Changing of the Omikami

(awesomex18 and SpaceMedaFighterX)

NOTE from author: Believe it or not, this story is actually one long IM (Instant Message) between my friend and fellow writer, SpaceMedaFighterX, from 2009. We hope you enjoy reading our story as much as we enjoyed writing it!

Sango is walking alone in the forest in her standard flower kimono and tight long green skirt...Inu Yasha and the rest of the gang were out goofing around. As she walked through the forest, she was suddenly bitten on her hand by a strange-looking bug. The color of her veins near the bite began to shift slightly, changing from their standard blue to a slightly greenish color as the venom spreads throughout her bloodstream.

Being the fighter she is, she only lets out a light grunt of pain before heading back, hoping Kagome will have something of use in her modern first aid kit.
As Sango rushes out of the forest, she stumbles and falls to the ground, her body unable to move. Sango starts to feel a weird feeling surging throughout her body...

She can only watch in horror as her body slowly starts to grow... A few minutes pass as the trees shrink beneath her. When it stopped the pain subsided, left with a general sense of pleasure throughout her body.

Loss of muscle control, hallucination, euphoria... The bite must be worse than I thought...
Sango told herself as she tried to stand, her waist now level with the tallest trees. I have to get back to the others quickly; even if this bit doesn't kill me, it wouldn't take much for a yokai to finish me in this state.

Sango stood up to her full height and began to walk back to their headquarters for the night, hoping her friends would be there. The 100 ft Sango wasn't adjusting to her new size so quickly and had trouble taking each step. After about a minute and a half of walking, Sango finally reached the place they were staying at; luckily for her, no one else had yet seen the giant Sango.

"Hello? Anyone in there?" Sango asked. To her dismay, her friends were nowhere to be found.

Sango decides to look through Kagome's pack herself; she felt rather guilty about doing this without permission, but under the circumstances, she knew Kagome wouldn't mind. She used some antiseptic, but to no avail; if anything, the medicine only made things worse, as the green liquid in her veins continued to travel through her body, now reaching up to her elbow.

"Oh great!" she said aloud to herself. "Now it's spreading even faster than before! At this rate, whatever this stuff is will be flowing throughout my entire body in no time."

Frustrated with her current situation, Sango decides to head to the closest village to see if Kagome is there to help her and if anyone else knows a cure; the village is a good 7 miles away from her current location. As Sango begins to walk, her body suddenly suffers a total paralysis. Falling to the ground once more, Sango lands in the still-burning fire her friends had built.

She thought, trying to cry, It can't end like this... Things grow dark as she feels the heat from the flame.


A few hours later, she awakens once more, I'm alive? Was it just a nightmare? But as she stands up, she finds that not only was it real- it was still continuing. She could see the shore from where she stood, towering at almost a thousand feet in height. The pain and fear melted away, replaced with a sense of awe and wonder.

"Wow," Sango said in awe, "I'm so...huge! I can see so much more of the planet now. It's so beautiful!"

Sango shifted all her weight onto her left foot and moved her right foot slightly, knocking down several dozen trees in an instant.

"Whoops!" she said. "I gotta be more careful now that I'm bigger. Now off to the village!"

As Sango walked towards the village, the venom in her body was reaching its peak; soon it would merge with Sango's brain. Once again, Sango stopped in her tracks... But this time, it was different. There was no pain, no suffering. Rather, she felt a sense of elation, of power rushing through her. A smile crossed her face as she thought of growing bigger. As if obeying her very desires, her body began to expand even more. She quickly doubled in height, then doubled that new height, and continued to grow yet more. When she stopped, she was somewhere around a mile and a half in height.

As she wondered where her friends were, Sango chuckled to herself, Miroku won't dare touch my butt now.

Sango, now adjusted to her new height, soon spotted the village once again; it would now only take her a few steps to get there. With each step she took, Sango flattened several hundred trees beneath her colossal feet. As Sango approached the village, the villagers ran into their homes in fear, afraid of the giant girl. Sango finally reached the outskirt of the village, only to find everyone indoors.

"Hello?" Sango asked. Sango's voice at her size was strong enough to break the glass in most of the homes in the village. "Sorry," she whispered. "I'm just looking for my friends. Can anyone help me...Please?"

