A Game of Cat & Kish

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by DrDark7)

Ichigo Momomiya walked down the sidewalk holding a cell phone up against her right ear.
“I’m telling you, Lettuce, you are going to LOVE these new grapes I found the other day. The farmer told me they’re freshly grown! I know you love the ones from that food stand a lot, but aren’t you always telling me to explore something new every day? Alright, good! I’ll give them to you tomorrow morning at the café. Later, Lettuce!” Ichigo said as she put the phone in one of her shorts pockets. She casually made her way underneath a large oak tree when all of a sudden a familiar person swung down in front of her.
“Hey there, kitten!” Kish said as he hung upside down from one of the tree branches. Ichigo jumped back in pure shock from the villain’s sudden appearance.
“ACK!!! Kish, what are you doing here!?” Ichigo shouted.
“What else? I’d like to have some of those grapes you bought. And maybe a kiss or two.” Kish said with that fiendish smile he always had.
“Ugh… don’t you know when to give up!? Besides, I already have a boyfriend! Don’t you have some cute alien girl wherever you come from!?” Ichigo said.
“Trust me, Ichigo, my beautiful girl of nine lives. You’re the one I want!” Kish shouted as he dropped off the tree branch and landed on his feet. Ichigo quickly dropped her shopping bag and grabbed her Mew Pendant, holding it above her head.
“Mew Mew Strawberry… Metamorphose!” Ichigo shouted.

30 seconds later, Ichigo was transformed into her Mew Mew form, complete with Strawberry Bell already in her hands.
“I’ll give you a taste of cat spirit! Nya!” Ichigo as she posed like she always does after transforming.
“Heeheehee! I never get tired of that line.” Kish said.
“Alright, Kish! Quit kidding around! Where’s your monster for this week?” Ichigo asked.
“No monster… I promise! It’s just you and me.” Kish said as he fired a green energy beam towards Ichigo, who quickly dodged to her right.
“If you want me, Kish, come and get me!” Ichigo shouted as she went running in the opposite direction.
“Ooooooh… I like when you play hard to get!” Kish said as he went flying after the pink-haired Mew Mew girl.

The two eventually made their way to a nearby park (that was thankfully empty), and for the next couple of minutes, they either battled or chased each other around the area. Ichigo hoped Kish would eventually tire out and disappear, but today he seemed more determined than ever to capture her. As Ichigo made another run away from the villain, Musha floated alongside her.
“Ichigo! Ichigo!” Musha said.
“Musha! I’m a little busy right now!” Ichigo shouted.
“Use mouse energy wave! Use mouse energy wave!” Musha shouted.
“Huh? The what? How is that supposed to help me?” Ichigo asked.
“Here kitty kitty kitty!” Kish said as he made a dramatic leap towards Ichigo, who screamed out at first.
“AHHHHH! Strawberry Bell… Mouse Energy Wave!” Ichigo shouted as she held her Strawberry Bell in front of her. It suddenly let out a bright light… bright enough to make everyone (including Musha) shield their eyes.
Kish landed face first in the ground, his jump interrupted because he had to cover his eyes from Ichigo’s Strawberry Bell.
“Whoa… that was some intense light.” Kish said. He then looked around… the scenery looked very different.
“Huh? Where am I?” Kish said. He looked in front of him and saw a very large wall that was colored dark pink. His eyes slowly made their way up, and he gulped nervously. That ‘wall’ was actually one of Ichigo’s boots.
“*gulp* Ichigo?” Kish asked.

Ichigo, meanwhile, finally opened her eyes and looked around. She didn’t see Kish anywhere in sight.
“Huh? Where did Kish go? Don’t tell me I finally vaporized him!” Ichigo said.
“On the ground, Ichigo! On the ground!” Musha shouted. Ichigo looked at the ground and lightly gasped. There was Kish… reduced to a mere three inches tall.
“*gasp* He’s teeny tiny now!” Ichigo said. Musha finally made it a little clear what Ichigo had done.
“Mouse energy wave reduces enemy to mouse size.” Musha said.
“Really? Wow… I didn’t think I had that kind of power! Why didn’t you or Keiichiro or Ryou tell me!?” Ichigo said.
“No clue, Ichigo! No clue!” Musha said. Kish listened in on the conversation, realizing that Ichigo was gigantic because she had literally cut hum down to size. He slowly backed away from the giantess.
“Well, um… I’d love to stay and chat, Ichigo, but I think it’s time I got back to Deep Blue! Later, kitty!” Kish said as he turned around and ran away. Realizing the incredible opportunity now in front of her, Ichigo didn’t want to let the shrunken villain get away.
“Hey! Come back here!” Ichigo said as she went running after Kish.

