Sakura and the Shrunken Shinobi


Chapter 1: The Mission

It was another hard mission assigned for the recently formed Team Kakashi. Since Sasuke had left for his own reasons and Naruto had returned from his long and timely training with Jiraiya, the team has been altered significantly. Sakura, now extremely strong thanks to Tsunade, now worked solely with Kakashi and Naruto, and they have been getting along since then. Considering the history between all of them, that shouldn't be of any surprise. They had been assigned a mission to retrieve a very important scroll from some rogue ninjas. When they asked about the contents of the scroll, Tsunade said that is was classified information. The mission sounded easy and for the three of them, it was.

Now, they had tracked down the ninja between the Leaf and Sand Villages. There were six ninjas in total and they didn’t look to be very strong, noting not only with the level of fighting ability combined between the two groups, but with hard-earned experience as well. They confronted the rogue ninjas, and Naruto started with his normal, yet irritatingly boastful rant. He was yelling at them and telling them how he was taking the scroll back. Unfortunately for him, the response he got was laughter. It would be a sorry mistake for the ones underestimating the more mature and focused teen. Naruto just smiled and made the seal for a jutsu.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu,” an overexcited Naruto yelled out. The rogue ninjas were surprised that he knew such a technique, but that didn’t stop them from taking Team Kakashi down with everything they had. The rogues split up, with three heading for Naruto and his five clones and the others going at Sakura and Kakashi. Two of them rushed Kakashi, while the only female of the group confronted Sakura. Naruto was having a field day, as he and his clones were easily beating his opponents in dominating fashion. The same could be said for Kakashi, as he was reading his Make Out Tactics book, having already defeated the two ninja who rushed him. Certainly, for the guys in the team, it was nothing more than a chore for them.

In another location, Sakura, however, was still staring at the ninja in front of her. “What’s the problem girl, too afraid to attack?” Tsunade's apprentice asked. “Well, if you won’t attack,” the ninja said, “ then I will.” With that, she pulled a kunai out and ran at Sakura. Sakura easily dodged the attacks of her female opponent. Sakura was actually thinking if her opponent is merely an apprentice herself, an apprentice of a washed-up shinobi. The attacks went on for a bit longer, until Sakura got tired of waiting. “Well, I am done playing with you,” Sakura said to the ninja. Then, she concentrated her chakra into her right fist and charged. The other ninja didn’t have time to react, as she was struck incredibly hard in the stomach. All of the air rushed out of her body, and she flew backward and through a very sturdy tree. If she had known about Sakura’s super-human strength, she probably wouldn’t have messed with her. But just before she would be purely knocked unconscious, Sakura's female opponent actually did the unthinkable, opening the scroll and targeting the pink warrior with the jutsu inscribed in the scroll. Sakura was rushing in and try to get the scroll before anything bad can happen. But it was too late, as the hand-based incantation would soon end and a scream would be heard.

"Shrink no Jutsu!"

Before anything else though, Naruto jumped towards Sakura, taking the hit for the team. The jutsu actually nailed Naruto and quickly disappeared. With Sakura being able to dodge the attack thanks to Naruto, Sakura quickly rushed to the female ninja and hit another punch to the gut to make sure the latter became unconscious.

Sakura began to wonder where Naruto could be before she heard a scream that could only be heard when focused really carefully by really sensitive hearing.

"Sakura, down here!"

And Sakura saw Naruto, shrunk to around a few inches. "Naruto! What happened!?", Sakura questioned. Naruto could only give an answer that it was thanks to that jutsu in the scroll that got him to be miniatured. Sakura became quite concerned for the well-being of the smaller Naruto. But suddenly, seeing Naruto in quite a situation made her recall on how he could have brought Sasuke back if he only tried enough, as well as all the times Naruto had done to insult her. Despite wanting to help out the ninja constituting one-third of Team Kakashi, she could not help but think about taking this rare advantage to give Naruto a lot of payback. With that, there is also the perk of Kakashi reading his favorite book, so the distraction served well for Sakura's ideas. With that said, Sakura proceeded to grab Naruto by the huge hand and started to stare at him with a serious tone.

"Naruto, I'll make sure to find a way to make you normal again, don't worry! But let's play with each other first. After all, you still owe me a lot of things, and it's two years in the making!"

