Star, You Shrunk the Teens!

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by TheGeek1)

Like in an old Western movie, Star Butterfly and Marco stared point blank at each other for seemingly forever. But finally, Star reacted first.
"BISCUIT AND GRAVY SMASH!!!!!!" Star shouted as she pointed her wand towards Marco and out came, true to her word, a flurry of biscuits with most of them covered in gravy. Anybody else, even from the other dimensions Star and Marco have hopped in and out of, would likely run for the hills screaming. But not Marco. He stood in place and then…
"Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Marco shouted as he karate chopped the biscuits that came flying at him. Despite drips of gravy hitting either his skin or his clothes, not one biscuit smacked right into his face. Much of the bedroom was littered with biscuit crumbs and drops of gravy.
"Nice job. You're getting better!" Star said.
"Thanks! But not really, it's all those years of kung fu I took. But what about the mess we've left behind?" Marco asked.
"What, this? No sweat!" Star said as she waved her wand around and a wave of energy pulsed around the room, making all the biscuits and drops of gravy disappear.
"Wow… you know, you could easily put vacuum cleaning companies out of business." Marco said.
"Vacuum?" Star asked.
"You know… those things you push around to suck up dirt from the floor?" Marco said.
"Ooooooooooooh… that sounds totally primitive." Star said. Marco just rolled his eyes.
"Like I didn't see that coming." Marco said, but the two quickly traded friendly smiles.

Just then, there was a knock on the door behind him. Marco turned around and opened up the door, where he saw his mother, Angie Diaz, on the other side.
"Marco, your friends are here. Jackie and Janna, I think their names were." Angie said.
"Oh, great! Thanks, Mom! We'll be right down." Marco said. Angie nodded and then walked away from the door. Marco looked back at Star.
"So, ready to talk girl talk with those two again?" Marco said.
"Actually, you go on ahead. I need to practice some new spells with my wand." Star said.
"Oh? Star Butterfly doing homework… on a weekend no less?" Marco said.
"Haha, yeah! But my parents would completely flip out if I didn't learn at least one new spell a week." Star said.
"But… your parents are not here." Marco said.
"I know, I know, but hey, you never know when these new spells will come in handy against Ludo and his goons! Don't worry, I promise I won't be long!" Star said.
"Well, alright then. Just don't destroy my bedroom again." Marco said as he finally walked outside and closed the door.

Seconds later, he made it downstairs where he saw Angie opening up the front door for him. Indeed, on the other side, were Jackie Lynn Thomas and Janna Ordonia, two of Marco's friends and classmates at Echo Creek Academy.
"Jackie! Janna! What's up?" Marco said.
"Yo, Marco." Janna said.
"Hey there, Marco! Ready for another awesome weekend at the skate park?" Jackie asked.
"Skate park? You told me we were going to go spray painting in the… um… well… the abandoned alley." Janna said.
"Ladies, please, you know there's always enough time in the weekend for both." Marco said.
"Well, have fun, whatever you three do. Don't mind me, I need to clean up the living room before it becomes the dust capital of the world!" Angie said as she walked away looking for her dust brush. As the two young ladies walked inside, they saw somebody important was missing.
"Hey, where's Star?" Jackie asked.
"She's still upstairs. She said she had to practice on her magic." Marco said.
"Oooooooh… let me guess. A spell that makes ghosts appear and tell jokes? I saw that in a cartoon once." Janna said.
"Er… yeah… something like that. Let's just camp here on the couch until she comes down." Marco said.
"Cool, Marco." Jackie said as the three walked over to the nearby couch and sat down. They talked about random things to help pass the time until Star came down.

Speaking of Star, she took a deep breath and looked at herself in the mirror and then over at a hat that was sitting on the desk next to it.
"Alright, Star. You got this." Star said as she closed her eyes and held her wand upright. She thought very carefully about the spell she was about to cast, which was your classic shrinking beam.
"MICRONIZATION!!!" Star shouted as she fired a beam of energy at the hat. However, the beam suddenly curved to the left and bounced off the mirror, heading right back for Star.
"Yipe!" Star shouted as she ducked out of the way just in the nick of time. The beam sailed over Star's head and bounced off the wall. Then it hit the ceiling, then the floor, then the wall again. Star panicked watching the beam go flying all over the place until finally it got deflected outside the window. Star ran towards the open window and tried to find the beam, but it was nowhere in sight. She thought maybe it flew out into the distance.
"I hope it doesn't hit anything important… like an airplane. Oh well, onto the next spell." Star said as she walked away from the window.

