Big Bad Cat

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by DrDark7)

The six Mew Mew girls watched as the monster disintegrated after Ichigo had used her most powerful attack as always.
"Well, there goes another one." Berry said.
"Yes! Score another for the Mew Mews!" Pudding shouted as she and Zakuro high-fived each other. Not everyone was celebrating, however, as Mint and Lettuce looked over at Ichigo who was staring at the ground.
"Huh? What's wrong, Ichigo?" Lettuce asked.
"Why must we keep doing this? When are the Saint Rose Crusaders going to get it and surrender, already?" Ichigo asked.
"Probably for many more months, especially given how stubborn they are like the aliens used to be." Zakuro said.
"Still. We have so much power! Why can't we just knock on their front door and crush them like bugs!?" Ichigo said.
"No offense, Ichigo, but you're the fearless leader. Surely you would've been able to figure out a strategy by now." Mint said.
"Ugh! NOT helping, Mint!" Ichigo snapped.
"Whoa! Chill out, Ichigo! We should all go home and enjoy our victory for now." Berry said.
"Yeah. I think I'll do that." Ichigo said as she leapt into the air and flew away into the distance.
"Maybe we should check on her." Lettuce said.
"Come on. She'll be fine. She's had these breakdowns together, remember?" Mint said.
"I wonder if missing Masaya is starting to take a toll on her." Zakuro said.
"Or just plain working hard at the café. I know the feeling, having to juggle that, and then literally my juggling act in the park!" Pudding said.
"Maybe she should've stayed in London with Masaya. I mean… I did a good job with our early battles with the Saint Rose Crusaders." Berry said.
"Look, everyone! All this speculation is not getting us anywhere! I say we follow Ichigo home and make sure she's okay." Lettuce said. All the Mew Mew girls looked at each other before Zakuro spoke next.
"Alright, Lettuce, but if she goes into a catscratch frenzy, I don't want to hear any complaining." Zakuro said as she and the other Mew Mew girls flew in the sky to try and catch up with Ichigo.

Ichigo returned home and saw there were no cars in the driveway, meaning her parents were out again. With this in mind, she remained transformed as she jumped into the window of her bedroom. She took a good long look at herself in the mirror, especially her pink eyes. She kept thinking back to what she said at the battle scene:
"Why can't we just knock on their front door and crush them like bugs!? Why can't we just knock on their front door and crush them like bugs!?" her voice kept echoing in her head. She then thought back to a couple of times she's grown gigantic before, and the only things she stepped on were people she thought or clearly had evil intentions. She then focused back on her mirror and had an angry look on her face.
"Yes. I need to make evil pay. I need to make them ALL pay." Ichigo said.
What happened next would've surprised anyone in the room with her. Her Mew Mew outfit underwent a radical transformation. Her boots changed to a dark purple color and extended all the way up her legs (instead of being knee high). Her outfit changed from pink to dark purple as well, with it opened up underneath her chest like someone tore it open with a knife, revealing her midriff and black underwear. Her gloves were now colored black with sharp edges near her wrists. The wraps around her arms were near black (with shades of purple) as well, and finally, her pink hair darkened in tone. Ichigo twirled around and then smiled in a rather evil way.
"I look perfect." Ichigo said. Then she looked down by her boots. Already she was imagining how evil beings would react seeing the bottoms of those boots coming down at them. She also licked her lips as she imagined eating these same poor saps.
"And now for the second part. It's a good thing there's still traces of that chimera from Kish inside of me." Ichigo said. She then jumped out of her window, landing squarely on her feet (no problem having a cat as part of her powers). And then she concentrated… and then she grew bigger and bigger and bigger.

