Tiny Demons


Mt. Microna
As another day wraps up, our heroes have made their way to the small mountain range that is Mt. Microna. Wanting to strike up a conversation, Kagome first comments on the beautiful day, and then on what exactly Mt. Microna means.
"Ahhh... another beautiful day today." Kagome said, but then she noticed the stern look on Inuyasha's face.
"Well, I mean... right now it is. I know, I know, until the next big demon shows up." Kagome said.
"Fortunately we shouldn't run into too much trouble. I hear Mt. Microna is a quiet place." Sango said.
"Why is it called Mt. Microna, anyway? Kind of a weird name for a mountain, don't you think?" Kagome said.
"Rumor has it this mountain was named after a demon who used powerful magic to ward off its opponents. Other demons essentially disappear when they tried to confront this demon." Miroku said.
"Many humans have tried to discover this demon, but they don't find anything. Some people even wonder if the demon even exists to begin with." Sango said.
"That's strange. This demon makes other demons seemingly cease to exist while it disappears itself to avoid the human race?" Shippo said.
"That's how the legend goes. It's largely considered a myth nowadays." Miroku said.
"Heh... some coward this demon must be. I could probably shred him up and down several times over!" Inuyasha said.
"You don't say..." Kagome said. Inuyasha then stopped walking.
"Inuyasha, what is it?" Sango asked.
"Oh no... not that scent..." Inuyasha said. As soon as he said that, a swirling whirlwind came storming towards our heroes, eventually knocking Inuyasha several yards back. The whirlwind dissipated next to Kagome, who suddenly found herself being half hugged by Koga, the wolf demon.
"Hey there, Kagome. Long time no see!" Koga said.
"Um... hi, Koga. Nice to see you too..." Kagome said with a sweatdrop running down the side of her head.
"What brings you all the way out here? Weren't you looking for Naraku?" Miroku said.
"Not much of a trace. It's like he's vanished into thin air or something. I just happened to notice Kagome here, and so here I am." Koga said.
"That's very thoughtful of you." Kagome said.
"You mangy wolf!!!" Inuyasha shouted as he ran towards Koga and tried to slash him, but with the jewel shards in his legs, this was an easy dodge for Koga.
"Heh... don't tell me you're still hanging out with this little puppy." Koga said.
"Tough talk for someone who's tail is always between his legs!" Inuyasha shouted, making another slash that was way off target.
"You're getting kinda slow there, mutt!" Koga said.
"I'm warning you, Koga! Keep your filthy claws off Kagome!" Inuyasha said.
"Why, so you can always endanger her life? What makes you a better boyfriend than me anyway?" Koga said.
"Oh boy, here we go again..." Shippo said to Kirara, who just meowed in acknowledgement.
Mt. Microna
Meanwhile, from the eastern side of the mountain, another group was traveling towards the base of the mountain. Sesshomaru, along with Jaken, A-Un, and their human companion Rin (walking alongside A-Un) were simply passing by, continuing on the search for Naraku.
"Lord Sesshomaru, we should consider stopping to rest at this location. We have been traveling a very long time." Jaken said.
"Are you sure that's a good idea, Master Jaken? What if there are demons on this mountain?" Rin asked.
"Don't talk such rubbish, young lady! I know there are no demons here at Mt. Microna!" Jaken said.
"Yeah, but... I used to hear these rumors of a demon on this mountain who was very powerful." Rin said.
"I've heard those rumors too, but that's all they are! This demon can't possibly exist, as nobody has come back wanting to tell stories about it!" Jaken said.
"Lord Sesshomaru, do you think there is a demon on this mountain?" Rin said. To Jaken's amazement, Sesshomaru spoke.
"If there is a demon on this mountain, we will find it." Sesshomaru said.
"Alright! You see, Master Jaken, as long as we have Lord Sesshomaru, we are safe." Rin said with a smile.
"I... well... um... now listen... oh hell! I'll never win against this girl..." Jaken said as the walk continued.
Mt. Microna
And on the western side of the mountain, it was pure evil on this side. Well, luckily not the most evil of evil. Two of Naraku's detachments, Kagura and Kanna, were walking through the grassy plain.
"I don't understand. What did Naraku send us all the way out here for!?" Kagura said. Kanna said nothing.
"I don't see how there can be any jewel shards out here. It's like we're in the middle of nowhere!" Kagura said. Kanna still said nothing, and this was really aggravating to wind master.
"Damn it, Kanna! Say something!" Kagura said.
"Something valuable is here." Kanna said.
"Well thank you for breaking the silence! What could possibly be valuable in this stinky little mountain?" Kagura said. Kanna raised an eyebrow.
"We will know very soon." Kanna said softly.
Mt. Microna Peak
Deep inside the cave that rested at the top of the mountain lied what appeared to be an old woman, dressed in green silk and white hair flowing down through the back. Of course, what nobody realized was that this was the ancient demoness, Microna. After sitting with her eyes closed for who knows how long, her eyes snapped open.
"Demons approach... but they will not capture me! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" Microna shouted as she unleashed her magic. After the dark cave lit up for a few seconds, a massive circular wave of green energy flowed out from her body and spread throughout the mountain.
Mt. Microna
Meanwhile, the arguing continued between Inuyasha and Koga, each trying to plead their case as to why Kagome deserves to be with him. Kagome was obviously tired of all the arguing, but nothing she said was getting to them.
"Stop it, you two! No more fighting!" Kagome shouted. Miroku and Sango weren't surprised to see all this happening.
"(sigh) This could take a while." Miroku said.
"Yeah. Those two are like thunder and lightning." Sango said. Meanwhile, Kirara looked to its right and was growling.
"Huh? What is it, Kirara?" Shippo asked. He looked up the mountain, where Kirara's attention was focused, and he noticed the same thing that Kirara noticed. The big wave of green energy that was approaching fast.