What Star had no clue of was that the beam had reflected off one more thing… an oak tree in a neighbor's yard. And now the beam was heading for another open window on the lower floor of the Diaz household…

Marco and the two girls, Jackie and Janna, continued to converse with each other in the living room while waiting for Star to come down.
"And that's when I said Alex Mack wears a hat! Hahaha!" Janna said.
"Heh heh heh… yeah, I don't get it." Marco said.
"Yeah, that doesn't even rhyme." Jackie said.
"Pffft… you two are no fun. Even Principal Skeeves laughed at that joke! Before he threw me in detention anyway." Janna said. Now THAT, on the other hand, made Marco and Jackie burst into laughter, which of course didn't please Janna.
Marco then felt the need to turn around and look out the open window. He then gasped as he saw a thin beam of light come in at high speed and strike the couch. The light covered the couch and everyone sitting on it (Marco, Jackie, and Janna).

The three kids had to temporarily shield their eyes as the light they were surrounded in was very bright. When it finally died down, the three opened their eyes and saw things look wildly different.
"Huh? Where are we?" Jackie asked.
"I… don't know. Maybe we got whisked into another dimension." Marco said.
"In short, Star messed up again." Janna said.
"Well, no… Star's not here." Marco said.
"Wherever we are, it sure is a loooooong way up." Jackie said as she looked straight up at the ceiling. Finally, Marco hopped off the couch and walked around the ground, which he gradually recognized when he found a noteworthy spot.
"Hey, wait a minute… this crack has been on the floor for years, but it's not this huge." Marco said. Jackie and Janna got up from the couch as well and wandered around as well. Janna paid attention to the TV in the distance.
"Maybe we're in TV World or something? You know they always have freakishly huge TVs." Janna said. Marco gulped when he stared longingly at the TV.
"Janna. That's the same TV this house has." Marco said.
"Wait… Marco. Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jackie said. The three looked at each other and then looked around the area. Suddenly they recognized more and more things.

And that's when it hit them.
"WE'VE SHRUNK!!!" all three shouted. Janna then laughed nervously.
"Hahaha… okay, Marco, very funny. I suppose this is payback for all the times I've picked on you!?" Janna said.
"N-n-n-n-no! I had no idea this would happen, honest! Oh man… if I'm doing my math right, by comparing our sizes to the crack in this floor… to the size of the… gulp…" Marco said as he stopped walking in front of a lone strand of hair.
"Just one of my Dad's chest hairs..." Marco said.
"Ugh… I think I'm going to be sick!" Janna said.
"We're probably flea-sized now. Maybe even smaller than one!" Marco said. Jackie finally spoke next.
"Heh, cool." Jackie said. Marco and Janna looked at Jackie like she came from outer space.
"Cool!? That's all you have to say!?" Janna said.
"No offense, Jackie, but how can you say cool… we're so small we could be crushed by anything, especially anyone!" Marco shouted.
"Yeah, true, but… the world looks so different when you're tiny. I've always wondered what those little bugs we're always stepping on see from their eyes. I mean… once in a lifetime, right?" Jackie said. Janna twiddled her fingers together.
"Yeah, I guess." Janna said.
"Well, I don't know about you two, but I say the sooner we can get back to normal, the better!" Marco said.
"Okay, so how will we do it, genius boy wonder!?" Janna asked. Marco immediately snapped her fingers.
"This had to have been Star's doing. We have to get upstairs and tell her what's happened!" Marco said.
"Oooooookay… provided she doesn't impale us with those horns on her head given how small we are!" Janna said.
"Let's take things one step at a time, Janna. First we gotta get up the stairs to the bedroom. But how?" Jackie asked.
"Yeah… I'll think of something along the way." Marco said.

