The Unforgiving Night


WARNING: This story is rated MA-LV for strong language and graphically violent scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

Chapter 1: What Comes Around Hits You in the Head Hard...


A normal night was there. Just another ordinary night(filled with vampires…). Sadly that isn’t true. This night will be remembered by all, in the Hellsing universe.

Seras Victoria, a Hellsing agent with a blue police uniform, with a badge on her right arm, that said, ”HELLSING” with a cross that was black and red, (And yes, she is wearing a blue police skirt) was on the run after the horrific events of the battle of Alucard and Incognito. Because the British military though the Hellsing agency betrayed them. So they were tracking every Hellsing member down. Seras took a turn to her right to lose the people who were tracking her. She looked around breathing heavy. BINGO! A ladder to the top of the roof. She climbed the ladder with her vampire strength to lose them. When she made it to the top she looked down at the ground floor with her heart beating. The soldiers down there were on her tail as they began climbing it to check the roof. Seras then made a great leap to another roof of the well-lit night sky. Seras watched behind a small wall of the other roof watching the soldiers when they reached the top. Seras heard them say,” She can’t be up here. No human being is that fast..” as they looked around at the top.. The soldiers left the roof looking for her somewhere else.

Seras sighed in relief when they left. She wondered where her master, Alucard, was. ”Only if the world didn’t have vampires this stuff wouldn’t be happenening..” She thought deeply about the day she regretted letting Alucard turn her into a vampire. She knew that she never used her full strength to hurt. Only her ‘inner self’ would. Because after Walter told her what she did after the Valintine brothers came with their army of ghouls. She was attacked by her own comrades who were turned into ghouls. She couldn’t attack people who were once her own comrades. It felt as if she was attacking her own family. She was then tackled down as she remembered. Telling her ghouly comrades to stop and regain their senses. Sadly they wouldn’t because once a person was turned into a ghoul…there was no going back. Seras closed her eyes as ghoul drool crashed into her cheek. Then her ‘inner self’ was unleashed. She destroyed all the ghouls that attacked her as she was crushing a ghoul head with her foot. She quickly came to senses though after Walter cried her name out in startlement. Seras sighed. How long did she have to be on the run? How long will the military track the agency down? She knew that Walter Kum Dorne and Integra Wingates Hellsing were already captured. They were going to be put to death probably by the military, even after all they done. But as she was thinking of what have happened earlier in her life, she was instantly felt someone put their hand over her mouth and beat her down with a hard blunt object.

Seras as she was muffled tried screaming “AAHH HELP ME”
Though her cries were loud and far. No one heard her.
She then tried using her vampire strength to help her but no budge.
She then fainted later.


Hours later.

“Argh my head…”Seras said. She tried rubbing her head but when she looked, she saw she was binded down. With her bright red eyes she looked around the room.
People were in white coats and glasses were doing stuff.
She was a captive she thought instantly.
She then yelled” LET ME OUT OF HERE YOU DAMN [Censored]!”
Those people just laughed at her anguish.
She then saw strange chips with a lot of stringy things coming out.
“Oh no” she thought. “A
FREAK chip.”
But wait. Why would they put those instant vampire chips in her? She was already a vampire. They probably didn’t know that.
She was struggling in her binded bed thing. Then one of them came up to her and said, “It’s time for you to go goodnight guinea pig for the new model. ”
With a smirk, he pulled out a syringe and injected it into her.
Before she fell asleep she knew she was an experiment for a new
FREAK chip.


