Shrinkage Alchemists


Edward is fifteen years old, has blond hair and gold eyes, he is the youngest person to become a State Alchemist and was given the title, the Fullmetal Alchemist. Alphonse is a fourteen-year-old boy, who wears a suit of amour and was much taller than his older brother was. Winry is the same age as Edward has blonde hair but have blue eyes. She is taller than Edward is.

Alphonse dressed up in a huge suit of amour because four years ago, he and Edward try to do the impossible, bringing their dead mother back alive, but failed. Costing Edward only his left leg, while Alphonse lost his whole body. Edward sealed his brother’s soul with a blood seal into a suit of amour, which cost him his right arm.

Alphonse trapped within a body that is almost immortal and Edward with automail to replace his missing body parts with thanks to Winry, the Elric brothers’ childhood friend. The two of them are now on a quest to find a way to reclaim what they have lost, with the only lead they got, the Philosopher’s Stone. The Elric Brothers and Winry are heading back to Central after completing an assignment that Colonel Roy Mustang has given them.

Sigh…when will the dam train get here thought Edward as he was sitting on a bench at a train platform, waiting for the train that leads to Central. “Hay cheer up” said a familiar voice that came from his right. Edward looked at the corner of his eye and saw Winry holding cups of coffee, one for her and one for Edward. “Cheers” said Edward as he took the cup.

“Its taking its sweet time isn’t it?” said Winry as she looks out at the train tracks into the far distance. “Well, it says here that the train for Central should be here at twelve o’clock,” said Edward as he looked at Winry. Winry looks back at Edward and just smiled. “What?” asked Edward, as he was wondering why she was smiling like that. “Oh nothing…hay Al! What time is it?” said Winry as she slowly looks behind her and saw a man wearing huge armour. “Well…its half twelve” said Alphonse as he walked back. “Dam its so late” said Edward.

“Its like a ghost town here isn’t it?” said Winry as she noticed that no one else is around. Edward finally noticed it too and began to wonder why it was so quiet. Suddenly the sound of a train coming echoed through out the area. “At last” said Edward as he shot up from the bench, finished his cup of coffee and picked up his travelling truck. Winry finished drinking her cup of coffee and stood next to Edward. Alphonse joined them. Within minutes, the train parked next to them, the three of them entered the train and noticed that it was completely empty. “Huh? What’s going on?” said Winry as she looks at all the empty seats inside the carrier.

“You don’t think we’re on a ghost train do you?” asked Winry as she was beginning to panic. “Calm down Winry, there might be a reason why there’s no on the train” said Alphonse as he was trying to calm her down. Winry started to calm down. “Think of it this way, there’ll be plenty of leg room for us,” said Edward as he sat down and stuck his legs over the seats that was in front of him.

Edward…always acting like a child thought Winry as she sat down next to him. Alphonse sat down next to Winry and looked outside the window. The train started to move. “We should be there in no time now,” said Edward with a smile on his face. “What are you so happy about?” asked Winry as she looked at him. “Oh, no reason” answered Edward as he looked at her with a bigger smile.            

“Nice to see that you’re in good spirit” said a familiar voice from behind. No! thought Edward as he knew to well on whose voice it belonged to. Edward slowly turned around and saw his superior officer; Roy Mustang who was just siting on a seat that was two rows behind him, with his eyes closed. “WHERE DID YOU COME FROM!” shouted Edward as he shot out from his seat and pointed at Roy. “You seen to be full of energy, the last assignment was just too easy for you to break a sweat?” said Roy with his eyes still closed.

“What are you doing here Colonel?” asked Alphonse. “I’m sure that you all noticed how the train platform was empty,” said Roy as he opened his eyes. The others nodded. “While you lot were away, there has been many terrorist bombing set up around Amestris and with every explosion a counted number of a hundred citizens was reported missing with each explosion. It’s been a crazy. People are too scared to even set foot outside” continued Roy.

“That might explain why the train was late,” said Winry. “The trains aren’t ment to be running,” said Roy. “Then how is it that this train is running?” asked Alphonse. “Because I pulled some strings and made sure that this train was running” answered Roy. “But why this train?” asked Winry, confused on why Roy did all that. “So he can make sure that we get on it” answered Edward. Alphonse and Winry looked at him. “So that he can make us help him sort out this mess” said Roy as he stood up and walked towards the kids.

“How can we help you?” asked Alphonse. Roy turned to look at Alphonse and answered, “Well, all we need to do really is stop a bomber and find out whom the leader is of this terrorist group is” “Easy said then done. You make it sound so easy” said Edward as he crossed his arms. “I never said it will be easy, all I just said was for us to catch the bomber and make him or her to tell us who’s pulling the strings” said Roy as he look back at him.      

“How are we going to do this then?” asked Edward. “We can think of a plan once we’re back at Central,” said Roy, as he looked at Edward. “You need some sleep Ed, you may be full of energy but you’re black eyes are telling me different. You’re tiredness will catch up with you because you can’t light a candle on both ends” as he noticed the bags under his eyes.

“What are you? My dad!” said Edward as he dropped himself back onto his seat. “Can’t have the Fullmetal falling asleep on the job. Listen, never turn down the chance to sleep every now and then, ok? It wouldn’t kill you resting for a few hours,” said Roy as he walked off to the train driver’s cart.

“You know, he’s right Ed,” said Alphonse as he and Winry looked at him. “I know, I know. I take a rest once we’re back at Central,” said Edward as he looked at them. “Well you better, like how else would you find the Philosopher’s stone, sleeping?” said Winry as she looked worried. The three of them just sat on their seat without getting up all the way to Central.

An hour later,

“Looks like we here,” said Alphonse as he looked out of the window and saw Central station as they were slowly down. “Last stop!” said Roy as he walked back to the cart that Edward and the others were in. Edward picked up his travelling truck and followed everyone else as they were existing the train. As soon as everyone got outside a woman with blond hair wearing a blue military uniform was walking towards them. The woman was Riza Hawkeye.

 “Any news?” asked Roy as soon as Riza got up to them. “No sir. Nothing from the terrorist for the past three days but we got a description of a person that witness saw before the bombing” said Riza as she handed Roy a piece of paper with a drawing on it. Armstrong must have drawn this thought Roy as he noticed how well drawn the picture was.

Roy looked at it and said, “You sure this person is what the witness saw?” “Yeah way?” asked Riza as she was wondering what he ment. “Because this person stands out far too much,” said Roy as he handed the paper to Edward.

As soon as Edward looked at the picture, he instantly knew who it was. “Envy!” shouted Edward. The others looked at him. “Look Al” said Edward as he handed him the paper. “Envy? You mean the Homunculi Envy?” asked Winry. “You know anyone else called Envy?” snapped Edward as he looked at her. Winry shook her head. “There you go then,” said Edward as he looked back at the picture that Alphonse was holding.

