Never Make Fun of a Struggling Kunoichi's Stinky Feet!


Prologue: "Wake Up and Smell The..."

It was a very peculiar wake-up call for one Naruto Uzumaki.

As he recovered from a terribly groggy state, an unfamiliar darkness surrounded him. For some reason, he had a hard time moving his body, and it was really hot in here. Hot, and slimy to boot. Fear has set within his nerves and began to hyperventilate. No wonder why the prideful "future Hokage" wouldn't stand to that and tried to escape from this enclosed prison. But for a prideful ninja, one with the likes of the orange shinobi, he would have a moment of being overwhelmed in more ways than one.

His hyperventialtion would cause him to lose his muster as he breathed in to a smell only standard-issue ninja sandals can intensify and to be considered the boon of all ninjas in existence. Why so? Because this tends to do more damage to their opponents olfactorily than physically. As soon as he sniffed the overwhelming pong surrounding him, Naruto began to gag at the powerful stench and cried for help. He's been through terrible fights and sometimes ended up as the loser, but this was the worst of them all! He was at an utter loss because he was known for his uncalled farts and his ability to shine, and it was that odor alone that would dominate Naruto the most. Suddenly, he began to recognize the smell.

"She really did knock me out with her stinky feet, and I really got shrunk after all. I'm in big trouble," Naruto gruntled.

But it wasn't the feet of just any ordinary ninja. In fact, it was Hinata's!

"How does it smell from here? Think you can make fun of the way my feet smell now?"

The view lit up for Naruto, revealing a huge foot, the source of the overpowering stench. He then breathed in as much "fresh" air that's left in a particularly feminine room, obviously covered by the offensive smell. The next thing he saw was the smirk of the young Hinata Hyuga, obviously not in her usually shy mode. Based on what happened earlier, there's no surprise there. In fact, she never felt this cofident in her entire life!

"You think I'm going to be silent like this all the time? I really had a crush on you, but after making fun of my chronic foot odor in front of that many people, you went overboard. I'm really sorry, Naruto, but it's time to show you that I deserve to train and fight as much as everyone would, and I also have my pride!"

And he was not alone. As Naruto looked around the room, he noticed how the other ninjas are also shrunk and tortured by Hinata. Sakura is found shaken and struggling by the corner, drenched with sweat and stink. Hinata made mention of how she made use of Tsunade's apprentice as a "human foot deodorant" while Naruto got knocked and beat. Lee, Shikamaru, and Temari are found within the confines of her large sandal (which she covered the toe and opening with plastic for the "freshly used sandal" smell not to get away), crying and begging to let out. The smell was obviously getting to them being that it was already hard to make use of their jutsu's in their state. If Sakura was of any indication, they REALLY don't want to be next in line. But they already have so much to deal already by handling the smell of her sandal in the first place. Then there's Neji. Hinata never really got over her loss back in the exam, so his face being smothered in between the toes by the use of the other foot is something that may serve her "justice."

"Hinata! We were just joking about it, and we wanted to have fun with you like that once in a while! Can't you take a joke at times?" Naruto mentioned.

"But this is something I wanted to keep secret, and you had your big mouth get the best of you, baka? Maybe this should help you learn your place next time!"

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as the saying goes. Hinata's been known for being the silent, shy kunoichi with a huge crush on Naruto. Hinata, however, never wanted anyone to know her foot odor problem to anyone. It's one of the main reasons why she had to be really shy. Actually, she wanted to share this to Naruto as soon as their possible relationship can go well since they can accept each other for who they are. Unfortunately, things have taken the turn for the worse, and no one knew of what Hinata can really do on her worst day...

Chapter 1: The Party Begins!

Another long day, another long mission for Hinata as she finally arrives in her house, just in front of the door.

"*Huff...wheeze...* Finally glad to be home! After all that, I can really take a break!" said the kunoichi, with full of glee.

But as she approached the front entrance to her home and took off her sandals, she was greeted with an all-too-familiar smell to her by now.

"My feet stink again... Thankfully no one is there to smell them, especially Naruto. I'd die of embarassment if they ever know I always have smelly feet."

And for someone like Hinata, no wonder. She's really private about many things, and shy as a matter of fact. She has a hard time expressing her feelings to Naruto and even come close to other people for many reasons. One major reason is that she has a problem with chronic foot odor. After each and every training, mission, or even simply going out wearing her sandals, she tends to keep her distance without people noticing it too much for the fear that they will link her to the stink around them. Little did she know that her greatest fear would come true the minute she enters the house.

"Happy Birthday, Hinata-chan!!!!!!!!"

"WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hinata gasped as her plan to keep her birthday a secret this year failed when her friends, Naruto, Sakura, Lee, Shikamaru (with Temari apparently), Neji, and Kiba, made a surprise birthday party just for her!

"Uhhh... umm.. hmm..." Hinata said as the words couldn't come out of her mouth.

"Hinata, today's the day you get the party you deserve! After all, you get to celebrate it once a year and for a ninja, it's a luxury!", Naruto exclaimed.

"That's right!" Sakura supported. "After all, not many of us get to have a great birthday party in an everyday basis, and we thought since you're too shy to invite anyone this year, we might as well give you a surprise you'll never forget!"

"Yeah! The others can't come cause of their other missions, but we're still here to make this the best party you'll ever have! Heck, even Temari came!" Kiba said in reference to the Sand Ninja.

"For your information, the only reason I cam here is because Shikamaru invited me." Temari defended. "Right?"

"Yeah, whatever." Shikamaru replied.

"What are we waiting for! Let's get this started!" Naruto claimed for the gang as they are amped up to get the party going.

But before anything else though, Kiba was suddenly stopped and got down to his knees as his sense of smell failed on him and went ballistic! This would mark the worst, and later to be the best, moment of Hinata's night.

"Gwaaaah! Something stinks in here!! I can't take it!!!!!" Kiba screamed. Seems like even if he's not using his jutsu, his sense of smell is still sensitive.

"What are you talking about? Naruto didn't fart or anything now did he?" Lee said to him.

"Yeah!... Hey! What did you mean by that?" Naruto said, defending his flagulence.

"Why the heck are you able to beat Kiba anyway? And figured why Sasuke couldn't be found at the moment? You're so clueless, Naruto!" Sakura directed to him as she gave him a good whack to the head for good measure!

"Owww!" Naruto got smacked downwards... an centimeter near Hinata's feet.

"Agh.... Hmm?" Naruto stopped tending to his head and face when he got a huge whiff of the source of the stench around him by accident.

"*SSSSSSSSNNNNNIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFF* NOOOOOOOO!!!!! *gag, vomit* Hinata! Don't tell me your feet stink!?"

"NARUTO! That's a mean thing to say to her! Especially in her birthday! *sniff sniff* Although it IS true that her feet stink, you shouldn't be like that!" Sakura mentioned to the dimwitted ninja.

"But Sakura! It really stinks! I know feet should smell once in a while, but hers was too strong for me!" Naruto replied.

"That was inconsiderate of you, Naruto." Neji defended for Hinata.

"NO NO NO NO!!! HELP!!!! I'm gonna be knocked out for sure..." pleaded Kiba as the assault still continues for him.

And all this time, all Hinata could do is build up tears in her eyes as not only her secret was disclosed in such a manner

(and as her friends tried their best to fan away the overpowering smell), but it was Naruto, the one she has a very powerful crush on, that spilled the beans indirectly, as well as inadvertedly hurt her feelings. To top it all off, it all happened on her birthday.

"...NARUTO, I HATE YOU!" was all Hinata could say as she cried and rushed into her room, obviously wanting to be alone.

"Now look at what you've done! Seriously, is there anything you can't mess up?" says Lee.

"I have an idea. Why not we all sleep in Hinata's house, regardless of the smell, and stay by her until Hinata could forgive that stupid Naruto? Agree?" Sakura suggested.

"YEAH!" approved in unison, while both Naruto and Kiba are still feeling the effects of Hinata's full-blast foot odor.


"Why did this all happen? What would they think of me now? And how about Naruto now?" thought Hinata as she continued to cry over what happened, and simply look at both her feet, used to the smell for years now.

Hinata overheard Sakura's suggestion that they'll sleep over and make sure Naruto knows how to apologize to her properly, despite her foot odor. Hinata took exception to that.

"They think I'm too introverted, huh? And they had to bear the way my feet smell? That's it! I may just have the idea to make sure THEY know that they'll all have to deal with another side of me. Might as well get started on it."

Hours later...

Naruto and the gang woke up by a huge vibration in the ground around an hour past midnight. Everyone wanted to know what happened when they were surprised themselves when they found out they got shrunk about the size of a piece of candy! Everyone was in a state of panic, to say the least.

"Wha????? How did we get into this?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Why don't you save the questions for later, Naruto?" said a very gigantic Hinata, who is obviously overpowering them in such a situation.

"Hinata! Did you do this?" asked Kiba.

"Would this answer your question?" Hinata replied as she grabbed all the ninjas together with only one hand, set them all on the floor with each other, and simply covered and surrounded them all with both her feet, forming a dome of sorts to make sure everyone cannot get away and that the stench would cover their atmosphere.

