Winter Towers


 It hasn’t been long since the gates to Arendelle have been opened up, but already life was bustling for the town. People come and go almost every passing second, whether they be trading goods, buying or selling goods, or just coming to rest and relax. But by far the biggest honor anyone could have was if they got to meet the royal family of Arendelle. Queen Elsa no longer secluded herself inside her castle, now that she learned how to properly control her powers and not be consumed with fear all the time. She's often seen with her younger sister, Anna, and the two walk around making sure everyone is having a good time. As they were walking around on this warm summer day, the two sisters chatted a little bit.

"So, Anna, how is your boyfriend doing?" Elsa asked.

"Huh? Boyfriend!?" Anna shouted.

"You know. Kristoff, our Royal Ice Master and Deliverer?" Elsa said with a smile.

"Oh, right. I guess he's doing fine. I do miss him greatly." Anna said.

"I know, it must be hard. But he is strong. He will return with the ice our castle needs for this summer." Elsa said with a smile.

"Yeah. This summer has been nice, but…" Anna said.

"What is it?" Elsa asked.

"I kinda can't wait to see the winter arrive again, where you work your magic out in the open for the first time!" Anna said.

"Yes, I must admit it'll be an exciting time. I just hope everyone will enjoy it." Elsa said.

"Are you kidding!? Little boys and girls look up to you ever since you've opened up the castle gates! You'll be the talk of the town! Maybe the rest of the world!" Anna said. Elsa just giggled at that thought.


It was at that moment she thought about how it's great things have changed for the better. Still, she thought back to that castle she created. She felt it was one of the crown jewels of her icy powers, right up there with the creation of Olaf. As she continued to wonder how that old castle was doing, she could no longer resist the urge to pay it a visit. After Elsa let out a loud whistle, one of the horses came running up towards her.

"Huh? Elsa?" Anna said, watching as her older sister mounted herself on top of the horse.

"Anna, I feel like going for a ride outside town. Don't worry, I won't be gone long." Elsa said.

"Elsa, no offense, but I'm not going to lose you again. Please tell me where you're going." Anna said with a rather stern look on her face. Elsa felt she brought up a valid point. After all that time being separated from one another, she did deserve to know her destination.

"You're right. I'm just going up to the old ice castle. Like I said, I won't be gone long. I'm just taking one last look at it." Elsa said.

"Okay, I can live with that. Just as long as you're back before dinner!" Anna said with a wink of her right eye.

"I will!" Elsa said as she tugged on her horse, urging it to go rushing out of the castle.

However, it only took a few seconds after Elsa was out of sight for Anna to worry. She was determined not to let her out of her sights ever again, and that's when she made a loud whistle of her own. Another horse came running up towards the young woman.

"Alright, girl, let's follow my sister and make sure she isn't feeling lonely or afraid again." Anna said as she gave her horse a subtle kick and the two went rushing out of the castle.


Several minutes later, Elsa finally made it to the grounds of the ice castle she created. She hopped off her horse and patted it on the head.

"Thank you, my friend. You may return to the village now. I will return on my own two feet." Elsa said. The horse nodded and turned around, sprinting away to head back to Arendelle. Elsa, meanwhile, approached the magnificent icy structure that was her castle. On her way, she looked up at the sky and noticed the aurora borealis up in the sky… even though it was still daylight.

"Wow… what a beautiful Aurora. It shines bright even in daylight." Elsa said to herself. The next thing she noticed was the lack of a stable bridge. Bits and pieces remained of the bridge she created, but it was definitely unsafe for crossing over.

"No bridge? No problem." Elsa said to herself. She conjured up her ice magic once more and formed a brand new bridge that sparkled beautifully in the sunlight. Elsa walked along this bridge, admiring both the castle itself and the luscious scenery that surrounded it.


However, that admiring had to come to a stop as she came off the bridge, for a familiar visitor suddenly jumped down in front of Elsa and roared loudly at the queen. It was Marshmallow, the monster made of ice and snow that Elsa created with her powers to chase off anyone who tried to visit her, including her own sister, Anna, at the time.

"Marshmallow!" Elsa said.
"Go away! Don't come BACK!!!" Marshmallow shouted.

"Marshmallow, it's me… Elsa!" Elsa shouted. Marshmallow quickly wiped the threatening look on his face and leaned in towards Elsa, sniffing her like a dog would sniff around its territory. After recognizing the woman who helped create him, Marshmallow was now smiling. In fact, he wrapped one of his gigantic hands around Elsa and cuddled him against his skin.

"Hahaha! I'm glad to see you too, Marshmallow! What are you doing here?" Elsa asked. Marshmallow then set Elsa back on the ground and let out a series of mini roars. The monster wasn't fully capable of speech (aside from the two lines spoken earlier), and yet Elsa understood what the creature was saying.

"Oh, I see. You have been waiting for my return to the castle?" Elsa said. Marshmallow let out some roars and nodded his head at the same time.

"I'm very honored to hear that… but, you see…" Elsa said. Right away the grim thought occurred to her. She had created Marshmallow for the sole purpose of keeping travelers away from her when she secluded herself to the ice castle. But now that she was living in Arendelle where she belonged, she had no more reason to occupy the castle for longer than the time of a short visit. And therefore… she had no more use for Marshmallow. Granted, he could've continued to live on as a wandering beast of the northern mountains, but Elsa knew Marshmallow was far from looking a friendly figure, unlike Olaf.

"Marshmallow. You've been a loyal and faithful servant to me and I'm thankful for that. But… you see… I feel like your presence will only scare off wandering travelers, especially ones coming from here to Arendelle." Elsa said. Marshmallow had a confused look on his face. Again, he could understand Elsa's words thanks to the bond the two shared between creator and creation.

"I'm afraid I have no more use for you, Marshmallow. I'm sorry." Elsa said.


Suddenly, Marshmallow had a solemn look on its face. The frown was enough to bring anyone into tears.

"But don't worry, Marshmallow. I'm just going to absorb you into my body and make you part of my powers once more. We'll still have the memories we had between each other." Elsa said. Despite the queen's assurances, Marshmallow still looked very sad. In fact, tears made out of melting icicles started to fall down its eyes. Elsa knew nothing could change the fact Marshmallow was going to cease to exist despite all the assuring words she was feeding him. And yet, she did not feel great sorrow seeing the monster cry like he was. She encouraged him to keep up the tears as she started singing a very familiar tune…

"Let it gooooooooo… let it goooooooooo…" Elsa sang. The words had an immediate impact, as Marshmallow was now practically wailing, its sorrow-filled roars echoing to the sky above. Marshmallow then got quiet as he felt Elsa hugging one of his arms.


