Curse of the Myoga

(Cubed Cinder)

It was another peaceful night for one small village in feudal era Japan, one that graciously offered to allow Inuyasha and all his friends to stay in for the night after Miroku had helped exorcise another loose demon that was looking to do some evil following the sudden disappearance of Naraku. It was totally quiet. Not a sound could be heard underneath the night sky.

Well… almost no sound.

Myoga was very small, no mistaking that, but he has proved to be a most helpful ally to Inuyasha, even if he doesn’t show much gratitude. But despite all his good deeds and his tendency to run for cover when a battle is present, not to mention all the human ladies he has secretly lived on, Myoga was in the middle of a crisis right now. He frantically hopped around the village, sneaking looks into as many huts as he could. He tried to keep his cool as much as he could, yet he still panicked greatly.

“(huff puff) (huff puff) I must… find Master Inuyasha… before this virus consumes me!” Myoga shouted to himself. Finally he reached a hut that had multiple doors. He slid underneath one of them, hoping to find Inuyasha sleeping beyond one of them. Instead, however, he found Miroku and Kagome sleeping together. Myoga hopped around frantically searching for Inuyasha, but he was not there. By this point, he was completely exhausted. He had to give up the virus now or face serious complications. He immediately set his sights on Miroku, whose neck was wide open despite all the sheets and his clothing.

“Well… it’s now or never. Please forgive me, Miroku.” Myoga said. He then made a leap towards the side of Miroku’s neck before sticking his pointy nose into it. That’s when he went to work getting the virus out of his system, reversing his natural flow by transferring blood instead of taking blood like he always does with Inuyasha. He did this for about a minute before pulling out and hopping away to wherever it was he came from.


When Miroku woke up, the scenery around him looked much different from before he went to sleep. Gone was the look of the hut that he had been sleeping in. Instead, his view was replaced with nothing but white from head to toe.

“Hmmm…? This is odd. I could’ve sworn I was sleeping inside a hut.” Miroku said. He continued to walk around, trying to find any sort of opening that he could find. At the same time, he realized he didn’t have his staff with him. He could also hear some loud booming noises from outside. Just then, he heard someone yawning. Quickly, Miroku grabbed onto the sheets and tried to hide. He then felt the sheets rising suddenly!
”Miroku, time to wake…” Kagome started to say, until she couldn’t find Miroku. Miroku, meanwhile, just looked down and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Kagome?” Miroku asked.

“Huh? Where did Miroku go? Maybe he woke up early…” Kagome said to herself. She then lowered the sheets back to where they were before she walked outside of the hut. Miroku landed back on the white grounds which was actually the sleeping bag that the villagers had provided him and the others.

“Since when did Kagome get so gigantic? Unless…” Miroku suddenly had a thought in mind and took off towards the opening once again. He looked outside to see everything else had grown, including his own staff. That’s when it hit him.

“Unless I’ve shrunken in size again.” Miroku said. He remembered the time he and his friends were shrunken in Togenkyo for a short time. Luckily they all knew how to get back to normal. This time, knowing how to return to normal would prove to be tricky since he didn’t know how he shrunk in the first place. Not yet, anyway.

But he had to start somewhere. That’s when Miroku started running across the room and towards the outside world.


Outside, Kagome walked up to Inuyasha, Sango, and Shippo. They were all just now getting up from their night’s rest.

“Morning, guys.” Kagome said.

“Good morning, Kagome.” Sango said.

“It sure is a nice day, isn’t it?” Shippo said.

“So far it is… but once a demon shows up, that’ll change.” Inuyasha said.

“Come on, Inuyasha! Do you always have to see the doom and gloom in things!?” Shippo shouted.

“I’m just telling it like it is! With Naraku out there, we can never be too careful!” Inuyasha shouted. As the two started to argue and bang heads once again, Kagome looked at Sango, who was in her demon slayer’s outfit.

“Sango… have you seen Miroku anywhere?” Kagome asked.
”Well, no. Wasn’t he sleeping with you last night?” Sango said.

“Yeah, but when I woke up, he wasn’t in his bed. I thought maybe he got an early start on the day.” Kagome said.