"Ugghh!!!!" "Nooo!!!!" "Help!!!!!!!!"

The cries for mercy were evident as the ninjas tried everything in their power to stop the madness. However, the odor was so overwhelming and strong that they could not even make use of their jutsu's and had no choice but to succomb to Hinata's newfound power. Not even Temari's huge fan, Naruto's Rasengan, or Lee's strength can spare them from the agony. And Kiba was in a sniffing hell with the lingering of the sweat-powered "worse-than-natto-and-vinegar- combined" foot aroma she emitted. Hinata also had news for them.

"How does it smell down here? Smells like victory, pride, glory, or de-FEET? Was that a funny joke? And do you wanna know how all of you got shrunk? Maybe later, after you wake up from all of you passing out. Till then, enjoy the beginning of your new lives!"

To sum it simply, the ninjas lost. Not by someone they had to fight with, but by the stink. The stink had won. Slowly, each of them had to give up and eventually fell down. There was simply no way to describe how Hinata's feet smell like now as compared to before. Before they were shrunk, her feet simply stunk to high heaven. Now, the smell just multiplied by 100x! Hinata must've worked out before executing her plan, and with the intensity of the smell increased with their size decrease, there was no hope for them to beat Hinata as the real birthday celebration would begin.

Chapter 2: The Kiss

(moving onto the present time)

"There are some secrets you should know, and there are some secrets that you shouldn't know. You happened to know that secret,insult me about that, and, together with everyone else, didn't like the fragrance around my feet. What's the solution? I had to make you all get used to the smell of my feet, even if it takes forever! But I was afraid that you all wouldn't take my invitation kindly, so all I had to do was pollute the air with a very nifty powder handed down by my family to shrink their enemies in a worse case scenario. While the effects of the 'Hyuuga Family Secret Powder' took effect in your bodily systems, I gave myself an extra workout (running and training jutsu's) with the same pair of sandals to give my feet an extra "kick" while staying away from the powder's area. After that, you all get the picture."

Hinata had a very powerful sense of fulfillment considering she just got off from a very humiliating position at first. And ironically, this Hinata is not the same Hinata as everyone already got used to. This is a more confident, invigorated, and expressive version of her never exposed to the entire village, even herself. Everyone's suffering from the pungent stink of feet that has already covered the majority of the house by now, with her feet still on top of Naruto's prone and weakened body with his head exposed for him to see the face of his tormentor.

"I'm really really sorry, Hinata! I never knew you were THIS sensitive about it. Please let me go!" Naruto cried, trying to desperately calm down the giant shinobi while not offending the strength of her F.O. as well.

"Let me ask Neji's opinion on that little matter. Neji, what do you think? Should I let Naruto go and let him have the fresh and untainted air he deserves?" Hinata asked. She still never let him go from the toe jam pinch she placed him into earlier. All the while, Neji had to contend with the intensity of her toe cleavage stench while being trapped between both her gargantuan toes.

"Mmpmhhmphmhphh!" Neji responded, muffled by the toejam. His face was red with pressure, his mouth is tainted with the flavor of unwashed feet, and his senses slowly fading away. Hinata can feel the retribution slowly becoming satisfied from the Chuunin Exam loss she suffered from him, and there is no greater reward for her in this particular scenario.

"I think Neji had enough for now, wouldn't you agree, Naruto-kun?" Hinata sarcastically directed the question to the fallen orange clad trainee. With that said, she let go of her powerful grip. Neji began to get himself together after being released from her devastating toe lock, drenched with female foot sweat and his breath clearly smelling worse than natto and dead fish combined. He tried to beg Hinata to let the others go and end the madness, all she did was pick him up, gave him a sweet kiss to the cheek, and send him together with her sandaled captives together in their torturous and smelly footwear prison. When Neji finally came, Lee attempted to get him back to his senses, but can only do one thing: pass out from the foot torture of his own fellow Hyuuga. Inside the sandal, the others were very much beat by now. Temari sat down by the corner, trying to push her willpower to the limit in order to survive the hell within the sandal. And speaking of Temari, both she and Shikamaru had to cover up their nose with the use of the opening of their own sandal, respectively. Quite frankly, the smell of their sandals is more tolerable than the distinct smell of the well-covered power sandal of the Byakugan expert. Lee also tried to will himself to survive, but again, the strength of the stink was inconceivable to determine. Hinata then gave out a huge sniff afterwards.

*sniff sniff!* "Ahhhh! Nothing like the smell of your own foot stench! I think you can relate to that, my dear Naruto-kun. Right?" Hinata asked him confidently, with her very innocent smile on her face.

Naruto tried to object to her claim in her statement, but all he can do is simply agree and submit to that "fact".

