From Priestess to Goddess

(Cubed Cinder)

As the sun started to set on another day, Kikyo walked softly through the peaceful forest, her soul collectors flying around as always. They would of course sometimes deposit the souls they've retrieved from the dead into Kikyo's body. After all, these souls are what allow Kikyo to walk among the living. She stopped her walking when she came across a large oak tree. The tree started to remind her of the events of 50 years ago when she had sealed Inuyasha to the sacred tree.
"It still seems like yesterday since I struck Inuyasha to the sacred tree, yet such a tragedy was fifty years ago." She said to herself. She thought of all the times the two had been together, and then thought about the girl that he was traveling with now. The one called Kagome. Kikyo knew how she was the reincarnation of her. At times she thought of her as a strong woman like she once was, but still, the hatred of seeing her with Inuyasha made her heart beat ever so faster.

"This Kagome girl. I admire her courage and strength. Still, her presence has only caused harm to all that seek the Sacred Jewel. Yet I cannot decide just how important her life may be to Inuyasha and myself." Kikyo said. She then shook her head at the tree and then moved on.
"When the time is right, I will make my move." Kikyo said.

Meanwhile, several miles away, there was no sign of peace in this open area. Inuyasha and the others were busy fighting what appeared to be a caterpillar demon. This one was huge, however. It made everyone around it look quite puny. But still, this demon wasn't putting up much of a fight. Shippo was watching all the action from Kirara.
"Wow! I can't believe the size of this demon!" Shippo said.
"Yes, you would think a demon would reach this size from the power of a sacred jewel shard." Sango said after she caught her Hiraikotsu. Inuyasha landed next to her holding his mighty sword, the Tetsuiaga.
"No kidding! Are you sure this thing doesn't have a jewel shard, Kagome!?" Inuyasha shouted.
"Definitely. I can't sense anything remotely like a jewel shard in its body." Kagome said. The caterpillar shot a stream of acid at our group of heroes. But they all dodged it easily.
"Inuyasha! Try aiming for its head!" Kagome said.
"Might as well!" Inuyasha said to himself. He then leapt way up in the air and focused his attention directly on the caterpillar monster.
"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha shouted. His sword then let loose a powerful energy that instantly ripped the monster to shreds, leaving the ground littered with bones and blood.

But one thing that hadn't fallen to the ground was the monster's spirit as it hovered above the ground.
"Hey, what's that?" Kagome asked.
"That looks like a ghostly spirit. Seems like the monster was already dead." Miroku said.
"And no doubt revived by Naraku." Inuyasha said. Just before anyone could do anything about the spirit, three of Kikyo's soul collectors suddenly came in to snatch the soul away.
"Kikyo's soul collectors?" Kagome asked.
"So that was a soul and not a spirit?" Shippo asked.
"Well, whatever it was, Kikyo is nearby." Inuyasha said. Kagome shivered at just hearing that name.
"In any event, our safety has not been compromised, and that's what's important." Miroku said. Kagome looked out at the sun setting in the distance.
"It's getting pretty late. Kaede's village isn't too far, how about we stay there?" Kagome asked.
"An excellent suggestion, Kagome. We haven't had a good night's rest in a while." Miroku said.
"Bleh... you're all a bunch of weaklings. We could be finding Naraku and all the sacred jewel shards by now!" Inuyasha said.
"Well, it's not our fault that you're a demon that can stay up all night." Sango said.
"Sango's right, Inuyasha. We need to let Kagome and the others rest." Shippo said.
"You stay out of this, you little brat!" Inuyasha shouted as he once again bonked Shippo on the head.
"Owowowowowow!!! Kagome!" Shippo said.
"Inuyasha..." Kagome said, showing a mean look on her face.
"Huh? Wait, Kagome!!! We'll rest! We'll rest!" Inuyasha shouted.
"Good. Let's go, then." Kagome said smiling. She turned around and started walking towards Kaede's village, as did the others. Inuyasha started walking as well. Then Kagome completely surprised Inuyasha.

"Sit, boy!" Kagome shouted. Inuyasha immediately went crashing towards the ground.
"Ouch..." Inuyasha groaned before he got up and caught up with the group.

