Grown Instincts 2


NOTE from author: For those that have never seen Mew Mew Power, click here to see what the Mew Mew girls look like.

Dren wanted to save such a plan for later when he was to be yesterday's garbage as far as Deep Blue was concerned, but considering what has happened to him recently, he feels he doesn't have much of a choice. About a month after the events of the first story, Dren watches as the five small parasites inside his glass jar move all over the place, with one of them behaving erratically. Tarb and Sardon suddenly appeared behind Dren as he turned around to see his fellow teammates.
"Geez! Don't scare me like that!" Dren shouted.
"Ha! Don't you get it!? This is what we like to do!" Tarb, the younger of the two, shouted.
"I hope you're not trying to rerun yourself, Dren, with that oversized Mew Mew plan again. Last time you tried that you nearly got eaten with the rest of those poor humans." Sardon said.
"Give it a rest, Sardon. Sure, I may have gotten eaten up and then brought back thanks to that parasite, but didn't you see how much of the city Zoey trashed? Imagine if I got all five of them to grow!" Dren said.
"Ha! And how are you supposed to do that?" Tarb shouted.
"I managed to split the copy I made of that last parasite into five pieces. The girls won't grow as big as Zoey did last time, but their animal instincts will go just as crazy. They'll destroy all of Tokyo without even knowing it." Dren said.
"It does sound promising, but what's up with one of those pieces going crazy itself?" Sardon asked, pointing at the erratically behaving piece.
"I don't know. It's acting like it's developed a mind of its own. No matter, it's time to implement my plan. Listen... I'm going to need your help, you two." Dren said.
"Your help? Hahahaha!!! What makes you think we'll help a loser like you!?" Tarb shouted, but he ended up getting bumped in the head by Sardon.
"Now now, Tarb. We wouldn't want to ditch our good friend like that, would we?" Sardon said. Tarb at first looked puzzled, but Sardon quickly blinked down to his friend, thinking they had a secret plan.
"What would you like for us to do, Dren?" Sardon said.
"I'll handle Zoey personally. You two can lure the other girls and that's when you strike by fusing the parasites with their bodies." Dren said. He opened the jar to get the five parasites out, but the erratic one suddenly went flying away!

"Hey, stop that thing!" Dren shouted. Tarb and Sardon tried to catch it, but it was way too fast for them to grab, let along follow after it. The two watched as it floated out of the room before they looked back at Dren.
"Swift little thing, isn't it?" Sardon said.
"Great... now what do we do!?" Tarb shouted.
"We'll worry about that later. We can still cause quite a ruckus with four of those Mew Mew saps as giant saps. Now let's get going! And remember, the key is to keep Zoey from the rest of the girls." Dren said as he picked up the other four parasites.
"Why? So you can play kissy kissy with her like you always do!? Hahahaha!!!" Tarb shouted before he was once again knocked on the head. Dren just pretended he didn't hear those words.

Meanwhile, the Mew Mew girls are all working hard (like they always do) at the Mew Mew Café. Zoey and Bridget were running from table to table trying to fulfill orders while Renee did the same thing but in a more calmly manner. Corina was sitting at an empty table doing nothing but drinking tea and Kikki was pulling all sorts of stunts in delivering her orders. In fact, she even jumped over an entire table as she skated her way to another one to take a customer's order. Zoey and Bridget looked around at their friends.
"Y'know, isn't it nice to have such a diverse group of friends. I really think that is what makes us so special." Bridget said.
"Yeah, I guess you're right. Even if some of them seem a little over the top, or under the radar." Zoey said, pointing out Kikki and Corina respectively. Just then, Zoey looked at the back door to see Wesley come out.
"Zoey, I need you and the other girls downstairs." Wesley said.
"Huh? Are we in trouble or something?" Zoey asked. Wesley just shook his head and smiled.
"Nothing a little Mew Mew Power can't handle, let's just say." Wesley said. That was a clear signal that there was trouble out there and the girls needed to come to their services. Zoey gathered up her friends as she led them to the back where Wesley and Elliot were waiting in the control room.

"Hey girls. Looks like the Cyniclons are stirring up trouble again." Elliot said as he brought up images of Dren shooting laser bolts at innocent civilians while Tarb and Sardon were leading what looked like a lizard-type monster that was no doubt made from a parasite into the park.
"Those Cyniclons... can't they ever take a break once in a while!?" Zoey said.
"Well, what do you expect out of evil villains like them?" Renee said.
"Yeah! They don't ever seem to take a rest!" Kikki shouted.
"Dren seems to be attacking a seperate group of people compared to what Tarb and Sardon are doing." Wesley said.
"Alright... I want Zoey to deal with Dren while the other girls go fight off that parasite with Tarb and Sardon." Elliot said.
"Huh!? Wait a second! Why do I have to fight Dren!? Don't you know how head over heels he is over me?" Zoey asked.
"That's why you can easily beat him." Elliot said, smirking like he always does.
"Honestly, Elliot." Zoey said, folding her arms.
"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's kick some Cyniclon butt!" Corina shouted. Zoey knew it was time for combat and she stood up, taking her power pendent in her hand.
"Power pendant! Mewtamorphosis!" Zoey shouted. Soon all five girls transformed into their Mew Mew selves as they ran to the different danger scenes.

Dren was busy blasting innocent civilians when Zoey finally showed up.
"Dren! Stop this right now!" Zoey shouted.
"Well well, nice of you to show up little miss Zoey. And at your normal size too." Dren said.
"Give me a break... I could've seriously chomped you to pieces if that parasite didn't bring everything back together!" Zoey said.
"Tough words for someone that used to tower over the entire city! Now come on, kitty!" Dren said. Zoey pulled out her rose bell and transformed it into a staff that she would use to fight against Dren.

Meanwhile, the other four Mew Mew girls were just arriving at the scene where Tarb and Sardon were leading a lizard monster wildly around the park.
"Alright, Tarb and Sardon! This game is over!" Corina shouted.
"Ha! Stupid Mew Mews, you fell right into our trap!" Tarb shouted.
"We'll see about that. Let's do a tag team attack on that parasite!" Bridget said.
"Okay! Here we go!" Kikki shouted.
"Heart Arrow!" Corina shouted.
"Deep Sea Submerge Attack!" Bridget shouted.
"Tamborine Trench!" Kikki shouted.
"Purple Dagger!" Renee shouted. All the attacks from the girls formed into one and they headed straight for the parasite. And just like that... the parasite reverted back to its normal self (of a regular ol' lizard) as Mini Mew swallowed the actual parasite.
"Eliminated!" Mini Mew said.
"Hey! No fair! That was one of my favorite parasites!!!" Tarb shouted.
"Calm down, Tarb. This is going just as we planned." Sardon said.
"What are you talking about? Whatever you two have planned... we won't fall for it!" Bridget said.
"You're right... you won't fall for it. Let's just say you'll grow for it." Sardon said as he finally revealed the four parasite pieces.

"Hey! Aren't those the same parasites that..." Before Kikki could finish, Sardon tossed the parasites at the girls.
"Go, parasites!" Sardon shouted.
"Everyone run for it!" Renee shouted. Indeed, the four girls started to make a getaway, but one by one, the parasites got absorbed into their bodies and they fainted. Tarb and Sardon watched as the girls fell to the ground unconscious.
"So how long until the effects take place?" Tarb said.
"I don't know, but I'm not waiting around to find out." Sardon said as he vanished from sight.
"Hey, wait for me!!!" Tarb shouted before he too disappeared.

In the meantime, Zoey was continuing her epic struggle against Dren, who was now floating several feet above Zoey to catch his breath.
"Give it up, Dren. I'll make sure you don't win!" Zoey shouted.
"Now now, that's very un-kitty like of you to speak like that." Dren said.
"Geez... you should give it a rest already." Zoey said. Dren then looked to his left, where he could see the other side of the park, and he saw something most interesting.

It was the other four Mew Mew girls, and they were growing.

Dren smiled knowing that his plan had worked out perfectly. Zoey could not see the girls yet, but she would soon enough.
"Well, Zoey, it's been real fun but I must be on my way now." Dren said before he vanished.
"No, wait!!!" Zoey shouted, but Dren was already gone.
"Darn it... what is Dren really up to?" Zoey shouted. Just then, Mini-Mew came flying towards Zoey.
"Zoey! Parasite alert! Parasite alert! Big ones too!" Mini-Mew shouted.
"Big ones? Where are they?" Zoey said.
"The other side of the park! Follow me!" Mini-Mew said. It then started to fly for where the other Mew Mew girls were, and Zoey followed every step of the way.