All of a sudden, Marshmallow smiled. Even with tears in its eyes, he could feel the warmth inside Elsa's heart. It was going to be okay. She was right, he could live on as a spirit inside her powerful mind. As he was thinking that, his body suddenly glowed a bright light. A few seconds later, he was gone.


But something else was disappearing from the sky. It was the aurora borealis. It blinked several times in the sky and seemed to be descending onto the ground as well. At the same time, Elsa suddenly found it hard to breathe.

"What… (cough cough) What is this… powerful… energy!?" Elsa shouted. As she tried hard to fight against it, the queen suddenly blacked out and fell onto the snowy ground.


Far away from the castle, Anna rode along on her horse. She was now able to see the castle out in the distance, feeling she was a few minutes away from arriving. She watched as the aforementioned Aurora was fading in and out.

"Huh? What's up with that Aurora? What's it doing shining in the daylight to begin with?" Anna said. All of a sudden, her horse came to a sudden stop and kicked its front legs up as it neighed loudly. The move came as a surprise to Anna, who lost grip of the leash and fell down onto the snowy ground. As she quickly recovered and sat back up, her horse turned around and fled in the opposite direction.

"Hey! Come back!" Anna shouted. Knowing there was nothing she could do to bring the horse back, she brushed the snow off her dress and proceeded to turn around.

"What in the world was that abo…" Anna said. She had to stop talking when the lower half of the castle was being obscured. By something she never thought she'd see.

"El…Elsa?" Anna said, looking out in awe at her older sister who was now greatly enlarged.


Elsa finally found the strength to open her eyes. She saw there was no longer an aurora borealis. Instead just a few clouds that were obscuring the sunlight from the area.

"Oh? The aurora is gone. Too bad… it probably would've looked beautiful at night." Elsa said to herself. She then sat up, keeping herself to a sitting position.

"Huh? What happened to the castle?" Elsa said to herself. She looked ahead and saw that, even though she was sitting, her eyesight was about 50 feet below the very top of her castle. This definitely wasn't right… the structure should be towering well above her from where she was standing! That's when Elsa finally helped herself up to her feet. She was now eye level with the very top of the castle.

"W-w-what!?" Elsa said, out loud this time. Elsa was gigantic! She was bigger than even her own castle! It turned out she was standing in one of the small valleys that normally would be several feet down the mountain.

"What could've caused this!?" Elsa said. She then took a few deep breaths, namely so that she wouldn't lose control of herself or her ice powers. She thought back to when she was absorbing Marshmallow back into her body, and that's when she put the theoretical puzzle pieces together.

"Wait… that aurora borealis… could it be?" Elsa said as she looked one more time up at the sky to reconfirm the disappearance of the Aurora. Indeed it wasn't there, and she did feel a slight increase in the potency of her ice powers.

"Interesting. It seems the aurora has entered the body to go along with Marshmallow." Elsa said. As she moved one of her arms around, one of her fingers chipped off the very top of one of the towers, sending bits and pieces of ice falling to the ground below. Elsa gasped as she watched the ice fall down.

"Oh my… I need to be very careful." Elsa said.


Just as the now giant ice queen wondered what to do next, she couldn't help but be consumed with fear once again. Although her ice powers were not running away with her this time, she still couldn't help but be worried for the safety not just of any people she were to come across, but for the environment around her. She quickly feared one wrong step would cause an avalanche of catastrophic proportions.

And yet before she could fear anymore, she heard a faint, but familiar, voice calling out her name.

"Elsa! ELSA!!!" the voice shouted. Elsa tracked it down to the ground a few yards in front of her. There was Anna, jumping up and down and waving her arms about. Her purple robe that she used to keep warm came off, but she didn't seem to notice.

"A-Anna!? What are you doing here!?" Elsa shouted

"Never mind me! What happened to you!?" Anna shouted.

"I… I can't hear you. Please, turn away so I don't hurt you!" Elsa shouted. Anna had to cover her ears as Elsa's voice boomed out louder than the trolls dishing out their ceremonial musical interludes whenever she visited them.

"Geez! Not so loud, Elsa! Can't you just pick me up and put me on the balcony or something?" Anna shouted. Elsa just picked up on that line, and knew her younger sister brought up a good point. There was also the fact that Anna was as stubborn as any younger sister could be. She was not going to turn around even if she sent 10 Marshmallows down to coax her into leaving.


Still, Elsa was afraid the simple act of picking her up, especially with hands that were ice cold with her powers, would bring great harm to her sister. But that's when she swiftly moved her eyes back and forth between the aforementioned balcony and the ground where Anna was standing.

"Okay, sis. Stand back!" Elsa said. Anna took several steps back and watched as her giant sister pointed a finger down towards her. Suddenly, a stream of ice, which looked tiny to Elsa but was very big to Anna, formed on the ground and Elsa dragged her finger along, eventually creating a solid ice staircase that led all the way up to one of the balconies of the frozen castle.

"Heh… leave it to Elsa to always come up with a most elegant solution." Anna said with a smile on her face. She quickly jogged her way up the stairs (holding onto the rail so she wouldn't slip), and the higher up the stairs she got, the bigger Elsa seemed to get. She thought she was big before standing several yards away from the giantess, but the closer Anna got, the more she was hypnotized not just by Elsa's massive size, but the sparkling coming from her beautiful dress as it reflected what little sunlight that passed through. She almost came to a stop, but Elsa urged her on.

"Come on, Anna, I don't want to wait here all day." Elsa said.


Finally, Anna made it to the balcony. At the same time, Elsa kneeled down slightly and eventually leaned against the mountain that the frozen castle rested on top of.

"Oh my goodness! Elsa… you're so… so… so…" Anna said.
"Giant?" Elsa whispered.

"Y-y-yes! How did you do that?" Anna said.

"I think it may have something to do with the aurora borealis I absorbed." Elsa said.

"Huh? An aurora at this time of day? Absorbed into your body!?" Anna said.

"Oh, Anna. It's a long story, so I'll try to keep it short. Like I told you back in Arendelle, I just wanted to look at my ice castle one last time before I left it behind for good. That's when I came across Marshmallow. Remember him?" Elsa said.

