Ichigo's Big Lunch Date

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by DrDark7)

Ichigo casually walked down the streets as she made her way for home once again. Her walk takes her over the bridge, where once again she stops to gaze out at the ocean view.
"(sigh) Masaya… I hope you're doing alright." Ichigo said as she thought about her boyfriend, Masaya. He was still in England studying. She actually stayed with him for a short time, but had to return to Tokyo when a new evil threat known as the Saint Rose Crusaders showed up and took Deep Blue's place to cause trouble. Her powers were restored, and with the help of the other Mew Mews (Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, Zakuro, and their newest member, Berry), they've been successful so far.
Still, she feels empty without her boyfriend to share her triumphs with. She felt like the girl of her favorite manga who was doing all these awesome things, but didn't have a significant other to share her stories with, and so being happy would prove to be a challenge.
"It's not all bad. I have my friends still." Ichigo said.
"Don't forget your distant friends." a male voice said behind Ichigo.
The young girl turned around and saw a familiar face standing right behind her and smiling. He was standing so close, she had to jump back. That's when Ichigo realized she was looking right at Kish.
"Ack!" Ichigo said.
"Hahaha! I still love when you jump like that." Kish said.
"Oh… h-h-hi, Kish! Wow… it's been… what, how long?" Ichigo asked.
"A few months, last time I counted." Kish said. After Deep Blue was defeated, the three aliens that served under him (Kish, Tart, and Pie) all retreated back to their home world. While Kish was deeply in love with Ichigo, he eventually backed off knowing she was destined to be in love with Masaya, although the two promised each other to be good friends for the rest of their lives.
"I see you've got quite the long face again." Kish said.
"Huh? How do you know about that?" Ichigo said.
"I'm an alien. I can hide wherever I want, remember?" Kish said.
"Right, right. I keep forgetting." Ichigo said. Kish then walked up to Ichigo and put a hand on her shoulder.
"You know, I could go for some lunch. I've always wanted to try Earth food." Kish said.
"Huh? Really?" Ichigo said.
"Sure. Enlighten me, why don't you?" Kish asked.
"Okay, deal. I know a good place aside from Café Mew Mew." Ichigo said.
"Why not just go to Café Mew Mew?" Kish asked.
"Well… it'd probably be brutal if Ryou spotted you." Ichigo said as she winked an eye.
"Hmmm… a valid point." Kish said. The two held hands, which made Ichigo blush a bit, as they walked down the street.
Eventually the two found a nice bistro where they could sit outdoors. Kish took a bite out of the sandwich he was holding.
"Mmmm… this tastes very nice. Thanks for recommending this!" Kish said.
"You're welcome! I hope you really mean that and aren't trying to feel guilty for how much I spent on this meal!" Ichigo said.
"Oh… well… of course I mean it!" Kish said with a blush on his face. Ichigo giggled as she took a sip of tea from her cup.
"You know… seeing you blush reminds me of this dream I once had." Ichigo said.
"Oh?" Kish said.
"Yeah, it's kinda weird, so try not to laugh. This was back when you were the enemy. You were chasing me around the park, when finally Musha says I should use the Mouse Energy Wave. The next thing I know, you're at my feet at only three inches tall, looking up at me like I'm Catzilla!" Ichigo said. Kish was sipping away at his own cup of tea, but suddenly put the cup down after hearing Ichigo out.
"You don't say?" Kish said.
"Then I'm taking you home… my parents are nowhere to be found and I'm still transformed in my Mew Mew form. I'm chasing you all over the house like you're a little mouse, and then I finally catch you and…" Ichigo said, only to be interrupted by Kish.
"Eat me alive." Kish finished. Ichigo lightly gasped.
"Y-y-y-yes! How did you know?" Ichigo said.
"I had the same dream... or maybe it's nightmare in my case." Kish said.
"What!?" Ichigo shouted.
"Yeah, I know… what you just described… it's almost exactly what I dreamed about." Kish said.
"Creeeeeeeeeepy…" Ichigo said as she nervously took a bite out of her sandwich.
