Feudal Era Fun

(Melroser and BiggerBetterBarbie)

Chapter 1 (written by Melroser and edited by Cubed Cinder for continuity purposes)

Two figures can be seen lying down, and seemingly knocked out, on a grassy field. One is a young monk with an unusual wrapping in one hand, and the other being a semi-canine, red-clad individual with the unusual taste of being barefoot.

Suddenly, the white-haired individual woke up groggily and saw an unusual sight in front of him.

"Ugh... Where... are... we...?" the man known as Inuyasha asked. The place looked serene. Really serene. Grass surrounds the two, with trees and mountains surrounding the place. The sky was also very visible, high in its blue glory. In a way, it is somewhat like paradise to the eyes of those who witness the place. But something is bothering Inuyasha.

"It looks peaceful... maybe too peaceful." he said. For some reason, this place was too good to be true. And for someone who's seen his fair share of fights, he knew something was fishy. He then proceeded to wake up the monk known as Miroku.

"Miroku! Wake up... I said wake up!" Inuyasha said as he angrily slapped Miroku in the face, giving him a rude awakening.

"OUCH!!!!! I didn't do it, Sango, I swear!" Miroku shouted. He then looked up and noticed it was Inuyasha with him instead.
"Oh... Inuyasha, what was that for!?", said an angry Miroku.

"Hey! I had to do something to wake you up! Are you alright?" Inuyasha asked.
"Fine... just a little dizzy. What happened?" Miroku said.
"Well, you tell me. The last thing I remember was fighting that demon." Inuyasha said.
"That's right, until we were swept away by that strange whirlwind attack!" Miroku said. He finally stood up on his own two feet.
"Look around you. Doesn't anything seem suspicious to you?" Inuyasha replied.

And Miroku began to survey his surroundings. It was an area tantamount to paradise. But seeing the two are the only ones here, something was wrong. In fact, they could not see anyone else but each other.

"This place looks really good, but if my instincts are correct, this could be a trap.", said the lecherous monk.

"And we don't even know where Kagome and Sango...!" Inuyasha said, but was interrupted by sudden strong footsteps. The earth shook as two large females are going into their position. In the eyes of the guys, this should be a good thing since these two are very familiar to them.

"Um... I think we found them." Miroku said, but suddenly got awe-struck, along with Inuyasha, as they saw the two females being giantesses. Something was not definitely right.

The two giantesses approached the miniscule figures, but with an odd look to them.

"Sango, look! Two little guys we can play with! Finally!" Kagome said.

"Thank the stars! Well, I guess it's time to take action! We've been walking for a while, but finally, something worthwhile to do, am I right, fellow queen?" the sandal-clad Sango said.

"Well, let's do something right away then!" Kagome replied.

"Fellow queen!? Little guys they can play with!?" Inuyasha shouted.

"Inuyasha, something tells me they're not the same ladies we know..." Miroku told Inuyasha in a cautious manner.

"Tell me something I don't know! Kagome!!! Sango!!! Don't you recognize us!?" Inuyasha asked the two giantesses. But before anything else, Sango's hand reached to the two. Inuyasha was able to jump away. Unfortunately, Miroku was not lucky as he got captured by the beautiful huntress.

"Ack! Inuyasha, a little help here! I'd hate to be slapped by this huge hand!!!" Miroku shouted.
"Miroku! I'll save you!" Inuyasha said, but was suddenly interrupted by the shoed and stomping foot of a taller Kagome.

"Oh no you don't! We're going to have some fun!" Kagome exclaimed, as she began to chase Inuyasha. Good thing the dog-warrior got a bit of a headstart as he rushed away from Kagome, trying to find some answers as to what is really going on around here.


"Oh, you little bug, I am going to enjoy our time together. But for now, I have to put you in a safe place." said Sango. She then pulled out her well-used hunter boots, a stinky pair to boot, no pun intended.

"In you go!" said the happy giantess.

"NOO!!!! Don't!" Miroku said but fell to the stinky boot regardless. As he fell to the toe-end of the boot, Miroku could not help but gag and cough from the stench of foot odor from the person he's fond with.

"You like it down there, little man? Don't worry, those are just my boots. Wait till you get a kick from my feet!" Sango said.

This was truly the beginning of a very interesting journey for everyone.

Inuyasha, meanwhile, had run fast enough to be quite the distance away from the giant Kagome. At least for now. As big as she was, it wouldn't be long before she caught up. He saw a dense forest up ahead and figured his best chance would be to hide in this forest. As he navigated his way through the forest, he was wondering what was happening.
"Damn it! What is going on here!? This has to be some sort of joke... but how could Kagome and Sango get that big?" Inuyasha said. He then heard some rustling in some nearby bushes. He pulled out his Tetsuiaga and stood ready to attack whatever it was that was nearby.
"Who's there!? Show yourself!!!" Inuyasha said.

It turned out to be Shippo and Kirara that leapt out from the bushes.
"Please don't hurt us, we didn't do anything!!!" Shippo said.
"Shippo!? What are you doing here?" Inuyasha asked.
"Huh? How do you know my name?" Shippo said. Inuyasha then conked him on the head.
"Damn it, Shippo! Don't you play with games with me either!!! It's me, Inuyasha!!!" Inuyasha shouted.
"Inu-Yasha? How do you spell that?" Shippo asked.
"Arrrrrgh!!!" Inuyasha growled in anger. He was about to hit Shippo again but he cried out.
"Wait, wait! Stop! Please don't hurt me! I've been trying to run away from the empresses Kagome and Sango!!!" Shippo shouted.
"What!? Empress Kagome!? Now you listen to me, Shippo..." Inuyasha said, but before he could give Shippo a good lecturing, the stomping sounds returned as did the ground shaking. Soon, some of the trees parted and revealed the giant Kagome's face.
"EEEEEEEEEK!!!" Shippo shouted, hiding behind Inuyasha.
"Ah ha! Thought you insects could escape me? There's no hiding from someone like me." Kagome said. She reached down with her hand to grab everyone, but Inuyasha grabbed Shippo and leapt out of the way, just as the hand crashed to the ground. Kirara transformed in front of Inuyasha. He hopped on top of the cat-like creature along with Shippo.
"Kirara! Get us out of here!" Inuyasha shouted. Kirara then flew up into the air, as far away from Kagome as possible. Kagome watched as they flew away at high speed.
"Hmmph... I'll just follow them instead of capturing them now. Maybe they'll lead me to a nice, tiny village." Kagome said with an evil smile. Even though Kirara was flying away very quickly, the giantess followed in its general direction, anxious to catch back up with the little Inuyasha.

Chapter 2 (written by BiggerBetterBarbie)

Back at the beautiful grassy plains, Sango had magically changed outfits and was now completely in her demon slayer look, matching up with the boots she used to trap Miroku inside. She looked around, seeing how empty it was around the plains. In fact, she took her Hiraikotsu and swung it around, feeling like she was cutting right through the wind.
"I wonder where Kagome is? I better find her." Sango said. She then started walking towards the same forest area that Kagome went earlier.