"Eeeek! What is that thing!?" Shippo said. Miroku and Sango looked to see it coming.
"Huh? That's some kind of energy wave... coming from the top of the mountain." Miroku said.
"Yeah, and it's heading right for us!" Sango said. Miroku quickly grabbed Sango and dove for the ground.
"Kagome, heads up!" Miroku shouted. By the time Kagome could brace herself, the energy wave soon stormed past at lightning speed. She watched as it flew out into the distance, and then she checked herself for any scars.
"Whoa! What in the world was that?" Kagome asked. Miroku and Sango watched the wave go away as well.
"I don't know. It's like..." Sango said, but had to stop when she felt something touching her behind. Here we go again, she thought, so that's when she wound up her hand and smacked Miroku in the face with it.
"Do you mind!?" Sango said as she and Miroku got up on their feet.
"I was merely checking on your well-being." Miroku said.
"Anyway, is everyone okay? Aside from Miroku, I mean." Sango said.
"Yeah, I'm okay. It's weird, that wave didn't seem to affect me." Kagome said. Miroku looked around.
"Wait a minute... where are Inuyasha and Koga?" Miroku said.
"Huh? Hey, they just disappeared!" Kagome said.
"And Kirara and Shippo too!" Sango said.
"Something is not right here..." Miroku said.
"Um, hello!? A little help down here!" a familiar voice shouted.
"Huh? That sounded like Shippo." Sango said.
"But where is he?" Miroku said.
"I said I'm down here!!! Look down here!!!" the voice shouted again. Sango finally looked down and gasped.
There was Shippo, only one inch tall and struggling to get out from underneath Sango's boot.
"Shippo!?" Sango shouted.
"WILL YOU PLEASE HURRY UP AND LIFT YOUR FOOT!!?!?!??!?!" Shippo shouted as loud as he could. Sango complied, backing up a couple steps. She also noticed Kirara, just as tiny as Shippo was.
"Shippo? Kirara!? W-W-What happened!?" Sango said.
"No wonder we couldn't find them earlier..." Miroku said.
"Wait, then that means..." Kagome said. That's when she looked down by her shoes and saw Inuyasha and Koga, who were also shrunken down to one inch in height.
"No way..." Kagome said. In the meantime, Sango kneeled down and looked closely at Shippo and Kirara.
"Are you two alright?" Sango asked.
"Yeah, I'm okay. I'm a lot tougher than I look!" Shippo said.
"Shippo, please tell us what happened, all the way back to that green energy wave." Miroku said.
"Well, right when you and Miroku fell on top of me as you were trying to dodge that wave, it hit me like a smash top! Next thing I knew... I was getting up when I saw this giant boot coming down. I tried to dodge it, but... thank goodness you have soft boots, Sango! It all happened so fast!" Shippo said.
"I'm really sorry, Shippo. And you too, Kirara, if I almost stepped on you two." Sango said. Kirara just meowed, signaling it was okay. Still, Sango didn't want to risk their lives any further, so she held out a hand and allowed the two to climb on. Meanwhile, Kagome finally got the attention of the two shrunken demons in front of her.
"Um... guys!" Kagome said. Both Inuyasha and Koga finally looked towards Kagome, only seeing her brown shoes at first but then moving upwards and seeing her whole body. Several strands of grass were also taller than the two at present time.
"Huh!? Kagome?" Koga said.
"What happened? You're gigantic now!" Inuyasha said.
"Actually, I'm just fine. You two are the ones that shrunk!" Kagome said.
"Damn it! What did you do, mangy wolf!?" Inuyasha shouted.
"Me? You think I had something to do with this!? I bet you're the one who caused this!" Koga said.
"Hey, don't you put this on me!!" Inuyasha said. The two went back to their shouting match, and Kagome just sighed. Sango and Miroku soon joined up with Kagome.
"Hmmm... I'm starting to think that wave had an effect on demons, but not us humans because we weren't affected." Miroku said.
"Well, Inuyasha is half-demon and half-human, so how did he shrink too?" Kagome asked.
"Then I guess that wave covered anything that had demon blood, no matter how much of a trace it is." Miroku said.
"But where could that wave have come from? Shippo said he saw it come from the top of Mt. Microna." Sango said.
"So I guess the myth is true... perhaps there IS a demon hiding up there. And this is how the demon fends off other demons." Miroku said.
"By shrinking them? Wow... imagine having a power like that." Kagome said. Shippo and Kirara, both standing on Sango's hand, watched Inuyasha and Koga continue their argument.
"Man, even when they're Myoga-sized, they're still going at it." Shippo said. Kagome finally couldn't take it, and decided to take charge.
"Alright, that's enough! Inuyasha, sit boy!!!" Kagome shouted. Inuyasha immediately went crashing towards the ground.
"Hahahaha! Serves you right, dog breath!" Koga shouted, only to get his eyesight filled with as much of Kagome's shoe as possible without it crushing him. He fell on his back in amazement.
"And you too, buster!" Kagome shouted.
"Alright, alright! I'm sorry, Kagome." Koga said.
Kagome looked once again at her normal-sized friends, Sango and Miroku.
"What are we going to do now?" Kagome asked.
"Well, the most obvious course of action would be to scale Mt. Microna and find the demon apparently responsible for this." Miroku said.
"Kagome, I think it would be best if you stayed here while Miroku and I went up the mountain." Sango said.
"Huh? How come?" Kagome asked.
"Well, someone's gotta watch over those two, for one thing." Miroku said.
"Hey!? What do you think I am, a little insect!?" Inuyasha said.
"You ARE insect-sized, doggy ears." Koga said.
"Why you!" Inuyasha said.
"Inuyasha!!!" Kagome shouted, and Inuyasha stopped in his tracks knowing that he'd feel Kagome's wrath if he angered her.
"You're right. I guess I can play babysitter for a couple hours. What about Shippo and Kirara?" Kagome said.