"I concur. Maybe it's fate, or destiny." Kish said.
"Yeah, or maybe just coincidence. I mean… you DID think about me almost all the time." Ichigo said.
"Guilty as charged." Kish said as he and Ichigo shared a quick laugh together.
A couple minutes later, when the two are just about to finish their meals at the same time, a monster suddenly appears, charging for the two from a few yards away.
"Look out!" Kish said as he grabbed Ichigo and made a high leap away from the table just as the monster knocked it over. As Ichigo and Kish landed back on the ground, and everyone else at the bistro ran for their lives, the rat monster growled at the two. Kish had a stunned look on his face as he recognized the monster he was looking at.
"Chimera Rat!? But that's impossible!" Kish shouted. The two then heard another monster-like roar. They looked to see another familiar sight.
"Huh!? I remember that monster!" Ichigo shouted.
"Chimera Elephant!?" Kish said, not believing another of his Chimera Animas were suddenly brought back to life. Eventually, the two watched as they got surrounded by three more monsters… Chimera Cheetah, Chimera Crow, and Chimera Crab.
"What's going on!? Why are these monsters suddenly back?" Ichigo asked.
"I promise it's not because of me! I remember seeing their parasites get eaten…" Kish said. The two were then interrupted by a male laughter. Ichigo looked between two of the monsters and saw a tuxedo-wearing young man, whom she immediately recognized and snarled at.
"Royal Highness! I should've known!" Ichigo said.
"Ichigo Momomiya, how nice to see you again. Do you like some of your old friends that I've brought back to life?" Royal Highness said.
"How did you do it!?" Ichigo said.
"Oh, relax and try not to get too worked up. They are merely illusions I have created from studying your past battles. The original subjects have not been touched, I assure you. But make no mistake… they may be illusions, but…" Royal Highness said as he snapped his fingers. Chimera Cheetah took a riff at its piano guitar, sending deadly musical notes at the two, which they jumped out of the way of.
"…It can sure hurt if they manage to attack you." Royal Highness said.
"Arrrrgh! How dare you lay a finger on Ichigo!? If you're going to attack someone, it should be me!" Kish said.
"Kish, what are you doing?" Ichigo asked.
"That's very noble of you, Kish. Too bad it cost you and that fool Deep Blue a chance at changing the world. Rest assured we, the Saint Rose Crusaders, won't be making the same mistake." Royal Highness said as he tipped his hat towards the two.
"You won’t get away with this, Royal Highness! Mew Mew Strawberry… Metamorphose!" Ichigo said as she transformed into her Mew Mew self.
"Now, my monster friends, attack!" Royal Highness shouted as the five monsters came charging towards Ichigo and Kish.
The two put up a good fight against the monsters, with both using their respective powers as best as they could. The battling between the two and the monsters had lasted a few minutes, but finally fatigue was starting to settle in on Ichigo.
"Can't… hold on… any longer…" Ichigo said as she took deep breaths and clutched her knees, but then she looked up and saw Chimera Elephant charging at her. She tried to jump out of the way, but was hit head on and went flying back a few yards.
"OW!" Ichigo said as she landed hard on her behind.
"Oh no! Ichigo!" Kish shouted as he ran over to Ichigo's side and kneeled down, "Ichigo, are you alright?"
"Yeah… for now, but we're getting nowhere. We're going to need help!" Ichigo said as she reached down for her pendant. She touched it lightly, activating the communication part of the device.
"Mew Mews! I need your help! I'm under attack outside the corner bistro by some Chimera Animas! Hurry!" Ichigo said.
"We're on our way, Ichigo!" Lettuce's voice said through the pendant.
Kish looked over Ichigo in the meantime… he was worried the other Mew Mews weren't going to make it in time to help them. So he decided to give Ichigo a big edge… literally as she would soon learn.
"Ichigo, I can help you out. I want you to swallow this." Kish said as he pulled out a parasite. It looked like the ones he had used to transform the Chimera Animas back when he, Tart, Pie, and Deep Blue were fighting the Mew Mews, but it didn't glow as brightly and was a quarter of the usual size of the parasites. Ichigo, naturally, had a concerned look on its face.