“You better get rest now solider” ordered Roy. “Yeah, yeah. See you lot in the morning” said Edward as he walked off into the city. Roy looks at Alphonse and Winry and said, “You two better go with him just in case he gets into trouble” the two of them nodded and followed Edward. “Come on then sir, better start with those paper works” order Riza as she and Roy headed towards the Central military headquarters.          

The next day,

“Wake up Ed!” echoed a familiar voice. Edward ignores the voice and went back to sleep. “Hay I said wake up” said the voice again. Edward grabbed the pillow that he was sleeping on and wrapped around his ears to block out the voice. “You think that would work?” said another voice. Edward shut his eyes even tighter. “Come on now, let’s leave the LITTLE Alchemist to sleep,” said a very familiar voice that Edward knew to well. He opened his eyes and jumped out of bed and shouted, “WHOM ARE YOU CALLING A LITTLE RUNT?

As soon as Edward calmed down from his out burst, he began to look at the people that were in the bedroom that he rented for him, Alphonse and Winry. There standing in the room was Alphonse, Winry and his Roy. “Had a good night sleep?” asked Winry as she watched Edward getting off the bed and put on his red jacket.

“Slept like a log. So…what’s the news” said Edward with a smile as he looked at everyone. “Nice to see that you care about the problem” said Roy as he walked up to Edward. “Hay! If a huge number of people are disappearing then the only people that I can think of are that group of Homunculus! You saw that picture” said Edward with an annoyed look on his face. “It would be easy to blame it on them but why would they do that and that many people in a short space of time?” asked Winry.     

Edward put his left hand on his chin and began to look like he was thinking, “Well, the Homunculus need human beings to create a completed Philosopher’s stone and with that total number of people missing, they could make it any second” said Edward as he closed his eyes. “But brother” said Alphonse as he walked next to Winry. Edward looked up at his brother. “Didn’t Lust say that Homunculus couldn’t use Alchemy” Edward’s eyes lit up as he said that and said “Apart from Wrath, who has my arm and leg,” “That may be true but he might not know how to create the stone” said Alphonse.

“What about the one who’s pulling the strings?” asked Roy. “That must be it then! They taking the people to their boss and who ever is in charge are making the stone. Now then, if they are kidnapping people to create the stone, then we must go to a place where there’s lots of people ” said Alphonse. Edward looks at Roy and asked, “Where did the kidnapping took place?”

Roy took out a rolled out map and placed it on the table that was in the room. Everyone gathered around the table and noticed many crosses scattered around the map. “And how many people did you say are gone?” asked Winry as she kneeled down at the table.

“Hundred people in each town and city that is marked on the map. As you can see there are nine marks on the map” said Roy as he pointed on the crosses on the map. “Nine-hundred people are gone huh… and if I’m right, they will be heading right here, at Central and will probably take another hundred people” said Edward as he pointed at Central on the map.

Riza burst through the door. “Report” ordered Roy as he shot up. “There has been reports about a group of people dressed in black has been spotted and one of them matches with the drawing,” said Riza. “Where was they last headed?” asked Edwards as he shot up from his seat. “Heading towards Central Military headquarters” answered Riza as she looked at Edward. “What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” ordered Edward as he bolted out of the door. “Riza, can you please look after Winry,” asked Alphonse as he stood up. “Sure…just be careful you two” said Riza as she watch both Alphonse and Roy dashed outside.                   

Up on the roof of Central Military headquarters

“It seems that pipsqueak is heading here” said the Homunculus, Envy. “Well then Envy, are all hundred counted for?” asked the Homunculus, Lust as she was sitting on the Homunculus’ back known as Gluttony. “You took you’re time” said Envy as he looked back and saw the two. “It’s such a pain trying to control a human as they all keep doing is questioning our motives” answered Lust as she slowly stood up. “The last one kept on asking why we kept on bombing and kidnapping citizens…” Gluttony stood up and said, “So I ate him”  “Who we got to do the bombing then?” asked Envy.

“Just some down on his luck Alchemist, once he’s finished the job, Gluttony here will take good care of him” answered Lust as she crossed her arms and looked down at the city. There she noticed Edward, Alphonse and Roy running towards the headquarters. “It seems that the last two are here,” said Envy as he too noticed them running. “I order the Alchemist to set to get the bomb ready,” said Lust as she walked towards the back entrance and entered the back allyway. There she saw a man kneeling down setting the bomb in place.               

“Well then Gluttony, got room for seconds?” asked Envy as he walked towards the edge of the roof. “I always have room for seconds” answered Gluttony as stood next to him. “Well then its show time” said Envy as both him and Gluttony jumped off the roof. 

Edward stopped at a few steps away from headquarters. Huh? Why is it so quiet? thought Edward as he noticed that there was no sound coming from the area that he’s in. There was no one around; not even members of the Military were around. Alphonse and Roy caught up with him. “Where…where’s Envy?” asked Alphonse as he looked to his left and right. “And that group of people wearing black clothes” said Roy as he put on his gloves. “ABOVE YOU” shouted Envy and Gluttony as they were crashing down towards them.

“I knew you lot had something to do with this” said Edward as he clapped his hands together and placed his left hand on his right arm and slide it down. As his hand was sliding, underneath his hand was forming a blade from his automail arm. From that Edward and Alphonse went charging towards the two. Roy just smiled as he placed his right hand in front of him and clicked his fingers. Red sparks went shooting out from his right hand and upon which, caused and explosion in front of the Elric brothers. The brothers went flying back towards Roy, while the explosion caused the two Homunculus to fly backwards to the headquarters.

“Curse that Flame Alchemist,” said Envy as he stood up. “Can I eat him?” asked Gluttony as he stood up and looked at Envy. “Be my guest,” said Envy as he was about to dash towards them. All of a sudden, the whole headquarters went up in flames and then exploded along with the two Homunculus, whom got caught by the inferno. The impact of the blast caused Edward, Alphonse and Roy to be thrown back. “Owe! Is everyone all right?” asked Roy as he stood back up and helped Edward to his feet. “Oh my god look!” said Alphonse as he pointed at headquarters. Edward and Roy looked at the headquarters and noticed that it was covered in smoke.

“What about the others?” asked Edward, as he was worried about the other military members. “What a pity” said a female voice that came from behind them. The three of them looked behind and saw Lust with the Alchemist that they used for the bombing. “Why you!” shouted Edwards as he went running towards Lust. “Before you attack me, you better worry about you’re selves” said Lust as she went running towards Edward. As the two got closed enough, Edward swung his arm at her but Lust jumped over him and dashed towards the smoke.

“Hay get back here!” shouted Edward as he drew the blade away. “Maybe next time Fullmetal” echoed Lust’s voice. “Ok mister, don’t move” said Alphonse as he looked at the Alchemist. “No! I’m not going to jail!” shouted the Alchemist as he ran off. “GRR! Get back here!” ordered Edward as he and his brother began chase. “Let him go, he’s not worth it” said Roy. The bothers stopped in their tracks and looked back at him.