After a short time, the four Mew Mew girls were slowly starting to wake up again, this time each one of them as giantesses. Dren was right though, because of the parasite being split up, they could only grow to twenty times their normal size each (this way, of course, Renee would still be the tallest of the girls and Kikki the shortest). Still, they were big. They each rubbed their heads, still feeling majorly dizzy from the parasites entering their bodies. Their vision looked very much blurry from time to time.
"What happened to us?" Bridget said, slowly getting back up, not yet realizing that she and the three other Mew Mews with her were giantesses.
"I don't know... but I feel... free." Corina said.
"Kikki?" Kikki said. Renee slowly got up as well, and surprised everyone by howling real loud!
"Goodness me! That wolf girl's really letting loose!" Bridget said.
"Kikki kikki kikki KIKKI!!!!!" Kikki said, shouting at Renee. Renee just growled at Kikki like a wolf would to hungry prey.
"Kikki!" Kikki shouted as she ran behind Corina for cover.
"Hey listen... why don't we go to that pretty city over there?" Corina said.
"Personally I would use a lake... we porpoises cannot live in the water." Bridget said.
"Kikki Kikki!!!!" Kikki shouted, trying to jump on Corina's shoulders.
"Right... the monkey girl wants to climb something... like other monkeys do. I just wanna... fly." Corina said. Then Renee, apparently sensing the ideas what the girls had in mind, already started heading for the city, crawling on all fours like a real wolf would.
"Kikki! Kikki!!!" Kikki shouted as she followed suit, crawling like a monkey would on solid ground. Bridget and Corina looked at each other.
"Well, good luck on finding your freedom... I shall continue to fight for my survival." Bridget said before she went into a sprint, quickly heading for the city of Tokyo. Corina watched the other girls stomp off for the city and then looked around herself.
"What... what's going on here? For some reason I feel this isn't what I should be doing. Oh well... it's time I started to fly once more like the great birds." Corina said. She leapt up into the air, flapping her hands like she was trying to fly, but she always came back down for the ground, causing small earthquakes that was shaking the park to pieces.
"Huh? Perhaps I have to find my wings." Corina said before finally she started walking for the city. All that was left in the park was a lot of damage and the echoes of four giantesses stomping their way for the city.

Zoey, still transformed as a Mew Mew, finally got to where her four fellow friends had been battling. All Zoey could find from here, however, were trees knocked down and cracks on the concrete roads.
"Well, definitely signs of a big battle, but I don't see the girls anywhere. Corina! Kikki! Bridget! Renee!" Zoey shouted, calling out for them. Mini-Mew then looked to its left, towards the city, and its eyes bugged out over what it saw.
"Zoey, look! Look!" Mini-Mew said.
"What is it, Mini-Mew?" Zoey said. She looked where Mini-Mew was looking, and her jaw just dropped. She found the four girls alright, but they were huge.
"Huh!? What on Earth is going on here? They're so gigantic!" Zoey shouted.
"Parasites spotted inside the girls!" Mini-Mew said.
"Oh no... you don't suppose those nasty Cyniclons did what they had done to me a month ago, do you?" Zoey said.
"Don't know, Zoey! Don't know! We should talk them out of it!" Mini-Mew shouted.
"But how can we? They're so big... and they probably won't recognize me if their animal instincts have gone berserko!" Zoey said.
"You have to try, Zoey! You have to try!" Mini-Mew said. Zoey then nodded at her little floating friend.
"You're right. If we don't do something, they may destroy all of Tokyo! You go back and warn Wesley and Elliot... I'll try to save my friends!" Zoey said. Mini-Mew nodded and then floated away from the scene to head back for Mew Mew Café.
"(sigh) This isn't going to be easy..." Zoey said before she took a deep breath and finally followed the path that her giant friends seemed to leave for her.

As the little people of Tokyo were running for their lives, Corina was walking down the streets looking at many of the buildings, most of them towering over her. She especially peeked inside glass buildings like the curious raven that her animal instincts made her out to be. Being 20 times bigger than her normal size, Corina was about 95 feet tall. The citizens certainly didn't care how big she was. They just didn't want to get in the way of her oversized cyan-colored boots.
"All these little people..." Corina said, brushing her gloved hands against the glass windows and showing a bit of compassion in her eyes.
"They feel so confined. Perhaps I should do something to help them." Corina said. With that in mind, Corina very gently punched a hole in the glass building with one of her fists and gently pulled out about eight people who had been scrambling to get away from their offices.
"Please do not be freightened. I will take care of all of you." Corina said, smiling down to her captive little people. She then looked around at the buildings surrounding her until she finally focused her attention on one building that only seemed to be a head taller than her. Corina walked towards this building, crushing innocent humans that couldn't get out of the giantess's way in time, and then gently placed these eight people on the very top of the building.
"Now you just stay there, my children. You'll be safe this way." Corina said. She then looked up in the sky and focused her attention on an airplane flying high in the sky.

"Wow! A pretty airplane!" Corina said. That's when, without thinking much, she jumped up and down frantically trying to grab this plane. Of course, it was far too high for her to possibly reach, but she kept on jumping anyway, sometimes flapping her hands as if she were trying to fly up into the air. All she ended up doing was cause one heck of an earthquake that shook much of the city block to pieces. Corina finally stopped and looked around to see the damage she had inadvertantly caused.
"Oh dear... I guess my wings haven't fully grown yet." Corina said. She was bringing her hands back down when she accidentally took a swipe at the building she had placed her captive humans on. Corina gasped after watching that particular corner of the building fall down to the streets. Luckily none of the humans were harmed, but she still felt very concerned.
"My nest! Oh, I'm so sorry, my children. I'm not acting like a good mother right now..." Corina said. The people simply looked at each other in confusion. They had never seen a giantess that actually cared for their lives as passionately as Corina was doing right now.
"You all must be starved by now. I'll see if I can find some food..." Corina said before she walked off into another section of the city.

Not far from where Corina was showing off her kinder, gentler personality, Bridget was acting on a very quick basis. She was moving very quickly, not noticing how most parts of her body were causing death and destruction, including the long white straps from her forehead, which tied themselves around buildings and ripped them in half. Bridget was heavily breathing in the process.
"Must... find... water..." Bridget said. Indeed, it seemed her animal instincts, which were that of the porpoise, were making Bridget think she could only survive in water. She frantically looked around, anxious to find any body of water that she could dive into for her to 'survive.' A couple minutes later, her mission resulted in success when she saw the docks were mere yards away from her feet.

"Yes! WATER!!!" Bridget shouted, jumping for joy knowing that she was successful in her search. Wasting no time, she ran towards the huge body of water that rested beyond the docks, and then she jumped in, resulting in a splash that flooded almost the entire shipyard. Bridget's head emerged from the water as she took in the deep breath of the fresh water. She then stood up to her full height, which made the water rest at just below her chest level. Bridget looked down at the water and everything else that surrounded her. She noticed a group of people that were simply staring up at her beautiful giantess body.
"Uh... hi down there! Hey, watch what I can do!" Bridget said. She then dunked herself down beneath the water. About ten seconds passed, and just as the people were wondering where the heck she had gone, Bridget suddenly sprung up to the surface. She jumped so high... she was in fact out of the water entirely! Naturally, she came falling back down, causing another huge splash that swept the onlooking humans away in a tidal wave.

Bridget, after her acrobatic show which no doubt came from her animal instincts, suddenly looked behind her and could see a large cruise ship that was sailing onto the docks. Several people had gathered on the edge of the ship to see the giantess while the many captains onboard were trying to get them back to safety. Then, as Bridget smiled and slowly started to walk towards the ship, some people tried to scamper away back to their cabins. Others simply stayed and enjoyed the view of seeing a 100-foot-tall girl that some felt was once one of their city protectors.
Then, just as Bridget was only a few yards away from the ship itself, she once again dove underwater. A few seconds later, and she was back up, making another one of her super leaps. This time, the giant Bridget had jumped completely over the cruise ship, with not even her long green boots making contact with any part of the ship. Of course, the one problem the people had was that the ensuing big splash pretty much got the entire ship wet. But some people felt compelled to applaud Bridget for her incredible act.
"Gee, thanks everyone. I don't know how I did it... but I did it!" Bridget said. She was right... Bridget and Corina had been doing things that are not within their regular personalities. They were just acting based on their animal instincts. It was just amazing that these two had kept the brunt of their instincts in check.