“I don’t know… it’s not like Miroku to be up so early.” Sango said.

“You’re right. We better look for him. Inuyasha! Shippo!” Kagome shouted. The two immediately stopped, with Shippo pinned down on the dirt by Inuyasha’s hand, and looked at Kagome in the eyes.

“Yes, Kagome?” Shippo asked.

“Make it quick! I’m not finished with you, Shippo!” Inuyasha said.

“Listen, you two. Sango and I are going to search different spots of the village for Miroku as we think something’s happened to him. You two should probably do the same.” Kagome said.

“I will as soon as Inuyasha gets off my back!” Shippo shouted as he scrambled to set himself free.

“Not until you say otherwise!” Inuyasha shouted gleefully.

“Inuyasha, sit!!!” Kagome shouted, and that’s when Inuyasha was forcefully dragged onto the ground as usual, allowing Shippo to escape. He then jumped onto the transformed Kirara and looked down at the half-demon.

“Looks like the tables have turned once again.” Shippo said.

“Shut up! I hate it when this happens…” Inuyasha said before he got up and walked away, beginning his search for Miroku. Everyone else did the same thing.


In the meantime, Miroku had finally made it outside the hut and was looking at the outside world. He didn’t stray too far knowing that he could be easily crushed from the regular-sized humans. But he looked around trying to find someone trustworthy enough to help him with his plight. After all… it’s not like a tiny human would be unusual to these people if giant demons are always traveling throughout the land.

Soon, however, Miroku stopped in his tracks when he looked to his left and then up. Way up at two of the most beautiful women he has ever seen. They were chatting the morning hours away from what it seemed, and right away Miroku’s fears of being so small were diminished.

“I guess being this small does have its advantages.” Miroku said with a smile as he walked closer to the giant ladies. He would occasionally sneak peeks up their long dress so that he could find perhaps some beautiful legs from inside. But he didn’t have much time to look as he could see one of the ladies start to walk away. Without much thought, he jumped onto the toes of the other woman that was still standing in her place before she too started walking.

Then Miroku hung on for dear life as he rode the foot of his dream girl. As he looked up at her, he pondered his usual thoughts. Would this lady be interested in bearing his children? Will she have a healthy life in the near future? Y’know, things like that. The kind of things that Sango always slaps him for. There was no telling where Miroku’s mind would lead this woman.

She finally approached another open hut and entered. Miroku rubbed his eyes to make sure his eyes weren’t deceiving him, and when his vision cleared… he thanked himself to death that he was this small for he had stumbled into a man’s dream hut…


Kagome was walking around slowly, checking each of the huts to see if Miroku was hanging around with any women like he usually does. No matter how much she asked, nobody seemed to know where he was. Finally, though, she focused her attention on one hut that was generating a lot of noise. The moment she walked inside, she saw a group of women all shouting out loud various comments towards something. Kagome approached one of the women that were just about to walk out.

“Excuse me, but what’s with the group of women over there?” Kagome asked.
“Oh my stars… you haven’t heard? The smallest man I’ve ever seen just came walking in here. He’s been telling all kinds of interesting stories.” The lady said.

“Small man?” Kagome asked herself, thinking this lady had gone off the deep end. Kagome finally decided to approach this group of women, who were all kneeling down and looking at the nearby pedestal.

Finally, Kagome was able to see what the ladies were fascinated by, and she could hardly believe it.

“And so there I was! With the giant monster right on my tail, that’s when I took my staff and summoned the mighty powers of the monk! And I was able to drive away the monster that my much taller friends weren’t able to.” Miroku shouted.

“Wow… he’s so brave!” One lady shouted.

“I’ll say, having to have everything so much bigger than him.” Another said.

“He looks so cute when he’s so tiny.” Another said. Miroku was smiling at each and every one of the ladies, until he looked to his right side and saw Kagome standing past that group.

“Miroku!?” Kagome shouted. The ladies turned to face Kagome.

“Hmmm… You know this man?” One lady asked.

“Ah yes… my good friend, Kagome. Nice of you to join us. We were just discussing our grand adventures together.” Miroku said. Kagome then put on a bit of an angry face before folding her arms.