"We'll take them with us, so I can protect them." Sango said.
"Gee, it's like being protected by a giant angel." Shippo said.
"Plus... if there is indeed a demon up there, perhaps we can convince it to undo its magic." Miroku said.
"Alright. Well, be careful and good luck." Kagome said.
"We will. And you too... you're gonna need a lot of luck with those two." Sango said before she and Miroku began heading up the mountain. Kagome looked down at the tiny Koga and Inuyasha.
"Pffft... I don't need to be wasting time with dog boy. I'm outta here!" Koga said. He suddenly changed into a whirlwind and went speeding off. Despite his shrunken size, his speed allowed him to already gain a lot of distance away from Kagome.
"Wait, Koga! You can't run off like that! It's dangerous!" Kagome shouted.
"Man, Kagome, just let him go. It's his funeral if he wants to spend the rest of his life an inch tall." Inuyasha said. However, Kagome seemed to ignore Inuyasha's words and she went running after the tiny Koga.
"Koga, I said wait up!" Kagome shouted.
"Damn it, Kagome… What do you see in that wolf breath anyway!?" Inuyasha said as he frustratingly ran after the giant Kagome, his own fast speed allowing him to keep up as he weaved his way around the tall blades of grass.
Mt. Microna
Meanwhile, after the green energy circle had scurried through the eastern side, Rin suddenly found herself all alone. There was no Sesshomaru, no Jaken, and not even A-Un. Rin looked in every direction to find them, and the more she looked, the more worried she got.
"Lord Sesshomaru? Master Jaken? Where are you!?" Rin said. She tried shouting louder.
"Lord Sesshomaru!!! Master Jaken!!! Don't leave me alone!!" Rin said. Still no response. Tears started to form in her eyes.
"Please... you can't leave me all alone. I don't want to be alone..." Rin said, wiping away the tears and watching as they hit the grass. As she was watching the ground, she saw a small burst of flame coming out from the grass. Upon further inspection, Rin looked and saw the one-inch-tall Jaken shooting fire out from the top of his staff.
"...down here! Down here, you stupid kid!!!" Jaken shouted.
"Master Jaken! There you are!" Rin said as her face suddenly beamed with happiness. She picked up Jaken and hugged him close to her face.
"Arrrgh! Not so hard! My old bones are quite fragile!" Jaken shouted. Rin then pulled him back and looked at him.
"Master Jaken, what happened? Why is it that you're so small?" Rin asked.
"Never mind that! We've got to find Lord Sesshomaru! You almost stepped on him during your little hissy fit!" Jaken shouted.
"No way! If I know Lord Sesshomaru, he'll be just fine!" Rin said.
"Look, there he is over there!" Jaken said, pointing out to his north after looking that way. Rin slowly approaching the rustling blades of grass, and that's where she spotted Sesshomaru and A-Un, both shrunken as well.
"Lord Sesshomaru? Is that you?" Rin said as she carefully picked up both he and A-Un, soon holding all three of her friends in the palm of her right hand.
"Eeeek! Be careful, young lady! If any harm comes to Lord Sesshomaru..." Jaken shouted, but Rin didn't seem to be paying any attention.
"A-Un... it's a good thing I wasn't sitting on you when this happened." Rin said with a smile.
"Oy... that girl never listens to me." Jaken said.
"Lord Sesshomaru, thank goodness you don't seem to be hurt. I can't believe you're now smaller than I am!" Rin said.
"Is that a threat you are making to Lord Sesshomaru!?" Jaken shouted, only to get bonked on the head by Sesshomaru as he clearly was getting tired of Jaken's craziness. He finally spoke up to Rin.
"As I suspected, the demon on top of the mountain lives." Sesshomaru said.
"Huh? So it is true that there is a demon there? Do you suppose it caused all of you to shrink like that?" Rin asked.
"We will know when we confront the demon. You will remain here, Rin, while Jaken and I scale the mountain." Sesshomaru said.
"Huh? Please forgive me, Lord Sesshomaru, but I feel I should come with you. You know, to protect you from any demons we find." Rin said.
"That shouldn't be a problem. Knowing that energy wave, it probably affected all demons around this area!" Jaken said.
"But still... climbing a mountain could be very tough given your current size. You could use the lift, honest!" Rin said.
"Very well then. But I make no guarantees of your safety." Sesshomaru said.
"Teehee… I know you don't! Well, we better get going!" Rin said with a smile. She started walking, keeping her palm open for everyone to stand in. Jaken looked nervously up at Sesshomaru.
"Um, Milord, are you sure we should be bringing Rin with us? She is just a little girl and Mt. Microna might be dangerous." Jaken said. When Sesshomaru just glanced down at Jaken, he shook nervously.
"For today only, we will bend to her will. But when this is over, all who oppose me will die." Sesshomaru said.
"As you wish, Milord." Jaken said with a nervous gulp.
Mt. Microna
Kagura slowly got back on her feet after the green energy wave caught her by surprise.
"Damn... what hit me?" Kagura said. She then looked around and saw the many blades of grass that towered above her.
"Where are we?" Kagura asked. She looked at Kanna who stood behind her.
"Kanna? Talk to me... where did that wave send us?" Kagura said.
"We have not moved." Kanna said.
"Alright, quit trying to play dumb with me. What the hell happened to us!?" Kagura shouted.
"We are tiny." Kanna said.
"What!? What do you mean we're tiny!!?" Kagura shouted.
"The demon is responsible... that is why Naraku sent us." Kanna said.
"Huh? So the rumors are true after all." Kagura said. She then pulled a feather out from her hair and enlarged it so she could ride it, but the feather flew right away.
"Damn! We're so small, even a gentle breeze would blow me away!" Kagura said.
"We must scale the mountain immediately before the demon escapes." Kanna said. Kagura once again gave an annoyed look down at her 'partner.'