She later woke up having a headache. She looked around the room. Nothing really much difference when she was awake. Expect the fact no one was in the room.
She sighed. “How long will this chip keep thriving?” Even if her master did defeat Incognito, there was no difference in the
manufacting of the chip part.
She then started to think again. She then remembered when she drank some of her master’s blood when he was dying. “Wait” she said,” If I drank a little blood from her master.” Then she turned into a true vampire.  So… apprentice to master.
But that didn’t change the difference between telekinetic communication with her master.
She then said, “Master? Are u there?”
She waited in silence….
Then a dark voice came saying, “Yes I am here. But I’m no longer your master.”
She could feel him smiling wherever he was.
“No you still are.”
“Hahahaha.” With his dark laugh echoing in her thoughts.
“I still have so much to learn.”
“And I still don’t want to drink human blood” As Seras grimed the fact.
“Policewoman. You have to accept the fact you are on your own now. You won’t always be the apprentice.”
“….”In silence she went.
“It doesn’t matter right now master.. I was captured…”
“Find your own way out”
“I can’t. I’m trapped in these straps”
“Use your vampire strength then police woman…Use all of it.”
She then began trying to use her full strength to rip the straps open. But..then she noticed something different…something odd….
The room was smaller then before. Every object in their place was small. She even started to feel the straps were too tight.
The room was shrinking to her. But she.. Unknowingly didn’t know she was growing.
“Are you there policewoman?”
“Master… the room…it’s shrinking…”
“The room is getting smaller…”
“Are you sure? What even happened to you?”
“They inserted a new model of a
FREAK chip into me.”
“Hmm.. Your DNA must’ve fused with the chip’s effect….then….it must’ve put more vampire gene into you causing your DNA to screw up and make your body grow 10x more then usual… and maybe…altering your mood more. Maybe.”
“Wh-what do you mean?”
“You are going to go through a new type of puberty policewoman. And you are going to grow big. ”
“Wh-what? But I-“But before she finished her sentence she screamed in pain as the straps got so tight to her it was pushing against her ribs hard. Until they burst.
Breathing heavily she said, ”Why do you always have to be right?”
“Hmm…policewoman…meet me by the forest of the Hellsing mansion. We’ll talk there.”
“Yes my master..”
After she finished her sentence she noticed the room got even smaller. She had to hurry to get out or before it’s to late. But.. she wanted to see what she looked like first.
She then looked at herself through the biggest mirror in the room. But it was still small to her.
She guessed she was about 16ft now. But unluckily for her. She grew even bigger. But sadly this time she didn’t stop until she burst through the roof.
She yelped in pain. But now she was looking over the building of where it was hidden. She thought to herself then “Why is this happenening? I was a vampire. That was enough but now a vampire giantess?”
She guessed she was now about 30ft about now. She looked down where she saw a forest. She could see similar people who put the chip into her. They were screaming and running as soon they saw her. Now they were trying to get into the cars and trying to get away.
She giggled softly to herself. She grabbed one of the cars with a man inside as he screamed trying to get away in his car.
Seras ripped open the car door and plopped the man into her hand.
“Funny” she thought to herself because to her her looked like a small doll to her. “How cute” she said with her calm voice.
The man was on his feet as he ran towards her fingers. ”Please spare me!” The man squeaked.
She smiled in amusement.
“Tell me” She said in a serious tone “Where is the main base of the
FREAK chips?”
She grabbed him holding him high.
“I DON’T KNOW!” He screamed.
Squeezing him lightly she asked the question again, “Where is the main base of the
FREAK chips?”
He then started squirming in her hand and screaming, “I DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW I DON’T KNOW!!! I’M THE NEW GUY!!!”
She started giggling as he squirmed. It tickled her as if some fur was touching your hand.
She knew he knew nothing so she just put him back in his car and set it on the ground.
The man quickly just drove away in fear.
She thought this was good. She liked the power. No one now could push her around. This could only get better she thought. 

Sadly no… It would only get worst.

1:40 am

She got up and started walking to the Hellsing mansion.

As she was walking she saw one of the men walking away who looked like one of them. “Hmm” she said. ”Lets see where he’s going.” She then started following him. But then he saw her and started to run instantly. She then started to chase. The man was running as fast as he could. But she eventually caught up. But… she went a step over... So the man was on her shoe. She looked at her foot. He was compressed. Dead with blood.. Oh no. She bit her arm as she always does when she sees human blood. She didn’t like drinking fresh human blood, but was tempted to when she saw human blood.. So she drank medical blood instead. She picked up the man from her shoe then started to make a small hole (but still big to a normal size person) to bury him in an unmarked grave. So no one would find out about him.

She then just started walking to the Hellsing mansion forest again. She then saw a small town. She didn’t want to be seen. But still. They saw the 30ft giantess crouched down below a surface. Then the havoc had started as they alerted the whole town.”(Censored)” she thought. The town was in an uproar about her. She was just standing there anyway. During the commotion, she saw some men coming up to her.

“What?” she thought, “What do they want?” The men then started running towards her. Then they just stood under her looking up drooling. “AAGH” She yelled. She lifted her foot and stomped couple of the men.” HOW RUDE!” Then the survivors started to run in fear. She looked down at them. The chase was on. She started to run after them, stomping on the town as she was chasing the 2 men. She eventually caught up and grabbed those 2 men. Oh so many choices to kill them. They shivered in fear when she came on with an evil grin. A voice inside yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! THIS ISN’T THE SERAS VICTORIA!” She broke from the strange spell. She started to flinch as she saw what destruction she caused. She put the men down and surveyed the area. Flat buildings lay. Injured people being carried out by the other people and squashed bodies laid. She then ran away to the forest to meet Alucard in tears.  When she reached the Hellsing mansion then she wiped any remaining tears then she saw a dark man wearing a red trench coat, red hat. Alucard. She sat down right beside him. Time for the talk he wanted.