Meanwhile, back in the forest, Kikyo stood by idly as her soul collectors poured the souls of the dead into her body. She could see the big soul that three of the collectors were carrying coming towards her.
"Such a huge soul..." Kikyo wondered. The soul then approached her body, but struggled to get inside. Kikyo was feeling the pain of absorbing such a large soul. She breathed a lot and showed painful expressions from trying to get the soul inside. She had to... this could probably add at least a week's worth of life to her body.
"Must... get it... inside..." Kikyo said in betweeen breaths. Finally she had to scream as the soul went completely inside her body. As it did, however, Kikyo's body started to be engulfed in a bright white light that quickly became larger. The light soon covered a tremendous amount of forest space as it rose higher and higher in the sky.

Finally, the light faded, and out from it emerged Kikyo... but she was huge. None of the large oak trees around the forest could rise past her knees. Every other tree was small enough to be crushed. If one could take a ruler and measure Kikyo at her new height, she had to be at least 500 feet tall. And for this particular era of time, 500 feet tall is well beyond god-like status. And Kikyo knew it as she looked all around herself.

"What has happened to me?" She said as her voice boomed out through the skies. Just before she could admire her new size any further, however, Kikyo sensed something. Something that she hadn't picked up before.
"Wait... I am sensing several fragments of the sacred jewel that I hadn't sensed before. Perhaps my senses have been heightened to go along with my bigger size?" Kikyo asked herself as she kept on looking around, kicking some broken trees off from her socks that had gottten stuck during her growth period.
"Only one person could have that many fragments aside from Naraku." Kikyo said. She then nodded and then took her first few giant steps out towards the distance. Where was she headed? Kaede's village.

The moon was finally shining over the night sky. Inuyasha, against his better judgment, was spending the night in Kaede's village along with his friends. He and everyone else were inside Kaede's hut, just burning the midnight oil it seemed. Inuyasha was sitting against the wall with his eyes closed.
"So, young Kagome, how are you proceeding in the search for the sacred jewels?" Kaede said.
"Oh, very well, I suppose... We've had some interesting battles to say the least." Kagome said.
"Yes, even against demons without jewel shards. We did have to defeat a rather large caterpillar monster. It was as big as I've seen demons come." Sango said.
"It's obvious that Naraku is fighting hard to gain possession of our sacred jewel shards by powering up as many demons as he can." Miroku said.
"Aye. We would assume that is his plan. For that reason, we'll have to be more on guard." Kaede said. Inuyasha then suddenly opened his eyes and was sniffing around.
"Inuyasha, what is it?" Kagome asked.
"I smell graveyard soil, and a lot of it..." Inuyasha said. Right then and there, the ground shook violently every second.

"W-W-W-What's going on? An earthquake?" Shippo asked.
"This can't be an earthquake. The shaking is occuring at different intervals." Miroku said.
"It's probably another giant demon... I'll take care of it." Inuyasha said, pulling out his Tetsuiaga and opening the door at the same time.
"Hold on, we'll come with you!" Kagome shouted as she gathered her bow and arrow. Everyone else ran outside, only to see a large group of villagers running away. The shaking was getting more violent and there were loud booming sounds to go with the shaking as well. Miroku stopped one of the women.
"Wait, my darling! Tell us what's going on. Is it a demon?" Miroku said.
"This ain't no demon, monk! It's a giant priestess and she's heading our way." the lady said.
"Huh? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Inuyasha said, scoffing at the lady.
"For once I kinda agree... a giant priestess? How is that possible?" Shippo said.
"Well, whatever it is, fear not. For I will protect you from this danger." Miroku said, flirting with the girl's two hands. Sango then slapped him in the back of the head as he loosened his grip on the lady.
"Not when she's telling stories like that..." Sango said, red in the face.
"No... I swear! Oh my god... here she comes!!!" the lady screamed as she looked behind her and then ran off. Indeed, this girl was not lying. Coming into view thanks to the many bonfires that lit up the village in the dark, along with her soul collectors (which looked absolutely puny compared to her size) circling her body was this giant priestess that the lady was talking about. But here's what stunned Inuyasha and the group.