“Alright, Miroku… before I ask you what you’re doing at such a small size… what was that you were saying about you being by yourself?” Kagome asked. Miroku struggled to find the words, as he was simply fascinated by how much more beautiful Kagome looked from his perspective. And considering he was as small as Myoga, she looked downright huge. Just then, he watched as Kagome held her bow above the group of ladies and extended it towards the shrunken monk.

“Come on then. We have been looking for you.” Kagome said. Miroku took one last look at the group of ladies that surrounded him before he grabbed onto the bow and rode it as Kagome brought it to herself and dropped the tiny monk onto her open left hand.

“Well, ladies. I guess this is farewell. My friends and I must not fall behind with destiny any longer!” Miroku said.

“Bye, Miroku!” All the ladies said in unison as Kagome started to walk out of the hut, some with a frown on their faces because they were sad to see him go.


Kagome right away looked down at the shrunken Miroku.

“Now you want to tell me how this happened to you?” Kagome asked.

“I honestly don’t know, Kagome. I woke up feeling like this, although I do feel a stinging sensation around my neck.” Miroku said.

“Obviously, since you were trying to impress all those ladies. What are we going to do with you, Miroku?” Kagome asked.

“I don’t know. I was hoping you’d figure it out.” Miroku said, in a coy manner. Kagome just rolled her eyes and pretended she didn’t hear that. When she got outside the hut, she called out for her friends.

“Inuyasha! Sango! Shippo! I found Miroku! Well… sort of.” Kagome shouted. Sango and Shippo, riding atop Kirara, came running towards Kagome while Inuyasha leapt over one of the huts to reach her.

“Well, where is he?” Inuyasha asked.

“Yeah, I don’t see him with you.” Shippo said.

“That’s the problem, guys. Take a look.” Kagome said. She then opened up her hands to reveal to everyone the shrunken Miroku.

“Miroku!?” Sango asked in shock.

“He’s as small as a flea!” Shippo shouted. Miroku lowered his head.

“You didn’t have to rub it in, Shippo.” Miroku said. He then looked back up to notice how close Kagome’s hands were to Sango’s body. He grinned ever so slightly before looking back up at Sango, waiting for her to possibly turn her eyes away from the monk for one second.

“What the hell is going on here, anyway?” Inuyasha asked.

“He says he has no idea. He woke up feeling some kind of sting on his neck, and the next thing he knew, he was shrunken to this size.” Kagome said.

“And let me guess… he shifted into lecherdous mode and starting looking for ladies to crawl over.” Inuyasha said. Shippo giggled in the background.

“Yep, that’s for sure. I found him in a hut filled with ladies. He was telling stories about how he battled all kinds of gigantic monsters with us.” Kagome said. Sango just sighed and looked out in the open. It wasn’t surprising at all that Miroku would act this way. Miroku finally noticed that everyone was looking away, so he made the big leap from Kagome’s outstretched hand and clung onto Sango’s hip. He looked all over admiring her body from head to toe at this size.

“Well, forget about how Miroku shrunk. How are we going to restore him to normal?” Shippo asked.

“Maybe there are some potions in this village that can make him grow back to normal.” Kagome said.

“Nobody in this village is dumb enough to make stuff like that. Powers like that would be easy for demons to get a hold of.” Inuyasha said.

“Hmmm… I never thought about that. So do you have any ideas, Inuyasha?” Kagome asked. Inuyasha had a confused look on his face.

“How should I know? I don’t sense any demons around here.” Inuyasha said. While the two continued to discuss how to fix the situation, Sango looked down and suddenly saw the tiny Miroku crawling around her hips!

“EEEEEEK!!! Lecherd!” Sango shouted. She slapped Miroku from where he was, and after Sango removed her hand, she watched as Miroku fell down towards the ground. He was able to get a good shot of Kagome’s panties as he laid there, sitting dizzy from the big hit. But Sango wasn’t done.

“DAMN YOU MIROKU!!!” Sango shouted before she forcefully slammed her foot over Miroku!

