The Unforgiving Night 2: The Fall of Alucard


WARNING: This story is rated MA-LV for strong language and graphically violent scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1: Tying up loose ends / An Unexpected Welcome


6:00 a.m.

What roared through the news like a lion roaring was phenomenal. Most of London was decimated. Casualties skyrocketed in the city. The decimated city or capital known as London…(But at least Big Ben survived and the queen)


Loads of media broadcasters from around the world viewed the destruction with horror. Whether how many people died, injured, or escaped the destruction.

Because this disaster was known as ‘The Godzillaess Epidemic’


World leaders pitched in more money than the hurricane that was known as Katrina.

But the one thing they didn’t know was who was this Godzillaess or how it happened.

But the only trace of the Godzillaess was only gallons of blood that was spilt upon the city.


Scientists questioned how did she start bleeding even though nothing of their technology could affect her. How did this happen?

But only a few know why..

And those who do… are not human…. But a creature of a night…


6:00 a.m.


Alucard’s perspective


Alucard dashed through a forest with ease. Even though he had a body on his back.

“Ugh..” Alucard moaned, “Where’s that damn place that I saw earlier?”


Time was running out for Alucard. The sun was going up. And some parts of the forest was getting lightened.

Rushing past trees with ease he reached a denser part of the forest. Realizing he had to slow down otherwise he’d ram into a tree.

But there was no time for stopping. It was either death in the sun or ramming into the tree.


As Alucard zoomed past the forest he finally came along an abandoned cabin in an opening of the forest.

Alucard then dashed in breaking down the door that was there and rushed to the basement.


At that moment the sun rose and shone its shining glance along the world.


Alucard panted with aches all over his body. He looked over his shoulder, still seeing Seras unconscious. Her blonde hair was a complete mess.

Alucard slowly set her down on the gravel/sand and then he laid down falling asleep.




Alucard awoke suddenly.

A slight scuffing noise was on top of the house.

Alucard dashed to the top of the cabin completely forgetting about the out cold Seras.


Alucard examined the top floor.. there was nothing…




Alucard then looked outside. A tree fell to the ground all of a sudden.


It was only a cloudy day so Alucard dashed outside and looked around.


Then he walked by the tree that was cut down to examine it..

The only thing on the tree was an angled knife..

“The annoying priest.. “ Alucard thought.




A knife went down quickly to Alucard’s head but as soon as it came close, Alucard grabbed it by the blade and crushed it in the middle of his hand.


“Ahahahaha!” cried out from the priest landing on the cut down tree. “Vampire! Prepare to feel the light of God!”


Alucard sighed, “You annoying mere human son of a (Censored) of a priest..”

Alucard quickly pulled out his Jackal and fired a couple of shots at the priest.

“This Alexander Anderson is getting damn right annoying..” thought Alucard.


Alexander then did a somersault dodging the bullets then threw countless swords at Alucard.

In reply Alucard went behind a tree protecting himself from the swords flying towards him.


Alexander pulled at his book and threw most of the pages with swords on them hanging them on the trees.


“Same tricks….pitiful…” thought Alucard.

Alexander ran up to Alucard then just after and pulled out 2 of his baptitized knives and started slashing at Alucard as quickly as possible. But Alucard was too swift for him as he dodged every blow Alexander tried to make on him.

“Enough with this!” yelled Alexander, “It’s time to end this!”

Alexander then pulled out a secondary book and threw it at Alucard.


“That same book from the subway station? You truly are a dog!” said Alucard.

The book flew towards Alucard and opened its pages and they flew out trying to hold Alucard down.

But before they held Alucard he made a swift turn to his left nearly dodging the pages.


“Wait…” Alucard thought, “Seras…she’s still in the cabin… if this priest figures it out…. she’ll be dead..”

Alucard then made a swift turn and started running away from the cabin.

Though Alexander quickly followed Alucard.

“Don’t run away vampire! We still have a score to settle!” cried Alexander.

Alucard then made a halt and fired his gun at Alexander nailing him in the left arm.


Alexander’s left arm bursts and explodes in thin air.

“AGGHH!” Alexander screamed.


Alucard then started laughing, “Nothing but a mere dog…”

Alucard slowly walked up to Alexander preparing to kill him with one final shot.

“Like before… die miserably you worthless piece of (Censored)..”

Alucard then pulled the trigger firing the shot to Alexander.


“NOT LIKE LAST TIME VAMPIRE!” Alexander yelled. Then he amazingly dodged the bullet then pulled out 2 of his binding books throwing them towards Alucard.

This time he could not escape the binding.

“Hellsing Ace? Hahaha..” Alexander walking up to Alucard while snickering, “This time it ends for me!”