Chapter 2: Adaptation

Seras’s Perspective


“What did you encounter?” asked Alucard.
“Did you visit a village and decimated it?”
Seras looked down and put on a glum face.
“It doesn’t matter.”
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T MATTER?!” Seras screamed in tears.
“You did change policewoman.”
“The original wouldn’t cry over the fact.”
“Look, I didn’t ask you to come here to discuss the fact you destroyed a village, I called you here is because you need to go to your vampire roots and act like it.”
“What do you mean?” Seras questioned wiping her tears.
“I mean this.” Then Seras turned pale as Alucard went to the bush and pulled out an out cold man. Seras gulped then said,” Drink his blood..?”
Alucard smiled wickedly, “Read my mind.”
Seras then said, ”I don’t drink live human blood…I drink medical blood.”
Seras looked at him. He was more red then pale.
Seras took the man from Alucard and stared at him.
Alucard then said, ”Stop. I have to do something first.” Then he jumped on her leg then did a great leap onto her shoulder.
“Try not to budge..” Then Seras felt a sharp pain on her shoulder. She looked over her shoulder to see Alucard. He then looked at her with his wicked smile.
Alucard then turned back and dug deep into her shoulder. This almost felt to her like one of those baptitized knives were being stabbed at her.
Seras started to feel strange.. She looked around her to see everything was getting smaller again. “No…I don’t want this. Stop please..”
She then heard her master give out a groan.
She looked into the cut of her shoulder and out popped out Alucard with the freak chip.
“Messy but done.. Also congrads that you are 60ft now.”
She just stayed in silence.
Alucard then jumped back down to the ground and said, “I’ll be off now, And make sure you will drink that mans blood otherwise you will get too weak and die here. We wouldn’t want the world knowing now there are vampire giantess’s around eh?”
With a blink of the eye Alucard turned into his messy goo form and sunk into the ground completely.
Seras was now alone with an out cold man in her hand.
She then took notice of his features.
He had a yellow T-shirt with blue jeans. He looked young and had brown hair that was messy.
Seras wanted to be human still. She couldn’t face the fact she has to drink human blood now. So then she just put him in her pocket.
But when she did she felt the man in her pocket struggling.
He was awake.
She took at him with her bright red eyes.
The man stared at her with horror in her hand.
“Wh-Wha-What ar-are you going to do t-to me??”
She couldn’t tell him the truth.
She then curled her fingers around the man.
“I WANT TO LIVE PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!” The man was crying out.
She felt her stomach was rumbling. She didn’t have much pity if he died now.
She took her right hands index finger and thumb and put it around the man’s head.
“Quick death.” She thought, “It won’t hurt. He won’t suffer..”
The man was now just raging in her hand trying to get out.
Seras then heard the voice again but quieter, “SERAS DON’T LOSE YOUR CONTROL OVER YOUR BODY!”
She then realized she was taken over again by her inner vampire.
She looked at the man who was raging.
This time she didn’t giggle about the moving thing.
She set him down on the ground and watched as he ran away in horror.
Every few steps he looked back screaming even louder then the other.
Seras was really hungry now.
She rubbed her stomach. “Argh I can’t let my hunger control me..”
She got up and left for a nearby cave she saw earlier.

Alucard’s perspective


“Damn she is big..” When Seras sat beside him. 

“What did you encounter?”
“What?” said Seras.
Alucard wanted to cover his ears from her voice booming but he kept going on.
“Did you visit a village and decimated it?” repeated Alucard.
Seras looked down and put on a glum face.
“It doesn’t matter.” Said Alucard. After all why should he? He didn’t care about them.
“WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT DOESN’T MATTER?!” Seras screamed in tears.
“AGH!” thought Alucard. “THAT VOICE! IT HUUURTS!!”
Alucard did not understand why did humans care so much about other people when it wasn’t them..
“You did change policewoman.” Alucard said calmly even though he wanted to burst it out.
“The original wouldn’t cry over the fact.” Thinking that she wouldn’t care as much if that chip didn’t alter her personality.
“Look, I didn’t ask you to come here to discuss the fact you destroyed a village, I called you here is because you need to go to your vampire roots and act like it.” Alucard giving an irritated voice to it.
“What do you mean?” Seras questioned wiping her tears.
“I mean this.” Then Seras turned pale as Alucard went to the bush and pulled out an out cold man.
Seras gulped then said,” Drink his blood..?”
Alucard smiled wickedly, “Read my mind.” Alucard then started to be happy. Maybe now she would finally act like a vampire.
Seras then said, ”I don’t drink live human blood…I drink medical blood.”
Alucard then yelled, ”THAT MEDICAL BLOOD WIL NOT SUPPORT YOU NOW YOU ARE THIS BIG.YOU WILL DRINK HUMAN BLOOD NOW.BESIDES WHERE WILL YOU EVEN GET A CAN OF MEDICAL BLOOD ANYWAY?!” “I mean [Censored].” He thought, “Even after she drank my blood she won’t drink human blood?! Crazy humans… always being in denial…”
Seras looked at him. He was more red then pale.
Seras grabbed the man with her giant hands from Alucard and stared at him. Alucard swore she would’ve taken him and that man in her giant hand to.
Alucard then said, ”Stop. I have to do something first.” Remembering that the chip was still inside her and may cause her to keep growing non-stop. Then he jumped on her leg. He noticed how smooth they were. “ time to be thinking about this.” He thought. Then he used more vampire strength to jump onto her shoulder.
“Try not to budge..” Said Alucard. Then he took his hands and ripped a piece of her skin off from her shoulder. “Likely,” He thought, “The chip will be around the shoulder area maybe…” Then he looked back at her. She was staring at him with her bright red eyes.. He was startled but did not move. He just gave a smile.
Alucard then turned back and dug deep into her shoulder. “Guess I’m going to have to get messy..” He then jumped into the cut he created to find the chip.
Alucard then saw the chip. He started to then swim for the chip until everything started to grow. He gave a groan and just went for the chip as fast as he could. He grabbed the chip then got back out with the chip in his hands.
Alucard then saw her looking back at him. He was covered in Seras's own blood but it did not matter to him.
“Messy but done.. Also congrads that you are 60ft now.” Said Alucard. Even though he didn’t really mean it.
He watched her in her silence.