"(gulp) Are… are you sure about this? I don't wanna transform into a nine-tailed fox or something like that!" Ichigo said.
"Don't worry about that, Ichigo. It's a special kind of parasite I was experimenting on until Deep Blue was defeated. It won't transform you into anything, but you'll definitely get a power boost." Kish said.
"What kind of power boost?" Ichigo asked.
"There's no time to explain. Please just take it!" Kish said. Ichigo still looked nervous. In fact, she inched away from both Kish and the mini parasite.
"Ichigo… trust me." Kish said as he looked squarely in Ichigo's eyes. Ichigo gazed into his yellow eyes for a few seconds. Once again, they told her he was serious and that he meant no harm to her.
"Okay!" Ichigo said as she opened her mouth wide and allowed Kish to drop the parasite inside.
After Ichigo swallowed the parasite with an audible gulp (and a cringe on her face), she got back on her feet as she prepared to defend herself and Kish against the monsters. A few seconds later, Ichigo's entire body (and Mew Mew outfit) glowed a bright white briefly.
"Oh… I feel strange." Ichigo said as she rubbed her tingling skin.
"It's working, Ichigo!" Kish shouted as he backed away, watching the young girl grow bigger and bigger.
"Huh? Oh my!" Ichigo said as she watched the ground rapidly fade away from her, and also the monsters and Kish himself were getting smaller. Bigger and bigger the Mew Mew girl grew.
The growth finally stopped after about a minute. Ichigo now stood at 164 feet tall.
"I'm a giantess! Wow!" Ichigo said as she looked around the ground, admiring how small everything looked. Kish floated up in the air and landed on Ichigo's right shoulder.
"So, Ichigo, what do you think of my parasite?" Kish said.
"I… I like it. Thanks, Kish." Ichigo said.
"I wouldn't dilly dally, though. The effect will wear off after several minutes, then you'll shrink back to normal size." Kish said.
"Oh, okay. So we better eliminate these monsters fast." Ichigo said. Royal Highness, meanwhile, had a rare moment where he was stunned and couldn't believe what he was seeing.
"What… what sort of sorcery is this!?" Royal Highness said. Kish heard those words and smiled as he looked down at him.
"Haha! You'd be surprised what us aliens can do." Kish said.
"He's right. Meanwhile… mmmmmmm… you look like a tasty treat. I hope you'll taste like sardines!" Ichigo said as she took a couple steps forward and kneeled down to grab Royal Highness. Of course, the villain wasn't going to be taken so easily.
"Grrrr… I shall return!" Royal Highness said as he teleported out of the area, just as Ichigo slammed her gloved hand on the ground. She shook her fist in frustration after realizing she grabbed nothing but air.
"Darn it! He got away! Why do these villains always have to teleport away just as they're beat!?" Ichigo shouted. Kish couldn't help but giggle at that remark, but reminded the giantess about the five monsters as they scattered in different directions.
"Never mind him. The monsters are running for their lives!" Kish said.
"Haha! They won't get far thanks to my new size! I'll catch them and then gobble them up like a blue ghost!" Ichigo said as she chased after the first of the monsters as it ran deeper into the city of Tokyo.
"A blue ghost?" Kish said. Ichigo then quickly realizied that Kish had never heard of Pac-Man.
"Oh… sorry. I'll tell you all about it later." Ichigo said.
From a few blocks away, the other Mew Mews were racing through the crowded streets as they tried to come to Ichigo's rescue.
"I can't believe the Chimera Animas have come back! I thought the aliens had declared peace on planet Earth!" Mint said.
"Maybe there's more to this story than we think! We gotta get to Ichigo and fast!" Lettuce said.
"Eek! What's that!?" Berry shouted as she stopped and pointed above one of the buildings. The other Mew Mews got their first look at the enlarged Ichigo.
"Ichigo? WOW! She's really grown up!!!" Pudding shouted.
"Chimera Animas return and Ichigo is a giantess. This day just gets weirder and weirder." Zakuro said.