"Oh yes… how can I forget? The monster who almost made popsicles out of myself, Kristoff, and Olaf because SOMEBODY didn't want me to bring her back to Arendelle at the time." Anna said.

"Okay, okay, sorry about that! Anyway, I realized I had no reason to keep Marshmallow around anymore, especially since he could scare off any wandering travelers coming through this area. So I decided to absorb him and his mind back into my body as part of my ice powers. I guess that's when I somehow caught the aurora, because when I regained consciousness, it was gone… and here I am now, towering over you like it's some fairy tale." Elsa said with a smile at the end.

"Heh, I'll say! Imagine what people would say if they saw you! The giant ice queen… or maybe snow goddess sounds better!" Anna said.

"Anna, this is serious! I can't go back to Arendelle like this! I'm too big! There has to be a way to reverse this." Elsa said.

"Okay, okay! Don't panic, Elsa! We'll figure something out… I hope." Anna said.


As the two ladies tried to figure out how they were going to set things back to normal, Elsa suddenly had to clutch both her head and her chest. Anna immediately was concerned for her giant-sized sister.

“Elsa? Are you okay?” Anna said.

“I… I’m fine. I just need to let loose some of my powers.” Elsa said. She held one of her hands high in the air (and it was very high given her size!) and suddenly several snow flurries came flying out. Very quickly the flurries got stronger and soon it fell from the sky as regular winter snow. Not too long after that… suddenly part of the aurora came flying out from Elsa’s hand as well.

“What… what’s going on?” Anna said to herself, watching as the aurora came flying out and seemed to be heading back into the atmosphere. However, it seemed gravity latched onto the mystical object and was bringing it back down to ground level… specifically towards Anna.

“Ack!” Anna said as she braced herself, feeling the energy of the aurora surrounding her body and enter it as well. Elsa had just finished releasing part of the aurora and also some of her snow powers when she looked down and saw the aurora swirling around Anna’s body. Right away the giantess was worried. The last thing she ever wanted to do was bring any kind of harm to Anna again.

“Anna!?” Elsa said. She reached down and tried to pick up her tiny sister, but the aurora shocked the giantess like she were touching electricity.

“OW!” Elsa said as she pulled her hand back.


The next thing to happen took both ladies by surprise. Anna at first thought Elsa was shrinking.

“Oh, Elsa! You’re shrinking back to normal!” Anna said.

“Um… Anna, it’s not me. Look down!” Elsa said with a stunned look on her face. Anna did just that. She watched as the floor of the balcony she was standing on was fading from view, like she were going up a ski lift.

“Wha… what the? I’m growing too!?” Anna said. And she was growing quickly. On top of that, the aurora seemed to be fading away, like it was taking up more and more real estate inside her body. The balcony was quickly giving away as chunks of ice broke off the balcony, unable to support the rapidly expanding weight of the growing Anna. Finally, there was nothing left to stand on and Anna felt herself falling down.

“Eeeeek!” Anna shouted. Luckily, she didn’t fall far, as she landed on top of Elsa’s hands, being held by the older sister like she was a doll, rather than something smaller than a mouse.

“I got you!” Elsa said. She couldn’t hold onto her for long, for she was getting too big to fit in her hands. She set her sister down in the valley where she was standing. Anna watched as she was half the size of her sister and still rising.


Finally, Anna’s growth spurt came to an end. She was precisely the same size, estimated at somewhere between 200-250 feet tall, as her sister.

“Anna? Are you alright?” Elsa asked.

“I… I think so. Other than the fact I’m as tall as you now.” Anna said.

“I would definitely agree.” Elsa said. Anna took a good look at her surroundings, especially the smaller than ever ice castle.

“Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this has happened!” Anna said.

“Anna… you’re not mad at me, are you?” Elsa said.

“Mad? Are you kidding? I think this is cool! I can feel the power in my body from being this big! I mean… look around… castles and mountain ranges that once towered over us! I can reach up and touch the sky if I wanted!” Anna said.

“Well, if you are happy with being so big, then so shall I.” Elsa said.

“Huh? Are you sure, Elsa? A moment ago you said we needed to quickly find a way to shrink you back to normal.” Anna said.

“True, but now that we’re the same size, I’m no longer afraid I’ll hurt you. Nothing else matters to me right now.” Elsa said with a smile.

“Awww… you’re such a wonderful sister!” Anna said as she gave Elsa a hug.

“Still, we can’t just stand here forever. We should head back to Arendelle and show everyone our new size!” Anna said.

“Well… okay, but we need to be very careful. I would never forgive myself if I accidentally crushed someone." Elsa said. One look at Elsa's eyes told Anna how serious she was about that last statement.

"Okay, Elsa. I understand. We'll both watch our steps on our way back." Anna said. The two giantesses started to walk away from where they were standing, although Elsa came to a sudden stop, kicking up a lot of snow onto the bottom of Anna's long blue dress as she planted her glass slippers into the ground.


"Huh? Why did you stop, Elsa?" Anna asked.

"I almost forgot. I have no more need for the castle." Elsa said.

"Oh? What are you going to do? How will you get rid of it?" Anna asked.

"Easy." Elsa said with a wink from one of her eyes. As she turned around and walked back towards the castle on top of the cliff, she suddenly conjured up her magical powers to bring huge clumps of ice together. Once she was done, she was holding a sledgehammer that she held perfectly with her two hands.
"What is it that Kristoff once said when he sliced apart that one giant block of ice?" Elsa asked.

"Um… tally ho? Or something like that…" Anna said.

"Alright then. Tally ho!!!" Elsa said as she swung her sledgehammer and broke apart a huge chunk of the castle. It quickly crumbled apart and fell down into the valley near her feet.

As Elsa made the icy sledgehammer disintegrate, she walked back towards Anna who had a surprised look on her face.

"Heh… heh heh… heh heh. I'm glad you didn't use THAT on me when you were living here." Anna said.

"Me too. Come on, to Arendelle we return." Elsa said as she patted her fellow giantess on the shoulder and walked away. Anna followed not too far behind.


It was a relatively quiet trip on the way back to Arendelle, the only loud noise being the muffled footsteps coming from both Elsa and Anna with each giant step they took. The other noise was when Anna was stepping through a group of trees, crunching them with her boots.

"Wow… trees are like blades of grass from up here!" Anna said.