Nobody left their homes, afraid that the 1 1/2 mile girl would suddenly attack them. As Sango begged the villagers for their help, the venom was achieving its final stage; it was merging with her blood.

Sango began to grow slightly annoyed as the people ran away. She then heard a voice, Crush them, destroy them for their insolence.

"W- who said that?!" Sango asked looking around frantically, but being careful not to step anywhere that there were houses, "Show yourself!"

If you're looking for me, you need only look in our reflection,
the voice said, We are one Sango... If you prosper, I prosper. Similarly, if you die, I too, would cease to exist. Thus, it is in my best interest to protect us, to perfect our body.

"What are you talking about?" Sango asked. "What do you mean 'perfect our body'? I alone control my own body! Who is this?! Naraku, I know you're behind this!"

"Sango, Sango, Sango," the voice said in a disappointed tone of voice. "You'll soon come to realize our full potential with my help. Just relax and give in to me so we may truly become one."

Sango felt something moving throughout her body, coursing through every vein in her being.

"What's going on?" Sango asked as her body began to tingle from her head to the very tips of her toes.
"It's time to perfect our body even further," the voice calmly said. "We still have a long way to go before we truly become 'perfect', Sango."
As the voice finished its statement, Sango began to grow once again. Sango wasn't entirely sure what to do- She watched as she grew, still not entirely certain what was going on. She tried to slow her growth as power flowed through her body, giving her a feeling of elation unlike any other. She felt mighty, powerful, and- perhaps- even invincible.

No, not invincible, but it would certainly be no small feat for one to destroy us, the "other Sango" spoke to her, Embrace the power than is rightfully ours; I only wish to help us. Don't fight it. If we work together, we could be a goddess, with the very world bowing at our feet! Fighting it only leaves an opening for our enemies, making us vulnerable. Deny it if you like, but you enjoy this- the feeling that the sharpest blade would barely pierce our flesh. Now, let us ascend!

Sango, not knowing what to do, gave in to the growth.

"Good, Sango," the voice said. "You've made the right choice."

With that, Sango's body began to skyrocket in every direction. She doubled in size, then tripled that, and tripled yet again. Sango's body continued to grow, the world shrinking faster and faster beneath her feet.

"We are becoming more Sango, can't you feel it?" the voice asked. Sango's body continued to expand as she began to become more and more "perfect".

Sango smiled; even she didn't understand why she fought it earlier, "You're right... This is amazing, beyond anything I could have ever imagined!"

The people of the village insult us; we asked a question, and they merely turned away and ran. We should dispense the proper punishment.

"You're right..." Sango said as the two souls began to merge, "Those that hinder our progress must be destroyed." She raised her colossal foot, and crushed the village in front of her, smiling with a twisted sense of pleasure.

Suddenly, the earth began to shake beneath her as a monstrous force arose from the earth. A giant white tiger, tall enough to look Sango in the eyes, stood before her, and spoke, "Cease this blood-thirsty foolishness at once! Lest, I will show you how feeble you truly are, mortal."

"Sango, let us perfect our body even further," the voice said. "We don't have time to waste fighting a frivolous battle against a little kitty-cat."
"No," said Sango, "I'm going to fight it. Even though I may be larger, I am still a demon hunter; it is my mission to kill all demons that pose a threat to myself or other people. That is why I shall fight this beast..." Sango paused for a second before finishing her sentence, "...On my own." 
"But Sango, you're not alone in this fight," the voice replied.
"I don't require your help."
"Fine, Sango. I shall not help us in this battle. However, if we are ever in trouble, only look inside of you for the power that we need. Remember, alone, we are weak; but together, we are unstoppable."
After settling her internal conflict, Sango now turned her attention to the giant tiger standing before her. "Demon, I will fight you. You shall not win!"
"I do not wish to fight you woman. However, since you will not back down, I have no other choice." The tiger opened its mouth wide and let out a loud roar, hurting Sango's ears; at the same time, a teal wave spread out from the tiger's legs and covered all of Japan before the wave disappeared. "All of Japan shall be our battlefield; none of the land beneath us shall be harmed until one of us is defeated. Now, without further ado, let us begin!"
Without warning, the tiger suddenly lunged itself at the massive Sango
. Sango deftly flipped backwards, narrowly dodging Byakko's mighty jaws. She reached behind her back for the Hiraikotsu, only to realize she was unarmed.

