Star, You Shrunk the Adults!

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by TheGeek1)

The doorbell rang and before the Diaz family (mother Angie, father Rafael, and son Marco) could get up from the couch, Star came rushing down the stairs and for the door.
"I'll get it!" Star shouted. She opened the door, and waiting on the other side, which brought a grin to her face, were Jackie, Janna, StarFan13, and of course Pony Head.
"Hey girl!!!" Pony Head shouted with sparkles in her eyes.
"OMG! OMG! OMG! My first slumber party with THE Star Butterfly! Somebody pinch me, I must be dreaming!" StarFan13 shouted as she looked back at her phone. Janna walked up to Star and whispered.
"Did you really have to invite freckle-faced super mega ultra fan to the party?" Janna asked.
"Hey, come on, Janna. She's not so bad once you get to know her. Besides, it was either her or Brittany." Star said.
"Good point." Janna said. Jackie was the first to walk up to Mr. and Mrs. Diaz.
"Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, thank you for letting us use this lovely home for our slumber party." Jackie said.
"Oh, our pleasure! You know what they say… one of the first rites to becoming a teenager is having a slumber party!" Rafael said.
"I remember when I had my first slumber party…" Angie said.
"Anyway, thank you so much! We'll be upstairs in my bedroom!" Star said as she and the other girls went running (or flying in Pony Head's case) upstairs. Angie and Rafael looked over at Marco, who watched them go upstairs.
"Aren't you going to join them, son?" Angie said.
"I wish, but I can't. I've been designated as the servant of the group. You know, giving them nachos when they ask for them." Marco said.
"Hahaha! It's like I always say. One of the first rites to becoming a teenager is serving nachos and dip for the girls at a slumber party!" Rafael said, prompting a laugh from Angie. Marco rolled his eyes because this didn't surprise him. His parents can be a bit 'out there' most of the time. Marco finally hopped off the couch.
"Well, I'll be in the other bedroom, punching and kicking air, I suppose." Marco said as he went up the stairs.

A couple minutes later, as Angie and Rafael wonder if they should go upstairs to check on everybody, they suddenly watched as a portal opened up before their eyes.
"Oh? A portal?" Angie asked.
"Eeeep! Maybe it's the video rental store wondering what took us so long to return that Super Shark Roller Derby 3 DVD!?" Rafael said. The two then watched as none other than Star's parents, Queen Moon and King River, came walking out of the portal that closed behind them.
"Salutations, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz!" King River said.
"Oh? Aren't you two the parents of Star?" Angie asked.
"I'm glad to see you remember the two of us." Queen Moon said.
"Heh… how can we forget someone who has diamonds on her cheeks? They're like my magnificent chest hair!" Rafael said as he unbuttoned the top of his shirt to show off said chest hair.
"Oooooh…" Angie said as she played for a bit with that chest hair like she often does.
"Ahem… forgive our sudden appearance, but we would just like to know how our daughter has been doing." Queen Moon said.
"Oh, well, she's been fantastic!" Angie said.
"Yeah! You should see how much she's gotten along with the neighborhood, not just with Marco." Rafael said as the four continued to chat with each other about what's been happening with Star.

Meanwhile, in Star's bedroom, all the ladies were either sitting or walking around talking about random things, mostly about what's been happening at school. Then the conversation took a radical turn.
"Hey! I've been working on perfecting my shrinking spell." Star said. This caused everyone to raise their eyebrows, especially Jackie and Janna.
"Ooof… did you have to remind us of that?" Janna asked.
"Oh, riiiiiiight. You're not still mad at me for what happened, are you?" Star said as she too remembered what happened the last time she used that spell, including with Marco. Janna was about to open her mouth, but Jackie patted Star on the shoulder and spoke first.
"We forgive you, Star. It was the most thrilling adventure Marco, Janna, and I ever went on." Jackie said. Janna sighed and shrugged her shoulders. After Star quickly filled StarFan13 and Pony Head on what happened, StarFan13's eyes glittered again.
"Wow! To be teeny tiny in front of the great, legendary Star Butterfly… why don't you shrink me, Star!? Please please pretty please with rainbow sprinkles on top!?" StarFan13 shouted.
"Uh… you sure you want that to happen, girl? Star's shrinking spell is, like, suuuuuuuuper powerful. I mean, we're talking nose hairs would be bigger than you." Pony Head said.
"I don't care! Shrink me so there's more of you to love!" StarFan13 said.
"Okay, sure! I mean it when I say I've gotten this spell under control." Star said.