"You know, I should have a talk with Naraku about altering your personality. And besides… how the hell are we supposed to climb this mountain now!? We're probably no bigger than bug food…" Kagura said as she aimlessly walked around.
Then, all of a sudden, there was a loud screech from above. By the time Kagura looked up, she saw a giant bird that swooped down and grabbed the shrunken Kagura with its talons.
"Ahhhhh!!!" Kagura screamed as she felt herself being flown away as the bird rised back up into the air. Kanna just stood still and watched.
"A most unfortunate setback." Kanna said as softly as always.
Kagura, meanwhile, was beating on the bird's talons trying to get it to release her, but no luck.
"Arrrrgh! Let me go you stupid creature! I'll have you know I control the skies in this part of the woods!" Kagura shouted, then let down a sweatdrop when she realized what she was doing.
"Wait a minute… I'm insulting a bird now. Ugh… I've been with Naraku for too long. Damn him!" Kagura said as she went into a deep thought and wondered how she was going to get out of this predicament.
Mt. Microna
It had been 20 minutes since Sango, now changed into her demon slayer outfit, and Miroku began their climb up the mountain. So far they haven't met any resistance. At the same time, Shippo and Kirara, who were now sitting on Sango's left shoulder guard, were just enjoying the ride for the time being. Sango glanced over at the shrunken duo, with Shippo almost getting scared from the sheer size of Sango's face.
"Shippo? How are you and Kirara holding up?" Sango asked.
"Er… fine. But maybe could you not look at us directly… your giant face is kinda scaring me." Shippo said.
"Oh, okay. Sorry about that." Sango said.
"Still, you must admit that this is a life changing experience, Shippo. It makes you appreciate what Myoga has to endure." Miroku commented.
"Yeah… good point. But still, I hope we can grow back to normal." Shippo said.
Just then, the two normal-sized humans came to a sudden stop when they looked ahead and saw what appeared to be a swarm.
"Wait, Miroku. What's that?" Sango asked.
"It appears to be a swarm of insects, although…" Miroku said. The monk walked closer and closer towards the swarm, and upon further inspection, he realized what the 'insects' were.
"Oh… these look like run-of-the-mill demons." Miroku said.
"Really? They're so incredibly tiny…" Sango said.
"My guess is that they were shrunken by this mountain's magic, much like what happened with Shippo, Kirara, Inuyasha, and Koga." Miroku said. The next second, however, took the two by surprise as the shrunken demons suddenly swirled around them.
"Ack! But they're just like any other swarm of insects!" Sango said as she aimlessly swatted the air around her, killing and disintegrating a handful of shrunken demons only to suddenly encounter another batch. Miroku was having the same problem.
"Ugh! There's so many of them, we should try and outrun them!" Miroku said as he made a few swats and then went running ahead, with Sango doing the same thing.
"Miroku, wait up!" Sango said as she took a few more swipes at the microscopic demons.
As for Kirara and Shippo, Kirara got the right idea by taking cover underneath Sango's shoulder guards. Shippo, on the other hand, wasn't as quick with his feet. In fact, he found it hard to keep his balance as fast as Sango was running.
"Whoa! Sango, I'm falllllllllling!" Shippo shouted as he finally tumbled forward, sliding down the black fabric of Sango's demon slayer outfit. Shippo latched onto as much of the fabric as he could, but immediately sweated when he realized where exactly on Sango's body he was.
"*gulp* Don't tell me… I'm holding onto her chest!" Shippo said to himself as he realized the 'mountainous' part of Sango's body he was holding onto (despite being covered by her clothes) could only mean he was hanging onto one of her breasts. Shippo was not for one second going to be like his perverted friend, Miroku. He quickly crawled his way downward, stopping just short of the giantess's red belt, but he couldn't rest long when he looked out ahead.
"Yikes! Demons coming this way!" Shippo said, and given he was the same size as these attacking demons, he knew he better find cover. So with quick thinking, Shippo made his way to Sango's backside, holding on as tight as he could to the clothing all the way through.
A couple minutes later, Miroku and Sango were finally clear of all the miniscule demons.
"Whew… I think we lost them all." Sango said.
"For now, but my instincts tell me there will be more of them. We should ready ourselves for battle the next time." Miroku said.
"Are you sure? Should we really be wasting our strength on these demons?" Sango said.
"As you have seen, the right quantity can certainly make up for quality." Miroku said.
"Yeah, good point." Sango said. As she started to reach for her backside to grab her Hiraikotsu, she peeked over towards one of her shoulder guards and realized some important omissions.
"Huh? Wait! Where are Kirara and Shippo?" Sango said. Miroku looked on her shoulder and saw them missing as well.
"Oh no! Do you think they fell off while we were running away from that mini demon swarm?" Miroku said. Just then, however, a familiar meow made Sango breathe a sigh of relief as Kirara came crawling out from underneath Sango's shoulder guard.
"Oh… whew! Thank goodness you're alright, Kirara. That's some smart thinking there." Sango said as she gently petted her faithful demon cat companion gently with her finger.
"But what about Shippo?" Miroku asked.
"Down here!" a familiar voice said. That's when Miroku looked down and saw Shippo clinging to the red belt of Sango's demon slayer outfit… just above the behind no less.
"Ummm… Shippo? What exactly are you doing down there?" Miroku said.
"HEY! It's not what you think! Seriously! I was merely trying to hide from all those demons!" Shippo said.
"Never mind… let's just get you back to safety." Miroku said as he reached in and gently grabbed Shippo. But while doing so, he couldn't resist putting his other hand to good use by getting a firm pat of Sango's behind.
It was an act that did not go unnoticed. You could tell by the very loud slapping sound that caused many birds to flee from their trees. ^_____^
Sango was happy and smiling and petting Kirara one second, and then red-faced angry as she turned around and slapped Miroku in the face. Miroku wasn't the least bit surprised, even as he tried to explain his reasons.