If we were bigger, we could simply-
the voice began, only to be interrupted by Sango, "I said to stay out of this!"

While Sango was distracted, Byakko pounced forward, pinning her to the barrier. Sango struggled to free herself, but found that the tiger's weight was more than should could bare. Byakko raised his left claw, which Sango caught with right hand. She found that, while she could not match the tiger as a whole, her arm versus his, she had a slight advantage, as she managed to prevent his claw from coming down upon her long enough to wriggle free of the feline's grasp. Sango backed away from Byakko and caught her breath; as she did, the white tiger began to run at Sango at an amazing speed. As the tiger came within a few feet of Sango, it jumped up into the air and tried to pounce on the kimono-clad woman. Thanks to Sango's quick reaction time, she managed to jump out of the way before the tiger caused any major harm to her body. However, Sango did not dodge unscathed; the tiger left a medium-sized gash in Sango's right wrist.
"OW!" Sango yelled out in pain while grabbing her wrist. "I can't take much more of this. Without my Hiraikotsu, there's no way I can win."
"But Sango, we
can win," the voice said. 
"Together..." Sango said, beginning to fall once again into the voice's mysterious power of persuasion. "Don't ever leave me," she said. "I need you."
"Sango, I never left. We've always been together." Sango began to feel a powerful energy coursing through her body, and the gash on her arm disappeared. "And we always will be."
Sango tilted her head back and quickly jerked it back to its normal position. 
"!" The union was now complete; the voice and Sango were now permanently fused into one being.

"You have chosen your path, and condemned yourself. So be it, I will spare you no longer." Byakko spoke with a low growl. A faint glow surrounded him, as he spoke, "Blades of the earth, hear my cry, that of your master, Xī Fāng Bái Hǔ! All steel bends to my will, slay those who would harm my people!"

As he spoke these words, a huge dao formed in front of him, a holy aura surrounding it. It flew forward with blinding speed, piercing through Sango's bosom, and into her heart.

"In the end, you are still only mortal," the tiger said as he turned away.

"No... I was
only mortal," Sango smiled as she pulled the blade from her chest, leaving not even so much as a scar, "Now, I am more than even you!"

"How...How can this be?" Byakko asked in both confusion and astonishment.

"How, you ask?" Sango answered. "Simple; I've become stronger, a living goddess. I am no longer considered a mortal, rather a higher class of being; and compared to me, you're nothing. You should've defeated me when you had the chance, little kitty."

"I don't believe in anything you're saying girl," the tiger replied. "In fact, I must have missed your heart with my last attack; that is why you did not die. Well, this time, I will make sure to end your life!"

"Hahahaha!" Sango laughed. "You really think you can kill me? Hahahaha!!!! Well, go ahead and try then. However, I think it's time that I'm
the one on the offensive here."

Sango's body began to fill with untold amounts of energy and power.

"W-what's happening?" Byakko wondered.

"Perfection," Sango crushed the blade with her bare hand, then laughed as she approached Byakko. The tiger took a few steps back, then jumped at Sango once more. This time, she stood her ground, and grappled with him, her fists meeting with his claws in midair. Byakko attempted to push Sango back, but found that he was slowly losing his footing.

Suddenly, a crash- the barrier shattered as Sango butted her head into Byakko's skull, shattering his mind in the process. The tiger let out a roar of pain as it fell to the ground beneath. He struggled to pick himself up, but found that it took all his strength to keep his eyes open- And even that was seeming more difficult with each passing second.

"Even the guardians of legend are nothing to me," Sango chided as Byakko fell silent, "But it's still not enough... I must have more power!"

Somehow, Byakko managed to get back onto his feet. "I will not let you win!" the tiger shouted valiantly.

"Some people just don't know when to give up," Sango said as she began to approach the tiger. "It's a new era now," she said, holding her foot over the feline's fragile head. "It is an era of change, where the old are cast aside and the new are in control. It is the era of an all powerful goddess; a goddess named...Sango!"