Immediately afterwards, though, the three shrunken teens felt the ground shake and a loud thunder-like sound echoed overhead. It didn't take long to figure out where it was coming from.
"Eeeeek! Look!" Janna shouted. She pointed up past the normal-sized furniture, and the three looked and saw a massive Angie Diaz stepping into view holding some cleaning cloths.
"Eeep! It's Mom!" Marco said. Jackie put a hand sideways on her forehead.
"*whistles* More like Momzilla… no offense, Marco." Jackie said. The three saw the giantess coming their way, but then stop when she brushed one of the vases. Marco then looked back at the couch that had shrunken with them.
"Hey, let's get on top of the couch and yell and scream like we mean it!" Marco said.
"Huh? Why the couch?" Janna asked.
"I get it. The couch shrunk with us, and Mrs. Diaz will see it missing and look down at us." Jackie said.
"Exactly! Come on!" Marco said as he and the two girls ran towards the couch.
As soon as they arrived and stood atop the seats, they watched Angie walk away from one vase and towards another, getting closer to where they were standing. They waited anxiously for the giantess to approach, trying to talk over the boom sounds left behind by each of her footsteps.
"Silly question, Marco. How do we know she won't step over here and crush us unknowningly?" Janna said.
"Trust me. She'll know the couch is missing… it's been in this spot since we moved into this house!" Marco said.

The trio would soon find out if their plan of being noticed would work, as Angie turned around and walked towards where the couch once stood. She walked over to the spot, and the shrunken teenagers are awestruck when they see the massive sandal clad feet land in front of them.
"Hmmm? That's weird. I could've sworn there was a couch here. And where did Marco and the girls go?" Angie said. Meanwhile, down on the floor, the trio jumped up and down on the couch waving their arms.
"Mrs. Diaz! MRS. DIAZ!!!" Janna screamed.
"Down here, Mrs. Diaz!!" Jackie said.
"Mom! Help!!!" Marco shouted. But there was no response from Angie, even though she was looking straight down at the trio.
"Maybe Rafael moved it to another room. Yeah, that must be it!" Angie said.

The teens, meanwhile, looked up in disgust over Angie not reacting to their presence.
"Really!? Maybe your mom needs her eyes checked, Marco!" Janna said.
"What!? It can't be helped… we're far too small! I mean, look how tall her sandal is…" Marco said as he pointed at one of Angie's brown sandals, which looked more like a 10-15 foot tall wall from where they were standing. Jackie continued to look up, once again mesmerized over seeing such a massive person in front of her.
"Wow… just imagine her rampaging all around Echo Creek." Jackie said.
"Ooooookay, Jackie." Marco said as he snapped his fingers directly in front of Jackie's face.
"Oh! Sorry, Marco." Jackie said.
"Look, might I make a suggestion? Why don't we hitch a ride on her foot? I don't want to be stranded on the floor for one second longer!" Janna said.
"Ugh… are you serious, Janna? The thought of riding my mother's foot just sounds… ugh… creepy and gross." Marco said as he felt almost his entire skin tingle. He briefly got visions of toejam between her mother's toes coming to life like an intergalactic monster (that Star could defeat in her sleep) and swallowing him, only to snap back to reality as Jackie patted her friend on the shoulder.
"Marco, I have to agree with Janna. It's better than staying down here. Besides, everything will be fine." Jackie said. Marco took a deep breath.
"You're right, Jackie. Your zen talking once again works its magic." Marco said. Janna then sees Angie moving her right foot away.
"Hey! Less chatting and more jumping!" Janna shouted as she bounced off the couch and landed atop the sandal on Angie's left foot. Marco and Jackie were quick to follow behind, although Jackie's jump was a little short and Marco and Janna had to help her climb up.

The shrunken trio were now falling on their behinds as Angie got her left foot moving again.
"Quick! In here so we don't go flying off!" Marco said as he ran towards the strap between Angie's big toe and index toe with Jackie and Janna following behind. Angie, after having thought about the 'missing' couch, unaware that it was actually shrunken to flea size along with Marco and his friends, got back to cleaning around the living room, brushing the dust off the furniture. But despite holding onto the strap, it was still a very rough ride as Angie moved all around.
"Ugh… I feel like we're going to fly off anyway if this keeps up!" Janna shouted.
"Whoa!" Jackie shouted as she lost her grip on the strap. She quickly found herself trapped underneath Angie's index toe, using all her strength to keep the toe from pushing down onto her.
"Marco! Help me!" Jackie shouted. After his mom stopped walking, Marco ran over and pulled on Jackie after grabbing her by the hands.
"I gotcha, Jackie!" Marco said. After a couple firm tugs, Jackie slid out from underneath the toe (thanks to it becoming sweaty and therefore slippery). The two met back with Janna at the base of the strap and breathed heavily.
"Whew… are you alright, Jackie?" Marco asked.
"I am now, thanks to your bravery." Jackie said. She rapidly blinked her eyes while staring at Marco's face. Janna could immediately see where this was going and got in between.
"Ooooooookay, no time for that. Smoochy time is for when we get normal-sized again!" Janna said.
"Janna's right. It's too dangerous to be here. We should get atop the foot and then maybe climb from there." Marco said. He and the two girls looked a long way up trying to find Angie's face from where they stood.
"Yeah. No sweat… like climbing Mt. Everest, right?" Janna asked sarcastically.
"I agree with Marco's plan. Let's go!" Jackie said as she and Marco grabbed a hold of the strap and climbed up, making their way to the top of it and Angie's foot. Janna just rolled her eyes, shrugged her shoulders, and followed from behind.