Things are getting interesting between the two, no doubt about it.

Chapter 2: Hunter VS Hunted

With Sakura holding Naruto by the hand, she seemed to have all the power in the world to do whatever she wanted with the shrunken shinobi. Both Sakura and her inner self must be having a ball considering how she can make Naruto worth her while, which is not a welcoming feeling to Naruto in the very least. Surveying his body, Sakura could notice that as compared to years past, he is more capable to do great things, which gave her many ideas for Naruto to fulfill her ever-so-growing needs, pun intended.

"Naruto, I have a lot of things in store for you, and you better be prepared for what happens to you! Imagine all the chores I can make you do for me, and you better put a lot of effort in it!"

Sakura looked poised to have Naruto perform two years worth of service, but Naruto had something else in mind.

"No! I won't play this game of yours, and if you won't help me, I'll have to find a way to bring myself back to normal, my way! Believe it!"

Naruto gave Sakura a huge bite to her exposed finger, causing the kunoichi to let go of her grip while the orange-clad shinobi got himself to scurry about as he landed to the soil, running away from a surefire angry giantess.

"NARUTO!!!! I'll get you for this! When I find you...!", Sakura said, clenching her fist.

And then, the chase began. It was quite a challenge for a mini-ninja like Naruto to run away from a Tsunade-trained Sakura. While it is true that Naruto has become more powerful thanks to Jiraiya's excellent training, the size difference was just too much to overcome. And the strength of Sakura alone makes this a challenge all by itself. The distance Naruto covered was lower considering his size change, so Sakura thought that Naruto could not have gone very far. But in the case of Naruto, he can very much hide anywhere in the forest due to his small frame. Minutes passed, and the miniature ninja was already tired running away from a female hunter.

"Whew... she really learned a lot from Tsunade. It's going to be tough to get away from her. I better find a way to become normal again or else..."

As Naruto leaned, he actually felt something else rather than wood or a rock. It was soft, squishy, slender, and unexpectedly stinky. Naruto suddenly grimaced from the unknown smell, and as he turned around, unfortunately for him, it was someone's toes. In fact, it's Sakura's toes.

"Or else what?"

Sakura smirked as soon as she said that. No surprise that Sakura could find him sooner or later considering her training and the size difference. Also, she knew her feet would stink so much, eventually. After all, whose feet would not stink after wearing her unique ninja footwear? Long boots turned ninja sandals do not exactly make for a way to make feet smelling fresh as a daisy.

"I have a great idea! For your first job, I'll make you my insole! How's that, Naruto?", Sakura said.

"No way!", Naruto replied.

As Naruto was about to run away, Sakura quickly flicked her toes, releasing the horrid stench of her feet to Naruto. He was immediately overwhelmed by the potent stink of her feet, instantly making him kneel and gasp for fresh air. For a small ninja like him, and given that she did not have enough rest from her missions and responsibilities, her foot odor can easily own Naruto. He was already sent in a state of shiver and recklessness, with the stench hovering around him like a green cloud.

"Ugh... *cough cough* must... get... away..."

Sakura quickly captured Naruto, took off her right sandal/boot, and firmly planted him within the confines of her stinky footwear. She then wore it again before he could run away, with her area between toes securing his face.

"Ahhhh... It feels sooooo good to finally have an insole! Thanks Naruto! I'll have more in store for you in a while."

Naruto could only wiggle hard to get away and scream in reply, but the wiggling was only ignored, and the scream was left unheard. The overwhelming stench of foot and sandal odor was making him suffer slowly but with a lot of impact. The world of fresh air was deprived to Naruto as the pressure coming from her trained foot was squeezing him and the smell surrounding his atmosphere was making him feel weak and defeated. Naruto could only think that if making him an insole was just one of the things Sakura had in mind for Naruto, who knows what Sakura could think of next in this very long and excruciating day. He can only hope for a miracle if he plans to survive this ordeal.

Chapter 3: Kakashi for the Save!

The hot atmosphere. The powerful pressure. The mind-blowing stink.

There was nothing Naruto could do as he was trapped inside the long boot-like sandals of Sakura. While still sane, his energy was being drained by the strength of the pink ninja's overworked foot. Matching that with an overworked foot odor from Tsunade's apprentice, Naruto was fighting a losing battle.

