Ode to the Mermaid

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by gamdann)

Today, the Mew Mew girls were in great spirits. With no evil Cyniclon activity being reported anywhere in Tokyo, Elliot and Wesley decided to give the girls the day off. So how do they celebrate? By going to the beach, of course! All the girls, in their swimsuits or bikinis, looked out at the sands and watched all the people who were either soaking up sunshine or going surfing.
"Isn't this great, girls!? Life on the beach!" Zoey shouted.
"I've almost forgotten what the beach looks like as much as I've lived in my mansion." Corina said.
"Forget those waves... that bright sunlight's gonna be good for my tan." Renee said with a smile.
"Woohoo! Surf's up!!! I'm just so excited!" Kikki said. Zoey just smiled over Kikki's excitement as she looked over at Bridget.
"So what do you think, Bridget? Bridget?" Zoey said. Bridget wasn't answering. Instead she took a few steps and stood in front of the girls.
"Ah... the ocean. So vast and wide open. To me, the ocean symbolizes freedom. The freedom to do what you want." Bridget said. The other four girls just looked at her like she had come from Venus.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Corina said.
"Well... Bridget has been feeling better about the ocean ever since she learned how to swim after saving that little girl." Zoey said.
"Not to mention learning how to change into a mermaid. I'd probably be excited too if something like that happened to me." Renee said.
"Yeah, but you're a wolf girl, so nothing like that can happen!" Kikki shouted. Renee just growled lightly at Kikki, making her run behind Corina.
"Oh well, let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?" Zoey said.
"You guys go ahead. I want to admire the beauty of the ocean just a bit longer." Bridget said.
"Well... okay. But don't be too far out! Come on, girls!" Zoey said.
"Yeah! Last one to the ocean is an old seal!" Corina shouted as she was the first to take off running.
"Hey! No fair! No fair at all!!!" Kikki shouted as she and the others followed suit, except of course for Bridget.

Once she was by herself, Bridget looked over at the highest point of the beachside and noticed a small pool several feet down, the same pool she saved a young girl from a short while back. This girl, who also couldn't swim, inspired Bridget to learn how to swim when she had to dive in and save her from a parasite. That was also the day when she learned how transform into her mermaid form, which gave her enhanced abilities when fighting underwater-based parasites. Sadly, she still couldn't swim as a human, but thanks to her Mew Mew powers, that all changed.
After making her way to the edge of the cliff and looking down at the pool, Bridget took a deep breath.
"Well, time to see if I still got it." Bridget said with a smile.
"Power pendant! Mewtamorphosis!" Bridget shouted as she transformed into her Mew Mew self. She then makes a big leap into the sky and then dives towards the pool, completely submerging her. Granted, as she held her breath, she wasn't expecting to see much in this pool. But as she was looking around, she noticed a big hole near the bottom left of the pool. She had to come up for air before she could get a real good look at the hole.
"What was that hole down there? Where could it possibly lead?" Bridget said to herself. She took a much deeper breath as she dove underwater again and swam for the hole. She swam as fast as she could, because even though she had the animal instincts of a porpoise, she still needed air to survive. After swimming for almost a minute, she made her way out of the tunnel only to end up in a rather large cave-like chamber. In the middle of this chamber was a very bright light. Bridget thought about approaching this light, but she felt like coming up for air first.

But there was a major problem... there was no opening in the ceiling. The entire room was filled with water! Bridget scrambled to swim back through the hole that got her into this area, but she started to feel weak and tired as she gasped to hold her breath. Just then, however, the room suddenly got a lot brighter. Bridget looked and was almost blinded to see the bright light coming from the middle of the room. But just as quickly, the light dimmed down to a respectable level. She could finally make out the source of the light, a glittering pearl necklace.
There was also one other major difference. Bridget, as she finally let out her breath, suddenly could feel oxygen being let into her lungs. Fresh air coming in through the water? Bridget right away felt something was different, especially when she started to hear a young female's voice echoing through the room after she hummed a familiar tune.

