Big Mews Having Fun

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by DrDark7)

As the last of the customers for the day walked out of Café Mew Mew, Ichigo, Lettuce, Zakuro, and Pudding (wearing their maid outfits) all sat at a nearby table and took deep breaths. It was another hard day of work serving customers, and naturally it left them exhausted.
"Whew… another busy day." Ichigo said.
"I'm so tired. It doesn't help that it's been hotter than usual." Lettuce said.
"Well, I'm not tired! I'm just… yawwwwwwwn… overworked." Pudding said as she lowered her head to the table. Zakuro smiled and patted the youngest of the Mew Mews on the head.
"You know it's been a busy day when even Pudding is tired." Zakuro said.
"Don't worry about me. I'm as fit as can be." Mint said from the table nearby. All four ladies just glared gloomingly over at Mint as she sipped away at her cup of tea.
"You took 6 more tea breaks than normal… AS USUAL!" Ichigo said.
"Oh… give it a rest, Ichigo. That's just her style." Lettuce said, as she and the other Mew Mew girls laughed.
"Say, why don't we all go to the beach, as hot as it's been? I could use a good tanning, actually." Zakuro said.
"That sounds like fun, Zakuro! We should all go home and get our swimsuits." Ichigo said.
"Wait… what about Berry!? Can't we invite her also?" Pudding asked.
"Don't you remember, Pudding? Berry and Tasuku are out on a date today. That's why she had the day off." Lettuce said.
"(sigh) Why couldn't I get a day off anytime I was dating a cute guy?" Zakuro said.
"Because you're a world famous movie star, that's why!" Pudding said.
"Grrr… thanks for the reminder." Zakuro said as she made her classic mean face. The other girls just laughed.

Just then, there was a male voice behind the girls.
"Excuse me, ladies. Can we get some service?" the male voice said.
"Sorry, we're closed for the day. Can you come back tomorrow?" Ichigo said as she rested her head down wiping the sweat off her forehead.
"Awww… is that any way to treat your friends from a distant galaxy?" another male voice said. Finally the girls looked, especially Pudding when she recognized that voice. She gasped when she saw who the latter voice beloned to.
"Tart!!!" Pudding said as she leapt off her chair (causing it to fall to the ground) and ran towards Tart, hugging the alien boy without hesitation.
"Whoa! Nice near tackle!" Tart said. The other ladies looked to see the other two aliens with him… Kish and Pie.
"Kish! Pie!" Ichigo said as the rest of the girls walked up to the aliens.
"Hey there, kitten." Kish said. Pie then got down on one knee and gently caressed one of Lettuce's hands.
"Lettuce. Parting was such sweet sorrow. I have longed to see you again." Pie said.
"Teehee… thanks." Lettuce said with a light blush.
"What are you three doing here?" Mint asked.
"Well, we were hoping to get something to eat here. Tart has been dying to try out Earth food again. Alas, it seems were too late. We had to practically pull Pie away from something he was working on." Kish said.
"Oh? Pie is building something? I hope it's not some super duper death ray or something!" Ichigo said.
"Haha! I assure you it's not. It's actually something I've been working on for a special occasion that's coming up." Pie said.
"Really? What is it?" Zakuro said.
The three aliens then looked at each other and smiled.
"How about we show you ourselves?" Kish said.
"Yeah! Come with us back to our home world!" Tart said.
"To… to your home world!? Isn't it, like, billions and billions of miles away!?" Ichigo said.
"Is there even oxygen on that world?" Zakuro said. As the ladies asked all sorts of random questions about how they would make it to their home world, the aliens kept calm. They understood their skepticism.
"Relax, ladies. You can trust us, right?" Kish asked.
"Er… I guess." Lettuce said.
"Then let's get going. Follow us outside and we'll take care of everything." Pie said as he and the other two aliens went walking outside. The Mew Mews looked at each other with puzzled faces but eventually followed them outside.

"Okay, ladies. Hold on tight to us." Pie said as he pulled out a tiny box. Lettuce and Mint held onto Pie, Zakuro and Ichigo grasped Kish, while Tart took good care (much to his delight) of Pudding.
"Activating teleportation." Pie said as he pressed down on the box. The aliens and the Mew Mews all got surrounded by a bright blue light that eventually disappeared, leaving nobody behind.

When the light dissipated after almost a minute, which felt like an eternity to the Mew Mews, they looked around and saw a wildly different scenery. With other planets hovering up in the nebulous sky, it was a majestic sight for the Mew Mew girls.
"Welcome to our home world, ladies." Pie said.
"Woooooooow… it's beautiful." Lettuce commented.
"The special effects department can only dream of a world this alien looking." Zakuro said.
"Oh? We can breathe normally?" Ichigo said, noting how they were breathing air just like that on planet Earth.
"Hey, if we can survive on your planet, why can't it be the same for you?" Tart commented.
"Now then, if you'll all follow us into our humble home, I will show you what it is I just finished working on." Pie said as the aliens and the Mew Mews all walked into the nearby building.