Meanwhile, coming up the stairs were the Butterfly and Diaz parents as they slowly made their way towards the door to Star's bedroom.
"You sure she won't get mad that we're disturbing her party?" Angie asked.
"Nonsense. Star would think twice before talking back at us." Queen Moon said.
"Er… um… yes… my wife speaks true." King River said. The group noticed the door wasn't closed all the way, leaving behind a small opening, and they carefully knocked, which made the door open up slightly.

But Star and the others weren't concentrating on the door, nor could they hear it as Star was powering up her wand. StarFan13 stood in front of the mirror, bouncing up and down on the tips of her toes as she thought about the prospect of looking way up at her idol while the other girls stood to the side.
"Yo, girl, maybe you want to stand still so Star can, you know, aim properly?" Pony Head said.
"Oops… sorry!" StarFan13 said. Star once again took a deep breath and…
"MICRONIZATION!!!" Star shouted as her wand fired the energy beam. However, despite her boasts of having better control over firing the shrinking beam… it went a few inches over StarFan13's head and bounced off the mirror behind her. The beam went bouncing all over the room just like the last time.
"Eeeeek! Look out!" Star shouted as she and the other ladies hit the floor and ducked down.
"Oh, sure! You call this better control!?" Janna retorted. Eventually the beam bounced off one more wall and then careened outside the open door. And who was on the other side of that door? ^______^
The four grownups could hear a bit of chaos going on as Star screamed for everyone to look out. Before they knew it, an energy beam came flying out the open door.
"Ack!" they all shouted as they didn't have time to duck down and avoid the beam. In the meantime, inside Star's bedroom, Star and friends all breathed a sigh of relief and stood back up to their full heights (except Pony Head who floated out of her hiding spot).

When they all opened their eyes again, they saw a completely different scenery from a few seconds ago.
"What… what happened?" Angie asked.
"Did we get teleported to another world, like Mewni?" Rafael said.
"I don't think so. If I know the way my daughter works those dimension-opening scissors…" King River said.
"Uh… guys…" Queen Moon said as she backed away and pointed up. In front of them was a door. A very, very, VERY large door. It didn't take long for everyone to figure out what happened.
"AHHHHH!!! WE'VE SHRUNK!!!!" all four screamed. Indeed, much like what happened previously with Marco, Jackie, and Janna… Angie, Rafael, Queen Moon, and King River were now reduced literally to the size of fleas. It only took Rafael nearly falling into what was once a tiny crack in the floor to realize that.
"Whoa… a slip in there and I would've been six feet under!" Rafael said.
"Okay, deep breaths… deep breaths… you're only the size of one of Rafael's chest hairs. Ooooooh… wouldn't that be a sight to behold!" Angie said as she tried to keep herself composed.
"Oh wow… my sweet, sweet, Star Butterfly. To think she suddenly mastered the shrinking spell. That's one of the hardest spells in the book!" King River said with a smile. Queen Moon, however, was not smiling.
"River Butterfly, this is no time to be praising our daughter! She's going to be in so much trouble when I get my hands on her!" Queen Moon shouted.
"Er… no offense, your highness, but that didn't work out often for Thumbelina." Rafael said. This only made Queen Moon more annoyed.

Angie quickly stepped in between the group.
"Okay, okay! We can yell and scream at each other later. We have to somehow get the attention of the girls now and have Star return us to normal. Easy, right?" Angie said. Just as she said that, the humongous door in front of them suddenly opened up, and stepping out and coming within inches of unknowningly crushing them was Jackie. The four gulped seeing how massive the teenage girl appeared.
"Yeah, especially when they look bigger than Pico de Orizaba." Rafael said. Meanwhile, Jackie looked left and right outside Star's bedroom.
"Hmmm? Why was the door partially open?" Jackie asked. The four grownups all jumped up and down, calling out Jackie's name and frantically trying to get her attention, but Jackie didn't react, even if she did briefly look down at the floor.
"Ugh… no good. Why can't she hear us!?" River said.
"Can't you see? We're just too small. That girl's pinky toe probably looks 50 feet tall from down here." Angie said. Queen Moon, however, was quick thinking.
"But we can still hitch a ride into the bedroom. Come on, everyone!" Moon said. While she and others ran frantically towards one of the shoelaces hanging from one of Jackie's shoes, Jackie heard Star calling from behind.
"Jackie? What's wrong?" Star asked.
"Oh, nothing. I was just curious why the door was partially open." Jackie said.
"Hey… you don't suppose that shrinky beam hit something when it flew outside, do you?" StarFan13 asked.
"Probably a table outside. If it were about to hit someone like Marco or his parents, they would've screamed their lungs out." Star said.
"Bummer. I wanted to hold a teeny, tiny Marco in my grubby little fingers." Janna said.
"Ooooooh… you are so cold-hearted, Janna." Jackie said as she finally turned around and closed the door behind her, unaware Star's parents as well as Marco's parents had just made it onto the shoelace and were hanging on for the ride.