“Sango!!!” Inuyasha shouted. He just looked in amazement over seeing Sango make such short work over Miroku. Kagome held her hands against her mouth in shock before bringing them back down.

“Sango… you didn’t just…” Kagome said. Sango took a deep breath and looked down before lifting up her foot.

“What was I supposed to do? The lecherd was crawling around my body.” Sango said in defense. Just then, everyone noticed Miroku was still moving!

“Ugh… I’m okay! Nothing to worry about, everyone!” Miroku said.

“Miroku! But how can you be alive? Sango crushed you pretty darn good!” Kagome said.

“Wait a minute…” Inuyasha jumped in.

“What is it, Inuyasha?” Shippo asked.

“Kagome is right. There’s no way anyone could survive something like that. I thought for sure Miroku was dead when you both slapped him and then crushed him, Sango.” Inuyasha said.

“I’m sorry for that… but what are you getting at?” Sango asked.

“There’s only one other living being in this world that I know of that can survive any kind of hit at that kind of size.” Inuyasha said. Kagome was the first to catch on.

“Hold on… you’re not talking about Myoga, are you?” Kagome asked.

“Yeah. Who else but him can still be alive even after all the times I’ve slapped him for sucking my blood? If my hunch is right, I’d bet he has something to do with all this.” Inuyasha said.

“So where do we find him?” Sango asked.

“Where else would he hide out but at Totosai’s place? I’m gonna go have a word with him.” Inuyasha said.

“I’ll come with you, Inuyasha.” Kagome said.

“Sure. Sango, you and Shippo stay here with Miroku.” Inuyasha said.

“Huh? Why do I have to stay behind?” Sango asked.

“Someone’s gotta stay behind and teach that lecherd a lesson. We’ll be back soon.” Inuyasha said. He and Kagome then hopped onto Kirara’s back as it flew off towards Totosai’s mountain hideout. Sango watched as they vanished into thin air before she gave a mischievous look down on Miroku.

“Teach him a lesson, eh? Yeah, great idea.” Sango said. Miroku had a confused look on his face.

“Uh… Sango, why are you looking at me like that?” Miroku asked.

“Oh boy… this could get real ugly.” Shippo said to himself.


Dark clouds and rocky grounds surrounded Totosai’s mountain retreat as usual, which was a sign to Inuyasha that he was there. Inuyasha had never forgotten how he had ‘helped’ strengthen his skills in wielding the Tetsuiaga. Kirara landed near the entrance and was instructed by the two travelers to wait outside while they walked in. Inside, they could see Totosai sitting up with his eyes closed. Perhaps he was practicing the Inuyasha sleep style. But for Inuyasha, there was no time to wait around.

“Hey! Totosai!!!” he shouted. Immediately Totosai scrambled to get up and face Inuyasha.

“Bleh… what are you doing here, Inuyasha!? Didn’t I already teach you how to use the backlash wave!?!?” Totosai shouted in an angry mood.

“Yeah, but I’m not here to learn any new skills for the Tetsuiaga.” Inuyasha said.

“We came to see Myoga. He’s always hanging around with you.” Kagome said.

“Hmmm…? Myoga? Oh sure. He’s here alright. Probably sleeping on my head again.” Totosai said. Inuyasha looked, and sure enough, there was Myoga sleeping on top of Totosai’s bald head.

“Hey! Myoga!!!” Inuyasha shouted. Myoga fell off and landed right next to Inuyasha’s toes. The half-demon picked him up from the ground and held him with his fingers.

“What!? What are you doing here, Master Inuyasha!? Didn’t I already teach you how to use the Red Tetsuiaga!?!?” Myoga shouted in an angry mood. Inuyasha just grunted.

“What have you done with Miroku!?” Inuyasha shouted.

“He woke up this morning as small as you are.” Kagome said.

“Huh? What are you talking about? All I did was try to suck his blood last night…” Myoga said.

“Myoga! You didn’t catch the Reduca virus again and pass it to some innocent bystander, did you!?” Totosai shouted.
“Reduca?” Inuyasha asked.