“We’re know who’s doing the attacks. Right know we need to get back and think of a plan,” said Roy as he was heading back to the inn. “He’s right, besides, if anyone comes out, they might think we have something to do with it” said Alphonse. “I guess so, I would be easier to blame it on Roy for his fire skills” said Edward as the two of them began to follow Roy.               

From the smoke, Lust walks out carrying a bag with her right hand and was holding something that looked like dolls in her left. “What a pain! Oh well, all we need to do is get the last two and the stone will be complete,” said Lust as she looked at the dolls in her hand. “Here, let me take those for you” said a woman’s voice. Lust looked at her left and saw a woman wearing a purple dress. “Sure here, catch,” said Lust as she tossed the bag over to her. “What are we going to do about the Alchemist that got away?” asked the woman as she caught the bag.

“Don’t worry Sloth, I’ll deal with him. Oh right, better take care with the boys” answered Lust as she threw the two dolls that was in her other hand and walked off. Sloth grabbed them and said, while looking at them “What are we going to do about you boys?” From that, Sloth disappears into the darkness of the streets. People began to gather to the building.

Edward and the others returned back to the room. “Sir you all right?” asked Riza as she looked from the seat. “Perfectly fine” answered Roy as he walked into the main centre of the room. “Ed! You’re all right!” shouted Winry as she rushed over to Edward and hugged him. As she was hugging him, she noticed something different about him. As she let go of him, she started to look at Edward strangely    

“Is it just me or have you just gotten smaller?” asked Winry as she was looking at Edward. “What are you talking about?” said Edward as he tried his hardest not to snap at what she just said. Winry wasn’t the only one who noticed. Edward just stood there looking at Winry and his eyes lit up in shook. He was in fact a few inches smaller then his normal height.

“Urm…colonel” said Alphonse as he looked at Roy. Edward and Winry slowly look at him. “What?” asked Roy as he was wondering why everyone was looking at him. “Sir?” said Riza as she too noticed what the others were looking at. “What is…it?” said Roy as turned to look at Riza and noticed that they were eye to eye. “What’s going on? What about you Al?” said Edward to cheek that his brother wasn’t shrinking as well.

“Perhaps the Homunculus did this and is only effecting living bodies and what ever the living body was wearing. I’m only a soul sealed in a body of amour. Only the three of us got hit by the aftermath of that explosion,” said Alphonse. “Wait a tick,” said Winry as she clicked her fingers as if she figured something out. Everyone looked at her. “Roy didn’t you say that there was a hundred people gone missing in each of the nine places and Central counts as ten” asked Winry as she looked at Roy.

“That’s right, I don’t see what you’re…. that must be it” answered Roy. “Got what?” asked Riza. “The reason why the people can not be found was because they have been shrunk down in size, before the smoke clears up, the Homunculus goes in and snatch them. Making it hard for the Military to find anyone” said Winry as she looked at everyone. Everyone apart from Roy nodded.

“I never heard of any kind of alchemy that changes the size of the atoms of an object and what I really want to know is how small me and Roy are going to be” said Edward as he sat down on a chair. “Right now all we need to do is think of a plan to stop anymore surprise attacks,” said Roy. “Sir, I believe there’s even more matters to deal with here,” said Riza as she placed her hand on Roy’s shoulder. “And what’s that?” asked Roy as he looked back at her. “How about your shrinking problem? Everyone will notice that you’re getting smaller,” said Winry.

“The thing we need to do right now is to find a way to reverse the effect that alchemy blast did to us, don’t you think so Al?” said Edward as he looked up at Alphonse. “That is the best thing to do at the moment, I mean, what can the two of you do while you are around three inches or even smaller?” asked Alphonse. “You maybe right, we do need to worry about us first before we can save the hostages” said Roy as he sat down on the bed.

“Well then, now that we got all that sorted, we need to find a location for Ed and the Colonel to stay low for a while” said Winry as she looked at Edward and Roy. “Well I can call office saying that me and Hawkeye are called away to do some business to wherever you lot have planed to go to” said Roy as he looked at Winry.

“How about back home, back at Resembool. I can get, as may books as I can about Transmutation on size change while you lot try to relax” said Alphonse as he punched his left hand into the palm of his right hand. “Sounds like plan but Alphonse, let us do some of the research as well” said Riza   

“Sure, come on Ed, we need to withdraw some books from the library” said Alphonse as he dragged Edward onto his feet. “Erm…I think I go with them” said Winry as she followed them out of the room. “Right then” said Roy as he stood up. “Let’s go and find a payphone” Riza nodded and the two of them left the room.    

At the Library,

“Ok, we need this one and this and this” said Alphonse as he was picking out the books about Alchemy and handed it them to his brother. Edward was now holding books that were towering over him. “Al! Can you at least hold some of the books” said Edward as he was finding it hard to carry the books that he gave him. “Oh sorry Ed” said Alphonse as he took some books from him.

“I think this should be enough” said Edward as he was walking up to the counter. At the counter there was a woman. “You do know these books are for State Alchemists only right?” said the woman as she was leaning over to look at Edward. “Ok then, what do you call this?” said Edward as he took out his silver pocket watch and showed it to the woman. “Oh…you’re that kid that became a State Alchemist. Sorry about the misunderstanding” said the woman as she was going through the books that the Elric Brothers want to take out.      

“Got the books yet?” asked Winry as she stood next to Edward. “There you go, all booked” said the woman at the counter. “We do now” said Edward as he took some books and walked out of the library. Alphonse took the remaining and followed Edward. Winry tagged along.    

Elsewhere on the streets,

Roy and Riza found a payphone. “Right then, better call Eastern Headquarters” said Roy as he picked up the phone and put in money.

At Eastern Headquarters

The phone inside an office began to ring. “Havoc here” answered the person. “Havoc, I found out where the bombers are heading, so me and Riza are trying to tail them” said Roy on the other side. “Colonel? Should I send back up?” asked Havoc. “Send backup when I ring back got it. While we’re away, I’m leaving in charge” said Roy as he hung up. Havoc put the phone down and said, “In charge?” Havoc then put a smile on his face and then burst out, “IN CHARGE”

“Did you have to tell him that he’s in charge?” asked Riza as Roy turns around. Roy was now below eye level from Riza. Roy looks up and said; “Well I had to say something to stop him from asking questions” “Alright then, let’s head back to the inn to join with the others” said Riza as she slowly turns around and walks off. Roy followed.

Back at the inn,

Everyone has returned. “Well then, better start packing Fullmetal” ordered Roy as he sat down on the bed. “Yeah, yeah” said Edward as he opened his trunk and put his clothes and books into it. “How are we going to get to Resembool if all trains are not running anymore?” asked Winry. “I can pull strings again to make train running again” answered Roy.  

