Hinata's Sequel: Averting DeFeet


Chapter 1: The Great Escape

"Ugh... It really stinks..."

A groggy Shikamaru woke up in a dark and moist location, surrounded by a smell he, even up to this point, cannot get used to. It was a smell he should have been over with after days of being exposed to it, but for reasons he cannot even comprehend, it continued to rattle his bodily functions and human senses, and gave his nose a beating that can only be compared to an ant fighting an elephant in an ever-losing battle. He could not move his body that much, and there was a significant pressure keeping his body in place. He then remembered one little detail.

"Damn, me and Temari are inside Hinata's sandals..."

And the realization struck him very unfavorably. It may be dark, but it is obvious for him to feel his head being played between the toes, forcing his mouth and nose to be filled with the little Hyuuga's foot sweat. Slippery as it may be, it was hard for him to significantly make any progress to let himself go because of the circumstance surrounding his prison. Same goes for Temari, who is in the other side of the sandal. Being in the same position, Temari could only take so much foot odor and pressure before. she would break down and cry after moments of being weak, weazy, and angry during her stay inside her odiferous footwear,all of which is a rare occurrence for the sand kunoichi in itself. There were only two ways out of Hinata's sandals: by the opening of the sandal and by the toe end of it. With their bodies carefully stuck and their bodies defiled, surely, the wearer can do whatever she wants with her feet on these miniature ninjas.

In other words, Hinata's sandals were the ultimate prison.

Shikamaru then began to notice something minutes after he woke up.

"Wait, there's no shaking or excess pressure. It must mean that Hinata must be resting somewhere."

And indeed, Hinata was actually sitting by the bench somewhere in the village, obviously tired from spending many hours hours walking around after being questioned by Tsunade. And as both of these ninjas should realize by now, the intensity of her foot odor would increase by every step she took, which these two would notice by now as the sorry recipients of the upgraded stench. Hinata was enjoying her sweet treat as she took a breather while thinking of where to go next and have fun with the encased pair.

"Hmmm... I wonder where I should go next... Oh! I know! How about I go visit the training grounds? There should be something interesting I can do there."

Shikamaru heard of the proposal made by Hinata, which both he and Temari would not have agreed due to the obvious reasons of intense physical injury due to the pressure and the fact that their noses are beaten up already. But Shikamaru had a plan that might actually work. Unfortunately for him, he had to do something that would forever be etched as a bad memory that needs to be dissipated forever.

He decided to bite her foot really hard to let himself go.

Shikamaru knew that no one would be crazy enough to bite her foot. In fact, it was the last thing Shikamaru would do, but nonetheless, it was either his pride or his life. It was already lucky enough that he did not get knocked out the way Sakura and Kiba did earlier, but he could actually end up becoming a part of Hinata's foot, together with Temari in her other foot, if they do not do anything about it. And with the gusto filled within Shikamaru, with full determination, he gave Hinata's foot a major bite.

With the powerful bite to the foot, Hinata quickly reacted the way anyone who got bitten in a foot would: with utmost haste. She then proceeded to remove the sandals with Shikamaru in it, and as soon as possible, Shikamaru quickly got out of her sandal(despite the overwhelming pain and the tortured state he is in) while Hinata is tending to her painful foot. The shadow-based ninja wanted to vomit right then and there with the taste of Hinata's patented foot flavor and stench playing within his mouth and his senses, but more important priorities were the only things in mind. After a few seconds of recovery, Shikamaru ran away and searched for a safe place to hide.

Later, Hinata eventually recovered from the unexpected bite by Shikamaru, and now she's sporting a mark of miniature teeth embedded in the flesh of Hinata's stinky foot. After that, she then put her sandals back on and planned to look for Shikamaru. Someone like him could be a huge threat, especially when he spills the beans on what she has been doing to the other ninjas. But she knew he could not afford to run away for a long time, and it's simply because of one reason: Temari. The sand representative did now know of what happened between Shikamaru and Hinata just recently, but it is still certain that the foot odor torture still did not end for her. Inside the sandal, Temari could only take so much that she is beginning to give up in more ways than one. All the tiny ninja could think of is in the same way of thinking Sakura and Kiba had before:

"It's over, I give up" Temari could think of at her present state. But she knew she would get out of this somehow, and with little hope she had left, she waited patiently for a miracle to happen.

