The Epic of Sango

(Lelouchthesilentone and awesomex18)

WARNING: This story is rated MA-V for graphically violent crushing scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1

In the middle of a large forest normally abundant with the sounds of life, all that could be heard was the eerie sound of the wind, creating a strange whooshing noise that swirled throughout the grassland. It was not that the forest was empty, but quite the contrary; it was the fact that all of the life forms in the surrounding area could sense a great evil in the lands. At the very heart of the forest burned a small campfire, surrounded by a group of young people: a half-demon, a lecherous monk, a demon slayer and her pet, as well as an oddly-dressed priestess. They, too, shared the somber atmosphere of the area around them. The demon slayer stared at her comrades in their silence; no one needed to say what they were all thinking.         

The group had been together for a long time. At first, it was only the half-demon known as Inuyasha and the girl from another time, Kagome, but soon the two were joined by the perverted monk Miroku and the demon slayer Sango, with Kirara, her kitsune companion. The four friends journeyed together to gather the shards of the Shikon Jewel, a mystical gem said to grant immense power to those who possessed it, along with a single wish. Another force, a great demon known as Naraku, sought the Jewel as well and collected its fragments. Inuyasha and his friends journeyed to get them all first; they never imagined the possibility of Naraku successfully gaining the Jewel in its entirety. But that was the reality of the situation. 

This was why the whole world seemed ill at ease: a truly monstrous demon had his hands on one of the greatest powers in existence. 

Sango raised her lowered head to look along her friends’ faces; they all wore the same troubled, unsure expression of where to go now. It was likely they would try to fight Naraku, but if their expressions were of any indication of their inner thoughts, they did not believe they would win.

“Huh?” The demon slayer looked to her demon cat Kirara, who now stood up at alert. “What is it, Kirara?”

Inuyasha looked tense too, his nose twitched. “I’d know that scent anywhere...”

Kagome’s eyes looked nervous, “I’ve never felt such an evil presence before.”

Everyone in the group braced themselves. Inuyasha drew his massive blade, Tessaiga, from the sheath at his side, Miroku pulled out a fighting staff, Kirara transformed into a lion-sized beast, and Sango braced her giant boomerang, Hiraikotsu, though she cursed herself for not wearing her demon-slayer uniform beneath her clothing, instead wearing only her usual kimono attire. Kagome, the weakest of them all, backed up nervously as her friends each took the forefront, removing the bow she carried with her from her backside and readying a purified arrow just in case the worst would happen.

“Such a warm welcome,” a mocking voice echoed from the dark shadows of the forest. Slowly, a human-like figure stepped into the light of the small fire, the demon Naraku. At a glance, he looked completely human, though he was anything but. His mortal form was clad in a violet coat that fell to his ankles, his torso was covered in a spiky armor apparently made of bones from the countless monsters that constructed his body, and protruding from his back were several long, azure tentacles that danced in the dark. His long black hair flowed almost elegantly as he stepped confidently towards his enemies. “Well, well, if it isn’t Inuyasha and his band of fools. Just the people I came to kill.”

“The jewel is in his left hand!” Kagome shouted to all her companions, her innate holy abilities allowing her to view where the Jewel was at all times. They all nodded, realizing their target, but what Kagome forgot to tell them was how tainted with evil the once pure crystal now looked to her saintly eyes.

Naraku seemed unconcerned, “Do you really think you can defeat me now that the Jewel is whole? With the power of the Shikon Jewel in my possession, no one on this planet can stop me!”

“That’s what you think!” Inuyasha barked as he readied his sword.

“Inuyasha, hold!” Miroku shouted. “Let me finish him...” Moving in front of the others, the young monk removed the sacred rosary covering his right hand. “Naraku, you shall pay for all that you have done! Wind Tunnel!” As the monk opened his palm towards the demon in front of him, a black hole appeared on the center of his hand, drawing all objects in the vicinity into the bottomless hole he had created.

“Miroku, don’t!” Sango pleaded. “If you use it for too long, it’ll consume you!”

“You never learn, do you, monk?” Naraku laughed, sending a swarm of Saimyousho, a demonic poisonous bug, towards Miroku with the intention of causing him to absorb a lethal dose of poison.

“Oh no you don’t! Go, Hiraikotsu!” With a powerful throw of her massive boomerang, Sango sent the object flying at the swarm of insects, killing most of them in the process.

“Did you think I didn’t come prepared for you as well, demon huntress?” the evil creature smirked as two of his tentacles reached out to grab the heavy weapon, gently pulling it towards his body. “My, such a beautiful weapon...It’s such a shame I’ll have to destroy it...” Diving his right hand into the outer layer of the boomerang, Naraku began to infuse the mighty object with poison, causing the fibers of the boomerang to dissolve into nothingness before Sango’s very eyes.

“N-No! My Hiraikotsu!”

“Sango! Don’t wor-Gah!” Miroku was interrupted as several large insects flew into the funnel in his hand, their poison quickly entering his bloodstream. “I can’t...keep it open...Damn you...Naraku...” With no choice left, the monk dropped onto his left knee and covered his hand with the rosary once more, causing the Wind Tunnel to be sealed for what appeared to be the final time.

“Nice job, Miroku, but I’ll take it from here,” Inuyasha nodded as he leapt high into the air, raising his sword above his head. “Take this, Wind Scar!” he shouted as a massive wave of energy was released by his blade.

“You’re going to have to do better than that,” the demon scoffed as he countered the attack by sending a horde of lesser demons from his right hand to intercept the attack. “Honestly, I thought you were above this Inuya-” Suddenly, a holy arrow struck Naraku in his left hand, causing the limb to fall to the ground and the Shikon Jewel to roll across the forest floor. “Curse you, Inuyasha! You were merely the decoy!”

“Sango! Quick!” Kagome shouted to the demon huntress. “Grab the Jewel while we hold him off!”

“Right!” Moving as quickly as possible in her kimono, Sango hurried towards the small gem and scooped it up in her hand. “Got it!”

“Oh girl, I believe you have something that belongs to me...” Naraku growled as he spewed another horde of demons towards the young girl.

“I don’t think so!” Inuyasha interjected. “Wind Scar!” With another wave of energy, the half-demon killed the lesser beings, leaving Sango unharmed. “Well, ya just gonna stand there or are ya gonna get outta here?!”

“What? Why?” Sango asked. “I can still fight, and I should really look after Miroku.”

“Fight? Heh, yeah right!” the dog demon harshly replied. “Without your Hiraikotsu, you can’t do anything, so just leave this up to us!”

“But Miroku...”

“Sango, I’ fine...” the monk smiled at her, though obviously in dire pain. “Please...just get out of here with the Jewel...You have to...for all of us...”

After a moment of hesitation, the demon huntress nodded in agreement, “Alright, I’ll keep it safe as best I can. Kirara, you stay here and help the others!”  The nekomata growled in reply as it jumped next to Inuyasha on the battlefield.

“And just where do you think you’re going?” Naraku asked as he prepared to unleash another wave of demons, only to be shot by another purified arrow before releasing them.

“Sango, just get as far away as you can!” Kagome instructed. “We’ll hold him off for as long as possible, so just get outta here!”

“Right! I won’t let you down!” Sango nodded as she turned and ran as fast as her legs could take her.

“Get back here!” Naraku’s voice screamed at her, now completely enraged. Though behind her were the sounds of Inuyasha and Kirara trying to hold off the demon, Sango fought her desire to look back and instead continued to press onwards.

In the middle of night, the woods seemed pitch black; even with her trained eyes, Sango had difficulty telling one dark tree from another. She gripped the spherical gem in her palm tightly, ignoring the slight burn its corrupted form was giving her skin. Sango was frustrated; in her hands was a gem capable of giving her the powers to destroy Naraku once and for all, but without her weapon, she could never hope to match his strength, even with the Jewel’s powers - She did not like this feeling of weakness. Fresh in her mind was the image of Miroku lying on the ground, gasping for air. There was no doubt that Inuyasha and the others were getting hurt as well.

All I can do is take the Jewel and get it as far away from here as possible.

A loud crack made Sango look over her shoulder. Her eyes widened immediately: a demonic tentacle just shattered a tree as if it were a twig. Behind it stood Naraku, clearly livid and approaching her very quickly.

What?! How did he- What about Inuyasha and the others?! Sango did not need to ask, as even as dark as it was, there was no mistaking the gleam on Naraku’s hands: blood. I can’t let him get this jewel no matter what! Sango looked down to the Jewel in her palm, her mind racing. For whatever reason, almost instinctually, one idea came to mind. Without pausing to think, Sango plopped the gem into her mouth and rolled forward, dodging a tentacle that now occupied where she just was. However, the demon slayer’s path was blocked by a second tentacle that stopped her mid-roll. She recoiled back, now lying on the ground as Naraku slowly loomed over her.

“Now...might I have my Jewel back, Sango?” he smirked. In response, Sango swallowed, consuming the Jewel. Naraku seemed unimpressed, “A cute idea, but it just means I’ll have to rend the gem from your body while you suffer an agonizing death.” The demon’s left hand clenched itself to perform the deed, but Sango wasted no time in returning to her feet. Before she could try to run, Naraku’s hand was already at her throat, holding the young girl in the air with ease. “Any last words, Sango?” he mocked.

Naraku’s mercy never reached Sango’s ears; all she could hear was the sound of her own heart.


The world was muted, even the great demon standing before her was silent.


Was this the feeling of death? No...Sango knew that feeling. This was something else.


Her body felt hot. Everything began to blur around her. It was as if she was going to faint.


But she wasn’t.

“What the...?!” Naraku jumped back, unable to comprehend was he was seeing: the mortal woman before him was emitting a demonic aura! The air around Sango was contorting, breaking down, her form radiating raw power. “But how?!” he asked, though he already knew the answer: the Shikon Jewel. Naraku prepared himself to kill the girl before anything could happen, but what came next even he never would have predicted: Sango was growing larger.

The power of the Sacred Jewel affects everyone differently, Naraku reminded himself as he analyzed his opponent, the demon slayer now standing at six feet tall, her entire ensemble also under the Jewel’s magical aura and enlarging along with her body. Usually, demons simply transform somewhat in their outer appearance when they are in possession of the Jewel, yet I have never seen this in a human before. Perhaps...

“NA-RA-KU!” Sango howled as a now visible, violet aura of pure demonic energy surrounded her body, causing her to sprout up another foot in height.

There’s no mistaking it, the girl’s feeding off of the corruption I have instilled within the Jewel. How she’s managing to manifest its powers like this is beyond my understanding, as not even she should be able to use even a fraction of the gem’s powers by her own will. No matter, as long as I finish her quickly before she taps into more of its power, she’ll fall victim to my hand...just like her beloved pet...

“I’m done playing games with you, child,” Naraku said menacingly as he began to form both of his arms into long, piercing diamond-covered blades. “It’s time for me to finally fuse with the Sacred Jewel that you so rightfully delayed!” With a quick movement of his arms, Naraku’s appendages extended at a high velocity, stretching themselves until they pierced Sango’s heart and lungs and exited through the other side of her body. Having believed he had delivered the finishing blow, the demon retracted his limbs, waiting for the woman to collapse immediately.

“No...I can’t...” Sango told herself as she held onto her life, “...I won’t...You will die now, Naraku!” With her exclamation, the aura around her body grew even darker as her body began to completely regenerate; first her heart was restored to normal, then the remainder of her internal organs became completely healed, closing the gaps in her body, and lastly, her kimono was magically stitched back to its former glory. Sango’s temper began to flare as rage began to consume her every thought, her bountiful form now standing at an intimidating 11 feet tall and quickly climbing.

“This...can’t be!” Naraku exclaimed as he took a step backwards, actually impressed by the power Sango displayed. The Jewel must be drawing on her will to escape from me with the Jewel, yet her own personal desires to kill me must be fueling the form she’s taking on now. With that display of regeneration just now, the only way to stop her now is to find the Jewel inside of her and take it as quickly as possible. In theory, it should be in the lower part of her esophagus where I just struck, but it wasn’t there. Perhaps the Jewel has moved itself somewhere else in her body by the demands of her will?

“With this power...I shall kill you once and for all!” Sango’s aura exploded outwards once again as the now 13 ft amazon charged towards the most hated creature on Earth, ready to exact her revenge.

“Tch.” The demon kept his cool and made a leap backwards, but right after him was Sango, moving at the same supernatural speed he was. Naraku, however, had predicted this; his hand was already pulled back in order to thrust itself to repel his foe. With her newly found speed, Sango was moving much too fast to stop; her demon slayer instincts took over as her hand moved to intercept Naraku’s. The two palms met with equal force, pushing them both backwards.

Naraku clicked his tongue, he could feel the bones in his hand aching from that single clash. Across from him, Sango’s wound was far more grievous, her entire hand shredded and covered in blood. However, just like before, the wounds began to close on their own, but not as rapidly as before.

Oh no you don’t! Naraku charged at the now 16 foot-high girl, tentacles all poised to converge on a single point of attack. No matter how impressive her regenerative abilities were, Sango could not fix something that was not there, so the answer was simple: completely wipe out her heart. In her rage, the woman did not expect the assault, though she still reacted quickly enough to brace herself, her good hand prepared to catch Naraku’s attack head on.

“Foolish girl. This is far stronger than one of my hands. You’ll nev-”

She caught it head on, with little issue.


Sango’s teeth gritted, “NARAKU!” Then, her aura exploded with power, adding a couple more feet onto her frame in the process. The demon slayer then proceeded to clench the fingers in her remaining hand tightly, crushing each of Naraku’s tentacles with ease.

“How can this be?!” Dismay was evident on the monster’s face. For the first time during this battle, he looked up the towering woman in fear. In just a few seconds, her power increased to the point where even his greater attacks were having no effect. Just in the time it took Naraku to back up, he was certain Sango was already stronger than his ultimate attack.

“I’m going to kill you, Naraku!” Sango’s booming rage seemed to simmer into a much more concentrated, cool type of anger. Her eyes looked at the demon before her as if he was just scum that needed to die; at 25 feet high, Naraku now resembled more of a bug than an actual threat. “Heh.” A smirk formed on the demon slayer’s face. In a flash, she vanished. As Naraku tried to keep up, he saw the ground around him darken: Overhead was Sango’s foot.

“Die!” Sango shouted as she stomped as hard as she could. Though the demon was just fast enough to avoid defeat, his left arm, however, was not so fortunate; it lagged just far enough behind to clip the edge of Sango’s sandal, which was just enough to make it useless. Naraku did not let out a gasp of pain; rather, he continued to eye his enemy angrily, as she did much the same.

The distorted air around Sango continued to grow thicker and more ominous, and with it, her power grew as well, clearly indicated by her size. Before she charged, Sango neared 30 feet in height, though already she was rapidly approaching the 40 foot mark.

For the first time in 50 years, Naraku experienced the feeling of death; he could sense it. There was no escaping this threat, no outcome where he stood a chance of survival. Even so, the demon was not planning on letting things end like this. Even if it killed him, he was going to at least make sure he took this giantess with him.

“Lucky shot,” Naraku smirked as he grasped the hole in his shoulder where his arm used to be with his remaining arm, a small horde of demons quickly restoring the limb to its former strength. “It’ll take more than that to kill me, but I’m impressed a giant woman could move with such speed. You’re appearing to act more and more like a demon by the minute. However, I believe we’re both getting tired of this battle. There can only be one of us that shall possess the Shikon Jewel, and regardless of the outcome, one thing is for certain...” The demon extended his right arm, releasing a swarm of Saimyosho, while preparing to launch a beam attack with his left. “You. Will. DIE!”

The kimono-clad giantess merely stood in place, watching as the world slowly shrank before her eyes, now nearly 45 ft tall. Though her mind was flooded with the thoughts of killing the demon who had taken everything from her - her family, her brother, and her friends - the huntress knew that with the power she now possessed, she could give the great demon the ultimate death, proving to him that he would be nothing before her now. “Go ahead and try,” Sango taunted, “but you shall be the one to fall here today! I shall make you pay for all that you’ve done!”

Naraku sent the group of insects at his opponent, using them as a mere distraction while he increased the power of his elbow laser assault. However, as the Saimyosho came within range of Sango’s aura, the swarm quickly disintegrated upon contact with her demonic energy and were reduced back to energy themselves. What occurred next surprised even Naraku: the energy composing the Saimyosho was being absorbed into Sango’s body instead of returning to its original owner, causing the demon slayer to let out a moan of ecstasy as she suddenly gained several more feet of height, her evil aura exploding outwards once more and becoming even grander.

“You are nothing, Naraku!” the 52 ft Sango declared, her body still climbing higher into the air.

Naraku merely growled in response, knowing that he did not have much time left. A few moments later, he had gathered the energy he needed in his arm and prepared to fire his devastating beam attack. However, just as he was about to release this energy, Sango disappeared in the blink of an eye, not even Naraku realizing where she had disappeared to. “I-Impossible! Where did she...?” Before he had the chance to look upwards, a wall of brown appeared above the great demon; Sango was preparing to stomp the great demon once again.


Naraku heard the girl’s voice and quickly found himself covered by a massive shadow. Damnit! How did she...? With a grunt, Naraku quickly attempted to aim his arm upwards, hoping to blast through Sango’s straw sandals and destroy her with one last blow. However, the demon’s reaction was too slow; in an instant, his entire body was under the sole of the demon slayer’s sandal, the full weight of a 55 ft woman now heavily pressing down upon him.

Sango laughed wickedly as she felt the once mighty demon succumb to her foot, all of her previous injuries now completely healed as well. As the air around her continued to contort itself and her malicious aura grew stronger still, she relished the thought of finishing off Naraku, knowing he was still alive. “It’s over...” she smiled down at her right foot, twisting it into the ground to crunch the demon’s bones subjected to her ever-increasing weight. “It’s almost like I’m crushing a bug!” Sango added with a quick chuckle.

Never before had the demon felt such pain. The pressure created between the massive girl’s foot and the ground was excruciating for Naraku to bear; his regenerative powers were not able to keep up with the ever-increasing amount of suffering his body was being subjected to. Once Sango had twisted her foot, Naraku yelled out in pain, all of his limbs becoming broken simultaneously. Despite his situation, the demon still held out hope that he could take out this human with him before he perished, but even he did not know how he would come up with such a plan of action. At this point, such an act was impossible, but perhaps there was something he could still do. This body was done, there was no denying that, but perhaps a new body could finish the job this one could not. Yes...that’s it... the demon realized. It was but a simple task for Naraku to manifest an insect amidst his pool of blood, a small roach that could steer clear of the nearby danger as the demon slayer crushed him. With each passing second, Naraku’s body was becoming more crushed and broken apart, so there was no time to delay. The bug promptly escaped from an open slit where a finger once was. The insect crawled away, carrying with it the pure embodiment of all of Naraku’s evil demonic energy for yet another reincarnation. It was his last effort to assure that this woman would suffer for the disgrace she caused him.

In his final moments alive, Naraku watched from beneath Sango’s sandal to his little piece of hope. It crawled between the treads of the woman’s footwear out into the open air, where it immediately was incinerated by the powerful, inhuman aura the giantess radiated around her body. Strangely though, the sight made Naraku chuckle: That bug was everything he was in a small carrier, pure evil; for it to be annihilated in the mere presence of Sango would mean she was something beyond evil at the present moment. Even if the great demon Naraku died here today, the world had given birth to a true terror in his wake. Strangely, there was some solace in that; Naraku had failed in his efforts, but he left behind something even greater. The demon who was once a human had now turned a human into something more as well. It was a fun thought while it lasted. A few moments later, the ever-increasing weight of the colossal woman became too much for his body to bear, causing the being known as Naraku to become paste beneath the sandal of the true form of evil incarnate.

Sango finally felt the satisfying sound of the creature beneath her foot squishing, creating a squelching noise as his innards now slowly oozed from beneath her shoe. “It’s...over...” she muttered between heavy breaths, lifting her foot off of Naraku’s corpse to make sure that the foul beast was finished once and for all. The monster who caused so much suffering, who ruined her life, her friend’s lives, the lives of thousands, was now dead, and she was the one who did it. Sango felt the immense rage she had towards the demon fade away, leaving behind only a crippling exhaustion, already the events of the last few minutes were all but gone from memory. As she began to lose consciousness, only one clear fact stayed in her mind:

“I did it...” Those words were all Sango could say as her body collapsed to the ground.


Chapter 2

“Woah! What the hell happened here?!”

“Is that...Is that Naraku?”

“More importantly, what happened to Sango?! She’s huge!”

“Did she do this?”


“Oh wait! She’s waking up!”

“Mmhm...Guys? What are you doing here?” Sango asked as she fluttered her eyes open. The young girl slowly moved her head, feeling the cervical bones of her spinal column snap slightly before she gently lifted her body into a sitting position. “Hey, where are you?” she asked as she looked about her, not finding her friends in her field of vision.

“Sango! Down here!” Kagome called out to her.

“Huh?” The demon slayer turned her head in the direction of her friend’s voice, only for her eyes to widen at the sight near her backside. “W-What...What happened to you guys?!” she exclaimed, quickly rubbing her eyes to make sure what she was seeing was, in fact, real. “You’re all so...small! How did this happen? Did Naraku do this to you?”

“No, we’re not small, Sango. You’re huge!” Kagome replied.

“Yeah, you’re like the size of a huge tree!” Inuyasha added. “So the better question is what the hell happened to you?”

“I...I don’t know...” Sango answered softly as she gave her body a cursory glance. While she appeared to be perfectly fine, she was somewhat surprised that her clothes had enlarged along with her as well. During the night, Sango had grown even larger; while she was only 65 ft tall when she had defeated Naraku, the demon slayer had increased to exactly 100 feet in length. “I don’t remember anything about this...”

“Yeah? Well then, mind explaining what the hell happened there?” the half-demon asked as he pointed with the Tessaiga towards the splattered remains of Naraku. “Is that Naraku?”

The giantess turned toward the pile of flesh nearby, completely flattened as if a great weight had been placed upon it before it expired. “I...I don’t know either...”

“Well, what can you tell us then? Do you even remember anything?”

“Inuyasha...” Kagome glared at the dog demon. “SIT BOY!”

Instantly, Inuyasha felt the force of gravity around him multiply exponentially, forcing him to painfully crash into the ground below.

“Hey! What the hell was that for?!”

“You’re being rude to Sango,” Kagome answered as she turned back towards her enlarged ally. “It’s alright now, Sango. There’s no need to worry. So, what can you remember about last night?”

“Well, after I had grabbed the Jewel and ran like you asked, I-” Sango suddenly paused mid-sentence as she felt a small rubbing sensation coming from her butt, her eyes widening immediately in surprise.

“My goodness, Sango, you’re even more beautiful now that you’ve grown,” Miroku smiled as he gently grabbed the larger woman’s rear, gently caressing and squeezing  it as per usual.  “I must say, I’m so glad you’re alright.”

“He...didn’t...” Kagome muttered as both she and Inuyasha stared awkwardly at the lecherous monk. He really had to do that now of all times?

Quickly realizing what the sensation was, Sango was filled with a familiar rage. “Mi-ro-ku!” she shouted as she moved her left hand backwards, grabbed the monk, and swiftly brought him in front of her before smacking him with the back of her right hand, sending Miroku flying into a nearby tree.

“W-Wow, that sure was some smack...” Kagome nervously commented.

“The guy had it comin’,” Inuyasha chided as he dusted himself off after returning to a standing position once again. “Hey monk, get yourself outta that tree quick so we can find out what happened here!”

Without wasting any time, Miroku did as instructed and quickly returned to his feet, brushing off the dirt that now stained his clothes before returning to the others. “Man, Sango, that really packed a punch!”