"Hinata, you're absolutely right. And your feet smell like the scent of sakura after the fall." He said, trying to bear the smell more than he can take and give positive remarks about her powerful peds.

"Why thank you, Naruto-kun! And speaking of which, I have to check back on my dear friend, Sakura." said Hinata.

As she looked to the spot where she left Sakura, all she can see is a blank on the location. She was practically missing!

"I guess my story telling was the opening she needed to run. But I'm sure she's not too far behind. Let the new mission of Hinata Hyuuga begin! Objective: Locate the crimson kunoichi, and bring her to justice!" She then tied up Naruto like a cocoon with a very durable thread so that he can bear witness to the events that would unfold.

With those very determined yet ominous words, she began to play the game of hide-and-seek with Sakura, assuming the latter can never be able to leave her stink-infused room. As the formerly shy ninja looks around her room, from the closets to her futon, she can hear a sound of slow recovery from the breathing of a hyperventilating girl.

"Hmmm... Where could my fellow kunoichi be?" She sarcastically mentioned as she already knew where she is hiding: behind Hinata's sandal prison.

"Huff... wheeze... Must... not.. be.. caught.." Sakura thought as she would be unfortunately surprised in a few seconds by a particularly monolithic hand coming for her miniscule body.

"SAKURA-CHAN!!!" Hinata gleefully cheered as she wrapped her giantess right hand around the body of Sakura. All that the pink- haired shinobi could only do is try and power out her way from the strength of Hinata's grip. All is, of course, futile in Sakura's part. Feelings of fear and reactions of instability are the only things the damsel in distress in equipped with.

"So that's where you were hiding! You little sneak, thinking you could get away from the amazing Hinata Hyuuga! Well, do not worry. I am not as cruel as you think I may be right now. As a matter of fact, it all comes down with the seal of a sweet, wonderful kiss."

And with the words of the gargantuan ninja, she proceeded to land Sakura a kiss on her tiny cheek, a kiss she will never soon forget. With that, Hinata sat down on her chair a few feet from the sandal prison and a few inches from the Naurto cocoon, still exposed to the bad air of malodorous intensity coming out of her feet. And speaking of which, Hinata then proceeded to something that can only complement her newfound confidence: rub Sakura's body all over her stinking, smelling, sweating, pungent foot.

Muffled screams can only be heard from the tortured Sakura, whose mouth is now drenched and filled with unadulterated foot sweat that tastes as bad as it smells. No matter how hard she tried to scream and cry for help, it was no use expecting any sort of help when she is face-to-face with something more powerful than her and no one is able to notice what's going on within Hinata's room. The suffering ninja's eyes burn with unanimous gusto, mixing the sweat with the tears coming out of them. Her body that is facing the foot, from her tiny feet to her pinkishly red hair, continues to merge with the stench and sourness of her stinky weapon as Hinata continues to have her way with Sakura's already defeated body. Her armpits, outfit, and everything on her would smell like feet, like how someone puts a mark that will never go away. Slowly,but surely, she was beginning to lose her consciousness, pride, and sense of lucidity. That's just how powerful Hinata's foot odor really is. In this case, Hinata owns Sakura physically, mentally, and emotionally. Worse of all, none of the ninjas can do anything about it but watch the suffering take place right before their very eyes.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! SAKURA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed in desperation as he is powerless to do anything about it.

"Girls like me deserve to smell after a long, exhausting physical activity, you know. I guess Sakura deserves to smell too. It's because of you, Naruto, that Sakura had to go through this. After all, you DID say my feet smells like sakura. Am I right, Ms. Haruno?" Hinata asked a morale-deduced Sakura.

"...." No response in her part. Sakura lost her will to fight and survive against Hinata's foot. Sakura lost all sense of control and passed out in the midst of the torture. Everyone thought she got knocked out, but Hinata thought that too much foot odor came inside her body that the polluted air overwhelmed her system and had a major concussion or collapse. Regardless, she was alive and still breathing. But the same cannot be asked when it comes to Sakura's pride as a ninja.

"To me, Sakura is now officially my 'third foot' and I bet she likes her new role now. Take a look at this, everyone!" Hinata said as she tied Sakura's body to the sole of her foot, the front side of her body away from the sole, using the same thread Naruto's cocoon is made of and showed her sole off (with Sakura's passed out body) to everyone like a victorious conqueror showing his superiority to the whole world.

"MISSION COMPLETE! Sakura is now mine!"

Sakura is now Hinata's trophy of her victory. With a new beginning for Hinata's life, there comes proof of her dominance. If Sakura is not spared any mercy from Hinata's dominance, imagine what terrifying fates await the remaining ninjas. And as for Kiba...

