there looking up and said, “Since when could she do that?” Ussop was looking up in shock with Sanji only interested in the panty-view up her skirt.


            “Hey Admiral, get a load of this,” Nami said with a tease. The Admiral, still in shock, was alert to what she was going to do. Nami then turned around with her back to the ship.


       Nami then presented her massive rear end over the ship and quickly lowered it on top of it. Her rear end was so huge, that it could crush the entire ship in one sitting. Immediately the Marines shouted, “Abandon Ship!!!” One by one each of the marines jumped from the ship and onto both the sea and land. Nami was already hovering above the ship when she said…


            Nami Crush!


            Nami then sat on top of the ship with all her weight. The ship easily gave in to her massive rear end. The marines that were still aboard the ship were instantly crushed (but on the bright side, took notice to how lovely her rear end was). After sitting on the crushed Marine ship, Nami only smiled as she stood up again to reveal the wreckage of the ship and two massive craters in the sand. Nami quickly brushed off the debris on her skirt and the sand which stuck to it. Some massive chucks of wood which fell crushed some Marines as they were swimming out of the water.


            The Admiral only stood on the beach staring angrily at the massive girl that sat on his ship. “You’ll pay for this!” Nami only leaned over and looked at the Admiral in the face. Her Face was larger than the Going Merry With a huge gust of wind, Nami replied, “Oh yeah, and what are you going to do about it shorty.” Sanji only jumped with joy and yelled, “Nami-swan~~!” The Admiral only smiled and said, “I wouldn’t call me shorty if I were you.” Nami only looked at him, smiled and asked, “Well why not?” Admiral Cunning only raised his arm and shouted…


            Rock Golem demon!


     Instantly the Admiral grew to the same size as Nami and appeared as a huge Rock Golem Demon (hence the name of the move).  The growth knocked Nami into the sea, which created a tidal wave which drowned and killed more Marines. “Let’s see who you call shorty now…”


            Boulder Thrash!


     Immediately, boulders detached from the creature’s hands and shot at Nami. Nami was impacted by each boulder he threw. The boulders hit her stomach, face, and breast (the one that hit her breast was rebounded and landed on the island with a great crash…killing no Marines). Nami was in pain but no blood was appearing; she then realized something.  “Wait,” Nami thought, “why am I in the sea, yet it isn’t affecting me….hmm…must be because I need to be ‘swimming’ in the sea for it to happen.” Nami got up and stood confronting the creature. “Take this you demon!”


            Nami Pistol!


            Nami swung her arm back and punched the creature with great massive force. The punch moved the creature back a bit, but just barely. Nami gripped her hand as the jagged stones of the creature punctured holes in her skin. The blood dripped and stained the beach below. “You see girl, your punches may be strong, but my rocky exterior can protect me from such blows as that.” Nami only looked at the creature and replied, “Damn.” The creature then punched Nami with great force on the face. “Arggghhhh,” was all Nami could say as the pain jolted through her body. The force was so strong that it caused her to turn and fall on the island, face-first. The blow impacted the land with a huge quake. Trees were crushed and birds flew from the forest high into the sky. Nami used what was left of her strength to get up. Her breasts left two massive creaters about 50 feet deep with a diameter of 25 feet. Immediately she got up to protect herself again on the next attack. She looked behind her to see only the ocean behind her.


“Watch this one.” The creature jumped about a mile in front of Nami. He then gripped the ground and said…


            Golem Rock Charge!


     The creature then charged after Nami. Nami quickly noted the attack and with quick thinking, said…


            Nami Shrink, Human Size!


       Nami then shrunk back to the size of a normal person and the golem creature charged over Nami and fell right into the ocean. The golem then shrunk and transformed back into the shape of the Admiral. “Help! I can’t swim!”


            Nami Growth, Mountain Size!


            Nami returned back to her massive form. She kneeled down onto the ground making it shake and reached over the ocean to grab the Admiral.

            Nami placed the Admiral onto the beach. “Luffy,” Nami asked, “would you like to finish him off?” Luffy was standing in front of the Admiral already cracking his knuckles. “It will be my pleasure.” The Admiral stood there. “I…can’t….move….the sea…water.” “Here it comes Admiral!”


Gomu. . .


Luffy drew back both his arms.


Gomu no. . .




            Luffy’s arms came rushing back and struck the Admiral in the gut. The Admiral was sent flying over into the ocean, miles and miles away. “Thanks Nami.” Nami looked down at Luffy and said, “No problem.”



CHAPTER 8: Good Bye Strange Island



Sanji could only stare at Nami and her massive breasts as she lay down in front of the crew.  Ussop asked Nami, “How did you get the ability to grow and shrink?” Nami looking down at Ussop replied, “I found a Devil’s Fruit on the island which gave me that ability.” Nami stood up to stretch and while doing so, a glow illuminated her body. Nami wondered what was going on. Instantly, she shrunk back down to her normal body size. “What happened,” Nami asked. “I ate the Devil’s Fruit, I should still be able to grow.” “Maybe the fruit wasn’t a Devil’s Fruit,” Luffy answered. Ussop replied, “Some fruits have strange mystical powers which only last temporarily.” All Nami could say was, “Oh……Oh well, I guess I would’ve misused the power anyway.”


            The Strawhat crew prepared the ship for sailing. “Lower the sails Luffy,” Nami shouted. “Alright!” The sails were lowered and the wind caught on to sail off into the ocean. Taking in a final glance at the island (nearly wrecked), Luffy pointed straight ahead shouting, “It’s time to move on to search for One Piece!”