In a more distant location within the village, Shikamaru gave himself a bit of rest and thought of a way to make this scenario normal and save the others from Hinata's torturous captivity within her room: get Tsunade's attention. So then, he got his feet moving and journeyed his way to the Fifth Hokage's office.

Chapter 2: Making Deadlines

Minutes have passed since Shikamaru was able to escape the odiferous prison known as Hianta's sandal. At the moment, he was able to reach the establishment where the Fifth Hokage's office is situated.

Anxiety ran through Shikamaru's gut feelings as he needed to find a way to get to Tsunade's office as soon as possible. Not only are the others in need of escape, but there's also the concern of Temari, who is still trapped beneath Hinata's ever-so-smelly feet that is slowly increasing in olfactory intensity. He hid behind some furniture in the bottom-most floor, and is dumbfounded by the limits of his accessibility to the destination in mind. Fortunately, just as he was about to give up his search, he found one shred of hope.

"I GOTTA HURRY UP! Tsunade-sama is going to be explosive if she doesn't get these papers as soon as possible! It's a few minutes passed the deadline!" said Shizune, luckily going to Shikamaru's direction. Through the genius mind of the shadow-mastered ninja, he thought of jumping towards one of her long sleeves just as soon as she passed by his direction. He knew he had one shot of doing this, for a miscalculation could put him in a trampling path, where he would be unforgivingly stepped on by many passers-by.

"I have to do this properly! Everyone's counting on me now, especially Temari" Shikamaru told himself as he shuddered at the thought of what the sand kunoichi is dealing with right now.

And in an instant that a brisk-walking Shizune passed by, Shikamaru jumped from an elevated position nearby, directing his body into the sleeve of the Hokage's assistant. Whether it is because of great skill or luck, Shikamaru is able to grab hold onto the sleeve and secured himself as his high-heeled vessel would lead him to the destination that would surely help them in their perdicament: Tsunade's office. He was even amazed at the fact that he did all that in a given situation without using his jutsu at all (considering he couldn't utilize his skills properly at this point). Shikamaru could not help but smile a bit for his notable success.

Some moments later, Shizune is about to approach the door. Shikamaru's eyes brightened as he knew that salvation was just around the corner. But unfortunately...


Shizune crashed by someone before she could even enter the door.

"Oh, Hinata! I'm sorry, are you hurt?" Shizune asked.

"No, don't worry. Thank you for the concern though. How are you?" Hinata replied.

"I'm sorry, but I have to hurry! Tsunade might be angry at me by now! Why did I have to be late at a time like this? Well, please excuse me."

And with that, Shizune went pass the door and closed it. As for Shikamaru, the bump was so hard that he was flown out from Shizune and ended up in the worst situation he was in: the front of a still-recovering Hinata, who is still reeling from the bump. Shikamaru would obviously know that Hinata would go to Tsunade before he could, but never did he want to go face-to-face with her at an opportune time like this. Shikamaru must do something to get to Tsunade, or he'll meet his final deadline instead.

- Meanwhile... -

Temari is still trapped in Hinata's sandal, still forced to inhale her increasing foor odor. She's never been handled like that in her entire life, and her will to fight back has lost thanks to the stench of her foot. But she noticed that somewhere, Hinata got bumped and lost her composure. Luckily, the pressure from her foot, for all it's worth, got loosened up. Despite the wrecked condition of the sand ninja, she had one thought that came into play as soon as she discovered that fact.


Chapter 3: Think Fast!

Shikamaru is looking towards a recovering Hinata, still stunned from what happened. A few seconds to move seemed to be like many minutes to the "thinking man's ninja". He had to quickly evaluate the situation he's in before she could recover, and all hell could break loose.