“Anyways, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted,” Sango continued, pausing for a moment to glare at the lecher in the group, “as I ran with the Jewel, I encountered Naraku. He said he had defeated you guys and that he was going to kill me for the Jewel. I remember swallowing the Jewel to make sure he couldn’t have it, and...I don’t remember anything after that. I don’t know what happened next, but all I know is that the next thing I remember is waking up huge in front of you guys just a little while ago.”   

“So where’s the Jewel now?” Inuyasha asked. “Kagome, you see it around here?”

The schoolgirl looked around the area for a moment, using her sacred vision to locate the jewel if it was in the vicinity. After a few seconds of searching, Kagome was able to spot a small orb within Sango’s body. “Yeah, I see it. Sango, it’s still inside you! I don’t know how, but we gotta get it outta there as soon as possible.”

“What should we do, Kagome?” Sango asked her friend.

“I don’t know,” she shook her head. “When it was inside of me, it just kind of...came out. I don’t know how I would remove it, but I’ll try.”

“Don’t worry Sango, Kagome may not have the experience, but usually when she ‘tries’, she succeeds,” Miroku smiled softly at the giantess.

“Don’t think I haven’t forgotten what you did, pervert,” Sango huffed, though she did realize he was right. “Go ahead, Kagome.”

Cautiously, the schoolgirl approached her gigantic friend and placed a hand along her thigh. There’s a lot of energy inside of her...Demonic energy. Kagome closed her eyes to try and pinpoint the exact location of the Jewel; the corrupted nature of the Jewel made it difficult to find, but through this method, it was effortless. In mere moments, Kagome was able to visualize a dark source of energy coming from the base of Sango’s neck, just above her cleavage.

“Sango, it’s at the base of your neck. Can you bring me up to try up close?”

“Of course.” Sango gently lifted her friend up, surprised by how light she was, and brought her to the spot she asked. Likewise, Kagome was surprised by how her friend’s grip was able to cover around her entire body. Softly, Kagome placed her hand just outside of where the Jewel was; she could sense it, not even a foot away from her, but that was all she could do. Normally, the Jewel reacted to the presence of a priestess, but this time, it seemed to ignore her. Kagome tried to will it towards her, but that, too, was met with unbeatable resistance.

“I...I can’t do it,” she muttered in shock. “It’s not reacting to anything I try.”

“Then what do we do?” Sango asked.

“Easy.” Oddly silent for several minutes, Inuyasha stepped up, drawing his sword, “We’ll get it out the same way we got it out of Naraku: cutting it right out of her.”

“At the base of her neck?! That’s crazy!” Miroku exclaimed as he stepped in Inuyasha’s path.

“You got a better idea, monk? Besides, at her size, it wouldn’t exactly be much of a wound, would it?”


The half-demon suddenly fell to the ground with an insane amount of force overwhelming him,  even for his curse.

“Next time you say something that stupid, I’ll just get Sango to crush you instead!” Kagome shouted from Sango’s neck.

Watching her tiny friends made the giantess laugh. It was a pleasant reminder that even though she was in trouble, they were all still who they were. That much would never change.

“Maybe Lady Kaede could help us?” the monk suggested.

“You’re right!” Kagome turned to Miroku, “If anyone knows what to do, it’d be her!”

“And at my size, I can get us there in no time!” Sango chimed in with a nod.

“Yeah!” Miroku raised an arm as if to cheer, but immediately winced.

It was then Sango noticed that everyone was talking normally, but last night they were in bad enough shape that Naraku left them for dead. Right now, they were much more hurt then they let on. It seemed almost painfully obvious now that she thought about it; all the cuts on their clothes, their lack of extraneous movements - everyone was still injured.

“Actually...let’s find a nearby village to rest in first,” Sango suggested. “We’re all exhausted from what happened last night, so let’s tend to our wounds for a while. Do you need to ride on me, or shall I get Kirara for you?”

Immediately, the three smaller members of the group frowned at one another. “Um, yeah, about that...” Kagome began, looking down quietly. “Sango, I...I don’t know how to tell you this but...but...”

“But what?”

“Kirara...She died trying to keep Naraku from coming after you...”

“Wha...What?” the gigantic demon slayer asked, in utter disbelief that her childhood companion could be dead. “H-How...How did this happen?!”

“After we all fell to Naraku, Kirara tried to make a last stand to keep him from going after you, but Naraku...he...”

“He what?”

“He...He ate her...and Shippo too...” Kagome paused momentarily after saying this, both men bowing their heads slightly in remembrance of their fallen comrades. “Sango I’m...I’m so sorry...”

“N-No, it’’s alright,” Sango told herself as she resisted the urge to cry.  “I’m deeply saddened that she died trying to save me, but I also know that she helped me get away from Naraku more than I would have on my own. I...I just think I need to rest for a while now...We all do...” she nodded, bottling up her emotions within her body. After all, Sango knew that were she to cry at her current size, she’d completely drench her friends in her tears.

“Yes, I believe that’s a great idea,” Miroku concurred, his voice now taking on a more serious tone. “Come, Inuyasha and I shall walk while you take Kagome with you. In your present condition, it’d be best to have her with you to monitor the Sacred Jewel. Let’s go, Inuyasha.”

The dog demon nodded in agreement as the two warriors took off into the distance, Sango slowly following behind them. As she took her first step, the demon slayer felt as if she was walking normally, somehow instantly adjusting to her massive increase in stature. With each step she took, a small imprint of her sandal was etched into the grass, a testament of just how much power she now possessed from her growth alone.

“You sure you’re alright, Sango?” Kagome asked from the larger woman’s palm. “Nothing strange happening?”

“Yes, I’m fine, Kagome,” she answered, taking another powerful step. “I’m just still a bit shaken up from hearing about Kirara, but other than my new height, nothing out of the ordinary is wrong with my body.”

After a few more minutes of travel, the group had arrived at the nearest village, Inuyasha and Miroku arriving first. As soon as Sango and Kagome had arrived, the young monk was waiting for them at the village entrance.

“Heeeyyyy! Down here!” Miroku waved up to the giant girl. “We’ve got a bit of a problem...”

“What problem?” the 100 ft giantess asked. “Let me guess, it’s about me, isn’t it?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time you’re right today,” the monk smirked. “Anyways, the deal is that we’ve got a room in the village for us, but, well, despite my best efforts, the villagers are afraid of you, Sango. They won’t let you step foot in the village, so I’m afraid you’ll just have to rest out here.”

“How terrible!” Kagome protested. “I’m gonna give those villagers a piece of my-”

“Relax, Kagome, it’s alright,” Sango sighed. “It’s fine. I understand their concerns. They’re just scared is all. I’ll be fine out here on my own.”

“But Sango...”

“I said I’ll be fine, Kagome. I’m pretty sure I can handle myself at this height,” she smiled as she gently lowered her hand to the ground, allowing Kagome to touch terra firma once again. “Go ahead and rest up. I’ll be here when you get back.”

“You sure you don’t want one of us to stay with you?” the reincarnated priestess asked.

“No, I’ll be fine. Just make sure to get some rest and I’ll see you when we wake up.”

“Alright then. Rest well, Sango!”

With that, Kagome and Miroku went to join Inuyasha at the inn they had rented for the evening. Within the hour, the three had fallen asleep, all of them completely exhausted from the battle they had fought the previous night. In the meantime, Sango sat against a large grassy knoll on the village outskirts, attempting to wrestle with the various thoughts that ran through her mind.

Oh Kirara! I should’ve been there for you! I never should’ve listened to them to take the Sacred Jewel! I don’t know how it did it, but the Jewel somehow gave me the power to beat Naraku...I think...No...Naraku IS dead...and without your sacrifice, I wouldn’t be alive right now...Oh Kirara! Sango once again felt the urge to cry, yet continued to hold in her emotions. No! I can’t cry! I must think of something perhaps why the villagers wouldn’t want me in their village? Perhaps they’re merely scared of what they don’t understand? No, this isn’t working. Maybe a walk would ease my mind?

Sango’s eyes gazed up the sky as her thoughts trailed off; to her, it felt as if she’d only awoken a couple of hours ago, but the sun was already setting off in the distance. I spent much more time thinking than I thought. With this realization, exhaustion rapidly began to overcome the woman. If I walked, people would probably panic anyway. For now I’ll Maybe Kirara will visit me in my dreams... Slowly, Sango leaned back until she was lying against the ground, instantly falling asleep.

What should have been a pleasant rest and a chance for some inner peace quickly went south. Sango could have sworn she had woken up, but she innately felt as if she did not. Her body felt off, like she was watching the world from another’s first-person perspective instead of freely gazing upon the planet with her own eyes, almost as if she was possessing someone, and that someone happened to be herself. It made little sense to the demon huntress, but dreams rarely did. Sango wondered what was going on, but words failed to form in her mind; she understood what she was trying to convey, but there was no actual conveyance. She was aware that she had stood up and started walking, but she did not know why. Her body acted of its own accord and with it came this...feeling. It felt somehow familiar, as if she was unstoppable, like the world was nothing in comparison to her, just like she felt when she fought Naraku. Suddenly, the hazy memory seemed crystal clear: she had crushed the demon like a bug; she had grown and grown until finally even he could not hope to match her.

The same could be said for now: Sango, for whatever reason, was walking in the middle of the night, and the world continued to simply dwindle away. But why? There was no threat here. What possible reason could she have for growing again? Was it because she had grown in the first place and this was some issue her mind was working out? Whatever the cause, Sango was not sure of it, but she did know that she was already over twice her previous height.

The giantess casually strode through the night with no real purpose; her mind stopped questioning what was happening and just watched thoughtlessly. Then, something happened; to a demon slayer’s eyes, it stood out more than anything ever could: a village in the distance, a distance reachable for Sango in about a minute’s time.

The mood of the dream suddenly shifted. Sango felt new feelings arise within herself, feelings alien to the huntress. No, that was not true either. This feeling was one she had experienced just yesterday, when all she wanted was to crush Naraku. Vaguely aware of what that meant, Sango felt horrified as she saw her body turn and approach the village.


The people of the village slept peacefully in their huts during the night, blissfully unaware of the towering behemoth that was slowly approaching. Though the torches burned brightly on the village outskirts, the town guards had fallen asleep within their barracks, failing in their duty to warn the citizens of the village of the threat that could be seen from thousands of feet away. Meanwhile, with each step, Sango drew closer and closer to her destination, leaving soft imprints of her sandals in the grass as she approached, a devious smile slowly forming on her face. Upon reaching 220 ft tall, her body still gradually enlarging, the demon slayer had reached the village outskirts, the guards’ barracks a small, fragile box-like structure appearing no taller than her ankle. Sango looked down in contempt at the minuscule dwelling before her, causing her inner feelings of rage to swell up inside of her once again, though her inner mind attempted to struggle as to why she felt these intense emotions, still unable to manifest a coherent thought. Slowly, the girl simply watched in horror as her left leg slowly began to rise into the air, hovering it high above the barracks. Sango’s mind attempted to express fear and shock at her body moving of its own accord, yet they were quickly supplemented with the air of unstoppability and superiority she had experienced the previous night. Without any more hesitation, the kimono-clad woman swiftly dropped her foot onto the thatch building, stomping her sandal fiercely into the earth without remorse and annihilating the small edifice, the resulting shockwave resounding throughout the village and quickly awakening its inhabitants. A small chuckle escaped the girl’s lips as she could feel each of the nine souls she had taken from the Earth beneath her sandal, though her mental state was the exact opposite: Sango attempted to scream, but she found herself unable to do so, quickly calmed once again by the familiar sensations of raw power that continued to haunt her mind. Unable to stop herself from resisting these feelings, she merely began to contemplate that this had to be the queen of all nightmares, using this as an excuse to justify the actions her body was performing.

As her foot twisted the debris beneath it into dust, the villagers began to flock from their homes to investigate the disturbance. Even before people were outside, the word ‘demon’ was said more than enough times to reach Sango’s ears. It was by far the single worst insult the demon slayer had ever heard in her life, but her body merely smiled and craned her head  towards the people.

“A demon? No, I’m something much worse...”

There was no warning as Sango’s right foot rose into the air and crushed a building within reach, much like she did to the barracks. Again, the giantess felt the lives vanish beneath her foot: a family with two children. This initiated a full-scale panic as the villagers ran as far away from Sango as possible. Amidst their terror-filled screams and cries for their lives, the monster destroying them only seemed to relish in their destruction.

Internally, it was anything but that. This was horrible in every conceivable sense of the word - a true hell - yet why was she enjoying it so much? These were people with families, lives, and dreams, but with every step she took, Sango felt goosebumps and an immediate desire to recreate the feeling. Every action her body took was in accordance with these feelings, with no sense of right or wrong, only what felt good. She felt like the monster everyone called her, and the scary part was their fear felt good. All Sango was doing was stepping around, occasionally swiping her hand or kicking something, but these simple actions were slaughtering everything in sight.

After stepping on a couple more buildings, the giantess bent over with her hand outstretched, scooping up several people in one fell swoop. There was no addressing them, taunting them, or even looking at them. The instant they were grabbed, Sango’s fist clenched and red liquid was dripping from between her fingers. The same moment this was happening, Sango’s other hand reached out and grabbed a small hut, ripping it straight from the ground and throwing it. Her eyes followed the building as it passed over dozens of people and fell right onto a group of seven, killing them upon impact. The sudden crash stunned people enough to stop their running for a second, just enough time for the ground around them to darken as Sango stomped their bodies into paste.

“Ooh! There were a lot of them that time!”

The surviving villagers near Sango’s foot turned to run, but she was one step ahead: her foot was already placed to block them off. Roughly fifteen people were between her legs, turning to run away from the two feet blocking the main roads. They never got that chance. Sango skidded her sandals along the ground towards each other, closing her legs and quickly pincering everyone between them; they were little more than twigs that were paved over by a foot. In a single second, thirteen died because they stood in the path of Sango’s feet; the remaining two perished with quick adjustments of her soles, crushing them beneath her sandals like the others.

So many had died already, and yet it had only been a handful of minutes. Inside, Sango watched in horror as her body proceeded to hunt down the buildings with the same cruel efficiency with which she crushed people. Barely anyone was outside now, most of the survivors were indoors in the hopes the monster terrorizing them would not notice them. No one knew Sango sensed each of their presences, each of their feeble attempts to hide from her. Horrified as she was, Sango could only imagine the last things these people would see: Huddled up with their loved ones, scared, loud booms coming from outside, then the ceiling collapsing to make way for a sandal, looking at that sandal as it was stained with the blood of the village and knowing their blood was to join in, then immediately passing away with a sickening crunch.

It was a massacre, each second painfully elongated until everything was destroyed. Sango wanted to cry, someone needed to for these people; they died in disgrace, like bugs beneath her feet. She had broken her cardinal rule and betrayed her own kind; she was no better than a demon, and worst of all, she enjoyed every second of it. Sango screamed in agony for this nightmare to end, but her anguish was cut short by her own voice.

“Oh? One left?”

In a heaping pile of debris and destruction that used to be a town sat one child, a young boy huddled against a lingering wall for comfort. Sango chuckled as she approached the boy, stopping with her feet just short of him.

“How does it feel knowing you’re about to die?” she slowly taunted, every syllable uttered with malice. “Are you scared?”

The child nodded, unable to speak.

“Stand up and address me with respect, boy!”

The boy did as asked, feebly standing up with the wall as a support. “Y-Yes, Ma’am.”

In response, the giantess knocked him back onto the ground with a brush of her sandal, laughing. “How pathetic! Don’t worry little one...” Sango’s right foot left its sandal, poised over the boy. “You’ll join the other bugs soon...” With that, she lowered her big toe until she felt that satisfying crunch and knew it was done. Returning her foot back to its footwear, Sango moaned, both in pleasure and pain. She wanted nothing more than for this nightmare to end, yet she also never wanted it to end.


Chapter 3

“Damn! What the hell happened?!”

“Um, well, it looks like Sango grew again overnight.”

“How could that be? Is this really the power the Jewel can have on people?”

“Like I said yesterday, we shoulda just cut it out when we had the chance. Here, I’ll do it while she’s still asleep.”



“Shhh! Quiet everyone! She’s waking up.”

“Mmm...mmm...” Sango moaned slightly as she slowly fluttered her eyes open, waking up groggily to the morning sun that greeted her. “What...What happened?” Slowly, the demon slayer took in her surroundings, finding herself resting against the large knoll next to the village as she had the night before, except now, everything about the land seemed much smaller to her in comparison. “Why does everything look...different?”

“Um, well...” Kagome began as she raised her right arm to nervously scratch behind her head, “...that’s ‘cause you grew overnight, Sango.”

“I...I grew?” Sango looked down past the lower half of her kimono, spying her friends near the ends of her sandals, each of them now appearing about twice as large as her big toes. I...I grew again. But...that dream...was it really a dream?

“Yes, it appears you’ve tripled in size,” Miroku observed. “I’m surprised you didn’t notice that big of a jump while you were sleeping.”

“Maybe she didn’t,” the reincarnated priestess disagreed. “Maybe it just occurred like a normal human growth spurt. Nobody ever feels those while we sleep.”

“Yeah, maybe...” the giant woman replied, her mind still worrying about the ‘dream’ she experienced from the previous night. No, it had to be a dream. If it was real, would I still be where I was when I fell asleep? Maybe that dream was just the growth my body was going through? As she attempted to recollect the various aspects of her horrifying adventure, her final memory stuck out clearly in her mind: Crushing an innocent child beneath her toe. Wait, if that actually happened, then there’d be blood on my foot... Slowly, Sango took in a deep breath as she removed her sandal and gazed at the bottom of her foot; much to her relief, there was not a trace of blood evident anywhere on her toe. What a relief... she mentally sighed. So it was just a dream after all...Thank the gods...

“Um, Sango, something wrong?” Kagome asked with a puzzled expression as the three smaller members of the group watched the largest remove her footwear.

“Oh, um, yeah, just had an itch on my foot is all,” Sango hastily lied as she gently scratched the bottom of her sole before placing it back in her sandal. “All better now. Hey, I might be huge, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t get the occasional itch.”

“Ah, right,” Miroku nodded. “Well then, you sure everything’s alright, Sango?”

“Yes, nothing else besides getting used to this new height.”

“Great, then let’s head off to Old Lady Kaede’s already,” Inuyasha growled as he picked himself off the ground and began to walk in the direction of the village.

“Actually, guys, I was thinking that we could get there much faster if I just carried you all there with me,” the kimono-clad giantess suggested. “At my size, we could probably make it there in a few minutes travel.”

“Sango, you sure you wanna do that?” Kagome inquired.

“Of course. Besides, my steps are gonna be pretty long now, so I wouldn’t want to leave you guys behind while I got to the village before you. So, ready to go then?”

“Pfft, fine!” Inuyasha pouted. “Just get us outta here already. Those villagers kept eyein’ me the entire time we were in there!”

The other three let out a group chuckle as Inuyasha pouted once again. With a soft smile, the huntress slowly lowered her left hand to the ground, her palm facing upwards, allowing her friends to climb aboard her body. Once they were all on her palm, Sango raised her hand directly below her breasts and gazed down at her passengers. “Alright, everyone ready?”


“Yes...” Miroku half-replied, his eyes locked on the massive orbs that was Sango’s chest above him.

“Just go already!” the dog-demon growled, anxious to go nowhere.

“Alright, just hang on then! Here we go!”

With that, Sango took her first step at her new height of 300 ft tall, accidentally knocking over a few nearby trees with the gust of wind generated from her stride. The villagers quickly came to the village entrance to shake their fists at the giant woman, as well as to curse her as an ‘overgrown unholy demon’.

“Um, yeah, we should really get out of here as soon as possible,” Kagome said awkwardly as she began to sweat slightly out of embarrassment.

“I’m on it!”


The journey only took about five minutes with Sango’s new height; what was normally hours of walking steadily was nothing at all with each footstep traveling over a hundred feet. As the group neared the village, the familiar elderly figure of Kaede awaited them at the gate, as well as the entirety of the village.

“Lady Kaede!” Sango stopped before the women and lowered her friends. “What are you doing here?”

“We saw you a mile away, you know,” the old priestess retorted. “What happened?”

“Um...” Kagome looked between her friends, “It might take a while to explain.”

“Well go ahead. It’s not like I’m getting any younger here.”

Kagome began to recount the basic story: How Naraku was now dead, how Sango had somehow grown due to the mysterious power of the Shikon Jewel, and the current predicament. Occasionally, Miroku or Inuyasha chipped in details or comments, but Sango was oddly silent, the large girl noticing the villagers staring at her. The gazes were like the ones the people had in her nightmare; these people were not staring at a person - in their eyes, she was a freak, a monster. Now, after seeing what she could do, Sango understood why they were scared.

Calm as ever, Kaede listened to the entire explanation without uttering a word, though occasionally looking in awe at Sango, particularly when they got to how Naraku was likely killed. Once Kagome was done, the woman sighed, “That is quite a story...It would seem even when Naraku is gone, his legacy causes nothing but troubles...” The old priestess then looked to the giantess, “Now Sango, if I may, I would like to investigate the Jewel myself.”

“Of course, Lady Kaede,” Sango nodded as she slowly knelt down and outstretched her hand.

Just as Kaede approached her, a voice called out from the crowd: “Don’t do it, Lady Kaede!” The chief priestess stopped in her tracks and looked to the villager who shouted.

“Yeah! She could crush you and then crush us!” another shouted in agreement.

“We can’t trust someone like her. Something that big has to be a demon!”

“Will you fools shut up?!” Kaede screamed. “This is a human woman in suffering! Don’t make her suffering any worse with your foolish paranoia!” She then looked back to Sango, “Sorry, Sango.”

“It’s okay, I can sorta understand where they’re coming from,” the giantess smiled softly. “Can we please hurry? I wouldn’t want to trouble them any more than necessary.”

“That is probably wise,” the elderly priestess sighed. After climbing aboard Sango’s palm and being brought to her neck, she began to perform the same technique Kagome had performed earlier, placing her hand near the base of Sango’s neck. Kaede was silent, her eyes closed in deep concentration. Minutes passed before her hand retracted, “You can lower me now, Sango.” When placed back on the ground, Kaede walked back to the villagers, “It would appear that the Shikon Jewel is indeed corrupted. Naraku’s poison lingers in that gem even now. If there was a cause for your condition, it would be that.”

“That’s what I thought too!” Kagome exclaimed. “I thought I might’ve been mistaken, so I’m glad we got an expert opinion. What can we do to help?”

Kaede rubbed her chin in response, “To be honest, I am not entirely sure. It’s not often I am called upon to deal with curses of this magnitude. I’ll need to consult some of Kikyo’s texts to try and find some more information about this sort of situation.”

“I’ll help!” the schoolgirl immediately volunteered. “And Inuyasha will help out too!”

“What?! Why the hell do I have to do anything?!”


Now face first in the ground, Inuyasha’s grumbles could he heard, “Oh yeah, that’s why...”

Sango averted her gaze, “In that case, Lady Kaede, I’m going to take my leave.”

“Why Sango?” the old woman asked.

The demon slayer looked to the villagers eyeing her fearfully, “I wouldn’t want to bother your people anymore. I’ll wait in the neighboring forest until sunset and return to discuss your findings, if that’s possible.”

Kaede sighed, “As much as I wish to ask you otherwise, that is probably the best course of action.”

“In that case, I’ll keep Sango company.” Silent until now, Miroku stepped up, giving Sango a look that said the matter was not up for debate.


“Alright then, we shall send for the two of you once we have learned of anything,” the priestess nodded. “Come Kagome and Inuyasha, there is much work to be done.”

“Bye guys!” Kagome waved as the giant woman and the lecher began to walk away towards the nearby forest. “We’ll work as hard as we can in the meantime!”

“Yeah, just don’t try anything funny while we’re gone, monk!”