Kish had another big problem on his hands as he occasionally turned around and looked back at the giant Ichigo fast approaching. He tried flying through the air again… but he was unable to do so.
“Huh? I can’t fly anymore? That must be another part of that power Ichigo blasted me with!” Kish said. Finally, Ichigo made a firm stomp just behind the tiny Kish. Although he wasn’t crushed, the shockwave from the stomp was strong enough to knock him off his feet. As Kish rolled onto his back, he looked up and saw Ichigo reaching down with one of her gloved hands.
“Eeeeep!” Kish shouted as he felt himself being wrapped up in the giantess’s glove. Only his head stuck out as Ichigo raised the shrunken alien up to her head.
“Teeheehee… how does it feel to be wrapped up in my hands, Kish?” Ichigo said.
“Well… quite nice, actually.” Kish said with half a smile on his face.
“Pfffft… still trying to flatter me even if you’re super small. Well, maybe you won’t be so cocky after I’ve played with you. Nya!” Ichigo said.
“P…p…played with me?” Kish asked.
“Of course! You’re like a little mouse to me now… and you know how cats loooooooove to play with their mice.” Ichigo said. The giantess was right, Kish thought. He didn’t have the size or power anymore to do with Ichigo whatever he liked. He could only shiver nervously as he stared right into her pink-colored eyes. It made him more nervous when he saw Ichigo now licking her lips.
“Now then, let us go to my home so I can decide what to do with you next!” Ichigo said as she closed her gloved hands together and walked down the streets. Musha floated behind her head, but eventually he flew away to return to the café (unknown to her).

A few minutes later, Ichigo was back at her home, and she immediately caught an important detail as she looked next to the front door.
“Oh… my parents aren’t home yet. Good!” Ichigo said as she curiously (at least to Kish) remained transformed in her Mew Mew form. Ichigo reached underneath the doormat for a spare key, and used it to open up the front door. Ichigo walked inside her home and jumped on the nearby couch, opening up her hands and looking down at the shrunken Kish again.
“Welcome to my home, mousey Kish!” Ichigo said.
“Mousey!?” Kish shouted rather frustratingly. Ichigo stared at Kish for several seconds, licking her lips once more. She was becoming quite mesmerized with seeing Kish literally in her gloved hands.
“Now then… you said you’ve wanted to get close to me. Well, now’s your chance!” Ichigo said.
“What… what are you going to do to me?” Kish asked.
“You know, I really enjoyed our chase in the park. Why don’t we keep it going?” Ichigo said. That’s when the teenage girl set Kish down on the floor. She then got down on her hands and knees, wiggling her tail and causing the bell on its end to jingle.
“You better get running before I catch you and eat you up. Nya!” Ichigo said. Kish didn’t think twice. He turned around and got running while Ichigo pounced after him.

Kish breathed heavily as he tried to keep running at top speed with the giant Ichigo right behind him. He tried shooting some energy at her, but even that wasn’t working.
“Darn it! What’s happened to all my powers!? I really underestimated that girl and her Mouse Energy Wave!” Kish said to himself as he made a last minute jump over one of Ichigo’s gloved hands. Kish then looked in the distance and saw a hole in the wall resembling the mouse holes from old American cartoons. Kish wondered at first why anybody would have such a thing in their house in this day and age, but given the giant-sized alternative chasing him from behind, he didn’t think twice about using it to take cover.
“Well, I might as well live like a mouse since I’m sized like one!” Kish shouted as he went to a full on sprint. About 30 seconds later, he made it inside, with Ichigo lightly crashing into the wall as she didn’t put the brakes on her cat-like crawling fast enough.
“Ow!” Ichigo said as she rubbed her nose. But she quickly recovered and peeked an eye inside the mouse hole. Kish looked outside to see where Ichigo was, but quickly hid when he saw one of Ichigo's huge eyes.
"Teehee… you can't hide forever, mousey Kish!” Ichigo said as she reached inside. Kish watched as the giant gloved hand moved back and forth as Ichigo tried to feel him out.