Inside Sango's boot, it was anything but beautiful. On top of the putrid smell eminating from Sango's foot, Miroku also had to deal with the shaky atmosphere that came from Sango walking away. Miroku had to cough out much of the smell.
"Man, I thought the smell of Naraku's demons was bad enough." Miroku said, "It's so bad... it's almost putting me to sleep." He then shook off the dizziness, especially when he got perilously close to Sango's toes, all of them big enough to crush him. When he got stuck in between her big toe and another one of the toes, he clutched onto the skin to keep from falling to the front of the boot where he would be most vulnerable. Miroku took another whiff of the toejam-infested air around him.
"Ugh... I've got to do something fast before I become the first monk ever to die from foot suffocation. Wait a second..." Miroku said, until he came up with an idea, "My wind tunnel. It can absorb all this dirty air and perhaps allow me to breathe at least for a little longer."
So with that plan in mind, he rips off his beads and the clothing opens up to reveal that infamous black hole of his.
"Wind Tunnel!!!" Miroku shouted. He kept it open for a few seconds before finally sealing it up again. He took in another smell. It felt a lot cleaner.
"Ahhhh... it feels a little better in here, but I still must find a way out of this situation. I probably sucked in whatever oxygen was left inside of here, and if Sango's toes don't get me, the lack of oxygen will." Miroku said.
And speaking of toes, Sango wiggled them outward again, and Miroku had to jump out of the way from being hit by them. It seemed that Sango had stopped her walk and wanted to play a bit with him. Occasionally Sango would lift one of her toes up and hold it in the air. That gave Miroku an idea.
"Hmmm... if I can irritate her somehow, she may be forced to take me out of here." Miroku said. He held up his staff and aimed it underneath that toe.
"I know this is not the Sango I am used to being with... but please forgive me." Miroku said. He then ran forward and struck that toe. It seemed to work as Sango winced a bit in pain.

"Ack... what was that!?" Sango shouted as she looked down at her right boot.
"So, I guess that little man wants to play rough..." Sango said. She then decided to place her left boot on top of that right one, crushing it downward. Miroku noticed the top of the boot coming down, but he was able to take cover once again between Sango's toes. In doing so, however, he got covered in a little toejam. Nevertheless, he was spared, and Sango seemed to assume so as he heard her booming voice.
"Don't you worry, little man, you'll soon be getting to play more with me." Sango said. She then continued on her walk towards wherever it was that Kagome went. Along the way, in traversing through the forest, she made sure to step on a few lost travelers.

Inuyasha and Shippo, riding on top of Kirara, made it back to the village. To be exact, it was the home village of Kaede, the old and wise priestess that had always been helpful to Inuyasha and his friends during their journeys. Inuyasha looked around. The place didn't seem too much different from normally, yet he still had a hard time believing he was in an alternate dimension. Kirara landed next to Kaede's hut, in fact.

"Well, here we are. This is our home village. This hut belongs to Kaede, our leader." Shippo said.
"Good. She'll probably know what's going on here." Inuyasha said.
"Do you think Kagome followed us here?" Shippo asked, nervously.
"If she did, we'll just have to deal with it." Inuyasha said as he and Shippo entered Kaede's hut, where Kaede was sitting peacefully.
"Lady Kaede!" Shippo shouted as he ran towards Kaede.
"Aye... Shippo, my grandson, welcome home. I am glad you are safe. Did Kirara protect you well?" Shippo said.
"Grandson?" Inuyasha asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Of course, and this demon named Inuyasha saved me as well. I'm sorry, but I got spotted by Kagome." Shippo said.
"Well, fear not. You are safe and that's all that matters. Thank you, young one, for saving my grandson." Kaede said.
"Er... right. Kaede, you mind telling me what the hell is going on here!?" Inuyasha asked.
"What do you mean? You must not be from around here." Kaede said.
"Something like that... why don't you tell me how Kagome got so humongous!?" Inuyasha asked.
"Aye, yes... Kagome and Sango. I remember it well. Those two were apprentices of the guardian of this land, Kikyo."
"Did you say Kikyo!?" Inuyasha shouted, hearing that name.
"Yes. One year ago, Kikyo had learned from a friend named Naraku how to amplify the power of the sacred jewel shards by softening their physical form." Kaede said.
"Wait, wait a minute... since when has Naraku ever been a friend? He's a nasty demon that does nothing but kill!!!" Inuyasha shouted.
"Maybe in your world he was, but here he tried to help Kikyo to the end until he was killed by the newly powerful Kagome and Sango." Kaede said. This was getting too interesting now, so Inuyasha sat down in front of Kaede.
"Go on." Inuyasha said.
"Yes, I'll explain the whole story for you... It all started one year ago, and it only took a week for trouble to start." Kaede said.

One year ago

Naraku, who was your normal flesh-and-blood human in this world, walked out of his hut with Kikyo close by.
"So that's the process you use to lessen the physical quality of the jewel shards. The softer they are, the more power they are able to release." Naraku said.
"Yes, I understand. Thank you, Naraku. I owe you my gratitude." Kikyo said.
"You do not owe me anything. Just remember that the power is greatly intensified once this magic process is done. You must be careful of the power you or anyone else wields. In the wrong hands, it could be disasterous on a level we haven't seen since the rise of Onigumo." Naraku said.
"Of course. The sacred jewel shards are in good hands." Kikyo said. She nodded at Naraku before turning around and walking back towards Kagome and Sango.
"Do you still have the two bottles of jewel shards?" Kikyo said.
"Of course, you told me to hold on tight to them!" Kagome said.
"Almost a hundred times too." Sango said.
"Guarding these shards is vital to the safety and security of this land. We must not let any nasty demons get a hold of these jewel shards, especially once they are powered up." Kikyo said.
"I understand, mistress Kikyo." Kagome said, lowering her head.
"Good. Now let us move on with our journey." Kikyo said as the three women walked away from Naraku's place. Sango could see the frustration on Kagome's face.
"Is something wrong, Kagome?" Sango asked.
"Kikyo is driving me crazy... I'd like to give her a piece of my mind someday." Kagome said.
"Be patient, Kagome. Besides, I have a theory that I have been thinking of." Sango said.
"Really?" Kagome said.
"Not now, though. When we've converted enough shards." Sango said.