That priestess, all 500 feet in height of her, was Kikyo.

"That's.... that's Kikyo!" Inuyasha shouted, lowering his sword in shock.
"What!? But that can't be... she's flat out huge!" Kagome said.
"Yes... much bigger than all the demons we've faced, right Miroku?" Sango said. There was no response. Sango looked behind to see Miroku was drooling while staring up at the gigantic beauty that was slowly approaching the village.
"(sigh) Lecherd..." Sango softly said.
"You can say that again." Shippo said. Inuyasha ran in front of Kagome just in case Kikyo would try something dangerous, but the giantess stopped when her feet were around 30-40 yards away from our heroes.

Kikyo, meanwhile, looked down at the group to observe Inuyasha and his friends. She was particularly interested in Kagome...
"I see. The girl that travels with Inuyasha. Perhaps I should spend some quality time with her." Kikyo thought to herself. She then ordered her soul collectors to dive down towards our heroes, no doubt to try and pick up Kagome.
"She's turned her soul collectors towards us!" Shippo said. They all watched as they started to surround Kagome.
"You keep your hands off her!" Inuyasha said, picking up his sword and slicing apart any soul collector that came near Kagome. He turned around and started attacking any other collector that came flying down from Kikyo.
"Hmmm... Inuyasha is resisting, just as I thought. I cannot understand why he cares so much for her. But there is one way to test his limits." Kikyo said. She then started to move her foot up before bringing it down hard. The force was so strong, every house in the village came tumbling down. Everyone was also knocked to the ground, just barely avoiding a crack in the ground as a result from Kikyo's stomp. Kagome quickly got back up, only to notice Kikyo's extremely large fingers heading right for her. She tried to resist, but Kikyo started to lift Kagome off the ground as she got stuck in between her two fingers.

"Aaaaaahhhh!!! Inuyasha!!!" Kagome screamed. Inuyasha turned around after slicing another soul collector to see Kikyo picking Kagome up.
"No! Kagome!!!" Inuyasha shouted. He made a leap for his friend, but Kikyo was too quick. Kikyo held Kagome close to her eye so she could get a good look at her. Finally she let go of Kagome and sent her falling towards the surface, only to be caught again in Kikyo's right hand. Kagome, realizing where she had landed, tried to stay as still as she could despite Kikyo's hand large enough to perhaps hold a hundred people.
"Inuyasha... if you value this girl's life, you will leave us alone for a short while." Kikyo said, her voice booming through the skies. It especially rung through Inuyasha's ears as sensitive as they are. Kikyo then turned herself around and began to walk away from the village.
"Inuyasha! Help meeeeee!!!" Kagome screamed again as her voice faded into the distance.
"Kagome!!!" Inuyasha shouted as he started to run after Kikyo, but Sango and Kaede held him back.
"Arrrrgh!!! Let me go! I have to rescue Kagome!" Inuyasha said.
"Let them be, Inuyasha. Kikyo is far too big to be stopped right now!" Kaede said.
"She's right, you're just gonna get killed if you follow her!" Sango said. Inuyasha finally stopped struggling when Kikyo was too far gone. He could only watch as Kikyo, who could be seen for miles as big as she was, faded into the night sky. Inuyasha dropped to his knees and banged the ground with his fists, angry that he couldn't save Kagome this time.
"Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!!!" Inuyasha shouted. In between his frustrating thoughts, he could only wonder what Kikyo would want with Kagome and what she was going to do with her.

Kagome clutched her heart, which was beating so fast from seeing the land from so far above, as she kept herself still. She was being held at breast level in the right hand of Kikyo, who was clearly far bigger than anything she could've imagined.
"Kikyo, why are you doing this!? What do you want with me?" Kagome shouted. At that moment, Kikyo, who had been unknowingly crushing many small villages flat under her feet along her path, looked down menacingly at the tiny Kagome.
"Silence, child. Your fate will be decided the next morning." Kikyo said. This only further worried Kagome... Kikyo wasn't planning to kill her, was she? She could've done that earlier as big as she was, but the fact she was carrying her to an undisclosed location meant she had something else planned. But what?