The forest was only about a five step journey from the village for the massive demon slayer, though with each step she took, she paused for a few moments to allow Miroku to catch up with her lengthy strides. After several minutes, the two traveled into the heart of the sea of trees, most of the tall timbers coming up to only Sango’s shoulder.

“Um, let me make some space for us to rest for a bit,” the giantess suggested as she slowly bent down to the forest floor, inspecting several of the trees in the immediate vicinity. After careful scrutiny, she gently lifted up those trees she deemed empty and uprooted them from the ground with ease, placing them in a small pile off to the side of the clearing she was creating. In mere moments, Sango had removed about forty trees from the earth and had made a large open area in which a person of her stature would be able to stretch their legs comfortably. “There, I think that should just about do it,” she smiled proudly at her work before gently planting her butt onto the barren ground below.

“My, that was quite the impressive feat of strength!” Miroku exclaimed. “I guess having such height does come with some advantages.”

“I suppose...” Sango nonchalantly replied, somewhat saddened upon his reference to her current size. “I just can’t wait to be back to normal, Miroku. Sure, I can see the world in a whole new light when I’m standing up, but I miss being normal - being able to sleep indoors, interacting with everyone while not having to look down at them, and not being called a gigantic demon wherever I go.”

“Sango, you’re no demon,” the monk comforted her as he sat across from his gargantuan love interest, resting against the pile of trees she had uprooted earlier. “The people of this land are easily frightened these days; they think everything that doesn’t appear human is a demon.”

“But I am human!”

“I meant ‘human’ as in a normal-sized human,” Miroku clarified. “When people see a massive woman approaching their town, the first thing they’ll do out of pure fear is to call that woman a demon, even though they don’t understand they’re calling one of their own a monster when she really isn’t. That being said, as soon as word spreads about the death of Naraku, I’m sure that problem will go away on its own soon enough, and hopefully by then, we’ll have you back to your normal self.” The monk paused for a moment as a lecherous smirk formed on his face, “Although...gazing upon you at this size is quite the magnificent sight. I wonder what you’d feel like now...”

Sango’s eyes perked up in anger, raising her left fist to emphasize what would happen if he attempted to grab her rear once again. “Wanna give it a shot, monk?”

“Hehe, that won’t be necessary,” Miroku quickly laughed nervously as he waved his right hand in the air to signal he no longer had any intention of performing a lewd act.

“I thought so...”

“But you know...” the tone in the monk’s voice changed, “ do look beautiful at that height.”

“Huh?” Sango turned with a baffled look.

“Your new size gives this perspective that’s sort of...endearing. You’ve always been a strong, protective woman; it’s been one of your best traits. As you are now, that trait has sort of...grown with you. Pardon the pun.”

“Miroku...” the giantess gave a caring look to her friend.

“Course that’s not the only thing that’s grown!”

Sango’s hand smacked dangerously close to Miroku with enough force to crush him. “What was that?!”

“Nothing ma’am!”

“That’s what I-Ugh!” Sango suddenly keeled over, her face contorted in pain. Her brow started to sweat and her breath grew heavy as each of her hands reached to grab her temples.

“Sango! What’s wrong?!” Miroku was answered by an unintelligible groan; whatever was happening was preventing the demon slayer from answering. “Sango! Please say someth-” It was then that Miroku noticed something: Sango was growing before his very eyes. Though not enlarging very rapidly, the monk estimated that the demon slayer was adding an extra inch to her height with every second that passed. “This...This is amazing! Sango, is this how you’ve been growing?”

“” Sango managed to utter through her heavy breathing. “Get...away...”

“No! I won’t leave you!” Miroku insisted. Before he could say anything else, Sango’s left fist crashed down next to him, barely missing him; had he been only an inch or two further to the left, he would have been turned into paste beneath her hand. “Wha-What was that for?!”

Miroku received only another groan in response, this one sounding more devious in tone than the previous utterance. Meanwhile, Sango’s eyes slowly began to close as she felt the pain afflicting her slowly melding with the familiar sensations she had been experiencing over the past few days. Soon, she began to feel an aura of confidence about her body, every inch she grew simply increasing this stimulus and making her feel as if she was truly unstoppable. Moments later, Sango began to lose control of her mind, no longer able to form coherent thoughts, but receiving a trade-off of her body reminding her of just how much power she possessed. The growing woman did her best to resist these feelings, but she soon found them overpowering her very will, continuing to relax her body while filling her with an attitude of superiority over everyone else. Sango knew she had to do something, but as the alien feelings within overwhelmed her completely, she began to relish the comfort they provided her, even though she knew they had to be stopped.

“Sango! Answer me! Are you alright?!”

“I’m...I’m fine...” Sango answered as her voice took on a more sadistic tone. Without warning, the giantess furiously swept her right arm in front of her, knocking Miroku deep into the forest where he crashed through several trees before landing in front of a large oak, falling unconscious almost immediately. “...Especially now that I’ve swatted that annoying little fly.”

With a sinister chuckle, Sango slowly stood up to a new towering height of 312 ft in length, now expanding more quickly. The kimono-clad goddess looked out at the landscape from her vantage point, spying a small village a few miles off in the distance, far enough away so that anyone inside the village of priestesses could not view the plans she had in store for the unfortunate town. With her newest target found, Sango began to stomp her way towards the unsuspecting village, crushing dozens of trees beneath her sandals with each powerful step she took and embedding an imprint of her footwear into the forest floor, each impression longer and deeper than the last.


Chapter 4

As Sango sauntered towards the doomed village, vague thoughts tossed around in her mind, pondering what actions she could do upon her arrival. As tall as she was now, simply crushing such a small village would not hold the same satisfaction as last time, yet she could not simply do nothing. Perhaps I should crush them slowly? As fun as that sounded, it still seemed to be lacking in creativity; just because she was big did not mean she had to crush them, at least not right away. The villagers needed to be educated first. Yes...That’s exactly what they need... The demon huntress knew that they needed to learn just how much better she was before she took their lives, how she was superior to their inferior, insect-sized forms in every way imaginable. As Sango grew closer to the village, she began to elaborate upon the details of her fun.

It all began with a small shudder of the ground - pebbles gently rolled to the side, ripples stretched throughout the nearby waters - but it took another minute before anyone could audibly hear a booming sound, and by that point, it was easy to see where it was coming from. Only a couple villagers noticed it at first, but when they saw her, everyone soon did: a giantess, standing hundreds of feet high, was walking provocatively towards the village. There was no time to run; she was already mere steps away from the village. The younglings looked to their elders for advice, and the elders looked to their gods for help, but their false deities did nothing to help them as Sango stopped her feet just short of the village.

“Well, well...What have we here? A little village...” Sango smiled wickedly. It was a decent-sized village, slightly smaller than Kaede’s but not by much, and practically large enough to be considered a small town. Regardless of its classification, even a town was nothing before Sango; there was not a single building around that came as high as her ankles. The highest structure in the village, a silver statue, could not have been taller than fifty feet in length, yet it was still insignificant before the giantess, roughly a tenth of her new height with her body still expanding. “Hmmm...Now what to do with you...?”

Just like with the previous town, the village was instantly driven into a mad frenzy: people shouting out the word “Demon!” at the top of their lungs, running, panicking, and screaming for their very lives. However, there were a few people wise enough to realize that there was no hope of escape. These people ran to their statue and prayed; if there were demons, then there surely had to be gods, beings who could save them. Initially, it was only those with enough clarity to see there was no other hope who began to pray, yet soon enough, even those who panicked went to join them; their faith was commendable to say the least.

“Huh? What are you doing?” Sango asked aloud, noting the villagers’ odd behavior. She bent over to investigate the statue and found that almost all the villagers were desperately knelt before it, clearly praying for it to save them from her. The statue itself was somewhat interesting, a silver form made in the image of a great bear, probably some spirit of a forest or some such nonsense. “Are you guys praying to your gods? How quaint...” the demon slayer snickered.

Sango’s foot hovered over the village, stepping between the small buildings and bringing her close enough for her next foot to be held over those who were praying. It would have been the simplest of acts to collapse their beloved statue and crush them beneath her sandal, but Sango went for a different approach. The giantess’s sandal slowly glided over the people who prayed, gleefully sensing their despair and sureness that they were dead. Instead of killing the villagers, her foot poked gently against the statue with her toes. With all the villagers on one side watching, Sango prodded the statue until it fell flat on the ground. Still sure of all the onlookers gazing at their fallen statue, Sango then stomped the insult to her greatness out of existence, sending countless silver slivers flying across the small village.

“Some god!” she laughed, turning her gaze back towards everyone else, wanting nothing more than to end them like she did their god.  “What are you all going to do now?”

No one answered, either too afraid or unable to come up with anything in reply. After watching the image of their deity perish before them, hope seemed to just leave the village; they all expected they would now surely die. Sango paced around the villagers in a circle, nicely grouped together by their misplaced faith, like a lioness circling her prey. They were all bugs awaiting their fate of being crushed, and with each second that passed, they only grew smaller in comparison to the huntress. However, Sango did not want to kill them all just yet. After all, what kind of predator did not play with their food before landing the finishing blow?

“Seems to me like you were praying to the wrong god,” Sango stopped after completing her third lap. “Pray instead to the one standing before you.”


“Hmm?” Sango’s eyes focused on a single villager, apparently their leader. “What was that, bug?”

“Who do we...pray to?”

The giantess smiled, “Sango, Goddess Sango.”

Immediately, everyone bowed and murmured praise in the name of Sango out of fear. The newly-decreed goddess felt a certain smugness in everyone’s submission, even though it was a lie; even that annoying bit of her inside that cried against every act she committed had to admit the feeling was titillating to say the least.

“Not bad...but it’s still not enough.” Sango’s eyes lit up playfully, “I think a more direct form of worship is necessary...” With a wicked smile on her face, the giantess gently lifted up her left foot high above the crowd as if planning on crushing them in a single swipe, causing the villagers to panic and beg forgiveness of their new goddess. However, instead of what they expected, Sango quickly flicked her ankle, kicking off her sandal and sending her footwear flying, landing on a small nearby hut and flattening it instantly. Without saying another word, she gently rested her bare foot on the ground before repeating the process with her other sandal, once again destroying another hut with its impact. As her right foot rested on terra firma, Sango joyfully wiggled her toes, enjoying the feeling of the earth moving against her feet as she continued to grow. “Ah, much better...” she cooed. “Now then, I believe a demonstration is in order before you keep worshipping. You know, just to show you that this goddess is actually powerful compared to your false idols from earlier.” 

Taking a quick glance of what was left of the village, Sango spotted the tallest building in town, the village hall, which was about as large as the town’s former idol. “Now then, watch and be amazed by the power of your goddess!” Slowly, the demon slayer walked towards the town hall, which was only about three steps away from the gathered villagers. Despite the fact that the massive woman was leaving their location temporarily, none of the villagers dared to run away, some out of fear that they would be punished for doing so, some out of allegiance to their living deity, but most knew that no matter what they tried, they could not escape a woman of her stature. Upon reaching the structure, Sango turned her back on the building, facing the group of frightened villagers once again. “You are all nothing before me. The work of ants really is a blemish on this world...something I will make sure to get rid of once and for all...” In an instant, Sango’s body came crashing down to the ground, her callipygous rear slamming into the building like a massive meteor from the heavens, annihilating the thatched building. Within the building, a few villagers had taken shelter from the gigantic terror, hoping she would never attempt to destroy the edifice; their hopes were quickly dashed as the last thing any of them would ever see was the soft flesh of Sango’s butt covered in her green skirt falling upon them and killing them instantly. The villagers gathered in the square simply stared in awe at the sight before them, finally realizing that this Goddess Sango spoke the truth: She was a goddess, her power was indeed real, and that they were about to be punished for worshipping a false deity for all these years.

Sango simply chuckled to herself as she picked her body off of the ground, dusting off the debris from the back of her skirt; even the girl’s actual personality found the feat impressive, despite knowing the atrocities she had and was committing. “I hope you enjoyed that little display just now,” she began, “for all of you insects shall face the same fate soon enough. However, I’m not that cruel...” the girl emphasized, clearly lying, though the villagers were none the wiser as to the true intentions of their new goddess. “Pray to me, beg me to spare you, and if you can appease me, perhaps you shall avoid your deaths...”


“M...Mmm...Ugh...” Miroku moaned as he slowly regained consciousness, over twenty minutes after Sango had sent him flying into a sea of trees. “What...What happened to me?” Quickly gazing around at the devastation before him of many broken trees which he had flown through, the events of the last hour began to reverberate in the monk’s memory. “Ugh, that’s right, Sango hit me pretty hard,” he recalled as he rubbed the back of his head. “She wasn’t acting like herself when she started growing again, so I can forgive her for this, but what would cause her to do such a thing? Wait a second, where did she go?!” Taking a second look at the area, the lecher quickly spotted Sango’s tracks, a series of enlarging footprints and downed trees leading towards the other side of the forest. “I should go warn Inuyasha and the others, but I’m afraid it would take too long. Mmm...Forgive me, Lady Kaede, but I must find Sango first before she causes any more damage than she already has.” With his mind made up, Miroku followed the demon huntress’s trail, praying that he would reach her before she did something she would regret.


It was not necessary to have another display of power; whatever loyalties the villagers had to their former deity fled with their now-destroyed monument. All they had was the slim chance  that they could appease the cruel giantess resting on the ruins of their greatest, and newly destroyed, building. Faced with a chance to save themselves humility and loyalty, it all left them as they bowed before this self-proclaimed goddess and praised her evil name, some of the villagers more versed in prayer quickly reworking the phrases to suit their new goddess.

It was a nice start; Sango felt her lips curling into a smile as she heard the constant murmur of her name in awe-inspired prayer. It was nice, but...she quickly discovered that it was boring. It only took a couple minutes before Sango was fidgeting and squeezing debris between her toes to try and amuse herself. It did not hold quite the same satisfaction as her previous acts, so her mind began to wander, and ideas began to form about the possibilities of her new little crowd of bugs.

The much louder voice of Sango cut off everyone mid-sentence, “Alright, you all can stop your prayers for now.” Her large eyes scanned the crowd with a calm look about them, picking out individuals to play with. “Your goddess is pleased that you have all adopted to your new lifestyle so...quickly.” For no particular reason, Sango’s foot stretched out and crushed a smaller building; at her current height, she did not even need to rise. “But I still wonder, it’s easy to say something, but it’s not as easy to mean it.” The villagers looked at each other nervously, their guilt as apparent as their fear. “So, I’ll need to ask for a form of worship, just to make sure you’re all as loyal as you claim you are.”

“A-Anything you ask, dear Goddess!” a frightened voice popped out, agreement soon following from the remainder of the populace.

“Good.” Sango’s eyes darted to one of her discarded sandals. “All the men, I want you to go and lie down there,” her foot lazily raised itself and pointed to the footwear. At first, no one acted, hoping the giantess was joking; a cold glance from her eyes and the loss of her smile told them how wrong they were. They all exchanged nervous glances, but no males uttered a word of protest as they dragged their feet towards their destination. Some looked to their loved ones, thankfully uninvolved, though no words were said. Sango’s eyes never left them until every last male was laying down on her sandal facing the sky. By the end of their march, her footwear was almost completely covered with people awaiting whatever fate she had in store for them.

“Excellent.” The demon huntress rose to her feet and took the couple steps needed to loom over all of them, “I trust you can all understand what comes next?” Sango’s foot raised itself over everyone, her toes wiggling eagerly. The reaction was to be expected: Fear overcame the people, and they all grew either paralyzed or desperate enough to flee.

“Move and I crush you all like bugs!” her voice bellowed as loud as it could.

“You’ll crush us all even if we don’t!”


Sango ignored the blatant heresy, smiling instead, “Have faith in your goddess, and you won’t die.” Whether the words comforted them or fear held them back, no one moved as Sango’s toes began to ease their way into the familiar places. As her bare sole continued to approach everyone, she could feel their panic growing with every second; all the men could do was brace for death. Just as Sango’s foot was mere inches away and fully inside, it stopped; none were crushed, but they were all close enough that they could reach out and touch the appendage looming above them.

“You see? Have faith and you shall be rewarded,” the goddess said calmly as she allowed herself a smug smile. Sango could not see anyone beneath her, but she could clearly envision all their faces: A confused mixture of relief and terror, some certain they would live, others certain their fate was postponed. Between her toes, Sango could make out small groups of people, but none of them drew any attention. Instead, she felt a pang of displeasure at the sight once she realized something: She had been continuing to grow and her clothes along with her, but since she discarded her sandals, they seemed to halt their growth. As a result, her sandals she had owned for years were now at least a size too small to be wearable for any period of time, her toes would reach over the ridges and dig into the ground. Oh well, not like I need sandals the way I am anyways, she quickly dismissed the displeasure and proceeded with her fun.

“As I said, you won’t die.” Sango’s foot lowered the last few inches and crushed those underfoot. “Not all of you,” she giggled and quickly removed her foot. The titaness did not bother to count those who had fit onto her footwear, but what was left numbered at a couple dozen at most, fortunate souls who were either between her toes or beneath the arch of her foot and avoided the bulk of her weight. These survivors were too horrified to shout more insults much to Sango’s pleasure as she rested her foot back beside her sandal and casually wiped off the blood and bodies into the dirt as if it were nothing. “Now, you can come kiss my toes and thank your goddess for being so merciful.”

While the goddess awaited her praise, she looked to the other villagers who had been fearfully watching the whole time, “Now then...I hope you all are ready to please your goddess too.” The collective female villager population was filled with absolute terror at the mere thoughts of what their goddess had in store for them. Since she had exterminated a majority of the males with little more than slight pressure from her holy soles, there was no telling how many of them would perish in her test of faith.

“T-There is no need to test us, great goddess,” a random female called out from the crowd, fear evident in her voice by the stuttering in her reply.

“You dare to challenge the will of your goddess?!” Sango barked furiously, sending chills through the bodies of those beneath her.

“M-My apologies, Goddess! I d-did not mean to-” Before her apology was uttered, the towering woman swiftly dropped her other foot upon the girl by simply stretching it out in front of her, killing several other civilians in the process.

“You arrogant fool! Did you all see what challenging your faith in me gets you?” the kimono-clad giantess bellowed. “I was planning on having your test of faith be easier than that of the males because we are of the same gender, but now, I shall put your loyalty to the ultimate test!” she declared, spitting on the crowd gathered below out of spite, drenching them in the warm juices of her saliva. As the remaining villagers attempted to brush off the translucent goo off their frames while simultaneously grieving over the ‘unfaithful’ who had just perished in front of their very eyes, Sango had bent down low to the ground, drawing a large circle into the soft dirt not far from her using her right index finger. “Now, the rest of you, lie down in this circle.” Fearing angering the massive goddess even further, the surviving women scrambled to their designated location, their deity glaring at them coldly as they did so, packing in as many of themselves as possible into the space Sango had given them. Once they had all been gathered in one location, a wicked smirk formed on Sango’s face as she gently flicked her foot that was surrounded by the survivors of her first trial, sending them all flying into nearby standing huts so she had the full use of her body once more.

“Now then, maybe you don’t understand that you are all nothing before me, but I’m about to remind you all of your place before me...” Ever so slowly, Sango turned her back towards the women, her gargantuan rear appearing larger than usual in her tight green skirt.

“Please Goddess, we did not mean any harm!” a lone voice pleaded.

“If I hear another word, I will squash you all like the worthless bugs you are!” she commanded while not looking behind her, each villager able to sense the vengeful expression on her face without gazing upon her directly. There was an eerie silence for several seconds as the female populace lay paralyzed on the ground, a wall of cloth-covered flesh blocking their field of vision. “Now, as I was saying, I am your goddess, and as such, I will always be superior to you pathetic little ants. You will always be beneath me.” With a slight chuckle escaping from her now grinning lips, Sango slowly lowered her butt on top of the terrified women, resting her hands on the ground next to her to support her body, stopping once she felt the very edges of her skirt touch a human beneath her. “You will all learn this lesson and commit it to memory, or perish just as the others have. Have faith in your goddess, and you shall not die.”

With another smug, confident smirk, Sango lowered her palms to the ground, now putting her full weight atop the unfortunate villagers. Those who were directly under the center of her rear popped instantly into a bloody paste against her immense weight, while those who were on the outskirts of the circle struggled against the resting weight of their goddess, hoping that their bodies could pass the trial and escape with only a few broken bones at the worst.

“Not only this...” Sango spoke once more after she had sat for about twenty seconds, “...but you must remember that I am becoming more and more superior by the moment!” Slowly, but surely, the huntress’s growth began to pick up once more, slowly enlarging atop the doomed crowd. With each second that passed, Sango could hear more popping noises beneath her posterior, a sign that it would not be long before they all succumbed to the simple act of her resting. Though she knew it was wrong, Sango’s true self felt immense pleasure in what she was doing, each death beneath her quieting and calming her with a reassuring wave of unstoppable power. They have to learn their place before their goddess...Wait, no! What am I saying? I have to stop this! Try as she might, Sango could only watch as her body continued to grow, continued to kill, all in the name of idolatry, yet she was merely calmed by wave after wave of power flowing through her entire being.

“Do you understand now?” the now 705 ft giantess asked the remaining victims, less than 15% of the original group now still alive, and all of them possessing at least some chest injuries. “I am always growing, always strengthening, always becoming more, and you insolent mites remain the same: small, weak, and limited by your own ignorance! No matter what you try, no matter how hard you strive for success, you will always and forever be beneath me, just as you are now, beneath my power. I’m not even lifting a finger and still you perish before my superior size and power! This is where you will always remain, forever below your goddess...”

Gazing down at her circle, Sango then pressed down atop the remaining villagers with added force, hearing a myriad of loud popping noises that were a symphony to her ears. After five full seconds of experiencing her total mass, the goddess lifted herself off the ground, easily dusting off the human remains from her skirt, it appearing as good as new in only a few seconds, almost as if nothing had occurred. Out of the nearly 120 women who had been forced to prove their worth to the massive demon slayer, only 6 survived, all of them gasping for breath due to their injuries, but quickly thanking their deity for her wisdom and mercy.

As each of the lesser beings paused to regain themselves, Sango’s eyes scanned those who survived the last few minutes. She did not bother counting how many villagers there were before, but those left were enough that she could merely count them at a glance. It could not have been more than twenty people, twenty bug-sized people praising their goddess for sparing them.

“You’ve all proven your loyalty to me, dear followers,” the giantess began, seating herself back on the destroyed buildings from earlier. As she spoke, her toes casually brushed against nearby buildings and made them collapse. “Since you’ve done such a fine job of pleasing me, I feel as if you’re in need of a reward. Now, if you would all please gather before me...”

At this point, no one needed persuasion, the surviving villagers quickly heeding their goddess’s wish and doing as she asked. Once the group was in front of Sango, she lowered her hand before them. “Climb on,” her tone making it clear that it was an order. There were nervous glances, but everyone did as commanded. “Be careful now, I don’t want anyone to fall.” Carefully, the giantess raised her hand near her face, all her faithful servants beside her chin. Their fear was still present, though at this point, the expressions of these weary people began to bore the goddess, her eyes narrowing mischievously as words rolled easily from her tongue, “I’m afraid even as a goddess I don’t have the ability to grant you material gifts quite yet, so you’ll have to suffice for a more...personal gift.” Before anyone could wonder what she meant, the goddess’s lips puckered and began to close in on the people.

Run! Don’t let her do it! an annoying voice cried out from inside her head. It was promptly ignored as Sango enveloped the tiny people in her warm lips, giving them the greatest kiss any could have ever imagined. She held the pose for several moments, even feeling some servants kiss back, then her tongue lightly poked out. At first, it only gently prodded a couple of people, but once that was done, there was no more restraint - Sango’s hand tilted and her tongue began to greedily devour all on her palm.