Meanwhile, Angie would no longer feel alone in the living room. She looked up after giving one of the chairs a good dustbusting, where she saw a gloomy looking Star coming down the stairs.
"Oh, hey there, Star! Is everything okay?" Angie said.
"Yo, Mrs. Diaz. Yeah, no, yes… I don't know. Define okay." Star said.
"Ummm… your wand melted to stardust? Pony Head yelled at you again?" Angie said as she tried to guess why Star was gloomy.
"The former actually. Well, almost. I'm having a little trouble getting some spells right." Star said.
"Awww… but you know what they say, right?" Angie said.
"I know, I know. Practice makes perfect." Star said as Angie said 'Practice makes perfect' right with her. Star then looked over and saw the big open spot in the living room where the couch once was. But she thought of something else missing.
"Say, where is Marco?" Star asked.
"Actually, I don't know. Maybe he and the girls went to a movie or something." Angie said.
"Without asking me first? Ooooooooh! That slimy, conniving, little…" Star said, but Angie interrupted.
"Um, Star. I said MAYBE they went to a movie. Or maybe they went to the mall to go clothes shopping." Angie said. Star took a deep breath.
"Yeah, maybe that's all, especially if Jackie and Janna are with him. I guess they'll be back soon. I'll be in the kitchen munching on some Sugar Seeds." Star said as she walked straight into the kitchen. Angie sighed as she watched Star leave.
"(sigh) Just like Marco, one of these days she's going to turn into a Sugar Seed." Angie said as she got back to cleaning around the living room.

Of course, this conversation was not lost on the shrunken trio of teenagers.
"Whew… well now, that's good." Marco said.
"Huh? What's good, Marco?" Jackie asked.
"That Star wasn't shrunken. All we have to do is get her attention somehow and she can return us back to normal." Marco said.
"I swear, that girl and her magic. I'm amazed she hasn't blown up Echo Creek already with that do-anything-wand-of-hers." Janna said.
"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Marco said.
"Are you really that dense, Marco? It seems like something always happens ever since the day she showed up!" Janna shouted.
"Come on, you take that back!" Marco shouted as he stood up for his girl all of a sudden. Jackie then got in between the two.
"Chillax you guys. All that matters is that we enlist her help to get us back to normal." Jackie said.
"Pffft… that won't be easy given we're smaller than fleas. She could very easily mistake us for one and crush us!" Janna said.
"It's a risk we'll have to take. Hopefully Mom is getting hungry from all this cleaning…" Marco said as he and the girls waited on Angie Diaz to hopefully stop cleaning soon.

They actually didn't have to wait long, as only two minutes later, Angie wiped her forehead and set down her cleaning brush on a nearby table.
"Whew… I could use an ice cold glass of water now." Angie said. She started to make her way into the kitchen, but before she could set foot inside, a loud series of barks came from behind Angie.
"What the… WHOA!" Angie said as she suddenly lifted her left foot and kicked it forward as the Laser Puppies went running past her. As Angie fought to maintain her balance, that kicking motion from her left foot sent the shrunken trio flying in the air.
"WAAAAAAAH!!!" they all screamed, thinking this was going to be a painful landing on the floor.