After about ten minutes of walking, Kikyo stopped just short of a mountain that would've normally looked massive, but was instead probably only twice as big as the goddess-sized priestess. Kikyo sat down on top of this mountain, causing rocks to crumble off the mountain and slide down to the base. But what happened at the base with those rocks was of no concern to Kikyo as she started to lay back. She then placed Kagome where her stomach was. Kagome wobbled as she tried to regain her footing, but it wasn't helping since Kikyo's stomach area was moving up and down because of Kikyo breathing. She noticed that Kikyo was looking up at the starry skies instead of straight down at her.
"Tell me, Kagome, why must you continue to be with Inuyasha?" Kikyo asked.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Kagome asked.
"You are a being of the future time, yet you place your life in the hands of Inuyasha's." Kikyo said.
"Yeah, so? He's always been there for me, even though his attitude need adjustment." Kagome said.
"I warn you. Inuyasha will betray you just as he has betrayed me." Kikyo said.
"What are you saying!? Haven't you figured out that Naraku is the one that's been using the both of you?" Kagome said.
"That's true, yes. But Inuyasha will someday become a full-fledged demon, and he will turn on those that are considered mortal. That is his natural wish." Kikyo said.
"But how do we know that? Inuyasha has cared for me these past several months... he would never turn his back on his friends." Kagome said.
"And what makes you think that? You do not know Inuyasha more than I do." Kikyo said. Kagome was really in a hot spot now. She had to come up with a heck of an answer for this giantess. And not just any giantess. This giantess was once in love with Inuyasha until 50 years later when Kagome arrived in these times.
"Because he loves me. He won't admit it, but I know deep down inside he cares for me. Just as he cared for you 50 years ago." Kagome said. This time, it was Kikyo that was silent for a few seconds. Then she finally did look down at Kagome.
"Fate has been known to pull different strings. Only time will tell when either one of us is correct." Kikyo said. She then looked back up at the stars and dropped the bow and arrows that she had been carrying over her left shoulder.
"Rest well, Kagome. Your loyalty will be tested tomorrow morning." Kikyo said. Kagome just nodded, but then started asking herself questions. What kind of things would she need help on? Why doesn't Kikyo just do these things herself as big as she was? Did she say that just to ease her worries? Kagome had a hunch that Kikyo had more planned, and she didn't feel comfortable with being around to see these plans. She waited about 30 minutes before she felt Kikyo fall completely asleep... and that's when she started running down her body towards the base of the mountain.

Back inside Kaede's hut, Inuyasha was pacing around the whole room while everyone else was talking about what they had seen almost a half-hour ago, when the really huge Kikyo took hold of Kagome and then walked off.
"This doesn't make any sense at all. How could Kikyo get that big all of a sudden?" Sango asked.
"I do not know, Sango. It's not like my sister to wish for that kind of power. She's big enough to crush an entire village if it were small enough." Kaede said.
"Forget about the kind of damage she could cause. We need to think of every imaginable situation that could've caused her to grow like that." Miroku said.
"Hey, I was just wondering everybody. Do you all remember that really big soul from that caterpillar monster we defeated? And how Kikyo's soul collectors were able to take it away?" Shippo said.
"Oh, yes! I remember! But could it be the reason Kikyo was able to grow like that, just from absorbing that soul?" Sango asked.
"We mustn't forget what dead souls can do to an already dead person like Kikyo. So it is very possible from the powers of that soul that Kikyo would grow from absorbing it in her body." Kaede said.
"And she was much bigger than that caterpillar monster... she could've been big enough to crush it even." Shippo said.
"Yes. This is starting to make more sense." Miroku said. Finally everyone looked at Inuyasha when they thought the sounds of his footsteps would fade out by now.

"Inuyasha, come to your senses! You've been walking around this room for several minutes now." Shippo said.
"Dammit, why should I come to my senses!? Kagome's been captured... and by Kikyo! What the hell could she want with her?" Inuyasha said.
"The only logical reason I can think of is that Kikyo may still have hostile feelings toward you, Inuyasha." Miroku said.
"Don't speak such nonsense, Miroku! Kikyo would never take her anger out on Kagome!" Inuyasha shouted.
"I know this is hard on you, Inuyasha, but you must be patient. We need to think of how we're going to handle this. Kikyo is bigger than anything any of us have ever faced." Kaede said. Inuyasha let out a soft growl.
"Do what you want, but I'm going after Kagome. I don't care who it is... anyone who lays a finger on her will have to face me!" Inuyasha shouted before he opened the door and started charging in the direction Kikyo went based on the massive footprints she left behind. Everyone else ran outside.
"Inuyasha... wait!!!" Kaede shouted, but Inuyasha didn't listen. He instead kept on running.