"Indeed. I must admit I'm starting to become fascinated with this size." Elsa said. As Anna watched her sister wander further ahead, she suddenly looked down on the ground and saw something that was about to be stepped on.

"Elsa, wait!" Anna shouted, causing Elsa to literally freeze in place as her right foot hovered inches from the ground. Underneath that glass slipper was a man and woman both ducking and fearing for their lives. Anna was quick to scoot over and grab them from underneath. Elsa took a deep breath (that made the couple shiver) and put her foot back on the ground as she looked at the couple in Anna's bare hand.

"My deepest apologies, you two. I was not watching where I was walking. You're not hurt, are you?" Elsa asked. The couple both quickly shook their heads sideways to indicate no. The woman finally spoke up.

"Wait! You're the snow queen of Arendelle, aren't you?" the woman said.

"Yes I am." Elsa said.

"Oh my! I didn't know you were that big!" the woman said.

"Well, actually, this isn't my natural size. It's kind of a long story." Elsa said.

"Well, we can't hear it now. We're in a hurry to get to the other side of the mountain!" the man said.

"Oh, I see! I shall let you go then." Elsa said as she carefully set the couple back down on the snowy ground. The couple quickly ran off, although the woman did wave goodbye up to the giantess ice queen, with Elsa waving right back. She stopped waving as soon as she felt a bump on the back of her shoulder.

"I'm surprised they didn't ask for your autograph." Anna said.

"Well, the gentleman did say he was in a hurry." Elsa said.

"And who was it that said to watch every step we took?" Anna said with a wry smile.

"Awwww, come on, Anna! Cut me some slack… it's going to be tricky walking around being this big. We're probably as big as Arendelle itself." Elsa said.

"Well, only one way to find out if you're right or not! Come on!" Anna said as she got back to walking towards Arendelle, which could now be seen out in the distance. Elsa quickly followed from behind.


The huge size of the two giantesses meant they could be seen in Arendelle even from afar. Almost everyone stopped what they were doing as they watched the two giantesses walk closer and closer. The closer they got to the town, the bigger they seemed to be. Of course, it didn't make matters any better considering the stretch of land (the only way into town unless one were traveling by sea, which was the more popular transportation option) was uphill. Anna was the first to greet the citizens of Arendelle.

"Hello, all you happy little people! Hope you don't mind the really big change my sister and I have gone through! Heehee…" Anna said. She watched as mixed reactions prevailed amongst the people. Some were running and screaming, shouting they were going to crush them like bugs. Others looked confused and dazed, wondering how part of the royal family grew so big, and some didn't even know how to react. Elsa finally caught up with Anna.

"Heh, seems we're getting a mixed reception." Anna said.

"I expected as much." Elsa said.

"You ARE going to say something to them, aren't you? I've read stories where a giantess's voice is enough to either calm everyone down or send them into a frenzy." Anna said.

"Of course I will, but what stories are you talking about? I don't recall reading such stories when I was little." Elsa said as she took a couple small and careful steps in front of Anna.
"Ummm… define little!" Anna jokingly asked.


Elsa, meanwhile, cleared her throat and only had to think for a couple seconds what she wanted to say.

"Citizens of Arendelle, do not be alarmed. I do not know how it has happened exactly, but as you can see, myself and my sister have been enlarged to the size you see us at. We can wholeheartedly assure you that we mean you no harm. In fact, we're not going to be staying for one second longer. My sister and I will travel as far away as we can in order to find a cure for our condition. Thank you all very much!" Elsa said.


Just like that, there was now a thunderous applause coming from the townspeople of Arendelle, and it was unanimous as well! Of course, there was, as always, a wise-cracking comment from Olaf, the friendly snowman that Elsa created.

"Wow! You ladies have really hit the big time!" Olaf said, even though his words didn't reach the giantesses. With a quick smile back, Elsa was glad to hear the reception she was getting and didn’t want to waste another moment too soon.

"Come on, Anna. Let's head for one of the river banks." Elsa said.

"Roger, captain!" Anna jokingly said. The two giantesses stepped away from tiny Arendelle and made their way to the west.

Eventually, Elsa stopped her westward walk and approached the river when she saw much of the land, even at her size, bending down into the river, with almost microscopic waves that would've been much more visible at normal size crashing onshore.

"Here is where we begin our travels." Elsa said.

"Ah, you mean like Gulliver's Travels?" Anna said.

"Now THAT tale I remember. A couple times I dreamed I was Gulliver in that story." Elsa said.

"Did you really!? Ha! I guess it's fate then that made us grow this big, like Gulliver did when he went to that one land!" Anna said.

"Heh, whatever you say! Actually, Anna…" Elsa said.

"Yes, Elsa?" Anna asked.

"A thought just occurred to me. Wouldn't it be nice to see what Kristoff thinks of you at your new size?" Elsa asked with a smile.

"W-w-w-what!? Oh, that would be so embarrassing…" Anna said with a blush on her face.

"What are you babbling about? I'd love to see Kristoff's reaction when he sees his girlfriend big enough to carry a hundred giant ice blocks!" Elsa said.

"Ooooooh… okay. We're probably not going to grow again in our lifetimes. I guess it'd be fun to see how he reacts." Anna said.

"Excellent! We'll scan the mountains as we walk along the river. Just stay behind me and you'll be fine." Elsa said. The giantess then walked onto the water, her mere steps freezing the water solid behind her.

"I still think that's very cool. No pun inten… whoa! Yikes! Eeeeeeep!" Anna said. She started to step onto the icy path on the river that Elsa was leaving behind, but even at 200 feet tall, she was finding it hard to gain traction with her boots. Anna tried in vain, twisting and turning herself in every possible way trying to stay upright, but eventually she lost her balance and landed rear first into the water, causing huge waves that capsized a couple of small boats (if they didn't get crushed underneath Anna's body already).


The splash naturally caught the attention of Elsa, who turned around and saw Anna sitting in the normally deep water.

"Anna!? Are you alright?" Elsa said.

"Yeah, no problem… the water broke my fall, thank goodness." Anna said.

"Not to mention your incredible size. Let me see your boots." Elsa said.

"Okay…" Anna said as she lifted up one of her legs and showed the bottom of her boots to her sister.

"Hmmm, just as I thought. You're not wearing your ice boots. Didn't I tell you to always wear those anytime you're near ice?" Elsa said as she folded her arms.

"I know, I know, I'm sorry! They're just so… uncomfortable!" Anna shouted.