Instead, the three felt a big splash as they were suddenly submerged in a white liquid. The three came up gasping for air, but were kicking around trying to stay afloat. Marco then looked to his left and saw a large red raft-like object.
"Over here!" Marco shouted as he and the girls swam towards this 'raft' and climbed aboard.
"Everyone okay?" Marco asked.
"Yeah. I'm cool." Janna said.
"I'm fine." Jackie said.
"Are we dead?" Janna asked as she looked around her surroundings.
"I don't think so… brrrrr… it's so cold, all of a sudden." Marco said.
"And what is this strange water we splashed in that spared our lives?" Jackie said. Marco then looked longingly at the white colored water.
"Yeah… you know, given how cold it is and how it smells, it feels more like… oh no." Marco said as he rapidly looked around the rest of his surroundings, including the raft he and the girls were on.
"What!? Spit it out already, Marco!" Janna shouted.
"This is… this is milk. Then we must be sitting on…" Marco said.
"Sugar Seeds!" all three shouted together. Jackie suddenly looked down at the red raft they were sitting on.
"Ah, now I see… this must be the cherry flavored piece. Wow… so amazing to think a little piece of cereal would have such a…" Jackie said.
"Cereal inspection later, escape now, Jackie! Anybody got any bright ideas on how we're going to escape?" Janna said.
After hearing a series of booms overhead, all three shrunken teens looked up to see a giant Star Butterfly licking her lips and holding a spoon in her hand.
"Mmmmm… sugary sweetness in a bowl." Star said.
"STAR!!!" Marco screamed as he and the other shrunken teens waved their arms frantically atop the 'raft' trying to get the giantess's attention.

Naturally, it didn't work. If Angie couldn't hear them, there was no way Star was going to. Marco, Jackie, and Janna all looked in terror as Star lowered the spoon into the bowl, unaware of her tiny friends. Of course, avoiding the spoon was just one part of the equation. At their size, tidal waves of milk splashed in seemingly every direction as the three held on tight to their cereal raft.
"Hang on!" Marco shouted as the three got rocked around, because they knew falling into the milk was probably going to be the end of them. The trio watched as the mountain-sized spoon dipped into the cereal and was then lifted up into Star's mouth. It almost sounded like thunder as she mashed the contents inside her mouth, and then came the loud gulp as Star swallowed.
"Marco, we need to do something before we're next!" Jackie shouted in a scared tone. She gasped as she watched the giant spoon scoop up another batch of Sugar Seeds.
"Yes, but what!? Star can't hear or see us… all we can do is hope we're lucky and don't get scooped." Marco said. Star placed the spoon into the cereal again taking more of it into her mouth, chewing and swallowing once more. It made all three shrunken teens unnerved when Star was humming the theme from the Sugar Seeds TV commercial as she chewed and chewed. This went on for a couple minutes with a few more close calls.
Finally, the luck of the shrunken three would run out, as they then watched the 'raft' and several other giant cereal pieces got lifted up into the air along with a lake's worth of milk underneath them.
"Ummmm… that can't be good." Jackie said. Janna then looked up in the air, where she saw the biggest open mouth she would ever see.
"It IS not good! We're heading into her mouth!!!" Janna said.
"Star! Don't eat us! Nooooooooo!!!" Marco screamed, but his pleas (along with those from the other two) fell on deaf ears as the spoon they were riding went straight into the her open mouth. She closed her mouth and then pulled the spoon out, leaving nothing on it.

The teens enter the mouth and all light disappeared once Star closed her lips around the spoon handle. The three scream again as they feel the spoon tilt down and deposit them onto Star's massive wet tongue. As the spoon is leaving, it causes some light to enter the mouth, temporarily giving the trio a good look at the inside of her massive mouth and the teeth surrounding them. But darkness takes over inside once the spoon is fully removed.
"Great! I suppose this is payback for hiding a couple ants inside Ingrid's cheeseburger." Janna said.
"Huh… I was wondering why she kept yelling Ameisen, Ameisen! in the cafeteria a few days ago." Marco said.
"So what do we do now, Marco?" Jackie asked.
"I don't know… give me time to think. The last… dimension… I ever thought I'd be in was inside Star's mouth." Marco said. Just then, the three heard almost ear-piercingly loud crunching noises from both sides, which made them think their worst fears.
"Scud! She's chewing!!" Janna shouted.
"Okay, okay, okay! Let's all just huddle and hang on together so we don't get separated!" Marco said. The three did just that and hoped they'd be able to survive this storm that consisted not only of being surrounded by giant crumbs of Sugar Seeds, but also from being drenched in a combination of milk and saliva.