The four gulped nervously at the giant environment around them, complete of course with mega giantesses Star, Janna, Jackie, StarFan13, and even Pony Head floating from above.
"So are we gonna try the shrink spell again?" StarFan13 asked.
"You know what, StarFan13? I think it would be best if I practiced on the spell some more in the days to come, instead of risking it bouncing around again and turning us all into Pony Head's lunch." Star said.
"HEY! I told you I've been watching my diet! You did warn me repeatedly about the 5 second rule that exists on Earth, didn't you?" Pony Head asked. Star just giggled.
"Sooooo… are we going to just sit around or finally change into our pajamas?" Jackie said.
"Haha! You heard the super cool gal! Let's all get changed! And no hiding behind screens either! It's all girls all the time!" Star shouted.
"Woot! And here I am with not an inch of fabric to shed!" Pony Head shouted, watching as the human girls all got changed.
"Huh? Ain't you got something to change to, Janna?" Pony Head asked.
"Meh. I always sleep in this outfit. It's like my natural skin." Janna said with a signature smirk on her face.
"Oooooookay, gal." Pony Head said.

The shrunken adults all stood close to Jackie's shoe and watched as the giantesses stripped down to their underwear for a few seconds until they all got into their sleepwear. Rafael and River couldn't help but smile as they looked up at the towering beauties that surrounded them, only to be slapped back to reality by Angie and Moon, respectively.
"Act your age." both Angie and Moon said simultaneously, which made them smile at each other noting how they were alike in that regard. Rafael and River quickly apologized, only to suddenly pick up a powerfully foul odor that the group quickly traced to the socks Jackie was wearing.
"Whoa… oooooooof… *cough cough* When's the last time that girl changed her socks!?" Rafael shouted.
"They're not supposed to stink that much! It's our size that's amplifying the odor!" Moon said.
"Either way! *cough cough* It would not be wise to scale that young lady, especially given how much leg she is showing!" River said as he pointed up at the shorts Jackie was wearing as part of her sleepwear. The four set their sights on the long pants that Janna was slipping her legs into.
"The pants! Hurry!" Angie shouted as she and the others went running for Janna's pajama pants. Right when they latched onto them was when Janna pulled them up to cover her legs. By the time Janna was done, the adults breathed a sigh of relief as they clung onto the pants.
"Whew… well now. That wasn't so bad, was it, everyone?" River asked.
"Yeah, sure. Tell us that was the easy part." Angie said as she rolled her eyes.
"Ooooooh… honey. When's the last time we went climbing?" Rafael asked.
"Mmmmm… not since two weeks ago!" Angie said with a smile. Moon had a look in her eyes like those two were total weirdos and they were probably driving Star further into teenage insanity. But then she shook her head.
"Come on, everyone. Let's just somehow get up to this young lady's ear and shout for her attention." Moon said as the four grownups got to climbing.

But of course, it wouldn't be an easy ride upwards, especially when Star decided on what the party should do next once everyone was dressed in their pajamas.
"Alright, ladies. How shall we officially kick off our sleepover part deux?" Star asked.
"Teeheehee… we could tickle torture each other…" StarFan13 started to say, but Star quickly overruled that idea.
"I know! Let's dance! Music player thingy!" Star said as she shot her wand towards a corner of the room. A typical looking living room stereo suddenly magically appeared, and right away it played music that was appropriate for slow dancing.
"Woohoo! Get your groove on, ya'll!" Pony Head shouted as she swung her head all around. The girls got to dancing any way they could think of, some of them bumping hips with each other.