No words could describe the feeling of these lesser beings in the woman’s mouth. They moved about and struggled like insects, gently tickling her mouth in ways she had never known prior to her ascension. The slightest movements of her tongue rocked their world, and with every sway of the pink appendage, Sango felt more and more people fall down her throat, flailing futilely until they landed in the pool of acid known as her stomach. Those who remained had the fortune of experiencing the roof of the gigantic mouth as the goddess pushed her tongue against it, leaving them adhered to the roof until the tongue scraped them back off. She could feel several people sliding off the sides and ending up either beneath her tongue or on her teeth. Those on her teeth quickly met her molars and that was that, yet those beneath her tongue were in for a much worse fate. The taste of human had Sango relishing her food like never before; she’d been holding it back until this point, but for a moment, she let the saliva build up. In seconds, those beneath her tongue were trapped beneath the gooey liquid. Already battered and all air forced from them, they struggled for oxygen, only breathing in small wisps of the giantess’s breath until they inevitably stopped squirming. Only then did Sango finally swallow; anyone else still alive in her throat would not be for much longer.

There was an audible gulp when Sango finally returned to the outside world. “Fools. A goddess has no need of you bugs.” A sick laugh escaped her lips as she walked back and surveyed the destruction she had caused in less than an hour: An entire village wiped out, more than half its buildings in ruin, its monument...

“Hmm?” When Sango turned to face the destroyed bear monument, there was something new there: A child suffering beneath the fallen pillar. “Aww...Poor child,” Sango mused as she approached the young man and knelt near him. “You poor thing, half crushed and slowly bleeding out, but not fast enough to avoid watching me wipe out everyone you ever knew or loved. If you would like, you could pray for mercy.”

This child was too far gone to be able to speak, but his eyes conveyed his hope. Whether or not that hope was for a quick death or his life to be saved was unknown.

“Here.” Sango quickly glanced and found what she was looking for. Carefully, her fingers relocated the head of the bear monument before the boy. “Pray to your god for whatever you need.”

The mockery was the last straw, the boy’s eyes grew faint and then...empty.

A sinister laugh promptly followed the last villager’s demise.


The giantess cringed as a horrified voice rang out in her skull. I am not some kind of monster! This all has to stop...NOW! Almost immediately, power flooded through her being, causing Sango to chuckle in delight as the voice was calmed once again, her physical body growing larger as she began to wipe the remaining buildings from the face of the earth, a simple movement of her toes enough to bring them down. No...Not again... Sango struggled against the familiar sensations, watching as she continued to move her body against her will, indulging in the art of destruction. This isn’t right...This isn’t what I want...This isn’t me! I have to stop this! The demon slayer tried her hardest to resist the power that surged throughout her entire being, urging her to relax and enjoy what she was doing, what she was becoming, yet her body continued to act on its own, demolishing the remainder of the village just like she had done in her dream the night before. The more her eyes bore witness to what she was doing, the more that dream felt like a prophecy come true. Regardless of what it meant, the huntress, the true huntress trapped within herself, knew she had to stop herself.

Sango’s sole rose once more, ready to annihilate another thatched hut. NOOOOO! she mentally screamed, causing her body to once again grasp its head in pain as it dropped its foot on the ground, missing its target. I will...take back...control...of my body...and no amount of power...will tempt me otherwise! The kimono-clad colossus fought against herself, once again attempting to quiet her true being with limitless strength, yet this time, she struggled against it with all her will, resisting the temptation with everything she had left. I will not...let myself...become that which I have sworn to kill! I am not a demon...I am Sango, the demon slayer, and this is my body to use to accomplish my goal! 

Dropping down onto her knees, Sango’s weight caused the ground to shake for miles as she crashed into the earth, now screaming out loud in pain. The true huntress could feel herself slowly regaining control, starting from her legs and gradually moving upwards. The alien presence within tried with all its might to stand up and finish off the last remnants of the village, but Sango herself would have none of that, asserting her dominance to glue her legs against the ground and preventing her from moving. After another half a minute of struggling, the presence retreated into the depths of the woman’s psyche, but not before filling her with one strong, familiar pulse, making Sango grow another hundred feet. As her body naturally expanded, her right leg accidentally destroyed the front of the hut she so desperately tried to protect.

“I’m...I’m me again...” Sango stuttered as she gazed down at her hands, gently balling them into fists as she regained full muscular control. “I’m...I’m so big now...So very big...” When she had first arrived, the town seemed so much bigger, yet now it seemed so insignificant, a ruin she crumbled apart with her feet. The fresh memory made her gag, “...and I’ve...I’ve...become a...a...” The word hung at the edge of her tongue: Monster. I’ve become a gigantic, village crushing monster.



Chapter 5

Slowly picking herself up onto her feet, the titanic woman gazed out at the devastation her body had wrought. Upon making her way to the village only less than an hour ago, Sango recalled a bright, cheerful village off in the distance: Crops ready to be plucked for the harvest by eager farmers, children playing with their friends in the streets, mothers picking up dried clothes from the outside of their huts, and a majority of the town engaged in a group prayer around their idol - just another small civilization she had encountered upon her travels. Now, nothing remained of the village save for the ruins of several thatched huts, the remnants of the desecrated silver statue of the false god, and the few huts that she managed to spare by regaining control of her senses in the nick of time. Landmarks of the destruction she had wrought were littered throughout what remained of the town, most notably imprints of her sizeable posterior etched into the earth and her now child-sized sandals, still littered with the corpses of those who blindly obeyed the command of their self-proclaimed deity, only to find their efforts rewarded with a quick, yet painful demise.

“This town...It was once so beautiful before, but...but looks like Naraku himself has recently came through here...” the demon slayer slowly muttered, still absorbing the massacre of the village and its people. “And I...I...I was the one who did this...all of this...And I...I enjoyed this?! What part of me could tolerate eating human beings?! I’m no better than the demons I’ve sworn to kill!” With the comparison made to the former head of the demons, tears began to fall from Sango’s eyes as she slowly sat down on the ground, pulling her knees close to her chest as small droplets of water were absorbed into the fabric of her dress. 

“Sango! Sannnnnn-go!” Miroku called out from about half a kilometer away, spying the enormous huntress off in the distance. There she is! I’ve finally caught up to her, but...This doesn’t look good. Why is she crying?...Oh no, don’t tell me she... “Hang on Sango, I’ll be there in a moment!” Picking up the pace, the lecherous monk ran as fast as he could towards his ally, though the closer he came to her, the more his eyes lit up in horror as he was able to view exactly why Sango was crying. As he finally entered the village grounds minutes later, Miroku was speechless for a moment, unable to comprehend the vast amount of destruction surrounding the massive woman. Dear gods, what...what happened here?! Did Sango do all this? No...No, she could never do such a thing! But, she’s grown so much in just a short time...She’s absolutely enormous! This doesn’t look good at all... “Sango! Hey, Sango, down here!” he called out as he approached the giantess’s bare feet.

“Mi...Miroku?” Sango sniffled between sobs.

“Yes, Sango, it’s me! What on earth happened here?! You’re...You’re much bigger than you were before!”

“Just go, Miroku!” she yelled out as she wiped her hands across her eyes.

“Go? There’s no way I could leave you alone! Not like this!”

“If you stay here, I’ll just wind up crushing you too. Just leave!” Sango blindly swiped her hand in Miroku’s direction.

The monk nimbly sidestepped Sango’s poor swipe, “If you think I’m leaving you here alone, you’re mistaken. Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself. Trust me.” Miroku gave Sango the most reassuring of faces, smiling when he saw her tears begin to die down. “Now, what happened here?”

The story was not long; Sango retold how she lost control of her body and was driven around by some kind of evil force, how she continued to grow and wreak havoc until she finally regained herself. Miroku’s spent the whole time listening intently. When Sango finally finished,  he was visibly nervous, “This isn’t good. Whatever’s inside of you, demon or not, is getting stronger. We have to exorcise it immediately. Let’s go see Lady Kaede. Perhaps she’s figured something out by now.”

“...I don’t know if I should, Miroku...I don’t want to endanger anyone else...”

“You can stay outside the village, far enough away that everyone will be safe.”

The giantess still seemed uncertain, but with no other options, she nodded meekly. “Climb on. I want to be back to normal as soon as possible.” Her hand reached out until Miroku was safe in her palm. “Let’s go.”

The trek was not long, only a few minutes passing before Sango set Miroku down to make the rest of the journey to the village of priestesses on his own.

“I’ll come right back, okay Sango!” he assured her before leaving. When his back was turned to the giant huntress, he began a full sprint for the village. She’s really upset..not that I can blame her. After this, she’ll probably stay traumatized for a long time. I wonder how I can ease her burden...No, now’s not the time for that! First, we’ll get Sango to normal, then I can work the rest out! I just hope nothing bad happens before then...

Miroku was no giant, but he moved as quickly as his body would take him, quickly viewing the familiar buildings of his destination not far away. Kagome and Inuyasha awaited the monk near the entrance, raising their hands to begin greetings, but one look at Miroku’s face made them stop.

“What happened?” Inuyasha cut right to the point.

“I’ll explain later, but first let me find Lady Kaede!” Miroku never broke his pace and stormed right past his friends, who quickly began to follow.

The elderly priestess Kaede was in her usual hut, her eyes widening when the young monk stormed in, “What happened, Miroku?”

“The situation has gotten worse, Lady Kaede...” Beside him, Inuyasha and Kagome entered just in time to hear Miroku explain the recent developments. When he was done, silence filled the small dwelling.

“This is a dire situation indeed,” the sagely woman nodded. “If nothing is done soon, we could be facing a problem worse than a hundred Narakus.”

“Do you have any ideas on how to save Sango, m’lady?”

“Only one. Near the southern coast, you’ll find a sacred ocean temple, one of the holiest areas nearby. The holy waters of that temple may be just what you need to cure Sango, granted a powerful priestess is there to help.” The old woman smiled towards Kagome, “...But I have a feeling that part isn’t an issue.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes!” the young girl nodded.

“We better hurry.” Miroku rose again, “The sooner this is done the better.” Everyone agreed and began their journey back to their giant friend.

“Woah! Sango’s huge!” Inuyasha exclaimed as they drew closer to the demon slayer, the two who stayed behind taking in her larger size in astonishment.

“Inuyasha,” Miroku began, “I think it would be best if you did not mention anything about Sango’s height at the moment. She’s under a lot of stress right now, and I don’t think reminding her of what’s happening to her body would do anything to help her out.”

“But how can I not say anything about her height? She’s as big as a mountain by now!”

“Sit boy!” Kagome fumed as the half-demon was once again forced to the ground by an immense amount of gravity.

“Ouch! Geez, what the hell did you do that for?!”

“Promise me you won’t say a thing about Sango’s height. Promise it, Inuyasha!”

“Alright, alright, I won’t say anything,” the dog demon complained. “Let’s just get this over with and get her back to normal already...”

“Thank you, Kagome,” the monk nodded.

“No problem. It’s easy to shut up Inuyasha whenever he acts up,” she replied with a playful chuckle.

After only another minute had passed, the trio had made their way in front of the giantess’s bare feet, each of her digits now almost 2 ft tall. “Hey! Sango! Down here!” Miroku called up to the massive woman. “We’ve got some good news!”

“Oh, Miroku...You’re back rather quickly,” Sango said softly as she gazed down at her feet. “And I see you’ve brought Kagome and Inuyasha as well...”

“Hey Sango, good to see you again!” the girl from another era waved. “Miroku’s got some really great news for you! Oh, hey, what happened to your sandals? Did you lose ‘em or something?”

It all came flooding back at once: removing her footwear ever so slowly, carelessly tossing them atop huts full of unsuspecting people, then later ordering dozens of citizens back onto the thatch sandals, ending their lives beneath her sole, too big for it to accommodate her any longer. She remembered placing her foot next to the bloody object once she had regained control, it appearing like that of a baby’s shoes before her enlarged body, yet another reminder that she would now forever feel everything beneath her with every step she took.


“Yes, she lost them, in a sense,” Miroku interrupted. “She took them off before she grew while we were relaxing, but once she had finished growing, they were far too small to be worn again. I personally think she looks much more attractive without them, wouldn’t you agree, Sango?”

The tormented woman smiled meekly for a moment, knowing that her friend was trying to cheer up by hitting on her once again, in light of the recent events that had unfolded. “You’re such a lecher,” she spoke. “Anything to get your hands on my butt...”

“Hehehe, just as sharp as ever, Sango,” the monk sharply laughed. “Anyways, as Kagome was saying, we have some great news. Lady Kaede has spoken of a shrine to the south that possesses immense healing properties within its waters. With any luck, this is the cure we’ve been looking for to return you back to normal!”

“If what you say is true, then let us head out there at once. The sooner I’m back to normal, the better. But...”

“But what, Sango?” Kagome asked.

“What if the waters aren’t powerful enough to cleanse the Sacred Jewel within me? What if I’m stuck like this forever if the shrine’s waters fail?”

“They won’t. Inuyasha and I will return to the future to make sure that doesn’t happen!”

“What? We will?!” Inuyasha asked in confusion as he turned towards Kagome.

“Of course we will! If the shrine still exists in my time, the water 500 years from now must be much more holier than it is now. If the waters at this shrine won’t do the trick, then we’ll just bring some back to the Feudal Era, and that should do it for sure!”

“That...actually sounds like it could work,” Sango agreed.

“Then it’s settled,” the monk nodded as he took charge. “I shall go with Sango to the shrine, while you and Inuyasha head to the shrine in the future and bring back a large sample just in case we are unsuccessful here. There’s no way this plan can fail - either way, we will get Sango back to normal!”

Inuyasha gave a curt nod and immediately picked up Kagome without warning. “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Gimme a break! This is faster than waiting for you and your bike anyways.” The girl in his arms opened her lips to protest, but after a moment, they shut in favor of a small nod. “Take care of her, Miroku. If you mess this up, I’ll kick your ass!” Inuyasha began to take off when he heard the monk from behind him.

“Why Inuyasha, it almost sounds like you’re worried. How sweet!” Miroku did not receive a reply, but for a moment, Inuyasha’s face was as red as his clothes before he left. “Now...” he raised his gaze to the giant woman beside him, “should we be off now ourselves?”

“Yeah, the sooner the better.” Just as before, Sango reached for Miroku to carry him the way, her fingers gently plucking him from the ground.


The image was all too clear, her fingers crushing Miroku’s tiny frail body with zero effort, his innards exploding in an indistinguishable heap before being grinded to dust between her digits. A familiar voice echoed:

You could do it, you know.

No, I won’t, Sango brushed aside the gruesome thought and image as quickly as it came. By this point, her hand had already reached her chest and opened so her friend could rest in her palm. “...Let’s get going.”

Despite the lighthearted jokes initially, the mood of the journey was quite gloomy. Every time Sango blinked, she could see all the destruction she caused before; it never escaped her. She was vaguely aware of Miroku trying to make idle chatter to brighten her up, but that only made her feel worse.

“The view is amazing up here Sango. You’re really lucky.”

The giantess knew the monk said this whilst staring directly at her chest, but even so, she did not reply. A few more comments followed periodically with similar results; all that was on Sango’s mind was the village. How many people lived there? A hundred? A thousand? More? Now there were none, and their blood was on Sango’s hands. Was she crushing people right now without even realizing it? She was walking in a hurry, so she would never notice if a stray passerby met their end beneath her massive sole. The thought alone kept her eyes on where her feet landed, even though anyone nearby ran in terror at the sight of her.

“Don’t worry Sango, we’ll get you back to normal.”

It doesn’t change what I’ve done though. “Yeah...” No amount of atonement could change that. I shouldn’t be dwelling on this. First, I’ll get back to normal. And then… She had no idea what to do after that point. How could one even fathom to try and make amends for a massacre?



Chapter 6

“Sango, I see the temple!”

“Huh?” For a moment, the haze in her mind cleared up and Sango noticed the world again. Sure enough, coming into sight was a beautiful temple beside the water. Though not a large structure, the temple possessed an elegant torii at its entrance, inscribed with various sacred markings to keep even the strongest demons from entering its premises. “Wow, we certainly arrived here faster than I thought.”

“It’s all thanks to your size, Sango,” Miroku smiled up at her. “What should’ve taken us days has only taken us less than an hour. I guess there’s some benefits to being big after all!”

If only he knew how wrong he was... “I guess so,” she half-heartedly replied.

“Hey, c’mon now Sango, cheer up! We’re here now, and with the plan we’ve got going, we’ll have you back to normal in no time! Now then, since you obviously can’t even fit past the temple gates, I’ll go in and summon the shrine’s priestess to come out here and see you. Hopefully it won’t take long to prepare the ritual, but I’ll do everything I can to help speed it up.”

“I hope so too, Miroku...” the gigantic huntress sighed as she slowly began to lower her palm to the ground, dumping the lecherous monk in front of her feet.


Another image flashed in the young woman’s eyes, this time of her friend being swiftly crushed beneath her sole, just as she had done with many lives before him. Lifting up her foot, all Sango could view was a bloody paste that had drenched the grass a deep crimson, nothing remaining of the former soul save for his staff.

He will only hurt you.

He’s the only one who can help me, Sango once again pushed the image from her mind. “Just hurry back quickly, alright?”

“Will do. Be right back!”

It took only a few minutes more before Miroku returned with the temple’s sole priestess, a young azure-haired woman dressed in pair of navy blue hakama and a white haori.

“Dear gods, she is as massive as you say!” the priestess exclaimed as she stepped outside the temple, taking in Sango’s full 800 ft frame up close.

“Yes, I was telling the truth,” Miroku affirmed as he turned his attention towards his crush. “Sango, this is Mizumi, the shrine maiden of this holy place. She has agreed to perform the ritual to cleanse the Sacred Jewel within you.”

“Nice to meet you,” Sango smiled down at the somewhat frightened girl.

“And nice to meet you as well, though as big as you are, I think we’ll need a lot more water than we normally use,” the priestess chuckled as she envisioned how the ceremony would work with such a large person. “Normally, we just use a small vial of purified water from deep within the temple, but for you...Well, it won’t be an easy task, but I’ll have to temporarily purify the ocean so that you may properly be cleansed.”

“I’ll do whatever I can to make the preparations as soon as possible,” the monk said as he offered his services. “I’m quite adept with many spiritual cleansing rituals.”

“Oh? I thought you were only good for squeezing my butt...” Mizumi glared at the monk.

“What?! I would never do such a thing!”

“Don’t worry, Mizumi,” Sango interjected, “Miroku is a lecherous monk, so don’t be surprised if he tries to pull something like that again...But you won’t now, will you, monk?” Sango glared as she stomped the ground in front of her, using her size to her advantage to intimidate the smaller being.

“O-Of course I won’t!” he sweatdropped. “C-Come now, Mizumi, let’s get this water purified as soon as possible!”


“Took you long enough to get us here!” Kagome complained as the duo arrived at the Bone Eater’s Well, the time-traveling well to the present era.

“Hey, it’s not my fault we got ambushed by some demons along the way!” the half-demon protested. “We got here in one piece, didn’t we? So stop complainin’ already!”

“We just gotta hurry. I want to get back to Sango as soon as possible.”

“Then just shut up and jump into the well already!”


“Are you sure about this Miroku?” Sango stared apprehensively at the mass of water before her.

“I’m sorry m’lady,” the priestess bowed, “but given your size, this is the only option. Do not worry. Feel free to use our entire expanse of ocean. We have purified it appropriately.”

“It’ll be fine, Sango!” the monk nodded in encouragement.

“I’m not sure...Shouldn’t we wait for Kagome to come back?” the titaness hesitated. “You told me we needed a strong priestess, and it’s hard to beat her skills.”

“She’ll be gone at least until tomorrow, and there’s no harm in trying this today,” Miroku retorted. “If it fails, we just wait ‘til she gets back.”

Can’t really argue with that… Sango grumbled to herself before gently poking her foot into the water. Nervously, her hands began to reach for her kimono, preparing to remove it for her soak, though they never got further than that. As Sango’s toes brushed against the bottom of the lake, a shiver ran up her entire body. It was a feeling all too familiar by this point, and it never meant anything good: Growth.

But why?! Why now?!

Another mental image popped into Sango’s mind, this time not one of the gruesome visions she saw each time she moved, but of her two friends jumping into the well, no doubt at this very moment. The portal between times opened, and with it, Sango felt her body reacting.

“Miroku...” Sango’s foot pulled back from the water as her breathing grew heavy. “...Run.”

That was the final straw, and now, the floodgates were open. Sango could feel the utter bliss of her body expanding filling her every pore, and with it, her other self quickly rose back to dominance. Only one word followed, uttered by a totally different, colder voice:


The only apt description for it was an explosion; with no warning or sign of stopping, Sango’s body simply expanded. The giantess closed her eyes to relish the tingling sensation of her body becoming more massive, more beautiful, more powerful. A building dared to interfere with her heel’s ascension, but it quickly caved in favor of the appendage, and with it, more than a few poor souls were crushed to make way for Sango’s expanding feet. Water began to splash against the tips of Sango’s toes, but she did not care; she simply continued to let her body do what it was meant to do.

“More! I want more!”

Every second seemed like an eternity of euphoria, the destruction caused by the growth only a bonus. By the time Sango regained her senses almost thirty seconds later and opened her eyes to view the results, she could easily tell it was her greatest ascension yet. The temple from before was completely annihilated, wiped out in order to make room for her right foot’s growth. All that remained was a single wall just far enough away to be safe, but there were not any signs of the people who were inside of it. With the temple’s destruction, there was now no point of reference for Sango’s size, aside from the lake. Even at a casual glance, the beautiful giantess knew her height had more than doubled, maybe even tripled. Placing a number on her size was too much effort and frankly beneath her; all she knew was that she was bigger than ever.

“Shame I have nothing to crush at this size,” the massive woman sighed. “I’ve grown bored of ants and trees.” Sango’s previous crush sessions involved crummy houses not even the height of her toes, but with her new stature, she needed something new, a place she had never been to before. She needed...

“Hmm? What’s that?” Something in the water caught Sango’s eye. Was it a whirlpool? A hole? Whatever it was, it held her fascination. She did not have any reason to believe so, but Sango had the feeling this little hole was the answer she was looking for. Her eyes continued to study it curiously as the hole widened, expanded, soon even becoming large enough to accommodate someone of Sango’s caliber. Carefully, the giantess poked her head over the hole and saw an amazing sight: enormous buildings, thousands upon thousands of people - the pinnacle of a thriving civilization.

It was everything Kagome had ever described her home to be.

“And soon to be mine...” Sango grinned as she lowered a foot into the portal. Quickly pulling her foot back out to make sure the portal was safe to enter, the titanic woman slowly walked into the awaiting dimensional rift, laughing wickedly as she contemplated all the fun she would soon have in the future. “Goodbye, Feudal Era...I’m off to destroy bigger and better things...”

Meanwhile, in the ruins of the demolished temple, a lone figure emerged from beneath a pile of rubble, a single monk covered in cuts and bruises, his body completely exhausted from the structure collapsing upon him. “Ugh...What...happened...?” Miroku rubbed his head as he gazed out at the devastation around him, his eyes widening as he noticed a familiar blue garb pinned under a large chunk of stone. “Oh no! Mizumi!”

Wasting no time, Miroku used what remaining strength he had to bring himself over to the boulder, pulling it off the priestess and finding her in a similar state. “She’s...dead...” he paused for a moment after checking her vital signs, finding no traces of life in her body. “This can’t be...The water was supposed to cleanse Sango of her curse...” The monk then turned towards the ritual site, only to find the titanic huntress entering a strange portal that had appeared at the edge of the ocean. “What the hell is that?! I don’t sense any demonic energy emanating from it, but I can’t let Sango enter it. There’s no telling what she could do!”