On the other hand, closer to the heart of Tokyo, things were quite different for Kikki. It seemed the 8-year-old's animal instincts had completely gotten the best of her. She was moving around the city like any regular monkey would, with her hands buried in the ground as she walks on top of them. Her monkey tail was swinging itself back and forth, causing untold amounts of destruction, yet Kikki had no idea such madness was happening, simply because there wasn't any trace of normalcy left in her, at least not at this point.
Heck, you could tell she had lost it when you heard the only word that came out of her mouth.
"Kikki! Kikki kikki!!!" Kikki shouted. Spoken like a true monkey. Kikki was scoping out the tiny people that came into her viewsight. She would play with and tease these people on most occasions. For example, there was a woman she would keep tapping to the ground using her finger. Kikki chuckled (by laughing out its name) every time the woman fell over.

Just then, there was one person that caught Kikki's eye with a passing interest. That person was none other than Mark, Zoey's boyfriend. It seemed Mark was staying behind trying to help his fellow citizens escape out of harm's way. Mark was waving people by and helping people out until his sunlight was blocked off by the shadow of Kikki's 90-foot-tall body as she looked down on Mark.
"Kikki?" she said as she looked curiously at Mark.
"Uh... nice monkey girl. Down, monkey girl..." Mark said, trying to plead with the giantess to spare his life. Kikki didn't seem to listen as she inched her way ever so closer to Mark, coming to the point of her right eye being inches away from Mark's body. Just then, Kikki jumped back on her feet and seemed to go wild.
"Kikki!!! KIKKI!!! KIKKI!!!" she shouted. Before Mark could even wonder what was going to happen next, he suddenly looked to see Kikki reaching down to grab him! As Kikki kneeled down and picked up Mark before standing back up to her full height, she once again looked over the young man from all angles. Kikki then decided to cuddle him a little as she patted him against her face.
"Kikki..." she said comfortably.

Kikki then felt some kind of blast hit her in the tail. She looked to see a small swarm of tanks had gathered at ground level as they all were firing up at the giantess.
"Kikki... Kikki!!!" Kikki shouted, showing an angry face. But rather than fight back, Kikki instead looked around while still holding Mark tightly in her right hand, who was getting dizzy from moving back and forth while in Kikki's hand. Kikki finally set her sights on the Tokyo Tower itself.
"Kikki!" she shouted, no doubt because she had an idea in mind. She then started heading for the Tokyo Tower, with the tanks and combat planes hot on her trail.

Finally, several blocks away from the Tokyo Tower, Renee was busy with her own section of the city. Unfortunately for the already wildly panicked people of this part of Tokyo, Renee also seemed totally overcome with her animal instincts. She was crawling completely on all fours like a werewolf would. Sometimes she would stand up to her full 120-foot-tall height, but it was only because she was looking for people to sink her teeth onto. Yes... it seemed Renee's appetite for people was greater than that of the other girls. She hadn't devoured too many people thus far, but this only exerted more fear upon the tiny people of Tokyo.
At times, Renee would also get playful with the humans, sweeping them off their feet with a lash of her tail and then doing things like licking them, growl at them as a means of intimidation, and even tickle them once again with a swing of her tail.

Renee's ears soon picked up the sounds of other animals, naturally because not too far from her current position was one of the more popular zoos in all of Tokyo. Renee thought about interacting with these animals by breaking apart the cages they were trapped in, but instead, the animals would just run off the moment Renee made her barking sounds of communication. Even her fellow wolves sprinted away from sight of the giantess. Renee had a saddened look on her face from seeing this and did the only thing a werewolf could do.

She howled as loudly as she could into the sky.

Every single window around Renee shattered to pieces. Some buildings even crumpled in parts because of the extreme sonic sounds from Renee's wolf cry. The people were simply holding their eardrums for the next few minutes, checking to see whether or not they still had eardrums. But soon they had to start running again when the giant Renee headed back for the city block she had been trying to conquer before.

Meanwhile, high above the sky, the three Cyniclons were watching all the events unfold from the four different parts of Tokyo as the four giant Mew Mew girls were having their animal-instinctive fun.
"Isn't it beautiful, my friends? Seeing the city under a cloud of chaos and destruction thanks to their own group of superheroines." Dren said.
"Yeah... that's nice. But how come one's animal instincts are stronger than the other!?" Tarb said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Dren asked.
"Well, if you will clearly notice, the girls known as Kikki and Renee have completely lost their humanoid senses and their animal instincts are basically what drives them. On the other hand, Bridget and Corina have only lost a minimal portion of their minds. Their personalities have only been altered." Sardon said.
"I really don't know... perhaps that's the side effect of splitting the parasite up into five. It shouldn't matter, guys. Look at how big they are. They're causing panic throughout the city, and even causing some damage they never meant to cause! My plan is working perfectly!" Dren shouted.
"Your plan!? We were the ones that lured those Mew Mew saps into your trap... don't forget that!" Sardon said.
"Right... our plan was what I meant to say." Dren said.
"And what about that fifth parasite!? Y'know... the one that got away from us?" Tarb shouted.
"I wouldn't worry about that. Besides, if we're lucky, it may just find its way into Zoey. That would be a dream come true..." Dren said as he looked up into the sky, obviously daydreaming again.
"Ugh... I think I'm gonna be sick." Tarb said.
"Me too. You would think he'd have learned his lesson after that last plan of his backfired." Sardon said. The three soon vanished from sight so they could watch the rest of the action from Deep Blue's secret hideout.

Back on the surface, Zoey was practically out of breath trying to run down the streets and catch up with at least one of her fellow giantess teammates.
"(sigh) I just know they're around here somewhere. I gotta stop them before they do something they'll regret!" Zoey said. Just then, Zoey looked behind herself and could see a news van speeding down the streets.
"A news van... it'll lead me to one of the girls!" Zoey said. She waited for the news van to get close enough to her before she made a daring leap onto the top of the van. Zoey then held on tight as she rode it to deep within the city.

Eventually the van stopped just short of the giant Corina. As Zoey looked up in a stunned behavior over seeing her friend at such a large size, she could hear the news crew giving their report.
"I'm live on the scene as you can see, where the giant girl continues to walk along the streets of Tokyo! It doesn't appear she is causing a great amount of damage and in fact seems to be reaching inside one of the nearby supermarkets!" the newslady said. Indeed, Corina was digging inside for food inside the supermarket. The people inside scrambled like crazy to keep from either getting crushed or grabbed by this giant gloved hand. Eventually, Corina pulled out her hand holding a large amount of various foods.
"Ah... this should do nicely. Now to deliver these to my babies." Corina said. As she walked away from the news people, Zoey just looked strangely at Corina.
"Babies? What is she talking about?" Zoey said. That's when she jumped off the news van and decided to follow suit. She ran right past the news lady with swift speed.
"Excuse me... what do you have to say about this giant threat to the city!?" the news lady shouted.
"No comment!!!" Zoey shouted as she too disappeared.

Zoey finally made it to Corina, where she had stopped in front of the same building that was not only her size, but had the group of people that she cared for like a loving mother. Zoey watched as Corina was dumping the food onto this building and leaving it for the people to dig into.
"There you go, my babies. Your mother has returned to feed you." Corina said. Zoey simply shook her head, trying not to believe what she was seeing.
"Corina actually caring for others? That's sooooooo unlike her!" Zoey said. She then scanned Corina's body from top to bottom.
"But I still have to get her attention somehow... I know!" Zoey said. Thinking about her own cat-like instincts and how cats were really good at climbing things, Zoey ran for Corina's boots and jumped on top of them. Then she started to climb her legs. Just after Zoey got past Corina's knees, she was just barely able to avoid getting crushed by her hands as she had placed them on her knees and was bending down to look at a group of kids that were running down the streets, and they didn't seem to notice a group of cars that was coming down fast on them!
"Oh no!!! Look out!" Corina shouted. She moved so suddenly that Zoey had to stop climbing and hold on for dear life on the hem of Corina's skirt. Meanwhile, Corina had quickly scooped up the kids just before they were to be run over by the cars, which instead slammed into her boots having failed to slam on the brakes on time.
"Whew... are you kids okay?" Corina asked. The kids just nodded.
"You should be more careful. It's a dangerous world down there. Listen, you can stay safe with me!" Corina said as she put the kids on the same building as the other people.
"Now you all stay tight. I'm gonna go find some more food." Corina said.