The other Mew Mews finally made it to the front door of Ichigo's home. They noticed the lack of a car in front of the garage.
"No cars, so I guess her parents aren't home." Zakuro said.
"Or she went with her parents somewhere. Hopefully to cool off." Mint said. Lettuce walked up to the door and rang the bell.
"Ichigo? Are you home?" Lettuce said. The girls got concerned when they didn't see anything open or hear any responses. Although, Pudding picked up on the sound of a bell ringing.
"Hey, do you guys hear that!?" Pudding said.
"That sounds like the bell on Ichigo's tail." Zakuro said.
"It sure does sound loud…" Mint commented. Berry, out of curiousity, backed away and looked at the upper floor of the house. Her eyes then focused above the roof where she saw something and gasped.
"*gasp* Uh, guys… I think I know why Ichigo's bell is so loud." Berry said. The other Mew Mews saw Berry pointing up above the roof and they gasped as well over seeing the gigantic and still growing Ichigo.
"I-I-Ichigo!?" Lettuce said.
"Yikes! She's grown giant again! I'm so jealous right now!!" Pudding said.
"What the heck!?" Zakuro shouted.
Ichigo eventually stopped growing at 164 feet tall, the same size she grew to in Ichigo's Big Lunch Date. She looked down and saw how she towered over the neighborhood, but then took note of the city in the distance.
"Watch out, evil forces. The giant cat menace, Ichigo, is coming to step on you and eat you for dinner!" Ichigo said as she took a mighty step over her house and walked down the road.

The other Mew Mews just watched in awe as the giantess walked away from them, but they also heard what she said.
"Did I just hear her say what she just said?" Zakuro asked.
"Oh my gosh… she wasn't kidding when she said she was going to step on some bad people!" Lettuce said.
"Maybe that's a good thing. Maybe she can find the Saint Rose Crusaders and crush them flatter than pieces of pepperoni." Mint said.
"Yeah… but at what costs? And by causing how much panic in the city!?" Berry said.
"Berry is right. We have to talk Ichigo out of this before somebody innocent gets hurt! Ichigo! Ichigo, wait for us!" Lettuce said as she and the other Mew Mews ran after their giantess team captain.

With the sun going down, people were coming out of buildings ready to head home after a long day's work. But all their thoughts of reuniting with their families came to a thunderous halt (almost literally) as they heard booming sounds and felt the ground shake. One middle-aged lady shrieked when she looked up and saw why the ground was thumping.
"Eeeeek! It's a giantess!" the lady screamed as she pointed up and saw Ichigo approaching. More people looked up and commented, especially as they recognized the giantess.
"Hey, wait. Isn't that one of the Mew Mew girls?" one man said.
"But why is she so big?" one woman said.
"And what about those clothes she is wearing? I don't like the looks of that outfit!" one man said. The people wondered no more when the giant Ichigo saw a skyscraper to her left and she punched a hole in it, sending debris flying everywhere.
"Hmph. No bad people in there." Ichigo said. She then looked down at the bases of her boots and saw people running like crazy away from her.
"Do not fear me, little people. I only wish to capture bad people and make them pay for trying to disrupt peace in this beloved city!" Ichigo said.

However, trying to separate the good people from the bad proved to be a fruitful effort. The roads were so crowded, it hardly left the giantess with any room to manuever. Finally, she got frustrated and clenched her teeth like an evil villianess would.
"Arrrrgh! Just get out of the way!" Ichigo said as she slammed one of her boots down. Several people went flying off her feet, but a dozen or two others weren't so lucky and got smooshed underneath her boot, killing them instantly. Ichigo put her hands on her hips as she looked down at the lifeless bodies.
"Pffft… it was their fault they couldn't get out of the way." Ichigo said as she walked up to an intersection and then turned to the right, towering over another street. After a bit of walking, she saw another building that was her size. This time, she swung her tail around and sliced off the top of the structure, exposing the top floors to the outside world. Ichigo reached inside and grabbed a handful of people. Some screamed, while others were paralyzed with fear as they looked into the giantess's dark pink eyes.
"I just love eating little mice… in particular bad ones!" Ichigo said as she opened up her mouth and dumped all the people inside. She gulped them down, feeling them sliding down her throat. Then she focused her sights back on the ground at another group of people, slamming her boots in front of and behind them, preventing them from escaping.
"No use escaping, crooks!" Ichigo said as she kneeled down and scooped up the entire group with her hands. A few made a futile attempt to escape by jumping off her gloved hands, only to die upon hitting the pavement. Everyone else tried holding on for dear life to the gloves, but eventually they fell into Ichigo's mouth as well. Ichigo licked her lips and smiled.
"Mmmmm… delicious." Ichigo said, not caring that nearly every one of those people were innocent, good beings and not evil like she was targeting.