“Reduca is an ancient demon that has lived for centuries. She’s very hard to spot; almost like she is invisible, but she is in fact very small and only attacks small targets. Her only known attack is infecting these small living beings with a virus. This virus is deadly to insects like Myoga, but totally harmless to normal-sized humans and demons like us. Until of course you get crushed to death by someone bigger than you.” Totosai said.

“So you’re basically saying Miroku shrunk because of a virus from this Reduca demon? How did he get the disease in the first place?” Kagome asked.

“Myoga has suffered from the virus before. The only way he can get rid of the virus is by transferring it to someone else.” Totosai said.

“And that someone else was Miroku!” Inuyasha said. Myoga then lowered his head in shame.

“Busted again.” Myoga said.

“You’re going to come with us and get that virus out of Miroku’s system.” Inuyasha said.

“WHAT!?!? That’s impossible! I can’t get the virus out of a human being.” Myoga shouted.

“Well, you’re going to find a way anyway.” Inuyasha said.

“And what if I refuse?” Myoga said. Inuyasha then looked at Totosai and then looked back at Kagome, who started walking towards Inuyasha and took Myoga from his hands

“If you don’t come with us, we’re just going to make your life miserable from here on. And I have a way of making lives miserable you know.” Kagome said, giving a menacing grin. Myoga started to shake rapidly, trying to free himself from the grip.

“Okay! Okay!!! I’ll help!!! I’ll help!!! I can get the virus out!!!!!” Myoga shouted. Kagome smiled again.

“That’s better. Let’s go, Inuyasha.” Kagome said as she started to walk back outside with Myoga in her hands. Inuyasha soon followed. Totosai just went back to whatever it was he was doing before the two came in. Outside, Inuyasha caught up with Kagome as they both jumped back onto Kirara.

“What would you have done to Myoga, anyway?” Inuyasha said.

“Probably put him on your skin like he always does.” Kagome said. Inuyasha was ticked at hearing that.

“WHAT!?!? You weren’t seriously thinking that!” Inuyasha shouted. Kagome simply didn’t respond as they continued their flight back towards the village.


Inuyasha and Kagome soon arrived back at the village, and they walked into one of the huts to find a most peculiar sight. Sango chasing down Miroku, and she was loving every bit of it.

“Okay! Okay, Sango!!! I give up!!! I promise not to be lecherous again!” Miroku said.

“Come back here, you little inchworm. You and I have some unfinished business!” Sango said, playfully. She then looked up to see Inuyasha and Kagome had returned. She stopped chasing the tiny Miroku, who had run behind Kagome’s feet to hide (and look up her skirt no doubt).

“Are we interrupting anything?” Kagome asked.

“No… I was just, as Inuyasha said, teaching him a lesson.” Sango said. Kagome then looked at Inuyasha.

“What? What did you expect her to do?” Inuyasha asked. Kagome didn’t say anything. She instead opened up her hand to reveal Myoga before dropping him on the ground next to Miroku.

“We managed to find Myoga, and he’s the one behind all this.” Kagome said.

“Really?” Sango asked. Inuyasha nodded.

“We found out from Totosai that Myoga had contracted a virus from an ages-old demon named Reduca. Myoga had to pass the virus onto Miroku, otherwise he would die. To Miroku, the virus is harmless… except of course for what’s happened to him.” Inuyasha said.

“So Myoga’s going to help get the virus out?” Shippo asked.

“Let’s hope so. Alright, Myoga, you’re on.” Kagome said. Myoga just lowered his head before he walked towards the similar-sized Miroku.

“Well, Miroku, at least it’s nice to see you from this perspective.” Myoga said.

“I wish I could share the same feeling, but you know what to do.” Miroku said.

“Now, this will probably hurt a bit…” Myoga said. He then took his needle and slowly stuck a small bit of it on Miroku’s arm. He then started to slowly suck away, knowing that too much sucking could rip the blood stream right out of his body. A few seconds passed, and everyone could see a black aura eminating from the two flea-sized living beings.

“Look! A demonic aura!” Shippo shouted.

“Is it the virus from Reduca?” Sango asked.

“Looks that way.” Inuyasha said. Miroku had noticed it as well, and with his other hand, he pulled out a sutra.