"Young child... what brings you to these ancient grounds?" the voice said.
"Huh? Who said that?" Bridget said.
"Over here." the voice said. Bridget swam over to the pearl necklace and looked down at it.
"Young child, what is your name?" the voice said.
"Um... Bridget. Tell me, how am I able to breathe underwater?" Bridget said.
"Through my magic. When I started to feel your presence enter this chamber, I felt right away you were the right one." the voice said.
"The right one?" Bridget asked.
"The one who will help unlock my spiritual powers from this necklace. A few years ago, my soul was sealed inside this necklace after the love of my life risked everything, including his own life, to protect myself against an evil sea witch. Although she was defeated, I no longer had the will power to go on, so I sealed my soul into this pearl necklace." the voice said.
"I see... but how am I supposed to be the right one?" Bridget asked.
"For these past few years, I've waited for the right person, with a good heart and soul, to take my powers and use them until they are purified of the sadness that still haunts me even today." the voice said.
"Well, I suppose I could..." Bridget said.
"Yes, my child. Please wear this pearl necklace with pride until my soul can finally rest in peace." the voice said. Bridget, not wanting to argue with such a soothing and beautiful voice, couldn't resist as she took the necklace and put it on. That's when the magic started to consume her body. Bridget lightly screamed out as could feel her body changing by the second. She watched as she suddenly morphed into her mermaid form!
"What!? I'm becoming a mermaid again!" Bridget said to herself as indeed her legs had morphed into a mermaid's tail. The rest of her Mew Mew outfit vanished, leaving her in nothing but her seashell bra. But there was one other small detail that started which had not happened to Bridget before. The chamber was getting a whole lot smaller.

Outside, on the beach, the Mew Mew girls were having a grand time playing either on the sand or out in the waves. Except for Renee, who was simply laying back on her chair getting a tan, everyone was happy to be having a great time. Suddenly, however, the girls looked to notice a small crowd that was staring out at the high cliff. Rocks were crumbling off the side and a low rumbling sound could be heard, though it was progressively getting louder.
"Hey! What's going on!?" Kikki shouted as she and the other Mew Mew girls gathered around.
"I don't know, it's like that cliff is going to come apart!" Corina said.
"Yeah, and a lot of water too!" Zoey shouted, pointing out the water that was leaking out from the sides. Finally, with an almost explosive force, the whole cliffside busted open as water from inside rained up into the sky and then down on the beach. When the water cleared out, nobody could really believe what they were seeing.

The mermaid form of Bridget, at 100 feet tall.

Bridget collapsed down onto the sands of the beach as she slowly sat up, which was the best she could do considering she was stuck in her mermaid form. She looked out in the distance and saw the many tiny people scattered all around the beachside, some of them running away from just the sight of a giant mermaid.
"What... what's happened? Everyone shrunk, including my friends!" Bridget said.
"No, young one... you are merely taller by a factor of twenty. I do apologize for the inconvenience, but this is necessary to begin the healing process for my soul." the female voice said from Bridget's head.
"Huh? How did you get inside my head?" Bridget said.
"Only for a little bit. Now I must rest my voice in order for my soul to fully heal. I leave you on your own." the voice said.
"Wait! What am I supposed to do at this height!?" Bridget shouted.
"Perhaps your friends will have some ideas..." the voice said as it faded away.

With the voice gone from her head, at least for the time being, Bridget the mermaid finally had to focus her attention on her own friends, who were the only ones that did not run away for safety. They seemed to be in a light kind of trance as they looked up at their gigantic friend. Bridget tried her best to break the silence.
"Um... hi, guys." Bridget said, waving down at her friends.
"Wow... look at Bridget, guys!" Zoey shouted.
"Yeah! She's totally a mermaid from top to bottom! A big one at that!" Kikki said.
"And she's beautiful..." Corina said as her eyes sparkled.
"I gotta agree. Just look at her tail glittering in the sun." Renee said. Bridget was almost surprised to hear her friends saying these things.
"Huh? What are you all saying? Shouldn't we be figuring out how I can get back to normal size?" Bridget asked.
"Heck no, girl! I think we should have some fun here! How often do you come across a gigantic mermaid like this?" Corina shouted.
"What!?" Bridget shouted, not believing what she was hearing.
"Come on, girls, let's dress up for the occasion! Power pendant! Mewtamorphosis!" Zoey shouted. Soon, the other four heroines transformed into their Mew Mew selves, and once they were all transformed, they all ran for Bridget's body. They first jumped onto her tail and then slowly climbed their way up to her skin, causing Bridget to slightly giggle from being tickled in this fashion. Kikki and Corina decided to stop their climb when they settled themselves into Bridget's seashell bra, while Zoey and Renee were standing on her right shoulder.