Alexander pulled out a mysterious book and opened the pages and started reading a language that Alucard didn’t know..

While he was reading Alucard then tried to get out of the books bindings but it was too much for him..

“And so may the holy magic of God curse the impure being..” Alexander ending his book and closed the book suddenly.

Alucard began to feel weird.. A green glow surrounded the vampire and then Alucard fired a shot on the paper (don’t ask how) and it ripped!

“NO!” Alexander yelled. “THIS WILL END NOW!” Then in fury he started attacking Alucard with all his might!

But the vampire was too fast for him and he dodged all the blows escaping heading even farther away from the cabin to confuse the priest of where he was heading.

Alexander then tries to follow but Alucard outruns him confusing Alexander…


“ARGH!” groans Alucard as he begins to feel pain beneath his skin.

But ignoring that he starts heading towards back to the abandoned cabin.


When he reaches back everything was.. much bigger…

“Strange…”Alucard thought

(Also yes the papers from Alexander aren’t there anymore…um… because they disintegrated… )


Alucard dashed into the cabin noticing everything was… giant sized…

“What the?” wondered Alucard.

When he reached the basement… he sees a giant Seras… fully awake..



Chapter 2: Memory Lane




Seras’s perspective


A dark room laid in the sight of Seras.


“Where am I?”

A dark voice echoed through the room “Shouldn’t you know? It’s the same place you were before.”

“What do you mean?”

“When you were trapped duh..”

“Who are you? What do you want?”


A cloaked person stepped through the wall into the same room as Seras’s


“Now you’re just being stupid… Isn’t it obvious? Don’t you remember anything?”

Seras held both her hands close to her chest, “I don’t know what you’re talking about… now answer my questions..”

The dark figure glided towards her, “Aren’t you the dunce of the class?”

Seras began to get frustrated with the person, “Damn it answer my damn questions!”

“Impatient are we?” The dark figure grabbed her hand.

“What are you doing?!” Seras began trying to shake the dark figure loose then.


Instantly the dark figure transported her to a desolated city.


“Ring any bells?” The dark figure let go of her wrist then.


Seras was horrified of what had become of the city. “You did this didn’t you?”

“Me?” The dark figure laughed, “You’re the one who destroyed this city stupid…”

“THAT’S A LIE!” Seras yelled while on the road.

“Lie’s or not either way you should believe it.”

“WHO ARE YOU?!” Seras ran towards the dark figure and pulled off the robe.


“What..?!Seras backed away from what she saw.

“Heh… Is aren’t we curious?” the figure who stood there was herself….

“That doesn’t make an-“

“Can’t believe what you see? Perhaps you just need a little refreshment..”

Herself snapped her fingers and Seras then saw everything shrink beside her.

“What?! No….” then her memory was filled of what had happened from the one night that it had happen…


Seras fell back and she crushed already destroyed building while falling back.

Herself just flew to her knees with a sinister grin, “Remember now little girl?”

Seras was horrified… She didn’t mean to cause it…. She didn’t want to cause it…

“No! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t want to cause it!” Seras yelled at the top of her lungs.

“Yet you did and you enjoyed it. Don’t you remember the enjoyment we had? When you stepped on a soldier’s corpse and the blood splurged out with the satisfaction?”


“Then why did you do it?” Again herself snapped her fingers but this time the city was perfectly normal..


Instantly again the city went into panic with civilians running in all directions and the military coming in..


Herself appeared on her shoulder.

“Don’t you want to cause destruction  all around? There are already enough people in this city and you enjoy… murdering…”

Your lying!”

Then at that moment 10 tanks lined up south of where Seras’s boots were and began firing.

Seras felt a sharp burning feeling by her legs and then raised her foot and slammed it down causing a earthquake.

At that moment the tanks flipped over and then the troops began piling out of them and loaded up RPG’s and began firing at Seras.

“Please stop!” Seras cried out. But before the RPG explosion reached her face, She raised her arms over her face to protect herself.

Then at that moment herself appeared on her left shoulder and said, “I’ve had enough of this..” she snapped her fingers and then Seras couldn’t feel her body moments anymore… She couldn’t control it with all her might..

“No! Run!” Seras cried out.

The soldiers stayed there with their RPG’s and kept firing.

Seras’s body then lifted her foot and stomped where the soldier’s were and a mess was made by where her boot was.

“No stop!” Seras yelled to her other half.

The other half of her was just laughing at what was happening.

“I cannot believe that you cannot enjoy this! This is so amusing seeing those humans scramble for their lives..”

Seras body then lifted her arms and struck it against a building, which caused the whole building collapse.

Her other half just cried out with laughter.


Then a voice boomed from the skies..


Her other half stopped laughing and he face was just full of disappointment.