Grabbing his staff from the rubble, Miroku quickly hobbled his way over to the portal, arriving just as Sango’s head had finished submerging inside of it. “Oh no you don’t!” Using his staff as leverage, the monk catapulted himself into the bowels of the mysterious gateway, catching a glimpse of the destination it led to before being hurled away by an alien force, landing on his back on the nearby grass. “What the...hell...” Miroku struggled as he sat back up, watching as the gate began to quickly close, disappearing from existence only a few seconds later and leaving no trace of Sango.

“What was that strange power just now? Did Sango form a barrier around her body? No, but perhaps the Jewel created one for her? Whatever the case, wherever that portal led to won’t be safe for long. It’s strange...I’ve never seen buildings that high or impressive anywhere in Japan...” After pondering where the portal could lead, Miroku was suddenly hit with a burst of inspiration, “Of course! No wonder I’ve never seen such structures before...It’s because they don’t exist in our time! But...they do exist in Kagome’s era...No, it can’t be. Sango...was teleported to the future? I must tell Lady Kaede of this at once!” Grabbing his staff once again, Miroku began to use it as a crutch, hobbling towards the priestess’s village in the hope that Kagome and Inuyasha had not yet left for the present era.

I just hope I’m not too late, but in the state I’m in, I probably won’t make it in time. Still, I must let them know what has occurred here and try to see if we can do something about this...  



Chapter 7

“C’mon Kagome, we got no time to waste!” Inuyasha scowled as he helped pull out the schoolgirl from the Bone Eater’s Well. “Let’s get this stupid water and get back to the village as soon as possible.”

“Right! But first...we should stop and get something to eat,” Kagome smiled. “It’s been a long day, and I’m sure we’ll find the temple much quicker if we find out where it is first. We’ll stop by my house for dinner, then we’ll check a map of the area to find the temple.”

“We don’t have time for that!”

“Sit boy!”

The half-demon was once again compelled to the ground by powerful gravity magics, his head slamming into the concrete ground beneath him. “Will you cut that out?! Guh, fine, we’ll stop for a quick meal, but then we’re heading straight to the temple, got it?”

“Of course! I’m sure mom’s already got dinner ready, and I don’t think they’ll mind making an extra plate for you, so let’s go eat!”

As the duo opened the gate leading from the well to the temple grounds, the sky began to glow an ominous crimson, distorting the usually calm presence of the stratosphere.

“Hmmm...Now that’s odd,” Kagome mused. “It’s not that late, so the sun shouldn’t be going down yet.”

“You sure this doesn’t happen a lot during your time?”

“Positive. Something just doesn’t feel right about this...”

“Wait! Kagome, look over there!” Inuyasha exclaimed as he pointed towards a darker section of the cloud layer. Slowly, a golden portal began to emerge from between two clouds, appearing first as a small dot in the sky, but soon beginning to become visibly larger. “What the hell is that?”   

“I don’t know, but that can’t be good!”

People all throughout the Tokyo streets began to stare up at the sky in disbelief, gazing up at the mysterious anomaly in the clouds. Every TV station in the city suddenly cut into their regularly scheduled programming to broadcast the event live, the hole still enlarging with each passing moment. After twenty more seconds of development, the gateway ceased its expansion, yet instead of increasing in size, a form could be seen entering from inside of it, just as large as the portal was tall. Onlookers all watched in a mix of confusion and wonder as the very clear form of a person began to fall from the portal. As the last bit of the woman’s head began to come into view, the void she seemed to come from quickly closed itself behind her, the sky once again returning to its natural calmness.

There was a brief moment where no one could believe what they were seeing: directly overhead was just...a giant shadow. It was too big to be a person, but there was no way it could be anything but that. It only vaguely registered to people that this immense creature was rapidly falling to the ground below it.

Sango glanced between her feet at the incoming landmass. Landing was as simple as ever, but at her size, it brought severe repercussions to the area. There was not any time to examine the foreign structures before they met their end beneath her feet. The impact of the giantess landing made a loud blast that destroyed all city blocks nearby and could be heard through most of the world.

Sango had made her landing in the present era.

Calmly, the giantess laid a hand at her waist and glanced around Tokyo, the city still largely standing despite the area around her feet being completely annihilated.

It seems like my power has increased since I entered the portal, she noted with a sinister chuckle as she casually wiggled her toes, grinding countless amounts of asphalt between her massive digits.  Sango had indeed grown even larger during her travels throughout time; for every 50 years of time that had passed, the corrupt Shikon Jewel had increased her stature by her initial size upon entering the portal, and with 500 years of time effortlessly gone by, the young woman was now an unstoppable 5 mile tall colossus when she fell from the heavens, a living goddess to anyone who laid eyes on her enormous frame. Structures far higher than any building she had ever seen were abundant, though still nothing before the demon slayer; her feet could not even fit into the pitiful excuses for roads they had. But even so, everything was clearly advanced and foreign.

So, this the future...Time to have some fun...

Even if she did not pay them any mind, Sango could tell there were countless people here, more than she ever knew existed, all of them new playthings ready for the slaughter. Her legs quickly moved themselves naturally towards the largest structure she could find. It was pitiful to say the least, a building roughly a hundred stories tall, barely even ankle height. Sango bent over to get a closer look - it was some kind of tower surrounded by a clear glass exterior. A part of her was amazed by the marvel of something so unique and alien; this was the same part that was about to be horrified by what came next.

All she did was blow. While beside the building, Sango parted her lips and gently pushed air from her mouth; even such a simple act pushed back everyone caught in the sudden gust. To the small ants, it probably felt like a sudden gale, though surprisingly, the building stood sturdily against it. “I suppose you ants learned to make tougher huts over time,” the huntress allowed a smile as she pushed a finger against the building. Right away, the glass windows broke with no effort and even some of the floors inside as well, though the building was largely still standing. The skyscraper did not last for much longer, as with the addition of another finger and a slight pressure increase, it toppled over like anything else, flooding the nearby street with debris.

Huh, even on the ground, it’s still mostly intact...Let’s fix that.

Eyes locked on her target, Sango raised a foot over the small toppled building, catching small glimpses of life between her toes moments before the stomp. A thrilled gleam shone in her eyes when Sango pressed her foot down with all her strength. The huntress was now so big that she no longer felt the pops of all the people beneath her sole, though she could tell her stomp killed many all the same.

“Mmmm...” the giantess allowed a pleasured hum to escape her lips as her foot twisted into a quick grind before pulling back. “So much for sturdy,” she scoffed at the debris left by her foot, scrunching large chunks of rock with her toes. “I bet even you ants could handle this, right?” Without waiting for an answer, Sango flung her toes into the open road, allowing the boulders between them to run rampant; it was a rain of massive rocks that quickly crushed several people in an instant.

“Wow, you bugs really are weak,” Sango sighed. “It’s no wonder I’m a goddess if this is all humanity is. So glad I ascended past that weak little stage...Hmm, what was that?”

The titaness was vaguely aware of something hitting her heel. When she peered over her shoulder to investigate, all she could see was some kind of metal bug that had crashed into her foot, and behind it were dozens of other metal bugs all desperately scurrying away.

“What’s this?” Sango mused as she bent down and plucked up the crashed vehicle for closer inspection. “Is that a person inside? So...this is some kind of vehicle...?” It did not take much thought before the goddess remembered an explanation from Kagome on what this foreign transportation device could be. “A car maybe? So that would mean...” Sango’s eyes glanced over to the horde of tiny vehicles all trying to scramble away. “These are all people trying to run from me?” A twisted smile worked its way onto her face, “Looks like I’ll have to teach them to never run away from their goddess…”

The titaness slowly closed her hand into a tight fist, crushing the car and its doomed passenger with ease into a heap of scrap metal and blood. With a quick chuckle, Sango flicked her wrist forward, sending the wrecked vehicle flying into a line of fleeing automobiles, the sheer speed of the object and its force of impact being enough to wipe out dozens of cars, along with causing a few dozen more to veer off the road into other city streets. “Such fragile little things, aren’t they? Even after all these years, these bugs still can’t make anything to resist just the smallest fraction of my power. Oh well, at least their destruction will serve as an example for the people of the future to worship their new goddess...”


“No way...This just can't be happening...No way!” Kagome stood horrified at her family’s temple grounds as she witnessed Sango make landfall minutes earlier. The shockwave and earthquakes caused by the demon slayer’s impact had spread to Kagome’s home only seconds after it occurred, her house collapsing into a pile of wood, broken furniture, and debris within moments. Luckily for the reincarnated priestess, none of her family members were at home, though their presence outside of the household caused her to worry over their safety now that the massive Sango had appeared from out of nowhere.

“No way...There’s no way that’s Sango...” Inuyasha commented as he stared in awe at his gigantic ally, watching as she began to toy with the skyscraper she would soon obliterate. “It might look like her, but there’s no way that she’s the Sango we know! Besides, I know for a fact she definitely wasn’t this big before we left. And not only that, but she can’t come to the future like I can; not even Miroku can come through the well!”

“Wait a second, Inuyasha. Let me make sure it’s really her,” the schoolgirl ordered as she began to focus on the titaness in front of her, using her latent abilities to sense if the being before them was actually their friend or merely a titanic imposter. “I see...I see…”

“Out with it already!” the dog demon growled.

“I can see the corrupt Sacred Jewel! There’s no doubt about it - that really is Sango!”

“How can this be?!”

“I don’t have a clue,” Kagome shrugged. “Maybe she grew while we were away?”

“That might explain why she’s so goddamn bigger than before, but then how the hell did she get here?”

“I don’t have a clue there either. Whatever it was that brought her here, we can find out later. Right now, we need to bring Sango back to her senses!”

“Are you insane, Kagome?!” Inuyasha protested. “And just how the hell are we supposed to do that?! In case you haven’t noticed, the buildings don’t even come up to her ankles! I don’t even think a Wind Scar would phase her!”

“We’re not attacking her at all. We just have to restore her back to her normal self...well, mentally at least,” the young girl explained. “If you remember what Miroku told us before we left, when he found Sango, she was crying in the middle of a destroyed village, and when he asked what happened, she told him that something possessed her to wipe out that village and that the only way she was able to stop herself was by trying to remember who she was and what she stood for. If what Sango said was true, then I’m certain that she’s being possessed once again by whatever is causing her to destroy anything in her way.”

“Hmmm…” The half-demon pondered over the information for a moment before giving his reply, “Well, since combat’s outta the question, I guess we really don’t have a choice but to try it your way. So, how are we gonna snap her outta it?” 

“We have to try and talk to her and see if we can get the old Sango back,” Kagome nodded. ”If we can do that and help her gain control again, then we can at least try to help her. Otherwise, if we don’t do anything, Tokyo won’t be around for much longer! Our top priority is to stop her; we can always go to the ocean temple after we get her back to her senses.”

“Heh, well, can’t say this is gonna be easy,” Inuyasha smirked as he cracked his knuckles. “First time I’ll be scaling something this big...Kagome, I want you to grab onto my back and don’t let go no matter what, got it?”

Doing as instructed, the teenaged girl wrapped her arms around Inuyasha, grabbing onto his robes with all her might. “I’m all set, Inuyasha. Let’s do this!”

“Alright, here goes nothing!” Jumping high into the air, the half-demon used his immense strength to leap onto the nearest surviving edifice, beginning the duo’s journey to stop the rampaging giantess from annihilating what remained of Tokyo.


“Run, run, little ones...Try not to make this too easy for your goddess,” Sango mocked. At the present moment, beneath her finger sat a car she took care not to crush; she could feel the faintest struggle coming from the machine, no doubt the people inside were doing their best to try and drive away. Of course, with Sango’s finger holding them in place, their efforts did not mean anything to the gargantuan woman.

“Come now, is it really so hard to even run away properly?” the Goddess clicked her tongue as her finger pressed down. “And another ant dies,” she sighed. “Honestly, can you bugs at least make this remotely challenging?” Back up to her full height, Sango performed a quick glance around herself. While there was still a lot of city left to crush, the area around her was nicely destroyed to her liking. Satisfied with her work in this section of the city, Sango moved onto the next cluster of buildings; she knew just the thing for them.

After a couple steps, Sango turned her back to her target. A glance over her shoulder showed her dozens of tiny buildings and frantic humans right where they needed to be. “Look out~” she laughed, slowly and gently lowering her rear. The Goddess imagined all the tiny people looking up to see the sky eclipsed with her titanic butt, slowly coming in to crush them all. The sight would fuel their desires to run, maybe start driving even faster, hold their loved ones and whisper how everything would be okay. The foolish notion made Sango snicker. “Nope.”

With yet another thunderous crash, Sango sat down.

As with everything else the giantess did, there was untold destruction, so many lives taken and buildings easily demolished by the mere act of her sitting down. “Serves you all right for not worshiping your Goddess!” As she sat, a familiar feeling filled her once again. “Oh? Already? Well I suppose…” She chuckled to herself, “Get ready for your Goddess to get even bigger germs!”

While not her biggest growth spurt, Sango still let out soft moans of pleasure as her body started to expand and demolish more land. The green mountain that was her skirt-covered ass grew; to those unfortunately close, it almost appeared as if it was chasing them. The pathetic people tried their best to run with no luck; they too were crushed to make way for their larger Goddess. The same could be said for every part of Sango’s body: her feet that laid peacefully on the ground pushed into uncrushed territories, steamrolling their way through; her hands which clenched tightly against the ground dug up more and more earth with each passing second; all the while, a piercing moan echoed across the entire planet until it finally died down.

“Mmm...” Sango slowly stood back up onto her feet, satisfied with the results of her latest burst of ascension. The already puny Tokyo was now even punier to her massive frame. Her height had tripled from before; now no longer a 5-mile giantess, Sango was instead a 15-mile Goddess. “Now perhaps you bugs will worship me properly,” she purred. “Hmm…” Sango’s eyes locked with the rest of the city that remained uncrushed, her hands grasped her hips as she stared down mockingly at the buildings she could obliterate in minutes. “Hello, pathetic ants! I’ll only say this once: Don’t do as I say and I will crush you all into paste.” Her lips twisted into a smile, “Worship me. Or…” Her right foot moved and raised itself over another plot of land. “...You’ll regret it.”

A moment passed before her foot stomped down anyway.

“Too slow!” Sango giggled as she wiped her foot clean on other destroyed areas before lowering herself to the ground, her massive bosom annihilating even more of Tokyo as she stared down at the tiny buildings and people. “You’ll find I’m an impatient goddess...Oh well...Guess you’ll just have to be an example...” Sango laughed, slapping her palm into the ground. “Oops, I just keep forgetting how fragile all of you worthless mites are!”

Sango was thoroughly enjoying every second of her destruction, even the true Sango within admittedly enjoying what her body was doing against her wishes. She was a living goddess, many times larger than the tallest of buildings, and this feeling of power was only multiplied further when she factored into account that she was now in the future and that everything was even more powerless compared to her than she could have ever fathomed. “Now then…” the sultry voice of the Goddess resounded throughout the entire city, “...let me show you all just how worthless you all are before me…”

Faster than any normal human believed she could move, Sango dug her hands into the earth as she moved onto her knees, her massive green-clothed mountain of butt sitting upon blocks upon blocks of unsuspecting, uncrushed land, turning the area into another deep crater in the shape of her magnificent posterior all so that the Goddess could rest. With her tremendous strength, Sango lifted a large chunk of earth from the planet, holding a portion of the city in her hands. Slowly, the Goddess brought the patch of city landscape up to her mouth, her tongue gently poking out of its mouth as she did so, the endless crimson anaconda signaling their fate as it licked her lips in eager anticipation.


“Can you all see this?” Sango asked as she moved her prize in front of her. “Do you see all of this? What I hold in my hands are some of you bugs and your precious creations. Now then, this is what happens when you don’t worship…” Wasting no time, Sango bit into the piece of earth, her powerful pearl teeth easily splitting the land, crunching countless humans and several skyscrapers with ease, quickly gulping down her first bite to emphasize just how easy it was. The survivors of the initial bite quickly attempted to scurry off the raised land, some of them jumping off to the ground far below rather than dying in such a gruesome way; it mattered not, however, because however they chose to end their lives, not a single one of them would survive this ordeal. “You bugs taste all the same...Do you think I care about a single one of you? No. You are all nothing before me, and you always will be. You’re all merely my entertainment, and once I grow bored of you, I’ll dispose of you however I please...Of course, your Goddess isn’t completely heartless. Watch as I display a hint of my kindness...” The Goddess turned her eyes back to the partially eaten surface, her beautiful brown eyes staring at it with utter disgust. “Worship me, praise your Goddess with all your heart, bow before me and thank me for being your deity...and perhaps I shall spare you…”

The titaness’s deal was not much of an offer as much as it was a command, her tone of voice stern and serious as it ever was. Despite their recent attempts at escape, those who were too cowardly to take their own lives found hope in this tiny sliver of mercy from their captor; perhaps they would live to see tomorrow after all if they obeyed. One by one, person after person dropped to their knees, praising the unnamed goddess that had suddenly fallen from the heavens, even forcing others to join in prayer even if they did not mean it; as long as there was a way out, they had to try to take it.

Sango could soon hear small voices emanating from her colony, bringing it up to her right ear to listen to the praise of her, the all-powerful Goddess. “Well, I see you wasted no time…” she chuckled as she indulged in her worship. “You bugs have done well, and now it is time to keep my end of the promise…”

Sango slowly placed the remaining land back in its former spot in the earth, the patch of land instantly titling at an angle due to its missing portion, outlined by the teeth of the Goddess. “Now then…” Sango began as she leaned down towards the land, “...go and continue to praise my name, but if I ever cease to hear your worship, I won’t hesitate to kill you all.”

The Goddess once again made her way back onto her feet, her 15-mile form casting a powerful shadow over the land. Almost immediately, due to her height, Sango could no longer hear any of the voices coming from the land she had just spared; she knew this would happen, and it was time to show them the Wrath of the Goddess.

No...But it’s not fair… Sango’s inner self protested. You can’t...We did this, so we can’t…

“You worthless ants!” the kimono-clad deity bellowed, her voice filled with utter anger. “Are you all this pathetic?! Not even a few seconds have gone by and you have already forsaken my kindness! You have all betrayed your Goddess, and for that, I will never spare any of you ever again!”


As she had promised, Sango did not hesitate for a moment, immediately turning her back towards the piece of land she had spared, her face displaying a wicked smirk to those who could see it on the other side of Tokyo. Just like her initial landing on the planet, Sango’s massive butt came crashing down like a meteor from the heavens, crushing the blasphemous territory as well as hundreds of other blocks of untouched land as well, sending powerful shockwaves throughout the entire city that decimated other sections of the metropolis on their own.

The Goddess simply sat upon the land, laughing wickedly as she wiggled her butt further into the earth, all while her toes played with several dozen buildings miles away from the impact zone.


An annoying screech rang out in Sango’s ears. Instinctively, the Goddess grasped her ears to blot out the pesky sound. “Ugh, again?!”

I will NOT let you just crush people for no reason!

“Don’t lie! You liked it too!” Sango screamed to no one in particular. Her mind was filled with piercing pain, then...nothing. Slowly, almost fearfully, Sango’s eyes opened once more: they were not the cold, heartless eyes she had moments ago; these were her usual eyes, kind eyes, and right now, terrified eyes.

The demon slayer knew it was not a dream, but even so, she desperately wished it was. There was no denying it though as Sango stared in horror at the immense destruction she herself caused to the future city of Tokyo: the countless lives snuffed beneath her titanic soles; all the innocents who were crunched between her teeth; the kind, caring people who all met their end under her rear.

“What...have I done…?”



Chapter 8

Sango gazed out at the ruined cityscape around herself: much of Tokyo still stood intact, albeit at a tiny height to her, yet at this moment, she could not rationalize all the havoc she had wrought. The demon slayer had wiped out almost a fourth of the city; in mere minutes, she had killed countless people with the simple movements of her body. Even if a majority of the city’s denizens still lived, far too many had perished. Every second she lingered risked killing yet another person at her hands, consciously or not.

“I need to get out of here…” Sango said calmly as she carefully rose to her feet, looking for the coastline somewhere in the distance; in the water, her steps would not hurt anyone. The ocean was easy enough to find, but it was where it was that was the problem. The ocean was directly past Tokyo, miles and miles away from the city, but mere footsteps to the giant huntress. The problem, however, was that the unscathed remainder of Tokyo stood between her and her goal.

Ultimately, there was no other choice to be made; each second Sango wasted was another second she risked losing control of her body again. With the utmost caution in her step, the massive woman gently stepped forward. Sango’s first few steps were all in ruined areas, but even so, she took care not to hurt any stragglers that somehow managed to survive her wrath. The problem came when she finally reached new ground: put simply, Sango was just too big. There was no road in all of Japan wide enough to fit her massive feet, no path that did not involve copious amounts of destruction no matter how hard she tried to avoid it.

“Please, run away everyone!” the Feudal Era woman called out to the survivors left in the area, her voice resounding throughout most of Japan. “I’m so sorry, but I need to come through!” Ever so slowly, Sango raised her right foot and edged it over the closest city ward with the least amount of buildings. “Please hurry! I don’t know how long I can hold my foot like this!”

Even with her hunter-trained eyes, all Sango could make out below her were the minute buildings surrounding her; individual people were too small to be seen from Sango’s 15 mile vantage point, utterly invisible before the titaness. The demon slayer held a pose of one leg hovering over a set spot for several minutes, trying to give people as much time as possible to evacuate. Of course, eventually Sango’s stamina ran out, and her foot finally fell to the ground. The girl winced as she felt dozens of buildings crumble instantly beneath her sole. Desperately, Sango told herself no one was left to perish beneath her foot, though deep down, a part of her knew that more than a few were too slow. And the scary part was...she did not necessarily have a problem with that.

I need to get cured soon...I don’t know how much longer I can stay sane at this rate.

Sango raised her foot for the next step, once again holding it out and warning people as long as possible. One, two, twenty minutes, Sango had taken a grand total of three steps. She looked forward to the ocean, hopeful that she was almost there, though in reality, she was not even close, much to her disappointment.

“This is going to take a while…” Sango sighed. If she was back in her time, she would have long since cleared human civilization and could safely hole up in a cave somewhere. The future, on the other hand, was so cramped that even someone of her stature felt claustrophobic. It would be so easy to just walk and ignore the specks by her feet. After all, the massive woman had already given all of Tokyo plenty of time to get away from her; anyone who was left would deserve it.

No! I can’t think like that!

It was then that Sango felt an itch coming from her left ankle; actually, she felt a lot of itches. A cursory glance around the nearby area quickly told her why: she was being attacked. Hordes and hordes of vehicles had appeared around the giantess in the ruins of the city she had wrecked, Japan finally organizing its counterattack against the mysterious woman. It was everything the island nation had mobilized in a full frontal assault, barraging Sango with everything it had. By the woman’s feet, tanks aimed up and blasted heavy cannon shells in perfect rhythm, all while dozens of fighter jets simultaneously circled her from multiple sides, blasting Hellfire missiles across her kimono-clad form. It was the strongest offensive the nation could muster aside from a nuclear bomb.

Despite the Japanese-American forces’ hardest efforts, the assault had no effect whatsoever on the monolithic Sango. Actually, Japan did manage to succeed in giving Sango slight itches with each blow, but that was it; the best weapons in the island nation had barely made the girl itch. Sango was simply too big for any offensive weapons to have any physically apparent effect on her titanic body. Sango could never fault the people for their reaction, but even so, the sight of a fully organized military assault dismayed her. Japan, her homeland, had actively labelled her a threat that had to be eliminated. No one was trying to help her, no one was trying to form some kind of agreement; they just wanted Sango dead.

“Please leave me alone! I’m trying to leave before there’s more destruction!”