Zoey, still hanging on the edge of Corina's clothing, tried feverishly to catch her friend's attention.
"Corina! Corina!!! It's me, Zoey!!! I'm down here!" Zoey said. But no response came. Corina instead starting walking again, no doubt back for the supermarket.
"(sigh) She must be completely under the parasite's control. She can't hear me..." Zoey said. She then looked to her right side at the docks. That's where she spotted the giant Bridget playing with what looked like some old Navy submarines.
"Bridget! Maybe she'll listen!" Zoey said to herself. She then made a swing from Corina's skirt to the edge of a nearby building. Zoey then proceeded to climb down this building and make her way to the docks, hoping she would be able to win back Bridget since Corina couldn't seem to listen.

Bridget was having a grand ol' time holding Navy submarines in her hands and withstanding the fire that she was taking from the nearby battleship that was floating close to her body. One of the captains was trying to get Bridget to stop.
"Stop, you seaweeding scoundrel! Those are my ships you're playing around with!!!" the captain shouted. But Bridget didn't seem to listen. She was simply looking over the subs from end to end. She even giggled a little as she threw them back into the sea.
"Gee... I wonder there are more of these little things under the sea." Bridget said out loud. That's when she dove underwater and kept her eyes open to see underwater. Naturally, this was easy for her considering her animal instincts were that of the porpoise. As she scanned the underwater area for more Navy submarines, she marveled over seeing various forms of sea life as well as seaweed all around her feet. She would try to communicate with these animals using porpoise sounds, but these animals (even the sharks) would swim away on sight.

Bridget wouldn't feel down for long, however, as she finally spotted some more Navy submarines that were slowly drifting in her direction. Some of the subs fired torpedos at her, but she would either sweep them away with her hands or let them bounce off her skin. The torpedos that did explode near Bridget only shook her up, not harming her one bit.
It was then that Bridget decided to show off her own firepower. It was really quite simple as the subs would find out soon. Bridget opened her mouth wide and started blowing huge bubbles out of her mouth and towards the subs. The bubbles were surrounding two of the subs and causing them to bounce off the bubbles and eventually into each other, tearing them into shreds. Bridget showed a giggling emotion on her face, like she enjoyed that. The next sub she teased with by opening her mouth and nearly closing it on top of the sub, like she had wanted to take a bite out of it! But she didn't and instead allowed the sub to escape to safety. Bridget finally came up to the surface to get some air.

"Wow... what interesting objects I can find in this part of the sea! It almost makes me want to jump!" Bridget said. Indeed, she started jumping up and down in the ocean again, causing all sorts of tidal waves that were flooding the docks and nearby streets. On the other side of these docks, facing Bridget's behind basically, was Elliot and Wesley, holding some kind of equipment. They were watching as the tidal waves were forming mostly from the front.
"It's a good thing those big tidal waves aren't reaching us." Wesley said.
"Yeah... for us. Everyone else isn't going to be able to take much more of this." Elliot said.
"Yes, you are right. We must find a way to reverse Bridget's condition before the damage can get much worse." Wesley said. Just then, Bridget decided to make a backwards dive back under the water, causing another tidal wave that was this time heading right for the two guys!
"Oh spit..." Elliot said.
"You can say that again." Wesley said. But just before they could be swallowed up by the tidal wave, Zoey suddenly dropped in and grabbed the two, making a powerful leap to the top of one of the nearby buildings! Zoey put Elliot and Wesley down as she looked at the two.
"Whew... are you guys okay!?" Zoey asked.
"Yes, we're fine, thanks to you, Zoey." Wesley said.
"Your timing is certainly impeccable." Elliot said.
"Guys... what's going on here? What's caused the girls to grow like this and act out of control!?" Zoey said.
"I'm afraid Dren is trying is parasite plan again. Y'know, the one that made you big last month?" Elliot said.
"Well, I figured that! Any way to stop it?" Zoey said.
"We're still working on it... the parasites are spread out more around Bridget's body. A simple extraction method isn't going to work this time around." Wesley said. Elliot then turned up the volume on his radio when he heard a lady's voice on the other end.

"We've just received some breaking news! It seems another one of these giant girls is climbing the Tokyo Tower! We've just confirmed she's holding a young man in her hand, and he keeps calling out the name of what I guess is his girlfriend, Zoey!" the lady said. Zoey's cat ears rose up upon hearing that.
"No! That sounds like Mark!" Zoey said.
"You go and rescue your friend. We'll keep finding a way to bring our girls back." Elliot said.
"Okay! I'm on it!" Zoey shouted as she ran off for the center of the city, where the Tokyo Tower was.

Several minutes later, she ran into the same news crew that had given the report on Kikki climbing the Tokyo Tower earlier. She noticed the crew packing their things into a helicopter, which was already running and giving off a lot of noise.
"Excuse me, miss!" Zoey shouted.
"Hey! Aren't you one of those Mew Mew girls? How come you're the only one that's not giant-sized?" the lady said.
"Listen... I have no time for interviews! You need to get me to the Tokyo Tower! One of my friends is there!" Zoey said.
"I'm a member of the media, lady! Why should I listen to you!?" the lady said.
"Because she's got my boyfriend and I have to save him! Please! I can't get there fast enough on foot!" Zoey shouted, tempting to show a tear or two as emotional as she was getting.
"Okay, fine! Hop aboard!" the lady said as Zoey climbed into the helicopter with her.

While the Empire State Building got King Kong, the Tokyo Tower as of right now was getting Kikki, who had already made it halfway up the tower. She climbed it using one hand and her two feet, and sometimes her monkey tail even, while using the other hand to hold onto Mark, Zoey's boyfriend.
"Kikki kikki! Kikki!!!" Kikki shouted in happiness. She seemed to enjoy climbing up the tower as quickly as she did. But then she stopped her ascent when a swarm of jet fighters were firing all sorts of ammunition on her body. She started swatting away any planes that dared to get close to her.
"KIKKI!!!" She shouted in anger. Mark was getting dizzy from the hand he was being held in getting moved around a lot.
"Hey! Easy with the shaking, monkey girl!" Mark shouted. Of course, there was no way she could possibly hear that.

Meanwhile, the news helicopter was flying up into the air and nearing the giant Kikki that was hanging on from the Tokyo Tower.
"Oh wow! Are you getting shots of this!?" the newslady shouted to her cameraman. Zoey, meanwhile, could only look in disbelief that Kikki would act the way she was acting.
"How can a parasite turn Kikki into this kind of monster?" Zoey asked herself. But she soon snapped back into reality when she looked in Kikki's closed hand and could just see Mark in there.
"It's Mark! I have to save him!" Zoey shouted. She then surprised everyone aboard the helicopter by making a daring leap outside. It felt like a foolish move, but thanks to Zoey's incredible luck and cat-like reflexes, she landed on the arm that Kikki was holding Mark in. Zoey ran over to Mark who was still trapped in Kikki's hand.

"Mark!" Zoey shouted.
"Zoey? Is that you?" Mark said. Mark knew that Zoey was a Mew Mew a few weeks before when she had saved him from a forest attack put on by the Cyniclons.
"Oh, Mark... are you alright?" Zoey said.
"Yes... right now, anyway. This giant monkey girl has me hand-in-hand, I guess you can say." Mark said. Then Kikki's arm moved sharply upwards and Zoey had to hold on tight to keep from falling off. Once the arm stopped, Zoey looked behind herself at Kikki's large face.
"I have to get Kikki's attention somehow!" Zoey shouted. That's when she ran all the way across Kikki's arm and stopped just short of her shoulder.

"Kikki! Listen to me! It's me, Zoey!!!" Zoey shouted. She thought for a couple seconds that Kikki hadn't listened to her, but suddenly, Kikki looked in her direction! This took Zoey by surprise, especially when she compared her own size to that of Kikki's face alone, which almost obstructed her view of the city.
"Kikki kikki kikki!" Kikki shouted. She then decided to blow a burst of air at the tiny Zoey, who immediately lost her footing and ended up falling back towards Mark, hanging on for dear life on one of Kikki's fingers.
"Zoey!" Mark shouted.
"Hey... I'm fine. Nothing I can't handle!" Zoey shouted as she tried to keep Mark's spirits up.
However, just then, another missile from the fighter planes struck Kikki, this time right on the arm that she had been holding Zoey and Mark with.
"KIKKI!" Kikki shouted in pain as she tried to shake the pain off her arm, but in doing this... she lost grip of Mark and Zoey as they began to plummet hundreds of feet down towards ground level. Zoey and Mark held onto each other and exchanged looks on their faces.
"Zoey... no matter what happens to us... I love you." Mark said.
"I know." Zoey said.