"Come on, Bridget, we should explore the entire Pacific Ocean!" Zoey said.
"What!? Aren't you guys even listening to what you're saying?" Bridget said.
"Yeah... I'm just getting this weird feeling all of a sudden." Corina said.
"You too, Corina!? I feel like I want to be around mermaids from this day forward!!!" Kikki shouted. Bridget then glanced down to the pearl necklace she had been wearing since growing and transforming.
"It must be this necklace that's toying with their minds." Bridget said. She tried to touch it, but she could feel some kind of magnetic force pushing her hands away.
"Ugh... I can't get it off! I probably never should've taken that necklace in the first place. But then again, I'm probably the only one that can free that girl's spirit." Bridget said to herself. She then felt Zoey tugging on one of her green hair strands, so she looked over at her shoulder.
"Hey, what are we waiting for!? We have an aquatic world to explore!" Zoey said. Bridget finally has to comply with her friends' wishes, even if it didn't seem they were their normal selves.
"Okay, okay... I guess I'll give you all a tour of the Pacific Ocean. Just be careful... the ocean is very deep!" Bridget said.
"Oh don't worry... I think we're in good hands with you!" Corina shouted from inside Bridget's seashell bra.
"Yeah, and that's what worries me." Bridget said. Finally, she crawled like a seal, feeling kinda embarrassed over that I might add, into the tiny waves of the ocean and began to swim out like a mermaid naturally would. Soon the views of the beach would be entirely replaced with nothing but the wide open ocean.

A few minutes had passed, and Bridget was continuing to swim through the Pacific Ocean. She did her best to keep the upper half of her body above the water considering she had her friends along for the ride. It certainly wasn't all fun and games navigating through the ocean, as a ski boat ended up slamming into her navel, poking her slightly. Luckily, Bridget was able to save these people by pulling the boat out and sending the people on their way for the shore, a place that Bridget was still wishing she could go back to in order to return to her normal self.

Making matters worse, the effects of the pearl were really showing on the other girls. It's like they've reverted to a state of childhood that causes them to get really excited when they're riding on something as exotic as a mermaid. The girls were doing things like climbing up and down through her hair, or in Kikki's case, climbing from her chest to her neck and shoulders.
"Girls, please! You shouldn't be doing this! You could fall off and maybe hurt yourself!" Bridget said, showing a face of worry for her friends.
"Oh don't worry, Bridget. We'll be just fine!" Zoey said.
"Yeah! It's so much fun going up and down a mermaid girl's body, if you think about it." Renee said.
"Hah! You think that's fun? Watch this!" Kikki shouted. Standing on Bridget's right shoulder, she got off to a running start and then started cartwheeling her way across the shoulder. Unfortunately, she was cartwheeling so fast, she didn't see Bridget's neck coming up and she rammed herself against it. Kikki teetered off to the right side and fell down behind Bridget's back. The girls just watched as Kikki fell down and screamed for her life before landing in the ocean. Kikki scrambled to stay afloat as she was also not a great swimmer, even in her Mew Mew form.

"Uh oh... Mew Mew overboard!" Zoey shouted. Bridget did a quick turnaround and looked right down at her stomach and could see Kikki flailing her arms like crazy.
"Bridget! Help!!! Kikki can't swim!!!" Kikki shouted. Fortunately, as big as Bridget was, this was an easy rescue for her as she put her right hand under the water and scooped up and handful of water with Kikki in it. As the water fell back down to the ocean surface, Bridget was looking down at Kikki with a solemn look on her face, obviously hoping that her friend was okay.
"Kikki? My gosh... are you alright?" Bridget said. Kikki was coughing for air before speaking out in her usual upbeat tone.
"Sure! Nothing I can't handle, you know!" Kikki said.
"Well, I'm sure... but please, you must be careful! The ocean isn't exactly a place to play around in if you can't swim!" Bridget said.
"Okay... I'll be careful! I promise!" Kikki said. Bridget nodded and smiled, seemingly trusting Kikki that she won't do something like she did again. In fact, looking at Kikki for another second or two, Bridget got an idea that would keep all the girls safe. So she reached up to her shoulder and then inside her seashell bra and was now holding all four of her friends in her hand.
"Listen everyone. I really think you should be kept in a safer place than out here. I wouldn't want anyone else to fall into the ocean." Bridget said.
"Okay, but where?" Zoey asked. Bridget looked all over her own body trying to think of a reasonable place. Renee then came up with the idea of a lifetime.
"I say inside her mouth." Renee said.
"What!?" Bridget said.
"Oh yes! It'd be so much fun to stay inside her mouth!" Kikki shouted.
"I don't know... I'm afraid I might swallow you like I did accidentally with a group of fish back when I left the shore." Bridget said.
"Oh come on, Bridget. If I know you, you'll be extra super careful with us!" Zoey said.
"Well, it's not exactly conventional, but all right. Just promise me you won't be reckless inside! I would hate to do a horrible thing like swallow all of you!" Bridget said. She then opened up her mouth and stuck out her tongue before dropping all the girls on it. Then, just as quickly, she brought her tongue back into her mouth and then closed it completely.