“Fine” she replied and snapped her fingers.

Then everything went back into the dark room again..

“The only reason why you saw that because I was sent here to remind you what happened..”

Seras then exclaimed, “YOUR EVIL! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT?!”

The so-called Saundris just laughed, “Evil? Your evil for helping those pathetic humans! They are nothing more then a food source for us yet you treat them as one of us!”

“But all good things must come to end at one point and our fun has ended. Goodbye and wake up right now you should…”


But before she could say what she had to finish Saundris disappeared.


Seras then remembered Saundris telling her to wake up..

“Wake up?” Seras thought.




Seras then woke up in an old dusty basement that wasn’t that big at all.

Seras looked around at her surroundings… nothing more then chopped wood and some furniture..

Seras got up but then she heard  some steps…

“Huh?” Seras looked around the basement yet there was nothing…

“Just my imagination” Seras thought..

“Is it?” A voice said.

“What? Who’s there?!” Seras said defensively.

She reached to her back to grab her Halconnen but there was nothing on her back except her clothes.

“Where are you?!” Seras yelled angrily. Though she was no longer a true vampire.. and Alucard wasn’t around… she believed she could defend herself..


“Policewoman… down here….” The voice said.

“Huh?” Seras looked down where she saw a really small man (only about 3 inches tall) in a red suit.

“Master? Is that you?” Seras kneeled down to take a closer look.


“Who else?” Alucard said arrogantly.

Seras opened her palm right beside Alucard.

Alucard then walked calmly onto her palm as she raised it to her face for a closer look.

Seras examined Alucard thoroughly.

“Why are you so small though master?” Seras asked while having one hand on her lap and one hand holding Alucard close to her face.


Alucard, “Heh… Well it started when.. (no way am I typing everything that was from before in chapter 1…. So let’s just say Alucard explained everything that happened that he saw.)

“And that’s about it…” Alucard finished.

Seras nodded in hearing everything that she heard.

“But for now I want to get back into my regular size.. so let’s get going when it’s dark…”

“Yes my master..” Seras said.



Chapter 3: Lords and Queens


Enrico’s perspective


6:00 a.m.


“Hmph..” Enrico scoffed in his Vatican HQ.

“Buffard…. Oh Buffard..” Enrico Maxwell said on his desk.

“What is it sir?” Buffard, Enrico’s right hand man replied.

“Haven’t you heard the news? About Hellsing’s tamed pets? What if they turn that …thing … onto us?! We need to do something about this!” Enrico then slammed his fist onto the table shaking everything on top of it.

“Hm…” Buffard thought to himself… “Perhaps….. we could send Alexander at them once again…” Buffard said.


Buffard stood there in silence watching Enrico rant.

“Damn it…. We need something better!” Obviously Enrico was enraged.. “Argh we don’t have enough tools for this job!”

Buffard then said, “Sir… you do know of that chip organization correct?”

Enrico looked at him fierce fully, “So what of it?!”

“We could lead the this chip organization into leading that they are our ally… and we ‘ally’ them to remove Hellsing from the triangle and while the chip organization thinks it is safe… we shall topple their place and take control… as the one true leader…”

Enrico thought of it…. “Yes it will work…. Oh Buffard what could we do without you… but how will we know where it is?”

“We did capture one of their chip vampires…. We could interrogate him..”

“Hm that’s good then…”


6:47 a.m


Enrico and Buffard walked towards their prison room down a corridor to the left…


There lay a man… quite pale and ripped clothes drenched in blood from head to toe..

“Agh… who’s there?” he spoke

Buffard opened the cell and walked inside kneeling before the man.

The man stared at him quietly.

Buffard lunged at the man! He threw his hands onto his neck and started yelling, “WHERE IS YOUR DAMN CHIP HEADQUATERS YOU WORTHLESS SCUM!”

The man was frightened… Oh he knew in the end he would eventually give up… because no man can last forever….

(seriously no one can and if you think you can, can you stand 3 burning bullets up to your leg to your arms and up your bum? If you answered no okay then. If you answered yes you are a pure liar….)


Buffard let go and replied, “THEN WHERE IS IT YOU SCUM?!

“Okay I’m not officially sure where this is… but…. It’s supposedly around-“

Without warning his head exploded into a fountain of blood

Buffard was drenched in blood and Enrico was wiping the blood of himself.


“I have no idea sir..” Buffard answered.


Buffard then stood up looking down at the body.

But then while Enrico was ranting the blood of the victim started to form…. words… moving by themselves to be exact…

“Sir look…” Buffard pointed to the blood and Enrico stopped ranting and stared in horror of the blood.

The blood slowly formed the words “Russia look in the Ural Mountains…”

“That’s not too exact where it is… but let’s go….” Enrico said.