"I was merely trying to save Shippo from falling back down to the ground." Miroku said.
"Uggggh… sometimes I think you're utterly hopeless, monk!" Sango said.
"In any case, we better keep moving. The sooner we can find the demon atop this mountain the better." Miroku said as he placed Shippo back on Sango's shoulder next to Kirara.
"Try to hold on this time, Shippo." Sango said with a smile on her face.
"Heh, I'll try." Shippo said. With the two shrunken demon friends back in place, Sango and Miroku resumed their walking and climbing up the mountainside.
Mt. Microna
South, bottom of mountain
Meanwhile, all the way back down on the bottom of the mountain, Koga was speeding through the blades of grass, the resulting whirlwind from his run brushing them aside.
"If I can get to the top of this mountain, maybe I can find a cure for this shrunken state. No way am I going to let Ginta and Hakkaku see me like this…" Koga said to himself, but before he could continue his thought, he suddenly had to stop when a giant arrow landed directly in front of him.
"What the heck!?" Koga shouted. The wolf demon immediately recognized where the arrow came from, and that's when he turned around and saw the 'giant' Kagome walking up towards him.
"Whew… finally caught you." Kagome said. The 15-year-old girl kneeled down and grabbed the tiny Koga, making sure he couldn't escape with his arms or legs as she wrapped her fingers around him. She had a stern look on her face as she held him in front of her face. At the same time, Inuyasha finally caught up and was standing a few yards (relatively speaking) from Kagome's brown shoes.
"Now then... you're staying with me until Sango and Miroku come back, hopefully with a cure! Meanwhile, you and Inuyasha are gonna play nice for me." Kagome said.
"What the hell!? You can forget about that!" Inuyasha said.
"Sit boy!!!" Kagome shouted as she turned around and looked down at Inuyasha, making him smack the dirt once again. Kagome then set Koga down on the ground next to Inuyasha.
"Ugh... I am soooo not gonna enjoy this." Inuyasha softly said.
"Ugh… the feeling's mutual." Koga said.
"Then why don't you use your super duper speed and run like the cowardly wolf you are!?" Inuyasha said.
"What, and let Kagome shoot me with an arrow!?" Koga said.
"I hope she does!" Inuyasha said.
The two got back to arguing with each other, and Kagome wasn't going to take one more second of this. She stomped one of her feet down.
"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Kagome shouted. Her loud voice was almost deafening to both Koga and Inuyasha, who both stopped as soon as the giantess slammed her leather shoe in front of the two.
"You two are going to stop fighting this instant! Is that clear?" Kagome said.
"Says who!? You're not the boss of me, Kagome!" Inuyasha said.
"Sit boy!!" Kagome shouted, causing Inuyasha to go slamming down to the dirt face first as always when Kagome shouts that.
"Hahaha! How does it feel, dog boy, tasting the dirt like that?" Koga said.
"I mean it, Koga. Quit making fun of Inuyasha for now or I'll break both your legs!" Kagome shouted.
"Eeeep… whatever you say, ma'am." Koga said.
"Now then, just to show there's no hard feelings, what should I do that involves the both of you… oh, I know!" Kagome said. As Inuyasha got back on his feet, he and Koga watched as it only took a couple seconds for Kagome to think of something to do with them. The two watched as Kagome lifted her socked feet out from her shoes.
“Ummm… What is she doing?” Koga asked.
“Beats the hell out of me…” Inuyasha replied. Then Kagome used her hands to slip her socks off her feet. Kagome wiggled her toes as she placed them down on the grassy ground.
“Ah, that feels better. I've been walking a very long time in those shoes. My feet sure could use a good massage.” Kagome said. She then sat down, with her toes just inches away from the shrunken two before she pointed her feet directly upward.
“Well, go on you two! Start rubbing!” Kagome shouted.
“You've gotta be freaking kidding me.” Koga said as he stared up at the ‘towers’ that were Kagome’s bare feet.
“Damn it, Kagome! How do you expect us to rub your entire foot while we're this small!?” Inuyasha shouted.
“You two will figure out a way, now get going!” Kagome said as she nudged her right foot slightly, the heel of which knocked them both back on their behinds temporarily. Both men sighed as they got to work rubbing the skin on the giantess’s foot. Right away the odor was not lost on both guys.
“Ugh… I've smelled demons much worse than this.” Inuyasha said. Koga raised both his eyebrows.
“Present company excepted, I would hope.” Koga said as he and Inuyasha growled at each for a brief moment. Kagome, meanwhile, softly moaned as she felt the slight amount of skin being gently caressed.
Mt. Microna
Kagura continued to fight tooth and nail with the bird that she was trapped with, not realizing the creature had taken the shrunken woman clear across the mountain from where she was found.
"Arrrrgh! I don't have time to be bird bait!" Kagura said. Finally she got one of her hands loose and pulled out her special fan.
"Dance of blades!" Kagura said as she waved her fan and caused a series of gusts that blew upward at the bird. The bird was unable to keep a steady flight and suddenly loosened up its talons, causing it to lose its grip on Kagura, who found herself freefalling in the air.
"Ugh… well, at least I'm free from that stupid bird." Kagura said. As she was falling, meanwhile, she noticed she was coming up on a familiar person.
"Huh? It's that girl. Normally Sesshomaru is with her…" Kagura said as she concentrated her descent towards the girl we know as Rin.
Rin continued scaling up the mountain as well as she could. Of course, at the same time, she made sure she didn't put Sesshomaru, Jaken, or A-Un in any danger while holding them in her hands. Still, one bump didn't make Jaken feel any better.
"Ack! Be careful, stupid girl! Even the smallest bump could hurt us!" Jaken said.
"Sorry, Jaken. I'll be more careful." Rin said.
"That's what you said about 30 feet ago!" Jaken said.
"Hey, come on, Jaken. I'm doing the best I can. You better be nice to me." Rin said.