It was almost pitch black inside Bridget's mouth, but that was until Corina activated one of her heart arrows that lit up the area. The girls just looked around at all the saliva that was dripping down towards the tongue, which was very slippery since Kikki just fell flat on her back when she tried to walk around. Of course, there was also Bridget's huge teeth to consider as well, so the girls made it a conscious effort to stay on their friend's tongue.
"Wow... for some reason I feel quite fascinated with being inside the big mermaid's mouth!" Corina said.
"Yeah, I actually agree with you. Though this is a feeling I just cannot feel naturally." Zoey said.
"Oh, who cares? This has to be one of the ten most liberating experiences of my life." Renee said.
"What were the other nine?" Zoey asked.
"Well, one of them was turning down the role of The Littlest Mermaid." Renee said.
"Hey everyone, look at this thing back here!" Kikki shouted. Kikki was walking towards the very back of Bridget's mouth, coming dangerously close to falling into her stomach. It turned out Kikki was looking up at the uvula.
"That's the uvula... everyone knows that." Renee said.
"Yeah I know, but I know something we can do for fun!" Kikki shouted. She then jumped up and gave the uvula a good punch! Kikki watched as it wobbled back and forth before settling back down. The other girls, except for Corina, looked on nervously.
"I don't know, Kikki, I know we want to have fun, but with that thing?" Zoey asked.
"Oh who cares! Last one to it is a rotten eggplant!" Corina said as she joined Kikki in batting the uvula in every direction possible. Zoey eventually joined in the fun, but Renee took the games one step further by actually leaping onto the uvula and latching onto it like a jungle vine.
"Wheeeee! I haven't had this much fun since my child acting days!" Renee said.
"Hey, let me jump on too!" Zoey shouted as she grabbed a hold of the uvula next.

And this is when Bridget almost felt the need to throw up. She started coughing, and finally she let out a very loud burst before tilting her head downward and causing the girls to fall out of her mouth. Luckily, the saliva-drenched girls all landed in Bridget's right hand. As Bridget raised her hand up to her eye level, she did not have a pleasant look on her face.
"WHAT ARE YOU ALL THINKING!?!?! I could've swallowed you with you all playing around like that!!!" Bridget shouted, breaking from her traditionally shy nature. Zoey, being Bridget's best friend, was the first to apologize.
"Gee... we're sorry, Bridget. We don't know what came over us. I kept getting tempted to fool around inside that mouth by this weird power." Zoey said.
"Well, until I can find out what's causing this necklace to warp your minds, can you please promise me to the bitter end that you'll be more careful from now on!? I just care so much for all of you... I..." Bridget said. Finally, she started to cry a little, showing how compassionate she felt for her tiny friends. In fact, she held them against her chest, pressing them between the walls of flesh.
"Ouch! Bridget can really hug, that's for sure!!!" Kikki shouted.
"Please... forgive me. I did not mean to burst out like that. You all mean so much to me." Bridget said.
"We understand, Bridget. We'll do our best to fight these urges." Corina said.
"I agree. Besides, swinging around an uvula is scarier than I normally thought." Renee said.