“I don’t think that it will work this time round” said Ritz as she looked down at him. “Ritz’s right, there’s no way those people at the train station will do another trip just for us. Perhaps there’s another to Resembool” said Edward as he was holding his trunk.

“I remember granny said that there was an old river that’s coroneted from here to Resembool” said Winry. “Really?” asked Ritz. Winry nodded and said, “All we need to do is find this river and follow it” “Sounds like a plan to me” said Alphonse as he picked up Edwards’ trunk. From that, the five of them exit the inn and walked towards the river that runs through Central.

Meanwhile elsewhere in Central

The Alchemist that worked with the Homunculus with the bombing has been running down a dark ally. “Going somewhere?” echoed a familiar voice. The Alchemist stopped running and began to panic as he was looking around, but couldn’t see where the voice came from. All of a sudden, sound of footsteps began to echo and stopped right behind his as it was at its loudest.

“As I said, going somewhere?” asked the voice again as he felt a hand touching his left shoulder. The Alchemist slowly turns around and saw Lust smiling at him. “Ah? Lust…I wasn’t going anywhere…in fact I was just looking for you” said the Alchemist as he was beginning to sweat.

Lust slowly raised her left hand and touch his face and said, “I know you were looking for us” Lust then looked at the ground and then back up again with a grin on her face. “What is it?” asked the Alchemist as he was wondering what she was grinning about. Lust face turned back into a smile and then pushed him back.

“I know you were looking for us… making it easier for me to find you and dispose of you” said Lust as she aimed her right hand at him. “No, no, no, no!” shouted the Alchemist as he tuned around and began to run as fast as he can but couldn’t as Lust already shot her lance finger and pierced right through his head.

Lust draws her lances back and watched him drop onto the floor. “What a mess” said Lust as she shook her head, turned around and started to walk off. “Had to make it messy didn’t you?” said a voice from above. Lust stopped walking and looked up and saw Wrath sitting on the roof. “Mommy let you play for a little while?” said Lust as she crossed her arms.

“Ha, ha I was just told to help you bring the Alchemist’s body with us so no one can find out about our plans” said Wrath as he jumped off the roof and landed right in front of Lust. “Relax, he doesn’t know anything, he could be a treat for Gluttony” said Lust as she turned back around and walked towards the body. “That body should be enough to keep him busy…well being that size as he is, it really should keep him busy” said Wrath as he followed Lust.

Back at Eastern Headquarters 

“Alright everyone listen up” said Havoc as he stood up from his seat. Breda, Falman and Fuery looked up from their table. “I just got a phone call from the Colonel, telling me that he found out where the bombers might be heading and that he and Riza around going to track them down. He going to phone us if he needs backup…” said Havoc as he looked at everyone. “Anything else?” asked Falman. From the moment he said that, Havoc’s eyes began to glitter and said, “The Colonel said that I’m in charge till he comes back”

Not good thought everyone else as they slowly got back into what they were doing. “Just wait till I tell my girlfriend” said Havoc as he rushed to reach for the phone. Here we go thought everyone as their eyes were drawn onto Havoc acting all flirty over the phone.

Outside Central

Edward and the others were following the river that leads all the way to Resembool. While walking, Edward and Roy have gotten even smaller. Roy was about four foot and a half tall, while Edward was three foot. As they were walking, Roy stopped walking and said, “I have a strange feeling that Havoc is going to abuse his part time rank” Roy felt a hand touch his shoulder, he looked up and saw it was Riza, she smiled down and said, “You told him that he’s in charge. Guess we sort that out when we cross that bridge”

“Come on you two” said Winry as she looked back as she noticed that Roy and Riza were far behind. The two of them began to run and Riza was taking the lead, she looks back and laughed. “Hurry up shortly!” said Riza as she made it up to the others. A minute later Roy made it to the others. “What took you?” asked Winry as she smiled down at him. “You try running fast while you’re slowly shrinking, your legs don’t stretch out like they used to” answered Roy. “Anyway…should we get going” said Edward. Winry and Riza nodded. From that the five of them began following the river to Resembool.

It took them all day to get to Resembool. As they got there, the sun was setting. “Hay look, Winry’s back” said one of the citizens. “Hi guys” said Winry as she waved at them as she walked by. Riza and Alphonse followed her. “Wonder where Edward is and who is that woman?” said one of the citizens as they were talking to each other. Winry entered her house. “Granny are you here?” shouted Winry as she walked into the kitchen.                                                          

She waited for a few second, there was no answer. “Guess no one’s home” echoed Edward’s voice. “Guess you’re right” said Winry as she flipped her hair by her right ear back. “Guess its time to come out now guys” said Riza as she stepped foot inside the house. Riza too flipped her hair by her right ear back. The two of them placed their hands into a cup underneath their ear and waited for Edward and Roy to land on it as they were sitting on their ear rings.

As the two landed, Alphonse entered and said, “Granny not here?” Winry shook her head. “Well then, better start with the researching” said Alphonse as he sat down by the table and took out books from the trunk. Roy…I’m going to help Alphonse with the research. Why don’t you spend some time with Fullmetal?” asked Riza as she put Roy on her left hand and put him on her other on her hip.

“What are you two going to do then?” asked Roy as he looked up at Winry and Edward. “I don’t know…might do some catch up or even play games with new little Edward” answered Winry as she smiled down at Edward. Edward tried with all his might to remain calm at what Winry just said and just smiled nodded back at her.

“Pass” said Roy very quickly. Riza closed her eyes, took a deep breath and said, “Ok, you’re going to be board” Roy smiled back up and said, “No I wouldn’t” “If you say so” said Winry as she walked up stairs and into the guest bedroom.

“How about we play hide and seek” said Winry as she smiled down upon Edward. “Hide and seek? Are you sure you want to play that?” asked Edward. “I think its time for you to loosen up and have some fun” Winry raised her towards her face and said, “Or would you rather play cat and mouse?” With a nervous look on his face, Edward answered, “Hide and seek”

Winry put a smile on her face and said, “Good answer. On the count of twenty, I will start looking for you, ok?” Edward nodded as Winry put Edward onto the floor and turned and began to count. Edward dashed towards a hiding place.

“Eighteen…nineteen…twenty, ready or not here I come” said Winry as she turned around and began to scan the room. “Ed! Just because you’re a size of a mouse doesn’t mean I can’t find you” said Winry as she crouched down on to her kneels and started looking under the two beds.

Edward was hiding behind one of the bed legs that were the closest to the door. Hold yourself Edward. Don’t let those words get to you thought Edward as he was trying his hardest not shout at that comment.

“You really think I can’t find you?” said Winry as she grabbed hold of the leg that Edward was hiding behind. Deer god! Had no idea that her hand was that big! thought Edward as he looked up with his jaw dropped. Edward dropped onto his kneels making himself smaller as he is, hoping that Winry wouldn’t fell him.