Alucard then jumped back down to the ground and said, “I’ll be off now, And make sure you will drink that mans blood otherwise you will get too weak and die here. We wouldn’t want the world knowing now there are vampire giantess’s around eh?” He then used his powers to sink in the ground. “We really wouldn’t want you to grow again policewoman… really….” Then he went back to base where Integra was.

Chapter 3: I Should've Done It

Seras trudged through the forest trying to find a cave for the morning. But she was too tired. She felt horribly weak.
She sat down in the middle of the forest then.
“What a beautiful night.” she said.
This reminded her of the time she was turned into a vampire. It was kind of romantic, weird, hateful moment though.
She then heard something running through the forest. STEP STEP CRACK CRACK. She quickly turned around. “Must be my imagination..”
She brushed it off quickly. STEP STEP CRACK CRACK. There it was again. She turned behind immediately. Still nothing. She got up and started leaving.
She turned around again irritated. She sat down watching closely what was there.
“Ohh…get offa me…”
“Oh no.” She thought, “Sat on a man.”
She got up looking where she sat.
No one.
She was officially scared out by what’s happening.. Wait why should she? She’s a creature of the night. Irritated she kicked a tree over. She then saw a man in a uniform with a gun . Police? No can’t be. Army? Oh [Censored]..
 “Tests?” Questioned Seras. “I don’t want any examination or tests done to me.”
“Well I’m sorry miss we will take you in if you like it or not.”
She clutched her fist. “I don’t want to, and there’s nothing that will make me come with you.” The man whispered something into the other mans ear. Then he raised his gun.
“Nighty night big gal.”
She then lost her control. She kicked the man who had the gun aimed. The man flew 12 feet away. Seras felt a slight moment of happiness. She looked at the other men who were horrified seeing their friend was bleeding on the ground.
The captain of the group then brother up a gun and aimed towards her eyes.
“Too slow.” Then Seras raised her foot and stepped on the captain. The captain made one last cry. The other soldiers heard a slight splooge sound after the squish. Horrified they ran.
Seras thought, “They can’t live. If they live they’ll tell the other men and get away. She then chased down the other men. “THE WOMAN IS PICKING UP PACE WE HA-.”
Gone. The last soldiers got down on their knees and begged for mercy. Seras still knew they couldn’t live. She didn’t want to. But she had to kill them….
She then picked them up in her hand. They were scrambling in her hand to try get away. She smiled grimly. But then she heard the quietest whisper in her head. “Seras. You are human…. You are not a brute vampire… You are being possessed by your vampire self.”
She broke out of the trans again. Her vampire self was taking over, seeing how she murdered the captain of the group and kicked the dead man.

Though she would never know she was in a trans.


Seras did let those men live. If it wasn’t for her inner voice they would’ve been long gone. But she kept them inside her pocket. She couldn’t them go. She knew that they would tell the main man. She took one man out of her pocket.
“How did you know I was in the forest even though I was a far distance?”
“I cannot reveal this informati-AGGHH!” She then squeezed him slightly with her index finger while he was in her palm.
“I don’t want any objections. I could easily just kill you on the spot.” She knew she couldn’t. It was a bluff.
The man put on a grim face. He gulped down then said, “A man came to a nearby British regiment. He told us that there was a vampire giantess to the north. We didn’t handle these things only Hellsing did. But after Hellsing went rogue…-AAHH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!” She pushed down on him again with her index on her palm again. He was lying down on her palm now waiting for an answer. She pointed to her Hellsing badge. He looked grimly at her. “You are a rog-AAHH!” This time she did it much harder. “Hellsing members are not rogues. We attacked the so-called S.A.S. because they weren’t actually the members. They were ghouls.”
“The S.A.S. were ghouls?”
“No some ghouls were dressed as the S.A.S. But continue on with your story.”
“Like I was saying, we didn’t handle these things. But we had to after we thought Hellsing went rogue.” Then he looked down. He was preparing for impact.
“…I’m not going to do it again..”
He looked up at her again. “Oh.. Well then we had no choice. I was quite nervous since we didn’t have the right equipment. We didn’t believe the giantess part though. And then we met you.”
“Hmm.. ok then.”
She then slid him back into her pocket.
Then one of them in her pocket started screaming out, “HEY WHY ARE YOU STILL KEEPING US? WE WON’T TELL ON YOU!”
“Because I can’t trust you simple as that.”
She then looked over to the entrance of the cave.
Bright lights were on her and gasping.
She couldn’t see who it was but it mean’t trouble.
She then heard a gunshot and a slight piercing pain.
She looked down towards her legs. A tranquilizer dart? Oh no.
She then quickly grabbed the soldiers out of her pocket and threw them as gently as possible but still rough around the cave entrance because then she fell over around the cave and a thunderous BOOM was heard.