But that would be the least of their worries. Their plan to stay together immediately hits a snag as crumbs of Sugar Seeds get shifted from left to right and vice versa inside Star's mouth due to her tongue moving around. One of the crumbs strikes all three teens and they go flying away from the center of the tongue. Marco and Jackie end up landing on the right side of Star's mouth, where Jackie looks up and sees one of the giant molars coming straight down for the molar she was sitting on.
"Eeeeeeeek!" Jackie screamed thinking this was how her life would come to an end.
"Jackie!" Marco said as he came running from nearby and picked up Jackie. Marco made a bold leap off the molar before the upper molar could crush them and the crumbs of Sugar Seeds in between. Both teens breathed heavily over having survived that encounter.
"Whew… are you alright, Jackie?" Marco said.
"Yes. That was too close again! And you were so brave, Marco. Thank you…" Jackie said.
"Heh… well… I just did what any other cool kid at school would do if… well… if he had to rescue… a girl… from giant teeth crushing… her. I'm talking like this is something everybody at Echo Creek does." Marco said. He and Jackie couldn't help but laugh over what was just said.

Meanwhile, Janna was lucky. She managed to grab a hold of the tongue before she went sliding off it and onto the teeth. Although she was able to set her feet back on the tongue, there was still mountains worth of mush that was once cereal to navigate through. Luckily, the chewing stopped for the time being.
"Marco! Jackie! Darn it… I hope they didn't get crushed or swallowed. I wouldn't know what to do without those two around!" Janna said. As she made her way around the mush (quickly saying 'gross!' anytime she inadvertantly set her hands on it), she could hear voices calling out for her.
"Janna!" two faint voices shouted.
"Oh good… they're still alive! Marco! Jackie!" Janna said as she picked up her pace from a slow walk to a jog around the mush.
Eventually, the three shrunken teens were reunited with each other. They gave each other quick hugs, although Marco kept holding onto Jackie. She was still quite shaken up from nearly being crushed between the giant molars.
"Janna! I'm so glad you're alright too." Marco said.
"Man, Star needs to do a better job at brushing. There was some SERIOUS plaque between two of those molars!" Janna said.
"Well, don't forget, Janna, we are quite small. Something as small as a miniscule crack on the floor would appear incredibly large from our perspective." Jackie said.
"Sigh… thanks for the ugly reminder. Seriously, though, I'm so glad you're both alright." Janna said.
"Yeah, us too, but we're not out of this mess yet." Marco said.
"Since Star is done chewing, she is going to swallow soon. And that's going to include us." Jackie said.

Seconds later, Jackie was spot on. The tongue tilted upwards and the three, along with the mush they fought their way through, went sliding down into the gaping hole that was Star's esophagus.
"You and your big mouth, Jackie!" Janna shouted. Jackie just rolled her eyes, thinking Janna didn't realize the irony of her statement. Everyone scratched, clawed and kicked on the tongue trying to stop their momentum, but they just kept on sliding. They felt they were probably 45 to 60 seconds away from flying off the tongue and falling into the deadly abyss below.
"Waaaaah! I'm too young to be digested!" Janna cried. Marco, however, stayed calm and looked up.
"Guys! The uvula! JUMP!" Marco shouted. Without time to argue, Jackie and Janna nodded in agreement with panic on their faces knowing there wasn't a better option. Once they were close enough, the three jumped and barely landed on the pink flesh that hung above the throat. The three watched as the cereal mush disappeared down Star's throat and on her way to her stomach.
"Heh… in a way, it's a beautiful sight. Like watching water hit the beach and then get sucked back into the ocean." Jackie said.
"Whew… that was too close." Marco said.
"Yeah, but I'd call this a loooooong way away from being safe. Star's gonna be depositing more cereal into her mouth. Then what happens!?" Janna shouted.
"Janna's right. There's no telling what would happen to us then, especially with even more cereal. And she does like to take big bites once in a while from what I've seen." Marco said.
"So what do we do now, Marco?" Jackie asked.
"The only plan we have now. Start climbing." Marco said as he climbed up the uvula like it was a tree.
"Huh? Climb to where?" Janna asked.
"Anywhere but down, that's for sure." Jackie said. The girls, knowing there was no alternative, climbed up as well and followed behind Marco.