Unknown to the ladies, naturally, the adults struggled to hang onto Janna's pajamas as she and the others got to dancing. It didn't make them feel any better when they saw Janna's hips beneath them slam into StarFan13's.
"Whoa… if we were down there like we were a few minutes ago, we'd be pancaked for sure!" Angie said.
"I say… is this what typical Earth music sounds like? It sounds so… conspicuous." River said.
"Haha… you get used to it after a while!" Rafael said. Eventually, though, the swaying back and forth of Janna's clothing was getting too much for the adults to handle.
"I… I can't hold on much longer!" Angie shouted. Finally, she, River, and Rafael lost their grip and screamed as they went falling for the floor that was a long ways down.
"Oh no! I'll save you!" Moon shouted as she suddenly let go of Janna's outfit. Within seconds, she transformed into her butterfly form… grabbing the falling three with all six of her arms and flapping her wings rapidly to stay afloat.
"Well done, Moon, my darling! I know I can always depend on you to save us from going splat!" River said.
"Huh? You can change into a butterfly?" Angie asked.
"Yes… the Butterfly part of my name is not just for show. But we must hurry… I can only maintain this form for so long. I'll fly towards Star and get her attention." Moon said. The other adults held on for dear life as Moon flapped her wings and navigated around the gigantic girls who continued to dance around.
It took almost a few minutes thanks to their shrunken size, but at long last, Moon was only a yard away from her gigantic teenage daughter.
"Star! Star! Over here!" Moon shouted. Star finally turned and now had an eyeball directed towards the shrunken adults.
"Yes! Yes, Star! Mommy's right here…" Moon said, relieved that Star would recognize her and the other adults and she could reverse the shrinking spell.

But, of course, that's not how Star would recognize the adults.
"Eeeeek… gnat!" Star shouted as she swung her free hand (the one not holding her wand) towards them.
"WAAAAAAH!!!" all four adults screamed as Moon had no chance to get out of the way. Star's slap sent the group of 4 flying through the air.

While they went on their wild ride, the group of girls suddenly knocking on the door. With Janna being the closest to the door, she walked up and opened it, and she and the others saw Marco standing outside, holding a plate full of nachos along with a bowl of nacho cheese sauce.
"Your nachos, ladies." Marco said.
"Cool. Thanks, Marco the super cute slave." Janna said as she took the plate in her hands and then closed the door with her foot.
"By the way, ladies, have you seen…" Marco started to say until the door slammed shut right in front of his face.
"…where my parents went? Whatever. Probably out munching on burritos. Guess I'll go torture some guitar strings." Marco said. He turned around and sighed as he walked back to his bedroom, bummed he couldn't be a part of the sleepover this time.

As for where the adults went… River and Rafael had lost their grip from Moon as they flew at high speed across the room. The two guys thought they were going to have an unhappy landing on the floor, but they instead watched as Janna turned around and showed off the plate of nachos.
"Chips and dip are served, ladies!" Janna shouted. River and Rafael went splashing into the dip of nacho cheese sauce.
"We're… we're alive! Hahaha! We're alive, my boy!" River shouted as he swam over and gave Rafael a nacho cheesy hug.
"By gosh, you're right! We've been saved by… nacho cheese sauce?" Rafael said.
"Well, how about that? We owe our lives to an appetizer." River said as both guys suddenly burst into a hearty laughter.

As for Moon and Angie, Moon managed to regain herself and latch onto Angie, just as the two went crashing onto some kind of beige-colored surface, coming to a sliding stop against something tree-like that was colored blonde. They both got up rubbing their heads.
"Oooooh… thanks for the save, your majesty." Angie said.
"No problem, but where are we now?" Moon said. Angie looked around at the titanic strands of blonde hair and then took notice of the aquamarine strands. That's when she gulped nervously.
"I think we're on top of Jackie's head, deep within her hair." Angie said.
"Hmmm… yes. We probably should be fortunate. I'd hate to think what being within Star's hair would be like." Moon said.
"Can we fly out of here?" Angie said as she took note of how Moon was still transformed.
"Yes, as long as we can find a wide enough opening out of this… well, hair forest." Moon said as the two ladies went walking through the forest of hair, sometimes having to stop and maintain their balance as Jackie continued to move around the room and make little bobbles and tilts of her head.

Meanwhile, River and Rafael were actually having a good time swimming in the nacho cheese sauce. They treated it like a backyard swimming pool, doing different swimming styles and sometimes splashing each other with sauce. Rafael even went as far as lick up some of the sauce.
"Mmmm… just plain nacho cheese sauce. I guess it's a good thing this wasn't the jalapeno variety!" Rafael said.
"Jalapeno?" River said.
"Trust me, King. It is as hot as it gets. You'll forget your own name with one lick." Rafael said.
"Oh goodness! A sauce that tests the worthiness of a warrior. I like it!" River said as he smiled. He then looked up at the ceiling that was a long ways away.
"Still, we should probably make haste and get out of here before we're eaten." River said.
"Oh, relax. They're teenage girls! How much can they eat?" Rafael said. They were about to find out in a big hurry as suddenly the giant heads of Star, Jackie, Janna, and StarFan13 could be seen overhead.
"NACHO TIME!" they all shouted. River and Rafael had only one conceivable reaction.
"Noooooo!" they both screamed as they went swimming through the nacho cheese sauce while nachos rained down from above.