“Not here then?” said Winry as she stood back up and walked towards the wardrobe to check if he got himself inside by checking for small doors. “Ok Ed! I give up! You can come out now” said Winry as she jumped herself onto the bed.

Should I revile my hiding spot? She’s just said that she gave thought Edward as he stood back up and leaned over to see her. All she was doing was just sitting on the bed and then slowly laid back on it.

Edward took a deep breathe and walked out from his hiding spot and slowly headed towards her. “So, you really give?” shouted Edward as he looked up at her. Winry slowly sat back up and looked down and saw Edward standing between her feet. “I said so didn’t I? Being that size gives you an advantage for hiding” answered Winry as she leaned forward and picked him up.

“I know this is going to hurt me mentally but I guess being small isn’t all that bad” said Edward as smiled at her. “Now then, what are we going to do now? Want something to eat?” asked Winry. As soon as Edward was about to answer, his stomach began to growl so load that even Winry could hear it. Edward with an embarrassed look on his face, looked up and said, “That would be great” Winry looked at Edward with a shocked look on her face and slowly began to giggle. The two of them began to laugh.

Winry, trying to stop herself from laughing said, “Ok…ok, let’s see what I can make in the kitchen” From that Winry stood up and walked out of the bedroom and headed towards the kitchen.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the living room,

Alphonse and Riza was busy reading the books about transmutation, while Roy was sitting on a pile of books that the two have already read. “I’m board” said Roy out load as he looked up at Riza. Riza closed her eyes, put the book down and said, “You should’ve gone and played with Edward and Winry as I told you to”

“Why do those when I just sit here and look at you in this new size” said Roy back, as he stand up. Riza opened her eyes, looked at him and smiled. “Now there’s that smile” said Roy with a smile on his face. “Alphonse” Alphonse looks up from the book that he was reading. “I’m going to take a break, just don’t over work you’re self, ok” said Riza as she stood up. “Ok, see you later then” said Alphonse as he went back to reading his book.

Riza picked up Roy and headed towards the kitchen, where she bumps into Winry who was mixing up ingredients for making a cake. “Oh hi Riza” said Winry as she noticed her walking in. “Hi Winry, baking a cake?” said Riza as she put Roy onto the kitchen table.

“Yeah, it’s for everyone. Ed’s helping me” said Winry as she showed a grin on her face. Riza put a confused look on her face and asked, “How is Edward helping you, and where is he?”

“Right here!” shouted Edward, who was standing behind the eggs. “Just how small you have gotten?” asked Riza as she was looking at him with amazement at his height. “From what Winry said to me earlier, size of a mouse” answered Edward as he was holding back from he said.

The front door opens and Pinako enters. “Oh my, seems like I have some guests” said Pinako as she notices Riza in the kitchen. “Oh hi granny” said Winry as she puts the ingredients into the oven. “Hi Winry” Alphonse walks into the kitchen. “Here’s Alphonse…where’s Edward?” asked Pinako as she looked at him and then back at Winry.

“Oh um…I’m sure he be around somewhere” lied Winry. Pinako looks at her granddaughter strangely and then shrugs. “Ok then” said Pinako as she left the kitchen. “Why didn’t you tell granny?” asked Alphonse. “Didn’t want her to worry about it. I’m sure you will find a way to reverse the effect” answered Winry as she looks down at Edward. “Don’t worry about what?” asked Pinako as she was standing behind Alphonse. Each of them did a shock expression look on there faces as if they were saying ‘Busted’.                 

Meanwhile elsewhere,

“Hurry up! Where are you going to find the antidote?” shouted Envy as he was jumping up and down on the table. “Calm down, I’m sure master will make some for you and Gluttony. Beside, he happy” said Sloth as she was towering over him with her hands on her hips.

From what she said made Envy ever madder and burst out, “That’s because he busy eating that dam Alchemist that you brought in for him; he has a stomach that never fills!” Sloth bends onto the table and rest on her arms and said, “Oh be hush now” “GRRRR! What about the last two?” asked Envy as he calmed down.

“Don’t worry, we get them come to us” said Lust as she stood next to Sloth. “And how are we going to do that?” asked Envy as he looked up at Lust. “Well then, why don’t we have a ball” said a voice. The three of them looked to their right and saw a smiling man wearing military uniform and has an eye patch on his left eye. The man was King Bradley AKA Pride.

Meanwhile back at Eastern Headquarters

Havoc was very busy reading through the list of all the girlfriends that was stolen from Roy. Sigh! thought Havoc as he just read through his sixth page. “Why is it that the Colonel always get the girls, what is it that he got that I don’t have?” asked Havoc as he dropped his list onto the table.

“Maybe it’s because he a colonel while you’re a second lieutenant” said Breda as he looked up from his desk. “That’s true…all the women that you’ve dated seem to fall over to the Colonel and no one like a third base officer than the first base, AKA Colonel Mustang. I just don’t know how Hawkeye handles him most of the time” said Fuery as he adjusted his glasses as he looked up.

“In case you lot have forgotten, the colonel left me in charge around here” said Havoc as he looked angrily at the two. “Perhaps he just said that so he can hang up without questions” said Falman as he was busy reading a book. “Oh shut up and carry on reading nerd” said Havoc as he looked back down at the list.

As he was about to pick it up, he noticed a letter addressed to Roy Mustang. Too bad he’s not here to read this thought Havoc as he picked up the letter. “Hay Havoc” said Breda. Havoc looks at him and noticed that he was holding a letter that was addressed to him. Havoc picked it up and began to read.

It reads;

Dear Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc,

You have been invited to the Grand Military Ball which will be held at Fuhrer King Bradley’s mansion on Wednesday 12th 8.00pm.

You may bring one guest along with you.

See you there,

Fuhrer King Bradley

“Bring a guest along with me?” said Havoc as he lowered the letter. “Chin up Havoc, there may be women haven’t fallen to the Colonel to take to the ball” said Breda as he lowered his letter. “Easy said then done, I can only think of one woman but I don’t think she’ll go with me” said Havoc. “And who’s that?” asked Fuery as he too lowered his letter. “I’m not saying” answered Havoc as he began to read his list once again. “The Colonel must have her already” said Falman as he too lowered his letter from the Fuhrer.

Back at Resembool  

“So you boys did got caught up with all the bombing that happening all over the place” said Pinako as she sat down and lit her pipe. “At the moment we’re just trying to find a way to turn them back to normal” said Riza as she crossed her arms. “I see… how is it going?” asked Pinako as she looked up at Alphonse.

“Been reading through these books that brother booked out from the library, so far nothing” answered Alphonse as he looked down. “Hmm…I would have thought you and Edward would have been a lot smarter” said Pinako as she looked up at Alphonse.

“Huh? What do you mean?” asked Alphonse. “What do you think I mean? If you can’t find the answers in the books, then doesn’t that tell you something?” said Pinako. “Of course, if it’s not in the books then there’s no such thing” said Alphonse.