Chapter 3: The Hunt for Kiba

Moments after the horrible scenario involving Hinata and Sakura, all of the unfortunate ninjas who felt the footy wrath of Hinata went to sleep inside a cage overnight within the confines of her closet drawer. All's not well inside however, as the particular drawer they were in is only good for approximately 2 pairs of sandals. By coincidence, a cage full of young ninjas and a used pair of Hinata's sandals are a perfect fit as well. Simply put, they were all resting up with the stink of feet assaulting their noses for who knows how long. While the others are asleep, Naruto can only worry too much for Sakura's safety. He seriously thought Sakura was actually THAT close to becoming part of Hinata's soles forever, and can only tend to
her critically unstable condition. Even while she is alseep, Sakura can only shiver from the traumatic experience she was forced to undertake.

"Sakura..." Naruto can only mutter silently.

"Mmmph... No..." Sakura said, presumingly under a state of being in a nightmare of sorts. But who could blame her? No one could, even for a troublemaker like Naruto. Naruto then hugged Sakura until they were both really and unanimously asleep. But everyone could not help but wonder where on Earth could Kiba possibly be.

-The Next Day-

"GOOD MORNING!!!!!!" screamed an extremely preppy Hinata, smiling with pure excitement.

Everyone woke up, with the lights waking their wary eyes. That is, except for Sakura, who underwent pure hell yesterday by being expose to Hinata's feet in full force.

"What do you want now, you brat?" said Shikamaru.

"Are you planning to make us smell your feet again? As if we had enough of your stinky feet already, heck, even I'd be willing to smell Gaara's feet any day!" said Temari.

"What is it this time, Hinata? If you plan to torture us again, we're more than ready for you!" exclaimed Naruto, obviously ready to fight off the giantess with everything he has.

"No no no, little ninjas! Actually, I have something else in mind for all of you today! As a matter of fact, you'll all be spectators to a little game I made up overnight! And guess what, it involves a little "puppy" that's very determined to run for his very freedom! And here he is!"

She actually showed everyone a container with mini holes in it on her table, holding Kiba inside with lots of scented flowers for him to enjoy. Not only that, to make sure he's stable enough, he was equipped with a scented mask to take in the better smelling odor as compared to the other one in particular. Hinata may probably have a soft spot for his shinobi teammate, but then again, it could merely be part of a much bigger plan to satisfy her hunger for what is her own definition of "fun".

"GUYS!! Hinata, what have you done to them! They look all.. sticky... and sweaty! ...Sakura! She looks like a total wreck to say the least!" shouted Kiba from within the container.

"My dear dear Kiba, let's just say they all had to undertake and experience the smell of de-feet! And guess what? I've never felt so alive! I mean, it's not really in my nature to be too preppy and all, but there's always space to start something new! Call me overactive for my own good, but you can ask them how my feet smelled like yesterday! Not only that, to make things very interesting for all of us, you and I are gonna play a game of good old hide-and-seek!"

"Eh? What are the terms?" Kiba curiously asked.

"I'll let you go from your container and you'll have to hide in my room, of course wearing the mask for obvious reasons. You have to be undetected for five whole minutes. If you go through that and succeed, you and your little ninjas are set to go with the antidote as the prize." said Hinata.

"And what if I lose?" Kiba retaliated with the question.

"Well, you'll get the 'Sakura' treatment, if you know what I mean. Whatever she went through, you'll go through that too. The huge difference, however, is that you're really prone to smell. The torture Sakura went through is NOTHING compared to what you'll go through." Hinata stated.

"You're on! Let me outta here and start the count!" Kiba confidently replied.

And the game has started. She released the captured ninja from his sweet smelling container. The battle of ninja stealth against giantess prowess represented by a game that is easily played by mere children. And the stakes have never been this high between the two teammates under Kurenai. Hinata closed her eyes and started with the twenty count while Kiba, with scented mask equipped, used his dog-like skills to make his way to an undetectable location. And a few seconds have passed...

"3... 2... 1... GO! Ready or not, here I come!"

And it is on! Hinata looked on every little detail of her room, every nook and cranny, every stone unturned. It was a tense moment for the canine shinobi while a moment of feminine pleasure for the young successor. For Hinata, it was just another opportunity to demonstrate her dominance to the fallen ninjas inside the caged prison. For Kiba, however, it was an all-or-nothing moment for him to shoulder. The five minutes he has to carry would be the most important five minutes of his entire ninja life. The others are simply looking on, cheering for their beloved savior.

"GO KIBA!!!!!!!!!!!" Naruto cheered.

"Kiba, don't get caught!" Neji supported.