"Yes, Jaken. Be nice to Rin. You know she is stronger than you now." Sesshomaru said with a surprising smirk.
"M-m-m-m-master Sesshomaru! (sigh) Clearly I can't win. Ack!" Jaken said. He suddenly got knocked onto his belly as Rin poked him on the head with her finger.
"Heehee! Sesshomaru's right, Jaken. Poke poke poke!" Rin said.
"Ow! Stop that! I give I give I give! Owowowow!!" Jaken said.
"Lord Sesshomaru, I must say… It's kinda fun being way bigger than you. But I'm sure this doesn't scare you." Rin said.
"I have seen demons many times bigger than you are now, Rin. Still, enjoy the feeling of power while it will last." Sesshomaru said.
"Oh, I certainly will!" Rin said.
A couple minutes later, Rin stopped walking when she felt something hit her on the head.
"Huh? Why did you stop, Rin?" Jaken asked.
"Oh, I felt something land on my head. Hold on…" Rin said as she took her free hand and moved it up to her black hair.
Finally, Kagura had landed in the dense forest that was Rin's head of black hair. As Kagura got back on her feet after the long fall, she looked around and sighed seeing how a full head of hair looked from her miniscule size.
"Man, I know Naraku would lose it if he were ever this small. Still, what a tantalising thought that would be…" Kagura said. It was no secret that she felt trapped behind hatched out of Naraku's demon body and long wished to be free to do whatever she wanted, but of course that wouldn't happen as long as Naraku possessed her heart.
Kagura could wonder no longer when she saw the sunlight suddenly being blocked out, and the woman looked up and saw the biggest hand she had ever seen coming down on her.
"Oh spit!" Kagura shouted as she took off running just as the fingers came slamming down where she had been standing. Kagura scrambled her way through the forest of thick black strands of hair, trying to dodge whatever finger was coming her way. She couldn't rest even for one second when the fingers went away, as they would quickly return for another sweep.
That would soon be the least of Kagura's problems. Rin finally decided to tilt her head forward. It was so sudden, Kagura couldn't grab a strand (which would've been too thick for her hands anyway) in time and she felt herself falling again.
"Aaaaaaah!" Kagura shouted.
As Kagura went sailing for the green grass down below, she passed the level of Rin's body where Sesshomaru and Jaken were standing on the giantess's palm.
"Hey, did you see that!?" Jaken said.
"It appears to be another demon victim." Sesshomaru said. The two took a closer look and finally realized who it was.
"Hey! It's that wind woman! One of Naraku's servants!!" Jaken said.
"Wait, really!? Is that really her that was on my head?" Rin asked.
A few seconds later, Kagura finally landed on a blade of grass and slid down it, finding herself in another dense forest, this time that of blades of grass.
"Whew… another wild ride. Maybe it's a good thing I don't have my heart around to go through all these crazy rides." Kagura said. As she brushed herself off, she suddenly looked up and saw Rin towering high above her. The sheer size of the young girl made even the fearless Kagura gulp with nervousness, and she couldn't help but say wow when she looked ahead and saw how she was the same height as Rin's pinky toe.
"Oh wow… it is her! She's incredibly small just like the rest of you." Rin said.
"I can only guess she's here for the same reason we are. To find that demon!" Jaken said.
"Heh heh… okay, well I thank you, lovely girl, for catching me. But I think I'll be on my way now…" Kagura said as she slowly stepped backwards.
"You're a mean person… always trying to attack Lord Sesshomaru. I think I should punish you for that." Rin said with a somewhat mean look on her face.
"Now now, don't you know it's impolite to pick on someone not your own size?" Kagura said. But the villainess knew Rin wasn't listening. In fact, the bottom of Rin's bare foot as she raised it up was all she needed to know.
"Damn it!" Kagura said as she sharply turned around and started running, just as Rin slammed her foot down where Kagura had been standing.
"Rin, we do not have time to waste on such a small enemy." Sesshomaru said.
"Awwww, come on, Lord Sesshomaru. She's tried to kill you many times in the past. And besides… you've killed all sorts of bad demons. Can't I have at least one kill by stepping on that evil demoness?" Rin said with a smile on her face.
"As you wish." Sesshomaru said.
"Yay! Thank you, Lord Sesshomaru." Rin said as she gently gave a quick kiss to Sesshomaru… which warranted no reaction at all from the demon. Rin, while still holding firmly onto Sesshomaru, Jaken, and A-Un in her hands, chased after the tiny Kagura, who was trying to get a feather enlarged so she could escape (but the wind kept blowing it away).
Mt. Microna
South, bottom of mountain
Back at the bottom of Mt. Microna, Kagome continued to toy around with both Inuyasha and Koga, namely in making them rub the bottoms of her bare feet.
"Ugh… aren't you satisfied yet, Kagome!?" Inuyasha shouted out of frustration.
"Nope, I'll tell you when I'm satisfied. Oooooh…" Kagome said.
"Well, just as long as she's happy and…" Koga started to say, but then he started sniffing like crazy.
"And what, you mangy wolf!?" Inuyasha shouted.
"Oh no… I know that scent." Koga said.
Kagome then turned to the right where she saw a whirlwind similar to Koga's approaching. She had to briefly shield her eyes as a series of leaves swirled around the whirlwind. Eventually, though, Kagome was able to open her eyes again where she saw a familiar face.
"Hello again, Kagome." the girl said.
"Ayame!?" Kagome shouted as she recognized the girl to be Ayame, the self-proclaimed fiancée and future husband of Koga. Ayame has red hair that is always in pigtails and has green eyes. She wears an iris in her hair and a band that goes across her forehead. Her clothing consists of white wolf fur draped over her shoulders, a necklace, white fur skirt, insteps and arm guards, and red and blue armor.
"Yes, Kagome, I have returned to once again make a bid for Koga's side in marriage. Have you seen him? His smell is so strong in this area." Ayame said. Kagome then looked straight down at Koga who was beside her left foot.