Seras felt strange. She felt a tight restraint on her. She was moving but she didn’t know where she was going. Well she wasn’t moving but she felt as though she was. She saw some cloth over her head. She looked around. Nothing but cloth. But then it hit her. She was being transported in a vehicle. She waited patiently until the ride came to a stop. She heard sudden brakes though. Then she heard a gate opening up and the vehicle moved again. Still in her small cloth binded cage, she was then felt a lifting of the thing and then she saw a little bright light over her.
“Well? What is this?” she heard someone.
“You won’t believe this general…”
Seras then saw the bright light come into view because the cloth was lifted over. She gave out a small whimper due to the amount of light that came into her eyes.
“It’s a giantess sir that we captured after a squad was missing.”
“Is the squad okay?”
“Yes because they say this giantess had nothing to harm them with expect the captain and the sniper of the group.”
“But general this will go great into research of what this is!”
“Pfft…fine…after the research though you do to this thing, execute it!”
“Yes yes..”
Seras then saw a tall plump man who was wearing green camouflage and a small man in a white coat with glasses.
The green plump man walked away infuriated.
The small man then climbed on her and went to her face and sat on her cheek.
“Don’t worry miss. I won’t let them hurt you.”
“I won’t let them hurt you.”
“Why? Why did you even capture me at the expense of me not wanting to?” She was irritated because I mean who wants to be captured and binded like a wild animal?
“Well. We are very curious and…” he then looked at her bright red eyes. “Um…I don’t know how to say this but… I kind of…” He then blushed. “In love with you.”
“WHAT?!” She was then completely confused and like oh my god…
“Trust me. I won’t let you come to any harm. My name is Leo Mein and I will serve you.” He then jumped off her cheek and bowed right beside her.
“Why are you in love with me anyway?”
“Because you are the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Even considering your height. Now I must leave.” He then jumped off the platform Seras was on and left through a door.
Seras felt really confused, frustrated, and flattered. But overall she was hungry. Very hungry, “I should’ve drunk that man’s blood” she thought. ”It would’ve saved me a lot of trouble to.”

Seras then laid there waiting for her fate of whatever may come.

Chapter 4: Plan and Flee

Seras’s Perspective


Seras couldn’t understand what was wrong with man. Love? Flattering but creepy.
Through the time she was there, all she could think about was Alucard. Where was he? She tried establishing a telepathic connection earlier but got no reply.
Over at the lab she was suffering greatly due to the experiments they did to her. She was getting awfully mad now.
They cut her skin and took a great amount of blood from her, they cut some of her skin off to do experiments with to see what she is. This would be the worst day of her life.
She would be also executed later because she may be a threat.
Seras was especially hungry now. Nothing would satisfy her thirst but 6 humans or something considering her size.
Her ears then twitched hearing someone coming in.
“What time sir are we going to execute her?”
“Soon enough. The savage beast that creature is. The faster the execution, the better.”
The doors then opened revealing the general again still staring at disgust at Seras.
“You ugly creature.” He sneered. “I want to ask you some questions and I want them answered. Alright?”
Seras just gave a nod.
“WHAT THE [Censored] ARE YOU AND WHY DID YOU COME TO THE GREATEST PLANET OF ALL TIME!?” Slamming the platform Seras was on.
Seras just stared at him and gave a smile. Seras was getting irritated but if this man wanted a alien, she’ll just have to act like she is one.
Seras was seriously going to smack that man off the platform but she couldn’t due to the bindings. But then the smile vanished off her face, “I’M NOT GOING TO BE YOUR PUPPET IF YOU ARE GOING TO ACT THAT WAY LITTLE MAN!” she roared.
The general and the scientist stumbled from her booming voice.
“THERE IS NOTHING YOU WILL EXTRACT FROM ME HUMAN!” Seras then blinked. Why did she say that? She would never say such a thing unless. The vampire in her was taking over..
“WHY YOU LITTLE!” The general then started to climb the platform. He took at a knife then ran to Seras and started cutting her.
To Seras it was just a couple of mosquito bites. She laughed at him. ”You think that is going to do anything?”
The general then stopped and smiled, “Soon enough you little [Censored] you will die.”
He then jumped off and left through the door.
That scientist just stared in fear at him and her.
He later left leaving her by herself again.


Seras then saw the small scientist come back again. Leo Mein.
“Ah hello again.” He said in a cheerful voice. “I’m sorry but I never got your name miss.”
“It’s Seras Victoria.”
Leo just smiled at her. “A wonderful name for a wonderful woman like you.”
Seras smiled back at him. “Funny man” she thought.
“You want freedom don’t you?”
“If you want freedom I’ll free you from the hold because I will if you want to..”
“That will be wonderful Um.. Leo.”
“But on one condition Seras.. Take me with you wherever you go.”
Seras wanted freedom but she didn’t want to take the scientist. He would never understand her. He doesn’t know she’s a vampire. Let alone a giantess vampire. But she didn’t want to turn him into a little snack either.
“Alright then Leo..”
Leo then clapped his hands, “Great great! Hold on!”
He used his legs to get to the control panel. A couple beeps he pressed the button unbinding Seras.
Seras flexed her hands and got up. “It feels great again to be free.” She then brushed herself off including the blood spilt on her cheek when the general attacked her.
Leo then ran up to her boots, waving his arms at her.
“Of course Leo.”
She picked him up and put him on her shoulder.
“Where are you planning to go Seras?”
“Hmm..” She never did thought of that. Where should she go?
“I know where.” She then put on an evil grin on her face.

Alucard’s Perspective


Where we last left Alucard, he left Seras to meet Integra. 

“Hello, my master.”
Integra just smoked her cigar looking down. “What took you so long?”
“I had to meet the policewoman.”
“Took you that long though?”
Alucard remained in silence then spoke, “Yes, but she has grown a lot. Literally.”
Integra looked up at Alucard, “Are you mad? How would be that possible?”