One week later

As the rest of the week passed by and a new one began, Kikyo and her friends were able to convert a handful of their jewel shards.
"Excellent. We've powered up over a dozen of our jewel shards." Kikyo said.
"I don't understand, mistress Kikyo. What are we powering up these shards for?" Kagome asked.
"For protection." Kikyo said.
"But why can't we use these shards ourselves? I mean... think of all the power we could gain from..." Kagome said, but she was loudly interrupted by Kikyo.
"Silence, Kagome! Power does not mean everything. We will power up these shards for a new generation of priestesses and demon slayers, not for our own personal gain." Kikyo said.
"We understand, mistress Kikyo." Sango said, bowing down at Kikyo.
"You two wait here with the shards. I'm going to go make sure the forest is clear." Kikyo said. She picked up her bow and arrow and walked deeper into the forest. Sango watched as Kikyo disappeared into the forest. Once she was gone, she picked up a bottle of jewel shards.
"Stubborn old woman. Come on, Kagome, let's use these shards and see what happens." Sango said.
"But how? How are we supposed to use these things?" Kagome said. As Sango was thinking of how that could happen, she was feeling out the shards themselves after taking them out of the bottle.
"These things look beautiful... yet have you ever realized they feel like candy when you hold them?" Sango said.
"Well, yes, that's because of the physical structure being weakened from the extra power. Isn't that what Kikyo said?" Kagome said.
"It makes me wonder..." Sango said. She then popped four of the shards into her mouth, gulping them down like they were pieces of candy!

"Sango!?" Kagome asked.
"Shhhhh... wait, I can feel the power." Sango said. And just like that, she began to grow. She grew in size (along with her clothes of course) until she stood about 50 feet tall. Quickly, she laughed away in happiness.
"Hahaha! This is great! See, Kagome? See what the power of the jewel shards does?" Sango said. Kagome looked up in awe over seeing Sango so big. Then she looked down at the jewel shards she was holding herself.
"Wait for me, Sango!!!" Kagome shouted. She swallowed up her own shards and very quickly matched Sango in size.
"Wow, you're right. This is awesome! We really should get Kikyo to come up here!" Kagome said.
"Nah... forget her. We can just go down our own path. As big as we are, we can do anything!" Sango said.
"Yes, you are right. Where should we go now?" Kagome asked.
"Come on, I know of this small village nearby. We can have some fun there!" Sango said. The two giantesses then walked off, leaving behind Kikyo and essentially their past life behind.


"Kikyo tried to stop them, but they were just too powerful. They started out as big as 50 feet tall, but they've been gathering up the rest of the powered up shards for the last year. Now I fear if they get just a few more, they will be so big... stopping them will be impossible." Kaede said.
"So what do you think? Pretty scary stuff, isn't it, Inuyasha?" Shippo asked.
"Heh... I still think it's all total rubbish, even for Kagome and Sango!!! But... where is Kikyo now?" Inuyasha said.
"She's gone into hiding after she told me her story. I guess she's ashamed of what she has let happen. And she was once hailed as a hero to our land." Kaede said. Just then, Inuyasha started to smell something.
"What is it, Inuyasha?" Shippo asked.
"That smell... it smells like foot odor." Inuyasha said.
"Foot odor? How can that be!?" Shippo said. Just as he asked that, the ground started shaking slowly with each passing second.
"Good heavens, it's an earthquake!" Kaede said. Inuyasha ran out of the hut and looked out in the distance. His heart almost stopped, because here comes the really big Kagome...
"Damn it! Kagome's coming!!!" Inuyasha shouted as he ran back inside.
"Oh no! She's gonna crush our village!!!" Shippo shouted.
"We must flee at once!" Kaede shouted.
"No! We're going to stay and defend ourselves... or at the very least talk some sense into her." Inuyasha said, pulling out his Tetsuiaga. Shippo and Kaede thought about running away, but there was something about this outsider, the one named Inuyasha, that was sparking up some hope in their eyes. So they agreed to stick with Inuyasha, at least until things got really bad.

Indeed, it didn't take long for giant Kagome to reach the village. She was so huge she could probably crush the whole place in five easy steps, but instead she took the time to admire how small this village was.
"Such a tiny village. It's just like all the others we've been to!" Kagome said. She reached down and picked up an entire hut, crushing it with her bare hands and throwing aside the wreckage.
"My feet are killing me. I better take my shoes off." Kagome said. Indeed, she kicked off her shoes, sending them flying over the village, and took off her socks as well. Right away, the smell of her feet was flowing through the whole village as Kagome wiggled her toes.
"Ahhhh... much better." Kagome said. She took a step into the village, stepping on a few poor souls in the process. Of course, that was just the start of her destruction fest...

Inuyasha looked way up at Kagome and could only mutter one word.
"Damn!" Inuyasha said.

Chapter 3 (written by Melroser)

Up close, it was anything but ordinary especially considering the story that was told to him, and meeting a completely different Kagome. Somehow, he'll have to stray away from impending danger. But he has so many things in his busy mind. The dog demon has to make sure that everyone is safe from a crazed and influenced Kagome, as well as find a possible way to make things a lot better for the situation of the giantesses, the villagers, and both Miroku and himself. Unfortunately, the giant school uniform-wearing giantess has so many things that she wants to fulfill, all in the name of pleasure and game.

"Whew, it feels sooooo good to take my footwear off!" said a satisfied Kagome. She was staring at the villagers running away from not only the immense stature of the giant female, but from the stench of overworked feet as well. As she came to terms with the endless possibilities from what she can do to everyone, her eyes came upon an innocent little child, coughing so much from the stench of foot odor overwhelming the entire village.

"Awww... it would seem as though you don't like the smell of my feet! Are you sure of that? Don't you want to please your new goddess?" asked a smiling Kagome.

"Please... leave me alone..." the child begged.

"I shall leave you alone, don't worry. That is, after you get used to the smell of my feet! You shall be trapped within my sock, and smell all the stink out of it." Kagome declared.

"NO! PLEASE!" the child said as she was running away from the monolithic hand approaching her. Unfortunately, she may have forgotten the fact that there's Inuyasha defending her, together with his two companions, Shippo and Kirara. Inuyasha then went ahead to make a slash on her hand.
"Iron Reaver Soul Stealer!" Inuyasha shouted, giving her a slice mark together with red blood coming from Inuyasha's hands.

"Kagome! Stop it now! Isn't it too much for someone like you involving a village like this? And putting a child inside your sock!? That's insane!" screamed Inuyasha.

"Well, haven't you forgotten one thing? People with power can do anything they want. And from the looks of things, you need to be put in your place!" said Kagome as her eyes were fixated on the man that hurt her hand.

"This doesn't look good... Shippo, Kirara, you both help Kaede evacuate the villagers! Be sure to move away from the village! I'll distract Kagome away from the village..." Inuyasha ordered.

"But Inuyasha, are you sure? You don't look so..." Shippo said but got interrupted by the red-clad protector.

"Don't worry about me. I can handle myself. Now go!" Inuyasha said as the two began to help the villagers move away from the stinky scenario that Kagome started. As she began to get her hands on the two, Inuyasha threw a rock on Kagome's face, signaling his sense of determination to overcome this situation.

"Hey! Don't forget about me, Kagome! If you want me, you gotta get me first!" Inuyasha said.

"Why you little... Here I go!" Kagome screamed as she went after Inuyasha away from the village and into the forest.

Inuyasha's plan worked. She strayed away from the village, and went after the man that caused her hand to bleed. It was now a case of a giant looking for a needle in a haystack, as she began to look for Inuyasha in a vast forest of lush green. A few moments later...