"Ichigo! Down here, Ichigo!!!" a female voice shouted. Ichigo looked around until she saw her fellow Mew Mews by her boots, with the voice belonging to Lettuce.
"Oh, look. It's my softie friends." Ichigo said as she folded her arms under her chest.
"Ichigo, please stop! You're swallowing innocent people!" Lettuce pleaded.
"So? It’s collateral damage. If a few innocents have to die just so the bad people of this world are destroyed, then so be it." Ichigo said.
"A FEW people? We just saw you swallow practically an entire café! Not even I would've been that cruel." Mint said.
"Please, Ichigo. Let us help you. We can help you think straight." Berry said.
"No! Just go away… this isn't your fight. In fact, I'm doing you five a favor." Ichigo said.
"Ichigo, come on! What would our other friends say? Like Kish or Masaya or Ryo…" Pudding said.
"I SAID GO AWAY!!!" Ichigo suddenly screamed as she quickly raised her right boot in the air.
"Look out!" Zakuro shouted as she and the other Mew Mews dove out of the way. They were just able to avoid both the gigantic boot as well as pieces of the road as it got torn up from the stomp.
By the time the other Mew Mews stand up again, they watched as the giant Ichigo walked away again.
"Meeps… was it something I said?" Pudding asked.
"No, Pudding. Ichigo's just not thinking straight." Mint said.
"I've got an idea. Let's get back to Café Mew Mew." Lettuce said.
"Why, Lettuce? What do you have in mind?" Zakuro asked.
"To contact probably the best person to snap Ichigo out of it." Lettuce said as she and the other Mew Mews ran in another direction.

Ichigo, meanwhile, got back to her mission of sending more 'evil' people down her throat. For future groups of people that she ran into, she decided to get more creative rather than just scoop everyone into her hands and stuffing everyone down her throat. She chased her next group of people into an alley, trapping them with nowhere to go. Ichigo leaned her head in between the two buildings, resting her hands on both rooftops.
"Ever wonder what it's like to be sucked into space?" Ichigo said in a rather cold tone. Then she opened her mouth, and suddenly everyone felt themselves being pulled in like a vacuum. People tried hanging on for dear life, but whatever they were holding onto (mostly trash cans) got sucked in as well. Once Ichigo saw everyone was inside, she stopped inhaling. She licked her lips, only to suddenly let out a couple coughs.
"Too much air…" Ichigo said as she clutched her chest. She then walked back out onto the streets and kicked a fire hydrant near her boots, sending water shooting up in the air. Ichigo did not hesitate and she got down on her knees and swallowed as much water as she could. She also washed down a few lucky people that managed to stay on her tongue and not drop down into her stomach like everyone else inhaled did, Kirby-style.
"Now then… onto the next bunch." Ichigo said as she walked away from the scene of the crime.

After walking a couple more minutes around the city, she caught another bunch of scared people, and they had nowhere to go already thanks to a couple traffic accidents that completely sealed the lanes. She stared at these people and then noticed a familiar sight by her boots. She watched as numerous people came running out of the candy store, then she kneeled down and ripped the roof right off the structure, flinging it away to the side. Then she reached inside and ripped one shelf and one shelf only from the ground. And it happened to be the shelf that stocked all the bubble gum.
"I've always wanted to try bubble gum with evil people sprinkled on it." Ichigo said. Shuffling the numerous packages of bubble gum in one hand and then grabbing the people with her other hand, Ichigo threw everything into her mouth. She chewed and chewed and chewed. Some people were not lucky from the get go and they got crushed between the upper and lower molars, but for everyone else… anyone watching from ground level would get to see these people one more time when Ichigo performed her next act.
After feeling the gum get the way she wanted (after having the packaging chewed through), Ichigo blowed a bubble. The bubble expanded, with several people screaming for help.
"Hey! Stop jumping around! You're going to break the bubble!" one man shouted.
"Who the heck cares!? We're going to die anyway!" the woman screamed as she pounded on the bubble from inside. Finally, once the bubble was big enough, it snapped apart, leaving a gummy mess on Ichigo's lips that she swallowed back into her mouth. Some people either fell to their deaths once the bubble popped or they went back inside Ichigo's mouth, being swallowed by the giantess along with the gum.