“… So.. she grown big enough to protect herself hmm?”
“Yeah she has.”
“Well since that discussion is over, I have a order for you.”
Alucard then looked up at her with delight. ”Give the order my master.”
“You see, the despicable owner of the
FREAK chip organization had another vampire after the defeat of Incognito. His name is Oni. This intelligence was the last gathered before they imprisoned me. Oni, is a very powerful vampire. Therefore I’m allowing you to go into the strongest stage you have to ensure victory over this damn vampire.”
Alucard smiled in delight again. A good fight plus he could go into his ultimate form. What a good day.
“I see. I’ll commence the operation now.”
Alucard then melted through the ground searching for this vampire Oni.


Where could Oni be?
Alucard was running out of choices.
Alucard decided to visit where he met Incognito during that sneak attack. He melted again sinking through the cracks.
“Ooonnnii…” He cried out a chilling voice, “Wwwwhhheerrree are you?”
Alucard saw a slight movement in the corner. Smiling he said, “Don’t play hide and sneak you. Come out.”
He still saw nothing. Then came out someone. Small. A child?
Alucard laughed at the sight. “YOU? Are Oni? The vampire?”
The child just looked at Alucard…then behind him.


Alucard felt a piercing pain and looked at his chest. A black glove with a white arm sleeves.
A dark voice came from behind him. “No.. I am Oni.”
Alucard quickly grabbed his hand and threw it back through his chest. “A sneak attack? Pitiful. You are a cockroach! KNOW YOUR PLACE!”
Alucard then looked behind him seeing a man with red hair, red eyes, with a white coat with black gloves, and white pants plus shoes.
“I know my place. To me you are the cockroach.” Smiling he took at a silver plated knife that said, “Plunge into the hearts of the most foul.” The handle was made with simple stainless steel though.
Alucard looked at the knife with amusement. Then pulled his Jackal out. “This will be fun won’t it?”
Oni looked at him. Then the child, “Fight Krow first. If you can handle it.”
Alucard looked at the child. “You expect me to fight a mere child? Is this a joke?”
“No it isn’t. And most likely he will defeat you.”
Alucard pointed his gun towards the child named Krow, “Your pain will come to an end child.” With a smile he pulled the trigger.


Alucard did not see the child. Nor his ashes in the place he stood. Instead the child named Krow was right below him.
“Stronger then I thought.” Alucard then unloaded his clip of silver bullets and tried slapping it right on Krow’s cheeks.
Alucard quickly reloaded his clip but then felt a kicking pain on his neck and fell to the ground.
Alucard looked behind him seeing Krow snickering at him.
Alucard smiled back, “Warm up’s over. I will place you as a category C vampire.”
Alucard then got back up and spoke, “Releasing  control ability technique #6. Situation C. Approval due to the invocation of Cromwell confirmed. Until target is completely silenced. Activating engagement technique.”

The room then turned a dark colour of red. Blood fell through the cracks of the walls. Alucard rose above all the blood and then the blood rose above him. Krow however, was not doing fine. He didn’t know how to swim. But he tried drinking all the blood. Nothing though because it kept coming and coming. Krow started to panic. He tried swimming for the top but couldn’t because of the ceiling. Krow looked at Alucard frightened. Alucard stood there smiling at Krow. He took out his jackal and fired the silver bullets directly into Krow’s heart disintegrating him into mere dust. Oni was doing fine however. He was amused. The blood then receded and went back through the cracks.
“An illusion Alucard?” Oni said smiling.
“So.. your not a cockroach are you?”
Oni laughed at Alucard. “Let’s fight shall we?”

“Alright lets have some fun.” Alucard then took out his pistol and Oni charged at Alucard with his silver plated knife.

Chapter 5: Vampire's Body / Deception

Seras’s Perspective


Seras was looking through her eyes. It’s hard to explain but it’s like you are behind your eyes and your seeing through yourself. Like your body is right behind the eyes something like that right now. 

“Where am I?”
A dark voice loomed over her, “In your body of course.”
“But I’m not controlling me. Well.. someone else is…”
“That’s because it’s me.”
“I’m controlling your body for you.”
“I don’t want you to control me.”
“Well to bad because I will do what I please for now on because I’m tired of wandering inside you. And now I finally can control what truly belongs to me human..”
Then Seras saw what she could not explain. A darker version of herself came out.
“Human this body will belong to me now.”
Seras looked over her own body. She was wearing the same outfit when she was in the D-11 Corps.
Darker Seras was wearing mostly black all over her.
“As you can see human I’ll do what I please from now on. Because if you haven’t figured out yet. I’m your true vampire!” A maniacal laughter bursted out of her.
“This is what I get if I drink my own masters blood?! IT’S MONSTROUS!”
“Too bad. Besides you owe me. If it wasn’t for me you would’ve died because of your ghoul friends when those brother vampires were attacking!”
“Too bad so sad Seras.” With a blink of an eye, darker Seras was gone.
Seras could only watch in horror what her darker self would do.

Darker Seras’s Perspective

Note that this perspective point may not be as good as the others because I’m not exactly comfortable with GTS action scenes.