Buffard got up and started walking away to follow Enrico.

A dark figure above the body though whispered, “Sir… they are going for the trap now…”

Then a dark low voice said, “Make sure they fall for it Saundris…”


Chapter 4 Silly Human… Tricks are for Murderers



Note: That the last update was to show another perspective of what’s going on in Enrico’s place. And that Alexander was sent again during 6:00am while Enrico was complaining that Alexander couldn’t handle his job with Alucard. This is just to clear things up for some people that might be confused.


Enrico’s perspective


Enrico and Buffard took a chopper around the Ural Mountains looking for the meeting place the blood spelled out.

Enrico sat there calmly. Waiting till they get to their destination.


“Are you ok sir?” Buffard asked.

“Fine…. never been better…” Enrico answered.

Buffard wondered to himself.. “What is going on in his head?”

Enrico was most troubled by Hellsing and their pet vampires. They were getting on his nerves. And Seras starting a catastrophe was worse. Though it helped establish his unit to be placed in more operations and shun Hellsing, it worried Enrico that Seras could easily destroy his HQ.




“SIR!” The pilot said alarmed. “S-S-Something! Is coming at extremely high speeds at us!”

“What?!” Enrico shouted.

“I don’t know what this thing is! But prepare for impact!” the pilot shouted.

Enrico and Buffard quickly got into some seats and strapped their seatbelts on.


The unidentified object then crashed into the chopper and the chopper was quickly destroyed and unable to move.

The pilot was dead instantly as the object smashed right through the pilots seat.

Enrico and Buffard were knocked unconscious.




“Ugh…Where am I?”

Enrico got up hurt.


Enrico looked around himself. Buffard was on the ground and still unconscious.

Enrico limped his way towards Buffard and nudged him.

“Wake up..”

Buffard woke up and looked up at Enrico. “Are you ok sir?”

“Yeah I’m fine..” Enrico replied “Come on let’s go… we have to still find the HQ.”

Buffard got up with a broken arm and a 1st degree burn on his left hand and his stomach. While Enrico luckily only sprained an ankle.

Both of them walked a few steps north in a dark forest and found a light.

“What is that?” Buffard said.

It appeared to be a small cabin.. With blood letterings of  FREAK.


“Hmm..” Buffard was suspicious. They should’ve died in that chopper crash.. And what was that object..? How come when they woke up they couldn’t see their chopper or any flames anywhere..? And why his their HQ right here where we landed… Most strange…


Enrico and Buffard entered the small cabin. It was really creepy inside.. Considering all the cob webs and a noticeable feature that no one was in there for a long time.

Both of them sat at a table perhaps waiting for something to happen.




“This was the most waste of time I had…” Enrico said.

“Agreed” Said Buffard.

“This is most likely was a prank…” Enrico said angrily.

However Buffard didn’t agree it was a prank…  But he didn’t say anything.

Both of them got up and started to leave for the door.




“Huh?” Enrico looked behind him and saw Buffard dead on the ground with a snapped neck.

“What the..?” Enrico looked at horror of Buffard being dead.. his bodyguard..

“What’s going on?!” Enrico said frightened.

A woman’s voice behind him then said, “Don’t worry my darling… this won’t hurt a bit…”

Enrico then felt a sharp piercing feeling in his neck…. And he looked in horror behind him…

It appeared that a darker looking Seras was biting his neck….

Shortly after…. Enrico became a ghoul..



Chapter 5 God Save The Lord


Alexander’s Perspective



“God damn it… DAMN HIM!” Alexander shouted as he was driving his car. “Damn it. Enrico’s spell didn’t even work! Ancient Vatican spells my (Censored)”

Eventually he drove back towards the Vatican HQ.




Alexander walked out of his car and walked up to the gate.

There was a camera there on the wall. Supposedly to identify people.

Then a friendly voice from the camera said, “Welcome back Alexander!”

Alexander scoffed and the gate opened.

He walked inside angry with Enrico for giving such a useless spell..

He marched right into his office opening the doors loudly.

“ENRICO!” Alexander shouted. But nobody was there apparently.

He walked straight to his desk looking around his things.

“Hm?” Alexander said. There was a note under his books. It read “Alexander, we are at the Ural Mountains currently. Come over here when you read this note. Signed Enrico.”

Alexander then immediately ran towards the chopper bay. A pilot sat there eager to fly.

“How convienant..”  Alexander said to himself.

The pilot looked at Alexander. “Need a ride buddy?”

“Yeah I do. I need to go to the Ural Mountains right now.” Alexander replied.

“Hop on board then” Then the pilot walked towards a chopper, which apparently looked like an Apache.