"So Naruto, how does it feel to be my new insole? Thanks to Tsunade, my feet have been very sore from two years of training, so I was needing a personal masseuse. But I never knew you'd be very willing to serve me! Hahahahahaha!"

And Sakura was truly enjoying herself. In more ways than one, payback was given its due in the form of Naruto's suffering. Not more than three minutes in her possession, and Naruto was already feeling like having to smell the feet of everyone from Konoha in one hour. Surely, the size difference makes for the intense "powering-up" of her smelly feet. Naruto could not reply because of him being muffled inside.

"I have to get out of here soon, or else either her stinky foot would overwhelm me or she has some other mean plan in mind. I can't believe she's doing this! But still, I have to find a way to get out!" Naruto thought to himself. He was really losing his senses and close to throwing up and giving in to the sour stench of Sakura's foot.

Everything was fine and dandy for the cute and shapely kunoichi, until...

"Sakura! There you are!"

Enter Kakashi, the final third of the Team Kakashi puzzle. He soon discovered Sakura in the forest, seeing her alright from the encounter she had earlier. Sakura was shocked by the voice coming from her past mentor, and attempted to retain her composure while controling a wriggling Naruto from inside her stinky sandal.

"How are you doing? Any injuries? And have you seen Naruto?" said Kakashi.

"Kakashi!! You startled me!" said the startled ninja. "Don't worry, I'm fine. Don't forget, I'm a medical ninja too! But I have no idea where Naruto is. In fact, I'm worried..."

"Is that so? Well, he must be around where we are, at least." replied Kakashi.

"Kakashi!? I can hear his voice!" Naruto thought. This is the closest he can get to salvation. He knew only Kakashi can help him fight off Sakura and find a way to reverse the surprising effects of the move. But all he can make are muffled sounds. Luckily, Kakashi heard a bit of sound coming from that.

"Sakura, did you hear something? It sounded like someone gagged" Kakashi said.

"Erm... no, no! I didn't hear anything at all! Kakashi, you must be hearing things" Sakura replied at once.

"Sakura, I know what I hear, and something is wrong with what I'm hearing" Kakashi retaliated

Meanwhile, from inside the sandal...

"Shoot! Kakashi didn't notice me! But I can't blame him. Who else would want to check inside someone's sandals anyway? Wow, does Sakura ever wash her feet!?" Naruto said. The smell is bothering Naruto more than ever. With Sakura being worried, her feet was sweating more, and it meant more bad stench for the orange and black-clad teenager to forcefully inhale. Naruto wanted to throw up then and there, but the foot was pressing on him too hard. Not to mention, the sweat from her foot was making its way to Naruto's mouth, getting him not only disgusted, but stomach-snapped as well.

"Hmm... I have a feeling he's nearby. Sakura, help me look for Naruto, will you?" Kakashi requested.

"Sure!" Sakura said in response. She was worried that Kakashi might find out that she kept Naruto inside her stink-infused sandal. The kunoichi had to find a way to get Kakashi out of the picture before she can leave the area and have her way with Naruto.

But Naruto also knew that was going to happen. So in a final act of desperation, Naruto was luckily able to muster his strength to pick a kunai from his pocket. Knowing this was his only chance, he then made a minor swipe to Sakura's sweaty flesh, and...

"OUCH!!!" Sakura screamed at once. She was then forced to remove her sandal, the very same sandal where Naruto is confined. When she took it off, Naruto was flung a bush somewhere around the area where Sakura is. Luckily, the shinobi was cushioned from the fall thanks to the same bush he's fallen into.

"Damn it! My foot is hurt! That sneak! He won't get away with this!" Sakura thought.

"Ugh... finally, I'm out of the prison! But man, do I stink like feet thanks to Sakura!" Naruto said in relief. But the battle is far from over.

The scenario now: Kakashi is on one side of the area inspecting the sound he may have heard earlier. But he did not hear Sakura yelp in pain earlier since he is a bit distant from the area where her voice is reached at that time, so she was able to make a sigh of good luck for that. And Naruto is on the other side of the area where he landed safely. And Sakura is in the middle, planning on getting his hands on Naruto.