"Huff... can't handle it... much longer.... her foot odor... drained me..." Inuyasha thought. Unfortunately, Shippo's concern was true. The moment she took off her shoes and socks, the smell hit Inuyasha like a ton of bricks. But he couldn't think about himself at the point, since the village was involved in Kagome's path of destruction.

"Man... her feet stink so much! I can still smell them!" said Inuyasha.

And while he's hiding in a tree, Kagome was still looking for the tiny little dog demon.

"Here, doggie doggie! Where are you!" Kagome screamed as the game of hide-and-seek continues. Her patience was beginning to run out, as the search was rigorous. Eventually, she got so steamed that she stomped her foot hard! As luck would have it...


Kagome's foot stomp hit Inuyasha hard on his back. Luck would have smiled on the giantess on that day. Luckily for her, the foot odor is still present.

"Ouch... *gag, cough* ugh!" Inuyasha began to realize the direness of the situation. Her stinking foot was covering Inuyasha in whole, the stench draining his strength further.

"Lucky me! I was beginning to lose patience, but here you are!" said Kagome. She wiggled her toes in glee as the feel of a struggling Inuyasha felt like a massage and a sensational tickle at the same time.

"You may have prevented me from getting that child into my sock earlier. But I know who can take her place..." Kagome said as she picked up Inuyasha and bring his body dangerously close to the opening of her sweaty, stinky sock.

"Kagome, no!" the weakened dog demon said.

"Inuyasha, yes!" Kagome replied as she dropped Inuyasha into the toe end of her sock. Inuyasha lost it, as when he got his composure back, an explosion occurred in his nose. Nothing prepared him for such a torture, worse than any pain in the world. He began to struggle in the sock, looking for some way to get away from this torture.

"Now now, calm down! I'll think about what else I'll do when I get my shoes back!" Kagome said as she went ahead to the village to look for her discarded footwear.

Chapter 4 (written by BiggerBetterBarbie)

Kagome had finally found her shoes and was just about to pick them up, but along came Sango.
"Kagome!" Sango shouted.
"Sango, hi! I'm so glad you could make it!" Kagome said as the two giantesses hugged each other. Sango looked around at all the damage that was caused in the village.
"Wow... did you do all this?" Sango asked.
"I sure did! I even knocked mostly everyone out with some foot odor, including that Inuyasha creature. He's in my sock now." Kagome said.
"Haha! That's sure to get him. I've got a tiny little monk inside one of my boots." Sango said.
"Come on, how about we trounce the rest of this village? I want to crush another one soon!" Kagome said.
"Of course." Sango said, and the two giantesses got to work doing some more stomping and whatever other bad things they had in mind.

Just outside the carnage that was already happening, Shippo and Kaede watched as their beautiful village continued to be decimated.
"This is terrible, Lady Kaede! Inuyasha couldn't stop her, so what can we do!?" Shippo shouted.
"Unfortunately, as big as they are, we can do little. We must save ourselves, my grandson." Kaede said. As she was walking away, Shippo started to follow, but he looked back at the giantesses one more time.
"No! I don't want to run forever! We have to do something!" Shippo shouted. Kaede saw the determination in Shippo's eyes.
"Yes, you are right. But what can we do?" Kaede asked.
"Come on, we have to try and free Inuyasha from Kagome!" Shippo said as he started running towards her. Kaede just followed suit, not wanting to argue with him. But as they were getting near Sango, who was occupied with getting down on her knees to see how many people she could eat at the same time, Kaede could hear a muffled cry for help.
"Wait, Shippo!" Kaede shouted. Shippo stopped running.
"What is it, Lady Kaede?" Shippo asked.
"Do you hear that? It's coming from Sango's left boot." Kaede said, pointing in that direction. With Sango busy, the two were not in any danger. Not yet, anyway. Shippo shouted right at the boot.
"Hello? Is anyone in there!?" Shippo shouted.
"Huh... Shippo? Is that you?" Miroku asked.
"Yipes!!! Someone else who thinks they know me!" Shippo said. Kaede approached the boot.
"Young man, are you alright?" Kaede asked.
"Kaede? Never mind... listen, can you get me out of here!? I can't take the smell of Sango's feet any longer!" Miroku shouted.
"Come, Shippo. We must free this poor man at once!" Kaede said as she pulled a bow out.
"Okay! Fox magic... smash top!!!" Shippo shouted. Both started to attack the boot as hard as they could, but their attacks didn't leave anything more than a dent on the boot.
"It's no good... her boot is too strong!" Kaede said.

And worse for the two of them, Sango seemed to somehow feel those attacks. She looked behind her and saw them standing there.
"Oh no... we've been spotted!" Shippo shouted. Sango stood back up to her full height.
"I thought I felt little pests trying to bite me. I just love biting back!" Sango said. She reached down to grab the two, and as big as her hand was, it was an easy catch.
"Eeeeeeeek!!! Someone help us!" Shippo shouted.
"Hey, Kagome, look what I caught!" Sango shouted. Kagome soon joined alongside.
"Oh wow... he's a cute one! Of course, that's because he's smaller than everyone else!" Sango said.
"Yeah, remember what we always said? The smaller the better, right?" Sango said.
"Absolutely! That reminds me... we gotta remember to see if the next village has any jewel shards. I wouldn't mind growing a bit more." Kagome shouted.
"Yes... we'll be one step closer to having the world at our mercy." Sango said.
"Leave Shippo out of this, you monsters! Take me instead!" Kaede said.
"Shut up, old lady! We pick on people of all ages!" Kagome said as she took Shippo and Kaede into her hands, wondering how she could.

Inside Sango's smelly boot, Miroku managed to hear the whole conversation.
"This only confirms that we are in a different universe. Sango and Kagome would never be that sinister, even if possessed by demons." Miroku said. He looked around the boot some more, including at Sango's gargantuan toes.
"I don't have much time left. I'll have to resort to more drastic measures." Miroku said. He then pulled out some of his demon-paralyzing charms.
"If Sango is thinking such evil thoughts, then this would have to work. If this doesn't, I might as well feed myself to her toes." Miroku said. He then flung as many charms as he could around the foot.
"Sacred sutra!!!" Miroku shouted. As the charms landed on Sango's foot, they began to set themselves on fire.
"Yes, it worked!" Miroku shouted. And it certainly did, because the foot was moving like crazy now.