"Should we go after him?" Shippo asked.
"Under normal circumstances, no. But Inuyasha's gonna have a hard time fessing up with Kikyo." Miroku said.
"I agree... we should be by his side just in case the rescue attempt fails." Sango said.
"Go on without me... I will catch up with you all later." Kaede said as she started to walk towards her faithful horse. Kirara then transformed and allowed Miroku, Sango, and Shippo to climb on its back before it took off for the skies after Inuyasha.

A couple hours later, in the wee early hours of the morning, Kagome was walking through a dense forest. She would many times take a look behind her to see the mega giantess Kikyo still sleeping over the mountain. She looked massive even from at least a couple miles away. But while Kagome was looking back, she didn't notice the horde of zombie demons that were standing in her away. She shook one of them off and looked at their evil faces. She quickly realized they were after the sacred jewel shards that she always carries with her.
"Ugh... this is a bad time to be facing demons." Kagome said. She started to reach for her bow and arrow... but soon realized it was not there.
"Oh no... I must've dropped the bow and arrow while Kikyo was capturing me." Kagome said to herself. With no way to fight back, Kagome took a couple small steps backwards before she started running away. The demons quickly followed in pursuit.

Kagome ran in the opposite direction for at least a few minutes before she turned back towards the forest in an effort to try and lose the demons. She lost some, but certainly not all of them. Finally, she ran up against a thick wall of trees, and when she tried to turn around, the demons were right there.
"Hahaha! Now we will have the sacred jewel shards!" one of them shouted.
"S...S...Stay back! I can do many powerful things!" Kagome shouted as she stuttered with words, fearing for her life.
"Bleh... like what? Scream until our eardrums bust?" another of the demons said. Just then, however, the ground started to shake every now and then once again. Kagome immediately realized what was going on.
"Kikyo's awake." Kagome said to herself. Just then, the sky full of trees that had been covering up the location of Kagome and the zombie demons opened right up as the giantess Kikyo had ripped these trees right from the ground.
"W...What the hell is this!?" one of the demons shouted.
"It's a giant priestess! Let's get out of here!" one of the demons shouted. But immediately as they started to run away from Kagome, Kikyo slammed her foot down on the demons, reducing them to a gruesome puddle of blood, bones, and skin. Kagome almost hurled from seeing such destruction, but then looked back up at Kikyo. She had a meaner face than ever before, and Kagome tried to cheer her up.

"Uh... thanks Kikyo for saving..." Before Kagome could finish, she watched as Kikyo lifted her bloody sandal up once more and this time down towards Kagome! She brought it down slowly, leaving Kagome enough time to get out from underneath the sandal, but she was just a yard from Kikyo's foot when it came down on the ground. Kagome grabbed a hold of this foot and tried to plead with the mega-sized giantess.
"Kikyo... please! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I tried to escape from you!" Kagome said. For a few moments, there was no movement from Kikyo, but then she bent down and picked up Kagome once more. Kagome was once again standing in the middle of Kikyo's huge right hand.
"Your attempt to flee back for the real world is understandable, but I would've thought you'd be stronger as my reincarnation." Kikyo said. Kagome had a confused look on her face.
"Stronger? What do you mean?" Kagome said.
"There are many ways for us priestesses to conquer demons aside from a bow and arrow. Come, I shall help you release your priestess powers." Kikyo said. As Kikyo started walking away from the forest and the mountain that she had slept at the night before, Kagome looked with many questions running through her mind. Mainly just two... why was Kikyo being so nice all of a sudden? And what the heck was this about special priestess powers?

