Grown Instincts


Cyniclons Dren slumped his way into the chambers of Deep Blue, knowing that he was going to hear an earful knowing that he had failed once again to stop the Mew Mews from interfering with their plans.
"Dren... you have failed me once again. Perhaps it is time I find a more suitable replacement, like Tarb or Sardon." Deep Blue said.
"Please, Deep Blue, give me one last chance! I promise I have the ultimate plan to stop those Mew Mews!" Dren shouted.
"Oh please, I have heard that many times before, yet you have failed to deliver the results I look for." Deep Blue said. Dren was nibbling on his fingers, trying to think of this ultimate plan that he mentioned.
"I... I can make Zoey fall in love with me and then she can destroy the Mew Mews for us!" Dren shouted.
"Silence, fool! Leave my sight at once, I need time to be alone." Deep Blue said. Dren followed orders and left the room.

In another dark chamber, Dren was sitting by his lonesome, frustrated that he didn't get the second chance he deserved. He stared at his gallery of parasites that he normally uses to possess things and transform them into monsters.
"(sigh) Deep Blue just doesn't trust me. I know I can be better if I just had the right opportunity." Dren said. That opportunity soon arose when he looked at one of his parasites, one that was constantly changing size from bigger to smaller.
"Hmmm... one of the more weirder parasites. I've never really had a use for this thing." Dren said. Just then, he had an idea come to his head. He was questioning himself many times over the sanity of this idea, but he knew more than anyone this was his last chance at success. He took the parasite and then teleported out to go search for Zoey Hanson...

Zoey was walking down the streets of Tokyo, reeling after a hard day's worth of school, and it didn't make her feel much better when she had to be at the MewMew Café within the next 10 minutes.
"(sigh) What a day. I almost spill the beans in front of Mark, and I really did spill the beans at the café yesterday. I don't know why Corina had to yell at me... she was the one not looking." Zoey said. Just then, Dren appeared on top of one of the nearby street lights.
"Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" Dren said.
"Ack! Dren, what do you want!? Don't tell me you're trying to win my heart as usual because I'm still not interested!" Zoey shouted.
"Tsk tsk tsk... as luck would have it, I'm not interested in you today. At least... not the way you are right now!" Dren said.
"Huh? What do you mean by that?" Zoey asked. Dren then pulled out the parasite that he was planning to infect Zoey with.
"Here... consider this a gift from my heart to yours." Dren said as he threw the parasite towards Zoey. He threw it so fast, she didn't have time to get out of the way as it got absorbed into her body. Zoey got up after falling onto the ground.
"Dren! What did you..." Before Zoey could finish, Dren was already gone.
"Oh no... what am I going to do? What is that parasite going to do to me?" Zoey said in panic. But she kept on walking towards the MewMew Café. However, the closer she got, the more dizzy she felt. She was having trouble maintaining her balance.
"Ugh... so tired... so weak." Zoey said as she saw her vision start to blur out. Wesley and Elliott, who of course run the café and were in charge of the MewMew operations, were the first to see Zoey collapse on the ground.
"Zoey!" Wesley shouted as he ran to her side.
"Must've been another hard day at school for her." Elliott said, sounding as cool and calm as usual.
"Maybe so... ugh... can you give me a hand, Elliott? She seems to have put on a little more weight than usual." Wesley said. He and Elliott than carried Zoey inside, unaware of the major changes her body was going through.

Zoey slowly but surely woke up inside the café with the other MewMew girls watching her.
"Hey there, Zoey! You look a lot better now!" Kikki shouted.
"Wesley said you fainted just outside the café. We were all worried for you." Bridget said.
"Gee, thanks everyone. I don't know what came over me." Zoey said.
"Do you remember what happened?" Renee asked.
"Well, gee... I don't know. For some reason my memory is a little foggy." Zoey said.
"Well, what's most important is you're awake now. So how about getting back to work?" Elliott said.
"Hey, come on, Elliott! She just woke up and is probably still a little tired." Bridget said.
"Yeah, even I have to agree. We should give her a chance to get back all her strength." Corina said.
"No, it's okay, guys. I can work." Zoey said as she slowly got up and slightly wobbled towards the double doors that led to the main café area. The other girls stood looking at each other.
"Something weird's going on. It's not like Zoey to suddenly spring to work like that." Corina said.
"She's just getting in better touch with her Mew Mew strengths, that's all." Elliott said.
"I hope you're right! Zoey's too good a leader to have issues like that!" Kikki said, once again raising her voice like she always does. The other girls soon got back to work themselves.