"Kinda like the last movie you were in?" Berry jokingly commented.
"Okay now, don't judge." Zakuro said.
"Well, we're not going to find out anything just by standing here! Let's catch up to her!" Lettuce said as she and the other Mew Mews got back to running.
Meanwhile, Ichigo slowly stomped behind the Chimera Rat, catching up easily to it thanks to being so big. It also helped that this section of Tokyo didn't have a lot of people or vehicles around (the few that were there of course looked up in awe over how big Ichigo had grown or had to dive out of the way to keep from being stepped on), allowing Ichigo to safely pass through. As the monster ran in fear, Kish made a couple observations.
"Ichigo, look at the monster running in fear. I would never make a monster like that. They would fight no matter what the odds are." Kish said up towards Ichigo's gigantic right cat ear.
"Yeah, I can believe that. That would definitely make them illusionary creations of Royal Highness." Ichigo said.
"Also… I think you look very beautiful at this size." Kish said.
"Well, thank you! Maybe I'll give you the biggest kiss ever when this is done." Ichigo said as she playfully tapped Kish on his head with one of her fingers. Ichigo then focused her sights on Chimera Rat. She took a big step forward and planted her dark pink boot into the road, preventing the monster from running any further. The monster looked up in genuine fear as the giant Ichigo reached down and wrapped one of her gloved hands around the monster.
"Teehee! You put up a good chase, little rat, but now it's time I made you part of my lunch!" Ichigo said as she licked her lips together, "And you know how cats feels about rodents."
Ichigo opened her mouth and dropped the rat inside, gulping it down her throat easily. As she rubbed her belly, she looked out in the distance at more of the city.
"Well, one down and four to go." Ichigo said.
"I can sense the next monster nearby. Take a right at the next intersecton." Kish said from Ichigo's shoulder.
"Oh? You can sense where they are?" Ichigo asked.
"Well… even though they're illusions, I can still feel their every movements as if they were my own creations." Kish said.
"Cool! You can be my guide then." Ichigo said.
"I wouldn't have it any other way." Kish said with a light blush.
Ichigo turned to the right and entered the next city block, admiring the many buildings she towered alongside.
"I like being a giantess! You get to see city buildings from a different perspective." Ichigo commented.
"Yes, but there are still a few buildings bigger than you." Kish said as he pointed to a taller building nearby. Ichigo looked up at the taller structure.
"Heehee… you're right, but that's okay! I could really cause damage to this city if I were too big." Ichigo said. Kish then looked ahead several yards.
"Look! There's Chimera Elephant!" Kish said.
"Oh! You're right! I got you, you little peanut chomper!" Ichigo said as she stomped her way towards the monster. It looked back and saw Ichigo's huge dark pink boots fast approaching, but its weight and size meant it could not move very fast. Ichigo easily caught up to the monster and picked it up, once again licking her lips as she held it up to her face.
"Teehee! Being an elephant-type monster, you should be a more hearty and satisfying snack!" Ichigo said as she dropped the creature onto her tongue. But rather than swallow it immediately, she instead toyed around with the monster by shifting her tongue around, throwing the monster against her teeth and covering it in saliva.
"Mmmm… it's like chewing a piece of gum!" Ichigo said. Then, when Ichigo decided to take a bite out of Chimera Elephant by bringing her teeth up and down on the monster, she suddenly felt it disintegrate. She spat out the gray dust as it floated away into the distance.
"Yuck! Monster dust, on the other hand, tastes awful!" Ichigo said.
"What happened?" Kish asked.
"I must've chomped too hard on the monster and it disintegrated." Ichigo said.
"I see. I guess Chimera Rat will fall apart like that inside your stomach." Kish said.
"Yeah, probably. But hey… it's still fun to eat these monsters!" Ichigo said.
Just then, the pink-haired giantess felt something bump against her head.
"Ow! What was that!?" Ichigo said.
"Oh, look! It's Chimera Crow!" Kish said. Chimera Crow circled around the giant Ichigo's head, which threw her off at first as she covered her face.