“Hold still, Myoga.” Miroku said. Myoga did what he was told, even with the sutra in Miroku’s hand. Miroku then threw it at the demonic aura, which increased in mass and shook violently, causing the two to be split apart. Miroku wiped his right arm that was dripping with blood from Myoga’s sting, and the two watched as the demonic aura started to take form. An evil-looking lady engulfed in shadow was standing in front of Myoga and Miroku, twice as large as the two. That being said, her size paled in comparison to Inuyasha, Kagome, and the others.

“This must be Reduca.” Kagome said.

“Or at least a reincarnation of her if she was a virus.” Inuyasha said.

You fools! You will all pay for disturbing my peaceful nap! Especially you, Myoga, for foiling my plans in the first place!” Reduca shouted. Myoga immediately ran for cover behind Sango.

“Bleh… what a wimp. In case you haven’t noticed, Reduca, you’re a little outnumbered.” Inuyasha said.

Arrrrgh! Impudent dog! I will show you!” Reduca shouted. She then charged for Inuyasha and struck his body… but no damage seemed to be made. The girls just laughed as they watched Reduca try with no success at all to beat Inuyasha. Reduca then stopped. Everyone could hear her breathing.

You are strong… I must admit, I cannot do anything when I am outside virus form.” Reduca said.

“This is getting tiresome. I’m gonna finish you once and for all!” Inuyasha said, reaching for his Tetsuiaga. But Kagome stopped him.

“Wait, Inuyasha. Allow me.” Kagome said. She then walked up towards Reduca, who started to back away from her towering form.

S-s-s-stay back, child… I can do more than you know!” Reduca said.

“Yeah, sure.” Kagome said. She then lifted up her foot and then slammed it down hard on Reduca, crushing her completely. Myoga watched from behind Sango’s feet with delight.

“Oh dear… remind me never to get on your bad side, Kagome.” Myoga said. Just then, everyone watched as Miroku returned to his normal size.

“Well… I’m glad that’s over with.” Miroku said.

“I would say there’s a lesson to be learned from all this…” Kagome said. Inuyasha then stepped in.

“But Myoga had to mess up again and cause all this mess in the first place!” Inuyasha said.

“Now, now, Inuyasha. He had a virus in his system, and he panicked. He could’ve bitten any one of us.” Kagome said.

“Yeah, sure…” Inuyasha said, folding his arms and pretending he hadn’t heard anything.

“All’s well that ends well, and that’s what counts.” Miroku said.

“Well, I’m glad that everything turned out okay. So if you guys don’t mind, I’ll be heading back now…” Myoga said as he started to hop away. But standing at the door was a most unexpected surprise.

“There you are, Myoga!!!” Shyuga shouted.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Myoga screamed in terror at seeing his ‘wife’ standing at the door. Myoga quickly ran outside and hopped as fast as he could.

“Sorry, I gotta go. Must return to Totosai!” Myoga shouted.

“Come back here, Myoga! You’ve caused enough trouble for one day!!” Shyuga shouted as the two fleas vanished into the distance.

“Brutal.” That was all Inuyasha could say as he and the others gathered their belongings and left the village.


Down the long path, Miroku and Sango were starting up a short conversation.

“Sango. Were you worried about me back through all this?” Miroku said.

“Well… sort of. I guess I was a little worried that you would get hurt, but then there was the time you…” Sango started to say, before Miroku covered up her mouth.

“Say no more, my darling. If I could shrink again, I would shrink for you.” Miroku said.

“Huh? You would?” Sango said.

“Of course. Anything for you.” Miroku said. Sango started to blush from those kind comments, but then she stopped when she felt something. Something familiar.

Miroku was stroking her rear end again.

“YOU LECHEROUS MONK!!! WHY CAN’T YOU KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!?!?!?!” Sango screamed out before she let loose with the big slap on Miroku’s face. Kagome and Inuyasha heard it and came to only one conclusion.

“It’s good to have things back to normal. Right, Inuyasha?” Kagome said.

“I guess.” Inuyasha said as he simply shrugged. He didn’t care, really. What matters most to him is that the mess involving the shrunken Miroku was over and he could now get back on his quest to find Naraku.