The girls (including Pony Head with the help of her horn) ate up the nachos and talked about random stuff as they snacked away, not caring that sauce would sometimes drip off the chips and land on the floor. As for River and Rafael, they swam frantically trying to avoid being scooped up in one of the chips. The two were practically drenched from head to toe in sauce, and it was causing fatigue to build up as it got harder and harder to cut their way through the sauce. Their luck finally ran out when Janna dipped another nacho chip into the sauce, and the two shrunken men were a part of her scoop. They looked up at Janna's gigantic face and watched her lick her lips.
"Por la escotilla vas, nacho!" Janna said as she brought the chip into her mouth. River and Rafael squealed like children as they watched the light fade out the deeper they got into Janna's mouth. Janna finally bit down on the chip and the two slid off it and onto her tongue, watching as the chip (and dip) got swished to the side of the giantess's mouth and was savagely chewed on. The two immediately knew where they were based on how slippery the ground felt.
"Whew… we're safe for now. We're standing on her tongue." Rafael said as he watched the nacho cheese sauce drip rapidly off his body as well as King River's.
"Jolly good, but how do we escape from this predicament?" River said.

Again, the two didn't have to wait long for the answer, as Janna suddenly opened her mouth again and this time let out a loud burp. The air that was being exhaled from deep within her mouth sent the two men flying out. They flew seemingly for miles but it was really just a couple yards as they latched onto what appeared to be thick golden ropes, using them to keep from falling any further. They were in reality grabbing onto a couple of Star's hair strands, especially as she spoke out towards Janna.
"Janna!!!" Star shouted.
"Yeah! Seriously, girl, where are your manners!?" Pony Head said.
"Sorry. Must've been that ginger beer I had earlier today." Janna said with an innocent smile. River and Rafael, meanwhile, looked up.
"Ahhhh… to be this close to my dearest daughter. It's the stuff only the fathers of Mewni can dream of." River said. Rafael, meanwhile, came up with an idea as he looked up.
"Hey! King River! Look, there's one of Star's ears! We can get inside it and call out for her then. She'll surely hear us from in there!" Rafael said.
"Good thinking, big hairy Rafael Diaz! Last one up there is a square-headed Mewni troll!" River said as the two went climbing up Star's hair in a big hurry and towards her ear canal.

Meanwhile, Angie and Moon continued to wade their way through the forest that was Jackie's hair. They could eventually see the ground sharply tilt downward, like…
"We must be coming up on the edge of her head." Angie said. Moon looked up and growled.
"Arrrrgh! And I still don't have enough airspace to take off! We'll have to climb down these strands. Maybe we can get into one of her ears and call for her attention." Moon said.
"That's a good idea. Good thing Raf and I took mountain climbing lessons recently!" Angie said with a smile.
"Is there anything adventurous you two haven't done?" Moon asked.
"Well, let's see… I've always wanted to go inside an active volcano!" Angie said.
"Heh… you are quite a spirited soul, Angie. I think I like you." Moon said. The two ladies smiled at each other and then grabbed a hair strand each from the giant Jackie. When they were about halfway down, however, their ride would soon get very bumpy.

The plate of nachos (and nacho cheese dip) was almost empty, with Jackie finishing up her portion. That gave her the opportunity she needed to scoot next to Star.
"Hey, Star. Have you seen the new ear piercings I got recently?" Jackie said.
"Huh? No, I haven't." Star said.
"Here, look." Jackie said as she took one of her clean fingers and brushed aside some of her hair to show off the ring pierced to one of her ears.
"Ooooooooh…" Star said as her eyes sparkled like they often do when she sees something she's never seen.
In swinging her hair, Jackie unknowningly sent Angie and Moon flying off the strands at high speed, with both of them unable to hold on from the sheer change of force.
"WAAAAAAAAAH!!!" both shrunken ladies screamed as they went flying through the air, with Moon unable to control herself due to the wind. They eventually went flying into one of Star's ears… luckily enough the same one River and Rafael went in earlier.

The two didn't stop flying until they crashed right into a wall of ear wax, which normally would be pretty thin, but at their size, it felt like being trapped in a spider's web as they both struggled to break free.
"Ugh! This is so gross! But at least it did soften our landing." Moon said as she fought hard to loosen her grip from the glob of wax.
"Moon! Where are we?" Angie shouted.
"From the looks of it, I'd say we're inside one of Star's ears, and this is her ear wax we're trapped in." Moon said.
"Ugh… I can't get out! It feels like glue!" Angie shouted.
"Me neither! Ugh… if we survive this, I'm gonna make sure she remembers to clean her ears routinely!" Moon said as the two ladies continued to struggle.