As Kish watched the giant hand move around, it was then that Kish realized something.
“Wait a second. What am I hiding for? It was always my dream to be by Ichigo’s side.” Kish said to himself. He took a deep breath before he continued, “We can make it work. I just gotta get used to her fantastic size.”
He then ran towards the palm of the hand. Ichigo felt this and pulled her hand out of the mouse hole with Kish squarely in her palm.
“Teeheehee! I finally caught you!” Ichigo said.
“Yes… yes you did.” Kish said.
“Oh, what’s this? A moment ago you were fearing for your life.” Ichigo said.
“Ichigo… there’s nothing I want in this world more than to be in your beautiful hands.” Kish said.
“Mmmmm… I like the way you think. Then again, you’re at a far more managable size.” Ichigo said. She then stuck her tongue out and gave Kish’s entire body a good lick.
“Hey! What was that for!?” Kish said as he wiped the saliva off his upper body.
“Why not? You’re like a little mouse now. Heck, you’re the perfect size for a cat toy! And speaking of which…” Ichigo said. She got to her feet and walked back into the living room, and this time she got down on the floor and laid flat on her back. Just as Kish wondered what Ichigo had in mind, she then tossed him up and down in the air.
"WHOA!!!" Kish shouted as he kicked his arms and legs around while both rising and falling in the air until Ichigo caught him.
“Nyaaaa!” Ichigo said as she threw Kish up a few more times. Once Ichigo felt she had tossed Kish up and down enough, she let him fall down on top of her chest. Before Kish could catch his breath, though, Ichigo picked him up again.
“Hmmm… let’s see… what else can I do with my new mouse toy? Oh, I know!” Ichigo said.

She stood back up and reached behind her back, gently grabbing her tail with her other hand. She held Kish just above the tail.
“You better hold on tight, mousey Kish!” Ichigo said. As soon as Kish reached out and grabbed the tail, Ichigo released her grip on it and allowed it to move around freely. Already Kish could feel the world spinning rapidly around him.
“Whoa Whoa WHOA!!!” Kish said as he held on for dear life while Ichigo moved herself and her tail around the living room, going into a bit of a dance as she moved about. It didn’t help that Kish was so close to the bell on Ichigo’s tail, so his ears were in for a ringing (no pun intended! ^_____^). Kish eventually couldn’t hold on any longer and went flying off the tail, although he did grab the giant dark pink bow attached to it as a last resort. But his hands were simply too tired to hold onto anything, and he went flying for the ground. Luckily he landed on a soft rug, but that was the least of his worries. He watched as Ichigo was dancing towards where he landed.
“Ichigo! Ichigo!” Kish shouted as he tried to get the giantess’s attention, only to see the bottom of one of her dark pink boots coming right for him!
“Yipes!” Kish said as he went running away from the boot before it could crush him. Just then, however, he heard Ichigo laughing from behind. He looked back at her.
“Teeheehee! You should’ve seen the look on her face when you tried calling up to me!” Ichigo said.
“Wait… you mean you knew I had fallen off your tail!?” Kish asked.
“Of course! Come on, you aliens should know how sensitive a cat’s tail is!” Ichigo said. Kish didn’t have much of a reaction after that. In fact, it was obvious to Ichigo that he was kinda pouting. She approached the shrunken alien and kneeled down.