With the announcement of her name, Sango dropped her foot on the beast's head, delivering the killing blow to her opponent.

"Hahahahaha!!!!!!!!" Sango laughed. "Now that he's out of the way, I can finally complete my ascension uninterrupted."

A warm feeling spread throughout Sango's body as she began to feel more and more powerful; she was growing once again. The mountains diminished beneath her feet as Sango grew once more. She could see the world's curvature now, as it shrank under her.

"Yes, yes!" Sango smiled, "The very stars themselves will bow before me! I will be supreme!"

As she neared a thousand miles in height, her growth began to shake the entire world in a single, cataclysmic earthquake; but Sango didn't care, the Earth was no longer of any use to her...

"Oh Earth," said the still growing Sango, "it's been fun, but I have to go now. You're just getting too small for me...And if I can't have you, then no one can!"

In an instant, Sango sat down and planted her large rear into the planet. As she grew, more of the planet became covered by her massive ass, crushing the land beneath it into nothingness. As she approached the 7000 mile mark, Sango's legs began to wrap around the planet as her rear had expanded into the present-day U.S. 

"Don't worry everyone," Sango said to the people of the world, "feel blessed. You are all witnesses to the birth of a goddess."

Sango began to chuckle. Let's see if Miroku can grab my ass now!
she thought to herself. Sango was now 15000 miles tall; her body continued to expand, showing only signs of accelerated growth. Suddenly, an outward force exerted itself upon Sango, as she found herself unable to grow any further. She could feel someone else's magic suppressing her strength, and she looked around angrily, "Who dares?!"

The sun began to shine with even greater brilliance than it normally would, as the form of a woman appeared. Even to Sango, she seemed enormous. She needed no introduction, as the demon slayer nervously realized who she was looking at, "Amaterasu-omikami!"

"What do you think you're doing girl?" the sun goddess asked. "Are you trying to get my attention? You're destroying the planet in an effort to become like me, correct? Well, human, I will show you what it's like to face a real

With that, the goddess picked Sango off of the Earth using the edge of her left index finger and brought her far away from Earth. Compared to the goddess, Sango was the size of a small bug.

"I'm sorry to say, Amaterasu, but I have some bad news for you," Sango said. "You see, you've become too weak and old; now, it's time for a new, more powerful goddess to take your place. And your replacement will be none other than myself!"

"You think you can defeat me, simple girl?" the sun goddess thundered. "Laughable! For killing Byakko, I will make sure you know the wrath of an angry goddess!"

"Ha!" Sango replied. "I will soon be the only goddess around here; after all, I am the very definition of 'perfection'."

Sango stopped trying to increase her growth as she realized that Amaterasu would have to come first. Searing heat beat upon Sango's brow, causing her to sweat, even in the vacuum of space. She carefully studied her opponent for any sign of weakness. Amaterasu simply plucked Sango up with her hand, and stared at her.

"I have seen you in the past, Sango of the demon slayers," Amaterasu spoke, "This blood thirst, this power lust, this insanity... None of it did you ever once show before. Although a fierce warrior, you were a selfless soul, and would readily lay down your life to protect the weak. But now- Now you are the very thing you fought to destroy- A cold blooded murderer, who will stop at nothing to further her own ends. Tell me, is this truly what you believe power to be? Anyone can destroy, that is not true power... No, true power is the ability to create, to preserve, to protect! You once had true power, and you threw it away for chaos. Before I carry out your execution, I simply wish to know: Why?"

"I...became more," Sango answered. "I was weak and became tired of being weak; so, I became stronger. I can't explain how, but what I do know is that I'm stronger than ever. So, Amaterasu, go ahead and try to kill me; little do you know, I am stronger than you could ever hope to be!" Sango began to laugh at the massive woman towering over her. "Come now, end my life if you dare! Hahahaha!"

"You mock me?" the goddess replied. "I shall show you no mercy, Sango of the Demon Slayers!"

Amaterasu threw Sango aside, then raised her hand. The flames of the sun itself danced forth with the goddess' gesture, chasing after Sango as she hurriedly attempted to dodge. The fire scorched her shoulder. Although no burn mark was left, she knew that it had done its share of damage; although her body could not be harmed, it seemed her soul was still vulnerable.