"Eeeeek! Stop flying around me like that!" Ichigo said as she made a few blind swats at the monster, hitting nothing but air.
"Come on, Ichigo! You can do it!" Kish said. Those words of encouragement were enough to fill the giantess with confidence once more.
"You're right, Kish! I can do it! I'm a giantess!" Ichigo said. She took a deep breath and focused, watching as Chimera Crow came in for another attack. This time, Ichigo was ready and she took a cat-like swing at the monster.
"Nya!" Ichigo meowed as she swung her hand. It hit the crow square on and, like a jet fighter out of control, it spiraled its way to the ground. Eventually it landed there and was clearly in too much pain to get back in the air, giving Ichigo the perfect opportunity to strike.
"Now then, stupid fake evil crow… you go squish now!" Ichigo said as she raised one of her boots and lowered it down onto the ground where Chimera Crow laid, slamming it with full force that shook the area around her and cracked the road. She lifted up her boot after a few seconds and saw nothing but gray dust, and of course a bootprint where the giantess stomped.
"Oh, you didn't want to eat Chimera Crow?" Kish asked.
"Well, yeah, but at the same time, I just had to step on something while I was this big!" Ichigo said.
"Good point. Isn't it law number one for a giant girl on this planet to step on something?" Kish said.
"Hahaha! Very funny." Ichigo said, once again playfully tapping Kish on the head, which he rather enjoyed judging by the smile on his face.
"We should head for the shoreline next. Chimera Crab has probably retreated there." Kish said.
"Right." Ichigo nodded as she walked away from the city block and followed the roads that she knew would lead her to the beach.
Along the way, though, Ichigo would have to be much more careful as the streets were populated with more people and vehicles than before.
"Excuse me! Pardon me!” Ichigo said as she tiptoed her way through the road, making sure to avoid crushing anyone or anything in her path. It seemed she would be able to make it through without a scratch of any kind to the scenery… but then her tail clipped one of the upper corners of a building. Ichigo gasped as she sharply turned around and watched the debris fall to the ground, with a few people running out of the way.
“Oops! Sorry…” Ichigo said. Kish, meanwhile, looked behind Ichigo and saw Chimera Crab running towards the shoreline.
"Ichigo, quick! Chimera Crab is about to hit the water!" Kish said. Ichigo marched her way towards the crab monster, but stopped as it set foot into the water.
"Darn! It's too late! If only Lettuce were as big as me. She'd walk right into the water with no sweat!" Ichigo said.
"Not to worry, Ichigo. I'll reel it in… literally!" Kish said. Using his magic, naturally being an extraterrestrial, he made an imaginary fishing rod and cast it down towards the crab. He caught the monster with no trouble and reeled him up Ichigo's body.
"Wow! Nice catch! I didn't know you were good at fishing." Ichigo said.
"Yeah, well, that's what happens when you spy on Earthlings on your free time." Kish said with a wink of one of his eyes. Once the crab dangled above Ichigo's head and the giantess tilted her head back and opened her mouth, Kish made the fishing rod disappear, leaving Chimera Crab to fall straight down her throat and into her stomach. Kish could even see the lump that was Chimera Crab go down Ichigo's neck. The giantess patted her stomach area immediately afterward.
"Mmmmmm… that felt satisfying!" Ichigo said.
"Well, there's just one more illusionary Chimera Anima left." Kish said.
"Right! Do you know where it is?" Ichigo asked.
"Not yet. It's probably too far away for me to detect right now. You should take a walk around and hope we get lucky." Kish said.
"Okay, whatever you say." Ichigo said as she walked away from the beach and back into the heart of the city.
The giant Ichigo, with Kish still riding her shoulder, scanned the city for a few minutes now but haven't found Chimera Cheetah yet.
"(sigh) I'm so big, and yet there is still so much city we have to search." Ichigo said.
"We can't give up, Ichigo. You can do it!" Kish said.
"I know, Kish…" Ichigo said as she clutched her hands close to her chest. But then her cat ears perked up as she picked up a familiar yell.