For the first fifteen minutes or so, everything seemed normal. But this is when everyone started to notice some changes in Zoey. Her dizziness spells were starting to return as she fumbled around all sorts of food and drinks onto the guests, who naturally all complained about the lousy service. Zoey's cat-like instincts were even starting to kick in. Whenever she spotted someone drinking a bottle of milk, she would pounce onto this person and try to grab the bottle.
"Zoey! What's gotten into you?" Corina said.
"Oh... sorry Corina... I'm just... not feeling myself today..." Zoey said, faintly. Just then, her cat-like instincts kicked in again when a little kid dropped his rubber ball and Zoey was playing with it as if it were a piece of yarn.
"Zoey! Get a hold of yourself!" Bridget shouted. This time all the girls got into the act as they tried to restrain Zoey down to the ground.
"Are you sure you're alright, Zoey?" Renee asked.
"Yeah! I thought you were getting good at controlling your cat-like nature!" Kikki said.
"Girls... I... I don't feel so good..." Zoey said. She then fainted once more, and this time, her body was glowing a bright white color as well. Wesley ran up to the girls.

"Zoey? What's happening to her?" Wesley said.
"I don't know. She just fainted on us again... and her cat-like instincts were in overdrive!" Bridget said.
"Hey... look!" Kikki shouted as she pointed down at Zoey. They realized that she had transformed into her Mew Mew outfit.
"Zoey transformed! Did you hear anyone shout out to her power pendant?" Wesley asked. Everyone shook their head.
"And besides... we're in front of a wide group of people. Zoey would never reveal her identity like that." Renee said. Indeed, many people had just realized what was going on. But before they had time to think... something else was happening.

Zoey began to grow!

"Hey! Zoey's getting bigger!" Kikki shouted. And she was growing quite fast. Already she looked to be about 30 feet tall as her growing body was knocking down tables and chairs. The people inside were scrambling to get out of the building in case Zoey got too big for it. Elliott and Mini-Mew joined Wesley and the girls in the room.
"Parasite alert! Parasite alert!" Mini-Mew shouted.
"Huh? Where? I don't see any monsters around?" Corina asked.
"Doesn't matter... we need to get out of here before this whole place collapses." Elliott said, noting how the now 100-foot-tall Zoey was beginning to crowd the main café. Everyone started to run for the main entrance doors... but Zoey's red boot suddenly blocked it.
"Dang it! We're trapped!" Kikki said.
"Not yet, ladies! Follow me to the secret chambers... they were built to withstand catastrophes like this!" Wesley shouted. Everyone worked around Zoey's growing body and got into the back room, where Elliott and Wesley ran the main Mew Mew operations. The girls got as far back as they could as they watched from the monitors their beloved café getting destroyed piece by piece.

Outside, people were running like the wind and looking back to see the café slowly crumble apart. It was soon entirely replaced by Zoey's growing body... but she was still growing! But Zoey finally did stop growing eventually until she was bigger than anything the city had ever seen. She was nearly 500 feet tall, quite goddess-sized. Zoey slowly rolled over as she regained consciousness.
"Wha... What's happened to me?" Zoey said, still feeling tired from what's happened. She then looked down at all the people that were running away from her. And the moment she saw these little people was when her mind started to warp out again.
"Oohhh... look at all those little mice. They look sooooo tasty..." Zoey said as she licked her lips together. The little people could only panic even further as soon as they heard those words...