“So you’re suggesting that Alchemist didn’t perform any size changing Alchemy but only the trigger to the bomb that they used?” asked Riza as she looked at Alphonse. “That would make a lot of sense due to the fact that we can’t find a single page about size changing alchemy” said Alphonse.

“Then you’re saying that it’s the bomb that causing them to shrink?” asked Winry as she was holding Edward and Roy. “What ever the formula was that was used inside the bomb must have done all this all over Amestris” said Alphonse.

“So how are you going to find the antidote?” asked Pinako as she put her pipe down. “That I don’t know” answered Alphonse as he looked at her. “Come to think of it, I remember reading something about a scientist that created a way reduce the size of any objects and that scientist is getting a Nobel Prize from the Fuhrer at his mansion” said Pinako as she stood up.

“If that’s true then centre members of the military is invited as well. This scientist might have been the cause of this whole mess but he or she might have a way to restore Roy and Edward” said Riza. “Mind if I can use your phone?” asked Riza as she walked up to the phone. “Sure” answered Pinako as she walks outside.                             

At Eastern Headquarters


Havoc was still reading through his list until the phone rang. Havoc picks it up and said, “Havoc here” “First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye speaking” said Riza on the other side. “Riza, does the Colonel need backup now?” asked Havoc, “Before we go into that, have you got an invite to go to the Fuhrer’s mansion?” asked Riza. Havoc picks up his letter he opened earlier on and said, “Yea, I got an invite to go to the Military Grand Ball”


“Grand Ball? I was told there was going to be a Nobel Awards Night at the Fuhrer’s”  “What do you mean by that?” asked Havoc. “Ok, this may sound a bit strange but I need you to come to Resembool we need your help” said Riza. “Huh? Ok, oh by the way, the Colonel has an invite to” said Havoc as he picked up Roy’s letter. Both of then hung up, “Oh boys, see you all at the ball” said Havoc as he stood up and walked out of the room. “Where’s he going?” asked Fuery as he looked up and saw him leaving. “Perhaps looking for a woman that the Colonel hasn’t taken” answered Falman.

The next day at Resembool,

Havoc made it to Resembool and was walking towards Pinako’s house. He knocked and Winry opened the door. “Havoc, glad that you can make it” said Riza as she walked behind Winry. “Why did you need me to here?” asked Havoc as he stood inside.

“Can’t believe I’m saying this but, I need you to take me to the ball as your date” answered Riza as she crossed her arms. Havoc looked at her and asked, “Why didn’t you ask me that over the phone rather then summoning me here” “Because the military may have tapped onto the phone and also there was something else I need to tell you” answered Riza.

“That is?” said Havoc as he raised an eyebrow. “Winry” said Riza as Winry placed her hands underneath his ears and waited for Roy and Edward to jump onto. As they landed onto her hands, Havoc freaked out, “Oh my god! Colonel…Fullmetal…you’re tiny” he said as he looked at them both.

“Well done for stating the obvious” said Edward as he looked up with his arms crossed. “How…did this happen?” asked Havoc as he walked over to the table. From that, Riza and Winry explained everything to Havoc.

They explained to him till it was lunch time. “So this Grand Ball and Nobel Awards are happening at the same time, well then, better get ready, its today the Grand Ball/Nobel Awards is happening. Better get dress” said Havoc. “How are we going to get ready? We don’t even have the proper clothes here” asked Riza. “Lucky for you, I’ve brought some clothes along thinking that the Colonel will be going and a dress for you as well” answered Havoc as he stood up and headed outside. “Wait, how are you going to get back to Central in time?” asked Winry. “I took a car along with me” answered Havoc as he looked back. Ritz, Winry and Roy and Edward being carried followed him.             

They got up to his car and Havoc opened the trunk and took out a briefcase. “Now then…what do you think about theses” said Havoc as he opened the case. They all looked inside and saw the dress that Ritz was going to wear to the Grand Ball. “Wow…it’s beautiful” said Winry as she couldn’t take her eyes off it. “Well then, better get ready” said Havoc as he closed the briefcase and handed it to Riza.

Hours later,

“Come on now! If we don’t leave now, we’re going to be late!” shouted Havoc as he was waiting in the living room along with Alphonse, Edward, Roy and Pinako. “All right I ready!” yelled Riza back. Winry rushed down stairs and walked into the living room and said, “Lady and gentlemen, lets give it up for Riza”

From that, the sound of someone walking down the stairs could be heard; the four of them looked at the entrance to the living room and saw Riza wearing an all blue dress, blue heels and even a blue scarf. “WOOOOOW!” shouted all the men in the room.

“Take it that you like it?” asked Riza as she looked at everyone. The men just nodded. “Well then let’s go” said Havoc as he stood. “What about us?” asked Alphonse as he stood up and looked at Havoc. “I’m surprise that the Elric Brothers wasn’t invited” answered Havoc. “Take it that’s a no then?” said Alphonse as he sat back down.

“What about us then?” asked Roy as he and Edward looked up at Ritz from the living room table. Ritz looks down at them with a smile on her face answered, “Both of you are coming with us” Riza kneeled down and placed her right hand for them to get on. The two climbed aboard, Ritz drew her hand to her scarf for them to hang onto. 

“Let’s go then” said Riza as she looked at Havoc and walked out of the house. Havoc followed her and the two of them entered the car, Ritz rolled down the window and waved at Winry and the others as they were about to drive off.

“Should we really let the Edward and Roy go with them?” asked a worried Winry. “They be fine, I got a feeling that when they get back, everything will be back to normal” answered Pinako as she lit her pipe. “I just hope you’re right” said Alphonse.

Meanwhile elsewhere,

“It seems that the fishes have caught the bait and now, all we need to do is put them in the net” said King as he smiled. “Shouldn’t you be ready for the ball?” asked Lust as she crossed her arms. “Thanks for reminding me, I shall now take my leave” said King as he turned around and walked out of the room.

“Lust…I’m hungry” said the shrunken Gluttony as he looks up at her. “You’re still hungry? You just ate a normal size human with you being three inches tall!” shouted Envy. Gluttony looks at him and said, “But I always have room for seconds”

“Calm down you two, Pride said that they’re took the bait so all we need to do now is set everything up” said Lust as she looks down at them. “Well then, what needs to be done first” asked Envy.              

An hour later,

Havoc made it to Fuhrer’s mansion; he parked the car, got out and opened the door to allow Riza to get out. “I hope you guys know what to do as soon we set foot inside” said Riza as she stood out of the car. “Yea we know we stick together no matter what” answered Edward. “Good” said Riza as she and Havoc headed towards the mansion.

Inside the mansion,

“Everything looks normal here; I don’t see…” said Edward as he spotted someone three inches standing on the floor. “What’s wrong?” whispered Riza. “I think I can see Envy, I’m sorry…I’m going after him” said Edward as he climbed down from Riza.