Just then, however, a pair of hands grab Angie's arms and pulls her out of the ear wax, then another pair grabs Moon by hers and she's free of the wax as well. The two ladies looked over to see who freed them, and it was Rafael and River.
"Hey, babe! Next time tell me when you're going to go diving into a blob of ear wax." Rafael said.
"Rafi, baby!!!" Angie said as the two wrapped their arms around each other, despite Rafael getting covered in ear wax. Moon and River hugged as well, covering them both in wax.
"Awwww… I knew my Moon Pie would be safe and sound." River said.
"You know I always do." Moon said. The two ended their embrace as they watched Angie and Rafael approach them.
"So what should we do now?" Angie asked.
"Well, we are inside Star's ear. Maybe we should try getting her attention by getting closer to the eardrum." Rafael said.
"Yes. That could work despite how small we are." Moon said. River did not hesitate in navigating through the maze of ear wax and deeper into his daughter's ear.
"Then onward, my soldiers!" River said as all four shrunken adults start walking towards the innards of Star's ear.

Meanwhile, the party kept on going as the girls were setting up for their next activity. As this went on, however, Star began to show a look of confusion. She was not only hearing the voices of her friends, but also, for some strange reason, the voices of Marco's parents as well as her own parents. They were a bit faint, but it was almost as if they were in the same room as her and her friends, whispering compared to having a normal conversation. They couldn't have possibly taken a hiding spot somewhere in her room, could they? As Star looked around the room, Jackie was the first of Star's friends to take notice.
"Are you alright, Star?" Jackie asked.
"Maybe. It's just I thought I could hear my parents… and my ear itches." Star said.
"Maybe you have bugs in your ear? I've read that bugs have crawled in people's ears and laid eggs in their brain." Janna said with a smirk on her face, prompting an 'Ewwwww!' reaction from the other girls.
"That's gross, Janna! I doubt that's what's happening, honestly. Let's just start playing Truth or Dare, shall we!?" Star said as she casually stuck one of her fingers into the ear that was 'itching.'

Back inside the ear, the four adults were about halfway into the canal, trying to find the eardrum in the distance. Suddenly, what little light that was coming in from the outside world had faded out, sending everyone into total darkness.
"Huh? What's going on?" Angie asked.
"Yeah, who turned out the lights?" River said. Suddenly, the four screamed as they felt themselves being rammed forward for a couple seconds. Everyone was quick to regain their footing.
"Is everyone okay?" Moon asked.
"Yes… but I can't seem to move." Rafael said as he struggled to get any movement in his arms and legs.
"I can't seem to move either!" Angie said.
"Nor I!" River said. Moon tried to move around, but is also stuck to whatever hit them and before she could speak again… the object they were all clinging to twisted around, causing ear wax to gather on them but not completely cover them. Angie was the first to sense another feeling of extreme movement.
"It feels like we're moving!" Angie said. They would all soon be blinded for a split second as suddenly a ton of light flooded their vision.

What they didn't realize was that they were actually on a good clump of wax that Star managed to fish out of her ear with her finger. As for the shrunken adults, once they could see again, they notice a mega-sized blue eye is right above them. Moon immediately recognized the eye belonging to Star, and she tried to wave at her to get her attention.
"Star! STAR! Ooof…" Moon said as she tried to move her arms, only to see them completely coated in wax, leaving her unable to move them or her legs. River, Angie, and Rafael all had the same conundrum, and to make matters worse for all of them, Star spoke out to her friends, and her loud and thundering voice was almost deafening to the adults.
"Whew… this must be the culprit behind my ear itching." Star said. She inspected the wax trying to find any 'bugs' crawling around like Janna suggested. However, she couldn't see anything obvious, much to the dismay of the shrunken adults.
"Nope, I don't see anything that looks like a bug." Star said. Janna looked over at Star examining the ball of wax on her finger and got a sinister idea.
"Hey, Star! Truth or Dare?" Janna asked.
"Dare!" Star said.
"Haha, good! I dare you to eat that ear wax on your finger." Janna said.
"WHAT!?" Star shouted, giving a look of disgust. But alas, she knows the rules of the game (she laid them out, after all!) and must go forward with it. So Star opens her mouth and starts moving her wax covered fingertip to her mouth.