The foreign-looking specks did not say anything in reply, only resuming their bombardment.

“Hng.” Sango felt her eyes watering as she looked back to the ocean, still so far away. “I just want to go home…” Wait! That’s it! If a portal got me here, maybe one can bring me back to my time! The thought alone was enough for Sango to start speeding up her return to the water. But... how am I supposed to make a portal to the Feudal Era reappear? Briefly, the huntress thought back to when the portal appeared at the oceanside temple in the Feudal Era. Sango recalled herself entering the water, and then the Jewel within her started reacting. Maybe the Sacred Jewel has something to do with my return? Well, at least it’s better than nothing, and it’s much better than staying here. What do I have to lose?

With a hopeful plan in mind, Sango hastened her way to the ocean, attempting to keep her destructive steps to a minimum so as to reduce collateral damage and overall loss of life. Despite her sudden charge ahead, the local military resolve never wavered, continuing their assault on the titaness even though dozens of ground and aerial units were accidentally obliterated with each earth-shattering stomp. After a total of five more steps, the demon slayer had arrived at the shores of the Tokyo harbor, eager to return to her own time. Taking a deep breath, Sango moved her left foot into the calm ocean and looked back towards the future world, hoping with all her heart that her journey would soon be over. Please, please work… Sango’s right foot soon followed suit, pulling itself from the ground and into the cool waters. Now standing solemnly in the ocean, the giantess closed her eyes and prayed: she prayed for the portal to her home to reopen; she prayed for an end to all this; she prayed to return to normal.

What Sango received in return for her prayers was the last feeling she wanted.

“No...No...Not again...Not so soon…” Sango began to pant as she felt the familiar sensation of unstoppable power creeping through her colossal frame. “I won’t...I won’t let it happen again…”

The titaness held her hands against her head as she attempted to hold back the strange force within her body, this time hoping to be strong enough to prevent it altogether. Sango knew that with each burst of power, it became harder and harder to resist, and the periods of lack of bodily control began to become ever-longer; if she was not strong enough to win this time, she might never regain control if she let it consume her one final time. While the kimono-clad goddess fought internally, the remnants of the Japanese-American army saw their opening; in mere moments, a squadron of fighter jets had returned to assault the mysterious woman, bombing her from every angle and launching missile after missile at her towering figure. Despite their hardest efforts, their attacks only caused minor itches at the most yet again, not even cutting through the fabric of her outfit to damage the woman in the slightest.

“Please...Please stop…” Sango begged as she struggled to maintain control, tears welling up in her eyes as she continued her losing battle against whatever continued to draw out her most evil instincts. This...This is all my fault...all because...all because I wasn’t strong enough to defeat Naraku in the first place...No matter what I do, I can’t seem to ever make anything right! I...I...I don’t know what to do anymore...I just want all of this to end...I just want to go home!

More and more tears welled up in the huntress’s eyes as she continued to lament on her situation; Sango had spent so much time doing what was right, and it all had led to the current situation. In these troubled times, the massive woman only seemed to find more and more anguish no matter how hard she tried to return to normal. However, this was not entirely true; there was one thing that comforted her. Whether Sango admitted it not, perhaps it was the solution to her problem all along. The young woman had spent so long fighting it, but if fighting it led to this, then perhaps it was time for a different tactic entirely.

Maybe if I...if I try to accept it...then maybe…

Just once, Sango welcomed the feeling of growth, and this time, the sensation of complete dominance could be felt more strongly than ever before.

Sango almost gasped as she felt herself surge upwards several miles almost instantaneously, letting her hands fall back to her sides as the rush of growth her body felt filled her with pure ecstasy, continuing to grow faster and larger by the second. She had never felt so exhilarated before in her life; not even slaying demons made her feel so alive, so refreshed, so confident, and just so overall happy. Slowly, the demon slayer turned around to face Tokyo once again, the fighter planes that had dared to attack her crashing into fireballs against the simple movement of her body, countless pieces of burning metal scraps raining down into the nearby harbor. Sango gazed down at her ever-diminishing world, wondering if she really should take the first step - both literally and figuratively - down a path she could not deviate from once she chose.

A part of her told her it would be alright. Was it the Jewel, her conscience, or perhaps Sango's heart already knew the truth before she did? Regardless of what it was, her right foot began to raise itself of its own accord. Still expanding, the now 55-mile tall woman saw the shadow of her sole slowly stretch out over the land. While Sango’s foot simply hovered high above the city, those who still remained within its boundaries - average citizens, members of the military, and even Kagome and Inuyasha themselves - simply stopped in place and stared up at the heavens, their mouths agape in awe and their eyes filled with shock and disbelief as more and more of the sky above was replaced with the soft tan flesh of the Feudal Era woman’s sole. Within just a few minutes, the entire city was soon eclipsed by the sole of the goddess, Sango’s 250 mile form only continuing to grow without a care in the world.

Suddenly, Sango felt a bit apprehensive. All the modern-day gadgets, all the people, the tanks and planes that pursued her, even her friend Kagome was somewhere amidst all the specks - what she was about to do would forever isolate her from what she once was. To do this was to cast off her humanity, but the giantess knew that she was no longer human now; she was something more, a goddess - the Goddess. Filled with resolve, Sango decided to prove her evolved form was truly above that of mere humans. In mere moments, her foot began to lower, the sky beginning to descend upon the doomed city of Tokyo.

Kagome and Inuyasha watched in sheer horror from ground level as the gargantuan foot of the demon slayer slowly dropped in altitude, frightening everyone else in the doomed city as well. Despite his countless bouts with humongous demons, even the great Inuyasha was in awe of the city-sized, and still growing, foot above him, blotting out the sky in a wall of smooth, almost perfect, tan skin. All the while, Sango continually had to reassure herself she was making the right decision.

"No, I'm not human anymore, not like I am now!” the Goddess shook her head. “Humans are small, but I've grown far beyond that of a normal human...They are weak, relying only on their weapons, yet I no longer need to use them...”

Each second seemed to last an eternity; Sango's foot slowly descended inch by inch, expanding all the while doing so. Everyone in its range knew their fate was sealed; many tried to run, but every still knew that this was it. The sole of the giant foot began to graze the tallest buildings in the city, or rather, upon coming into contact with Sango, they collapsed immediately.

"I have to...I...I know this is the right decision...” Sango told herself. “Somewhere in my soul...I...I know that I must do this. Why I ever resisted this...I was the one who caused all of this. I should have listened from the beginning...ever since I first felt the power telling me what I was meant to become...I was such a fool. I'm...something more than human now, something beyond what anyone else could ever become...


With her declaration of utter supremacy, the kimono-clad goddess could feel the countless tiny structures beneath her foot crumbling into pieces like the dirt they now were to her. With her new acceptance, there was an odd pleasure to the destruction she felt against her skin. Sango had questioned it for so long, but now that she was actually trying to crush everything, it suddenly did not seem like such a big deal; humans were no different than the insects she often crushed before she grew. Still, a part of her had doubts about her ascension into godhood, so to silence this insolent part of her forever, the gentle descent of the Goddess's foot quickly became more aggressive. The entire city flew into a panic as the massive sole above them began to descend much more rapidly, knocking over the largest buildings with ease and crushing their way down to the ground floor of the city.

"Sango...Why...?" Kagome could only utter as she watched Tokyo crumble effortlessly against the goddess's sole. As Inuyasha began to ready a final, fruitless Wind Scar, Sango let out a small chuckle - it was time to finish off her first colony of ‘bugs’.

The final touch was oddly satisfying. By all rights, Sango should not have felt anything aside from a few crunches beneath her sole, but that was not it at all. She felt everything: the huntress could sense everything beneath her - every puny building, every individual flicker of life - and slowly, one by one, those little twinkles of life began to fade. Out of the countless flickers that were being extinguished, of note were two, the two she knew belonged to her former friends Kagome and Inuyasha, now simply two less-than-worthless insects to her. Insects as they were, Sango still decided to indulge her final urge as a human.

"Goodbye..." Sango muttered with a calm smile.

As she finished her utterance, Sango's foot finally made contact with the planet below, her impact triggering a powerful earthquake to rock the island nation, causing a massive dust storm to pick up, in addition to altering the flow of the tidal waves off of Japan's coast. The titanic woman simply watched with a smile as she let her foot rest on the ground for a while, relishing in every last detail she felt meeting its doom against her sole. Those who had not yet perished were falling one by one to her, each of their lives felt by the Goddess as they were taken from them by the simple act of resting her foot.



Chapter 9

Around the world, the media had quickly deemed the event the Tokyo Stomp, a testament to the endless might the Goddess possessed. As the last flicker of life was permanently extinguished beneath her sole, Sango’s growth finally halted, leaving the beautiful kimono-clad woman at a truly monolithic size of 400 miles in height. With the acceptance of the power of the corrupted Shikon Jewel, the world was now hers to command and destroy as she wished. From her new height, she chuckled wickedly as she imagined the countless ‘bugs’ still currently about on her planet. It was the duty of a goddess to rid the world of such worthless insects, and with her power now solidified, it was time for Sango to determine if the path she had chosen was truly the right one.

A simple look around her showed the Goddess the many other populated areas of Japan, grand cities that helped offer the best of the nation. To Sango, however, it was all just glorified dirt, dirt that plagued her world. In a single step, her toes grazed another city. She briefly contemplated giving the specks a chance to worship her, but the idea quickly lost her interest. Why should a goddess have to make people worship her? If they did not naturally do so, it was only proper that their lives be forfeit. The satisfaction of their destruction would be the ultimate gift they could offer to their goddess. That was why Sango’s foot once again rose into the air.

Sango’s face was completely stoic, the Goddess’s eyes coldly staring at the worthless city below her the same way one would look at a bug: hardly worth attention, but just annoying enough to need to be disposed of by a superior being. That was all humanity was to her now, something hardly worth her attention. Any trace of the former girl seemed lost, replaced by the one thing she fought so desperately not to become: a monster.

Sango did not even take the effort to mock the microbes in the city; her foot simply lowered itself until yet another cataclysmic stomp shook the world. Compared to Tokyo’s long, drawn out demise, this lasted mere seconds. Sango allowed a smug smirk to form on her face as she dug her foot deeper into the ground to assure there were no survivors.

“Hmm…” the titaness hummed thoughtfully. A minute portion of her being felt bad for what she just did, but Sango’s main emotion right now was, of all things, confusion. Despite accepting her role that the world gave her, crushing this city was nowhere near as satisfying or grand as what she did to Tokyo.

Perhaps I’m missing something...Maybe degrading them and showing them the error of their ways is the key.

With that thought, Sango took another step towards the next city for a second try. Despite being new to her role as a goddess, the words flowed out of her as naturally as air. “You have one chance, mortals. Accept and worship me as your Goddess, or perish beneath my feet. There will be no second chances. Kneel.” As powerful finger pointed to the ground, Sango allowed a smirk to cross her face as she envisioned thousands of people kneeling before her mountainous toes, desperately appeasing her with soft kisses and meager trinkets. Of course, she had no means of actually seeing the people do these things, but after two cities were crushed in a single step, the huntress was more than confident that these people were scared enough to do whatever she wanted.

But it still was not enough.

As nice as it was knowing that an entire city of people submitted to her in an instant, it still just was not as satisfying as before. What am I doing wrong…? the Goddess asked herself, briefly breaking her cold look to show concern. Swiftly, she fixed her expression into one of anger, “Not good enough! Your Goddess demands that all you mortals crawl your way to her feet and kiss them! Submit to me, and I will let you live in my world. Resist, and I will show no mercy.”

The Goddess smiled at the faintest sensations of thousands pampering her titanic soles with affection. Although she could not see them, she could more than feel their shame-filled submission to her. Men, women, elders, children - all were now kissing her feet desperately so that she could grant them another moment to live. If that was not godly, then what was?

“Lick!” Sango ordered.

Everyone proceeded to start licking.

Finally, Sango began to feel the satisfaction she wanted. So degrading them and forcing them to worship me is the key… she theorized as she wiggled her toes, killing countless humans in the simple act. Those who lived continued out of fear that they would be next; these people now lived to serve their new goddess.

That was why everyone was appalled when her all-powerful foot rose into the air once again.

Still fresh with the saliva of all who licked it, Sango’s foot stood proudly in the air and cast an enormous shadow over the city. The last thing the countless people saw was her perfect sole as it came crashing down in yet another powerful stomp.

“Mmm…” Sango moaned. As with Tokyo, she felt the countless lives snuffed beneath her foot fade away en masse. With the simplest of actions, people died just because she willed it. It made the Goddess feel alive again. After all the trauma she went through in recent days, this euphoria was everything she could have wished for.

Laughing, the giant goddess looked to the rest of Japan and shook her head in complete disgust. “I’ve made my decision,” she declared, her voice heard practically around the globe. “After investigating a few of your pathetic little towns, your goddess has determined that this land is beyond salvation! It is too late for you all to redeem yourselves and accept me as the one and only all-powerful deity. There is only one punishment for this: Death. However, do not fear, for I am a benevolent goddess...I shall eradicate you all myself!” Sango let out a chuckle, “Be grateful! There is no greater honor than to perish by the hands - or rather, the feet -  of your goddess!”

The citizens of Japan were instantly horrified at the Goddess’s declaration. Less than an hour ago, this woman of tremendous stature had fallen from the heavens, and in that short amount of time, she had increased in size eighty-fold, destroyed several cities as if they were nothing, and now, she had handed down a death sentence upon the entire nation. It was as if the entire country was engulfed in a living nightmare where death was the unavoidable outcome, and no how hard they tried, there would never be any chance that the Goddess would change her mind. The eradication of all life in the island country would begin with the Goddess’s next cataclysm-inducing stomp.

Wasting no time, Sango began to carelessly walk across her home nation, each footfall wiping out a small town of their own. She no longer cared about any of the humans beneath her; every life she took only filled her with an ever-greater feeling of euphoria, reassuring her that her decision to become The Goddess was the right one. After a few simple steps - leaving a trail of city-sized footprints in her wake - the demon slayer paused for a moment, singling out a lone area of urban jungle to give her personal touch to further inspire fear into her worthless cretins.

Dropping down onto her knees, a massive mountain of green soon appeared before the city, causing several dozen buildings to collapse from the shockwaves her impact caused, while a vibrant mix of pink and magenta instantly replaced their azure sky.

“You worthless little ants…” Sango said coldly with a wicked grin on her face as she stared down at her latest toy. “I won’t spare you, any of you, but I want you to beg me to change my mind.” The Goddess’s right hand slammed down next to the city, cutting off another exit. “Tell me the error of your ways. How wrong you were to not worship your Goddess when you were given the chance.” Her left palm followed suit, terrifying the populace even more. “Get down on your hands and knees. Bow before me and beg for my mercy! And while you’re down there, praise me. Thank me for deciding to kill you all. Thank your Goddess for deciding to kill you all for being the pathetic insects you all are!” Completely distraught by their lack of options, person after person did as commanded. They fell to the ground, praying to the colossal woman, apologizing for the non-existent error of their ways and for her wise judgment in this matter. By now, of course, Sango could not hear anything from far down below; this was simply the icing on the cake which further stroked her new ego, causing her to hold back a chuckle. She knew how pathetic humans were when they were on the brink of death because she once was one herself; she knew that everyone was begging for her to spare them because she herself appeared human. Of course, they were all wrong in their reasoning; though Sango still looked human, her size and disposition towards the human race made it clear that she was far beyond them all. As the last-minute worship continued, Sango simply began to lower herself to the ground, pressing her hands deep into the planet as the lavender sky of her kimono quickly descended upon the populace. “Now...die…” Like the huntress she had been raised to be, the Feudal Era woman lay her chest into the ground, crushing the city and surrounding area beneath her wonderfully endowed bust. Sango could feel every life she was taking as she slowly wiggled her chest into the ground, knowing that until the very end, no one had lifted their head to view their inevitable destruction. They had all died believing their last bit of worship would sway the Goddess’s mind, yet all of their efforts were for naught, a thought that only filled Sango’s mind with unrivaled satisfaction of her recent actions.

After picking herself off of the ground and dusting herself off, Sango continued her decimation of the island nation. A few careless stomps later, Sango had arrived at her next personal playground, but this time, she wanted the entire world to know just how easily it was to eradicate the dwindling ‘bug’ population. “You know what? I think I just might let this town live. Go ahead, run away,” the Goddess declared as she planted her feet directly in front of its outskirts. “I won’t even move a tiny bit.”

But I never said anything about growing, now did I?

Looking deep within herself, Sango actively drew upon the power of the corrupt Shikon Jewel for the first time, noticing the world around her begin to shrink before her almost instantly. Though she remained true to her word, the demon slayer’s perfect feet quickly began to encroach upon the town, her wiggling toes acting as living bulldozers, demolishing blocks of edifices and flattening anyone unfortunate to get in their way. People began to flee as the massive woman had warned them to, but their executioner was simply growing too quickly for them to flee, already having added a few miles onto her already incredible height in a matter of seconds. “What’s wrong? Why don’t you run?” Sango mocked as her feet now filled a quarter of the city. “Have you accepted your deaths...or have you just realized that I can crush you all without even moving? Now do you all see the power of your Goddess?! You all die as I simply become stronger than ever!” Once her feet had encompassed half of the town, the huntress had grown bored of her game, halting her expansion at 450 miles in height and lifting up her right foot, crushing the remaining portion of the town beneath her sole. “Let this be a lesson to all!” Sango laughed. “There is no escape from your demise. All of you shall perish before your Goddess, even if I don’t have to lift a finger to do so!”

Still riding the rush of yet another successful massacre, the Goddess turned her head to the remaining populated areas left standing. In mere minutes, the once powerful island nation had been reduced to miles of rubble and debris. The last remnants of Japan all resided in the last corner of the island Sango had yet to destroy.

I better remedy that.

“Now then…” Sango strolled over to the corner of the island, finally stopping just over a city with her feet planted in the water, surrounding it on either side. “How should I dispose of you worthless mortals, hmm? I must admit that crushing you scum beneath my feet is starting to get repetitive. So, how would you all like to die?” Ideas rushed through the Goddess’s mind of possible methods of destroying this next heap of soon-to-be rubble. “You know what? I’ve decided I won’t even do anything to you.” Sango smirked, “I could easily grow and let my feet take care of everything for me. An even easier option would be to simply step on you all. Even just laying down would be enough to destroy you worthless specks a thousand times over. No...I think I have a much simpler idea.” Loud booms came from beneath the surface of the water the Goddess stood on; no one could ever imagine those seismic activities were the result of the simple act of Sango scrunching her toes. “Allow me to show you all how utterly minute and insignificant you are to me...” The titanic left foot of the demon slayer rose from the water, positioning itself in a now familiar position over the city. “Look up into the sky mortals! I want you to see this!” In-between Sango’s toes resided land ripped straight from the bottom of the ocean. “To me, it just feels as if I have a few specks between my toes, but as I’m sure you’re all aware, even the dirt between my toes is infinitely greater than any of you could ever hope to be! This is my blessing to you all: Perish beneath the dirt trapped between my toes!” With her death sentence decided, Sango wiggled her toes and released the immense boulders onto the helpless town.

The Goddess quite literally did not need to do anything from there on out; the dirt that once clung to her feet took care of everything for her. She imagined how it must’ve been - what were mere specks to her were meteors raining down merciless judgment on all those beneath her sole. If the rocks did not kill them or if the people were fortunate enough to be far away from her toes, then the water that fell from her foot more than sufficed. Drops rained from her foot by the dozen, each the size of a large building at the least, entire neighborhoods flooding instantaneously from a single bead of salt water; people suddenly found themselves in newly made oceans with no choice but to drown slowly and painfully as the sky rained rocks down upon them all. Slowly, the city fell apart with no action from the Goddess at all. Her sole blotted out the sky, almost as if it mocked the people. Everyone was slowly suffering and prolonging the inevitable. If the Goddess so chose, she could lower her foot and end all their suffering in an instant, but no, the Goddess refused; it stayed where it was, reminding everyone who still lived that Sango wanted them to suffer.

By some miracle, the barrage and ceaseless death began to slow down. The rocks grew less in number alongside the building-sized drops as Sango’s foot had begun to dry and run out of dirt between her toes. It lasted only a minute at most, but the city was almost entirely destroyed. However, despite the destruction from above, people still survived, thanking God for their good fortunes.

Then, after gently submerging her sole back in the nearby waters, Sango brought out her other foot.

Much like the first one, her right foot was freshly soaked and carried even more earth between its toes. The Goddess released her grip on the boulders once more, dealing the final blow to this city. Just for safe measure, her stomp wiped out all traces of its existence once her foot was free of debris once again.


Sango moved further along the coast, where one last large coastal city stood between her and the utter extinction of Japan.

“I trust even ants as miniscule and worthless as yourselves know what to expect?” the Goddess mused as she lowered herself closer to the ground. “Accept your fate and die with dignity beneath your Goddess. It is with great pleasure that I will end all your lives.” Resigned to death, the last of the Japanese looked to the sky and awaited their fate. How would the great evil Goddess end them? Would she smash them beneath her foot? Would she sit on them like she would a chair? Would she smash them beneath her massive mammaries? Eat them? Or perhaps swat them out like the insects they were to her? Overhead, the sky began to fill with the sight of Sango’s incoming hand. People readied themselves for the inevitable smack, but it just never came. Almost as if she did not even notice the town, Sango’s fingers instead dug into the coast around it. Effortlessly, she ripped the land from the ground below, and with it came half the town. Trapped in a large clump of dirt in the Goddess’s palm, the town was brought up countless miles into the air. The instant change in pressure quickly made everyone sick to their stomachs, if not killing them. Sango didn’t care though; she simply grinned at the city she held in her fingers. “It would be much too easy to simply clench my hand and crush you all into nothingness. I’ve decided on a much better end for your puny city.” Without explaining, Sango’s hand turned on its side and her fingers let go. “Fall,” she commanded. Gravity, almost as if it was commanded by the Goddess, immediately took effect, and the countless lives found their land falling back to Earth from over 400 miles in the air. People flung about every direction, smacking into buildings, flying into the infinite abyss with their cars; not a single person was alive seconds after Sango released the landmass.

However, that was not all, because right beneath where half the town was going to land...was the other half. It never stood a chance against the oncoming meteor; in an instant, countless lives vanished in what could only be described as an apocalyptic impact. To Sango, it was just a faint crash at her feet. “And with that, I have successfully cleansed this land. Be grateful, mortals, that I took the time to right this wrong myself.” Sango raised her gaze from the desolate island nation and looked above, to where another landmass awaited. A grin formed on the Goddess’s face as she began her trek towards it. “Another landform? And this one seems to stretch on farther than I can see! The bugs of the future have created much since my time, but that just means there are much more of them to wipe out!”



Chapter 10

Five simple steps. This was all it took for Sango to cross the East China Sea into southeastern China, stopping at the edge of its coast as her toes playfully drummed against the ocean floor, creating minor tremors throughout the coastline. The frightened populace of the nation of one billion had seen the kimono-clad woman’s purge of Japan first-hand, either by viewing her directly or by watching her from live satellite feeds. With the mysterious towering figure now at their doorstep, it would only be a matter of time before their own nation suffered the same fate.