Outside, Sango suddenly lifted her burning foot up and gripped it as hard as she could.
"Sango, what's wrong?" Kagome asked.
"My foot... it's burning up! I have to take my boot off!" Sango said as she did just that. Miroku came flying out of said boot, landing a handful of yards away from the giantesses. Sango brushed the small fire away with her bare hands.
"Are you okay?" Kagome said.
"Yeah, these are just tiny burns. They'll heal." Sango said. She then looked not far from where she threw the boot down, and that's where she spotted a smiling Miroku.
"Hah! It takes more than foot odor to stop this monk!" Miroku said. Sango looked madly pissed now, clenching her fists together and showing her teeth in pure anger.
"Arrrrrgh!!! I've had enough of you, monk! I may not have stopped you, but I sure as hell can STOMP you!" Sango said as she raised her other boot over Miroku. Miroku looked up nervously wondering how he was going to escape from this mess. But at the last possible second, Miroku was saved again.
"Wind Scar!!!" Inuyasha shouted. Sango had to step back a bit from the intense energy blast. Inuyasha, holding Tetsuiaga, jumped alongside Miroku.
"Miroku, are you okay?" Inuyasha asked.
"Yeah... I smell like toejam, but I'll live. You don't smell too good either, you know." Miroku said.
"Shut up!" Inuyasha shouted. Kagome couldn't believe she was seeing Inuyasha standing with Miroku, and on his own two feet too!
"That's impossible! I stuffed you into my sock!" Kagome shouted.
"I'm a lot tougher than you think I am, and remember to disarm me next time you want to put me with your foot!" Inuyasha said. Indeed, Kagome looked down and noticed the big tear in her sock, around where she had dropped Inuyasha.
"I'm with you, Sango. I'm tired of these pests myself!" Kagome said.
"Yeah, I say we crush them once and for all!" Sango said.
"Inuyasha, Shippo and Kaede tried to save me, but I think they were captured." Miroku asked.
"We can't worry about that now! Can you run?" Inuyasha asked.
"Yeah, I'm a little woozy from Sango's foot odor, but I think I can move." Miroku said.
"Well, we better not think!" Inuyasha said, and the two started running before Kagome could crush them flat. They both ran as fast as they could.
"Let's get them!" Sango shouted.
"I'll play with you two later." Kagome said, looking down at Shippo and Kaede who were still in her right hand. She stretched open the top part of her clothing and dropped them in between her breasts. Then she followed Sango.

Both Inuyasha and Miroku managed to dodge all the debris from the village the two giantesses had just leveled, and they weren't too far from the forest.
"The forest! They can't catch us there!" Miroku shouted. But once again, they were denied entry as Kagome made another huge leap into the sky. She landed on the ground hard, causing it to shake to the point of being unstable. Inuyasha and Miroku fell to the ground, too exhausted to get back up not just from all that running, but from the foot odor again from both girls. The two giantesses surrounded the guys.
"Well, I'd like to say it was nice knowing you two cute little boys, but I'd be lying." Kagome said. She lifted her socked foot up and slowly brought it down on the two.
"Hey, Miroku, look on the bright side... at least you'll die underneath a beautiful girl's foot." Inuyasha said
"My thoughts exactly." Miroku said. Just inches before the killing blow, Sango noticed something coming towards both her and Kagome.
"Kagome, watch out!" Sango shouted. Kagome looked where Sango was looking, and indeed... a bright piercing light was headed straight for her face. The giantess backed away just in the nick of time, as did Sango before she too could be struck. The light came too close to Kagome's eyes, however, and left her blind for a little bit.
"Ouch! What was that!?" Kagome asked. Inuyasha and Miroku looked to see where the light came from.

Walking towards them were both Kikyo and Naraku. Kikyo was holding onto her bow, obviously having fired one of her sacred arrows at the giantesses.
"Kagome... Kikyo is back." Sango said. Kikyo and Naraku ignored the giantesses and approached both Inuyasha and Miroku.
"Are you two okay?" Kikyo said as she offered a hand to Inuyasha. Inuyasha slowly took the hand and was helped up. Naraku did the same to Miroku.
"Come on, we must go. It is not safe out here!" Naraku said, but Miroku slapped the hand away and got up himself.
"Don't you dare touch me, Naraku! What is the meaning of all this!? Are you responsible!?" Miroku said.
"What?" Naraku asked.
"Never mind! You shall feel the wrath of the curse you set upon me!" Miroku shouted as he started to open up his Wind Tunnel. Inuyasha quickly ran to Miroku and held his arm, keeping him from opening it.
"Wait, Miroku! Believe it or not, Naraku is on our side. It's a long story." Inuyasha said.
"Yeah... but it's still Naraku." Miroku said. Naraku looked to see Kagome regaining her vision.
"Let's go! My teleportation spell will carry us out of here." Naraku said. Indeed, he summoned his spell, encasing himself and the others into a bubble that disappeared in a flash.
"Darn it! They got away!" Kagome shouted.
"We'll let them go for now. We should be focused with destroying our next village, and finding more jewel shards." Sango said.
"Yeah, you are right. Even if we get just a little bit bigger, they won't be able to stop us by then. And of course, Kikyo is powerless to stop us too." Kagome said.
"Come on, we should go." Sango said as she and Kagome both walked away, anxious to find their next village. Along the way, Kagome remembered that she kept Shippo and Kaede in between her breasts.

The teleportation ended with Inuyasha, Miroku, Naraku, and Kikyo all standing together outside of a small hut deep in the forest.
"Huh? Where the hell are we now?" Inuyasha asked.
"This is my home. I do apologize if it looks a bit out of shape. I've been rebuilding it for the last few months after Kagome stepped on it." Naraku said.
"Damn... Kagome..." Inuyasha said. He clearly could still not believe that Kagome could act like this, even in an alternate dimension.
"Listen, Naraku... I want to apologize for my behavior before we arrived here. It's just that I have a history with the Naraku in my world." Miroku said.
"Fair enough. I found it hard to believe myself that there were other dimensions. It was probably more shocking than realizing that ordinary women could grow to enormous sizes just by swallowing jewel shards." Miroku said.
"Well, we are all here now. Naraku, we must make preparations to get these two men home." Kikyo said.
"What!?" Inuyasha shouted.
"You can't stay here. My apprentices have grown far too big. It's only a matter of time before they succeed." Kikyo said.
"But what about you? What are you going to do?" Inuyasha asked. Kikyo looked away from Inuyasha.
"Nothing." Kikyo said.
"Nothing!? Damn it, Kikyo!!! The Kikyo I know would never give up! Look at me already!" Inuyasha shouted.
"Inuyasha is right. We can't just let those two have free reign over the land. They likely won't stop until the entire world bends to their will!" Miroku said.
"Listen to me, Kikyo. I heard the whole story from Kaede. I know you think what happened to Kagome and Sango is your fault, but there wasn't anything you could do!" Inuyasha said.
"So it seems Kaede still has some hope with me. That foolish sister of mine... nobody believes in me anymore." Kikyo said.
"Not from what she told me." Inuyasha said, as he walked away a bit from Kikyo.
"What do you mean?" Kikyo asked.