“Seras? Are you okay?”
Darker Seras shook her head and looked at Leo.
“Why are you looking at me like that my love?”
“Love? Who said that I liked you?” Seras boomed.
“Wh-What? But I helped you escape!”
“Escape? I don’t even need help from the likes of you human!”
Leo was shocked. The one he loved now looked at him with disgust.
“Besides only your weak love would want help from you..”
“2 Seras’s?”
“Since you helped make my weaker self escape I guess I’ll give you a quick death..”
Before Leo could finish his sentence, (I’m now just going to use D.Seras for darker Seras got it?” D.Seras grabbed Leo and threw him to the ground then she stepped on him with ease.
D.Seras looked around the facility/lab she was in.
“This lab will prove more entertaining hopefully.”
D.Seras started destroying the whole place by causing havoc with just the few kicks and punches she placed destroying the facility.
D.Seras started walking through the entire facility crushing people under her feet and (Oh god…) well um swallowing people down her throat because vampires do need blood right? Especially GTS ones.
In the havoc D.Seras was causing she saw the small plump general running. D.Seras grabbed the general and put him close to her face.
“Yo-you monster! I knew that you were a menace to society!” He yelled while trying to get out of her hand.
“Monster? You just don’t understand us you human..”
D.Seras then  extended her arm close to the roof and dropped the general a long way down.
The general then splattered across the floor.
D.Seras wasn’t satisfied destroying the factory though.
She wanted more..
D.Seras then smashed through the wall with a simple kick.
D.Seras then started walking out and looked towards the distance.. with a blink she started walking….to a city nearby..

Alucard’s Perspective


Alucard was still fighting Oni in the dungeons. He heard Seras tried contacting him but he couldn’t answer because it would’ve interrupted him while he was fighting and would’ve caused him to get cut by the silver.

“You are so boring Oni..” Dodging Oni’s slash and tries firing back but misses.
“I don’t really care.” Oni tried stabbing Alucard’s wrist but he blocks it with his gun.
“And you know what’s funny? I’m not even trying because the REAL ONI WOULD’NT BE SO EASY!!”
Alucard then grabbed Oni’s hand and ripped it right off with blood splattered across the wall but then simply disappeared.
A clapping was right behind Alucard.
“Congrads that you actually figured out that I wouldn’t be so weak. And if that isn’t me who would it be?” Alucard gave a grin, “Well of course then it is your little boy Krow..”
Fake Oni then started to disappear and then showed Krow with the same dagger.
“I will end this now kid..”
Everything went dark and Alucard then started saying, “Situation A, releasing control technique #3.Until target is completely silenced. Activating engagement technique.”
Alucard then transformed into his dog form with 8 red eyes.. Krow though showed no sign of fear.
Alucard then started running up to Krow then.
“Do….not…underestimate me…” Then Krow disappeared and stabbed of what appears to be Alucard.
“You are no match for me little boy..” Then the thing Krow stabbed disappeared and he looked behind himself. There stood Alucard with his gun at his face.

Alucard pulled the trigger and went through Krow’s head and he turned into dust.
Before Alucard shot Krow though Krow was very pale and shocked plus scared.

Oni again clapped his hands.
“Congrads you be him. Now you will fight me instead you fool. Also try actually trying this time. Otherwise you’ll end up like him..”
“Of course you should transform into your powerful form to actually beat me like you beat Incognito..”

“Alright but this battle will be too easy then…” Alucard turned into then his bloody melted form and rose backup with his appearance in the last episode which is episode 13.

Chapter 6: Final Hour


Seras’s Perspective

Seras was on the ground shaking controllably because of what she done. She couldn’t believe what was happening..
“MAKE THIS STOP!!” She screamed over and over.. Though nothing ever happened.
Darker Seras came closer and closer to the city. About to cause mayhem that no one will ever forget.
Seras’s only hope to stop this madness was to call Alucard for help. But she didn’t know what he was doing at this very moment… fighting for his life..
Then Seras tapped into her sort of psychic communication thing with Alucard.

“MASTER! HELP ME!” She screamed over and over. Then came a slight huffing from her master.
“What is -AGH!”
“MASTER?! MASTER!!” But she lost her connection.
Seras’s only hope left was to wait for Alucard.. to rescue herself..

Darker Seras’s Perspective


A grim smile on the giantess was laid. The final hour for London has come. The hour of the new queen has come. Darker Seras will rule over Britain… then… the world..
Joy filled with Darker Seras. The day of reckoning has come. 

Stomp Stomp 

Went her footsteps. Oh so closer to London. As she was walking to London the people around the edge then saw her and fled. The city went on full-scale panic. Everyone was running.
“The more to kill..” Darker Seras thought. To her she wouldn’t have to eat for a month with these people in her stomach..
Than as soon as the people started to get out of the buildings for safety, Darker Seras begun the attack.

“Lets play a little soccer you little worthless bugs..” She kicked over a car then it hit 3 people down into the ground bleeding.
Darker Seras then stepped on people with delight. It was as snow, you step on some and squash. It’s been shattered and feel you a crack. But what she felt was more of an ooze.
She then whipped her arm into a building smashing through the glass with ease. The people inside were crushed either by her arm, wrist, or her glove on her hand.
Darker Seras then stomped on a military tank that was coming for an aim.