The three climbed and climbed and climbed until they found themselves in some kind of plateau. What they didn't realize was that they had actually climbed all the way into the very back of Star's nasal cavity. It was as dark as her mouth, so they had no clue of their location just yet. They did, however, feel a slight breeze of sorts that kept changing directions from in front of them to behind them and the reverse.
"Where are we now, and why is it so windy all of a sudden?" Janna said.
"I think we're deep in her nasal cavity." Jackie said.
"Her what?" Janna said.
"Yeah… you were probably in detention that day. Basically, we're deep in her nose now." Jackie said.
"Ugh… I hope we don't run into any boogers." Janna said.
"We've got bigger problems than boogers the size of Echo Creek Academy itself. This wind you're feeling, Janna? It's from Star breathing through her nose. We're gonna have to be careful so we don't end up in Star's lungs." Marco said. Janna gulped nervously.
"I think getting stuck in boogers sounds like a better idea, all of a sudden." Janna said.
"Well, all we can do is move forward, right Marco?" Jackie said.
"Yeah. Going back certainly isn't an option." Janna said.
"If only there was a way we could see." Marco said.
"Oh, leave that to me!" Janna said with a smile; probably the first one she's had since shrinking. She then reached inside her hat and pulled out a flashlight. Marco and Jackie looked confusingly at their comrade.
"What? Doesn't everyone keep a flashlight under their hat?" Janna asked. Marco giggled slightly and then shook his head.
"No time for questions. Let's just get going. The quicker we can get out of here, the sooner Star can unshrink us." Marco said.

And so the three walked their way towards Star's nostrils, with Janna leading the way with the flashlight. They were finding it difficult to move fast with a combination of the wind caused by Star breathing as they moved closer to the nostrils and the puddles of snot all over, which almost made Janna throw up upon first glance.
"I'll never look at sneezing the same way again." Janna commented. As they walked through the nasal cavity, they could see all the nose hairs that covered the ground, walls, and ceiling, along with boogers that were bigger than they were.
"When we get big again, I need to tell Star she really needs to clean out her nose." Marco commented. After a few minutes of walking, there was finally light literally at the end of the tunnel.
"Look! We're almost there!" Jackie said as she excitedly picked up her walking pace. But in doing so, she failed to notice a glob of snot breaking loose from the ceiling and landing on her, burying her in it.
"Jackie!" Marco and Janna shouted. They ran over to their friend, who was buried in the greenish goop and tried to dig away at the snot.
"Help! Somebody!" Jackie shouted as she continued to sink into the snot. By the time Marco and Janna caught up to her, only her hand was sticking out.
"Come on, Janna! Pull!" Marco shouted as he and Janna grab hold with all their strength. 10-15 seconds later after a few firm tugs, Jackie came falling out of the glob, immediately gasping for air and coughing out some snot that got in her mouth.
"Dang, Jackie! The snot monster mutated by radiation almost got you!" Janna shouted.
"T-t-thank you, both of you." Jackie said as she stood back to her feet and brushed off the snot that covered her from head to toe. Then she hugged both Marco and Janna (despite audible groans of 'gross gross gross' from Janna).
"Don't mention it, Jackie." Marco said with a smile, patting Jackie on the back.

After the hugging ended, Janna's hat almost blew off her head from another gust, but she managed to grab it and secure it to her head.
"You know, we're getting pretty close to Star's nostrils, but how are we going to get out of here?" Janna asked.
"I already thought of a plan. We need to make her sneeze us out." Marco said.
"How are we going to do that?" Jackie asked. Marco then walked over to a nearby nose hair.
"Simple. We just need to constantly hit this hair and hopefully it will irritate Star's nose enough to make her sneeze." Marco said. Jackie and Janna looked at each other, with Janna then shrugging.
"Well, I guess that will do." Janna said. The two girls ran up to Marco and joined him at the nose hairs.

Meanwhile, outside the nose, Star was just finishing up her cereal, still completely unaware of her tiny friends inside. But suddenly she felt this tickle inside her nose and it grew more and more irritating.
"Uh oh… here comes another big bang. Ah… Ah… Ahhhhhhh…" Star said to herself as her mouth slowly opened up.
Inside the nose, Marco, Jackie, and Janna were all busy attacking the nose hairs in any way they could (such as through wrestling or martial arts).
"Ah… Ah… Ahhhhhhh…" the trio heard from outside.
"Alright, everyone! Prepare for take off!" Marco shouted.
"And an emergency landing to boot…" Janna joked.
"CHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Star screamed. The three instantly shot out of the nose like a rocket, landing a few seconds later on a large cloth like surface.