No! I won't lose, not now... Not when I'm but one step away from supremacy...
She thought to herself, but she found she couldn't even move close to Amaterasu without the aura of heat penetrating her soul, There must be some way to win... Some weakness I can exploit. If I were closer to the Earth, I could use it as a shield, perhaps make her surrender... But there's no way for me to get close to it. When thinking of the Earth as a shield, Sango realized something, Of course... The reach of the sun only extends so far.

Sango ran- as near as floating through space can be to running- hiding behind the largest thing she could find- Jupiter, of course. The assault immediately ceased.

"Don't tell me the mighty Amaterasu is afraid of the dark!" Sango taunted, "It's true, isn't it? Your powers fail with the sun's reach. No... You ARE the sun! Thus, wherever your light does not shine, your powers cannot reach!"

"Hahahaha!" Sango laughed. "I've found the one weakness of the almighty goddess Amaterasu...and it's distance from the Sun! Come and get me Amaterasu, if you can!"

Sango stood up from her hiding place behind Jupiter and began to run towards the edge of the solar system. As she continued to run, Sango noticed that Amaterasu had stopped following her shortly after passing the asteroid belt near the center of the solar system. As she neared Saturn, she could still make out Amaterasu staring back at her from the asteroid belt; at Uranus, Amaterasu appeared to be quite distant from her. Sango finally stopped jogging as she reached Neptune; she looked back towards the Sun and was barely able to spot the Sun Goddess, for she was now a barely visible speck of light at this distance.

"Now that I'm far enough away from her, I can regroup," she said to herself. "I think it's time to show her what it means to truly be a 'goddess'. Let's see how Amaterasu likes being the one chased after! Hahaha!"

No longer under Amaterasu's power, Sango began to grow once more; the omikami could only watch in horror, as for five minutes straight, Sango's growth exploded exponentially. Twenty-five thousand miles, fifty thousand miles, one hundred thousand miles, a million, ten million, one hundred million... By the time Sango finished, she was approximately one billion miles in height, Amaterasu now only coming up to her shoulders.

Sango headed back towards the Sun, as Amaterasu slowly stepped back while barraging the former demon slayer with solar flares. They still pained her, but Sango knew that she could take it now.

"You are nothing to me!" Sango said as she dashed towards the sun goddess, an aura of power now permeating forth from Sango's body, "It is time I took my rightful place, as mistress of the universe!"

With that, Sango began to create a weapon from her very will; a new Hiraikotsu, this one suited to her new size. With it, she deflected the flames of her foe. The bone wasn't even singed, and Sango was drawing ever nearer.

Sango continued to run at full speed towards the Sun Goddess, dodging the deity's attacks with her newly formed Hiraikotsu. As she reached the Earth, Sango jumped up and threw her boomerang at Amaterasu.
"Now, finish her, Hiraikotsu!" she shouted. Sango released the massive weapon from her hand as it chased after Amaterasu. The Sun Goddess could do nothing but hurl balls of flame at the mighty boomerang, but to no avail; the Hiraikotsu made contact with Amaterasu, ripping a colossal hole in the center of her body.
"IIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" the goddess yelled out in pain. The Hiraikotsu quickly returned to Sango as soon as it had done its damage. As Sango obtained her boomerang once again, she willed it gone; she then began to slowly walk towards the weakened Amaterasu.
"There isn't room enough in this world for two goddesses...One of us has to go. Now, Amaterasu, I shall absorb you into my body and take your strength. Don't be afraid, for you are about to fuel the most powerful being in existence!"

The solar system began to grow dim, as the sun faded with Amaterasu's life force. Sango could feel the power rushing into her, exponentially combining with her own. Although there wasn't any gain in mass this time, she knew that her power had grown as the sun died out.

Back on Earth, the entire world screamed in horror as they saw the sun vanish from the sky. Where it was day, it was now a starry night. Where it had been a moonlit night, the moon was now shrouded in shadows.

Sango-omikami... Has a nice ring to it, the recently ascended goddess thought to herself. I suppose it's time I made a decision; the earth won't last long as it is... I could simply destroy it, and absorb the power of their life forces as well. Or... I could sustain it, and allow its people to worship me, force them to give me tribute on a daily basis. An eternity of sacrifices- while slow in coming- would mean an eternity of increasing power. But is it really worth it to wait that long?