The girls didn't have much time to admire the home they were walking through, especially as Pie, Kish, and Tart were all walking fast to the back of the home. Pie then opened up the double doors, where everyone walked (and oooohed and aaaaaahed) into the vast grid-like room.
"Welcome, everyone, to the PMBC, Pie's Make Believe Chamber. Where thanks to various matter modifiers, camera tracking equipment…" Pie said, only to suddenly have Lettuce jump in.
"It's a Virtual Reality room!" Lettuce said.
"Oh? You've seen this sort of thing before?" Kish asked.
"Well, not in person, but mostly on television and in books. In fictional works of art, that is. It's one of those things we people in Tokyo dream of having in our living rooms someday." Lettuce said.
"Hey, don't feel bad, Pie! I love it! It looks awesome!!" Pudding shouted.
"Haha! Thank you, ladies. Perhaps a demonstration is in order." Pie said as he pulled out some kind of remote control and pressed a series of buttons.
"Run Pie Alpha 1." Pie said into the remote. The chamber immediately changed its appearance to where everyone was sitting in an underwater vehicle as it sailed through the depths of the ocean with numerous varieties of fish swimming around.
"Oooooooh…" Lettuce said. As a girl who was overly fascinated with the ocean, she couldn't help but be impressed by what she saw.
"I made this with you in mind, Lettuce." Pie said as he patted Lettuce on the shoulder.
"Thanks, Pie. It looks beautiful." Lettuce said.
"It's so realistic too…" Zakuro said as she tapped on the glass window of the vehicle.

Pie then pressed some buttons and returned the chamber to its normal state.
"So what do you think, ladies?" Pie asked.
"Oh, I think it's great, Pie! But… there's something else, isn't there? You wouldn't bring us all the way out here just to see your virtua realism thingy, would you?" Ichigo said.
"Hahahaha! She's onto you, Kish!" Tart said.
"Guilty as charged, my darling. There is this one program that we would just fall head over heels for if you five ladies participated in it." Kish said.
"Oh, what's that?" Zakuro asked.
"I've designed a virtual replica of Tokyo, exact to the last detail thanks to all the time we've spent there. Well… the only thing that's different… well…" Pie said.
"It's smaller!" Kish said with a smile on his face.
"Huh? Smaller?" all five ladies said.
"The city of Tokyo in our simulation is smaller. In fact, we set it so that you girls would appear 40 times your normal size." Kish said.
"So by my calculations… Pudding would be 180 feet tall, Mint would be 190 feet tall, Ichigo would be 200 feet tall, Zakuro would be 226 and two thirds feet tall… and my beloved Lettuce would be 213 and one thirds feet tall." Pie said.
"Oh my… all those sizes are quite big." Lettuce said.
"That's so awesome!!! I think being a giantess is so cool! Seeing cars and people running away from your feet… teeheehee! I'm getting giddy just thinking about it!" Pudding said.
"Well… I do have experience working with smaller buildings, after that '50 Foot Woman' style poster I shot a year ago." Zakuro said.

Ichigo, however, had an unsure look on her face.
"Ichigo, what's wrong?" Kish asked.
"Oh, I don't know. I just keep thinking back to the other times I was big. I'm worried about hurting anyone…" Ichigo said. She then suddenly got a bump on the shoulder by one of her teammates, Mint.
"Oh, lighten up, Ichigo! It's a virtual simulation! All we're destroying is a virtual city! All we're stepping on are virtual holograms. Personally, I think this is the perfect place to blow off some steam." Mint said.
"Mint makes a valid point, you know." Lettuce said.
"Please, Ichigo?" Kish said. Ichigo looked into the alien's yellow eyes and could tell he wanted this to happen.
"Okay, okay, I'll play along." Ichigo said.
"And I'll take part in the game too. Anything to make you happy, Pie." Lettuce said. Pie gently petted the girl on her head of green hair.
"I am delighted to hear that, Lettuce." Pie said.
"Well, what are we waiting for? Get teeny tiny Tokyo up and running already!" Pudding said.
"Actually, before we get started, there is one thing I'd like for you ladies to do." Kish said.
"Oh no… you're really going through with the costumes, Kish!?" Tart said.
"Huh? Costumes?" Lettuce asked.
"Are you sure we should be doing this? Personally I think they look great as they are." Pie said.
"And I'd rather see super cute Pudding stomping around the city in her Mew Mew form." Tart said.
"Awwww… come on, guys! Just this one time, please? I worked so hard on these costumes too!" Kish said.
"Pffft… okay then. It's your request." Pie said.
"Yes! Now then, ladies… would you follow me?" Kish said as he and the Mew Mews walked out of the PMBC.

Once outside the chamber, the girls watched as Kish walked over to a table where five different boxes were resting. They were each labeled after the five girls (Ichigo, Mint, Lettuce, Pudding, and Zakuro) and Kish handed the right box to each girl.
"Inside these boxes are outfits I wish for you all to wear while you're having giant-sized fun in virtual Tokyo." Kish said. One by one, the girls opened up their boxes and took a quick peek at their outfits. Ichigo's was one that would make Catwoman of Batman infamy proud, with black high-heeled shoes, black pants (and a black tail), black shirt, black neck collar, and of course black cat ears for the head.
"Oooooookay…" Ichigo said, at first wondering why there was no pink whatsoever, but at least it was cat-themed, she then thought.
Lettuce's outfit was simple and obvious to her characteristics as a Mew Mew. She was going to be dressing up as a mermaid, tail and all. The outfit was colored mostly green and blue (some of it mixed together) with faint traces of silver.
"Oh, I'm a mermaid? It's a noble thought…" Lettuce said.
"Well, I figured I'd give the virtual Pacific Ocean something big to admire instead of all five of you walking around the city. And I overheard Pie talking about how much he loved you as a mermai… OW!" Kish said, only to get a light bonk on the head from Pie.
"I don't know what he's talking about. Honest!" Pie said. Lettuce giggled at both of the aliens.