The three were a bit woozy from the high speed ride and sudden change in environment, but they got their senses back and looked around.
"Hey! It worked! We're outside the nose!" Marco said.
"But where are we now?" Jackie asked. What they didn't know is that Star managed to grab a handkerchief before sneezing and held it to her nose so she wouldn't get snot and boogers everywhere.
"Man… that was a big one." Star said as she looked down at the hanky to see how much snot it collected. On the hanky itself, the tiny teens see that Star is looking in their direction.
"Star! STARRRRRRR!!!" Marco shouted.
"That won't work, Marco! We're still too small!" Jackie said. The boy then looked over at Janna and snapped his fingers.
"Janna! Your flashlight!" Marco said. Janna looked down at the flashlight and, like the two had ESP, immediately figured out what Marco wanted her to do.
"I'm on it!" Janna said as she rapidly turned the flashlight on and off, shining it up towards Star's gargantuan face.

As Star is looking around the hanky seeing the mess on it from her sneeze, she suddenly sees a microscopic blinking light coming from part of the snot.
"Oh? What's that blinking light? Did a firefly get caught in the crossfire?" Star asked. She looked closer and closer, finally recognizing three specks from within the snot with the blinking light coming from one of them. As for the three teens, they hoped Star would finally recognize them as her light blue eye got closer and closer and her pupil shrank as she focused.
"It's too small, whatever it is. Oh! That's right, Mrs. Diaz said there was a magnifying glass in one of the drawers." Star said as she set the hanky down on the table and walked away. She quickly returned holding a magnifying glass in one hand, then hovering it above the specks and gasping over what she saw.
"Marco!? Jackie!? Janna!?" Star shouted.
"Yes! Finally!" Jackie shouted.
"Good thinking, Janna!" Marco said.
"Heh… see? I DO pay attention in class sometimes… even if they didn't teach how to survive when shrunken to, like, a centimeter tall." Janna said. The three waved up to the mega giantess looking down on them.
"OMG! What happened to you guys!?" Star asked. As she leaned in closer with the magnifying glass, she could see their lips moving but she still couldn't hear a thing.

But Star then gasped again and leaned away from the table. Only her magic could cause them to shrink that small, and that's when she remembered one of the spells she practiced.
"Wait a second… the Micronization spell! The one that bounced all over the room and then flew out of the house. It must've reflected one more time and hit the three of them. Oooooooh… there goes idiot me again." Star said as she slapped herself on the forehead. She then leaned back in on the table.
"Hold on, you three! Star Butterfly to the rescue!" Star said as she carefully picked up the hanky and rushed out of the kitchen, carrying it all the way back to the bedroom.

Once there, she put the hanky on the ground and then walked away to the Book of Spells, giving the shrunken trio of teens a brief scare as Star towered over them like a skyscraper. Star is rapidly flipping through the pages in the book trying to find what she needs.
"Shrinking… shrinking… here it is! Micronization!" Star said as she turned the pages until finally finding the one spell she was looking for. After studying how the spell worked, namely in how to hold the wand correctly to keep the spell from bouncing all over the walls (which is how this whole mess started), Star grabbed her wand and concentrated.
"REVERSE MICRONIZATION!" Star shouted as a laser beam came flying out of the wand and struck the handkerchief, covering it and its contents in a puff of pink smoke.

It took about 30 seconds for the smoke to clear out, causing everyone to cough in the meanwhile, but when it cleared out, there were Marco, Jackie, and Janna all back to their normal size. Despite the three being covered in snot, they jumped for joy and pumped their fists in the air.
"Woohoo! Back to normal size!" Marco said.
"Yay!" Jackie said. Janna got down on her knees and kissed the floor.
"Ahhhh… I'll never make fun of the once giant cracks in your floor again, Marco!" Janna said. The three then watched as Star ran up to them.
"I'm sorry, guys! I'm so so so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry you ended up so small! I should be more careful when practicing a new spell." Star said.
"It's okay, Star." Marco said.
"Yeah, we forgive you! Don't we, Janna?" Jackie said.
"Of course, of course. Life would be pretty dull here in Echo Creek without one of your accidents." Janna said.
"Awwww… thanks, guys! I would give you all a hug… but I think you need to change your clothes first." Star said as she pointed out all the snot that was covering the trio from head to toe. Amazingly enough, everyone simply burst out into laughter.
"Come on, Jackie and Janna. Let me show you where the washing machine is." Marco said as he and the others made their way out of the bedroom.
"And a shower too? I so want to get this smell of boogers off me!" Janna said. Star couldn't help but cringe thinking what life must've been like for the three inside her nose, but she looked forward to hearing the 'gory' details from Marco very soon. ^_____^