Hmmm, Sango thought to herself. Wait, I've got it! I know how I can have my cake and eat it too. Since I'm now an omikami, I can basically do whatever I want. So, I'll crush the Earth right now and gain the power of the planet's life force; then, using my new abilities, I'll create a new Earth devoted entirely to it's all-powerful goddess, Sango.

Sango turned her body in the direction of the Earth and slowly began to walk towards it; it only took her a few steps to reach it at her new size. Sango bent downwards and extended her right hand, encompassing the Earth in her seemingly endless palm.

"Well, Earth, you'll be turned into nothingness for an instant," Sango said to the planet, "but you'll soon become reborn in my image."

With that, Sango closed her hand and crushed the planet into oblivion. Sango could feel the power stored within the planet for billions of years suddenly flowing throughout her entire body.

Focusing that energy into her left index finger and thumb, Sango snapped her fingers, causing a new Earth to appear. Sango squinted her eye to gaze at the new planet; statues and temples were built in Sango's image, all to worship the planet's goddess.

Sango smiled wickedly; an entire world, with the sole purpose of worshiping her, whether they wished it or not. The first humans had been given free will, but she decided against allowing these the same. After all, if they had a will of their own, it was entirely possible that something similar to her own fate could grace one of them- potentially allowing her to be dethroned. Sango decided that it wasn't worth the risk.

As she went to place her people- really, they'd be better described as organic robots- She thought back to her friends, from when she was human. Perhaps Sango wasn't entirely different from her old self, as she decided to model her first slaves after them, a certain monk being given the job of keeping her statues clean.

As punishment for never keeping your hands off my butt, you'll now scrub it for eternity, She thought to herself with a sense of irony.

Sango then decided to create a ritual in which her subjects would worship their goddess 25 times a day; she decided to use her model slaves as the prototype.

The people of Earth gathered around a statue of Sango, each holding a flower in their hand. At the same time, all of the loyal followers dropped their flowers around the statue and fell to their knees; they then began to say a prayer praising their almighty goddess:

"Sango-omikami, we pray to you so that you may become stronger. May your strength increase forever as your power and glory fills the heavens above us!"

With that, the followers stood back up and began to form a line in front of the statue. One by one, the followers began to kiss the feet of the statue, whispering the words "Sango, my goddess, grow forever stronger."

Sango looked on from above and smiled; she began to feel a power surging through her as each "prayer" did, in fact, seem to make her stronger.

"Now, then," Sango said to herself, "since I have a limitless amount of excess power, I believe I should continue where I left off!"

Power flowing into her once more, Sango entered into another wave of growth, this one putting all her past achievements to shame. She expanded at such a rate, that should she wish it, the galaxy itself would be nothing to her... Miles came and went, followed by astronomical units, and then, light-years. Within the space of a few hours, she had grown to approximately a thousand light years tall, her height now spanning the thickness of the Milky Way.

She could see the bright center of the galaxy, swirling in the aeons of the void. It pulsed with an untamed power surpassing even her own... But soon, it too would be part of her. She paused her growth momentarily as she approached the mass, absorbing it through her hands as she shot up even more. By time she was finished, only two remnants of the galaxy existed- the temple planet, and Sango herself.

As Sango looked to Andromeda, seeking to further increase her power, she made a proclamation, "If there are beings amongst the stars who think they can rival my power, let them challenge me now! Soon, the entire universe will be one with me, and you will cease to exist! Surrender now, and you will die in peace, knowing that you have pleased the queen of all existence! Defy me, and I promise that your final memories will be those of suffering!"

As a sign of her rise to power, Sango decided to absorb the Andromeda galaxy into her body and "rebirth" it as well so that her planet could have it's own galaxy. Using the same tactic she had employed earlier, Sango placed her hands in front of the galaxy and merged it within her body. After gaining the energy held within the shining core of Andromeda, Sango took in a deep breath and quickly let it out; the result was an entirely new galaxy devoted to the ever-expanding Sango.

"Ha!" Sango laughed. "Now my little planet has an entire galaxy of people to worship me as well! Come my planet, let me show you your new home."