"Because I was there when her village got attacked. Men, women... children even! They all cried out your name." Inuyasha said.
"Yes, I could hear it myself even from inside Sango's boot. It seems that those people believe you are their savior." Miroku said.
"My home village? So Kaede is..." Kikyo said.
"No, they're still alive, but captured by Kagome. Along with Shippo..." Inuyasha said. Kikyo was now speechless, going up to twenty seconds before finally uttering some words.
"That village... Kagome and Sango swore they would protect that village with me. If they even destroyed that..." Kikyo said.
"I'm afraid what I imagined has come true, Kikyo." Naraku said as he patted Kikyo on the shoulder. Kikyo started to show tears in her eyes.
"No... they promised me they would protect that village, even if it meant their deaths." Kikyo said.
"Don't you see, Kikyo? This is why we have to stop those girls right here and now! And we're not leaving until that's been accomplished!!!" Inuyasha shouted. Naraku approached the half-demon.
"Inuyasha, you said your name was? I believe you are right. We've all been running away from our own problems for the past year or so... myself included. I never thought clearly until I saw your determination. You are right, and we might just need your help to do it." Naraku said as he held out his hand, offering to shake with Inuyasha. Inuyasha felt nervous over what he was about to do. The last thing he ever imagined doing in this, his second life after losing one almost 50 years ago, was shaking hands with Naraku. But that's what he just did.
"Thank you." Inuyasha said.
"But what can we do? Those girls are far too big... not even Kikyo's arrows could probably stop them." Miroku said.
"Not alone. Everyone, please come inside." Naraku said.

Everyone indeed walked inside Naraku's hut, which as he said earlier wasn't much to look at considering it was a work in progress. He walked to a corner and pulled out a large treasure chest.
"Kikyo, please forgive me. I know what I am about to show you is a definite break of promise." Naraku said.
"What is it, Naraku?" Kikyo asked. He opened up the treasure chest... and inside, taking up half of the chest, were sacred jewel shards.
"Good heavens... look at all those jewel shards!" Miroku said.
"Damn... that's enough to make a sacred jewel, almost." Inuyasha said.
"Naraku?" Kikyo asked.
"After Kagome destroyed my place six months ago, I just had to start collecting whatever shards I could still get my hands on. I was saving them for you, Kikyo." Naraku said.
"For me? Naraku...you collected these shards for me?" Kikyo said. Naraku just nodded.
"My body is weak. I have nowhere near the strength to use these shards myself, so you were the only one I felt who had a chance to stop the giant girls... even if you said you wanted no part in matching them strength for strength." Naraku said.
"That's ironic." Inuyasha said to himself after he heard Naraku mention how he couldn't use the shards himself, given that it's the total opposite in his world.
"Yes... I did make a pledge to never try and defeat them by matching them in height and power. It just wouldn't be the right way. I swore to that pledge, even if it meant the destruction of this whole world." Kikyo said.
"Well, it's quite obvious now that we haven't stopped them." Miroku said.
"Look, if you don't want to do it, Kikyo, let me take these shards. I'll kill these fakes myself!" Inuyasha said as he approached the chest.
"Let's not get too greedy. Take a handful and let's see how big they make you." Naraku said.
"Wait, stop!" Kikyo shouted. Inuyasha stopped short of stuffing his hands with jewel shards.
"What is it, Kikyo?" Naraku asked.
"I... I'll..." Kikyo said.

Miroku could figure it out easily with his 'expert knowledge' on a woman's intuition. On one hand, she wanted to uphold that promise she made to Naraku and to herself. But on the other hand, she continued to take responsibility for her actions, especially to Kagome and Sango, and she felt the only way she could fix this long-going mess was to fix it herself.

He could read it in her eyes. It was proving to be a tough call, but Kikyo finally made up her mind. She opened her mouth to speak...

Chapter 5 (written by Melroser)

As Kagome and Sango proceeded to move on to the next village, Shippo and Kaede were in quite a circumstance. Unforunately, both were quite compressed within the chest area of the school girl, which could be called a fantasy for men in any other circumstance besides where they are right now.

"How are we ever getting out of here?" asked a tiny Shippo.

"Ugh... They are defnitely tight, but thankfully, I got a solution to our problems" said a wise Kaede.

"Really!? What is it? How how how?" Shippo asked towards the woman with the plan.

"I know how to prepare myself in an emergency, and I have a rare stone that allows me to teleport to farther places, away from danger. But I can only use this once. You have to clinch into me or else you'll be left behind. Understand?" Kaede explained in detail.

"Sure, then let's just get out of here! Who knows what these two girls are up to." Shippo said as he began to hold Kaede's hand as she begins to chant an incantation that allows this particular stone to teleport her to safer grounds.

Unfortunately, a huge hand was about to enter the area where they're stuck with, and began to pick up Shippo.

"Kaede! Help me!" Shippo screamed to the chanting Kaede.

"Wait, let me..." Kaede almost completely said before she came disappearing in front of Shippo's eyes. The chant was already complete, but two fingers came picking up the little guy in the worst possible time.

Shippo was completely scared of what could happen to him in a few moments. Suddenly, the hand moves toward the devious eyes of a school girl and a demon hunter.

"Well well, it seems that the old lady has disappeared. But at least we have you!" Sango said cheerfully.

"It's not really a loss. I mean, we had so much fun with the two guys earlier, but now, we have someone much smaller than them! You're going to have so much fun, little guy!" Kagome screamed in utmost declaration

"Noo! Please, don't do this to me!" Shippo said crying, and too scared to even think about using his abilities to get away. At this point, it'll take more than his abilities to get away now.

"But you know, Kagome, the two had endured much of our feet separately. Let's give Shippo the honor of having two for the price of one!" Sango said, delighted with the proposal.

"Hmmm... that must be the greatest idea you've ever come up with!" Kagome screamed, seemingly excited with the new way to torture the smaller frame of a critter.

"Oh my... no! Stop this!" Shippo tried to beg as he was put down on the ground. Shippo suddenly noticed that both of them are barefooted, in a sitting position, and ready to pounce on their prey.

And in an instant, the terrified Shippo was engulfed and pressed between the foot of Sango and Kagome! If Inuyasha and Miroku had it bad, then Shippo had the worst of the bunch. The smell of both their feet have destroyed whatever will the little guy had on escaping. Muffled sounds could barely be heard at all as the enjoyment of torturing the smallest possible individual took place. The sweaty soles had their way toward Shippo, giving him no rest and space to breathe fresh air.

And after a little while, they both let go of Shippo, not being able to move from the unorthodox torture.

"I wanted to have more fun with him, but too bad he had to give up so easily" said Kagome.

"Wait, give me your sock. I know exactly where to put the little one" said Sango in confidence.

Shippo was then dropped within the toe area of Kagome's sock, and placed it on Sango's fighting boot. It is a good thing Shippo has been knocked out by the smell, for the expression would not be believeable if he knew where he is right now. All that can be asked for right now, if he was awake, is a way out of this seemingly inescapable footwear prison.

But for now, both Kagome and Sango continue to proceed to their next destination, thinking about what other tortures they have in mind for their new captive.