"Well, I can fix this." Elsa said. With a wave of her finger, Elsa created a series of icy spikes on the bottom of Anna's boots.

"Alright, try to walk on my ice now." Elsa said. Using the mountainside to help herself back up, Anna stepped out of the water and onto the ice. This time, her boots stuck firmly to the ice like she were walking on grass.

"Heh, that's much better. Thanks, sis!" Anna said.

"Anything for my favorite relative. Now come on, we better look out for Kristoff while there's still daylight." Elsa said.

"Right!" Anna said. Elsa got back to walking forward along the river, with Anna walking not too far behind.


Meanwhile, Kristoff was clinging to the side of the ice mountain, chipping away at the ice and watching as it fell on or near the large ship below. One of the boulders of ice hit the top of the ship and left a rather significant dent there. One of the crewmen came out and shouted up at Kristoff.

"Hey, Kristoff! Watch where you're dropping that ice! This ship is kinda expensive, you know!" the man said.

"Sorry! I blame gravity on that last one!" Kristoff shouted. He continued to chip away at the ice on the mountain, determined to gather enough that will make Elsa happy throughout the rest of the summer.


However, he had to come to a stop when he not only heard booming noises, but also the mountainside shook ever so slightly as well. The booming got louder and louder with each step.

"Whoa… what's going on? An earthquake?" Kristoff said. Two of the men who were on top of the mountain to support Kristoff were the first to see what was going on as they looked outward.

"Oh my gosh! Look!" one of the men shouted. He and the other men, including the ones on the ship sailing the river, looked out and saw the two giantesses turning the corner and approaching them. The men on the ship got spooked when they saw the river freezing beneath Elsa's feet, with Anna walking close behind.

"Whoa, man! Let's get out of here!" one of the shipmates said as he and the others scrambled inside and worked to turn the boat around. That was no easy task given the immense weight of the boat, which was compounded by all the ice that Kristoff had chipped off earlier. Elsa saw the boat desperately trying to turn and decided to literally lend a helping hand. She gently reached down and grabbed both sides of the boat with her hand, slowly turning it until it was facing the other direction. While she did her best to contain her powers during this task, a little bit of frost did get on the sides of the boat where she was holding it.

"There! You may safely depart now." Elsa said with a smile. Indeed, the boat turned around and sailed away to another part of the mountain, merely just to keep from getting crushed in any way by the giantesses. Kristoff, though, was wondering why the boat was leaving.

"Hey, come back! We still have work to do!" Kristoff said.

"Teehee, don't be silly, Kristoff. Any ship would turn around and flee to safety if they saw either of us coming." Elsa said. With that said, Elsa walked to Kristoff's right hand side while Anna stayed on the left. Most important, she smiled as she leaned in and got a closer look at her miniature boyfriend.

"Hey there, big strong handsome ice delivery man and my boyfriend." Anna said.

"Er… hi, Anna." Kristoff said as he gazed upon the gigantic beauty that laid before him. Kristoff heard a familiar laugh come from the top of the ice cliff. It was from his faithful reindeer, Sven.

"Oh, be quiet, Sven! I know what you're thinking! Whoa!" Kristoff said.


As he was focused on talking to his reindeer (the two men who were keeping an eye on Kristoff to make sure he didn't fall had chickened out and run away as well), Kristoff didn't see Anna reaching in and wrapped her fingers around him. He felt the pressure around him as he was gently plucked from his climbing equipment on the cliff. Before he knew it, he was looking right into Anna's ginormous glittering blue eyes. The beauty of those eyes, along with the rest of her huge face, almost paralyzed him in fascination.

"A…A…Anna… you… you… l-l-l-l-look…" Kristoff said.

"Heeheehee! You see this, Elsa? I think I've got him scared!" Anna said.

"He's probably just starstruck and wondering how we grew so big." Elsa said.

"Exactly!" Kristoff shouted.

"Teehee… that's our little secret, Kristoff. Or maybe should I call it our big secret!" Anna said.

"In more ways than one!" Elsa added.

"OH! I know what I want to do with you!" Anna said as she looked at her tiny captive and then moved him towards one of the pigtails in her strawberry blonde hair.

"Go ahead! Grab it!" Anna said. Kristoff did just that, grabbing the first enlarged strand of Anna's hair that he could. That's when Anna let go of the man.

"Whoa, whoa, whoaaaaaa!!!" Kristoff shouted as he fought and eventually was able to get a firm grip on Anna's hair to keep from falling down.

"Anna, be careful with Kristoff!" Elsa shouted.

"Don't worry, Elsa! We're both here to catch him if he falls, which I don't believe he will. You are the climbing expert, right?" Anna said as she looked down at Kristoff.

"Ummmm… yeah, you could say that." Kristoff said, wanting to argue that he preferred to have his climbing surfaces with ice and snow, but thought better of saying it, not wanting to argue or make the two giantesses mad.

"Okay, Kristoff! See if you can climb up to my shoulder!" Anna shouted.

"(sigh) Whatever you say, goddess." Kristoff said, prompting a giggle from both giantesses.


Anna and Elsa both watched as Kristoff made his way up Anna's hair. He wasn't having too much trouble… in fact, he was probably about 10-15 tugs on the 'rope' away from reaching the top, which was Anna's shoulder. So Anna felt the need to up the challenge a little bit. She started swaying her body back and forth, causing her hair to swing in the same rhythm. It wasn't much of a swing, but it was enough to cause Kristoff to stop his climb temporarily so he could keep a firm grip on the hair.

"Come on, Anna! Stop that!” Kristoff shouted.

“Teehee! No way! I’m not going to make it easy on you! In fact, doesn’t a good climber know how to deal with harsh weather as well?” Anna said as she winked her eye a couple times over to Elsa. At first, the giantess didn’t understand what Anna was getting at.

“Harsh weather? But it’s sunny and quite warm…” Elsa said.

“Ahem… like I said, doesn’t a good climber know how to deal with harsh weather as well, like a snowstorm or something?” Anna said.

“Oooooooh… I see.” Elsa said, finally understand what the winking was for. Using her all too familiar magic, Elsa held a hand far above where Kristoff was on Anna’s hair. Suddenly, like her hand was a cloud far in the sky, hundreds of snow flurries came falling down towards the tiny climber. Although Anna stopped swinging her hair, now Kristoff had to deal with the snow striking every part of his body, namely his face.