With the gum experiment over, Ichigo kicked aside the traffic blocking her path and set her sights on yet another group of innocent people. This time she got down on her hands and knees and crawled her way to these people like a cat.
"Look out, evildoers! The big bad cat is coming to eat you!" Ichigo said with a surprisingly evil grin on her face. Once she caught up with the tiny people, she opened her mouth wide and dove down towards the people, like she was bobbing for apples. She dove a bit too far and ended up crushing unlucky people either underneath her neck or chest, but everyone else ran smack into the roof of Ichigo's mouth, feeling the saliva-drenched tongue closing in on behind. Ichigo closed her mouth, quickly stood back up, and tilted her head back, swallowing these people whole.
"Mmmm… forget apples! I'm bobbing for people now!" Ichigo said. She looked directly to her left and saw a taller building. Like before, she sliced a hole into this building, where she saw over a dozen panicking people. Ichigo wasted no time in sticking her tongue inside the hole and swishing it around until she felt every last person inside stick to her tongue like glue. She brought her tongue inside and swallowed the people, rubbing her stomach afterwards.
"But I'm still not satisfied. I can feel so much more evil in this city that needs to be eradicated!" Ichigo said as she stomped towards another section of the city.

The carnage seemed to never end as Ichigo kept finding ways to throw people into her mouth. She would pick them up with her tail and throw them into her mouth. She would flat out order people like she were a drill sargent to march into her maw. She did seemingly everything and everything in between when it comes to a giantess eating smaller people. Hundreds have died in the city, either by being crushed or swallowed by Ichigo.
Before Ichigo could find another target, however, she saw something flying in front of her face.
"Ichigo, stop!" the male voice said. Ichigo refocused her vision off the city and to the person flying in front of her.
"Kish? How did you get here?" Ichigo asked.
"Your friends called me, so I came teleporting from my home planet. Good thing we have loooooooooong distance between this planet and mine." Kish said.
"What do you want, Kish?" Ichigo asked.
"Well, someone's been a very, very naughty kitty." Kish said. Ichigo just glared menacingly at her smaller friend.
"Seriously though, Ichigo. Why are you doing this?" Kish asked.
"Someone has to." Ichigo said.
"What? You mean all six of you were going to go Fee Fi Fo Fum on the city?" Kish said.
"No, of course not! Then nobody would trust the Mew Mews anymore. I acted alone because I had to." Ichigo said.
"And why is that?" Kish asked.
"Why else, Kish? To eliminate all the evil in this city so we can ALL finally live in peace!!" Ichigo said.
"An admirable goal, but didn't you once tell me it's a lofty dream that humanity will always chase until the end of time?" Kish said.
"Urrrrgh… what the heck do you know about peace!? You tried to take over this planet, remember!?" Ichigo said.

Kish could tell this was going nowhere and decided to go straight to the point.
"Look, Ichigo. You're just tired and overworked. You're not thinking straight. Why not come back to my world to blow off some steam?" Kish said.
"No!" Ichigo said as she folded her arms.
"At the very least go on a diet… eating tons of innocent people can't be good for that pretty belly of yours." Ichigo said.
"SHUT UP, KISH!!!!" Ichigo screamed as she finally took a swing at Kish, but he flew out of the way, avoiding her gloved hand by inches. Kish flew around to dodge a couple more swings by the giantess. He even managed to avoid being struck by her tail when she took a swing with that. Secretly, Kish thought this was fun, but he couldn't play this game forever.
"Sigh… you leave me no choice, Ichigo." Kish said. He then shot a series of green energy beams, both at her wrists and her ankles. They formed into horseshoe-shaped barriers that were dragging Ichigo to the ground. She tried to fight them off, but it felt like she was trying to carry twice her weight.
"What… errrrrgh!" Ichigo said as she finally collapsed to the ground, laying flat on her back.