"On one hand, I could try entering Tsunade-sama's office through a hole found in the door. But that could take me long. The other option is to make a lot of noise, so I can get Tsunade's attention and tell her everything about what has happened."

But he quickly remembered about one thing: Temari is still under Hinata's hot and stinky foot. He feared that she may not be able to last much longer. But knowing her, she'll be able to find a way.

"Temari... hope you can still keep it up in there..." said Shikamaru.

- Meanwhile, inside Hinata's sandal -

Temari saw an opportunity she cannot refuse, a way out, a passage to her freedom, and hopefully, a way to settle this mess. The few seconds to Temari is the most important, where Hinata is actually vulnerable and still getting herself back up. With Hinata's toes loosened, she could see that they are in the vicinity near the office of Tsunade, the Fifth Hokage. She could also see Shikamaru, safely away from the smelly foot of the abusive Byakugan user.

"Good thing he's out. That means we should be able to do something at once before Hinata recovers" said Temari, as she figured that if there's a good way to get anyone's attention, one has to do it with gusto. The fan user then pulled off a shocker of her own: She threw away her disgust for Hinata's feet, and bit her toe as hard as she could!


Hinata screamed so hard that she quickly flung the sandal where Temari was held captive. Shikamaru was suddenly surprised as the noise distracted his train of thought and her familiar blue sandals came by his direction. He was able to dodge the huge sandal, but saw Temari flying towards him at the same time. With the quick reaction expected for a ninja, he grabbed hold of the kunoichi, strongly smelling of feet.

"Are you okay, Temari?" asked Shikamaru.

"Ugh... I'm never going to look at feet the same way again..." said Temari. But before they could enjoy their little reunion (pun intended), an angry Hinata stood tall over the two little ninjas.

"Do you think you can still get away from me? You bit my toe so hard, Temari. And Shikamaru, you gave me such a hard time with your game of chase. Now, you'll both pay!" declared Hinata.

The coat-wearing giantess began attempting to grab hold of the two, but Shikamaru knew better and bit her hand at once, causing her to get hurt. They both tried to make it to the little hole leading to Tsunade herself, but as soon as they were too close, Hinata stomped them with her bare foot. The pressure and smell was all-too-familiar for the two tiny ninjas.

"You're not getting away now!" said Hinata

But together, they both bit her foot, as if saying "NOT ANYMORE!" The taste was strongly bad, but if it meant their freedom, then there's no problem with that.

"OUCH!!!!!!!!" Hinata screamed again. Unfortunately, she screamed near Tsunade's office. And an angry Hokage could not take it any longer and opened the door very hard.


"What is with that racket! I'm too busy, you know!" said Tsunade, but suddenly became startled when she saw two interesting things on the ground: A knocked-out Hinata with a missing sandal, and two tiny ninjas.

"Tsunade-sama! We're here! Please listen to us!" screamed Shikamaru, tending for Temari.

"What? What is going on here!?" Tsunade asked, as she picked up both ninjas.

The two began to explain the entire fiasco with Hinata, from what happened to the missing ninjas up to the tortures brought upon to them...


"Shizune, what's the entire report on the ongoing situation?" asked Tsunade inside her office.

"Tsunade-sama, for the sake of everyone involved, we have recovered the missing ninjas inside Hinata's room, and thanks to the medical team, discovered a method for them to be brought back to their original size. But because of the potential discomfort towards each other in the future, something the village cannot handle at this time, the medical team has also found a way to remove their memories, from the time Hinata came back to her home from a mission all up to the fiasco outside your office. That way, they will be able to co-exist with each other and perform better as a team. Overall, things are back to normal, and the incident never happened in their recollection." Shizune mentioned in her lengthly report.

"Thank you. Oh, and one more thing..." Tsunade stopped as she tossed a blue object towards Shizune, who was able to grab it.

"What's thi... ugh! It stinks!" Shizune said.

"That's Hinata's sandal! I hope you won't say that in front of her when you return that." said a smirking Tsunade, delighted to see Shizune's sudden reaction to smelling the sandal that belongs to the blue-haired kunoichi.