The military had arrived oh joy.

Darker Seras smiled. The fun had begun. 4 choppers then came down and started firing machine turrets around her chest area. No effect for a vampire giantess because simply they could just regenerate. Neither could tank fire could hurt Darker Seras. The worst she got was just a slight burn.
Darker Seras grabbed 1 chopper by the opening then threw it at another chopper causing it to explode on one of each other.
What Darker Seras hasn’t expected though that that was actually a set up for the civilians to escape and for artillery fire to come.
Down rained the Artillery and Boom Boom Boom went it. All made it directly on Darker Seras but no effect at all.
Darker Seras then thought to herself this was getting boring and went on with the slaughter.
She then stepped on a tank than grabbed 3 troopers into her hand and crushed them in her hand.
The soldiers below were in disgust but kept on moving forward.


Simply a Godzilla was pulled off.
Darker Seras fought for 11 minutes straight with ease.
The city was in ruins from the artillery fire and from Darker Seras.
The military stopped coming.
Darker Seras had the city to herself..
Her stomach growled for food.
She then left looking for people anywhere at all.
Darker Seras walked straight for awhile coming across regular houses or apartments.
She then came across a business building. For some reason unknown to me there were frightened people looking at a total awe.
Than the people ran from the glass part and ran as fast as they can to the elevator or stairs. People tripped and pushed each other away to escape, but Darker Seras smashed through the glass and grabbed some people who were screaming and swallowed them whole.
She then kicked through the building 2nd floor so that the building would crumble down and kill whoever is above.
The building then crumbled to the first floor.
Darker Seras was having the time of her life. Being to control her body that was rightfully hers from the start.

Darker Seras then just went around destroying whatever there is to destroy or kill. 

Alucard’s Perspective


boom swipe boom swift

Were the only sounds that were heard where Alucard was fighting Oni.
“Not bad you scum.”
“Shut up and just fight you!”

Alucard easily dodged an attack from Oni and smashed the butt of the gun on his head.
Oni then tried stabbing Alucard into the chest with his knife but missed because Alucard jumped over him.

MASTER! HELP ME!” Alucard heard a girl’s voice.
“What is –AGH!” Then Alucard disabled the connection seeing he was stabbed into the stomach by Oni’s knife.

“Don’t talk and you may get hurt..” Oni smirked.

“OF COURSE THEN YOU SHOULD FOLLOW IT AS WELL!” Then amazingly, Alucard fired a shot at Oni and before he could react he was hit on the shoulder.

Alucard quickly ripped out the knife, which was burning already, and while Oni was wavering in pain, Alucard shoved the knife into Oni’s heart.

Oni screamed in pain.

“Agh…You’ve may have killed me but..” Oni then spat some blood out and said, “Looks…like…the guinea….pig… works well…. Your APPRENTICE THAT IS! AGH!”

Alucard then shoved the knife in deeper almost touching Oni’s heart.


Oni than chuckled a bit and then began telling him everything, “You see…. I was the one who got your apprentice into the lab… I was testing one of them chips on her.. to see if it gave more power to a vampire by manipulating the gene more... and it does work… by making them big…really big.. as you know… and as you probably don’t know… your apprentice apparently can’t…. handle her true vampire self seeing she’s destroying LONDON!"

Oni than grabbed Alucard’s hands and made the knife go into his heart and kill himself.

“So that’s what’s happening..” Alucard thought. “Policewoman… you’re coming back.”

Instantly Alucard turned into goo and started to move to London.


Alucard reformed back into his regular form and looked above himself seeing Seras destroying everything.
“Well if it isn’t the policewoman.. I might as well end it…” With ease he jumped waaaay up onto a roof close by.
He could see Seras dark grin… “Almost like mine..”  Alucard thought.
Then he jumped and reached his hand back and shoved it pierced it through Seras’s chest and Alucard was in. He knew that if he wanted to take a new true vampire back into an apprentice (considering he lived like for over 100 years) could take out his own blood that Seras had.
Alucard then started swimming when everything started to shake. Obviously Seras probably figured out Alucard was inside and now was trying to shake him out.
It was working but Alucard then swam quickly to the heart.
Alucard dove right in trying to not let the shaking affect him.
Obviously the only way to get the blood out was to bleed it out.
“God damn it..” The shaking was getting much worse. Than as quickly as Alucard could, he dove right by the heart, and ripped it open causing major blood coming out. Or internal bleeding.

The shaking stopped.

“The wound would quickly heal enough considering it’s a vampires heart.” Alucard thought. “Hopefully…”
Than Alucard swam to as many veins as he could, ripping them open to cause more internal bleeding so that his blood would come out. It was a slim chance but it was the only way to really bring down a mega-Seras.

Alucard then quickly swam to the edge and ripped open part of Seras and jumped out spilling a load of blood onto the city…
Alucard then looked up and Seras started to shrink back into regular size.. She was returning to normal.
When Seras was back to normal size she looked up at Alucard.
Alucard just gave a small smile and said, “Welcome back Seras Victoria..”
Seras was just crying.. then fainted into Alucard’s arms..”
Alucard then looked into the sky. The sun was coming up..
“It’s been a long night…. I need some rest…” Then as quickly as Alucard said that, he dashed from the decimated city.. to a far away place..