"KIBA! KIBA! KIBA! Our freedom's at stake, so guts up!" Lee added to the multitudes of cheers directed at the hidden ninja.

Two minutes, have passed, and Kiba successfully moved away from Hinata's line of vision. Too bad for him though, she wasn't going to play fair at this point. And his fate was about to be sealed within only ten seconds and one word to start his torture.


And in an instant, she was able to improve her ability to detect inside her room. For Kiba, in his miniscule state, not even his dog-like agility can save him now. She quickly saw him hiding underneath her bedsheet, and quickly trapped him, grabbing him with her gentle yet mammoth-like hand.

"Hey! That's cheating! No fair, you giant! Let me go now!" says Kiba.

"Correction, it's giantess to you, my dear Kiba. And secondly, you should've known better to see this as cheating, you quick little doggie! No matter, it's time for your initiation! I slept all night with my sandals on, and did my usual morning training with these same sandals which I use everyday. The floor around the hose may be messy from the dirt, but that's nothing compared to giving you the best foot odor for my fellow partner can take in! Heck, I did this all for you! I'm so happy!" Hinata said.

As Kiba continues to try and pry away from the strong hands of Hinata, she simply sets him to the floor and instantly took off his mask. At once, the stench of feet overwhelmed Kiba like nothing he has ever experienced in his entire life! The stink was too obvious from the well-trained feet of the Hyuuga kunoichi. Despite his efforts to nullify the stench from his mind, his uber-sensitive nose can only betray him as the smell was stunning him alone, ten to twenty times worse than taking that fart from Naruto back from the exams. His body is shaking so much from the sweaty poison that is burning his nostrils. Hinata then sat down on the floor and used both her feet to plan Kiba's entire body.


The stink of Hinata's feet is too much for Kiba to bear at all! The flowing sweat from Hinata's bare feet is covering his entire body with no mercy, planting her patented stench mark all over the nauseated shinobi. Tasting her feet, to say the least, was horrid taken to a new level. In fact, his mouth is full of the same pungent sweat Sakura regrettably took on earlier, which led to her knocked-out state. But worse of all, it was simply the smell. Whatever Sakura experienced yesterday was beyond comparison to the smell of her feet magnified by only he knows how much. The screams and cries of help were all too noticeable, but they are merely muffled. After all, his face IS rubbing the soles of her stenchy feet. His senses were failing him, becoming dizzy to an unprecedented degree. He knew by then that the foot odor of Hinata Hyuuga has won, and already he is submitting to the stench that is really worse than vinegar, fish, sweaty ninjas, or even the smell of Tsunade's feet if she gets the feel of putting her putrid pair on the desk while giving out her briefings to various ninja teams. Using her foot, Hinata lifted up Kiba's weakened body with both her feet holding him in between.

"So Kiba, would you like some more?" Hinata asked.

" more... must... get... HUWAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!"

Shockingly, Kiba began to use the last of his remaining strength to wriggle his way out of Hinata's foot vice, but to no avail. She then retaliated by covering and playing his body his entire body with her stinky toes. From moving his body with her pungent toesies to the head fully tasting and smelling the toe jam in between, the only thing limiting her torturous methods was her imagination. She was simply toying around his body with her toes, moving them about while making him experience the state of ultimate vertigo. The other ninjas can only witness their fellow ninja on the receiving end of this losing battle between the giantess and her latest claim to victory. If there is anyone among these ninja who truly has the losing edge in this experience, it was Kiba without any doubt whatsoever. These really are days when Kiba would wish he didn't have his super sensitive nose.

"More, Kiba?" asked Hinata.

And Kiba was down for the count. Breathing, but no consciousness at all. The ninjas were now scared of what will probably happen to them. But by the look of the eyes of Naruto, it would seem as though he has a plan to get away from and grow back to normal once and for all. At this rate, anything can happen.

Last Chapter: Come One, Come All

"So here's what we're going to do: We force our way out of the sandal by making use of whatever strength we have left, ripping off the plastic surrounding the toe end of her footwear. After that, we climb out of the closet quietly since she luckily forgot to close it fully well. Once we're out of that stinking pit, we'll just have to find the antidote somewhere in this room. I heard her mumble about hiding that antidote somewhere in her very room, and I know there's a chance she isn't telling the truth. But then again, it's all or nothing for us right now. We have to do this quietly, as we only have one shot at this. We all move separately, and make sure you look at every angle of her room carefully. Are we all clear on this?"