Kikki looked down from hanging onto the Tokyo Tower and immediately noticed Zoey and Mark with their falling problem. At that moment, she began to climb down from the tower quicker than she climbed up it, using her insane acrobatic moves thanks to her instincts of the monkey. At times she would even latch onto the tower using her tail to swing down to a lower level. Finally, she was back on surface level and she opened up her hand, allowing Mark and Zoey to land in it safely. Zoey, thinking she and Mark had just fallen to death, opened up her eyes and saw they were being held by the giant Kikki.
"Hey, Mark! We're alive!" Zoey said.
"Whoa... you mean she actually saved us?" Mark said.
"Oh thank you, Kikki... maybe there is a little bit of that old self still in you." Zoey said. Kikki, after smiling down on her two 'pets', she looked back down on the ground to see a group of kids that had all gotten out of a school bus, against their angry teacher's wishes, of course.
"Kikki?" Kikki said when she saw this group of kids. She kneeled herself down to get a closer look at them. With her hand still open and so close to the ground, Zoey saw this as the perfect opportunity to escape.
"Come on, Mark. Now's our chance!" Zoey shouted. She and Mark jumped off Kikki's hand, and not a moment too soon. Kikki went crazy over thinking about how cute these kids looked to her.
"KIKKI KIKKI KIKKI KIKKI!!!!" She shouted, jumping up and down and causing all sorts of destruction around her as a result of her jumping and shaking the ground. She soon calmed down and started to pick up some of the kids one-by-one.

"Aw man... those kids don't stand a chance." Mark said. Zoey's ears then picked up the sound of more screaming and a bit of howling. She looked behind her and spotted the giant Renee having her way with the little people.
"Mark, you get out of here and get to safety. I have another group of people to save!" Zoey said as she started to run away from Mark.
"But what about these kids?" Mark asked.
"There's nothing we can do for them as far as Kikki's concerned!" Zoey shouted before she was too far away to be heard. After looking at Zoey one last time, Mark looked between the kids that Kikki was tossing up and down like a rubber ball and then at the kids still on the ground. He decided to help the remaining kids escape.

Renee was probably doing the best job at scaring the little people, mostly because she was being the most aggressive of all GTS. Renee had been picking up people and doing things like licking them up, sniffing them over, or worse, throwing them down her mouth. But it wasn't surprising considering her animal instincts were of the wolf. Zoey nervously approached the biggest of all the girls that had grown, not wanting to be seen so quickly.
"I can't be afraid. I have to try... Renee's life depends on it." Zoey said. She took a deep breath and walked back out onto the streets. She stopped her walk just short of getting brushed away by Renee's wolf tail.
"Renee! Renee!!! Down here! It's me, Zoey!" Zoey shouted. To her great surprise, Renee turned around and looked down, glaring at Zoey while holding a bus full of innocent people.
"Renee! Oh thank goodness you heard me! I was hoping you wouldn't have changed too much." Zoey said. Renee then dropped the bus and ended up stepping on it as she slowly approached the little Zoey. Renee kept her menacing glare as she got down on all fours and stared closely at Zoey.
"Uh... Renee. It's just me, that's all. I'm your friend. You remember me, don't you?" Zoey said. Then Renee started to sniff all over Zoey's body using her powerful nose. The warm air coming out of Renee's nostrils almost ruffled up Zoey's pink hair.
"Hey! Watch the hair already!" Zoey shouted. Then Zoey was taken by surprise again as this time Renee let out her tongue and smothered it all over Zoey's body, licking her in the process! Zoey was covered in saliva as she tried feverishly to shake it off.
"Yuck! Come on, Renee... don't tell me you've been totally transformed too!" Zoey shouted. Renee didn't seem to appreciate those comments, either that or she had realized that Zoey looked very much like a cat, because she started to growl menacingly at the leader of the Mew Mews. Zoey backed away slowly, but Renee remained right on top of her.
"Um... nice Renee. Good Renee! Perhaps I can get you some wolf food or something?" Zoey said nervously. Then Renee let out another one of her loud howls into the sky. Zoey immediately got the hint she was in big trouble.
"Or maybe not..." Zoey said. Finally she started to run for her life, and Renee was following her every step of the way.
"Ugh... just what I needed. To be one of my best friend's lunch!" Zoey said as she continued to run like mad. She tried taking a shortcut through one of the alleys, but Renee just busted through the surrounding buildings using her head and cut through the same corner.

The chase ensued for another minute or so before Zoey ended falling into a hole in the road shaped like Corina's foot, giving her the idea that she's back to where she started this entire journey. As Zoey tried to stand back up, Renee's huge shadow blocked off her sunlight as she looked up at her gigantic friend.
"No! Please don't eat me!" Zoey said as she tried to beg for mercy. But just before Renee could pick up Zoey and make the little one her next snack, she picked up the sounds of bells coming from Zoey's school. Renee seemed to pick up these sounds as she stepped past Zoey and towards the school, no doubt to play with the little people there. Zoey opened up her eyes again to see she was spared from the worst.
"Whew... saved by the bell." Zoey said. She got up as she dusted herself off from all the mess she had gone through trying to escape from Renee. She then took a deep breath and sighed. None of her friends seemed to listen to her.
"(sigh) Well, I've struck out four times already. But I can't give up! I just can't! Maybe I can try talking to Corina again since she's the one that actually cares for us people!" Zoey said. She then decided to run after Corina's trail of footprints on the road, hoping that her second try at saving her friends would be more successful than the last time.

Back near the docks, while Bridget was now swimming in circles around the Navy battleships, Corina was still on land not too far away gathering tiny humans for her 'nest' atop one of the buildings.
"How do you like the food, my babies?" Corina asked to the little people. A large majority of them nodded, giving their signs of approval to the giantess.
"Wonderful. Now you all just stay here. I'm gonna fly into town and find some more goodies. Well, okay, maybe not fly, but you know what I mean." Corina said as she smiled and then stomped off back towards the shopping district to get some more goodies.

As soon as she was gone from sight, Bridget just happened to look in the direction of the city streets and notice this 'nest' full of people. She felt curious about this group of people being where they were, so she decided to crawl out of the water to investigate. She didn't seem so worried about being out of sea for the first time in a long while because the sea was after all behind her. The people on top of the building almost jumped when they caught their first glimpse of this giantess.
"Huh? What are these people doing here when they could be swimming with me?" Bridget said. She reached down as she was thinking about picking them up, but she was startled by a loud voice.
"HEY!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?" the voice shouted. Bridget looked to see it had belonged to Corina, who was holding onto another batch of food and water that she wound up dropping on the ground because she was so shocked over seeing Bridget.

"Uh... I was just gonna take these people to see the sea, don't you see?" Bridget asked.
"I'll have you know those are MY children you are trying to take! I went through a lot of trouble putting that nest together!" Corina shouted.
"What, you're not serious, are you!? These people deserve to learn how to be swimmers, not how to fly like their mother when she can't do it herself!" Bridget said.
"Hey, I'm learning, okay? One day I will fly like the birds of the sky, and my children will follow in my footsteps!" Corina said.
"Oh please... I can teach them better than you can because we water animals make great teachers!" Bridget said. She reached down to pick up a bunch of Corina's pets, but she suddenly lost her grip when Corina had grabbed Bridget by the neck! Corina pushed Bridget up against a significantly taller building as Bridget was gasping for air. The two giantesses were making quite a scene as people gathered from all directions watching and wondering what was going to happen.
"I don't care what you think about me... but you stay away from my children! Do you understand!?!?!?" Corina shouted, pushing Bridget to the point where she was making cracks in the building's foundation that stood behind her.

Zoey had just made it to the scene when the argument boiled over to what it looked like right now. She was horrified over what she was seeing, even when she figured this was the work of their animal instincts going haywire thanks to the parasites stuck in their bodies. Zoey just had to reach out to them.
"Corina! Bridget! Stop this! This isn't you! Think of who you are before you destroy each other!" Zoey shouted. Her plan must've worked, because before Corina could do something more frightful to Bridget, she began to loosen her grip on the water-powered Mew Mew.
"Z...Z...Zoey?" Corina said, but then she just shook her head.
"Oh... what just happened? I feel as though I've heard a voice that sounds familiar to me, but I can't remember the name." Corina said.
"I heard it too... you don't suppose it's one of us, do you?" Bridget said.
"I don't know. But I am sorry for threatening you like I did." Corina said.
"No... it is I who should be sorry. I was the one that intruded on your proper belongings to begin with." Bridget said. Corina just nodded like she was agreeing with that logic.
"Well, if you do not mind, I will be whisking away back in the sea now." Bridget said. She then walked past the buildings that Corina had called her own (for the most part with her 'nest' building in the middle of it all), and then jumped back into the water. Corina approached her nest once more, not noticing Zoey was standing on top of the building next to her.
"Are you all okay? I'm sorry that other animal girl had to get in the way. But I promise I will be a better mother to you all." Corina said. Zoey almost wanted to cough up a hairball over hearing that.