Finally, Bridget decided the only place that was safe enough to keep her friends was on top of her head as she dumped them into her green hair. All the girls quickly poked their heads out and simply watched from here on out as Bridget continued her trip around the Pacific Ocean.
When she looked back down against her stomach to admire the waters, she noticed a deluxe cruise ship sailing by, with a lot of people either looking up at the giantess or on the other side of the ship looking down... at a group of kids that were swimming for their lives. Bridget happened to notice a lady screaming the living daylights out of herself.
"Please!!! Someone save my children!!!" the lady shouted. Bridget glanced over to the other side of the ship and indeed could see about three kids that were struggling to stay afloat (even with a lift raft). That wasn't the worst part, however, as the giantess mermaid looked to see the kids being surrounded by sharks!
"Never fear, lady! I'll save them!" Bridget said. She then quickly dunked her head underwater and swam underneath the ship. The other Mew Mew girls were simply holding onto her hair and holding their breath as Bridget was swimming underneath the waves. First things first, and that was to stop the sharks from circling around the children. While she was thinking of a plan, she looked over to the side and noticed two dolphins swimming by.
"Maybe I can get those dolphins to break those sharks away from the kids. If I use my powers correctly..." Bridget said to herself. She began to concentrate, and suddenly, she was sending out a sonar signal. The dolphins quickly responded, and they swam without fear over to the giant mermaid.
"Oh, thank goodness." Bridget said. And now to issue their commands... so Bridget concentrated again, translating her message to the twin dolphins into sonar, a form they can understand well.
"Please, my friends, seperate those angry sharks from the children." Bridget said. The dolphins nodded and they charged towards the sharks. The plan worked beautifully as the pack was indeed broken up. She swam as close to the kids as she could before rising up above the water.

The three children watched as Bridget's head and then the upper half of her body emerged from the water, almost directly in front of them. Bridget easily scooped up the few sharks that were unable to escape and she held them up to her face.
"You little guppies should know better than to pick on little children!" Bridget said before she flat out tossed them out into the distance. Then she put a hand underneath the floating children before raising it and dropping them back onto the cruise ship, right next to their mother.
"Oh, thank you! Thank you, miss giant girl!" she said.
"It was my pleasure." Bridget said. She raised her tail slightly out of the water as a way of saying thanks. The children (all three of them girls) certainly took notice of this.
"Wow... it's a real mermaid!" one girl, the youngest of the bunch, said.
"I thought they only existed in fairy tales!" another girl said.
"Yeah! Totally awesome..." another said who was scanning Bridget's body from top to bottom. Bridget then proceeded to give the entire cruise ship a light push from the backside.
"Well, I'm glad you're all okay, but I think it's time all of you sailed off to wherever it is you're going!" Bridget said. The ship soon was back at full speed as it sailed off into the distance.
"Bye bye, big mermaid!" The youngest girl said as she waved up at Bridget. Bridget just waved back and smiled at the girl. At the same time, the dolphins jumped up from under the water, flapping their tails happily at the giantess. Once again, Bridget communicated with sonar.
"Thank you, my friends! I will never forget you... you may return to wherever it is you live." Bridget said. And with that, the two dolphins left the scene.

Finally, with the ship and the twin dolphins gone, Bridget decided to check on her friends again. She reached up into her hair and pulled out her water-soaked friends, holding them as gently as possible in her right hand. She had just realized that they went underwater with her when she dove under the ship to save the girls from the sharks.
"Oops... is everyone okay!? I didn't mean to soak you like that." Bridget said.
"Oh, don't worry about us. Who doesn't enjoy getting as wet as you do?" Renee said.
"Yes, that's for sure! Even I didn't mind getting wet watching you save those children like that!" Zoey said. Corina was gonna comment, but she looked behind Bridget and to her right.
"Hey, look over there!" Corina shouted. Bridget turned around and looked to see what Corina had seen. The water was bubbling up quite feverishly.
"Something must be rising from the bottom of the ocean!" Bridget said. Then, to everyone's astonishment, a giant squid emerged from the water and floated on the surface, looking almost eye-to-eye with the mermaid, although that was only because Bridget had just her upper half above the water. Her full 100-foot-tall height would definitely scare off the 60-foot-tall creature had she been near a long stretch of land.
"It's a giant squid!" Bridget shouted. The other Mew Mew girls gasped in fear.
"My goodness! What's a giant creature like that doing in the middle of the ocean!?" Zoey shouted.
"It must be a parasite! I've never seen a squid that big!" Corina said.
"Darn! And just when it looked like we'd have an off day!" Kikki shouted. The squid didn't waste anytime firing off an attack, as it spit out a ball of ink that headed straight for her.
"Yikes!" Bridget shouted as she quickly stuffed all her friends in her seashell bra and ducked underwater, avoiding the blot just in time. Bridget swam to the right before resurfacing again, but had to duck again when the squid fired another ink blot.
"He's too fast, I have to slow him down somehow!" Bridget shouted. The squid's next attack came in the form of a venom spray. Bridget swam to the right, but was hit on the right side of her stomach. She shouted out in pain, but the venom actually washed off when she dipped her stomach back underwater.