Mint had an interesting outfit. She first thought it was a maid's outfit similar to the one she was wearing now (for work, of course). But upon further inspection, it was something a bit different. While the headpiece was perfectly suitable for a maid, the dark blue feathers around the rest of the outfit, namely the skirt, told her otherwise.
"Wait a minute… I've seen this kind of outfit before. It's something like those girls in that American city called Las Vegas wear!" Mint said.
"Hey, I think it suits you. You finally get a taste of my world." Zakuro commented before she opened up her box.
"Oh… when you put it that way, then I love it!" Mint said. Of course, any kind of praise she ever got from Zakuro was amplified over tenfold in her mind. As for Zakuro herself, she gazed upon the silver boots and the reflective silver dress complete with tail in the back and also a hood with wolf's ears on the top. She brushed her hands along the tail as well as the bottom of the skirt and smiled over the silky smooth material.
"Nice." Zakuro simply said.
Finally, Pudding's outfit was a monkey suit, except it was in separate pieces… the shorts, the top (which would allow her midriff to show), the boots, and the head piece. The ears on the head kinda looked more like those belonging to a bear rather than a monkey, but Pudding didn't seem to mind, especially as she felt how soft and plushy the outfit was against her skin.
"Oooooh… this feels so soft and cuddly. The tiny people won't resist me!" Pudding said. The girls were then directed to their own private space (another room to be exact) so they could change.

Minutes later, all five Mew Mew girls were in their costumes. Lettuce, who took her glasses off for the time being, had to hop her way to the doors of the Virtual Reality chamber.
"Ummm… Kish, don't you think you could've given me a mermaid outfit that let me walk?" Lettuce asked.
"Yeah, sorry, I didn't think that through. But hey, you'll look marvelous once you get in the water. Won't she, Pie!?" Kish said as he poked his fellow alien in the ribs.
"Er, um… yes, yes." Pie said as he was temporarily dazed from looking over Lettuce.
"Anyway, we'll be able to keep track of all of you through these monitors." Kish said.
"That's right, now have some giant fun! Especially you, dear Pudding." Tart said.
"Teehee! I certainly will!" Pudding said. That's when the five girls went through the double doors and stepped into the chamber. It was still just a vast, wide open grid right now, but that would change just seconds later as the five girls watched the grid fade out.

It finally shaped itself into the city of Tokyo, but as Kish promised, it was a lot smaller than they were used to seeing.
"Oh my… look how small the city is." Ichigo said.
"Hahaha! That's because we're so huuuuuuge!" Mint said.
"I bet this makes you want to shrink your butlers and assistants back at your mansion." Zakuro said.
"Hey… that's not a bad idea!" Mint said.
"Sooooo… which way do we go? So much to step on and so little time!" Pudding said.
"Well, I propose we go to the west where the ocean is." Lettuce said.
"Why not go where the Tokyo Tower is? I wanna climb that like my 'grandpa' King Kong did years ago!" Pudding said, joking about King Kong climbing the Empire State Building.
"Bah! I think we should go to the east where there are more buildings to crush! I'd love it if Zakuro joined up with me." Mint said as she hugged the older and taller woman.
"Fine, fine." Zakuro said.
"Look… let's just go wherever we each want to go, and have some fun like Mint said." Ichigo said.
"Deal!" the other four girls said. They all started to walk in their own separate directions, but Lettuce already lost her balance due to trying to walk with a mermaid's tail.
"Whoa whoa whoa!!!" Lettuce shouted as she fell flat on her face on top of a group of smaller buildings, demolishing them and shaking the ground as well.
"Ow…" Lettuce said as she rubbed her forehead.
"Er… how about I help you to the ocean, Lettuce?" Ichigo said as she helped Lettuce up to her feet.
"I'd be most grateful." Lettuce said as the two made their way to the ocean. Mint and Zakuro went their own separate ways while Pudding stayed behind and smiled.

The youngest of the Mew Mews stood tall as she watched person after person run away from her boots. While she was the shortest of the Mew Mews, the tiny people definitely wouldn't know it as she towered over them at 180 feet tall. Pudding playfully beat her chest like an ape would.
"Rawr! Look out, everyone! Puddingzilla is here! Or… Pudding Kong! Oh, whatever! It's not the name that counts!" Pudding shouted. After standing still at first, she finally got walking, chasing after a group of people who were frantically trying to escape. There were a few people that got tripped up, however, and they all screamed as the bottom of Pudding's boot came down fast on them. Pudding stepped on these people and crushed them flat, but didn't feel any remorse knowing it was just a simulation. To further cement that fact, she lifted up her foot and didn't see any traces of blood whatsoever.
"Heh… I guess Pie and the others made sure this game was kid friendly!" Pudding said as she lightly brushed the ears on her costume.