Alexander ran onto the transport seats.

The chopper then took off, flying into the Ural Mountains.




As the chopper flew Alexander was thinking to himself about Enrico.  Why did he give a spell that wouldn’t work? This wasn’t making sense.

“Eh?” the pilot said. “Come take a look at this.”

Alexander walked over to the cockpit and saw some smoke in the distance near a cabin.

“Land there pilot.”

“Roger that”

The chopper then landed by the broken down chopper with the words VATICAN.

Alexander worried then because Enrico and Buffard must’ve been in that helicopter.

“Stay here pilot. I may need you later.” Alexander said.

“Yeah sure.” The pilot answered.

Alexander then walked towards the eerie cabin. It was awfully scary noticing practically everything was a bit moldy.. and cobwebs littered the floor… or roofs.. .you get the idea…

Alexander opened the door.. and he saw..

“ENRICO!” Alexander yelled.

Enrico was sitting in a chair facing towards a wall away from Alexander…

“Enrico?” Alexander walked slowly towards him.

Enrico turned around and looked Alexander in the eyes.. Something was very different.. he was more pale then ever.. and his eyes.. his eye showed practically no life.

Alexander walked slowly towards Enrico. He was a bit frightened though..

“Are you ok sir…?” Alexander said.

“I’m…..fine….” Enrico said barely.  Plus his voice was far different. But how would he know? This does look like Enrico.. I mean no vampires could transform into looking like another…could they?

“Sir. You should go to the hospital! You look damn awful!” Alexander shouted.

Enrico then slowly got up and walked towards Alexander.


Enrico then jumped him and started trying to bite him!

“God damn it! (Censored) ghoul!” Alexander swore.

Alexander reached for his blade under his trench and impaled Enrico through his face instantly killing him.

“Ugh…. no…” As Alexander got up, “The Vatican vampire slaying order… is dead..” Alexander shook his head in grief.

Suddenly a voice appeared behind him. “Bravo pawn.” As hands clapped behind him. “You can easily kill a ghoul I see..”

“What the?!” Alexander looked behind him and his eyes shocked him.

“YOU! You vampire scum!” Alexander yelled.

“Vampire scum? Heheh I’m more then that..” Then a women walked out from the darkness.

“Your that Hellsing’s vampire pet! That Seras! The damn woman who destroyed the city!” Alexander yelled in fury.

“All you vampires! All of you are evil!” Alexander then took his blades and started attacking Seras.

“Your too slow pawn..” Seras said delightfully.

“I’ll kill you!” Alexander yelled. But no matter how many times he tried attacking Seras, she dodged it all.

“But you see.. I have no time with pawns. I’ll just send you to your ‘friends’.” Seras said. “To my weaker self if you will.”

Alexander though didn’t listen and just attacked.

Then Seras whacked him across the temple with her hand easily making Alexander’s vision blurry and eventually making him faint. But before he fainted, he heard these last words.

“I’m Saundris and you will soon bow down to me as if I was a goddess soon.” She shrieked in laughter and that’s all Alexander heard before fainting.



Chapter 6 The Vampiress, the Small Vampire, and the ‘Friend’




Seras’s perspective


The day was dark due to heavy rain and clouds and Seras walked with Alucard on her shoulder.

“I hate this..” Alucard said to himself.

He sat on Seras’s shoulder mumbling to himself.

“You alright master?” Seras asked.

“Yeah fine.” Alucard said.

Seras felt guilty about this. She felt like she caused him to him. It was unnerving.

Seras didn’t know what to do about this. She couldn’t go back to the city, she couldn’t stay in the forest forever, and she couldn’t go where Integra was captured.

She just walked anywhere the wind mainly took her.




Seras was growing tired of this walking. But she soon stumbled upon a gravesite where a crypt stood. She could stay in there for awhile.

“Eh? A crypt?” Alucard said silently. “We’ll be staying over there for awhile I guess?”

“Yeah… There aren’t many other places we could stay at.” Seras replied.

Alucard just scoffed.

They went inside. It wasn’t that bad at all inside. Roomy, but not at all creepy.

Seras then laid down near one of the crypts wall.

Alucard just sat still on Seras’s shoulder.

“When the day is dark and day is broken wake me up.” Alucard then went to sleep on her shoulder.

“Cute.” Seras said.

Indeed that Alucard did look cute from her perspective. He was small and just sleeping on her shoulder like a pet or a doll or something.

Seras was tired to. She soon later fell asleep.




Seras woke up quickly and heard a slamming against the crypt door. She looked at Alucard to see if he was awake.

He was clearly awake as he got up quickly and jumped off her shoulder.

“Who’s over there?” Seras asked Alucard.

Alucard walked towards the crypt door and look under the door.