Inside the shelter, which was the only thing still standing after the MewMew Café was destroyed by the growing Zoey, the girls regained their composure from running for their lives and looked at the surveillance monitors to see Zoey at 500 feet tall and crawling on her hands and knees as she licked her lips at the small group of people that were running away.
"How could this have possibly happened?" Bridget said.
"Didn't Mini-Mew say something about a parasite nearby?" Corina asked.
"I'm inclined to think the parasite this time is Zoey." Wesley said.
"This is terrible! Zoey's way taller than Renee now! We've got to do something!!!" Kikki shouted. Renee flinched her eyebrows upon hearing that.
"Gee, thanks for the encouraging words." Renee said.
"You really think a parasite is the reason for Zoey's current condition?" Corina said.
"Well? You have another way that Zoey could possibly grow like that?" Elliott asked in a slightly sarcastic tone. Corina just shrugged.
"Just asking... sheesh..." she said.
"Well, we can't just stand here and watch her harm those innocent people!" Kikki shouted.
"True, and we can't let stray cats like her into the city either." Elliott said, pointing to the monitors showing that the giant Zoey was getting very close to the city.
"I say we get going... we gotta stall her as long as we can!" Renee said. The other girls then transformed into their MewMew states and then ran out the door.
"Those girls better be careful... Zoey's bigger than anything we could've imagined." Wesley said.
"You can say that again." Elliott said.

Meanwhile, just outside the city, Zoey (transformed as a MewMew) was crawling around like the cat her animal instincts made her out to be. People were running away as fast as they could, although there were a few that would unfortunately be crushed beneath her massive body. At 500 feet tall, Zoey was covering a lot of ground. She reached down and grabbed a group of people and licked her tongue around her lips.
"Meeeowwwwwwww... I just love eating little mice!" Zoey said. She then dropped the handful of people into her mouth as they fell down into her stomach. She looked ahead to see more little people running away from her, and she hopped directly in front of them, cracking the ground from landing so hard.
"There'sssssssssss no escaping from me, you little rodentssssssssss..." Zoey said, sounding more and more cat-like by the minute. She grabbed this group of people and shoved them down her mouth with no hesitation.

She then looked over to see she was kneeling down right next to an office complex, and by her knees was a platinum-made structure of our planet Earth. But of course, Zoey had different ideas on what she was looking at.
"Oooohhh... what a pretty ball of yarn!" Zoey said. She reached down to rip the globe from its foundation as it fit perfectly in her hand as big as she was. Zoey then rolled her body all around the office complex while she was pouncing all over the globe, like any cat would do with a ball of yarn. She even laid down flat on her back and juggled the globe into the air with her hands.

After juggling it for about a minute or two, Zoey let the globe crash to the ground and shatter into a thousand pieces. As Zoey sat up close to the office building, she suddenly could visualize the structure in a different manner. A completely different manner.
"Wow... look at that pretty scratching post... sitting there just for me!" Zoey said as she drooled over the sight of the 'scratching post.' Her saliva was dripping down onto the streets, soaking trees, park benches, and of course, panicking people. Zoey then started to scratch the building piece by piece. She watched as many concrete chunks that make up the heart of the building fell down to the ground.
"Meeeeowwwww.... it'sssssssss not a very strong scracthing possssst..." Zoey said, her cat-like voice dragging on. She finally decided to stop when there was a gaping hole in the building filled with brave onlookers that looked up at the mega giantess. This would prove to be a big mistake as Zoey once again smiled and licked her lips.
"Mmmmmm... more tasty mice for me to eat!" Zoey said as she reached in with her two hands and grabbed almost a hundred people from deep within the torn up office building. Very quickly she dumped all the people she had grabbed into her mouth. After finishing up her latest course, she turned her attention towards nearby Tokyo.
"Now that's a pretty city over there... maybe I'll go explore it!" Zoey shouted, standing up for the first time and making her way towards Tokyo.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Mew Mew girls (already transformed) had just gotten to where Zoey had been playing all this time. The damage was evident as they looked around to see cracks in the pavement, bloody remains of humans that had been eaten up, as well as the remains of the famed platinum globe from the nearby office complex, which was of course badly damaged.
"This is horrible... how could Zoey be so dense!? Doesn't she realize the kind of harm she has brought?" Corina shouted.
"Well, we gotta remember, Corina. This is a parasite's doing. I'm sure Zoey wouldn't intentionally cause harm." Bridget said.
"Look! There she is!" Kikki shouted. The four girls watched as the massive Zoey started walking towards the city of Tokyo. She certainly was huge... the girls looked like mere specks compared to her giant size.
"But it's not gonna be pretty when she gets to Tokyo." Renee said.
"Come on, girls! We have to stop her somehow!" Corina said as the four girls started to run after the enlarged Zoey.