Then Pudding looked down and recognized one of the buildings that she would always pass by when she was normal-sized.
"Oooooh! There's that candy shop I love so much!" Pudding said. After getting down on her knees, with numerous people running around them, Pudding then grunted a bit as she summoned all her strength to peel the roof off the building. Pudding licked her lips as she looked down not just at the treats inside, but also the tiny people who looked shockingly up at the giantess.
"Teehee! Feeding time!" Pudding said as she reached inside the shop with her gloved hands. People ran wild inside the shop, just barely dodging the giant fingers as they scooped up shelves and shelves full of candy. Pudding then raised her hand up and threw the shelves into her mouth. She was surprised that she could feel the candy slide down her throat.
"Wow… for a simulation, the food sure feels real!" Pudding said as she chewed on the shelves and felt various candy items, such as chocolate bars, lollipops, and other things of numerous flavors.
But one thing she felt above all else was bubble gum. She chewed and chewed until she felt the urge to blow out a pink bubble. The bubble grew a good size before popping and leaving a mess of gum on Pudding's lips. As she sucked the gum back into her mouth, she giggled.

"Teehee! I just set the world record for largest bubble gum bubble! But something's missing…" Pudding said. She glanced around both inside and outside the shop, and when she saw a group of people running away from her giant legs, she smiled. She reached down and scooped these people up, quickly throwing them into her mouth. Once again it surprised her that she could feel these people in her tongue even though they were nothing more than holograms.
But she didn't think about that for long. She instead blew another bubble from the gum, and this time a handful of the people she captured were trapped inside the bubble. Pudding's eyes opened wide as she marveled over seeing the people inside, but tried not to react too much for fear of bursting the bubble. She instead sucked very slowly the bubble back into her mouth until both the gum and the people were back on her tongue.
Finally, with a firm gulp, both the gum and the people, along with whatever candy was still in her mouth, all went sliding down into her stomach.
"Oooooh… good thing I'm so big. That's probably a zillion calories that just went down my throat!" Pudding said. She then got back on her two feet and walked around the city block once again.

Outside the PMBC, Tart could hardly contain the smile on his face as he watched Pudding play around in her section of the virtual city.
"Arrrrrgh! I wish there was someway I could get close to my beloved Pudding!" Tart said.
"Actually, Tart… that can be arranged. There are three holographic projections that are waiting for us to take over." Pie said.
"Oh? How does that happen?" Kish asked.
"Just put these on!" Pie said as he reached into a nearby drawer and pulled out three black-tinted glasses.
"All we have to do is wear these, then connect them to the PMBC. Then we'll be in the simulation with the girls." Pie said.
"And then we can chat with them however we please?" Tart said.
"Of course. Plus we don't have to worry about dying if they get carried away and step or eat on us." Pie said. Tart then ran up to Pie and gave the older alien a hug around his waist.
"Man, Pie! You're the coolest!" Tart said. He quickly swiped a pair of glasses and plugged them into the PMBC. Pie and Kish eventually did the same.
"Ah, my sweet, beloved, and now gigantic Lettuce. I arrive soon to make you very happy." Pie said.
"Heh… here, kitty kitty kitty." Kish said as he thought about coming close with the 'giant' Ichigo." Kish said.

As soon as Tart plugged the glasses in, his viewpoint changed to that of the city, where he watched several people run past him in fear away from the giant Pudding. Tart's eyes got as big as can be as he watched the giant Pudding walk towards him in slow motion, but finally he wanted to get her attention.
"Pudding! My banana-eating cupcake!" Tart shouted as he jumped up and down and waved his arms. It worked as Pudding looked down and saw the tiny Tart.
"Oh! Hey, my sweet little Tart!" Pudding said as she planted both her boots in front of the alien boy and kneeled down.
"Teehee! Aren't you just the cutest thing!?" Pudding shouted.
"Heh, I could say the same thing about you, regarding that costume you're wearing." Tart said. He then watched as Pudding gently wrapped one of her gloved hands around him and stood back to her full height, placing him in the palm of her right hand.
"So, Tart… what do you think? Do you like me being this big?" Pudding asked.
"Oh, of course! I wouldn't have it any other way!" Tart said.
"Teehee! You're just saying that so I don't crush you." Pudding said as she poked Tart in the chest, knocking him onto his behind.
"Ow! Hey! Easy with the poking!" Tart said.

Pudding then looked down on the ground and saw a group of tanks rolling up towards her.
"Oops! Here comes the army, even in Virtual Reality!" Pudding said.
"I guess it's all part of the realism." Tart said. Pudding watched as the tanks fired their cannons, but their shots either exploded off her body, leaving behind small charred marks on either her skin or costume, or she deflected the bullets with the tail part of her costume. The charred marks didn't make her too happy, though.
"Ooooooh… and I really liked this costume!" Pudding said as she walked up to one of the tanks and gave it a firm kick, causing it to flip over upside down. Right away, her next step was on the tank. She thrust that same foot over and over on the tank until it was crumpled up like a piece of paper into a ball. Finally the tank couldn't take any more abuse and exploded.
Despite the huge explosion, the tanks kept on firing.
"Teehee… they're quite persistent! Just like a parasite, right!?" Pudding said as she looked down at Tart.
"I fully agree!" Tart said.
"I think I better get off the ground for now, and I know just where to go." Pudding said as she turned around and set her sights on the Tokyo Tower. She clenched the hand she was holding Tart in into a fist, and she walked rather quickly to the tower.