Alucard then looked over at Seras and said, “I can’t tell who or what it is…”

Seras then got up and opened the door slightly.

Seras then jumped and got startled as a body of a priest fell in.

“What the?!” Seras said.

Alucard melted away to remain unseen.

Seras started to shake as she saw who the person was.


Alucard then reappeared on Seras’s shoulder, “It’s the mad priest…”




Chapter 7a Friend Or Foe?


Alexander’s perspective




Alexander woke up with a terrible headache. It felt like someone whacked him across the head with a frying pan. Then he heard two familiar voices.

A woman’s voice said, “So what should we do with him master?”

Then a deeper darker male’s voice said, “Well, I was getting hungry but I dislike a annoying priests blood.”

Alexander looked over his shoulder to see a woman but no male. The woman was wearing a uniform that was mostly blue, and had a red and black badge that read HELLSING.

The woman looked at Alexander with fear.

Alexander then remembered who she was. Alucard’s pet vampire. The one that decimated London.

Alexander didn’t know who should’ve been more afraid. But this was his chance to make it seem like he was far more superior.

Alexander grinned evilly. He got up off his knees and towered over Alucard’s pet by one head.

Then Alexander reached into his coat to look for his baptized swords. But when he reached in his coat, there were none. Was it that Saundris vampire that took his swords? He wasn’t sure but he was angry. He had to do something, but he didn’t know much hand-to-hand combat.

Alexander grabbed her neck and lifted her high. He could feel the warmth of her through his gloves.

Alucard’s pet was trying to force his fingers off her neck. He could feel her strength. It had improved but it was no match for his.

Then somehow Alucard’s gained more strength and freed herself! “What the..? How?!” Thought Alexander.

He looked toward his grip as Alucard’s pet was freeing herself and saw something between their fingers a red figure.


“What the hell is that?!” Alexander yelled in anger at the figure that was helping Alucard’s pet. It was a small man it looked like.

The figure just grinned. Alexander’s hands then were separated from Alucard’s pet neck. The figure disappeared into a strange goo.

“What are you doing here?! How did you figure out where we were?!” Alucard’s pet yelled. She pulled out a pistol. It wouldn’t do much to Alexander though because he was a regenerator.

Alexander just smiled.

Alucard’s pet fired 4 bullets into Alexander’s torso. He was easily unaffected.

Alexander just smiled wickedly, “Your damned bullets cannot hurt me for I am gods will!”


Alexander’s meeting will be done later.


Chapter 7b A Path for Power




Saundris smiled at the results. Seras and Alucard eliminating Alexander. A touching display. One by one her threats are eliminated. Soon she’ll have supreme power. And become the goddess of the Earth starting with London then move on through the east eventually reaching the United States and Canada. Pitiful Seras did not take advantage of this power. She still didn’t embrace Saundris as the main one who controlled the body. Becoming irritated she took over the body by force. And killed anyone in her way. But she did not forget the favour she owed to her master. If it wasn’t for him she wouldn’t have survived. She still owed him.


Saundris watched closely. She watched as Seras fired her bullets against Alexander. She grinned at what Seras did. What a foolish move. It wouldn’t affect him in any way.

Then she heard a dark voice appear in her head, “Saundris go to Integra. I want you to make sure the Hellsing Leader doesn’t escape. She could jeopardise our mission.”

“Yes master” She replied. Once the favour he asked was complete, she would kill him. She disliked anyone controlling her.

She then disappeared into the red blood like goo.




She appeared inside the jail and looked inside Integra’s cell. She was sleeping in cuffs. There would be no escaping for her. And she wouldn’t want to because she did not want to go against the queen. She then went into the red blood like goo again and appeared outside of London.


The city ripe for the destroying. She could wipe it out now. It wouldn’t matter right? It would just quicken the operations her master wanted.. And it was fun to crush people. She thought to herself how she would destroy the city when she transformed into her enlarged form.


London was still being repaired from the last attack. Though there would be more people to crush.

“How amusing this will be..” Saundris thought.

Saundris then focused all her vampiric energy to turn herself into a monstrous being of herself. Or rather 70ft tall.



Chapter 8 Hunter for Death


Alexander’s perspective




Alexander walked up to the vampire’s pet and smiled.

The pet backed away until she bumped into the wall behind her. She was frightened at the sight at Alexander.

Alexander reached for her neck and grabbed it tightly. Her necks skin was cold as death.

Slowly Alexander raised her with his strength. She struggled to get his grip off as he raised her to choking level.

However as soon as Alexander raised her, he felt something at the bottom of his legs.

He looked down and saw nothing. But his cloak was moving. He let go of Seras quickly and brushed against all his sides.