"Piannnnnoooooooo!!!" Chimera Cheetah shouted. At the same time, a group of people went running away and past Ichigo's dark pink boots. Ichigo looked around the building and spotted the monster.
"Oh! There she is!" Ichigo shouted, watching as the monster was chasing people out of the area.
"Looks like it's putting up a fight, unlike the other monsters." Kish said.
"Well, that's because it hasn't faced me yet!" Ichigo said as she stepped out from behind the building and approached Chimera Cheetah. The monster stopped playing and looked up as Ichigo loomed over her.
"You've had it, Chimera Cheetah! I won't show mercy on you since you're just an illusion and not the lovely Mary McGuire transformed. I'll give you a taste of cat spirit! Nya!" Ichigo said as she went into her familiar pose. But Chimera Cheetah went speeding out of the area before Ichigo could make her next move.
"Hey, come back here!" Ichigo shouted as she went walking fast after the monster. This time, her walking speed was enough to cause Kish to almost fall off, but he grabbed onto her shoulder just in time.
"Whoa! Not so fast, Ichigo!" Kish said.
Chimera Cheetah eventually stopped running, but just when it looked like Ichigo was about to step on the monster and crush her flat, it took off running in another direction.
"Ugh!" Ichigo growled as she went chasing after Chimera Cheetah again. Once again, the giantess got close, but Chimera Cheetah darted out of the way in many streaks of white lights.
"Arrrrgh! Hold still, why don't you!?" Ichigo said as she chased after Chimera Cheetah. Again, the monster sped away just when it looked like Ichigo was going to grab her.
"Man! Kish, couldn't you have made a turtle monster or something!?" Ichigo said.
"I did. Don't you remember?" Kish said. Sweatdrops came down Ichigo's head.
"Right… maybe I should ask what DIDN’T you transform back in the day." Ichigo said. The giantess walked up to Chimera Cheetah, but this time the monster didn't run. Instead…
"Piannnnnoooooooo!!!!" she shouted as it pressed several of the ivory keys on the guitar. A powerful gust of wind came out that Ichigo was desperately fighting against. Kish had to hold onto the pink choker around Ichigo's neck to keep from getting blown away.
"Wow… what a strong gust even for someone my size! Whoaaaaa!!!" Ichigo shouted. Finally the wind was too mcuh even for her 164-foot-tall self, and she stumbled backwards and eventually crash landed on her behind, shaking the city block a great deal. Luckily for her, that was the extent of the damage she caused.
Chimera Cheetah laughed maniacally as she looked at the giant Ichigo rubbing her behind.
"Piannnnnoooooo!!!" she shouted as she started to take off running again. However…
"Ribbon Pudding Ring Inferno!" a familiar female voice shouted from around the corner as a yellow beam of energy went surging through the ground. Chimera Cheetah was not expecting the attack in the slightest and she got knocked off her feet.
"Oh! I know that energy." Ichigo said as she helped herself back to her feet. She looked where Chimera Cheetah laid and watched as the rest of the Mew Mews (Mint, Pudding, Lettuce, Zakuro, and Berry) all arrived at the scene, all their normal size of course.
"Ichigo!" Mint shouted.
"Everyone! I'm so glad you're here!" Ichigo said as she approached the group.
"Hey, Ichigo! Wow! You're so incredibly big! I wish I could grow that big!" Pudding said.
"Heh heh… maybe Kish here can arrange that." Ichigo said as she tapped Kish, who was back to standing on her shoulder, in the stomach with one of her giant fingers.
"Well, actually…" Kish said. He was about to deliver the bad news, but then Lettuce interrupted everyone.
"Hey! Chimera Cheetah is still moving!" Lettuce said, watching as the monster got back on her feet and picked up her guitar.
"We must not let the monster get away! Ribbon ZaCross Pure!" Zakuro shouted. The other Mew Mews quickly felt the need to combine their attacks in order to greatly weaken Chimera Cheetah.
"Ribbon Lettuce Rush!" Lettuce shouted.
"Ribbon Mint Echo!" Mint shouted.