With that, Sango turned to the remains of the Milky Way to move the Earth to the newly created galaxy. Picking up the planet with the tip of her right pinky finger, Sango gently lowered the planet into the new galaxy, which she had decided to name Sango.

As the planet was inserted into the galaxy, the Sango Galaxy rang out in one loud unison prayer to the goddess; Sango could feel the energy from their "prayers" coursing through her veins, urging her to become more.

Her challenge yet unmet, Sango smiled with pleasure as she began to grow once more. Soon, even light years were insufficient to measure her; she began counting the number of galaxies it would take to equal her height, using her own as the standard by which she would compare herself to. A thousand galaxies tall and growing, Sango continued her growth for what seemed like an eternity... Days passed, then weeks, months, years, decades, centuries, millennia, eons, aeons... Time was dead to her now, she was truly immortal. Ages beyond ages came and went, until she had fulfilled her desire. The universe now consisted of naught but Sango herself, and the galaxy designated to worship her.

"It seems you have fulfilled your task," spoke a deep, sinister voice. "So you are the one who received my gift... But now, it is time for you to partake in the fate for which you are destined. You have performed your duty of gathering all the energy in this universe into a single vessel, minus that minor side venture of yours. Now, it is time for you to be absorbed into my being."

"Where are you?! Who dares to defy me?!" Sango raged as she scanned the void, seeing nothing but her galaxy. "I will show no mercy to infidelity!"

"I am a traveler of planes, a devourer of worlds that exists beyond dimensions," the voice replied. "I have existed for time beyond what even you could comprehend. As the people of your temple are to you, so are you now to me... If you are even that. You have lived far longer than you would have without my gift, and furthermore, you have been granted power that put the gods of your world to shame. For that, you owe me. And the time has come to pay your debt."

"No... Now the time has come for you to regret using me..." Sango demanded. "I will take your place, just as I did with Amaterasu, and the universe itself! You were a fool to give me this power, and you will find it impossible to reclaim."

"A foolish choice of final words," the voice spoke. "'I promise that your final memories will be those of suffering...' Those were your words, were they not? Now it is time for you to be on the receiving end of them."

With that, the beast materialized before Sango...

"What, what are you?" Sango asked.

The beast began to appear in it's true form; standing millions of times larger than Sango was a woman who bore a striking resemblance to Sango. The woman had long black hair and was dressed in a tight black kimono with white socks; her body was very slender and she possessed breasts that were two full cup sizes larger than the original Sango, which her kimono struggled to contain.

"You..." Sango began, "you can't be real! You look just like me!"

"Yes, girl. I must admit that I too am surprised that my 'gift' came to one who looks like my exact double," said the woman. "However, let me assure you that I am, in fact, very real."

Without warning, the woman kicked Sango into the endless void of space using her full strength. Due to her enormous size, Sango was not heavily damaged in the attack and only got the wind knocked out of her. As Sango looked towards the woman's location, she was surprised to find that she had vanished.

"Behind you," the woman's voice boomed.

Sango turned around to find the colossal woman standing before her once again.

"Now, my dear," began the woman, "Surrender peacefully and become a part of me; after all, that was your mission as the receiver of 'the gift'. If however, you refuse, I shall absorb you into my being by force! It's your decision."

"I don't know what you really are," said Sango, "but there's no way I'm going to become part of you. If anything, by the end of this battle, you are gonna become a part of me!"

The multivesal woman swiped at Sango with her hand, her mere eyelashes enough to eclipse Sango's entire body.

"You cannot defeat me Sango; I am everything you desire to be, and so much more," the woman taunted, "My power exceeds yours by a factor which you cannot even begin to imagine."

Trapped within the woman's hand- or rather, the space between her thumb and its nail, Sango began to consider her options. A direct fight was out of the question, and there wasn't much of a way for Sango to hide, herself now being the size of a universe. She thought back to her earlier battles...

That against Byakko, and that against Amaterasu... The former had been simple, she simply created more power for herself. Having reached her limits for the time being, such wouldn't work now.

The battle against Amaterasu... This woman wasn't limited by a star's light, and even if it were, she could easily grab Sango long before she got far enough away.

I've overcome everything thus far, and I won't be stopped now! Sango told herself, I won't be drawn into her... Wait, no... That's it!