“What in God’s name?!” Alexander shouted. Then he felt a weight against his shoulder.

“Ah the Holy son of a [Censored].” A familiar voice said. Then Alexander heard a gun cocking. Alexander froze in his position. It was obviously Alucard..

Alexander looked beside him and there he saw was-

“What the hell?!” Alexander looked at Alucard and there he was tiny though holding a grin with a gun the size of a peanut almost in his face.

Alexander then tried grabbing him off his shoulder but then Alucard jumped in the air and fired at his ear.

“Aggh!” Alexander shouted in pain. He held his ear tightly as blood dripped from it.

“I may not be the size I was but I still can kill you with ease like a dog.” Alucard shouted.

“Now what the hell are you doing around here you Judas son of a (Censored).”

“I was on a mission you damn vampire…” Alexander said, “Hell if I know more of your damn kind showed up and knocked me unconscious.. then I showed up here looking into the eyes of that (Censored.. it starts with a WH I’ll give you that..).. Next thing I know you a small little vampire.. Threatens me..” Alexander said while panting.

Alucard’s Pet looked at him.. To his surprise she kneeled down and helped him. “As much as I hate you there’s something I should discuss with the both of you.”

Alucard and Alexander looked at her with full attention.

“I believed this would be best discussed with both of you since the subject I’m talking about is strong to what I believe.. When I was unconscious.. (insert moment of her explaining the dream in chapter 2 and Alexander asking questions..) and I would’ve hoped that we could be a team and bring her down.”

Alucard stood up said, “As unlikely as it sounds I don’t see how it affects us.”

Seras then told them, “As soon as I woke up though I felt something strange. As if something wasn’t apart of me anymore.. as if it left.”

Alexander could not believe what he was hearing. Even after having his questions answered. This was very unlikely. But that fact of this Saundris being there made all the difference. I mean how else do you explain a Giant Seras wandering around?

“I see.” Alucard said.

Alexander then stood up and the two vampires looked at him. “I’ve met this Saundris once. I met her before I was found unconscious outside of this crypt.”

Alucard just nodded absorbing the information.

Then Seras stood up and said, “Well we won’t get anything done, we might as well go.”

Then the three of them left the crypt.




Alucard sat on Seras’s shoulder as she walked.

Alexander thought to himself that would be very comfy. But then again why would he want to be that small? He’d be too vulnerable to attacks.

Then while he was thinking to himself, Seras stopped dead in her tracks.

Alexander then looked at her eyes. They had a pinch of fear. He then looked at Alucard.

Alucard smiled to himself and said, “This must be our Saundris…”

Alexander then looked right in front of him and saw a Giant Seras rampaging through the city.



Chapter 9 One Last Hurrah


Alucard’s perspective




Seras looked at Alucard and said, “Master! What do we do about this?! We can’t defeat that Saundris with our type of power!”

Alucard took this into account. This was true. They couldn’t possibly defeat her because they’d be obliterated. He could’ve defeated her though. Humans, Chip Vampires, and Vampires, all the same. Giant vampires wouldn’t make a difference. But at this size everything was different. But this could prove to be interesting..

“Police Girl, Stay here I’ll take care of this foe by myself.” Alucard said. He was eager for a challenge. Incognito was too weak for his power. But this vampire will surely satisfy his thirst for battle..

“Master! Wait!” Seras yelled. But Alucard disappeared into his slime like form. He appeared on a roof. He stared at Saundris for one minute.

Saundris was just destroying the city. Flattening the entire city into rubble. The streets were filled with rubble, crushed cars, decimated tanks, and a bloody mess of humans.

However Alucard then looked behind him. WHAM.

Alucard fell off the roof onto the ground below. He felt extreme pain on his back.. But it quickly regenerated. He stood up and looked up. He saw a familiar face..

“You again? Thought I killed you.” Alucard said grinning.

The enemy jumped down right beside Alucard. He towered Alucard obviously and looked down at him grinning.

“Oh.. Did you miss me?” Oni said.

Alucard grinned, “(Censored). I killed you once and I can kill you again.”

Oni began to laugh psychotically then. “Kill? Ahahah! I was far from death! That was only a mirror image of myself fool! Now you will die under my hands! You shall experience the full potential of a True Vampire!”

Oni flipped out a Silver Bladed Katana with a gold plated handle.

“Fancy…that won’t help you though.” Alucard took out his Casull and his Jackel. He fired simultaneously at Oni.

Oni jumped into the air and stabbed the ground where Alucard was standing. However, Alucard moved away and back flipped onto Oni’s shoulder and fired the Jackel right into his eardrum.

The bullet exploded inside causing his eardrum to die and massive bleeding coming from his ear. Alucard jumped off and landed on his head and fired as many times as possible.