Things were peaceful at the children's orphanage just on the other side of the mountain. Of course, that was until the mega-sized Kikyo appeared over that same mountain. The orphanage was abandoned a few weeks ago, and Kikyo had been caring for these lost children on at least a few occasions. The way the children practically wish for future acts of kindness in their lives is what encourages her to visit these children. Today, though, would make for a special visit. Kikyo stopped a long ways away from the village so she wouldn't absolutely terrify the children.
"Lady Kikyo? Is that you?" one of the young girls asked. Kikyo sat down from where she had been standing so she could hear the children better. She also lowered her hand and let Kagome down on the ground next to the kids.
"Yes, it is me, children. Please do not be frightened, as I do not intend to harm any of you." Kikyo said.
"What happened, though? How did you get so big?" one of the boys asked.
"It's a long story. One that I will explain in due time. In the meantime, I would like you all to meet someone." Kikyo said. She nodded down to Kagome, who immediately realized what to do.
"Uh... hi. My name is Kagome." Kagome said.
"Kagome is my apprentice, and she is here to practice some of her new priestess spells." Kikyo said. Kagome's eyes opened right up. Was Kikyo really going to help unleash these so-called priestess spells? She began to wonder what the heck would happen if she messed up somehow. Still, there was no escaping from this mega giantess, so she mentally agreed to help out.
"Kagome, one of the kids has an arm bandaged from elbow to shoulder." Kikyo said. Kagome looked around for such a kid, and soon found a girl that fit the description.
"Is this girl the one?" Kagome asked.
"Yes. Now I want you to concentrate. Place one hand on the girl's arm and another on your jewel shards and think positively." Kikyo said.
"Are you sure this will work!?" Kagome shouted so that Kikyo could hear her.
"If you can't trust a fellow priestess, who can you trust?" Kikyo asked. She did bring up a good point, Kagome thought. And on top of that, she didn't want to go against a very big woman's wishes like Kikyo's at this point.

Kagome then did what she was told. She placed one hand on the red blood-soaked bandage wrapped around the young girl's arm and another hand on the bottle of jewel shards she had taken out of her dress. She closed her eyes and thought about that girl's wishes to have her arm healed. It was a swift process, because about ten seconds later, the bandage was gone, replaced with nothing but healed skin. Kagome looked to see the fruits of her labor and was understandably surprised.
"Did I just do that?" Kagome asked herself.
"Thank you, Mrs. Kagome. Maybe one day you'll be as big as Lady Kikyo!" the girl said.
"Uh... yeah, sure." Kagome said.
"Nice work, Kagome. Now then, kids, if you don't mind, we have to be on our way." Kikyo said. She opened up her hand and this time allowed Kagome to walk on. Once she was safely on her hand once again, Kikyo lifted herself up and started walking away from both the orphanage and the mountain. She took one last look at the orphanage to see all the children waving at her before she started walking again. Kagome looked up at the mega giantess.
"Kikyo... are you trying to tell me I have special priestess powers just like you?" Kagome said.
"Once you master them, you will be able to accomplish anything, regardless of where Inuyasha is in the world or what time period you choose to reside in." Kikyo said.
"But why? You're still not planning to kill me, are you?" Kagome said.
"That will depend on how Inuyasha reacts to our conditions." Kikyo said. Just then, she stopped her walking when she noticed a broken bridge next to her feet. She kneeled down and broke it apart completely, leaving behind the many thick ropes that had once held the bridge together. She started tying them together like a string before putting Kagome in the middle of these ropes.
Soon, Kagome was stuck in the middle of a massive rope that Kikyo had tied together from the bridge. She lifted it up and placed it around her neck, leaving Kagome to rest just underneath Kikyo's chest area. She couldn't move her arms as a result from being tied up, but she could still see the world from high above.
"Are you comfortable, Kagome? This way I won't have to carry you everywhere." Kikyo asked.
"Yeah... just fine. But are you sure this rope will hold together?" Kagome said.
"It was made from a strong bridge. I doubt your safety will be compromised." Kikyo said before she started walking again.