Obviously, the adults heard what Janna had said and started to panic.
"Waaaaaah! Star, don't eat us!!!" they all shouted in one form or another, frantically trying to get the giantess's attention. They tried to move around and break free of their wax prison, but that did no good either. The four could only watch as Star's mouth became bigger as they got closer. Star finally stuck her finger in her mouth (halfway closing her eyes in a cringing manner at the same time) and used her tongue to lick off the wax, which included everyone on it.
To the adults, Star's tongue was like a massive pink whale that was bashing against them. On the flip side, it did allow the wax to moisten and allow most of them to finally break free, landing on her tongue once it stopped moving.
"Help! Someone help!!" Moon shouted. The other adults looked back to see she was still trapped in the ear wax.
"Moon Pie!" River shouted as he tried to run over to his stuck wife, who was quickly heading for the back of their daughter's throat. Angie and Rafael, who were further towards the front of the tongue, gasped as they watched what was going on.
"Rafi! We've got to help them!" Angie shouted. Rafael nodded and the two got to their feet. They tried running to Moon as well, but slipped halfway on the path and fell into a puddle of saliva. Just as River was just about to break Moon free, it was too late… he watched as his wife went over the ledge into Star's throat, her screaming voice echoing into the chasm.
"River!" she cried as she and the wax was swallowed with a thunderous gulp sending both to Star's stomach.
"Nooooooooooo, Mooooooooooon!" River said as he collapsed to his knees and let loose on the tears, not believing his wife was just swallowed unknowningly by their own daughter. Angie and Rafael finally caught up to River and gave him a hug, unable to find the words that would properly comfort him.

Outside Star's mouth, she of course had no idea the ball of wax she just gulped down had her shrunken mother in it. Nevertheless, the game went on as she cringed her teeth.
"Yeeeech!" Star shouted.
"So, Star. How did it taste?" Janna asked.
"Like eating a salty candle! Bleh! I never want to do that again." Star said. After she said that, she suddenly had a weird feeling in her stomach, like there were butterflies in it. Then that weird feeling started to quickly move upwards through her esophagus and towards her mouth.

Inside, River continued to sob while the Diazs tried comforting the crying king.
"There, there, Mr. King. Maybe if we get Star's attention, we can have her throw up Mrs. Queen." Rafael said. His words didn't help River feel any better. In fact, River started crying even more. But before anyone could say another word, a light started shining from the back of Star's throat and it was growing brighter. That light belonged to Moon, who came shooting up from the back of the throat, once again appearing in her butterfly form. River instantly went from sadness to pure joy seeing his beloved wife still alive and safe from Star's stomach.
"Moon Pie!!!" River shouted. Moon landed on the tongue and changed back to her normal form, although parts of her clothing were partly gone as she brushed off a green liquid off these tears.
"Whew… take it from me, my subjects. Stomach acid is not a fun thing to mess with." Moon said. She then nearly fell over when River ran to her and embraced her in her arms.
"Oh, Moon Pie. I thought I lost you forever!" River said while Moon hugged him back with Angie and Rafael watching nearby.
"Awwww…" they both said as they couldn't help but hug each other at the same time.

However, the reunion was cut short as everything started shaking. It turns out Moon coming back up Star's throat caused a tickle. Everyone would be blinded again by Star opening her mouth. The four adults were then launched through the air as Star started to cough. At their small size, it felt like getting shot from a cannon, but their trajectory aimed them towards the top row of Star's teeth. The adults hit them, but miraculously bounced off them, causing them to land on Star's lower lip. While the landing was soft for the four, they were a little sore from hitting Star's teeth like a pinball to a bumper, as Rafael so eloquently put it.
"Oooooh… now I know how a pinball bouncing off one bumper to another feels like." Rafael said.
"A pin-what?" River asked.
"Oh, another one of those things that's probably not on Mewni. We'll explain if we manage to survive this." Angie said. The four laid on their backsides, giving themselves a view of everything from the POV of Star's lip.
"At least the view is nice from here." River said. It was like being on top of a cliff and seeing the land all around, but in this instance it was Star's bedroom.