“Hay wait!” said Riza as she felt him climbing down her. Ritz looked at the floor and saw Edward running towards the hallway. “Dam, Roy chase after him” ordered Riza as she placed her hand underneath her right ear and waited to Roy to hop on. As he did, she put him on the floor and watched him dashing after Edward.

As soon as Edward made it to hallway, he saw Envy standing there with a grin on his face. “How it’s going little alchemist?” asked Envy. “How do you think? I’m three inches tall!” shouted Edward as he went running towards him. “Catch me if you can short pint” said Envy as he ran off deeper into the hallway.

Roy made it to the hallway and saw Edward running off, before he could reach up to him, a black boot slammed down right in front of him. “Whoa! Who is that…” said Roy as he took a step back and saw who the boot belongs to. “Hello little fire starter” said the person who was looking down at him, it was Lust.

Roy turned around and began to run. Lust just smiled as she saw the little guy running away from her, she then looked in the main hallway and looked at Riza who was looking back at her. Lust grinned as she looked at Riza as she was walked out from her view.  “Oh no, Havoc I need to go now” said Riza as she run off towards where Lust was heading to.

“Hay what about our first dance?” asked Havoc as he turned around and saw Riza running off. “Dumped again are thy?” asked Breda as he walked up behind him. “Oh shut up” said Havoc as he hung his head.

Back with Edward,

Edward was chasing Envy into some kind of chamber, Envy stopped running as he stopped right in front of a huge jar with a blood red liquid. “Where are we?” asked Edward as he stopped running. “We’re in the chambers where the next Philosopher’s stone will be made. But before all that can happen, our master need to restore them back to normal size” answered Envy.

“Why would your master need to return everyone back to normal in the first place if it got all things that it needs?” asked Edward. Envy didn’t answer him, he dashed towards him, Edward was getting ready to fight until something blow Envy back.

It looked like a rock that was in a shape of a missile. “Fear not Edward Elric for it is I that have come to your aid” said a very familiar voice. Edward looks around the place but couldn’t see who it was until he heard foot steps. Edward looks behind and saw Armstrong, the Strong Arm Alchemist marching towards him. “I don’t have to mess around with you pipsqueaks!” shouted Envy as he shot up back on his feet.


Back with Roy,

Roy dashed towards a room that has an opened door and found a hiding spot. “Come out come out where ever you are” said Lust as she entered the room. “Had no idea that she would be that big!” said Roy to himself as he looked up at the towering Homunculus. Lust began to walk into the room, looking down at the floor trying to see the little Alchemist. “Let’s see if my flame attacks work on her” said Roy as he aimed his right hand towards Lust left foot and clicked his fingers. Little sparks went flying towards Lust’s foot and hit it but didn’t make any damage to her.

“Found you little one” said Lust as she kneeled down and saw Roy. “Not working” shouted Roy as he turned around and began to run away. “Get back here!” ordered Lust as she shot one of her fingers as it went right past Roy. “That was close!” shouted Roy as he noticed how close that was. Roy carried on running till he got up to a closed door. “Got you now” said Lust as she moved in to grab hold of him.

Lust stands up with the little Roy in her grasp, she walked towards the exit where she stopped in her tracks and saw Riza standing there. “Riza save you self!” shouted Roy as he was trying to break free. “Let him go!” ordered Riza as she slowly walks towards Lust.

“Why should I?” asked Lust as she tighten her grip to Roy. “Because I’ll do this” answered Riza as she drew out a gun and shot Lust on the forehead. Lust fell backwards, letting go of Roy. Riza dashed in and caught him. “Better go now before she comes back to life” said Roy as he looked up and saw Riza’s smile. Riza looks down at Lust and noticed the bullet was being forced out of her skull, Riza quickly rushed out of the room and headed towards the main hall.                  

Back with Edward

“Was that a joke? If it was, I’m not laughing!” shouted Edward as he and Armstrong went charging towards Envy. “Did I hit a sore spot?” asked Envy as he went running towards them. Edward clapped his hands and slammed them onto the floor, the floor began to shot up into the air and Armstrong used his alchemy to launch a missile like attacks at him.

Envy jumped onto his left and dashed even faster towards them and leaped towards Edward, pinning him onto the ground. “Why do you keep fighting knowing that you’re not going to win?” asked Envy as he punched Edward in the face. Armstrong used all his might to punch Envy across the face that caused him to fly towards the huge jar that was glowing red. “Fullmetal, are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Armstrong as he help Edward up and looked at the jar.

Edward looks at the jar and knew what he ment, Edward smiled at Envy. Envy stood back up and said, “That hurt!” “If you don’t like getting hurt then come and finish us off!” shouted Edward. “I will do just that!” shouted Envy as he went charging towards them.

Armstrong went running towards him and began to throw punches at him, Envy been dodging each punch he threw at him. “Useless!!” shouted Envy as kneeled down and spun kicked him onto the floor. “Now!” ordered Armstrong as he fell down. “Huh?” wondered Envy as he looked up and saw Edward clapping his hand and slammed them onto the floor.

What’s he doing? thought Envy as he dashed towards him trying to stop what ever he was trying to do. Sparks went flying from Edward towards Envy but he jumped to his right and shouted, “Ha you missed!” “You weren’t my target!” smirked Edward as he stood up. Envy stood up and looked at the sparks and saw that they were heading towards the jar. “NO!” shouted Envy as he saw the sparks hitting the jar but it only caused a crack. “Ha! Not strong enough!” shouted Envy as he looked back at Edward.

“But I believe we are” said a familiar voice. The three of them looked up and saw Ritz there along with Roy standing on her right shoulder. “Alright!” shouted Edward as he looked back at Envy. “GRRR! Where is everyone where you need then them!” shouted Envy. Roy clicked his fingers and red sparks shot out from his gloves and the jar exploded.

Elsewhere inside the mansion

Sloth and Wraith was inside a room inside the mansion and they just heard the explosion. Lust entered the room and gave them a shrug. “Master…I’m afraid that your plan has failed” said Sloth along with Wraith and Lust as they were kneeling down in front of a woman covered in shadow sitting on a chair. “I see…better start again. Better start thinking of another way of the Philosopher’s Stone” said the woman. The woman stood up and left. Sloth Lust and Wraith followed her.

Inside the ballroom

“What was that? Are those terrorists attacking again!” shouted one of the guests. They did something thought Havoc. “Come now! Let’s get out of here!” shouted Havoc, a few seconds later, everyone ran out of the mansion.

Back with Edward and the others

Everyone was knocked out for a few minutes and as they came too, they all noticed something different. “Hay…you all are back to normal” said Riza as she noticed that everyone was normal size. “How can you be sure?” asked Armstrong as he looked at her. “Hay the room looks smaller…Yes! No more being little!” cheered Edward as he noticed that Riza was right.