Pudding looked up in awe at how tall the tower was despite the size she had grown to, but she wasn't about to let that stop her, especially as the remaining tanks continued to chase and try to shoot her down. Using her free hand and her legs, Pudding quickly made her way up the tower, using her monkey spirit to climb the tower with incredible ease.
"Wheeee! Just like in that one movie you told me about!" Tart said as he simply held on for the ride. Pudding didn't say anything yet as she was concentrating on scaling the tower, already making it halfway up.
"You know… I feel like this is déjà vu, like I've done this sort of thing before." Pudding said. Tart knew exactly what she was talking about, thinking back to when he and the aliens were enemies and Kish tried to use a parasite on everyone except Ichigo to make them gigantic and fully possessive of their animal spirits (Grown Instincts 2!). He then watched as Pudding finally made her way to the top of the tower, hanging off it with ease.
"Wow! I can see Café Mew Mew from up here!" Pudding shouted happily.
But she couldn't celebrate for long… a swarm of jet fighters were coming in hot and already shooting (in vain of course) at the giantess. Any jets that got nearby, well, Pudding would try and swat them out of the sky.
"Grrrrr… they're like annoying flies on a banana!" Pudding said. She inadvertently took a swing at one of the jets with the fist she was holding Tart with.
"Hey! Easy with the shaking, my darling!" Tart shouted.
"Whoops! Sorry, Tart." Pudding said.

After taking a few swings at some of the jets and destroying a couple of them, Pudding clearly started looking fatigued.
"Huff puff huff puff… it's not so safe in the air either! Better get back on solid ground." Pudding said. She then looked down at the ground, which was a good ways away even for someone her size. Tart already was getting an idea on what the giantess was planning.
"Ummm… Pudding… maybe you should… EEEEEEEK!" Tart shouted as Pudding suddenly leapt off the tower and went falling for the ground.
"Banzai!" Pudding shouted. About halfway into her fall, she then started somersaulting in the air, and then with a resounding THUD, she landed squarely on her two feet. The shockwave from the landing caused a few smaller buildings to come tumbling down, and the ground cracked in every direction for a few yards as well. Tart couldn't believe what he had just witnessed.
"Oh my… Pudding, that was incredible!" Tart shouted.
"Teeheehee… you know I'll always put on a show for you, my sweet little Tart." Pudding said as she cuddled Tart up against her face. Tart returned the favor by kissing as much skin as he could on her giant face, at least until she placed him on her right shoulder.
"Now then, you better hold on tight while I go giant evil monster on another part of this city!" Pudding said as the giantess made her way to another section of the virtual city, with Tart along for the ride.

Meanwhile, literally laying on the coastline of the city was Lettuce in her mermaid costume. She watched as Ichigo walked off after her friend dropped her off near the ocean.
"I can only hope Kish will get maximum enjoyment out of Ichigo wearing that cat suit, but in the meantime…" Lettuce said. She then looked around with land to her right and then, more importantly, the vast ocean to her left. She dipped her hand into the water and dropped most of it onto the top of her chest.
"Oooooh… the water feels so cold. But I wouldn't have it any other way." Lettuce said to herself. She dragged her way into the water until she was almost fully submerged in it, leaving just her head and chest to stick out.
"It feels nice to be swimming in the ocean. And it feels so real too…" Lettuce said as she splashed the water around, watching as it drenched the sand on the coastline despite only being a simulation. Lettuce then swam further out to the ocean, and she instinctively held her breath as she dunked her head underwater for a few seconds. She pulled it back out and opened her mouth.
"Ahhhh… so refreshing after a hard day at work!" Lettuce said as the swim around was clearly putting her in a good mood.

Just then, she looked further out into the ocean and saw a small sailboat cruising by. Then, suddenly the Jaws theme went playing in her mind, and she smiled.
"Well, since it's only a simulation…" Lettuce said as she fully submerged herself underwater. She then went swimming, which was very easy thanks to her mermaid costume, towards the ship. Once she got close enough, she circled around the sailboat. She could only imagine what the few people on this boat were thinking as they saw the giant green-haired 'creature' circling around their vessel.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" Lettuce shouted as she finally surfaced and opened her mouth wide. The people tried to get out of the way, but they were no match for Lettuce's speed as she bit down on the sailboat, consuming half of it and all the people onboard into her mouth. After briefly having her head underwater and then coming back up for air, Lettuce chewed down on not just the people but also the parts of the sailboat, the rest of which (including the sail) sunk beneath the water.
Lettuce chewed and chewed. She felt the people slide down her throat, but her stomach was not agreeing with taking pieces of boat down with them. She spat out the chunks of the boat she hadn't swallowed, leaving behind a gooey and splintered mess in the water covered in saliva.
"Oh dear… if this were a real ocean, I'd feel incredibly guilty over polluting it like I just did." Lettuce said. She then looked out in the distance and spotted her next target, a much bigger one at that.
"Hmmm… perhaps I'll have more fun with that cruise ship." Lettuce said as she swam towards the ship.

Just like the sailboat, once Lettuce got close enough she swam under the water and circled around the vessel like a great white shark. Eventually, though, she emerged from underneath the water and towered over the front side of the ship, where several stunned people looked up.
"Greetings, everyone. I would be honored if you'd be my dinner for tonight." Lettuce said. Naturally, this sent everyone onboard into a frenzy as they ran around wondering how they were going to escape. Some people jumped off the ship, but as for everyone else? Lettuce leaned her head towards the ship's deck and opened her mouth wide, taking in a swath of people without the aid of her hands. It was like she was bobbing for apples if this were a Halloween party, only she was bobbing for people! When she felt she had enough people sitting on her tongue, she tilted her head back and dropped them down her throat. Lettuce did this two more times, swallowing probably a couple to three dozen people total.
"Mmmm… that was delicious! Thank you, everyone! I'll be on my way now." Lettuce said. She lowered herself back underneath the water, but then made a huge leap over the ship, like a dolphin jumping over a pile of rocks. Those who survived her dinner break watched in awe as the giant 'mermaid' (not knowing it was just a costume) soared overhead. Lettuce finally splashed back into the water, launching a huge wave behind her that drenched the entire deck of the ship and everyone onboard.