Back at the mountain range, Inuyasha stopped to see the deep hole that had formed from Kikyo laying on the mountain the night before, as well as the many pieces of the mountain that have fallen down to the base. Not to mention the many holes poked in the dense forest nearby from where Kikyo had stepped.
"Kikyo's definitely been here. And she isn't too far... I can smell her." Inuyasha said.
"Inuyasha!" a voice shouted from above. Inuyasha looked to see it was Miroku, Sango, and Shippo as they came flying down from on top of Kirara. They landed next to their comrade.
"You're not here to take me back, are you? Because I ain't going back until I get Kagome back!" Inuyasha shouted.
"Relax, Inuyasha. We're not here to force you to return to safe grounds. We merely wish to help you find Kikyo." Miroku said.
"We all saw her walking away from the other side of the mountain. She looked half the size of that mountain, which tells us how huge she really is." Sango said.
"Alright, thanks. I'm on it!" Inuyasha shouted, but he couldn't run very far when Shippo had something to ask him.
"Wait, Inuyasha! What will you do when you find them? I mean... the girl you care for now is being held captive by the girl you once cared for." Shippo said. He had taken a big risk in asking Inuyasha this kind of question, because usually he would slap the person asking it. But Inuyasha instead stood still for a few seconds.
"I don't know... I'll figure something out eventually." Inuyasha said before he took off again. Everyone else got back on Kirara and followed.

For the next few minutes, Kikyo walked through the land, probably admiring her new size before she picked out another village to visit and either help out or destroy needlessly. During this time, Kagome noticed Kikyo would occasionally grip onto her stomach, and sometimes even her chest, coming very close to crushing the normal-sized girl.
"Kikyo? Are you alright?" Kagome asked.
"Do not be concerned for me. I can live for a long time even while dead." Kikyo said. Kagome tried to shake it off, considering her soul collectors were still feeding the giantess souls despite these souls being microscopic compared to her massive body.
"Kagome!!!" Suddenly, Kagome heard a familiar voice. As Kikyo turned around, seemingly having picked up the voice as well, both ladies looked to see Inuyasha standing on top of a nearby cliff that rose as high as Kikyo's knees.
"Inuyasha! You came to save me!" Kagome said.
"Heh... as usual. It's nothing I can't handle." Inuyasha said with a smile, speaking loud enough so he could be heard. Same ol' Inuyasha, Kagome thought. That's why she loved him though...
"So, you have come at last, Inuyasha." Kikyo said. Inuyasha quickly lost that smile as he looked bravely up at the mega giantess that was standing right before him. Again, though, this wasn't just any mega giantess. This was the one that Inuyasha was once in love with 50 years ago.
"Kikyo... I don't want any trouble. Just hand me Kagome and I won't do anything reckless." Inuyasha said.
"Is it her life you care for the most, Inuyasha?" Kikyo asked.
"Kikyo, please... don't make this any more difficult than it already is." Inuyasha said.
"Why wouldn't I? It's obvious that you care for the both of us. The question is... who would you care for more?" Kikyo said.
"Don't listen to her, Inuyasha! She's only trying to sway you!" Kagome shouted, but who knows whether or not Inuyasha had heard her or not.

Suddenly, Kikyo had to clutch her chest, nearly crushing Kagome once more.

Kikyo cringed in pain as she held her chest in agony. She then collapsed on her knees, no longer having the power to stand on her two feet.
"Kikyo... what's wrong!?" Inuyasha shouted.
"Mustn't... lose... the power!" Kikyo said in between breaths. Kagome was the first to realize what was going on.
"The souls aren't big enough to keep her body in this world... she'll die if she doesn't get help!" Kagome shouted. Just then, souls starting flying out of Kikyo's body, including the one she absorbed that made her a giantess in the first place. This big soul, instead of flying away like the smaller souls, was floating high up in the sky.

Kaede and the others had watched all this unfold before their eyes.
"Hey!!! What's going on here?" Shippo shouted.
"Kikyo's body is too big to absorb the powers of the souls, let alone to sustain them in her body, so they are leaving her." Kaede said.
"Well... the problem is she's still very big." Sango asked. Unfortunately, just as this happened, Shippo noticed what was going on.
"Hey! She's shrinking!" Shippo shouted. Indeed, Kikyo was shrinking down to her normal size.