“But you’re still short” said Roy as he stood up back to his normal height. Edward looked at him angrily. “Dam it! See you all next time!” shouted Envy as he dashed towards the exit. “Get back here!” shouted Riza as she tried to stop him. “Don’t worry, I’ll get him one day” said Edward as he stood up.

“We’re back to normal, but what about the others?” asked Armstrong as he stood up. “Well we need to find them first” answered Edward as he entered the next chamber. The others followed him and found that the chamber was filled with people asleep on the floor. “Mission complete Fullmetal” said Roy as he grinned.

“What are we going to do now?” asked Riza as she looked at Roy. “What you mean?” asked Roy as he didn’t understand what she ment. “The way that everything looks it seems that King Bradley may be with the Homunculus” answered Riza. “Ever heard of the saying, keep your friends close but your enemies’ closer?” said Roy.

“So you’re saying that we should keep a close eye on him then?” asked Riza. Roy smiled as he nodded. Edward and Armstrong rushed over to the other chambers and found even more people sleeping along with broken jars in the centre. “I just noticed something” said Armstrong as he looked down at Edward. “What that?” asked Edward.

“Have you noticed that each of the chambers have remains from those jars that Roy destroyed a while ago” said Armstrong as he pointed the huge broken red jar that was in the centre of the chamber. “These jars must be linked up with all the rest. Must have made a chain reaction when Roy destroyed that jar then all the others must have followed” said Edward.

“What I don’t understand is that how did we grow back to our normal size?” asked Armstrong as he crossed his arms. “Again, might have something to do with a chain reaction on why Roy used his fire alchemy. What ever was inside those jars was probably different then the ones that was used in those bombing attacks” answered Edward.

“So fire was really the reaction that was used to make all this happen. So why the leader of the Homunculus did made jars that could be used be to turn the victims back to normal size?” asked Armstrong. “I’m taking a guess here, but it might have something to do with the souls of these people. They shrink people down in size which will make their souls count as quarter of a soul, and then they kidnap them and turn them back to normal to make the soul the soul act as a whole, then perform a transformation circle to create a Philosopher’s stone” answered Edward.

“So in other words, the bigger the person, the stronger the soul gets reduce the cost of the people needed to make the stone but if they shrink the person, then its increasing the cost of humans needed to make the stone. Right?” asked Armstrong. “That pretty much sums it all up” answered Edward as he smiled up at him. 

“There still many things I don’t understand but as long as all of this mess have to solved then I happy” said Armstrong. “Same here” said Edward as he turned around and saw a solider of the military. “There you guys are. Better get you two out of here, the rest of us will help these people out of here” said the solider. From that, the two of them left the mansion while soldiers went in and helped the people that were in the chambers.


“Colonel Mustang, what I hell was going on here?” asked King Bradley as he saw Roy and Riza walking out of the mansion. Roy answered, “Fuhrer, me and Fullmetal was after the terrorists and found out that they’re kidnapping people and hidden them inside your mansion and was planning to blow it up with everyone inside”

“Then what was that bang awhile ago?” asked King Bradley. “That was me stopping the bombs that were linked up underneath the mansion where the people were locked up in” answered Roy. “Ok then, good job Colonel” said King Bradley as he had his hand out for Roy to shake. Roy shook his hand. “But what happened to the terrorist?” asked King. “I wasn’t able to stop him from escaping” answered Roy.

“That’s all right, you and Fullmetal are heroes” said King as he left go of Roy’s hand. “What are we going to do now?” asked Roy. “Why don’t you take a day off, you look like you need one” said King as he turned around and headed towards his wife and child.

“Should we trust him?” asked Riza. Roy looked at her and answered with a grin on his face, “He did say that me and Fullmetal are heroes, why would he want to kill both of us now when he can doing it later”

“Where are we going on our day off then?” asked Riza. “You coming along?” said Roy. “Of course I am who else is going to keep you from miss behaving when you’re away?” answered Riza. “In that case, why don’t we go back to Resembool?” said Roy. Riza smiled as she nodded.

Edward and Armstrong walks out of the mansion and saw Roy and Riza. “Hay shrimp, need a lift home?” shouted Roy. “Are you calling me a shrimp because that I’m so small that you can’t even see me!” shouted Edward as he rushed towards Roy.                                                

“Calm down Fullmetal, It was only a joke, besides I thought you gotten use to it by now since you were a few inches tall” said Roy. “Yea, yea, if that’s not too much trouble for you” said Edward. “You know, I think I’m going to have time off as well” said Armstrong as he walks up to them.

“All right then, lets head to Resembool” said Roy as he walked up to Havoc’s car. Everyone got in. “Hay that my car!” shouted Havoc as he saw Roy driving it. “Your still in charge till the day after tomorrow!” shouted Riza.

As they were out of sight, King Bradley was standing underneath one of the trees. “Well then Sloth, report” ordered King as he knew he wasn’t alone. King looks at the ground and saw a puddle of water. The puddle was beginning to form into Sloth’s head, she looks up and said, “The plan failed”

“I thought as much. So what’s the next plan then?” said King as he shook his head. “The master is working on one at the moment, she also told me to tell you let them have their victory, they may have won the battle but it is us who will win the war” said Sloth.

“What about Mustang? We can afford the Elric Brothers knowing but what about him? He knows who you lot are and perhaps who I’m truly am as well?” asked King. “I’m leaving him to you, do what ever you want to him. Is what Master told me to tell you if you ask” answered Sloth. “She thought of everything” laugh King as he walked off to join the rest of the guests. Sloth’s face sank back into the puddle.            

Later that night,

Pinako was outside her house smoking her pipe; she noticed a car driving in and saw people getting out of it. “Well I be, I was right” said Pinako as she walks up to them. “It’s nice to look down at someone” said Edward as he stopped in front of her. “It nice to look up at you” said Pinako.

“I hope that you don’t mine that we be staying here for a few nights?” asked Riza. “Of course not, the more the merrier” answered Pinako as she turned around and headed towards her house. Edward, Roy, Riza and Armstrong followed her.

As soon as they entered the house, Winry shouted, “Edward! You’re back to normal!” Winry rushed over to him and hugged him. “I may be back to normal but your still taller then me” said Edward. “That’s so true” said Winry as she let him go. Everyone else began to laugh. 

From that moment on, Edward grew up even if he didn’t notice. Every step that he and his brother take, they would be one step closer getting the Philosopher’s stone that they need to return what the things that they lost. After their day off, Roy, Riza and Armstrong return back to Central keeping watch on the Fuhrer

Edward and Alphonse returned to their journey to find a way to create a Philosopher’s stone without the cost of using human beings, hoping that they will find a way. Winry stayed with Pinako, improving her mechanical skills in case if Edward breaks his automail which she knew that he would that came sooner then she thought.             

As for the Homunculus, they restored Gluttony back to his normal size and now, they’re putting their master’s new plan into action, what will come for the Elric brothers, only time will tell.