“Arrrrgh… gotta do this… gotta finish this climb!” Kristoff said to himself, gritting his teeth as he was determined to make it on top of his giant girlfriend’s shoulder no matter what the conditions or circumstances.


And he was able to do just that. As Elsa took her snow-making hand out of the way, Kristoff thrust his arms in the air.

“Yes! I am the king of Mt. Anna!” Kristoff shouted. Both giantesses clapped their hands and applauded for their tiny captive. At their sizes, their claps sounded like bolts of lightning flashing in the air during a thunderstorm.

“Bravo! Bravo!” Elsa said.

“Well done, Kristoff. I knew you’d be able to make it, but you’re not done with your journey yet.” Anna said.

“Wait, what?” Kristoff said.

“Now you must climb the toughest mountain of them all. Mount Elsa!” Anna said.

“Huh? Me?” Elsa said.

“Teehee, yes you! I’d love to see Kristoff try and climb up your hair!” Anna said.

"Well, okay, whatever you say." Elsa said.


Anna reached up and cupped the tiny Kristoff into her right hand, but before she could hand off the tiny man to her sister's open hands, Elsa suddenly felt something strike her backside.

"Ow!" Elsa said. She turned around to see what it was that hit her.

"Elsa, what is it!?" Anna said as she quickly clutched Kristoff with both her hands and cradled him against her chest. Both giantesses looked to see a couple ships approaching where they were standing on the frozen river.

"Those ships must've shot me in the back. I'm okay though." Elsa said.

"Oh my! Some land must've sent their Royal Navy to capture us and perform scientific tests on us to find out how we grew!" Anna said.

"Oh, Anna. You and your wild and crazy imaginations. Never fear, I will get some answers from these attackers." Elsa said. Her size AND her powers of ice made sure these ships would be no trouble at all. First, she froze the river around the two ships, trapping them in a circle of ice pillars too thick for them to sail through. Then she froze the cannons themselves, ensuring they wouldn't be able to fire any strong ammunition. With that taken care of, Elsa walked towards the ship, seeing some of the people jumping off thinking she was going to grab them off the decks. Instead, she picked up one of the ships whole, holding it firmly in her bare hands.

"Where is the captain of your vessel?" Elsa said in a firm tone that demanded someone give an answer. One man meekly walked forward and waved his hand.

"Please… please don't hurt us! I was just following orders!" the man shouted.

"I will not hurt you or your crew if you just tell me who sent you to attack us." Elsa said.

"And… and if we can't tell you?" the man said.

"Then I'm afraid I won't be able to guarantee the safety of your people or your ship." Elsa said. As soon as she said that, the giantess's hands glowed a bright blue. Instantly, the ship began to freeze into solid ice from the bottom up. The captain knew he and his crew were dead if that frost reached up to the deck.

"Okay, okay, okay! It was The Duke of Weselton! He heard about you and the other girl growing big and demanded that we stop you immediately!" the man shouted.

"Just as I thought. Thank you for your cooperation." Elsa said with a smile from her lips. Almost instantly, the ice was removed from the ships (except from the cannons), and also the barrier was removed that had trapped the other ship melted. After Elsa put the ship she was holding back into the water, both ships sailed off into the distance, presumably back to where they came from.


"You're certainly very persuasive, Elsa. Remind me not to hide anything from you…" Anna said.

"Heh, I had always wanted to do something like that, to be honest with you. I mean… freeze someone or something until they were ready to talk." Elsa said.

"Still, did I hear that man right? That it was the Duke of Weselton who sent those ships?" Anna said.

"I'm afraid so. I guess he or someone else in that town finally wants revenge against me for blocking open trade with them." Elsa said.

"What are we going to do?" Anna said.

"They attacked me… and in the back no less. I think it's time we show Weselton that we mean business." Elsa said.

"Elsa!? You don't mean…!?" Anna said.

"Oh, don't worry. We won't cause too much trouble, just enough to get their attention." Elsa said.

"Ahhhh… I see what you mean." Anna said.

"So come on! Let's get going!" Elsa said.

"Wait, Elsa! What are we going to do with Kristoff?" Anna asked.

"Why not put me on top of the mountain with Sven?" Kristoff said.

"Oh no you don't! You're tagging along so you can watch us have some giantess fun! In fact, speaking of Sven…" Anna said. She reached up and gently grabbed Sven, holding the reindeer in her other hand. She brought the two hands close together, and Sven found this opportunity to lick Kristoff's face off like always.

"Ack! Okay, Sven! Down boy!" Kristoff said.

"But where are you going to keep them, Anna?" Elsa asked.

"Ummmm… they can ride along in my hair. That's okay, right?" Anna said.

"Actually, I have a better idea. Hold still…" Elsa said.


That's when she waved her hands together and then thrust them towards Anna. Ice suddenly formed around Anna's neck and gradually made its way around and towards the front of her chest. After a few seconds of careful hand moving from Elsa, Anna suddenly found herself wearing a beautiful necklace made entirely out of ice crystals.

"Wow… it's so beautiful…" Anna said.

"Go ahead, pop open the front." Elsa said. Anna did just that, opening up the bottom of the necklace to reveal an open slot where a photo might normally appear. Anna immediately got the picture.

"Oh! I can safely keep Kristoff and Sven in here!" Anna said.

"Ummm… are you sure this is a good idea? Won't the two of us lack any oxygen to breathe?" Kristoff asked.

"Kristoff, Kristoff, when have I ever caused harmful and dangerous conditions for living souls such as yourself?" Elsa said with a smile.

"Well… there was that endless winter you almost inadvertently caused…" Kristoff said, only to be shaken around somewhat as Anna shook her hands.

"Now now, Kristoff, let's not be hostile and bring back bad memories." Anna said.

"Even then, I promise you I left miniscule holes in the crystals to allow air to pass through. And it's not even my coldest piece of work." Elsa said.

"Alright… I trust both you ladies, not that I have much choice." Kristoff said. With a giggle from the giant Anna, she moved her hand as close as she could to the locket. Kristoff and Sven both jumped inside and watched as Anna shut the door, locking them inside and leaving them to watch all the action through the icy walls.

"Well, that takes care of that. Shall we proceed to Weselton?" Elsa asked.

"Lead the way, sis!" Anna said. Elsa nodded and then resumed her walk up the river, freezing the water beneath her feet so Anna could safely follow from behind.