“Well, well...Would you look at this?” Sango mused as she gazed down at the unfamiliar continent. “It seems more of you mortals have settled down upon this land as well. Such resilient little things, aren’t you? No matter...But before I begin, I think you all need a demonstration of my power…”

Suddenly, the drumming of toes was silenced as the sole of the Goddess merely rested upon the ocean floor, the water no longer high enough to even submerge her ankles. “Now, all of you...Drown.” With her chilling command, Sango moved her foot backwards a few relative inches, preparing for her next move. In the next instant, she casually swept her foot forward, creating a gargantuan tidal wave that quickly headed towards the coast line. To Sango, it was a simple motion she had done countless times over when taking a bath, creating a small, barely noticeable wave in the water, yet at her current height, such a simple action had created a ten-thousand foot tsunami, powerful enough to utterly annihilate everything in its path. The people of coastal China reacted in a mixture of panic and acceptance; those who had not seen Sango’s destructive power did their best to flee the oncoming wave, yet those who had borne witness to her abilities simply accepted their fate, even going so far as to bow in prayer before the deity as their last act on this planet. Mere seconds later, the tsunami made landfall, its impact instantly flooding miles upon miles of coastal land, submerging city after city in untold gallons of water, assuring that no human being would ever survive. Resort buildings, cars, landmarks, and even a small mountain or two were swept away by the sheer force of the rushing water, the torrents generated by the wave never before experienced anywhere else on Earth. The Goddess simply watched with delight as the land beneath her was flooded like a rice field; although she could not see the destruction she had caused, she knew that her demonstration of dominance had killed thousands upon thousands of the mortals she had grown to despise.

That was almost too easy…Barely any fun at all.

Despite her accomplishment, the former huntress felt confused. She had killed more people than ever - this was for certain - and yet she did not feel the same feeling of satisfaction she had experienced when she had terrorized all of Japan. Maybe it’s because I didn’t force them to worship me first? Yes, that must be why. I’ll try again...

“Absolutely pathetic…” Sango declared with disgust as she stepped onto the soggy coast, crunching what remained of the soaked cities beneath her with ease. “You’re just like the bugs from Japan, just as fragile and weak as all of them...But might be willing to listen to your goddess…”

Taking several earth-shattering stomps towards an unaffected area of land deeper on the continent, the Goddess soon found herself before a medium-sized city surrounded by the natural wildlife of the country, a perfect testing ground of this new land’s species of bugs. Wasting no time, Sango planted both feet on either side of the city, letting the people below know that the time of judgment was upon them.

“Hello, bugs,” she addressed them. “Consider yourselves lucky. You worthless ants get to decide the fate of everyone else on your human-created land. Now then, you have one chance, and once chance only. I won’t repeat myself: Accept and worship me as your goddess, pray for me to have mercy upon you all...or perish beneath my feet. There will be no second chances. Now, your goddess is incredibly impatient, so you only have a few moments to obey. Bow.

Sango simply raised her right foot an inch off the ground and lowered it promptly, the small but powerful movement signaling both her impatience and that it was time for mankind to make its choice. Not wishing to repeat the disaster in Japan, person after person dropped to their knees in respect of the massive woman, despite not being able to understand a word she was saying. The demon slayer could only imagine how desperately they were worshipping her, begging her to spare them from a death that she could deliver at any moment. This thought gave Sango a small amount of pleasure, though it still seemed to pale in comparison to her acts in Japan. Why? I’m sure this is just how I did it last time. Perhaps...Perhaps a test of faith is in order...?

Wasting no time in her latest idea, the massive left foot of the Goddess rose high into the air, covering the city in a familiar tan sky they had seen on television that had always preceded the annihilation of a town. However, just as they believed they were all doomed, the sky began to clear momentarily before Sango dove her big toe into the center of the town, wiping out hundreds of blocks and killing thousands instantly as she dug into the earth. In the span of only five seconds, Sango had moved her foot back to its original position, a small but deep toe-shaped crater now permanently indented in the heart of the city.

“Get. In…Now,” she commanded, pointing towards her latest creation. Although the Chinese people still could not understand her, they could read her body language clearly, everyone heading towards the spot she had indicated. “It’s time to see just how truthful you were being when you said you’d worship. That hole is the only place where you can be safe from my power. I’m going to destroy this town, and if any of you survive, then you have truly accepted me as your goddess. If not, then your actions have doomed the rest of your worthless populace as well. Get ready, for the test begins now…”

Knowing full well that it would be impossible for even a small fraction of the population to make it inside the hole in time, Sango simply began to turn around, bringing her mountainous posterior into the view of the city. Deep down, Sango knew that even if anyone actually made it into the hole, it was not deep enough to save anyone; all would perish with her next action. “Have faith...and you will live…”  the kimono-clad woman laughed before pushing herself into the air. For a moment, the entire sky for miles and miles became a calm forest green, only for the meteoric impact of Sango’s butt against the planet to occur the next. Unknown to her though as she predicted, the handful of citizens who had made it inside the hole instantly perished beneath Sango’s incredible weight, their deaths just as painful as those who were not quick enough to seek the false shelter the Goddess had given them. As Sango simply sat down, wiggling her butt deep into the earth while her feet stretched out into the ocean miles away from her, she could once again sense life after life being extinguished by her simplest of actions, yet instead of the glee she once felt when taking countless lives, she felt...nothing, absolutely nothing.

Why?...Why? the Goddess pondered. I degraded them, made them worship me to see the error of their ways, even gave them hope and took it away from them by making them undergo a false test...but...why don’t I feel the same as I did before? Crushing these humans has become so...boring. I no longer experience the same pleasure in their destruction any longer...I’ve killed them in every way I know possible, and yet still… Sango simply contemplated her dilemma as she continued to let her perfect posterior sink deeper and deeper into the ground, creating yet another permanent etching of her body in the planet’s surface. Maybe...Maybe I need to kill more of them, but more of them at once? Yes, that just might work. Crushing individual humans was once fun, but I soon became bored and moved onto multiple humans. When I grew bored of that, I needed to kill even more. And once I had grown tired of destroying multiple future buildings at once, entire cities soon entertained me once again. Perhaps...Perhaps growth is the answer. Every time I’ve become bored, my body has increased in size to allow me to indulge in more fun. Yes...Yes, that must be it! If I grow large enough to wipe out several cities at once, then I’m sure I’ll feel the pleasure of destruction once more...

Sango’s eyes closed as the familiar feeling began to well up inside her. Although her feelings were mixed, from the outside, the world only saw a smiling Goddess resting herself on the planet. “Get ready germs!” she laughed. “I’ve decided that you all deserve an even larger and more powerful Goddess!” Sango tilted her head back and relaxed, letting her body do what she desired: she began to grow, faster than she ever had. All across the world, people watched in horror, be it from television or a casual glance outside, as the woman who single-handedly crushed cities beneath her feet became even more massive. More than a couple cities stood in the path of her expanding body, but of course they did not last long once Sango’s butt grew past them. In all honesty, the huntress did not even mean to crush them; it just merely happened that way. It made no difference no difference to the Goddess; what was a bug city or two when compared to Sango’s growth?

Honestly though, I barely even felt that town. How big am I? Sango opened her eyes and checked on her progress. “Oh my…” she stifled a chuckle. In the seconds the girl grew, her height had doubled to a towering 800 miles. Still not big enough to crush multiple cities. Although...No reason not to have some fun. Quickly, the Goddess rose to her feet, barely saving another minuscule city from meeting its end. However, before anyone could celebrate their survival, the sky quickly darkened above them. No one needed to ask why; they saw the news, they saw what befell their neighboring cities - over everyone’s head was the evil Goddess’s foot. Although they knew by example how useless it was, the tiny Chinese people knew nothing else other than to fall to their knees and beg their tormentor for mercy. Thunderous chuckles could be heard coming from the heavens as the Goddess glanced at their feeble attempts from between her toes.

“You all should be blessed. You will have the honor of being the first cities to be crushed beneath your goddess once she’s ascended.” It would be so incredibly simple to lower her foot and crush the town she mocked, however, Sango was ambitious; she needed to be massive, truly and utterly massive. But how big would be big enough to begin her latest round of destructive pleasure? The Goddess looked to her toes and quickly came up with an idea. After a slight repositioning of her foot, Sango’s big toe now blocked the heart of the city she was about to crush. The huntress decided that would stop growing once that toe became bigger than the town itself; then, and only then, would she be satisfied.

It was no city stomping, but there was certainly a basic joy to be had from simply standing there and growing. Sango could not deny that she was enjoying watching her toe slowly expand and cast its own looming shadow over the unsuspecting town; one of the smallest parts of her entire body was now almost big enough to crush an entire human population. In fact... Why not get a little bigger than I had planned? Sango had the perfect idea in mind for how to celebrate her new size; it only needed a couple hundred more miles to come to fruition, but she was more than glad to continue to add mile after magnificent mile onto her height. People panicked as a single toe from the Goddess now blotted their sky, big enough to crush everything they had ever known or loved in the simplest of acts. The boldest of the puny people even tried to leave town in their cars, yet even at the highest speeds they went, there was simply no out-matching the speed with which Sango expanded.

“That should do…” the Goddess mumbled to herself, willing the growth to stop. Her big toe now utterly dominated everything about the town, being almost twice the size of it. The simple act of standing before the doomed city was enough for the ground to start to cave in around Sango’s feet and sink the land deeper into the earth. “I hope you bugs are ready. Your goddess has something special planned for you!” Although anyone in Asia who heard her did not understand a word of it, they understood that any time Sango talked, destruction soon followed. Faced with utter devastation in the shadow of the huntress’s toe, the people fell to their knees and accepted their fate.

“Don’t kid yourselves, worms. There isn’t a single ant on this planet worth crushing with my big toe anymore. You can spend your entire life dedicated solely to worshiping my feet and maybe, maybe I’ll crush you with the second toe. But my big one? Don’t kid yourselves. There’s only one toe you bugs deserve…” Sango shifted her foot inches to the side, now hovering her pinky toe over the microscopic city. “Perish beneath the lowest part of my body like the vermin you are!” Her toe fell onto the ground, ending the whole town. Sango grinned; there was the thrill she missed before her recent ascension.



Chapter 11

“Mr. President, the nations’ leaders are ready for you now,” the Secretary of State informed the President of the United States.

“Thank you very much. I’ll take it from here.”

The President entered the White House Situation Room, dozens of television screens laid out before him and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, each one connected to a different world leader via Skype with translators at the ready to interpret the discussion across multiple languages. The doors to the Situation Room slammed shut as the President and his advisors donned their headphones for interpretation purposes.

“Alright everyone, let’s begin, shall we?” the Leader of the Free World said as he initiated the worldwide conference of leaders from across the globe. “I’m sorry to have to call everyone like this on such short notice, but given the present situation, flying everyone to the U.N. headquarters in New York to discuss this matter was out of the question. Now then, as you all have noticed, we are currently without our Japanese counterparts in this discussion. Rest assured that his life and the lives of his people will not have been in vain; the people of the United States will assure that justice is brought upon this evil being. Now then, General Darlton will bring us up to speed on what the current situation is. General…”

“Thank you, Mr. President,” the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff began as he stood up from his seated position, reading from a small dossier in his hand. “At approximately 1300 hours, a rift was created in the skies over Japan, causing a massive woman to fall from the heavens just outside of Tokyo. Within the hour, the woman, dressed in nothing but a pink and green kimono, became even larger, growing only a small amount at first, but then becoming large enough to annihilate Tokyo in a single step. Within the next thirty minutes, the woman, declaring herself as ‘The Goddess’, completely decimated Japan, leaving less than five percent of the nation’s population alive. We still do not fully understand the amount of intelligence this being possesses, but it seemed amazed upon learning there were other landmasses besides Japan in the world. Nonetheless, at approximately 1340 hours, the Goddess enveloped the eastern coast of China in a massive tidal wave, proceeding to make landfall and beginning her annihilation of cities there as well. Not more than twenty minutes later, the Goddess grew once again - ‘ascending’ as she called it - but this time by a truly unbelievable amount. With our current monitoring of the situation, our satellites are able to determine that she is large enough to decimate several dozens cities with ease by merely walking, perhaps even large enough to step on smaller countries altogether. Our estimates currently place the Goddess at over 3500 miles tall, perhaps even larger. All we know for certain is that the world must band together and take action as one people to stop this ‘Goddess’ and ensure the continued survival of the human race. I suggest that our only option at this point would be a tactical nuclear strike from the U.S. and our other fellow nations. A nuclear strike may not necessarily bring down this ‘Goddess’, but at this point, it is the only option we have.”

“Thank you, General,” the President nodded. “Now then, gentlemen, I know that this isn’t the most brilliant plan in the world, but with the powers that this woman possesses, we must strike hard and we must strike now before she has the chance to possibly become even more powerful. The lives of billions will be determined by the choices we make here.”

“Are you mad?! You’ll doom us all!” the Israeli Prime Minister objected.

“Mad?” the English Prime Minister interjected. “It’s the only choice we have! Do you have a better alternative? We can’t just let her go about killing more and more people as if we were nothing to her!”

“I agree with the English Prime Minister,” the German Chancellor concurred. “She has already destroyed the Japanese people, and she is on her way of doing the same to the Chinese. Who knows which nation she will choose to attack next? The German people do not deserve to die by the hands of such a monster. She must be brought down before any more carnage occurs!”

“Perhaps this is a sign from God himself,” the Italian President wondered aloud. “Perhaps this is our punishment for ruining the planet…”

“Oh, shut up!” the Saudi Arabian ambassador growled. “Allah would not send a woman to do his bidding.”

“Hold on everyone,” the President ordered as he regained control of the debate. “Now then, let’s hear from our Chinese brethren. This ‘Goddess’ is currently in his nation, so I’d like to hear his opinion on the matter. Go ahead, Mr. President.”

“Thank you. I just want to say that I approve of the plan you’ve suggested, Mr. President, and that the sooner it is put into place, the more of my people will be saved. Who knows how long it will be until s-Oh no...The sun has disappeared from the sky...It has become completely tan…”

“Well now, looks like I’ve stumbled upon quite the large colony of bugs, haven’t I?” Sango chuckled from high above as her smallest toe hovered high above Beijing, ready to bring her foot back to the ground at a moment’s notice. “Mmm...I think I’m actually going to enjoy this…”

“It is too late for me now,” the Chinese President said quietly, knowing that there was no means of escape. “Please, the people of China implore you to do whatever is necessary to st-”

The screen displaying the Chinese head of state suddenly turned black, instantly losing the connection between the conferencing parties.

A White House aide knocked on the door of the Situation Room, barging in without waiting for permission to enter. “Sir, we’ve just received an image from our satellite projections. Beijing is gone. The Goddess simply lowered her toe on top of it. Our estimates indicate that no one could have survived that attack.”

The remaining screens all showed the horrified expressions of the world leaders. From his desk, the President stared blankly at the now-black screen meant for China. “My God…”


Sango’s foot lowered onto the ground in another devastating stomp that ruined three more Chinese cities. “Honestly, are you bugs even trying to please me anymore?” she rolled her eyes with an annoyed look. “The least you can do is make your deaths enjoyable. That is...unless you want to make your goddess upset?” Sango raised her foot over another set of towns. “Is that what you want? Hmm?” Her foot lowered before any of the germs could ponder her question.

“You all truly are worthless. Why do I even bother?” the Goddess sighed, dragging her soles to the next populated area. Her annoyance left her with little patience to toy with all the specks at her feet, though perhaps even more annoying was how she could not place why she was annoyed. It had not been that long since her most recent growth and already stomping out entire cities with her toes was losing its luster. What was she doing wrong?

“How about you?” Sango lazily raised a toe over another indiscernible city. “Will you satisfy your goddess?” A toe stomp later said they, too, would not satisfy her desires.

What’s wrong with me? I’m queen of this entire world. I should be happy as can be! Becoming a goddess was easily the best moment of Sango’s life. Now no one could ever hurt her, now she was superior to every being in every why did it not feel right? Even now, thousands, if not millions, died with every step; she could feel their lives slipping away with every movement of her body. Hours ago, every life she took elated Sango more and more; now, it was just one mass killing after another.

Perhaps I’m too big? Maybe I’ve grown used to crushing these bugs. Maybe...hmm? The demon-slayer paused as a strange feeling affected her torso. It was a feeling she had not experienced in so much time, yet it was easily recognizable from her time as a human. I’m...hungry? Briefly, the Goddess reflected before feeling embarrassed. Is that why I’m not enjoying this? I just forgot to eat like a child too busy playing? It was such an obvious thing that  Sango could not help but laugh at her own foolishness. Some goddess I am...Can’t even remember to eat.

Sango’s eyes trailed to the nearest set of cities, conveniently spaced closely together. “Listen mortals! Your goddess has decided to bless you with one of her greatest gifts!” For dramatic effect, the Goddess paused mid-statement and dug her fingers into the ground surrounding the cities. The people in her grasp almost certainly  expected death by this point, but the question was how would Sango take care of them? With a smile, she answered their unspoken question, “You will become sustenance for your goddess so that she may continue fulfilling her duties.” Of course, no one in the towns spoke a word of Japanese, so Sango’s words meant nothing to them, especially given how tough they were to make out from how high above she was. What was understandable, though, was the fact the giantess had just ripped the cities straight from the earth and now brought them skyward in her palm.

With the cities securely near her face, Sango’s eyes narrowed playfully. “I hope you’re all ready,” she whispered, gently blowing her breath into the towns. Her tongue softly licked her lips in anticipation before meekly reaching out to give a sample lick to the edge of the mound of earth; as expected, it tasted like dirt, but compared to some of Sango’s other meals in the past, it would suffice just fine. Her tongue poked out once again and gave a second lick to an actual city. Countless buildings were dislodged from the ground only to be ripped apart between the Goddess’s immense taste buds. Saliva rained from the edges of her tongue and flooded the streets; hundreds, if not thousands, were swept into the skies as a result of Category 5-level winds from each breath of the Goddess’s mouth, not even factoring in all the people crushed from the impact of her tongue. And yet all of this apocalyptic destruction...was all from just one lick. Sango chuckled as her hands brought her food closer into her mouth, balancing it softly on her lower lip. The ground started to break apart just from being near the gigantic huntress, slowly forcing specific chunks of land to fall into the vast canyons that were mere wrinkles in the woman’s lips. The Goddess wished she could keep toying with her meal, but impatience gnawed at her; she finally pulled in half the land and let her perfect teeth smash it apart. As her hands pulled back some of the cities, the rest were quickly dragged into her mouth with her tongue.

Sango held the cities in place for a moment to give any who remained alive a time to realize their situation. Currently, one and a half cities rested on her tongue, slowly falling apart and sliding down to her teeth, the saliva dripping from every possible spot destroying any structure that dared to remain standing, and the breath gales quickly carried them away. The few lucky enough to have lived this long could only see pure black in every direction. The ground was flooded with liquid and unable to be walked on; any who tried quickly slipped and fell into one of the many holes that lead to Sango’s eagerly awaiting tongue. Her tastebuds each dwarfed buildings, and it was soon clear to any who survived that upon landing on her tongue, they were now hopelessly lost in an infinite forest of taste buds until they finally perished.

Then, Sango’s tongue pulled itself back; no one could see this simple movement, but it was a motion all too familiar to humans. Even in this supernatural situation, they held a vague idea that they were being swallowed. What little remained alive in Sango’s mouth easily slid down her tongue towards the back of her throat, beginning what would be a several hundred mile drop where they would finally meet their end in an ocean of stomach acid, where they would then become a part of the woman forever. Just thinking about it made the Goddess smile.

Of course, there was still more to eat. Sango hungrily stared at the last mouthful for an instant before popping it in right after the first one. Whereas before Sango allowed the city to slowly fall apart naturally in her mouth, this time she took a more direct approach. Mercilessly, her tongue tossed the land onto her mountainous molars; everything was crushed upon impact where it was then quickly turned to dust from a single clench of Sango’s teeth. To be safe though, she chewed a couple more times before swallowing. Faintly, she could sense some incredibly resilient specks who by some miracle had survived the ordeal and struggled at the bottoms of her mouth. Sango decided to let her mouth determine their fate.

The Goddess wiped her hands of all the dirt she grabbed and licked her lips. Now just give it a second and I should be full enough to go on being a Goddess. She took a single step forward, Hmm? I think I have a city between my teeth. A laugh came out of her as her tongue cleaned the destruction from her molars. Much better…

As Sango aimlessly wandered from China into southern Russia, she felt her stomach rumble in satisfaction, telling the Goddess that she was full, the recent cities sufficient to satisfy her hunger for now. But...why did I need to eat in the first place? the Goddess asked herself, pausing atop several cities and instantly impressing them into the ground beneath her incalculable weight. I am a goddess now...I should be eating these bugs for pleasure and fun, not because my body requires it. I know that I’m beyond mere humans, but why must I still have some human requirements and not others? I no longer feel the need to breathe or rest - in fact, I could do this for days on end without tiring - and I possess powers no mortal could ever dream of having, and yet...I still require nourishment to function...Is this a sign, perhaps? Am I not yet a true goddess?

Sango brought her right hand to her chin, now focusing solely on her introspective problems as she began to lose herself in thought. The people of the world were puzzled as the kimono-clad titaness stopped her spree of destruction, confusing even the greatest minds on the planet. Why did she suddenly cease where she did? Was she planning another ‘ascension’ like she did earlier, or was she devising an even more diabolical plan in her enigmatic mind? Regardless of why she had stopped, the leaders of the world saw such a reprieve as their perfect opening, humanity’s only chance at a counterattack, one they hoped would bring this ‘Goddess’ to her knees. In a matter of seconds, the order was given from both the President of the United States and the President of Russia: a total of 39 intercontinental ballistic missiles would be launched from both countries. Because of Sango’s incredible height, the missiles were to aim as high as they possibly could, though their primary target was Sango’s ankles; by blowing off her feet, they had hoped to permanently immobilize the woman, following up their attack with an all-out assault on the rest of her body, primarily focusing on her head. If she looked like a human, chances were that she possessed the same internal anatomy as them; by shooting through her skull into her brain, the Goddess would be killed once and for all. Wasting no further time, the missiles were launched from both nations. Humanity placed their entire future on a single roll of the dice, though they knew perfectly well the risks of such a plan - regardless of the outcome, the atmosphere would become too irradiated to support life save for below ground. Humanity would be set back several hundred years in the wake of such a nuclear fallout, but if it meant that there would be a humanity at all, the cost was more than worth it. All eyes on Earth were glued to either the demon huntress herself or their television screen. The final and only counterattack against the Goddess had begun.



Chapter 12

I know that I must be a goddess, but after thinking hard about this, I feel as if I’m between the two - no longer a human, yet not yet a goddess, Sango reasoned. Maybe...this is why I haven’t been feeling anything lately, even after becoming this big? If only I could find a way to bridge this gap…

As she continued her contemplation, the Goddess soon noticed a flicker of light from the corner of her eyes, coming from multiple directions at once. Hmmm? What’s this now? Soon, the single flicker multiplied into many, dozens of orange lights surrounding the giantess from multiple sides. Due to her large size, Sango was not able to gauge how high these mysterious lights were in the air, but nonetheless, she simply looked on at the lights with curiosity, wondering what magical wonders of the future they could be. What are all these? Kagome never mentioned such things to me before... Oh well, I’m certain it’s of no importance to me. The future that these bugs have created has ceased to impress me.

In a rapid flurry of successive strikes, all 39 missiles made contact with Sango’s right ankle, causing a country-sized explosion of epic proportions. From the simple act of the missile impacts, a tremendous amount of irradiated dust was swirled into the atmosphere, turning the entire cloud layer across the globe into a dark haze. Although most of southern Russia and northern China and Mongolia were instantly vaporized into nothingness, it was a noble sacrifice to save the rest of humanity. Television stations across the globe attempted to acquire footage of the outcome as satellite imagery struggled to obtain proof as well.

“Did we do it, Darlton?” the President asked from the Situation Room, all eyes transfixed on the monitors before them.

“I hope so, Mr. President…” the general replied, hopeful the plan had succeeded.

“General, we’re starting to get something on screen…” an aide alerted the Joint Chiefs of Staff as he fiddled with the communications signals.

“Get it online, now!”