The people of Tokyo ran like crazy as they tried their best to avoid being crushed or eaten by the giant-sized Zoey. Her cat tail was swinging itself back and forth... crashing into buildings and sweeping innocent lives away. No matter which way you put it, it was chaos and pandemonium everywhere in the city. And even when she wasn't destroying anything, the bell attached on her tail was making some of the loudest noises that people could possibly take.

Dren was watching all this destruction unfold from atop one of the buildings in Tokyo.
"Hmmm... this is working better than I thought. Maybe too much better..." Dren said. While he was happy to see such destruction taking place, he started to feel maybe this was a bit overkill. On that note, he started to jump from building to building in order to catch up with Zoey. Finally he landed on the closest building possible before flying up to Zoey's face.
"Uh... hey, Zoey, my girl. Having a good time?" Dren asked. Zoey turned her head to get a good look at Dren that was floating at eye level.
"Oooohh... you're so cute. You'd make a great cat's toy!" Zoey said.
"What!? Me!? Hey, what are you doing?" Dren said as he saw Zoey reach up and grab him with her gloved hand. Dren tried to move out of the way but Zoey was too quick for him.
"We're gonna have soooooo much fun together... purrrrrrrrrrr." Zoey said as she held Dren up against her chest, cuddling him.

Zoey then looked down and noticed a group of people stuck by her feet. She had instantly noticed them turn around, but she put her other foot down, blocking the other exit out of the city. The people then had no choice but to run into a dingy alley. It wasn't until a few minutes of running that they realized that they had run into a dead end. Zoey once again licked her lips, salivating over being able to eat another large group of people.
"You little mice were pretty foolish to run away from a big cat such as myself." Zoey said.
"Zoey!!!" a familiar voice shouted. Zoey, with her sensitive cat ears, was able to pick up the voice and look down next to her knees to see a smaller building with her fellow Mew Mew friends standing on top of it. Zoey got down on her knees, crushing the many people and caving in the alley in the process, and looked at the girls while holding Dren.
"Zoey! It's us! Your friends!" Corina shouted.
"Frrrrrrrrrrrriendsssssssssss?" Zoey said, meowing in tune with her words. The other girls covered their ears because her voice was so loud.
"Wow! Zoey's voice is way up on the decibel chart!" Kikki shouted.
"Zoey... we can help you! Tell us what's wrong!" Bridget said.
"What are you all talking about? I'm just fiiiiiiiiiine...." Zoey said, meowing again. Dren was sweating as he looked down on the girls from Zoey's closed hand.
"Uh... hey, girls? Mind helping out your good ol' buddy?" Dren said.
"As if we would do that! What did you do to her, Dren!?" Corina said.
"Hey, don't get smart with me! All I did was fuse a parasite with her body that made her act more like a cat... I didn't think it would make her this gigantic and independent!" Dren shouted.
"Well, you should've done your homework on your own parasites." Renee said.
"What do we do, Corina!? What do we do?" Kikki shouted.
"What else? We get that parasite out of her! Heart Arrow!" Corina shouted. She then powered up her main weapon, the Heart Arrow, and fired it up at Zoey. It struck her somewhere in the left leg, but it had no effect on her.

"What!? It didn't work?" Corina said.
"Get real, Corina. She's way too big for our attacks to harm her." Renee said.
"Bleh... and I thought you girls could stop anything!" Dren shouted.
"Oooohhh... you're being naughty, you little guy! Maybe I should eat you too." Zoey said.
"Wait!!! I didn't mean that!! Stop!!!" Dren shouted before he too was swallowed by the giantess. She then looked straight down at the girls with nothing but an evil satisfying grin.
"Say... maybe you girls could make nice new play toys!" Zoey shouted.
"Now just a moment! I resent that remark!" Corina shouted in protest.
"Never mind that, Corina! We gotta get out of here!" Bridget said as she pulled her friend backwards... that's because Zoey was reaching down for the girls! Renee, without thinking much, looked behind her and saw how high up they were from the ground.
"Everyone jump!" Renee shouted before she leaped off.
"Hey!!! Wait for Kikki!" Kikki shouted before she followed suit. Corina and Bridget didn't argue knowing that they could survive any fall as Mew Mews. They jumped off just as Zoey grabbed nothing but the building as it crumbled behind our girls.