"Ugh... somehow I'm starting to like the old Corina better. I just hope I can find a way to get that old Corina back." Zoey said. Just then, she heard some kind of rumbling sound out in the distance, along with a howling sound of sorts.
"Huh? What was that? That sounded like Renee's voice!" Zoey said as she started to climb back down to the surface level and after the source of those sound effects.

Indeed, those sounds had come Renee, who was now lying flat on her back with a wide assortment of humans crawling on her body from head to toe. She was panting like a wild dog would, constantly sticking her tongue out as she looked from top to bottom over the dozen or so humans that she had put on her skin, as well as her sexy purple Mew Mew outfit.
But this satisfying experience would not last long. Renee was so caught up with the feeling of little people running all over her body, she didn't notice Kikki running in and taking all of the people! As soon as Renee couldn't feel any people on her, she picked herself up and saw Kikki showing off the people she had captured to Renee.
"Kikki kikki!!!" Kikki shouted before giving Renee the tongue. It was like she was saying they're my people now since I took them from you. This did not sit well with Renee at all as she let out another loud and piercing howl into the sky and gave chase after Kikki. Kikki made a huge leap into the sky as she bounced off Renee's head and ran the other way through the city.

Each and every step by Kikki and Renee was causing lots of destruction and carnage through the city, but the two giantesses couldn't tell because of the strong influence of their animal instincts. Then, Renee made a strong leap towards Kikki, grabbing her by the tail and causing her to drop all of her captive humans, killing them all as a result of their long falls for the ground. Renee got up and proceeded to add insult to injury, completely picking up Kikki off the ground (again by her tail) and throwing her against a line of buildings. As Renee was pouncing around over her victory like a pack of wolves might do, Kikki got up slowly and didn't look too thrilled to say the least.
"Kikkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!" She screamed in anger as she ran for Renee. Kikki jumped up on top of Renee's back and actually bit her in the shoulder! Renee howled in a painful matter before she was able to grab a hold of Kikki and slam her to the ground, causing another explosive mess of madness and mayhem.
Zoey arrived to see the two girls fighting. She felt devastated. If the Corina/Bridget feud seemed bad enough to her, what was this supposed to be? Zoey didn't have time to dwell as she wanted to get in the middle of this fight and resolve it. She pulled out her Rose Bell and began to climb one of the nearby buildings...

As the pushing and shoving and even biting continued between the two giantesses, Zoey began to build up energy for her Rose Bell.
"I'm sorry, my friends, but please forgive me... Rose Bell, full power!!!" Zoey shouted as she unleashed her wave of energy up at the giantesses. The two looked to see it coming and they backed away from each other to avoid getting hit. In backing up, Kikki tripped over a semi truck and fell to the ground, crushing the truck in the process with her feet. Renee showed a sinister grin on her face as she walked slowly towards Kikki, who tried to put on her defenseless look.
"Kikki..." She softly said. Just then, Zoey jumped down between Kikki's feet and looked up bravely at Renee.
"Step back, Renee. I'm not afraid to use this!" Zoey said. Renee saw the tiny Zoey and tried barking at her, but she did not move. Even as Renee inched ever so closer to Zoey, she didn't back down.
"I'm serious... get out of here now!" Zoey shouted as her Rose Bell lit up brightly once more. The brightness must've shocked Renee this time as she yelped a little and ran off in the opposite direction. Zoey sighed in relief knowing that she had just stopped another big brawl from happening. Kikki then picked up Zoey and cuddled her with all her might.
"Hey! Easy, Kikki! Down, Kikki!!!" Zoey shouted, trying to resist the pain from getting smothered against Kikki's face. Kikki seemed to noticed as she put Zoey back down on the ground and patted her on the head.
"Kikki kikki Kikki!!!" She said happily before she ventured off into another part of the city.
"Well, at least she was kind enough to put me back on the ground." Zoey said.

After all of that, Zoey collapsed down to the ground on her knees as she started to feel very much down over this whole thing. In fact, she was struggling to fight off the tears that were slowly coming down her face.
"It's no use... no matter what I do, the girls just go do something else. It's like they don't know who I am anymore. How can I possibly save my friends now!?" Zoey shouted as the tears really came down now.
"Do not give up hope, Zoey." a female voice said behind Zoey.
"Huh? Is that you, Mini-Mew?" Zoey said. She turned around to see that hovering behind her was not Mini-Mew at all, but rather one of the parasites that had possessed the other Mew Mew girls earlier in the day! Zoey quickly got up and backed away from the parasite.
"No... no! You're not going to get me, you evil parasite!" Zoey said.
"It's okay, Zoey, I am not here to harm you. Instead, I am here to help you." the parasite with the female voice said.
"Huh? Help me? How can you help me when you're a parasite... and how can you even talk to begin with!?" Zoey shouted.
"I am known as the last of the one parasite that Dren has used on your friends to make them big and act like the animals they represent. He split the parasite into five pieces, but in the experiment, there was one flaw he forgot to correct. One of us parasites possesses a human spirit, one that is more angelic compared to all the rest." the parasite said. Zoey had a confused look on her face.
"In other words?" Zoey said.
"Dren's mistake has allowed me to gain a human-like spirit, one that wishes to help people rather harm them." the parasite said.
"Uh... okay." Zoey said.
"Zoey, please allow me to be absorbed into your body. Together, we can cure your friends and free the other parasites from their evil ways." the parasite said.
"Wait... you? Inside my body? How do I know this is some sort of trick? What if my cat-like instincts kick in? Then there will be nobody to save this city!" Zoey shouted.
"If you didn't trust me, you surely would have vaporized me by now, or have your Mini-Mew eat me up." the parasite said.
"Hmmm... you know, that is a good point." Zoey said.
"I promise you, Zoey, my powers will be solely for your benefit. Please, allow me to enter your body, and you will have the power to cure your friends." the parasite said. Zoey hesitated, understandably, for a few seconds before looking back at the parasite and making her decision.

"Okay, I'll do it. Anything to get my friends back to normal." Zoey said.
"A wise choice, my friend. Now please relax your body while I prepare you for the transformation." the parasite said. As Zoey took a deep breath and watched as the parasite slowly drifted towards her body, she began to wonder what the thing meant by transformation.
"Transformation? Wait... what does that...!" Before Zoey could finish, her vision blurred out and she fainted.

Dren, Tarb, and Sardon all continued to watch all the madness and mayhem unfold throughout the city.
"Man... how much longer until they destroy all of the city!?" Tarb shouted in another one of his impatient runs.
"Patience, Tarb. It shouldn't be long before all of this city is destroyed!" Sardon said. Dren was looking around every corner of the city when something caught his eye... something not right.
"Huh? What's this?" Dren said. He magically pulled out a pair of binoculars to get a closer look at what he was seeing.

It was Zoey... 20 times bigger than her normal size. Just like the other girls.

Dren knew this was bad news, especially as he thought about how she might have grown.
"Uh, guys... we may have a problem." Dren said.
"What? How can there be a problem when four of the Mew Mews are big and totally helpless in letting their instincts destroy the city? And that Zoey girl is way too small to do anything!" Sardon said.
"Not anymore..." Dren said pointing down to the set of buildings that Zoey was navigating herself around the many buildings.
"What!? How can that be!? There isn't anything that would make Zoey that big! Is there?" Tarb shouted.
"Yes there is. The fifth parasite." Dren said.
"The fifth parasite? You mean the one that split out of our grasp earlier?" Sardon said.
"Yep, and even worse, it must've gotten its human mind developed. I knew that would be a side effect of splitting the parasite up." Dren said.
"Well, if that's the case, why didn't you warn us in the first place!?" Tarb shouted in anger.
"Shut up! I say we quickly think of a way we're going to stop Zoey." Dren said.
"Alright then, start thinking." Sardon said as he and Tarb vanished.
"What!? Hey, come back here! You guys are part of the plan too, you know!" Dren shouted to nothing but empty air where Tarb and Sardon had been floating.