"Ribbon Loveberry Check!" Berry shouted. Chimera Cheetah tried to speed out of the way, but the combined might of the four attacks covered a wide enough area to strike her with.
"Pianoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" Chimera Cheetah screamed in pain before she fainted to the ground as the energy waves from the Mew Mew girls disappeared.
Ichigo gave a thumbs up down to her five normal-sized teammates and friends.
"Nice work, everyone!" Ichigo said.
"Ichigo, you have to hurry and finish Chimera Cheetah! I have a feeling you'll be shrinking back to normal any moment." Kish said.
"Right!" Ichigo said as she walked up to the fainted monster, planting one of her boots just inches away from her and only a few yards from the five Mew Mews. As they stared up in awe over how big Ichigo looked, the giantess plucked Chimera Cheetah from the ground and held her in front of her face.
"You put up a good fight, illusionary cheetah. But now it's time for dessert!" Ichigo said as she licked her lips and then dropped Chimera Cheetah onto her tongue. She swished the monster around the inside of her mouth like she just had a glass of milk before finally gulping her down.
"Well, that's that. That's all the monsters that Royal Highness tried to bring back to life." Ichigo said.
The giantess then smiled and reached over her shoulder where Kish was sitting. She wrapped her fingers around the normal-sized alien and brought him to her face.
"Thanks for your help, Kish. I couldn't have done it without you." Ichigo said.
"Er… no problem, but what are you going to do now?" Kish asked. It scared the daylights out of him seeing Ichigo's face so big. It was reminding him of that dream he had where he was shrunken and eventually made into mouse food by Ichigo… especially as the giant Ichigo was licking her lips again.
"You're… you're not going to eat me too, are you!? Please, Ichigo, don't! Please, I'm begging you!!!" Kish shouted.
"Hahahahaha! Oh, Kish, you're such a worry wart nowadays! I'm not going to eat you." Ichigo said.
"You're not?" Kish asked.
"Nope! I'm going to give you the big kiss you've always wanted." Ichigo said.
"Oh…" Kish said, watching as he got closer and closer to Ichigo's gigantic lips as she moved her hands in.
But her body flashed a bright white, and that's when Ichigo began to shrink. She was so startled by the sudden shrinking that she let go of Kish, but he safely floated his way down to the ground.
"Uh oh! I'm shrinking!" Ichigo said, watching as the ground rapidly got closer and closer. A minute later, Ichigo was back to her normal size.
"Well, that's it. No more big and pretty Ichigo." Kish said.
"Yeah… but it was fun while it lasted." Ichigo said.
"And unfortunately, that was the only parasite of its kind, so nobody else is going to be doing any growing. At least for a long while." Kish said as he looked at all the Mew Mews, especially Pudding.
"Drat! I wanted so bad to be a giantess!" Pudding said.
"You're just saying that because you're the shortest of all of us." Zakuro said as she playfully patted Pudding on the head.
"Well, maybe…" Pudding said as she twiddled her fingers around, prompting a laugh from the other girls as well as Kish.
And speaking of Kish, he felt it was time for him to depart the planet once more.
"Well, I'm afraid I must be going. Pie and Tart are probably worried sick about me." Kish said.
"Kish, wait!" Ichigo shouted, prompting Kish to stop and turn around. He suddenly watched as Ichigo ran up and gave him a hug.
"I hope we'll see each other again." Ichigo said. Kish winked one of his eyes.
"Count on it." Kish said. The alien then flew high up in the atmosphere, eventually disappearing from sight.
"Say hi to Tart for me!!!" Pudding shouted at the last moment. Ichigo sighed as the rest of the Mew Mew girls gathered around her.
"Alright, Ichigo. Do you mind telling us how you grew so big?" Mint asked.
"Yeah, and how those monsters came back!" Lettuce said.
"And if the Saint Rose Crusaders are behind this." Zakuro said.
"It's a looooooong story, everyone. I'll tell you tomorrow at Café Mew Mew." Ichigo said. The Mew Mews eventually left the area and returned to their normal afterschool (and after work) lives, as did the rest of the city of Tokyo.