Life was pretty normal for the town of Weselton, at least for the normal everyday citizens. It was the Duke of Weselton that was standing on the docks in complete nervousness, wondering if he did the right thing in sending those ships to attack the two giantesses and if they were successful. He wouldn't have to wait long as the two ships came sailing up to the docks and stopped. The Duke greeted the crew as they hopped off the ship rather quickly.

"Well, did you subdue the giant threats to our society?" The Duke said.

"I'm afraid not, sir! She threatened to freeze us solid if we didn't tell you it was you who sent the ships!" one of the shipmates said.

"What!? You fools! You're going to lead them right back to our town! They'll destroy us all!" The Duke shouted. One of his right hand assistants (among two who were always with him) was the next to speak out.

"If I may, sir, that would not be consistent with the queen's personality. Even if she does come here…" the man started to say until he was cut off by The Duke.

"When I want your opinion, I will ask for it! It is obvious they will attack our peaceful town upon arrival! The queen holds a grudge against us, why else would she block trade with us!?" The Duke said.

"Look! Here she comes!" one of the shipmates shouted before he and the others took off running. Their running and screaming, along with the faint booming sounds that grew louder and louder, attracted the attention of many of the citizens of Weselton. The murmurs grew louder as everyone watched the two giantesses approaching from the ocean. Much like in Arendelle, the reaction was mixed. Some were fearing for their lives, while others recognized the gigantic ice queen and knew from her gentle nature she wouldn't dare hurt anyone.


Still, only the two giantesses knew what they were going to do next, and the two were now standing just inches away from the docks on the outside of the town.

"Hello, people of Weselton! Do you want to build a snowman?" Anna said, singing out the question. Elsa couldn't help but raise an eyebrow over at her sister.

"We're gonna build a snowman?" Elsa asked.

"No no no… I just couldn't resist!" Anna said.

"Ah, okay. Your favorite question to ask when we were little." Elsa said.

"Again, could you define little?" Anna asked. Elsa couldn't help but laugh. Afterwards, Elsa took her first steps into town, swinging her huge ice slippers over The Duke and his assistants, all of whom ducked thinking they were going to get crushed. The gentlemen had to duck again when they saw Anna's huge boots hovering overhead. Although they survived, they watched as the town fell into full scale panic now that the giantesses were on the grounds of their beloved town.


Elsa, no longer freezing the ground beneath her feet now that she was on solid ground, stepped very slowly around the town. Weselton was not a very big town aside from the castle, and even then, she looked twice as big as the mighty structure. Every other house and structure she could crush flat with one or two steps if she wasn't careful… despite the smile on her face to suggest otherwise. Anna, in the meantime, was admiring the view from above thanks to her new size.

"Wow… I can't believe how small everything looks! What do you think, Elsa?" Anna said.

"I agree. This is quite remarkable." Elsa said.


Then remembering what she said about wanting to have just a little bit of fun, she pointed her finger down on a wide open section of the town. The ice came flying out and instantly the ground froze into solid ice. Immediately, people were slipping and sliding trying to stay on their feet, but more than half of them crashed to the ground. Elsa and Anna both couldn't help but giggle.

"Teehee… it's funny watching them all slip and slide from up here!" Anna said. Elsa watched as a young man slid all the way to her icy slippers, crashing into them.

"Oh… you crashed into my slippers, young man. For that, I will have to punish you." Elsa said. That's when she raised one of her slippers up in the air and then slowly brought it back down towards the young man.

"No! Nooooooo!" the man screamed as he held an arm up and closed his eyes, thinking he was going to be crushed to death.

But Elsa, even from her heightened perspective, could feel when the man was touching up against her ice cold footwear. That's when she lifted the foot back up and away from the man.

"Hahaha! Did you really think I was going to crush you? I was just kidding, young man." Elsa said. The man slowly crawled back to his feet, unable to believe he was still alive after all that.

"Go ahead, run along!" Elsa said as the man went back to the frozen ground (although parts of it were slowly melting away)

"Oh! Oh! Can I pretend I'm going to stomp someone, Elsa? Can I, pretty please?" Anna asked.

"Okay… just be very careful." Elsa said. With that in mind, she created a series of ramps and slides down towards the closest person skating around. Another young man hit these ramps and bounced around and over them uncontrollably, finally crashing into the front of Anna's boots.

"Oooooh… you naughty little man! Let's see how you like being trapped underneath my mighty boots." Anna said. Like with Elsa, Anna raised up one of her feet and slowly brought it down on the man. He scrambled to try and get away, but couldn't get any traction on the icy ground, and watched helplessly as the brown bottom of the giantess's boot (along with the icy spikes that helped her walk on ice) slowly approached. Elsa got down on her hands and knees, her ponytail sitting on the ground and many tiny people tripping over it, and watched as Anna lowered her boot on top of the man. When Elsa saw the man was pinned underneath the boot, she let her sister know just that.

"Stop, Anna! He's trapped now." Elsa said.

"Okay, good! I'll let him go now." Anna said as she lifted her foot back up. Elsa gently nudged the man with her own glass slipper, sending him sliding back to the majority of the icy surface.


"Wow! That was fun! It almost makes me wish I could crush him for real!" Anna said.

"Oh, maybe one day there will be some heartless and evil man that deserves to be crushed underneath our feet." Elsa said.

"Uh oh, speaking of heartless and evil men…" Anna said. She pointed down at Elsa's glass slippers, where The Duke of Weselton was pounding away at the slippers with his arms and hands.

"Queen Elsa of the royal family of Arendelle! I demand you cease and desist these childish acts of violence immediately!" The Duke said. Anna noticed how determined he was to talk to Elsa, he didn't even pay attention to herself. That gave her the perfect opportunity to bend her knees and pick up the man, holding the back of his coat between her fingers.

"How dare you talk to my sister like that?" Anna said, pretending to be serious as she had a mean look that The Duke interpreted as 'I'm going to eat you alive after I lick my lips.'

"Eeeeps! Now now, young lady, perhaps we can discuss this peacefully and without further incident?" The Duke said.

"Relax, Duke. Anna and I have had our fun for today; we never had any intention of causing harm or property damage upon Weselton. We will be leaving soon after we've done one last thing." Elsa said.

"And what would that be? (gulp)" The Duke said.