"When I get my hands on him, I'm gonna put him to more humiliation! At this rate, after this is through, I'll think about making him my NEW sandal!" Sakura thought.

"I must get to Kakashi at once! Or else... *gulp*" Naruto said.

This is now anyone's ballgame.

Chapter 4: In Trusting Hands

Naruto began to think of ways on how to go pass through Sakura. Smelling like Sakura's sweaty feet, he hid behind some bushes, considering how to get by a giantess like her. Luckily, Kakashi's present but looked on a different direction. Sakura looked for Naruto heavily as well, but for a different purpose, and searched not too evidently as to get Kakashi's attention...

"That's it! I have to find a way to create such a ruckus that Kakashi will have to notice that something's wrong. That way, Sakura will be be distracted in her search, and I'll get to Kakashi safely! But how to make an impact..."

That was a bit of a problem. With Naruto's size, he couldn't be able to make some chaos that will allow Kakashi's attention to be captured. But Naruto, wily as ever, had a bit of a kamikaze plan in mind. He seemed to remember a scenario that made significant noise earlier, and thought it might work. But with the risks involved, failing the plan will make him regret it for the rest of his life. Looking over his options, this seems to be the best possible plan at the moment.

"Where is that darn Naruto!? This is just what I hate about small things, they're hard to find!" thought Sakura, still looking in the middle for Naruto while keeping her distance with Kakashi.

As she turned behind, the jumpsuited shinobi then slowly went by to her location, the kunoichi still distracted from the search. As crazy as he is, he went near the same foul smelling foot of Sakura, still hurting from the insole scenario earlier. Naruto picked up a point piece of wood, and as if his life depended on it, nailed it on the crevice of her big and second toe as hard as he could. Sakura then began to scream real loud.

"YEOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sakura screamed.

"Hm!? Sakura!" Kakashi said as he came by Sakura's position. While that was happening, Naruto began to use what's left of his energy to quickly move from joint to joint of Sakura's body, up to her huge head.

"KAKASHI!!!!!! I'm here!!!!!!!!!!" Naruto screamed as he could, and luckily, the timing is amazing as the Sharingan-user is already in front of the pink ninja.

"NARUTO!?!!?!?! What happened to you!? Sakura! What is the meaning of this!?" Kakashi sternly asked.

"Erm... you see... Naruto... erm..." Sakura could not say a word to Kakashi, obviously in a loss for words.

Before Sakura could finish what she was saying, she immediately went to strike Kakashi with a punch, in an attempt to knock him out cold. Naruto immediately jumped for safety as he knew things were getting ugly. Good thing he landed safely on another bush. But it's better that he moved instantly, because when Sakura's punch missed, Kakashi was more than prepared to move behind her as quick as lightning can strike, and chopped behind her head. The preemptive strike was more than enough to clock the kunoichi senseless as she fell down in a heap.

"Kakashi-sensei! Thank you soooooooooo much!!" Naruto screamed in appreciation. He then made his way to a secure area in Kakashi's vest.

"It's okay, Naruto. *sigh* Too bad Sakura is still quite upset about Sasuke's departure. I knew this was coming sooner or later, and thankfully, you're alive and well before she could do any more damage to you." Kakashi said.

"Yeah, it is pretty much my fault, I have to admit. But I still won't give up making Sasuke come back to us!" Naruto said confidently, with his voice sounding like he has more to prove to himself and to the others.

"Kakashi-sensei, I do have to ask: Does Sakura's feet really stink ALL the time!?" Naruto wondered, still smelling like feet until now.

"Erm..." Kakashi could only say. Naruto guessed that he wasn't the only one who got to smell Sakura's feet before.


A day after the incident, Naruto found himself in his normal size once again thanks to Kakashi being able to find a reversal to the jutsu that affected the jumpsuited warrior, and decided to enter Sakura's home. Kakashi and Naruto never told anyone about the incident, knowing that telling everyone about it would degrade her reputation. But decided to talk it out with Tsunade's apprentice. Team Kakashi began to straighten things out, in an attempt to set things straight. Eventually, Sakura apologized, and Naruto reemphasized his promise to find a way to get Sasuke back on track. It wouldn't be an easy journey, but in Naruto's mind, he wouldn't have it any other way.