A thunderous laughter could suddenly be heard across the globe...the voice of the Goddess. “How pathetic!” Sango mocked, shaking her head in disapproval from high above. “Was that your worthless attempt to harm your goddess?! If that was the best you had, you might as well just kill yourselves to save me the time...I didn’t even feel a thing!”

As the first images of the aftermath were viewable across the globe, humanity simply gazed at their screens in utter terror, shock, and disbelief: Though the land itself was turned into a vast barren wasteland, Sango’s perfect feet stood unharmed atop the ruined landscape, just as pristine and monolithic as ever. Humanity’s only assault did not harm her feet in the slightest, not even causing a single particle of dust to cling to her soles. All those millions of lives sacrificed, ruining the planet’s habitability, and the permanent radiation present in the atmosphere, all of it would be humanity’s reminder that on this day, the ‘Goddess’ had triumphed over the Earthlings she so enjoyed killing. Sango was truly invincible, and with Earth’s strongest weapons not even able to make a scratch on her, the planet was now truly hers for the taking. 

Maybe that’s it, the Goddess thought to herself. Maybe me staying on this planet is what’s been holding me back all this time. There’s only one way to know for sure...

Almost immediately, a familiar feeling quickly filled every part of Sango’s body, almost as if it knew this was coming. Before she began her greatest growth yet, the kimono-clad woman snickered as she indulged in one last mockery during her time on this planet. “So be it! If you insignificant specks want your goddess to leave this world, she shall. You’ve sealed your fate...”

Then, Sango grew.

Words could never properly explain how fast the Goddess’s body expanded, the speed with which she grew surpassed any speed obtainable by any man-made vehicle. Nothing was safe as her body grew hundreds of miles per second. Without even needing to move, Sango’s feet quickly flattened dozens of cities and small countries; seconds later, the entire continent of Asia was beneath her perfect soles. Instinctively, Sango felt her feet protectively wrap themselves around the planet so she would not lose her balance. Half of Earth was crushed by her feet, leaving behind only a set of footprints.

If this next act were to have any satisfaction, there needed to be at least some bugs left alive on the planet; that was the sole reason Sango jumped into the endless void of space. With nothing but millions of miles of nothingness in every direction, she was free to grow to her heart’s content. What was left of Earth simply watched in horror as the evil Goddess now sat as an immense figure in the distant sky. With each second that passed, she became even more massive, harder to distinguish. The normal blue skies of Earth were replaced by a soft tan hue all across the globe as Sango grew to dozens of times the planet’s height. The people of Earth could no longer comprehend what they were looking at anymore; everywhere they looked was simply an indistinguishable wall of skin-colored sky. Any and all satellites they had that could show what was going on from the reaches of space were shattered to make way for the huntress’s rise.

A laugh echoed across the entire planet, its sheer volume destroying most structures through sound alone. It was incomprehensibly loud, though still a distinctly female voice. “You all did want me off of my planet after all,” Sango sneered at the Earth, her titanic form floating comfortably in the vastness of space. Near her feet was a small blue marble, less than half the size of one of her toes: That was Earth. From her position, Sango could not distinguish any landmasses from the ocean. In fact, she had to strain her eyes to see Earth at all.

“Your goddess has made a decision. Originally, I only thought that island nation of Japan was unfit to exist in my world. I’ve changed my mind...It is clear now that none of you deserve to exist in my universe. Not you worthless specks called humans. Not the useless germs called animals. Not your insignificant, pathetic, vile planet!” she spat the last words out in a sickened tone. The Goddess took a moment to collect herself. “Therefore, there’s only one thing left for me to do. Can you insignificant ants figure it out? Let me give you a hint...”

The Goddess shuffled slightly and grabbed a small pebble from the space around her. “You see this?” she asked as she held the pebble close enough to be seen from Earth. In her finger rested the moon, a mere rock between her fingers. As easily as crushing a grape, Sango’s fingers destroyed the orb in an instant; what remained of the moon was left to rain down onto Earth as incoming meteorites. Mountains fell from the sky in a hellfire, raining destruction down upon the world. What little was left alive on Earth quickly fell to anarchy as the moon’s control of the tides vanished. Oceans began to go wild, flooding areas uncontrollably, fiery rocks fell from the heavens; everything resembled a textbook picture of the end of the world. “What I did to the moon...That’s your world in a second,” she snickered.

“I’d be lying if I said this was nice, but you were some amusement while you lasted. For this, your goddess will be kind. I could simply leave and you will all perish naturally without me, but I’ll give you the mercy of a swift death.” Sango’s foot positioned itself in an all-too-familiar position by this point. “There’s only one way your pathetic world deserves to go: beneath the single lowest part of me.” Poised overhead was Sango’s pinky toe, ready to bring down its judgment. “Honestly, you don’t even deserve this. Don’t say I’m not a kind goddess.” Sango could barely contain herself; in mere moments, her ascension would be complete. Without Earth, her ties to humanity would be gone for good. With a single toe, she would become a full-fledged goddess - not a human, not some kind of giant demon woman, but a genuine, unrivaled, all-powerful Goddess.

This is it...Once I’ve destroyed the Earth… The remaining members of humanity could only stare skyward as an infinite tan wall of toe flesh filled the heavens, Sango’s smallest appendage soon landing upon the doomed sphere, engulfing the planet in the warmth of her toe while flattening the entire Eastern Hemisphere in the process. ...then there’ll be nothing holding me back… Taking her time and relishing in the destruction of her former home, Sango’s foot began to curl, starting with her big toe and working her way down the rest of her toes. …All of these bugs...these pathetic, worthless bugs… Massive fissures began to spread all across the doomed planet as the weakest appendage began to apply intense pressure, lava beginning to spew from the Earth’s mantle as the oceans began to shift from a calm blue to a foreboding orange. With each second that passed, more and more of Earth’s remaining population perished from the ensuing chaos; they would be the lucky ones. ...are the reason I haven’t been able to become the goddess I know I am… Her index toe folded against her sole as the anticipation within her grew, now less than ten percent of Earth’s population still struggling through the apocalypse that was Sango’s “mercy”. ...Yes...I know that this is the ultimate act of superiority… The third toe withdrew against her foot, causing the remaining toes to apply more pressure than ever before. The cracks upon the planet’s surface grew wider and deeper as sulfur filled the air and magma flowed all across the land, making the planet uninhabitable and becoming harder and harder for the remaining survivors to breathe, their numbers cut in half in only a few seconds’ time. ...the ultimate act of degradation… Another fissure formed vertically through the Prime Meridian all across the sphere, exposing part of the planet’s core. ...the ultimate lesson… The Goddess’s ring toe made its retreat, leaving only her weakest toe to join its brethren once it had gotten rid of the obstacle blocking its path. What surviving people still remained looked up to the skies in despair, their last breaths begging the monolithic woman for mercy - they knew not what they did, why they deserved such a fate, and why this “Goddess” suddenly appeared as she had, but they all instinctively knew that humanity did not deserve to become extinct in this cruel manner. ...By exterminating this colony of bugs...they will have learned…

“...That all are worthless before the one, true Goddess: Sango!”

The slayer lived up to the title of her profession as she suddenly and viciously scrunched all her toes simultaneously as hard as she possibly could, laughing wickedly in triumph as she did so. The Earth never stood a chance; in an instant, the planet’s core collapsed under the insurmountable pressure placed upon it, exploding in a surge of magma and destruction, though whatever force it was attempting to unleash was immediately silenced as it was halted against the bottom of Sango’s foot, crushed once again against her body, only this time, the suffering would last for as long as she held her toes in place. No human had survived the explosion, of course, yet Sango wanted to make doubly sure that there was absolutely no chance that a single “bug” could have survived. What space debris that had been trapped undertoe was now being compressed unlike any item on Earth had ever experienced, turning into a new crystallized substance harder than diamonds due to the amount of pressure. After holding her foot in place for a solid minute, the kimono-clad titaness gently relaxed her foot back to its normal resting state, watching as the crystals that she had created spread out before her and began to float across the heavens, a symbol to the entire cosmos that its goddess had arrived.

“That was absolutely amazing…” the woman laughed as her voice cut through the vacuum of space. “Now then, let’s try that again. I want to feel them all cower before their goddess once more!” Closing her eyes, Sango began to focus in on the limitless power she believed she now possessed after the destruction of Earth, attempting to reform the planet and all of its inhabitants directly beneath her toe once again. After a few seconds of envisioning her goal, the huntress opened her eyes and gazed down at her feet, only to find that nothing had happened. “Maybe I didn’t focus hard enough. It must take a while to harness my inner powers. I’ll try again.” Sango closed her eyes a second time, letting her grand form relax completely as she calmly floated in the infinite ocean of the heavens. This time, instead of merely trying to will the Earth into existence, Sango focused on the finer details of what she wanted to create: the strange-looking modern buildings scattered all across the globe, the shape of the ‘man-made’ continents she viewed for the first time only minutes earlier, and the countless testaments of her legacy during her time on Earth. The Goddess continued to focus, this time over an hour of time elapsing - though it felt like only a few minutes to the deity - before she believed she had finally accomplished her goal. “Well, well,” Sango began as she wiggled her toes in delight, knowing that she had succeeded on her second attempt, “it’s time for all of you bugs to…” The massive woman fluttered her eyes open again, only for the same result to appear before her. “Die…? Oh man! I know I did it that time!” Sango sighed as she complained about her failure to no one in particular. “Why isn’t this working? What am I doing wrong?! That pathetic planet’s destruction should have made me a true goddess, so why don’t I have the power to bring it back so I can destroy it all over again?!”

As Sango continued to grow angrier about her present situation, a low rumbling sound emanated from her stomach: She was hungry once again.      



Chapter 13

It was a sound she had heard countless times before, but even so, Sango sat there in the depths of space, beyond baffled. I’m...hungry…? How could she be hungry?! She just wiped off the last remnant of her humanity from existence; she was large enough that no planet even compared to her; there was enough power in a single hair on her body to destroy everything in the universe. She was a goddess, the Goddess! How could a goddess be hungry? That made no sense whatsoever!


The thoughts began to click together, and the giant girl’s eyes widened as she realized what a foolish person she had been. Time and time again, she had been denying the signs of her folly, thoroughly convinced that she just missed something. Sango had never stopped for but a moment to even consider that maybe, just maybe…

“...I’m...not a goddess.”

Once she said it aloud, Sango knew it had to be true, the realization of such a fact filling her with a feeling of failure. All of the haughty demeanor she had mere moments ago abandoned her in an instant. She was no all-powerful Goddess as she believed; she was merely a demon, a young, stupid girl who became drunk on power and became little more than a petty monster, no different than the countless beasts she defeated as a demon slayer. The only difference between her and them was that she actually managed to win in the end...but for what?

The beautiful titaness slowly looked around her, only seeing the void of space no matter where she turned her head, the occasional microscopic planet catching her eye. The idea of conquering it all and doing with it as she pleased seemed like the greatest thing in the world as a goddess. But as a demon? It looked boring. These worlds were lifeless, alien, and uninteresting. Even if she crushed them all, it would kill maybe ten minutes before she ran out of worlds. Then what? She could grow and hope there was more out there, but that solved nothing. In her journey to become a goddess, Sango had destroyed everything she once knew, and now, she had nothing left.

What...What have I done? Sango leaned backwards, barely noting a planet devastated by her shoulder as she floated in the endless void. What am I supposed to do now?


Time passed; seconds, minutes, hours, it was hard to say. The rumbling in Sango’s stomach grew painful, demanding nourishment. The faux-deity rubbed her belly with a derisive smile. Looks like I’ll at least starve to death. Better than spending eternity like this.

The Feudal Era woman would give or do anything to undo her mistake. Who was she to go and claim herself a god? It was no wonder things ended like this. It was only fitting that she slowly withered away in the vastness of space. All the people she once deemed friends were dead, her world gone. Everything she knew, gone forever. And for what? Her silly wish?

“Heh,” Sango smirked, bursting into pitiful laughter, “I destroyed everything for that wish! Now look at me...Some goddess I turned out to be!”

The self-hating laugh echoed across the universe for several minutes before Sango reverted back to her somber self. What I would give to change this...To change my fate...Though if there’s an actual goddess out there, I highly doubt she’d grant my wish.

“Have you ever heard of the legend of the Shikon Jewel?”

Why am I remembering that all of a sudden? Sango asked herself, curious as to why she was having a flashback to a period before she swallowed the corrupted gem.

“They say it has the power to grant any wish, no matter how great it may be!”

Oh yeah...That was the legend wasn’t it? A dainty hand touched Sango’s chest; she could still feel the Jewel inside of her, powering her, gently pulsing beneath her skin as if it were her heart itself. How nice it’d be if such a legend was true, she laughed at the idea. Still, what did she have to lose? Sango clenched her hand against her chest and began her wish.

The former huntress did not regret any of what she had done; the humanity in her died long ago. She simply hated how things turned out in the end. If she had one wish, it would be that things would have ended differently.

I wish I was a goddess...No, THE Goddess...


Nothing happened, as expected. Sango quickly chuckled for even trying. What did I expect, that I’d actually…What?!

Suddenly, her chest felt like it was on fire. The demon woman cringed, holding herself tightly as it felt like her heart was suddenly made of lava. “What’s...going on?” Through pain-filled eyes, she looked around at her surroundings, half-expecting some sort of assailant. What she saw was, simply put, something she nor any mortal could never begin to fathom.

Everything around her was changing, distorting, twisting into bizarre shapes and quickly filling with light. Sango watched in confusion as it happened, her chest still in pain. The agony she felt seemed to increase in intensity as the distortions grew more prevalent. Her body swelled with power like it never had before, but it was not coming from her. What did it all mean?

A silly idea came to mind. It couldn’t be...

It was preposterous, but it made sense. Was the Shikon Jewel granting her wish?

Am I...becoming a goddess? Sango continued to watch as reality continued to change and warp around her. The vast emptiness of space that surrounded her seemed to be pulled towards her position, collapsing into nothingness as it came close to her body. Reality itself was literally being drawn towards the former demon slayer, giving itself up to further fuel the mysterious process that was occurring to the young girl. This...there’s no way...the Jewel...Did it really… As the untold power continued to build within her frame, Sango could feel her very being changing radically as the pain in her chest intensified, her first cue being the sudden loss of hunger felt by her body, immediately feeling as if she were forever satiated. I’m...not hungry anymore? “I’m not hungry anymore!” she shouted aloud, relieved that her death was no longer imminent. “That’s right, a goddess doesn’t need to eat to survive. The Sacred really is granting my wish. I can feel it stripping me of whatever human parts of me remain...I literally will be a goddess!”

Slowly but surely, as the heavens continued to distort around her, Sango could feel the last vestiges of her mortality leave her, the intense  pain in her chest building with each part removed. Her need to consume things for nourishment was removed, now having the option of devouring various entities for pleasure; the desire to sleep and rest soon followed, the fledgling goddess’s stamina now unlimited. Her emotions and feelings were next to go - compassion, love, mercy, loyalty, generosity, and other feelings that imbued a sense of empathy - all of them discarded, leaving Sango with emotions that only a goddess would require, those that left her completely cold-hearted, her mindset now solely focused on her amusement and distaste for the worthless things that would become her permanent source of entertainment.

“There is but one thing human heart…” This was the source of the pain emanating from her body, the final trace of Sango’s life as a mortal. It resisted the transformation that its vessel had chosen to undergo, refusing to remove every last portion of humanity from within her. “I have no such need for this mortal body any longer,” the gigantic woman stated coldly as the cosmos was literally being drawn into her. “Humans are nothing but bugs for me to crush to my heart’s content. A goddess cannot be associated with those that shall forever be inferior to her!” Sango grasped her bosom once more, the pain practically bringing her to her knees. “You...will not hold me back...I am...a Goddess!”

Upon her declaration, a gargantuan wave of purest darkness emanated from Sango’s body, eclipsing her form in an opaque cocoon of pure evilness. A few moments later, the cosmos began to tremble in fear and anticipation as an immense power could be sensed forming within its confines, its influence becoming exponentially greater with passing second. As a full minute passed since her transformation began, the cocoon Sango resided in now began to affect more than just space: time itself began to unravel and tear asunder, portions of various epochs falling victim to the cocoon’s absorptive properties, forever lost to fuel the unknown process that was occurring within. More and more of the former existence of which Sango had been a part of was drawn into the mass of darkness, the process accelerating by the instant. Though it had seemed like the process took an eternity to complete, with time itself becoming lost in the pure blackness of the cocoon, it was, in reality, a few minutes for the absorption to reach its completion.


There was nothing. Time was completely erased, not even this event of mass conglomeration recorded somewhere in the anals of history. An empty void of whiteness was now omnipresent, devoid of space in its entirety, and with it, reality as well. All that remained was the cocoon Sango had taken refuge in, its shell continuing to pulse with ever-increasing power.

“It is time…”

The cocoon slowly began to cave in upon itself, concentrating all of its gathered energy into its inner chambers. Soon enough, an entity inside of the shell began to take form, that of a young woman clad in a garb worthy of her divine presence, a kimono fit for the newborn Goddess. The woman, of course, was Sango, but she emerged into the nothingness with her eyes closed, still basking in the splendor that was her incomparable ascension.

The garb perfectly accentuated each of Sango's flawless curves, its deep, jet black material borne from Sango's inherent evil, beyond space, time, and reality, for the Goddess herself was now infinitely beyond all of these human concepts. No being could comprehend the material’s composition, no mortal could ever conceive its inherent flawlessness; it simply existed alongside the Goddess, so utterly perfect that no one, not even Sango herself, could ever understand it. Of course, should she will it, she would know all there was to know about her kimono, but a Goddess had no need to trifle herself over such trivial things; her divine garbs simply sprang from the Goddess's passive, unshakable supreme will, a true testament to the omnipotent being she had now become.

The kimono hung just below Sango’s shoulders, exposing her perfect skin to any who were to lay eyes upon her, along with providing a generous window into her holy cleavage, and stopped just below her impressive posterior, the outfit held tightly against its massiveness to further accentuate her body’s most impressive feature. Of course, with such a brief length, the kimono left her long, sultry legs completely exposed, assuring the Goddess that it would not interfere with any future foot crushing. In addition, to further bolster her sexuality, the kimono was open ended over Sango’s right leg, teasing all who saw the full view of her succulent thigh with a glimpse of the matching black underwear worn beneath her garb.

The newly-born Goddess was clearly the same woman who she was before, yet at the same time, she was unmistakably different now. The Sango that was human was a beautiful, near flawless woman to be sure, but now she was on a completely different level. The Sango that now stood in the new world was, in a single word, perfect. Everything about her defined physical beauty: long, soft black hair flowed down her back; her skin was smoother than any mortal’s; her curves deeper than any woman who had ever and would ever exist. The same was to be said of her more sensual body parts: her breasts had swelled tremendously, growing beyond any sort of human measurement, and a gracious rear that matched and put her former signature body part to shame, a truly luscious shelf of feminine padding that greatly accentuated her utter divinity. Even minute details such as her hands and feet were perfect; her hands had long, slender fingers and her feet were thin and shapely, with soft plump toes gently pressing against each other. She was simply perfect, existing at an incomparable level of divine beauty where even seeing the slightest fraction of her magnificence was a crime punishable by extinction.

Sango was aware of how perfect she was now, though her eyes still remained shut. Once they would open, the transformation would be complete. This empty void of a reality she was in would vanish, replaced with a new reality: Her reality. Were she still a naive mortal, the Goddess would have relished the moment, perhaps even concerning herself with what sort of a reality to construct. Just thinking about such naive notions amused the Goddess; concerning herself with anything was a mortal thing, far below someone of her stature. Sango’s eyes finally opened, revealing two dark crimson pupils that glanced at the new world created at that very instant.

It was a reality that had both just been created and always existed. To all the countless beings in the universe, it had been as it was for millions of years. To their Goddess, it had barely been a moment, yet it had also been even longer. Time meant nothing to Sango now; all that mattered now was her own pleasure. That was the duty of the new reality: to please its Goddess.

Sango raised a toe; in this particular realm, it was large enough to wipe out the entire universe. The deity sensed every lifeform in existence, all 12,457,980,003,337 of them. If she took the millisecond to care, she could consider all of their different lives that had been scripted for this fateful moment. Though of course, such concerns were beneath her: her toe smashed down into the universe, obliterating it much to the Goddess’ joy.

Not less than an attosecond after the toe had destroyed everything was it all recreated. This time, the reality was one where she was considerably smaller, with Earth the size of one of her toes. In all of its recorded history, it had only known the worship of its Goddess. In fact, the priest was one she was well acquainted with in her mortal life; his name was not important enough to matter, but Sango knew she would enjoy ending his life especially. The planet was quickly crushed between her fingers, and as soon as the joy from its destruction left the Goddess, another Earth was created to fill the gap. This new planet met its end between Sango’s teeth. The next one was lucky enough to be smashed between her divine breasts. The one after that was an especially small Earth that was destroyed by the force of a single bead of sweat on Sango’s foot falling onto the sphere below it, the bead only existing to destroy the planet in the first place.

With each and every moment that passed, reality constantly rewrote itself, passively shaping itself to suit the Goddess’s absolute will. Sometimes Sango would be a Goddess barely bigger than a person, surrounded by every living being as they gazed upon her beauty and perished from shock. Sometimes she would be a giant the size of a building, slowly destroying the world one city at a time. Sometimes she would be big enough to crush entire countries underfoot, and other times, the entire planet underfoot. Most often, she would be larger than the universe. There was only one constant throughout the constantly shifting reality, and that was that every living person swiftly met their end so that their Goddess could relive that moment of pleasure.

Each reality had its own lengthy history. Sometimes it would be a history devoted solely to worshipping and praising Sango; other times they would curse her name, making their inevitable death beneath her all the sweeter. Every once in a while, a world where she wasn’t even present would appear. Even on very rare occasions, the world she knew as a mortal would be there so she could relive that glorious moment of ending those bugs whose names escaped her again and again.

This was the new law of reality: Everything bent and rewrote itself with the single intention of making Sango happy. As such, the world constantly met its end beneath her. In the one instant since her eyes had opened, everything had already been destroyed and rebuilt countless times over, all without so much as a thought on her part.

At this very millisecond, Sango stood atop Earth, her current size just small enough so that her feet could still reside on the planet. In another millisecond, the world would be crushed, but while it still existed, the remaining lives all sat there before her feet. Each and every person was knelt down before their goddess, clothed in sacred garbs and licking her toes fervently, thanking her for ending their lives and praising Sango her for blessing them with the chance to lick her feet. At the forefront were all the people her naive mortal self deemed friends.

The Goddess smirked, raising a perfect foot over all of them. They all looked up expectantly, disappointed that their time was up but eager for what came next. Sango looked at them from between her toes. “Goodbye, mortals...” Her foot swiftly came down upon the planet.


The next reality had already sprung up, continuing the neverending eternity that was Goddess Sango’s existence. This was how things would be: a neverending of cycle of death and rebirth forever and ever, exactly as per Sango’s will, all to forever give her the satisfaction of pleasure and power she so rightly desired. Such a cycle was the defining feature of the new reality the Goddess had shaped for herself, her constant indulgences of pleasure and destruction now easier than breathing. Never again would Sango be bored, never again would her feet lack toys to play with to her heart’s content, and never again would her every desire be denied without ever needing to lift a finger to accomplish it.


Of course, Sango herself never even took the time to consider the ramifications of her new perfect existence; to her, such wanton destruction was second nature, no different from an animal breathing or needing to eat. All things simply were as they were molded into, because that was what the Goddess desired. Every minute thing Sango could ever even consider needing would be granted without even taking a microsecond to think about it. Any and all wishes that could bring her even the most basic of pleasures were granted at will. It was simply how things were, how things had always been, and how they always would be.


After all, she was The Goddess.