As for Lettuce herself, she swam around the open ocean, trying to find something else to toy with. But when she came up for air, she heard a familiar voice above her head.
"Lettuce, my dear!" the male voice said. Lettuce turned around and saw a tiny Pie hovering overhead.
"Oh, Pie!? How did you get so small?" Lettuce asked.
"You can thanks the PMBC for that, but never mind that. Are you having a wonderful time?" Pie said.
"Yes, yes I am. Especially now that you are here." Lettuce said.
"Oh?" Pie said. He then watched as Lettuce reached up and gently grabbed him, holding him in front of her face.
"You look so cute when you're tiny." Lettuce said.
"Is… is that so?" Pie asked, nervous about what Lettuce was planning next.
"Don't be nervous, Pie. I will take care of you with all my might." Lettuce said as she gently stroked Pie's head of hair.
"Hahaha!" Pie laughed as the stroke was slightly ticklish in his mind. He then watched as Lettuce moved her body around until she was flat on her back and floating up above the surface of the water.
"Pie, I want to play a game with you." Lettuce said. She set Pie down just ahead of her mermaid tail.
"If you can make it to my face without getting wet, you win. And no flying!" Lettuce said. Pie looked by the mermaid tail of the giantess's costume and saw her lowering that tail underneath the ocean and causing water to rise up.
"Yikes!" Pie said as he got running with the water rushing up behind him. At the same time, he admired the act of running up the giantess's mermaid costume. He could also see Lettuce was enjoying this thoroughly judging by the huge smile on her face. He had to pick up the pace, though, as Lettuce sunk her body quickly beneath the water. It came close a couple times, but eventually Pie made it up to Lettuce's neck. Lettuce felt that was close enough and she grabbed Pie while floating in the water again with just her face and chest visible.
"Teehee… you won, Pie! It's nice to see you run so impressively." Lettuce said.
"Er… thanks! What's my reward?" Pie asked. Lettuce smiled.
"The biggest kiss you'll ever get from a mermaid girl." Lettuce said as she gently planted Pie up against her lips, covering him almost head to toe in lipstick. Lettuce couldn't help but giggle seeing Pie almost unconscious from the massive kiss he received.

Meanwhile, back in the city, Ichigo walked slowly as the group of people tried to get away from her black high heels, which made up part of her Catwoman-like outfit. She couldn't help but lick her lips as she watched these people run off.
"Oooooh… they're all like little mice." Ichigo said as she playfully came close to stomping on many of the people. However, during one of her steps, she lost balance on one of her feet and felt herself falling forward.
"Whooooooa!!!" Ichigo said as she went slamming down face first on the ground, crushing several people beneath her chest and stomach.
"Oooooh… that smarts." Ichigo said. She then looked back at her high heels.
"Maybe I should have a chat with Kish about my heels being too high when this is over." Ichigo said. She then turned her attention to a large group of people that were looking up in shock at the red-haired and brown-eyed giantess.
"Nya! Hi! Good thing you all are virtual, because I'm hunnnnnngry!" Ichigo said as she licked her lips. Ichigo opened her mouth wide and deeply inhaled. At her size, it was like a vacuum cleaner sucking dust off a carpet. The people tried hard to grab onto anything that would save them, but it did no good. They all screamed as they eventually went flying into the giantess's mouth. Ichigo stood back up as she gulped them down.
"Mmmmm... delicious!" Ichigo said as she rubbed her belly again.

As Ichigo got back to walking around, the tail on her costume swung around and clipped a couple nearby buildings, opening them up with separate gashes.
"Whoops! Runaway tail!" Ichigo said as she looked inside and saw a few screaming people. She reached inside and picked up these people without hesitation.
"Teehee… you look so cute when you're screaming. You're like little toys for a 6-year-old. Speaking of toys…" Ichigo said. She quickly thought of a fun idea to toy around with these people and laid flat on her back. That's when she tossed the people up and down, like she was throwing a ball of yarn around.
"Wheeee!" Ichigo said as the people screamed frantically. Eventually it got to Ichigo's nerves that these people weren't going to stop screaming, and so she was done playing with them. After one more toss upwards… instead of catching the people, Ichigo sat up and let them fall into her mouth as she gulped them down.
"Mmmm… sweet!" Ichigo said.