Sango realized that, at this size, she was still microscopic to the other woman. It would be easy to slip inside of her. It took no small amount of time, but Sango crawled through the woman and into her blood. Once Sango was in the woman's heart, she spoke, "You've shown me one of my own weaknesses, one that I'll be sure to remedy after you die."

Sango put her mask around her face, then willed a poison unlike any seen before. Sango acted as a virus within the titaness, destroying her from within, slowly, yet surely...

"Oh Sango, where are you? Come out and play!" the woman laughed. "You cannot win Sango! Just come out now and surrender to my power."

As the woman continued to taunt Sango, the demon huntress continued to spread the poison throughout the woman's body.

Alright, Sango thought to herself. Now all I have to do is deposit the rest of the poison in her heart and hope that it starts to have some sort of an effect on her.

As more of the poison was dumped into the woman's bloodstream, the multiversal being started to feel the chemical's adverse effects.

"Wha-what's happening to me?" the woman asked. "I'm feeling so...weak. OWWWWWWW!!!!!! It feels like something is ripping me apart from the inside out!" The woman's hands began to tremble as she felt her body becoming limp. A few more seconds later, the woman was starting to have trouble breathing as the pain in her body only continued to increase in intensity. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" she screamed.

At the woman's shout, Sango quickly covered her ears; even though she was inside the woman's body, she could still hear the loud screech of pain coming from the titaness.

I think she's starting to suffer...Now's my chance! I could continue dumping the rest of the poison into her body until she's dead; or, I can try absorbing her...There's no way she can stop me in her weakened condition. The question is, what should I do, wait or grow right now?

Sango placed her hands on the woman's heart; this was the first time she had tried to absorb something so much larger than herself... But this was destiny, fate. Finally, her quest would be complete; her body would be perfected. Sango began to absorb the power of the titaness from within, but it quickly overwhelmed her as her body deteriorated, an insufficient vessel to hold so much energy. The world around her grew black as her face turned to dust...


Is this death? All I see is the endless void. I can't even see my hand in front of my face. Sango thought to herself as she awoke, No... I'm not dead... I can sense my being is whole but... Sango opened her eyes. She saw her galaxy in tact, as hardly even an atom compared to her. Strange, I don't recall being THIS big... She looked over herself... Her clothes were different... They're the same clothes that woman was wearing... No, not just her clothes, this is her body... Yes, it all makes sense now... Perfecting my old body was impossible, so I was driven to take another. It all makes sense now... That's why our bodies looked so much the same: Hers was destined to become mine from the beginning.

Sango took her galaxy, and projected a small image of herself within her temple, "Faithful slaves, I am victorious once more! Let it be known that I will reign as omikami for all eternity!"

Sango laughed triumphantly as she continued to grow beyond the void, "Time... Space... Matter... I will grow until they have no meaning to me... No, until I am the very meaning of them! Everything shall become one with me... Across time and space, the entire multiverse will converge to grant me infinite power! No longer will the multiverse be scattered; rather, I will be something beyond an omikami, beyond existence itself! I will be the Macroverse." Her body exploded at speeds incomprehensible to the human mind, her body growing over a googol lightyears per second. She cried out in obsession: "Why am I growing so slowly? I'm too small to be considered the Macroverse at this point. Bigger....Bigger...BIGGER...BIGGER...BIGGER!!!!!!!!!" Sango body continued to grow into infinity at an ever-accelerating rate, trying to satisfy her desire to become the biggest, a desire that would forever grow along with her, as the bounderies of the universe itself stretched to fit the woman who had taken the mantle of Omikami.


Meanwhile, in another world, similar yet different, a young demon slayer was fighting. She took her boomerang, forged from the bone of a giant demon, and threw it against a titanic dog-like beast that held two swords. The blades shattered as the yokai fell, the young demon slayer victorious.

"You will trouble us no more, Inu No Tou," the young woman cried, although victorious, she felt pain in her heart, "Kohaku, your death has been avenged..."

When the demon fell, it created a tear in the earth, from which a small object glimmered. The young huntress observed the tear, and found a ring. When she put it on, she was immediately overcome with a desire for power... Power that would come with growth...