As she was swimming underwater, she suddenly realized... if the tentacles of the squid were as sensitive as she thought, perhaps she could gain an advantage. She swam over to the tentacles and gave them a good pull... but there lies the problem, the tentacles were actually quite strong, and the squid could apparently feel them being pulled as well, so Bridget soon found herself being wrapped up by the creature's eight arms. The squid simply lifted Bridget out from underwater and hurled her into the air. When she landed, it created a huge splash that could've flooded an entire village were she near one!
Bridget was a little dizzy from the unplanned flight, but she recovered and looked down in her bra, where the other Mew Mew girls were trying to get their bearings straight.
"Oh my gosh... are you girls okay!?" Bridget shouted.
"Whew... we're fine. Nothing like being stuck inside a seashell to keep us from flying!" Zoey said.
"Look, Bridget! Look, Bridget! Over to your left!!!" Kikki shouted. Bridget looked over and saw a group of large rocks.
"They're just rocks." Bridget said.
"Wait, I get it! You can use those rocks to elevate yourself! Fight back using that mighty mermaid tail of yours!" Renee shouted.
"Yeah, then you can show that super-sized squid who is boss!" Corina said.
"You're right... I'll give it my all!" Bridget said, sounding more determined than ever.
"You better do it fast, because here comes that squid fast!" Zoey shouted. Indeed, the squid was charging hard for the giant mermaid, like it wanted to ram her out of the ocean. So Bridget quickly hopped onto these rocks, and waited for just the right moment...
"Hey, squid face! Here's water in your eye!" Bridget shouted. She splashed her tail hard into the ocean, causing water to fly forward fast. A ton of water soon made its way to the squid, and it was quickly blinded from all that water suddenly hitting its face, especially because it was floating above the water for quite a bit of time. Bridget quickly saw this as her opportunity, slapping the squid's face numerous times with her tail.
"Now, Zoey!" Bridget said. She opened up her right hand and allowed Zoey to jump down onto it. That's when she pulled out her Rose Bell and fired off her parasite-finishing attack.
"Rose Bell! Full power!!!" Zoey shouted. The energy came flying out of her weapon and wrapped itself around the squid, shrinking it back to its diminutive size and ripping the parasite right out of its body.

As all the girls watched the parasite fly away (Mini Mew was not around to catch it this time), Bridget had to squint a little to see the now tiny squid floating around on the surface of the ocean, as did the other girls who were back to standing on Bridget's shoulder.
"Well, that settles that, I guess." Bridget said.
"You did great, Bridget! You've got tough fighting skills underneath that beautiful mermaid exterior!" Zoey shouted.
"I guess we'll be having calamari tonight." Renee said with a smile. Kikki was gonna comment, but she looked at the pearl necklace around Bridget's neck. It was starting to glow brightly.