Chapter 6 (written by BiggerBetterBarbie)

The stompfest (and stinkfest if you include the people dying from getting their noses infected with the smell of the giantesses' feet) continued in the tiny village. The only things the villagers could hear were their own screaming voices, something getting crushed beneath the girls' feet, or the laughter from the evil goddesses themselves.
"I haven't had this much fun in years!" Kagome said.
"Me too, Kagome. I hope we stay this huge for many more years to come." Sango said. Just then, another bright flash of light came towards the girls, this time landing just short of their feet. The light dimmed out to reveal an arrow stuck to the ground. A very large arrow too.
"Wow... look at the size of that arrow!" Sango said.
"Wait a minute. I recognize that arrow. It's..." Kagome started to say until the sunlight was blocked off by a massive shadow.
"Kagome! Look!" Sango shouted as she pointed up in the sky. There was the source of the shadow as Kikyo came flying in from the sky. Of course, something looked different about her, and the giantesses were the first to notice, especially as Kikyo landed on the ground.

Kikyo was now their size.

Kikyo landed insanely hard on the ground after her extreme leap into the sky. Pretty much the entire village was leveled, but it couldn't be helped. Kikyo's only objective was to stop Kagome and Sango once and for all. She stood to her full height and looked at Kagome right in the eyes.
"Mistress Kikyo! I guess it's nice to see you again... I'm glad you finally came to our side!" Kagome said.
"I am not here to ally myself with anyone. I am only here to stop you." Kikyo said.
"It's always the same with you, Mistress Kikyo. You never could let us have any fun." Sango said.
"Yeah, Sango is right! Why couldn't you let us enjoy this?" Kagome said.
"I warned you two of the side effects of digesting those crystals. Now they have transformed you into the monsters you have become. I can never forgive you for that." Kikyo said.
"Oh, what are you going to do? Push us around until we crush this entire village, because that's what will happen between the three of us." Kagome said with a smug smile.
"It doesn't matter. Killing the two of you will be satisfying enough for me." Kikyo said, shocking both of the girls. Right away, this meant war. In fact, as Kikyo was raising her bow and arrow up, Sango charged towards Kikyo with her Hiraikotsu.
"Never!" Sango shouted as she shoved Kikyo backwards, knocking her off balace and causing her to crash over a bed of trees. But Kikyo quickly leapt back to her feet and drew her bow and arrow. She fired off an arrow but Kagome sidestepped out of the way, letting the arrow fly towards the mountain not too far from the village all three giantesses were trampling over.

Meanwhile, down on ground level, Miroku and Naraku were standing several yards away from the fight scene. There was definitely no way they were gonna cut it close with the ground getting torn piece by piece by the three giantesses.
"This is terrible... even for me." Miroku said. Indeed, normally he would be happy to see something like this happening before his eyes, but the destruction was taking all of that away. Soon, a bright light formed in front of the two. It was Kaede, who had used her teleportation spell to get out of the fleshy prison of between Kagome's breasts.
"Lady Kaede? But how did you escape?" Miroku asked.
"It's nothing this old lady can't tackle." Kaede said. She then looked up at the three giantesses as they battled it out, Kikyo in particular.
"Huh? Kikyo? But that's impossible!" Kaede shouted.
"No. It's the only way we can stop those monsters." Naraku said.
"Kaede, where is Shippo? Wasn't he with you?" Miroku asked.
"Oh heavens... he must not have made it out with me. He's probably still trapped with the girls!" Kaede said. Just as she said that, the trio could pick up some muffling from where Sango was standing. They focused their attention on the sock that she was wearing.
"That's Shippo!" Kaede shouted.
"Come on, we have to rescue him!" Miroku said.
"Wait! It could be very dangerous!" Naraku shouted.
"So could seeing that big a Sango for one more second." Miroku said as he continued to run towards her. Kaede and Naraku had no choice but to follow him.

The battle raged on for a good few minutes as blood and sweat dripped down each of the three giantesses. Finally, Sango landed a strike on Kikyo's shoulder with her Hiraikotsu, opening up a large gash and causing her to scream out in pain.
"You are weak and pathetic, Kikyo, just as you were regular size!" Sango said. Kagome approached Kikyo and picked her up by her clothes and held on tight.
"Sango is right, so I think we should just get rid of you nice and slowly." Kagome said.
"Just like the students I raised you to be. You're never prepared for what's next." Kikyo said with a bit of a smile.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Kagome asked.
"Now, Inuyasha!" Kikyo shouted. Indeed, Inuyasha came flying out from Kikyo's clothing (specifically her chest area) with the Tetsuiaga in hand.
"Wind Scar!!!" Inuyasha shouted. He fell to the ground, slashing Kagome in the chest the way down. Kagome fell back in pain, holding her bleeding chest.
"OUCH!" Kagome shouted. And to deliver the last blow, Kikyo walked up to Kagome and punched her right in the face! Quite impressive for a giantess holding her shoulder in pain. Kagome crashed down hard to the ground, shaking it up real good as she fell down over the ruined village.
"No! Kagome!" Sango shouted. Inuyasha landed on the ground right near Sango's feet, but Kikyo looked down at Inuyasha.
"Excellent work, Inuyasha." Kikyo said.
"Heh, I guess we make a pretty damn good team." Inuyasha said as he looked all the way up at the supersized Kikyo. But it wasn't over yet, not by a long shot. Sango was really hopping mad now as she glared down at the tiny Inuyasha.
"Damn pest! We should've crushed you at the first chance we got! Luckily I will fix that right here and now." Sango said as she raised her huge socked foot over Inuyasha.

When Miroku and company finally got close to the giant Sango, they watched as she was about to crush the living daylights out of Inuyasha. Miroku knew exactly what to do.
"I don't think so! Wind Tunnel!!!" Miroku shouted as he opened up his hand once more. Sango, before she could put her foot down, suddenly began to lose balance. It was becoming a struggle just to stay on her two feet. Finally, the wind got to the point where she was falling down towards Miroku, but he and the others got out of the way.
"Noooooo!!!" Sango shouted as she too landed on the ground with a hard thud.
"Whew... well, you know what they say. The bigger they are, the harder they fall." Miroku said.
"Inuyasha, Shippo is inside that sock that Sango is wearing!" Kaede shouted.
"On it!" Inuyasha shouted as he sliced and diced his way through the sock, allowing Shippo to come flying out. Shippo was gasping for air as he clutched onto Inuyasha with tears in his eyes.
"Please! No more! I can't take any more womanly scent!" Shippo said.
"For once I have to agree with you." Inuyasha said as for once he decided not to bonk Shippo on the head. Not this Shippo, anyway. Sango worked her way towards getting back up, but Naraku made a big leap up towards the giantess's neck.
"This is the end." Naraku said as he pulled out a sword and hurled it with lightning speed at Sango's neck. It pierced through her skin like sliced bread, and after one final breath and a tear in her eye...
"F---Forgive me..." Sango went quiet. Miroku bowed his head down towards the ground.
"It had to be. At least I take comfort knowing this is not the real Sango." Miroku said.