Zoey was doing many things on her way to see Corina, whom would be just as big as Zoey was now with the change that Zoey's body has gone through. Zoey looked exactly the same except for the fact that she was 100 feet tall. She was looking in every direction, especially down to make sure she wasn't crushing anyone on accident, although it didn't help that the loud ringing of the bell on her tail was busting a lot of eardrums. Zoey took a slight moment to compare her size to a building that was also 100 feet tall, give or take.
"Wow... I never really realized what it's like to be so big. My animal instincts didn't make me think much last time this happened to me." Zoey said.
"Yes, it truly is an astounding feeling." the parasite said as it echoed its voice from inside Zoey's mind.
"So, let me get this straight... I'm bigger, but my instincts have not been affected, so I don't have to worry about using buildings as scratching posts. But how can I possibly cure my friends when they wouldn't listen to me at a smaller size?" Zoey said.
"Use your imagination. You are bound to gain their attention now as big as you are. Though I ask that you wait until you have gathered all of the girls together in one place." the parasite said.
"Why?" Zoey asked.
"The healing powers I have granted you can only be used three times. Bringing the girls together will be a lot easier for you on conserving the healing powers inside your Rose Bell. Perhaps you can even reverse all the damage done in the city." the parasite said.
"Oh... kinda like the three wishes I make to a genie, right?" Zoey said as she giggled over her own joke.
"Yeah... something like that." the parasite said, pretending it didn't hear that. Zoey then wiped her grin off and focused back on the task at hand, which was to find the other Mew Mew girls and bring them to Café Mew Mew where they would be treated. On the way, Zoey accidentally slapped a building with her tail.
"Ugh... I still have trouble with this thing!" Zoey shouted.

Corina was at her usual block, this time trying to get her 'babies' to fly in the sky. Of course, we know that such a task was impossible, but that didn't stop Corina from trying, especially when her heightened animal instincts make her think she is a motherly raven. She watched as the young man she was holding in her hand ran off the hand and flapped his arms, but he instead landed back on the 'nest.'
"Awww... it's okay. Just keep trying. Soon we will all learn how to fly like graceful birds of the sky." Corina said.
"Corina." a familiar voice said. Corina looked to see the similarly-sized Zoey standing about a few blocks away.
"Huh? Who are you? And how come you're also as big as me?" Corina asked.
"Corina, listen... you're being influenced by the parasite. Please come with me! I can make you better again!" Zoey said.
"Wait... come with you? And leave my precious children all to themselves? No way!" Corina said. Zoey sighed. Even at her size it was tough to sway Corina with her animal instincts acting the way they are. But she very quickly came up with an idea.
"Well, listen, why don't you take your people with you? I have a... well, I have a nest of my own. One that's bigger than yours!" Zoey shouted. Corina's eyes perked up upon hearing this.
"Really? A nest that's bigger than mine?" Corina said.
"That's what I said. You can give your children much more room than they ever could have." Zoey said. Corina started to approach Zoey as she looked her in the eyes after thinking about this 'offer.'
"Wow... that sounds most wonderful. I would like nothing better than for my children to live more happily than ever before." Corina said.
"That's good. Now how about gathering up your... well, children... and following me." Zoey said.
"Yes, of course, cat lady." Corina said. Indeed, after she had picked up every last human she had saved from her 'nest', the two giantesses made their way back to Café Mew Mew.

Once they got back, Zoey made Corina put the humans down on top of Café Mew Mew.
"There, they'll be safe up there. I have to go... um, get the materials I need to build this bigger nest for you." Zoey said.
"Oh thank you so much. I can't thank you enough for all you are doing for me and my family." Corina said. Zoey nodded as she started to walk back for the city, no doubt to go get Bridget next. Zoey just shook her head.
"Yeesh... that is definitely not Corina's style." Zoey said.
"Don't worry. She'll be back to normal once you have used the new healing powers of the Rose Bell." the parasite said.

Zoey made it back to the docks and saw Bridget far out in the ocean, playing with more submarines.
"Ugh... I'll never reach her from this far. Why did she have to pick the sea... I can't stand cold water!!!" Zoey said.
"Remember, the idea is to get her attention and come up with a story that will get her back to our predetermined location." the parasite said. Zoey was looking down at the water.
"Hmmm... you're right. I've got an idea. Gosh... perhaps my thinking has gotten stronger thanks to you, parasite?" Zoey asked.
"Something like that." the parasite inside Zoey's mind said. Zoey then got down on her knees and started to slowly lick up the water. She would occassionally make splashes with her huge hands as well. All this noise got Bridget's attention as she ran like mad back for the shore.
"Hey hey hey hey hey!!! What are you doing, you stupid cat!? You're drinking up my ocean!" Bridget said.
"Bridget! I'm so glad to see you!" Zoey said as she stood back up to her full height, offering her hand to pull Bridget out of the water. She wouldn't take it just yet.
"Huh? How can a catgirl like you talk?" Zoey said.
"The same way you can talk the way you are right now, Bridget. Now come on, we have to get going!" Zoey said.
"Going? Where?" Bridget said. Zoey took a few seconds to think of the perfect answer that would win Bridget to her side for the time being.

"Um... to a bigger lake!" Zoey said.
"Huh? You mean there is a lake that is much bigger than this one? Even if this one leads to the ocean?" Bridget said.
"Of course! If you come back with me to my place, we can find this large lake together and you can swim for the rest of your lifetime!" Zoey said.
"Really!? That's great! Let's go!" Bridget said as she allowed Zoey to take her hand. The two giantesses stood side-by-side and looked like identical twins to the observing people, mostly because they were exactly the same size, right down to the last inch, of 100 feet tall.
"Oh... um, Ms. Catgirl? Can I take one of these pretty ships with me?" Bridget asked, revealing one of the subs that she had hidden in her hair.
"Well, sure. It shouldn't be a problem!" Zoey said.
"Alright, thank you." Bridget said as the two giantesses made their way to Café Mew Mew.

Later on, Zoey had gone this time to the center of Tokyo, near the Tokyo Tower, with the hopes that Kikki was still in this area. Sure enough, when she looked up at one of the slightly taller buildings, there was Kikki trying to balance herself on top of this building.
"Yoohoo, Kikki!" Zoey shouted, calling out for her friend. Kikki looked down to see the giant Zoey and she got excited.
"Kikki kikki kikki!!!" Kikki said, jumping up and down. In fact, she jumped up and down so much that she slipped off the edge, causing her to crash land back on the ground. But she quickly got up and crawled all around Zoey's feet. Zoey just giggled.
"Yeah, it is nice to see you too. Hey, I got a present for you!" Zoey shouted. Kikki stopped her crawling and had a confused look on her face now, wondering what Zoey could possibly have in mind.
"Kikki?" Kikki asked. Zoey then turned around and started to scan the ground. She only walked a few blocks before spotting the very truck she needed for her plans.

Zoey carefully grabbed the fruit truck, shaking it so the driver would get the hint to get out before she lifted the truck into the air. She then poked a large hole in the back of the truck, causing a stack of bananas to fall out from inside and onto Zoey's outstretched hand. She then turned around and showed the bananas to Kikki.
"Here you go, Kikki! Bananas are good for you!" Zoey said. Kikki's eyes simply sparkled and her mouth was wide open with excitement over seeing this tasty treat.
"Kikkiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! KIKKI! KIKKI!!!!" Kikki shouted as she grabbed all the bananas from Zoey's hand and stuffed them in her mouth. She chomped them up for a few seconds before gulping them all down just like that.
"Wow... you really were hungry, weren't you, Kikki?" Zoey said.
"Kikki kikki kikki!" Kikki said, nodding in agreement all the way.
"Well, how about you come with me to this place I know that has more bananas?" Zoey said.
"KIKKI! Kikki Kikki!!!" Kikki shouted, jumping up and down again in excitement.
"Alright, then let's go!" Zoey said. As the two were heading back to Café Mew Mew, Zoey felt lucky that as mentally transformed as Kikki was, she was still able to understand the English language like any other Mew Mew would.

After returning Kikki to safety and joining her with Corina and Bridget, Zoey's last stop around the city of Tokyo was a few blocks away from the Tokyo Tower, where she would spot Renee. Zoey watched as Renee was standing up and leaning against a slightly bigger building than her own size. She had a rather voluptuous look as she was hugging and kissing the building in all sorts of ways. Zoey felt that a performance like this oughta land her the main part in the upcoming film adaptation of the classic story, "Attack of the 49 1/2 foot Teenager."