Kagome could feel the rope around her tighten as it shrunk along with Kikyo's body. She worked frantically to free her arms and undo the knot that kept her tied close to Kikyo. Luckily she was able to do so... but she soon found herself falling towards the ground!
"Inuyasha!!!" Kagome shouted as she screamed in the skies. Inuyasha heard Kagome's cry for help, but as he was getting ready to jump up and catch Kagome, the big soul that made Kikyo a giantess earlier suddenly started to envelop around Kagome's body! Kagome stopped descending and was instead floating up in the air. Miroku and the others ran up to join Inuyasha as Kikyo returned to her normal size. The soul collectors of Kikyo didn't waste any time catching these little souls and pouring them into Kikyo's fainted body.
"Inuyasha, are you alright?" Miroku asked.
"Yeah... but Kagome is..." Inuyasha said.
"The soul... is reacting to the jewel shards." Kikyo said softly. Just then, the light around Kagome started to expand... everyone backed away as the light grew larger and larger...

Kagome was foggy in the eyes as she opened them up. She expected herself to be either in the arms of Inuyasha or as a dead mortal having slammed the ground from foolishly trying to escape from the shrinking Kikyo. Instead, all Kagome saw was the blue sky and the green grounds filled with trees.

With trees? Yep... Kagome was now 500 feet tall, just as Kikyo had been before. She turned her head to the side, and there was Inuyasha right there.
"Inuyasha?" Kagome asked.
"Nice to see you've finally awaken. You were out for at least a few minutes." Inuyasha said.
"But... you're so small." Kagome said.
"Correction. You're the one that's a bit too big." Inuyasha said. Kagome looked and saw the others, and recognized the scenery from earlier. Indeed, she had grown to mega giantess size. She lifted herself up and then carefully (as in without harming everyone below her) turned her body around to face everyone.
"How can this be?" Kagome asked. She looked over at Kikyo who was approaching her right knee.
"The soul that made me grow seems to have gotten into you, although the jewel shards purified any living feeling that it may have still had." Kikyo said.
"So now I'm the one that's really big because the soul is in my body?" Kagome said.
"Not your body, the jewel shards. And you can control your own size and the size of others now." Kikyo said.
"But... but how?" Kagome asked. Kikyo started to walk away.
"The priestess powers you learned today will serve you well." Kikyo said.
"Priestess powers? What do you mean?" Inuyasha asked. Kikyo just kept on walking as the soul collectors joined up with her again.
"Inuyasha... protect Kagome. She is vital to the defeat of Naraku and the reforming of the sacred jewel." Kikyo said before she totally disappeared from sight.
"Wait... Kikyo!" Inuyasha shouted. No response. He looked back up at Kagome.
"Kagome? Kikyo taught you priestess powers?" Inuyasha asked.
"Yeah... I thought it was strange myself. I thought all this time she would've used me against you or something like that." Kagome said.
"Well, the important thing is that you're safe, Kagome. And you look nicer than ever, I must say." Miroku said. Sango then slapped him again so hard the sound echoed through the skies.
"OUCH!!!" Miroku shouted.
"Lecherd." Sango said.
"I am very impressed, Kagome. Please demonstrate these powers by using them to shrink yourself back to normal size." Kaede said.
"Well, it's worth a try." Kagome said. She then closed her eyes and concentrated. The jewel shards started to glow brightly as they lit up the area once more...

When it was over, Kagome was standing eye-to-eye with her friends once more.
"Whew... it's great to be back to normal." Kagome asked.
"And so the crisis of the giant women ends. What a shame..." Miroku said. Sango could immediately sense where Miroku's thinking was heading.
"Honestly, Miroku, I'd like to grow to 500 feet tall and give you the pounding of your life!" Sango said.
"I'm flattered that you would say that, my dear Sango." Miroku said. Sango just had an angry look on her face before she sighed once more.
"You're hopeless, Miroku." Sango said.

"But is it really over? I mean... Kikyo did say I can control my own size with the soul in my body." Kagome said.
"Perhaps, but come, we will discuss this matter back at my hut." Kaede said. She and the others started walking back towards their home village. As everyone made their way back, Kagome would stop many times to wonder what she really could use her 'new powers' for...