As for Kagome, Inuyasha watched as Kikyo would deliver the final blow. Kagome was slowly crawling back to her feet, using a nearby mountain to help herself up. When she faced Kikyo again, she was looking straight at the bow and arrow she had just drawn.
"M...Mistress Kikyo?" Kagome asked.
"The time has come." Kikyo said.
"Mistress Kikyo! Please find it in your heart to spare my life! It was Sango who talked me into growing to this size. I never wanted to betray you..." Kagome said.
"The pain and suffering you have caused this entire land cannot be overcome by years of forgiveness. Your heart and soul have been tainted with evil thoughts." Kikyo said.
"Mistress Kikyo! Please!" Kagome said, but Kikyo had heard enough. One more word out of Kagome was like the piercing howl of a wolf at close range. She drew her arrow back.
"DIE, KAGOME!!!" Kikyo shouted as she fired the arrow at full speed. Kagome had no way of dodging this arrow. She was pierced right in the chest... and stuck right to the mountain in fact. Kagome screamed out in pain before muttering her final word...
"Kikyo..." Kagome said. Amazingly enough, she let out a smile, right before she died in front of everyone's eyes, Kikyo in particular.

Inuyasha felt like someone just froze him solid as he watched the whole scene unfold.
"Just like 50 years ago..." Inuyasha said. Everything resembled that day, from Kikyo's cry of anger to Kagome's fate being literally sealed. It was a painful memory for sure, but he had to shake it off. He rejoined Miroku and the others as Shippo ran up to Kaede.
"Lady Kaede!" Shippo shouted.
"Oh, Shippo, my grandson! I'm so glad you are okay!" Kaede said.
"Yeah... even though I smell like stinky feet. Promise you'll clean me up when we get home?" Shippo said.
"Of course, my boy. Wherever home is since our beautiful village was destroyed..." Kaede said.
"You may stay at my place until the village can be rebuilt. Kikyo and I probably won't mind the company." Naraku said.
"Oh thank you, Naraku. You are an angel from the heavens." Kaede said.
"If only this were true back in our home world." Miroku said.
"Yeah. That's about as likely as Sesshomaru burying the hatchet." Inuyasha said. Kikyo then approached the group, getting down on her knees so she could see everyone better.
"(sigh) It's over. The year long threat has finally been thwarted. I just wish it were under better circumstances." Kikyo said.
"You had no choice, Kikyo. Those girls of yours had the power, and we had no way of matching it. I had to use all my strength and then some just to kill that Sango girl with my sword." Naraku said.
"You're right. I will admit now that we probably would've had to eventually settle with this kind of power to stop them. I have Inuyasha to thank, of course." Kikyo said. She moved her head down to Inuyasha and planted her lips around his whole body!
"Yeah, I guess..." Inuyasha said with a bit of a blush. He better make sure Kagome doesn't find out about that kiss, Miroku thought to himself. He then looked up at Kikyo.

"Well, I'm glad we could settle things once and for all, but there is still the matter of getting us back home." Miroku said.
"Perhaps Kikyo's powers have been heightened as a result of the size increase." Naraku said.
"You're right. I should give it a try." Kikyo said. She started shouting out some kind of incantation, and a few seconds later, a portal appeared in front of our two heroes.
"If I've done it right, this gateway will take you back to the dimension you came from." Kikyo said.
"Well, might as well be on our way." Miroku said.
"Wait... Kikyo, what will you do now?" Inuyasha asked. There was silence for a few seconds, but Kikyo finally gave an answer.
"I think I will remain at this size. I think the whole world could use a giantess like me as a calming figure, and surely there will be other evil threats out there." Kikyo said.
"Whatever you do, I will support you, Kikyo." Naraku said.
"Good luck, Inuyasha and Miroku! I hope to be as big and strong as you two someday!" Shippo shouted as they both jumped through the portal and headed for home, leaving the dimension they stumbled into in the capable hands (literally you could say) of the giant Kikyo. ^_____^

Sango and Kagome both regrouped back in the plains, along with Shippo and Kirara, having produced no results in their search.
"Did you find them?" Kagome asked.
"Nope, no sign of Inuyasha or Miroku anywhere." Sango said.
"Oh man... I'm getting real worried now. What if we never find them? How will we stop the demons then!?" Shippo asked.
"Calm down, Shippo. Inuyasha and Miroku are both strong. Wherever they wound up, I'm sure they can handle it." Sango said.
"Wait... what's that light?" Kagome asked, pointing over at the bright light that soon grew into a portal.
"It looks like a dimensional portal... the same one Kikyo made for us." Sango said. Just as quickly as it formed, out came Inuyasha and Miroku.

"Inuyasha! Miroku!" Kagome shouted as she and Sango ran towards the two.
"Kagome!!!" Inuyasha shouted. He opened his arms up as Kagome dived into them.
"Thank goodness you're alright! I thought I'd never see you again!" Kagome said.
"Me too, Kagome. Me too..." Inuyasha said. Miroku was only looking into Sango's eyes, not realizing where his hands were heading...
"Miroku, I... I was really worried." Sango said.
"Me too, Sango. Me too. Please try to relax, because it's all over now." Miroku said. He gave Sango a hug, and there went the hands straight for Sango's behind. Sango quickly realized it.
"YOU LECHEROUS MONK!!!" Sango shouted as she slapped Miroku right in the face. Miroku smiled upon receiving the slap.
"Ahhhh... it's good to be home." Miroku said. Inuyasha and Kagome couldn't help but laugh a bit. The two then looked at each other again.

"Have you been here all this time?" Inuyasha asked.
"No, I was in some other dimension. You wouldn't believe me if I told you." Kagome said.
"Why don't you try me? I bet mine was the strangest of all." Inuyasha said.
"Really? Well, okay. Sango and I had to fight you and Miroku, except you were both hundreds of feet tall! And then Kikyo finally came to our rescue, and she was just as big as they were." Kagome said. Inuyasha didn't want to believe it at first.
"What? You think it's stupid, don't you!?" Kagome shouted.
"No, no... it's actually kind of strange." Inuyasha said.
"He's right, because we had to deal with something like that too." Miroku said.
"Oh really? Might I ask who the giants were in this world?" Sango asked.
"Well..." Miroku said.
"Look, this is all fine and dandy, but I'm starving! We should go get something to eat!" Shippo shouted.
"Um, yes, I agree! We should be on our way now." Miroku said as he started to walk off, with Sango, Shippo, and Kirara behind him. Inuyasha and Kagome started walking too.
"It was me and Sango, wasn't it?" Kagome asked.
"Yeah... and there was a giant Kikyo too." Inuyasha said, "Kagome, I..."
"It's okay, Inuyasha. Stranger things have happened, haven't they? I mean... Naraku was even the good guy in this world of mine." Kagome asked.
"Right, forget it. Let's just go. We'll soon need to get back to our hunt for Naraku." Inuyasha said as he and Kagome soon joined up with the others.