As the giantess stood back up, using nearby buildings to balance herself, she brushed her costume of dust and debris that she picked up from laying around. After one brush, she heard a familiar voice behind her.
"Hey there, big kitty!" the male voice said. Ichigo looked behind her and saw Kish floating in mid-air.
"Oh! Hey, Kish!" Ichigo said as she opened up a hand and allowed the alien to land on it.
"Heh… I must say, Ichigo. You look… amazing." Kish said. Ichigo moved her hand closer to her face.
"Teehee… I would hope so! This is YOUR costume pick, after all!" Ichigo said. Kish clearly looked nervous as Ichigo could see him blushing in the face.
"Well, um, you see, um…" Kish said.
"There there, Kish. Maybe this will help you feel better." Ichigo said as she puckered her lips and planted them all over Kish's body, smothering him.
"Whew… thanks! I needed that!" Kish said.
"You're welcome!" Ichigo said as she smiled and then licked the back of her other hand.
"Huh? What are you doing, Ichigo?" Kish said.
"Oh… cleaning myself. Like the catwoman you've made me." Ichigo said with a wink from one of her eyes. Kish was then placed on top of one of the giantess's shoulders and held on for the ride as she got to walking again.

Mint and Zakuro were walking together in another section of the virtual city. There was one marked difference with Mint compared to the other Mew Mew 'giantesses.' Mint had a somewhat evil smile on her face as she raised her high heeled shoe up and slammed it down on a few innocent people, crushing them into nothingness (rather than bloody stains thanks to the 'parental controls' of the program). Zakuro, as she brushed the bottom of her silver dress and then the hood over her head (complete with wolf ears), couldn't help but pay close attention.
"You're really getting into this giantess thing, aren't you?" Zakuro said.
"Well, why not? It's all fake, so why not be a little evil for a change?" Mint asked. To prove her point, she gave a nearby building a good solid punch, leaving behind a gaping hole that shocked tiny people were looking out of.
"Hahaha! This is what happens when you're very rich and very big!" Mint shouted as she looked down by her high heels and saw the people on the ground trying to dodge the falling debris from the building. It also made her smile that they were running around Zakuro's gray laced boots. Zakuro, however, gently put a hand on Mint's shoulder.
"I don't think it'd be wise to make fun of those in poverty." Zakuro said. Mint looked into the taller giantess's eyes and could tell she had a serious look on her face.
"Oh… I'm sorry, Zakuro. I forgot your early childhood was rough at times." Mint said.
"No worries. Perhaps I can show you the right way to rule over a city when this tall." Zakuro said.
"Oooooh… like you did in that one movie!?" Mint said.
"Well, kinda. Anyway, watch." Zakuro said.

That's when Zakuro literally put her best foot forward, stomping a nearby car flat with her gray boots. She shifted her boot back and forth, crunching up the car even more. When she finally lifted her boot, it was nothing more than flattened scrap metal.
"Oooooh… I'm impressed!" Mint said. Zakuro walked further down the road, chasing after the group of people running away from her. Some of the people she stepped on, but a few others she reached down and scooped up into her hands.
"You look like tasty treats. Like chocolate chips on a cookie." Zakuro said. She dumped one hand full of people into her mouth. She licked her lips as she gulped them down into her stomach.
"Hey, c'mon! Share?" Mint said.
"Of course. Open wide." Zakuro said. She walked over to her Mew Mew teammate, Mint, and waited for her to open her mouth wide. Once that was done, she tilted her hand full of other people towards Mint's open mouth and watched as these people went falling into her mouth. After Mint gulped them down, she smiled as she looked up at Zakuro.
"Oooooh… that was surprisingly good! Better than anything my chefs have made!" Mint said.
"Heh heh… just try not to make a habit out of it." Zakuro said.
"True. It'd be awful if this were all real." Mint said.

Zakuro then wiped her forehead.
"I'm thirsty. Where am I going to find a decent bottle of milk at this size?" Zakuro said.
"Hah! You're going to need, like, 500 bottles of milk!" Mint said. Just then, both ladies felt light explosions on their hips.
"Ow! What was that?" Mint asked. Zakuro looked where the explosions came from and raised an eyebrow when she saw what was coming.
"The cavalry." Zakuro said as she watched a group of tanks and police cars rolling up to herself and Mint.
"Heh… they just don't learn, do they? That we're bigger and far more powerful than they can ever hope to be." Mint said.
"Spoken like a true evil giantess." Zakuro said.
"Teehee… thanks!" Mint said. Zakuro then walked towards the tanks and cars. She also pulled back her hood, fully revealing her purple hair.
"I've been waiting for you." Zakuro said with a stone cold look on her face.
"S…s…stop right there, giant woman! Surrender now or we WILL shoot!" one of the police officers shouted. Of course, Zakuro didn't heed that warning. She instead pulled one of her feet back and firmly kicked a tank off the ground and upside down, even as bullets and cannonballs were hitting her in the legs (with little or no effect). She picked up that same tank, which was still a bit heavy even for her size, but she was able to throw it in the distance (where it exploded) like she were playing shot put. Zakuro wasted no time on the next tank, getting down on her knees and tying the cannon into a knot.
"Yes! Show everyone your super strength, Zakuro!" Mint said. Zakuro then stood back up and looked back at Mint.
"Are you going to stand there and be a cheerleader or are you going to help?" Zakuro asked.
"Oh, right! Sorry!" Mint said.

That's when she got into attacking the officers herself. She laughed as she watched a group of them shoot in vain.
"Hahaha! Now it's my turn! Allow me to introduce you to my weapon of choice." Mint said. That's when she plucked a blue feather off the skirt of her costume and dangled it above the officers.
"Choochie coo!" Mint said as she quickly swept the feather across the road, knocking the officers down as they tried to flee. By the time a couple of these officers rolled onto their backs, they looked up and saw the bottom of one of Mint's high-heeled shoes coming down in a hurry.
"Say cheese!" Mint said.
"Ahhhhhh!" the officers screamed until they were crushed flat by the giantess. Mint kept on walking and quickly caught up to another group of officers. She turned around and suddenly tumbled backwards.
"Timber!!" Mint said with a smile as she crashed back first on the ground, crushing all sorts of stuff underneath her back and also her head, such as smaller buildings and, of course, the police officers. Mint laughed as she got back up and brushed off her costume.
"Man, that was too much fun!" Mint said.