“What’s wrong?” Ichigo asked.
“Sorry… I’m just… conflicted. I don’t know whether to feel safe or in danger. You don’t have any idea how long and hard I’ve tried to become your… well… close companion.” Kish said.
“I understand, Kish. I really do. In fact, let me prove it to you.” Ichigo said. She reached down and picked up Kish again, and this time she cuddled him against her face.
“There. Does this make you feel better?” Ichigo said as she moved Kish across her face back and forth.
“Well… yes, actually. Maybe we could do this all day…” Kish softly said as he could feel the warmth between Ichigo’s gloved hands and her face. It made Kish feel comfortable and he briefly forgot about his troubles of being tiny.

But only briefly, because Ichigo moved Kish away from her face and looked over his whole body.
“Teehee… well then, mousey Kish, it’s been fun, but it’s time you shared a mouse’s ultimate fate.” Ichigo said.
“Huh? What do you…” Kish said, only to stop talking as he fully realized what Ichigo meant by a mouse’s ‘ultimate fate.’ Chills rushed down his spine.
“Ichigo! No! Please! You wouldn’t!” Kish said.
“Sorry, Kish. It has to be this way. Besides, at least you’ll forever be a part of me!” Ichigo shouted happily. Kish tried to shake himself free, but could do nothing more as Ichigo held him by one of his legs and dangled him over her open mouth.
“Ichigo! STOP! I want to live! I want to live!!!” Kish said.
“So long, Kish! You know, I wonder if you’ll taste like sardines. Teeheehee!” Ichigo said. She then let go of the shrunken alien, and Kish screamed as he plunged towards Ichigo’s mouth and the darkness that followed suit.
“Noooooooooooooooooo!!!” Kish screamed as he felt himself sliding down into Ichigo’s stomach.

Then, all of a sudden, he was in a bed… sitting up and breathing heavily.
“Noooo… what?” Kish said as he looked around frantically. He realized he was in an entirely different area. In fact, he was in his quarters inside Deep Blue’s hideout.
“*whew* It was only a nightmare.” Kish said as he slowly got out of his bed. He looked around his room making sure everything was its normal size, which confirmed to him he was his normal size and not shrunken.
“Still, it felt so real. I just hope Ichigo never truly gets a power like that.” Kish said as he left his quarters to find Tart and Pie.

Later that morning at Café Mew Mew, Ichigo was walking out of the changing room all dressed up in her waitress outfit just like the other four Mew Mew girls. While Mint was sitting to the side and drinking tea like she always does, Ichigo was greeted by the other three girls.
“Hey there, Ichigo! Ready for another hard working day at the café!?” Pudding shouted as enthusiastically as always.
“Heh, of course, Pudding. Your energy always makes me ready.” Ichigo said.
“Is something on your mind, Ichigo?” Zakuro asked.
“Oh, it’s nothing much. I had this crazy weird dream last night.” Ichigo said.
“Oh? Care to share it with us?” Lettuce asked.
“Well, Kish was chasing me around as always, but eventually Musha tells me to use something called a Mouse Energy Wave. The next thing I know, Kish is shrunken down to mouse size.” Ichigo said.
“Ooooooh! Did you crush him like a nasty pest?” Pudding shouted.
“Actually, no. I took him home and played around with him like any cat would with any mouse. Eventually, though, I finally threw him into my mouth and swallowed him whole. I couldn’t stop licking my lips. He tasted like pastry with maple syrup, popcorn, pizza, pancakes, and fried tuna fish.” Ichigo said. The other three girls (Lettuce, Pudding, and Zakuro) who listened to the story all raised their eyebrows.
“I know… weird dream, right?” Ichigo said.
“No, no, not at all, Ichigo!” Lettuce said.
“We’ve all had strange dreams every once in a while. I had this one dream where I was the lead wolf girl in a sled race.” Zakuro said.
“Hahaha! That seems like a perfect role for you, Zakuro!” Pudding said.
“Hmmph! Says the girl who wants to dream one night to be bigger than King Kong.” Zakuro said as she got up and walked away from the table.
“Hey! Come on, that was supposed to be a secret!” Pudding said as she followed Zakuro from behind happily.

Ichigo and Lettuce, meanwhile, got to work waiting tables inside the café. Ichigo went on with her day having no idea whatsoever that she and Kish shared the same exact dream. Would it mean something? Perhaps the answers would come another day.