"Oh no…. no no no no no no!" Koga said as he started to run away, but Kagome quickly reached down and swiped him up from the ground, then standing back up and almost stepping on Inuyasha in the process.
"HEY! Watch where you're stomping, Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted.
"Oh, Koga's right here, Ayame!" Kagome said.
"What? Where? I don't see him anywhere. You're not trying to pull my tail, are you?" Ayame said as she glared over at Kagome.
"It's a long story, but here he is right here." Kagome said as she held the fist holding Koga in front of Ayame's eyes. Ayame naturally gasped.
"Oh… my… gosh! Is that you, Koga?" Ayame said.
"Er…. I'm not Koga! Just his personal toy that he lost as a little wolf boy!" Koga shouted.
"Hahaha! You're not fooling me, mister!" Ayame said as she reached down and plucked Koga from Kagome's fist.
"Ayame… how is it that you haven't shrunk!?" Koga shouted.
"Well, I could ask you how it is that YOU shrunk." Ayame said.
"He and the other demons in this area got hit by a spell, presumably by the one from the demon that lives atop this mountain. Some of my friends went climbing up the mountain to find this demon and get it to reverse the spell." Kagome said.
"I see… so I guess the legend of this mountain is true then. I stayed my normal size because I just got here." Ayame said.
"Er… listen, Ayame, this is all well and good, but maybe you and I can talk when I'm at a more… you know… manageable size." Koga said.
"Oh no, there's no way you're weaseling you're way out of this one! In fact, why don't I put you somewhere safe?" Ayame said.
That's when the girl stretched out her red armor and dropped Koga in between her breasts.
"Heeeeeeeey!!!" Koga shouted as he suddenly found himself trapped between the fleshy prison. It didn't make him feel any better when Ayame rubbed her chest together.
"Heeheehee! Does that feel good, Koga? Nice and cushiony, I bet!" Ayame said with a grin on her face. Kagome couldn't help but giggle herself and thought that was suitable punishment for Koga to go through. That reminded her of Inuyasha as she turned around and looked around the grass blades.
"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.
"Down here!" Inuyasha shouted. Kagome looked down on top of her big toe where she saw the miniscule Inuyasha jumping up and down.
"Inuyasha!? What are you doing there?" Kagome shouted.
"What else? Avoiding getting stepped on. Good thing I still got my moves." Inuyasha said. The half-human, half-demon watched as Kagome reached down and picked him up, eventually placing him on top of her right shoulder.
"I'll be glad when everyone is returned to normal." Kagome said.
"Really? I would've thought you would've loved toying around with me like I always do with Myoga." Inuyasha said.
"Maybe for a little while, but still, look at Koga with Ayame. The kind of things that can happen when your tiny…" Kagome said.
"And you and Miroku have first hand experience too." Inuyasha said, referring to the time in Togenkyo when she was shrunken by the demon named Tokajin.
"Don't remind me…" Kagome added. She and Inuyasha continued to watch as Ayame fiddled around with the tiny Koga.
Mt. Microna Peak
Finally, Sango and Miroku (with Shippo and Kirara now sitting on Sango's right shoulder) made it to the top of the mountain. One quick glance ahead, and there they saw what appeared to be an old woman dressed in green silk and white hair flowing down through the back.
"Look! That must be the demon." Sango said.
"It has to be… I sense a strong demonic aura around that woman." Miroku said. The demoness finally looked ahead and got her first look at the two.
"What!? Two mere mortals ascending upon my mountain!? What an incredible display of strength and determination." Microna said.
"Excuse me, miss, but are you the ancient demoness who lives atop this mountain, Microna?" Miroku said.
"I am… but what is it that brings you here? You are not here to kill me, are you!?" Microna shouted.
"We mean you no harm, Microna. We are demon hunters, but it is only Naraku's demons that we seek to destroy." Miroku said.
"Hmmmm… Naraku. A vile and disgusting name that brings shame to us demons who seek a peaceful retreat. I've been warding off his demons ever since the Sacred Jewel split apart." Microna said.
"You know of the Sacred Jewel?" Sango asked.
"Word travels far and wide in this part of the region, young lady." Microna said.
"Anyway, Mrs. Microna. We have ascended this mountain in peace. We have had some demon friends of ours affected by your magic." Miroku said.
"Humans and demons befriending each other? A most brazen and unheard of concept, I must confess." Microna said.
"Yeah, I thought it was strange myself. But please… let us show you something." Sango said. She slowly stepped towards the old demoness, who was waving her energy-filled hands towards the girl.
"Stay back, woman! I may not be able to shrink you, but I have other tricks up my sleeve!" Microna shouted.
"Okay, okay. Don't worry. I just want to show you two of my friends." Sango said.
After getting on her knees, the demon slayer girl gently plucked Shippo and Kirara from her shoulder and placed them slowly on the ground in front of her knees. Microna focused her vision tightly on both Shippo and Kirara, the former of which was waving his hand.
"Oh… they're so adorable." Microna said.
"As you can see, not all demons are a picture of pure evil. Some are quite cute." Miroku said.
"And yet beneath that cute exterior, they both fight for peace against the evil demons. Kirara, in particular… we've been together ever since I was practically born." Sango said.
"Yes, progress has been made." Microna said.
"Progress?" Miroku asked.
"I have longed for the day when humans and demons could co-exist and band together to help fight against the evil demons. I have lived for all these years thinking it was going to be my responsibility to rid the world of Naraku's demons… but I no longer feel that's necessary." Microna said.
"Oh, I don't know, Microna. I think your power could be very valuable in the battle against Naraku." Miroku said. But Microna immediately shook her head.
"Merely a pipe dream. My curse doesn't allow me to take my powers beyond this mountain." Microna said.
"Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." Sango said.