"Anna, please hand him to me." Elsa said. Anna did just that, dropping The Duke onto Elsa's hand after she opened it up. Elsa moved the hand up towards her face, and she could easily see The Duke shivering with fear. My face probably looks as big as the biggest ice mountain he's ever seen, she thought to herself.

"And, despite the trade ban between our two lands, just to show there are still no hard feelings between us…" Elsa said. That's when she leaned forward and planted her huge lips all over his body! The kiss seemed to have a positive effect on The Duke, as he suddenly had a smile on his face.

"My… my word, your majesty! That was a icy cold kiss! Brrrrrrrr!!!" The Duke said as he wrapped his arms around himself as best as he could.

"Teehee, sorry about that. A lot of men have told me that." Elsa said.

"It's true! You should've seen the last man that tried to kiss him." Anna said with a smile.

Then, Elsa put The Duke back down on the ground. At the same time, the ice on the ground evaporated away, returning that part of the town back to normal. She and Anna then went back towards the docks and stepped back into the partially frozen river.

"Farewell, Weselton. I promise we will meet again under normal circumstances!" Elsa said. The two giantesses both waved at a somewhat confused but relieved crowd, mainly because they didn't cause any damage or kill anyone whatsoever. After waving, they walked away into the distance.


As the two giantesses walked down the frozen path on the river, Anna wondered both where they were going next and why she felt the visit to Weselton was cut short.

"Awwww… it's too bad we had to leave. I was having so much fun towering over little Weselton. Where are we going anyway, Elsa?" Anna asked.

"We're returning to Arendelle. There's another reason I wanted to leave so suddenly, but I didn't want to tell them." Elsa said.

"Huh? What's that?" Anna asked. That's when Elsa suddenly came to a stop with her walk.

"Oooooh… I think the power of the aurora is wearing out." Elsa said as she clutched her chest and stomach. A few seconds later, Anna saw an important change happening.

"Elsa… you're… you're shrinking!" Anna said. Elsa was indeed losing her enlarged size and was getting smaller right before her sister's eyes.


Elsa was soon back to her normal size. She looked around and saw how wide the icy path she created suddenly looked, and then she saw, after a quick gasp of astonishment, her sister Anna towering high above her.

"Oh my! Is this how I looked to everyone else?" Elsa said to herself.

"Elsa? Are you alright?" Anna asked.

"I… I'm fine, Anna! Just back to my normal size, as you can see!" Elsa shouted, raising her voice so her still gigantic sister could hear her.

"Teeheeheehee…" Anna suddenly giggled.

"Huh? What's so funny!?" Elsa shouted.

"Oh, nothing. It's just that I guess I'm the big sister now!" Anna said. She then reached down and gently wrapped a couple fingers around the now tiny Elsa. She lifted her up to her face.

"Heh, I'm sure you're getting a real thrill out of this." Elsa said, smiling knowing that Anna wasn't going to hurt her.

"You're right! Wow… I can't believe I'm holding my sister, not to mention the great ice queen of Arendelle, in my hand! I feel so powerful! I wish I could stay this big forever!" Anna said.

"Well, that's a lovely thought, Anna, but…" Elsa said.

"Ooooooh… wait. What's happening?" Anna said.

"…the power I passed to you is wearing out in you now." Elsa said. She was right, Anna thought. She looked down as not just Elsa was slowly growing in her hand, but the icy ground was coming up quickly on her. What was lost on the two girls, however, was the icy necklace was changing size along with Anna, and the occupants of the necklace, Kristoff and his reindeer, Sven, could feel it within them.

"Uh… Sven? What's happening to us?" Kristoff asked. After setting Elsa down on the ground, Anna watched as she continued to shrink smaller and smaller.


Finally, Anna was back to her normal size, just like Elsa.

"Darn!" Anna said.

"Heh, too bad. Hope you had fun being bigger than me." Elsa said.

"I had lots of fun being bigger than anyone! I really wish we can do this again." Anna said.

"Well, if you had fun, then so did I. Maybe I'll see if an aurora like that turns up again." Elsa said. As Anna reached up and patted herself on the chest, she felt herself touching the necklace that Elsa had made for her.

"(gasp) Um… Elsa… my necklace." Anna said.

"Oh? It shrunk with you? I guess it was considered some sort of clothing and therefore it shrunk along with the rest of you." Elsa said.

"Yeah, but remember what we put inside the necklace?" Anna said.

"Kristoff!!" both ladies suddenly shouted. Anna took the icy necklace off herself and handed it to Elsa, who promptly opened up the bottom and fully revealed a shrunken Kristoff and Sven, though they didn't fully realize it yet.

"Kristoff, are you alright?" Elsa asked.

"I guess so. What happened? I saw you shrink a moment ago and then you grew back. Is the magic wearing off or something?" Kristoff said.

"Ummmm… Kristoff, remember the story of Tom Thumb?" Anna said.

"Of course I do… wait. Are you saying…?" Kristoff said.

"Yep, you're the new Tom Thumb." Anna said.

"We're back to our normal sizes… and you shrunk along with Anna and the necklace I made for her." Elsa said.

"Oh no!!!" Kristoff shouted as he hugged Sven tightly.


"(gulp) Soooooo… how are we going to fix this, Elsa?" Anna said.

"D-d-d-don't worry, Anna. Maybe I'll think of something. For now, let's get back to Arendelle. You can hold onto Kristoff in the meantime." Elsa said as she handed the shrunken man back to her sister.

"Huh? You mean we're supposed to walk all the way back to Arendelle at this size?" Anna said, realizing how long a walk it looked on the frozen path compared to when she and her sister were over 200 feet tall.

"Why not? It's a beautiful sunset!" Elsa said with a wink in her eyes as she got to running along the massive path like a little girl would around an icy playground.

"Hey! Wait for me! You got a head start!" Anna shouted, cupping her hands together to protect Kristoff and Sven as she got to chasing after Elsa.


Finally, after an hour of walking along the frozen path in the river (with Elsa eradicating it as she and Anna ran along, returning the river back to normal), the two ladies made it back to Arendelle, where they were welcomed back with open arms.


As for Kristoff, due to being too small to do any meaningful work with ice (at least out in the mountains), he was declared by Elsa to be the official play toy, or living doll, of her sister, Anna, until a way to return him to normal was found.


It was a title that made Anna smile with glee, and Kristoff gulp with deep nervousness like he were trapped in the coldest igloo imaginable. But as gentle as Anna promised to be, he eventually got over it! ^_____^