Oni however didn’t seem affected and tried slicing the area in the sky where Alucard was in.

Alucard smirked and grabbed the katana then slid down it. It burned like hell but once he reached the bottom, he jumped up into Oni’s face and fired a couple of shots into his eyes.

Oni was suffering massive bleeding from his head, ears, and eyes now.

Alucard kicked away from Oni and started laughing, “You are still pitiful. I thought you could be more fun.”

Oni didn’t respond but he reached out and grabbed Alucard. However he still laughed.

Oni began crushing Alucard in his hand but then he took his pistol in his hand and fired from both of his guns into his fingers. The bullets penetrated the bone and flew out his fingers hitting him in the chest.

Oni grunted in agony and he let go. Alucard then began laughing again. But then out of nowhere, Oni grabbed him and threw him to the ground. Alucard’s guard was down so he slammed down against the cold concrete hard. Oni stepped on his body and slid his Silver Katana through Alucard’s stomach into the cold concrete. The Silver Katana missed his heart only by 2 inches.

Alucard puked out blood.

Oni stepped off his body and said, “You go tell your little servants that you’re broken. Forever.” He began laughing insanely.

Alucard began retreating. He couldn’t win this fight. As much as he wanted to win it, he couldn’t. Seras was in danger. He didn’t care if that priest died though but Seras was in danger.


Seras’s perspective


Seras waited for Alucard. Saundris was still there causing havoc. Did he fail? No. He couldn’t have. But his power was significantly decreased by that damn Priests spell. Did he even know what it was?


Alexander’s Perspective


Alexander was eager to kill them both but he couldn’t at the moment. When the time was right he’d strike. The spell did work though at least. But not as fast as he’d expect.


Seras’s Perspective


Seras stood there waiting. Then she soon felt something on her shoulder. It was a wounded Alucard. “Master! What happened to you?!” Seras tried to grab him gently but… lets just say she was a bit rough on it. Alucard grunted in pain. “Master what’s wrong?!”

Alucard looked at her with an irritated look. “Damn … The vampire named Oni.. he stabbed he in the stomach with silver. Policewoman I can’t last that long. My wounds won’t heal from that silver..” Seras looked at him with teary eyes. “W-Why can’t you resurrect yourself?!”  Alucard puked more blood out. “Damn it Seras… Stupid… Integra isn’t here to raise the restriction…”

Seras looked at him and she began to cry “S-S-So you won’t….make it?”

Alucard grinned, “I won’t make it at all. You won’t have a master anymore. Seras.. It’s time you become no longer an apprentice.. but a true vampire.. drink my blood.”

Seras looked at him with a worried look. Of all times of mentioning this, why now? Though this was his last dying wish. She’d complete it..

Seras took him to her mouth and licked his body, which was completely stained in his own blood.

Alexander looked at her with a disgusted look.

Alucard grinned. “Now my app- no fellow vampire, avenge me..” And so Alucard died there in Seras’s hands- err hand.

Seras started crying but stopped. She had to avenge Alucard. She put Alucard into her pocket. She felt a pain in her chest though. She ignored it and began walking towards the city. Alexander watched her and said, “Damn vampires.. unholy beings of the devil.”




Seras then reached the city. She was tired. Her energy was drained. The pain in her chest grew ever so more by the passing minutes. She collapsed onto the concrete and closed her eyes. The pain in her chest was overwhelming. She felt like she was going to faint but then she felt a strange feeling she felt before. She felt things around her body. She didn’t know what they were but they were pushed away or crumbled. Then she instantly remembered. The familiar feeling was when she grew to an enormous size because the FREAK chip and her true vampire blood mixed and…

Seras opened her eyes and saw a building practically toy size. The pain in her chest disappeared and she stood up. She noticed how everything was… incredibly small. However when Seras looked straight ahead she saw Saundris shocked.


From there, Saundris’s expression instantly changed. It turned into anger. She charged Seras and began striking her. Seras was able to block the strikes and got up quickly. From there, 2 vampires of gigantic proportions battled it out in an already destroyed London.




Due to the fact of the laziness of the writer and rush up, in the end, Seras won. She later learned to control her ‘abilities’ regarding her size. Integra was released from jail and Hellsing was once again reborn. Seras was now the trump card. Plus Alexander joined Hellsing…for now.


Things concerning the story that might not have been explained or yeah.

-This story takes place in the TV series. Not the manga or OVA.

-Saundris was released from Seras’s mind. How? Oni has his ways.

-Oni was the leader of the freakchip organization.

-Saundris was killed.

-Alucard may be dead or alive. Let your imagination run wild.


I apologise if you do not think I acted how the characters should’ve acted.