"I will return everything to normal and move on to another plane of existence." Microna said.
"Microna…" Miroku said.
"Thank you, but there is nothing more for me to say." Microna said. Just then, Microna raised her hands and a very bright green light surrounded the area, causing everyone (both big and small) to shield their eyes.
The next time everyone opened their eyes… there was no more mountain. Just a grassy plain. More importantly, Shippo and Kirara were back to normal.
"Yay! We're back to normal size!" Shippo said. Kirara jumped into Sango's open arms.
"Hahaha! Oh, Kirara. I'm happy you're back to normal too." Sango said.
"I can only assume Inuyasha and Koga are back to normal as well. Still, this was rather sad." Miroku said.
"Huh? Sad? How so, good monk?" Sango asked.
"If only there was a way we could've helped that old demoness, Microna." Miroku said.
"I guess we'll never know. She didn't leave a single trace behind of her existence." Sango said.
"Indeed. The whole mountain is gone." Miroku said.
"Come on, let's get back to the others." Sango said. With a nod from Miroku, he, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara all headed back the way they came. Since it was no longer a mountain, the trip back was surely going to be much easier.
Formerly Mt. Microna
Kagura continued to run as fast as she could away from the giant-sized Rin, who continued to chase after her and tried to stomp her flat.
"Whew… for a tiny demon she sure can move fast!" Jaken said. Sesshomaru felt this game had gone on for long enough, however. He made a bold leap forward from Rin's hands.
"Huh!? Lord Sesshomaru! Where are you going!?" Jaken shouted. Sesshomaru then landed directly in front of Kagura, who came to a screeching halt.
"I will not allow you to deny the child's desire to kill someone." Sesshomaru said. Kagura nervously looked back as Rin slammed her bare feet directly in front of the tiny villainess.
"Now now, Lord Sesshomaru, let's not be such a spoiled sport. If anyone's going to kill me, it should be you! It's the fair thing to do!" Kagura said with a sly smile.
"So it shall be." Sesshomaru said as he started to pull out one of his swords, Tokijin.
But before any more action could be taken by anyone, a bright green light forced everyone to shield their eyes. When the light was gone, there was no longer a hill for anyone to climb. Just a grassy plain. More importantly, everyone was back to normal size. Jaken, now standing on solid ground instead of Rin's hand, was the first to realize what had happened.
"Oh! Beautiful glorious land… I'll never make fun of you again!" Jaken said.
"Wow! You're back to normal, Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin said excitedly. She started to run towards him, but stopped when she realized Kagura was still around (and at her normal size too).
"Drat! I guess that demon is gone now." Kagura said.
"On that we agree. But there is still the matter of your demise." Sesshomaru said as he pointed his sword towards Kagura.
"Pffft… that will have to wait another day, Lord Sesshomaru. I will return." Kagura said as she took a feather from her head and enlarged it, allowing her to fly away for the time being. Sesshomaru put away Tokijin as he allowed Rin to run up to him and wrap her arms around his legs.
"I'm so glad you're back to normal, Lord Sesshomaru." Rin said. Sesshomaru briefly patted the girl on the head before he started walking in the opposite direction.
"Come. We are no longer needed in this territory." Sesshomaru said.
"Hahaha!" Rin said as she went running after Sesshomaru happily.
"Lord Sesshomaru! Wait for me!" Jaken said as he and A-Un did their best to try and keep up with Sesshomaru.
Formerly Mt. Microna
And finally there was the south of what used to be the mountain range. Just like the other areas, the area was enveloped in an intensely bright green light. When the light was gone… it was a grassy plain and Kagome looked behind her to see Inuyasha standing behind her at his normal size.
"Oh! Inuyasha, you're back to normal." Kagome said.
"Yeah… I guess Miroku and Sango were successful, but what about the mountain?" Inuyasha asked. As for Ayame, Koga couldn't escape from in between Ayame's breasts in time and found himself sitting on top of the wolf girl.
"Heh heh… I find this kinda cute, Koga." Ayame said as she smiled despite Koga sitting on her front side.
"WHAT!? Hey now! Don't get any ideas, you wench! Did you shrink too?" Koga asked.
"No silly. It looks like the shrinking spell from that demoness finally wore off. Darn! I rather liked having you teeny tiny." Ayame said with a smile on her face.
"Alright, that does it. NOW I'm getting out of here! Until next time, my dear Kagome!" Koga said before he took off running in a swirling whirlwind.
"Hey! Come back here! You can't escape me that easily!" Ayame said as she went spinning after him herself.
Kagome and Inuyasha could only stare and watch.
"They're both weird." Inuyasha said.
"Still… I hope they get together someday. They're a better match than they care to admit." Kagome said.
"Why not just tell him that straight up to his face?" Inuyasha said.
"What? So you can take all the macho glory?" Kagome said with a sly smile on her face.
"M-m-m-macho glory!? What the hell are you insinuating!?" Inuyasha said.
"Kagome! Inuyasha!" two familiar voices shouted. Kagome and Inuyasha looked to see Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shippo all approaching.
"Hey, everyone!" Kagome said.
"Thank goodness everything seems to be back to normal." Sango said.
"What about Koga?" Miroku asked.
"He immediately took off running, with Ayame hot on his tail." Kagome said.
"Oh? Ayame was here?" Sango said.
"Hey, what happened to the demon?" Inuyasha asked.
"She seemed at peace seeing there are good demons in the world, like Shippo and Kirara. That's when she left and took the entire mountain with her." Miroku said.
"I see. Maybe this is why Mt. Microna is never mentioned in the history books." Kagome said.
Inuyasha, meanwhile, dusted off his red robe.
"In any event, there's nothing more of this place. We should get a move on." Inuyasha said.
"Agreed. We all could use a good night's rest at a nearby village." Miroku said. That's when everyone, including Kagome after she put her feet back into her socks and shoes, got walking to the distance towards the sunset.