And everyone unanimously agreed to Shikamaru's proposal. Sakura woke up grogily some time after Kiba went through Hinata's foot odor just some time ago. Desperate, Sakura has decided not to rest, to the dismay of the others who think she needed to recover after the unfavorable circumstance she went through with her gigantic feet. And despite Kiba's dizzy demeanor, he's willing to join everyone in looking for the antidote. Anywhere is better than here for this trooper, especially considering his entire system is probably filled with the stench of kunoichi feet by now. His nose may probably only smell the unrelenting vinegar of the giantess Hinata's toesies after the heck he went through, but Kiba does not intend to stay like this and become her tiny toy forever. In fact, everyone has one thing in mind: To go back to their natural size and give Hinata a reality check she'll never forget.

"Are you all ready? Three, two, one, go!" Naruto screamed.

Everyone proceeded to push their way out of the stinky prison known as Hinata's standard-issue sandals, with the plastic at the toe and insert opening of the footwear. After enduring the time of suffering they all had to go through, it's no surprise why they couldn't perform their jutsu naturally at the moment. Weakened, they all relied on their cooperative strength to push their way out.

"It's not working! We have to try harder!" Lee exclaimed.

"Never give up, everyone! It's for our very freedom, remember that!" Temari shouted in response.

"Again! Three, two, one, go!" Naruto repeated.

And they proceeded to do the same thing again, pushing and attempting their way to escape the horrid-smelling sandals of the Hyuuga female. And after a few more attempts, they finally got out of the hellacious chamber!

"YEAH!" Everyone cheered in relief.

"Shhhhh! Be quiet, we're not out of the woods yet. There's still antidote, so look out and keep sharp. And no matter what happens, just ignore the smell as much as possible" Shikamaru said to his ninjamates.

Everyone then cooperated to get out of the closet, and went through the search for the antidote. For ninjas like them, this kind of search is like a mission to them already, with the objective to retrieve the item assigned for them to locate. The difference is that their world is now surrounded with everything thatis Hinata, from the clothes to anything else. And not to forget, there is the ever-so-dominant smell of Hinata's enormous feet. Good thing Hinata's still sleeping. Naruto thought she must've been tired from all the energy she used up on torturing and training. And being that it is an hour past midnight, it is doubtful that she'd be able to sense any movement at this point, everyone thought. Everything was going in their way, with no distractions and no interruptions, for the desperate and tiny ninjas.

After taking some time searching the vicinity, Lee saw an unusual hole in the floor, somewhere by a corner of Hinata's room. He then called everyone out, noting that he also saw a vial that has "antidote" written on it. Well, it certainly looked like it considering how well it looked as well as how well-hidden it is in the eyes of the average-sized people. Everything was going well as the ninjas attempted to find ways on getting their hope back on track until another ninja wanted to share a piece of his mind on a sleeping ninja in particular.

Naruto, still feeling the effects of the foot odor torture, began walking up to Hinata's innocent-looking and sleepy face with a clenched fist in tow. Well, not really in the face yet but rather, at the back of her head. Considering the hell they all went through during his tenure of being small, and for someone like Naruto Uzumaki, it would not be a surprise at this point that he would want to get in her face and give her a piece of his mind. As stupid as this is, Naruto really did not mind especially when he's a few centimeters near her. With all his frustrations boiling into his balled-up fist and ready to jump and nail that well-deserved punch to the face, Naruto's resolve to stick to the plan has become overwhelmed by his unexpected sense of anger. At this point, who can blame him?

"Naruto, no! Stick to the plan!" Shikamaru told Naruto in silence. But it was no use as the young spunky shinobi jumped and attempted to teach Hinata a lesson that would obviously end in futility. As soon as Hinata Suddenly, in a surprising turn of events, as Naruto began to attack Hinata as she turned her body around, with him planning to nail her in the face, her gigantic hand suddenly moved as well in an impactful motion, slamming her palm unconsciously on an aggressive Naruto.

"Naruto! Stupid idiot. We have to save him!" said Shikamaru.

"But the antidote..." retorted Temari.

"As much as we have to get the antidote from the hole, it is also important that we make sure everyone stays intact no matter what happens. What's the use of being our original selves again if someone has to pay the price?" Shikamaru responded.

"That's right, and as much as I don't like what Naruto did, we still have to stick together." Neji agreed.

"We have to do this carefully and quickly. Sakura, Kiba, you both take care of getting the antidote. The others, we help out Naruto before Hinata wakes up! Go!" Shikamaru ordered as the plan went to effect. While Sakura and Kiba, still both weakened from the exclusive torture Hinata personally gave them, took care of getting that hard-to-reach antidote, the others went to Naruto, under Hinata's motionless and heavy hand. The rest of the ninjas gave everything they had to lift the burden off the orange ninja's entire body as he was being suffocated slowly. Naruto, on the other hand, tried to be awake and alert after that pincer attack due to Hinata's unconscious attack.