The girls landed safely on the pavement and quickly started running away from the carnage that was occuring behind them. Zoey opened up her hand to see nothing but building pieces. She tossed them aside and looked to see the girls standing next to her toes.
"Tricky little mice, aren't you? Maybe I'll just step on you instead!" Zoey said as she lifted her dark pink-colored boot.
"Everybody run! There's a giant Zoey on the loose!!!" Kikki shouted.
"We kinda figured that, Kikki! Just run!!!" Corina ordered. The girls started running and were able to get away just as the boot slammed down on the ground. The chase soon was on as Zoey taunted the girls with small steps that intentionally fell short of crushing the girls.

As the girls kept on running, Corina's pendant started to make beeping noises, signifying that either Elliott or Wesley wanted to communicate with the team. Corina took it off and looked into it to see Elliott's face.
"Hey Corina. I see you're getting your day's worth of exercise." Elliott said.
"Don't get smart with me, Elliott! We're on the run from Zoey in case you haven't noticed!" Corina said.
"I figured that. It's kinda customary to have a chase scene when there's a giantess attack." Elliott said. Bridget was overhearing the conversation.
"Geez... this guy acts so cool under pressure... even when our Zoey is 500 feet tall!" Bridget said. Wesley then joined Elliott in the picture.
"Never mind Elliott, girls. We've figured out a way to return Zoey to her regular self." Wesley said.
"Well, go ahead and say it!" Corina shouted.
"You'll have to destroy the parasite. It's still in its raw form inside Zoey's stomach." Wesley said.
"Wait a minute... are you saying the parasite is inside Zoey's body?" Bridget asked.
"And we have to go inside Zoey to find the parasite?" Corina asked.
"That's pretty much the jest of it." Elliott said.
"Eeeeewwww!!! Gross! I'm not gonna cover myself in saliva and stomach acids just to save Zoey's life!" Corina shouted.
"But Corina, if we don't do this... we may never be able to save Zoey!" Bridget said.
"She's right, and besides, it's no fun playing the part of a giant woman. I should know..." Renee said.
"You mean you were a giantess yourself!?" Kikki shouted. Renee's wolf ears flinched upon hearing that.
"I almost did... thank goodness I turned that part down." Renee said.
"Alright, fine... we'll do it, but I'm heading straight for the showers when this is all over!" Corina said.
"But how are we gonna get ourselves swallowed by Zoey!?" Kikki shouted. All four girls then stopped running.
"Simple. We let her eat us." Renee said. Indeed, Zoey had finally caught up with the four girls as she reached down to pick them up.

Zoey then smiled down on her tiny friends.
"Well, little mice, any last wordsssssssssss before I eat you up?" Zoey asked.
"Yeah... hang in there, Zoey! We'll save you!" Kikki shouted. With that said, Zoey threw her hand back towards her mouth, dumping the four Mew Mew girls inside. They all landed on her tongue as they looked around and saw the many humans, either dead or alive, that she had eaten. Corina was taking it hard especially when she looked at one of the more bloodier bodies.
"Oh my god... I think I'm gonna puke..." Corina said. Renee then grabbed onto her as she fell backwards.
"Hang in there, girl. We've gotta do this together." Renee said.
"So where is the parasite!?" Kikki shouted. Bridget looked around until she saw the flashing light from deep within her stomach.
"There! Down further into her stomach!" Bridget said.
"Well then, let's dive!" Renee said as she was the first to run across the tongue and then leap down into the gaping hole that represented the pathway from Zoey's mouth to her stomach. Kikki and Bridget, holding onto Corina, all followed suit. They fell down the dark black chambers for what felt like a few minutes. As they got closer, the light grew stronger in intensity.