Kish flew right up to the giantess's face.
"Let me go NOW, Kish! I must kill all the evil beings on this planet!!!" Ichigo said.
"Fight all you want, Ichigo, but those cuffs are not coming off." Kish said.
"Ichigo! Listen to yourself!!! This is not you at all! Snap out of it! You're not thinking straight!!" Kish pleaded.
"Ugh! Ugh…" Ichigo said. Kish's plea seemed to be working, as Ichigo's struggle to break free gradually weakened. Kish felt his words were getting through, and that's when the rest of the Mew Mews joined in once they jumped on top of Ichigo's chest.
"Ichigo… we're your friends." Lettuce said.
"No matter what happens… we're in this fight together." Mint said.
"Yeah! Together no matter how long it takes!" Pudding said.
"Our fight is like a good movie. You stick with it until the very end." Zakuro said.
"We all feel your pain of the daily fighting of monsters from the Saint Rose Crusaders, Ichigo. It's how you cope with that pain that defines you as a superhero." Berry said.
"And always remember… there's virtual reality back at my homeworld. You're just a teleport away from creating your own world that you can crush and conquer with no loss of real life." Kish said.

The words of all six of her friends started to overcome Ichigo's evil emotions. The giantess now frowned and had tears coming out of her eyes.
"Everyone… thank you… I'm so embarrassed. I don't know what came over me." Ichigo said.
"That's a good kitty. Just let Dr. Kish make everything feel better." Kish said as he snapped his fingers. First of all, Ichigo's outfit changed back into its usual Mew Mew self. Second, and most important of all, Ichigo began to shrink rapidly in size. As the energy beams that held her down disappeared, Ichigo got smaller and smaller until she was back to her normal size.
"Yay! Ichigo back to normal! Again." Pudding said.
"And once again you regret not being the big one." Zakuro said, patting her fellow Mew Mew on the head.
"Hey! Don't you dream of being like a thousand feet tall as well? I mean… when NOT in virtual reality?" Pudding said.
"Point taken." Zakuro calmly said as she and everyone else huddled around Ichigo.
"Thanks, everyone. But… all those people I ate and crushed…" Ichigo said.
"Ahhhh… don't worry about them." Kish said as he pointed several yards down the road. Suddenly, in a series of flashes and green lights… every person Ichigo killed in the past several minutes was brought back to life, standing around and looking around wondering out loud what happened.
"What!? They're… they're alive? Kish? How did you…" Ichigo said.
"Let's just say chimera I gave you to grow big after that lunch date has excellent reversal properties. Although it's not quite perfect…" Kish said as he pointed up at the holes still punched in some of the buildings, along with some debris still left on the streets.
"Oh, I see." Ichigo said.
"Maybe one day I'll share all of that thing's secrets. Matter of alien world security, after all." Kish said.
"Sure, Kish. I understand." Ichigo said as she leaned towards his face and gave it a quick kiss on the cheek. Kish's face immediately blushed.

The next thing to happen, however, was a very loud rumbling sound. Everyone looked down at Ichigo's stomach area.
"Oooooh… I'm quite hungry all of a sudden." Ichigo said.
"Why are we not surprised? You probably just lost, like, ten thousand pounds all of a sudden." Mint said. Ordinarily Ichigo would snap at Mint for making a remark like that… but for once, she and the others got the joke and burst out laughing. Eventually, as the city started to light up with bright lights under the night sky, all the Mew Mew girls plus Kish left the area and headed for the nearest bistro to put another adventurous (and gigantic) day behind them, at least until the next time the Saint Rose Crusaders would strike.