"Hey, Bridget! Your necklace!" Kikki shouted. Bridget looked down and noticed the bright glow as well. Suddenly, a bright white light burst out from the necklace and was shooting straight forward for several yards before the light finally stopped. It seemed to be forming an object of some kind as the light grew bigger and bigger. A beautiful female's singing voice started to accompany the light as well, and Bridget immediately recognized it.
"That voice..." Bridget said. She and the girls from Bridget's hand all watched as finally the light started to take shape in the form of a young woman (who looked to be in her early 20s) wearing a light blue colored nightgown. She had long red hair and was barefoot. In fact, she was acting like a true goddess in that she was standing right on the water like it were solid ground. Finally she stopped singing and looked down at Bridget. From Bridget's eyes, this lady certainly appeared much bigger given the fact she was standing right on the water, but they were both the same height of 100 feet tall.
"Bridget... I thank you so much! Now my soul can finally rest in peace." the woman said. As soon as Bridget heard her voice, she instantly recognized who she was.
"You! You're the spirit of this pearl necklace!" Bridget said.
"Yes, I am, but you may call me Ariel." Ariel said. Bridget's eyes lifted up as she finally remembered the story of this lady who had just identified herself as Ariel.
"Wait a minute... now I remember! I read a book about this once while researching on underwater life a couple years ago. There was this story that went exactly the way you told me of how you used to be a mermaid and then became a human because you were in love with one. But the human man soon had to sacrifice himself to save the girl and their only daughter from the nasty sea witch. Although the sea witch was defeated, the girl and her daughter both no longer had any reason to live without their love, so they gave up their souls to the gods hoping that someday someone could finally give them the power to rest in peace." Bridget said.
"Yes, my child... I mean, Bridget. My daughter has already been cured, and now thanks to your acts of kindness, especially to those children you saved from a shark attack, I can finally move on with my life." Ariel said.
"Really? So it was you that was affecting our minds?" Zoey said.
"Not to mention make Bridget the way she is now?" Corina said. Ariel nodded her head.
"Yes... please forgive me. Those were side effects of the pearl necklace that simply could not be avoided. But now that she has used the power for a rightful purpose, she no longer has to carry that. The necklace will come with me to the afterlife, where I can live a new life in peace and happiness." Ariel said.
"Oh... that's so nice. I'm glad things could work out that way." Bridget said with a smile.
"Me too. Now it is time I set everything back to normal." Ariel said.

She then waved her hands around in the air, and the events that happened next all occurred very quickly. First, of course, the pearl necklace around Bridget's neck vanished into thin air, and once that happened, waves of change began to occur around Bridget's body. The mermaid body vanished and she was reverted back into her Mew Mew self. Then she started to shrink back to her normal size. Obviously, she could no longer hold onto all of her friends as quickly as she was shrinking, so the girls jumped into the water. Corina and Renee all made sure to help Bridget stay afloat since she was back to her Mew Mew self and therefore lost her ability to swim well.

Ariel's body started to glitter and then fade out, a clear sign that it was time for her to leave this world once and for all.
"Goodbye everyone! I will always remember all of you, especially you, Bridget!" Ariel said, waving down at the five Mew Mew girls before she vanished completely in a shower of white sparkling lights that flew up for the skies. The girls were silent for a short while as they were allowing what they had just witnessed to sink into their minds, but normal-sized Bridget finally broke the silence.
"Wow... I feel so honored to have met Ariel." Bridget said.
"I'm just glad her story could turn out to be a happy ending." Zoey said.
"And the fact that I feel normal once again! I don't think I'll ever be jumping off a mermaid's tail again!" Kikki shouted.
"Well, this is all fine and dandy. But I have just one question... how are we going to get back to shore?" Renee said, pointing out that she and the other girls were still floating out probably in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Nobody seemed to have any ideas until Corina had one.
"Hey, I have an idea! Bridget, you can still change into a mermaid without that pearl necklace, right?" Corina asked.
"Yeah, it's part of my Mew Mew instincts, after all." Bridget said.
"Well, what if we..." Corina said as she gathered the girls together and whispered her plan to them.

Several minutes later, Bridget was indeed back in her mermaid form (minus of course the 100 feet in height), and a rope was tied around her waist while she was swimming her way back to the shore she and the other girls originally departed. Attached to the rope was a wooden raft that was just barely big enough to hold the other four Mew Mew girls.
"Ugh... this is silly, girls! Couldn't we have just rented a boat or something?" Bridget said.
"Come on, what are you talking about!? Mermaid power is just too cool!!!" Kikki shouted.
"Yeah, and besides... that fisherman was just too freaked out when he saw you as a mermaid, he couldn't help but leave his raft behind!" Corina said.
"It's kinda too bad you couldn't stay big, Bridget. You would've looked pretty cool!" Zoey said.
"Oh please... none of you would get off my tail at that size. I truly believe this is for the best." Bridget said. The girls just laughed when they noticed Bridget having a sense of humor for a change.

Eventually the girls would all get back to shore and head home after their wildest adventure ever, and on their day off too.