"Heh.. That was pretty stupid of me. I should never have let my anger get to me, especially in a time like this" Naruto thought. "I better help them out and give my strength to get out of this pinch. It's the least I can do for bringing them in this situation"

And with a new sense of determination, Naruto, despite the smell of feet surrounding him, gave it his best to get the hand off of his miniature body. And apparently, it worked as his determination, together with the help of his friends, eventually gave the motionless and dominating hand a run for its money and, moments later, lifted it off signaling the rush of freedom and the sigh of relief. They quickly went out of Hinata's bed and to the hole with the antidote, where there is already progress with the antiodte scenario. At that, Naruto began to speak to everyone as soon as they are all together.

"Everyone, I'm sorry for almost putting us in serious trouble. It's probably the fact that Hinata treated us so bad during the time we're shrunk that I actually wanted to teach Hinata a serious lesson. But I'll make sure this doesn't happen again" Naruto apologized, uncharacteristically in tone.

"It's alright, as long as we're safe and can get out of this heck as soon as possible!" Sakura told Naruto with gusto and confidence that things will be better in the end.

"But before that, let me teach you a lesson all of you will never forget!"

Everyone looked at the back to see a much awakened Hinata, obviously disturbed from her sleep, with her foot near their bodies, paralyzed with shock and fear, by a few millimeters. Hinata then began to speak.

"I actually woke up to get something to drink, and I'm shocked to see that all of you got out of my prison, found the antidote, and get out of here or probably get some payback! Well, that won't happen in my watch. And it's time to teach you all a lesson. Do not worry, I'll bring you all back to normal in two days. But I'll make sure to use something in my possession that will make you forget the events that happened to you all for the past few days. After all, Tsunade-sama might get too suspicious if she finds out that all of you have remained missing for a while now. But before everything goes to normal and you all go back to your normal size, allow me to have some fun!"

With that said, before everyone could scatter themselves and run away, she quickly used both her hands to capture the miniscule ninjas with tremendous response and speed. The Hyuuga heiress then placed all of them, with the exception of Shikamaru and Temari, in a more distasteful circumstance, tying them all up this time with their faces in front of her feet, similiar to how she did it with Sakura earlier. It was a good thing that Hinata didn't even bother washing her feet in a case like this, as it became kind of useful. Naruto, Sakura, and Lee got tied up in Hinata's left foot while Neji and Kiba got tied up to her right foot. After tying them up securely, she began to tie both Shikamaru and Temari together in a stick, with no means of escape, and place them by the same sandal prison they tried to get out of earlier, mentioning that she has a bigger plan for both of them later on.

She then began to sleep, with the rest of the ninjas tied and face-first to her stinky ninja feet. Screams and moans can be heard from everyone concerned, yet they are merely blocked by the fact of their face being stuck in the fleshy soles of her smelly pair. Their surroundings became evidently dominated with the stench of ninja feet as their noses are continually assaulted by the stink of overwhelming sourness and utmost suffering. The taste of foot sweat and whatever residue is left on her feet can be tasted by the group, with no mercy when it comes to the sheer amount and distribution to be shared by everyone. And of course, the smell. These captured ninjas still could not get themselves used to the stink no matter how hard they tried. Not only that, for a pair of feet to stink like that for an undetermined time, the smelling torture only got intesified and the level of comfort is out of the question at this point. Moments after the capture, they simple gave up and hoped for the best in the last few days of torture before they can forget the events that had happened. Simply enough,

Her feet had won.

(The Next Day, by Tsunade's office)

"Hinata, do you know where the others are? I cannot seem to find them for a few days now, and I think you might have an idea of where they could be" asked the Fifth.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I've seen them for the past few days with the exception of Chouji and Shino, who are also wondering about what happened. Probably they are on a mission that took they a while to accomplish" replied Hinata.

"Mission? I don't remember assigning them any missions at all. I better give them a stern talk when I see them!"

And while their discussion is going on, Shikamaru and Temari are actually beneath Hinata's feet, within her sandals, with a ninja per sandal. The weather was hot, so she decided to take a walk around the village with these two are her insoles. To say the least, smelly times are coming for the two ninjas as far as they are concerned. One can imagine how these two would be feeling after a long day inside her sandals, considering they'd be sweating and smelling more than usual in the hot climate. Wiggling can be felt under her feet, and muffled screams from the ninja pair can be detected, but not even Tsunade can hear their pleas of help. When Hinata came out of the office, she was ready to take a very peaceful stroll around town.

"This is going to be a wonderful day!" Hinata thought in excitement.