Finally, the Mew Mew girls splashed down in Zoey's stomach full of fluids and a little bit of stomach acid as well from Zoey digesting the many humans she had eaten today. Corina was still grossed out.
"Ugh... I still wish there was a better idea than this. Yuck!" Corina shouted. Bridget was the first to point to the larger-than-normal parasite.
"There's the nasty parasite!" Bridget shouted.
"Let's attack it together, girls!" Renee shouted.
"Heart Arrow!" Corina shouted.
"Deep Sea Submerge Attack!" Bridget shouted.
"Tamborine Trench!" Kikki shouted.
"Purple Dagger!" Renee shouted. All the attacks from the girls formed into one and they headed straight for the parasite. Once the attacks hit, the parasite suddenly started to shrink and grow in different sizes. It then let loose with an exploding sound as Zoey's entire stomach started to fill with light.
"Hey! What's going on!?" Corina shouted as all the girls had to shield their eyes. Then, suddenly, outside in Tokyo, Zoey clutched her stomach when she felt it vibrating badly.

"Meeowwww... I don't feel so goooooooooooood..." Zoey said faintly before she collapsed on her knees and started coughing. After a few coughs, she fell down on her back, flattening a good portion of the city, and left her mouth wide open, which had a tremendous amount of light pouring out. Suddenly, pieces of the light started to break off. They flew to the ground and reformed into people... the same people that Zoey had eaten this entire time! They were looking around like nothing had ever happened to them. The evil Dren was also revitalized.
Buildings even started to be repaired by the power of this light that apparently came from the parasite. The light even reached as far as the MewMew Café as it was restored to its normal state! Tokyo was its outside suburbs were soon almost back to the way they were before Zoey's strike.
As for the MewMew girls? They also got teleported back outside the city. Just as they were asking themselves what had just happened, they watched as Zoey slowly started to shrink back to her normal size. The girls ran over to her side as soon as she was back to normal.

"Zoey! Zoey! Can you hear us?" Corina asked. Zoey, still transformed, slowly started to open her eyes and see her friends
"Ugh... Corina? Kikki? Bridget? Renee?" Zoey asked.
"Hooray! Zoey's okay! Zoey's okay!!!" Kikki shouted, dancing around Renee in celebration.
"You okay, kiddo?" Renee asked.
"Yeah... what just happened to me?" Zoey said.
"Oh, let's just say you were pouncing around high places." Bridget said.
"Pouncing around...? Wait a minute... was I transformed into a cat? Mark didn't see me, did he? Oh man... he'll flip if he ever found out the truth!" Zoey said. The other girls just laughed.
"Yep, she's back to her old self." Corina said. Elliott and Wesley ran to Zoey to help her up on her feet.
"Zoey, you OK?" Elliott said.
"Yes, I'm fine." Zoey said.
"That's good. What's even better is that Tokyo and the MewMew Café are back to their normal selves." Wesley said. Bridget looked around Tokyo to indeed see the buildings that had previously been trashed by the mega-sized Zoey were back to their normal state.
"What? How is that possible?" Bridget asked.
"We were lucky the Cyniclons sent out a memory-preserving parasite. The kind of parasite that's very dangerous, yet keeps its memory to reverse any harm done once it has been destroyed." Elliott said.
"Well, that's good news indeed." Renee said.
"What do you all say we celebrate at the Café? On the house!" Wesley said.
"Woohoo! Nothing like free goodies to celebrate the end of a long day!" Zoey said.
"Then what are we waiting for!? Let's get going!" Kikki shouted. All five Mew Mew girls, along with Elliott, Wesley, and Mini-Mew all started to walk back towards the Café to celebrate.

Meanwhile, Dren had watched the happy reunion take place from behind one of the warehouses.
"And so ends that plan... I'll admit it worked a bit too well even for me." Dren said. But he then looked on a mini monitor that was displaying his secret room full of parasites. He focused his attention on four more that were constantly changing size like the one Zoey was possessed with earlier.
"But I wonder how the effects would work on the other girls... Zoey would have even her hands tied up." Dren said, back to laughing evilly over thinking about such a diabolical plan. But he agreed to save this plan for much later when extreme measures needed to be taken. For now, he flew up to the skies and teleported away to think of his next regular plan to stop the Mew Mew girls.