"Renee!" Zoey shouted. Renee quickly looked over at Zoey and saw her gigantic body standing a few blocks away. Zoey tried to think of an object she could use to get Renee to follow her, but suddenly the parasite had a better idea.
"Hey, Zoey. You should try using some aspect of your own body to lure Renee back with us." the parasite said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Zoey asked.
"Something that makes a lot of noise... like that bell on your tail." the parasite said.
"What!? Don't you know what wolves do when they hear noises like that?" Zoey said.
"Exactly. Come on, give it a shot. Maybe it'll get us back to the healing spot faster!" the parasite said.
"Ugh... you've got some nerve putting me through this, you know." Zoey said.
"Hey, that's why I was eventually transformed into a parasite by the Cyniclons. Now hurry, we don't have much time!" the parasite said. Zoey took a deep breath and faced Renee again.

Finally, she turned her back, bent herself down a little, and began to shake her tail. The echoes of the bell were ringing all over the city, especially in Renee's wolf ears. In fact, she started to growl menacingly before giving off another howl.
"Oh boy... at least I can have a fighting chance of getting away." Zoey said. She didn't think about the damage she was going to unwillingly cause in just a moment, but she began to tiptoe her way out of the scene before going into a full-on sprint. Renee followed Zoey every single step of the way.

Back at Café Mew Mew, the other three Mew Mew girls were waiting patiently (well, almost with Kikki making a lot of noise waiting for her bananas) for Zoey, the one they call the giant catgirl, to return. And return she did. She ran right past the café, almost running entirely into it when a cat's leap into the sky saved her day. Corina and Bridget suddenly decided to step in the way as they blocked Renee's path towards Zoey.
"Whew... thanks, girls!" Zoey said.
"No problem, I guess... though I don't know exactly why we are protecting you from this wolf girl." Bridget said.
"Me neither. I'm getting this weird feeling all of a sudden. It has to do with my memories." Corina said.
"Zoey!" a voice shouted from ground level. Zoey looked down to see it was Wesley and Elliot, who had just run outside of the café.
"Hey guys! I got the girls back in one place!" Zoey said.
"Yeah... but what's the deal with you? You like being big or something?" Elliot said.
"Hey, shut your trap! It's a long story, and I'll explain it once I heal the girls." Zoey said.
"Yes, it is time, Zoey. Just concentrate on your thinking. Think about the girls returning to their normal selves, and hopefully we will be able to eradicate those four parasites in the process." the parasite said. Zoey simply nodded and silently prayed for the whole plan to work out.
"Okay, girls. Just focus and everything will be okay. Rose Bell... healing power!!!" Zoey shouted. Once that was said, the sky lit up in an insanely bright white color.
"Hey, what's happening? I feel so strange..." Corina said before she fell backwards on the ground.
"Me... too..." Bridget said.
"Kikki..." Kikki said. Renee howled weakly before she too fainted. Zoey almost got distracted from seeing this, but she kept on concentrating.

Eventually, the light died down. Zoey looked to see the girls were lying down on the ground, but they were stirring around to get back up again.
"Huh? They're waking up and they're still giant-sized!" Zoey shouted.
"Patience, Zoey... I will soon have news to report." the parasite said. Indeed, all four girls woke up and some were standing back up.
"Zoey... is that you?" Corina asked.
"Whoa... I had the strangest dream, you guys." Bridget said.
"You too? I could hardly believe what I was dreaming about too!" Kikki said.
"Wait a minute... why is everything so... small?" Renee said as she looked down at Café Mew Mew not quite the same size as all five girls were. Zoey just teared up and ran for her friends, hugging all of them at once.
"Oh... you guys! I missed you sooooooo much!!! I thought I had lost you forever to those parasites!!!" Zoey said.
"Okay, okay, Zoey! We get the hint already! You can let go of us anytime now!" Corina said.
"Ah... now that's the Corina I know!" Zoey said.
"I hate to break up the little reunion, but I'm not done with you yet, Zoey!" a familiar voice said from the skies. The giant Mew Mew girls looked by Zoey's foot to see Dren standing near it.

"What do you want, Dren!?" Zoey said.
"You may be together again, but I have the ultimate plan to stop all of you!" Dren shouted. The other Mew Mew giantesses then started to surround Dren in every direction.
"Seriously, Dren, you oughta think about what you're doing." Corina said with her arms folded.
"Uh... well.. you see... I..." Dren said, stuttering as he tried to find the words while his vision was being overwhelmed by five beautiful giantesses in every direction you could think of.
"Let me crush the little vermin. He deserves to be punished for all his acts of evil." Renee said.
"No way! I wanna crush him!" Kikki shouted.
"But he made me stay in the water for far too long! I feel so cold!" Bridget said.
"He's always the one flirting with me, so I should crush him!" Zoey said.
"Ha! You couldn't crush a flea even if you were 100 feet tall." Corina said with a smirk.
"What was that!?" Zoey shouted in anger.
"Now now, let's all be reasonable..." Bridget said. The five girls continued to argue with each other over who should crush Dren. And while all this was going on, Dren found this as the perfect opportunity to escape.
"Another time, ladies..." Dren said before he vanished into thin air.

About a minute after Dren had disappeared, the girls were still arguing. Elliot and Wesley, holding a megaphone, decided to bring the girls back to reality.
"Uh... ladies! Ladies! Dren's gone." Wesley said. Indeed, the giant girls looked down by their feet to see Dren was gone.
"Awwww... that's too bad." Bridget said.
"Yeah! I really wanted to crush him!" Kikki said.
"We were so busy arguing over who would crush him that we let him slip away." Renee said.
"Hey, don't worry about it, girls. As long as we're all friends, right?" Zoey said.
"Zoey! You still have two healing spells to use!" the parasite said.
"Oh, yeah, that's right, and I know just what to use them on." Zoey said.
"Huh? What are you talking about, Zoey? And who are you talking to?" Corina said.
"Yeah. The only ones that are bigger than normal size are us Mew Mew girls." Renee said.
"Well... that's part of the long story." Zoey said. She took a couple steps forward and faced away from the girls. She looked out at all the damaged spots of the city from where the giantesses, including herself, were having their fun.
"Alright... time to heal this city's wounds. Rose Bell... healing power!" Zoey shouted. The same bright light that engulfed the Mew Mew girls and healed them of their wild and crazy animal instincts started to form around the city. When it was all over, the city looked the same as it ever was.

"Wow... hardly a scratch!" Corina said.
"That Rose Bell sure is something." Bridget said.
"Yeah! Very much something!" Kikki said.
"Thanks, girls, but I think it's time we all shrunk back to normal size, don't you think?" Zoey said.
"Works for me. I couldn't find a movie set this big." Renee said.
"I agree! I'd rather get taller the natural way because it's better that way!" Kikki shouted. Zoey nodded as she looked at her Rose Bell.
"Okay, now I'd like for you to heal all of us as far as size is concerned." Zoey said.
"Alrighty, Zoey, but I should point out that I will be neutralized after you cast this spell, thanks in small part to the healing of yourself." the parasite said.
"Oh?" Zoey said.
"But do not feel sorry for me. I've accomplished what I set out to do. I've served my purpose. If I try to live a normal life, it will only lead to bad things, just like all the other parasites have caused. My existence simply is not possible after today." the parasite said.
"So I see. Well, here goes... Rose Bell, healing power!" Zoey shouted as she held the bell up and allowed its magic to swarm around the girls' bodies. Their vision went out once again.

When the spellcasting was all over and the girls regained consciousness, they looked around to see Café Mew Mew at its normal size, along with the rest of the city in the background. Indeed, the girls were back to their normal size. Wesley and Elliot came up to greet the girls.
"It's so nice to see you all back to your regular selves!" Wesley said.
"Yeah, and we can finally say this crisis is all over." Elliot said.
"Whew... you can say that again! I wouldn't want to see Corina acting like a mother to her little 'children' again!" Zoey said with a giggle.
"What did I do!?!?" Corina said.
"I hope I didn't do anything bad!" Kikki said.
"Well, let's just say you climbed to new heights, Kikki." Zoey said.
"Come on, girls, we can talk about this whole experience inside the café. Everything's on the house again!" Wesley said. All the girls cheered as they started to run back inside.
"You know we have to keep a profit to keep this place going..." Elliot said.
"Hey, come on, they must be starving! Their appetites grew with them, after all!" Wesley said, as he and Elliot both walked back inside as well. And with all that in mind, the case of the size-changing parasites was finally over.