Zakuro continued her own assault on the police offiers as well as the tanks, all of which were trying to turn around and flee to safety. But Zakuro made sure they wouldn't get away as she jumped in their path and blocked the roads with both her boots. The officers and soldiers tried turning around, only to find Mint was in their path as well. The two giantesses closed in on the group like two opposing walls of a trash compactor.
"So, Zakuro… what do you suppose is the quickest way to subdue these fake officers?" Mint asked. Zakuro quickly peeked to her right and saw a building that was almost as tall as she was.
"Give them the old hip check." Zakuro said with a smile. Mint looked over at the same building and quickly understood what the older woman meant.
"Oooooh, I see! Okay!" Mint said. She got on one side of the building while Zakuro towered alongside the building from the other side.
"On the count of three. 1, 2, 3!" Zakuro said as both giantesses crashed their hips against the building. Zakuro smiled when she saw the building doing exactly what she thought it would. It tilted down and headed right for the officers, the soldiers, and their vehicles. They all screamed before the top half of the building landed on the road. Mint had a somewhat stunned look on her face.
"That… went surprisingly well." Mint said.
"Probably because this is Virtual Reality." Zakuro said.
"True. But it was still fun, right!?" Mint said. Zakuro smiled.
"Absolutely." Zakuro said as she winked over at Mint.

The two giantesses then heard some more stomping sounds, similar to the ones they made when they walked around. They looked to see their Mew Mew teammates approaching them… Ichigo, Lettuce, and Pudding. Lettuce was leaning on one of Ichigo's shoulders to help her move around (walking was quite the chore with that mermaid costume!). Also along for the ride were Kish, Pie, and Tart. Kish sat on Ichigo's other shoulder, Pie on Lettuce's shoulder, and Tart on Pudding's shoulder.
"Wow… what happened here?" Ichigo asked as she looked down at the building remains that Mint and Zakuro were standing over.
"Oh… some pesky insects were bugging us." Mint said.
"Um… she means police officers and army soldiers whose 'never give up' attitude proved fatal." Zakuro said.
"Hahaha! That's nothing! You should've seen all the planes I swatted out of the air while climbing the Tokyo Tower." Pudding said.
"A monkey girl climbing the tallest structure in the city. So original." Zakuro said. The other girls laughed, with Ichigo playfully petting Pudding on her head.
"Don't worry, Pudding. As long as you had fun, right?" Ichigo asked.
"Of course! I'd say Pie made the greatest computer simulation in the entire universe!" Pudding said.
"I couldn't agree more." Lettuce said as she gently stroked Pie on his head.

Just then, however, the image of the tiny and mangled up city of Tokyo started to become distorted.
"Huh? What's happening?" Mint asked.
"Uh oh… the power cells must be running low. The chamber is shutting down." Pie said. Eventually the entire city disappeared and the room was back to being like a grid again.
"Pffft… I feel so small all of a sudden." Zakuro said.
"You can say that again!" Mint said.
"Huh? Where did the aliens go!?" Pudding said as she looked on her shoulder and no longer saw Tart there. The doors then opened up and approaching the ladies at their normal sizes were the three alien men. They all took off the goggles they had been wearing.
"Right here! I can hug and kiss you again now that you won't step on me!" Tart said as he ran up to Pudding to hug her, who immediately returned the favor.
"Teehee! But I would hope I looked good doing it!!!" Pudding said.
"No worries, ladies. I can have the power cells recharged in an hour or two and you can get back to having giant-sized fun." Pie said. Zakuro, however, immediately stepped in front of the ladies.
"That's awfully generous of you, but I'm afraid we need to get back to Earth. The longer we stay here, the more vulnerable perhaps the whole planet is to the Saint Rose Crusaders." Zakuro said.
"Zakuro's right, Kish. We really should be getting back." Ichigo said.
"It's okay, Ichigo. I understand." Kish said.
"Oh! That reminds me… the whole reason we set up this whole Attack of the Giant Mew Mews thing in the first place!" Pie said as he started pressing a few buttons on the remote.
"Huh? I thought you said the power cells were drained!" Kish said.
"Well… there's just enough juice left for me to make this." Pie said.

Once he pressed the last button, suddenly a birthday cake on a table appeared directly in front of Kish.
"What the!?" Kish shouted.
"All together now!" Pie shouted. The Mew Mew girls immediately got the idea.
"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Kiiiiiiish! Happy Birthday to you!!!" the Mew Mew girls sung, as did Pie and Tart. And to further make Kish happy… Ichigo leaned in and kissed him on the side of his face.
"Awwww… thank you, everyone." Kish said as he blew out the virtual candles.

Eventually, it was finally time for everyone to go home. The aliens told the ladies to keep their costumes just in case they ever needed to be used again. With the press of a few buttons from Pie's box, the ladies found themselves in a bright blue light that would eventually bring them all the way back home to the real city of Tokyo on planet Earth. ^_____^