Before another word could be said by Moon, River, Angie, or Rafael, the lip began to move as Star started talking. Once again, the ears of the shrunken adults rang given how loud Star's voice was from where they rested.
"Star, you okay?" Jackie asked.
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. It just felt like I swallowed a fly and it came back up my throat." Star said.
"See? I knew there was a bug in your ear." Janna said.
"Yeah… I'm still not convinced, Janna." Star said.
"So, whose turn is it now?" StarFan13 asked.
"I believe it's your turn again, Star. I have another good one for you! Truth or dare?" Janna said. Star swirled her eyes around as she looked around. Then she took a deep breath.
"Alright. Dare, but you better not dare me to eat my snot, Janna! That ear wax tasted horrible!" Star said.
"Oh, don't worry, this is much less disgusting. I dare you to kiss Jackie on the lips!" Janna said.
Immediately Star and Jackie blushed as they looked awkwardly at each other (and had deer-in-headlights type looks in their eyes). Finally, Jackie blinked her eyes and stopped blushing.
"It's okay, Star. We can just make it a quick one.
"Yeah. A quick one. That'll work." Star said as she giggled for a bit.

Meanwhile, on Star's lips, the shrunken adults held on each time Star spoke, but eventually they all watched as her lips slowly moved towards a pair of tan-colored lips with a light shine to them.
"What the…!? Is Star going to kiss that other girl!?" Moon shouted.
"Brace yourselves, everyone!" Rafael shouted as the four anticipated quite the pressing session as the lips got closer and eventually met.
Star and Jackie held their word and gave just a quick kiss, with Star feeling a bit of Jackie's lip gloss tickle her own lips the second they kissed. As they pulled back, both girls blushed again, with Star blushing brightest as she felt a bit of embarrassment over what she did. Jackie, on the other hand, actually briefly smiled.
"That felt kinda nice, actually." Jackie said.
"Teeheehee… looks like I know what's going in my next fanfic!" StarFan13 said.
"Oh, stop it, you two!" Star said.

To the four shrunken adults, what just happened was like being smushed between two soft cliffs when the kiss happened. On top of that, when the lips separated, they looked and saw they were not on Star's lips, but on a tan-colored lower lip. That's because they had become stuck to Jackie's lower lip thanks to the lip gloss she had on. And just like the ear wax, this stuff was super sticky and leaving them unable to move.
"Ugh… great. We're stuck again!" Moon shouted.
"Now I know how a spider feels…" Angie said.
"Ooooooh… I remember this one time I fought the deadly cave spider, and…" River said.
"River, honey… now's not a good time." Moon said.
"Right… my apologies." River said.

Meanwhile, the game of truth or dare continued with StarFan13 trying to think of something for Janna to do. Star, meanwhile, couldn't take her eyes away from Jackie's lips, namely her lower one. She squinted trying to get a closer look, and thought she was seeing a few specks there. At first she thought maybe they were nacho crumbs, but to see them in different colors? Jackie finally took notice.
"Huh? Star? Are you alright? You're not thinking of kissing me again, are you?" Jackie asked.
"Er… no! It's just… I think there's something on your lower lip." Star said. She leaned in towards Jackie's face to take a closer look, and the four odd-colored specks started to look less like crumbs and more like… people? She rubbed her eyes, trying to make sure she wasn't seeing things. She looked even closer, and finally gasped as her eyes widened. Two of the specks looked like Marco's parents! Then she looked at the other specks… and saw her parents!
"Mr. and Mrs. Diaz!? Dad!? MOM!?" Star said.
"Huh? Where?" Jackie said as she started to move her face.
"JACKIE! Don't… move… your… face… or lips!" Star said, with Jackie holding as still as she could and sweating nervously. Star picked up a tortilla chip from the nearby bowl and brought it to Jackie's lip, carefully scraping it across and picking up the shrunken adults, along with the lip gloss they were clinging onto. Just as she did that, the other girls (and Pony Head) gathered around her.
"What's going on, Star?" StarFan13 asked.
"Yeah. Why were you scraping a chip across Jackie's lip? I'm not sure lip gloss makes an appetizing dip for nachos." Janna said.
"Soooooo… remember when I tried showing you guys my shrinking spell earlier?" Star asked. Everyone nodded.
"Well, it looks like it hit Marco's parents… and my parents too! And somehow they all ended up on your lower lip, Jackie." Star said. As she picked up the chip again and held it up to Jackie's face, she gasped as she studied the four different colored specks.
"Whoa… so they were accidentally shrunk like Marco, Janna, and I were that one time?" Jackie asked. Star nodded yes.

She then got up and very slowly carried the chip to the most open spot in the room. After setting it down on the floor, Star walked back to the other girls who were on the other side of the room. She summoned her wand and concentrated.
"REVERSE MICRONIZATION!" Star shouted as a laser beam came flying out of the wand and struck the tortilla chip. The beam hit the wand perfectly.
"Strange… I seem to control it better when I'm enlarging something." Star said, but as she looked at her wand, she didn't notice the growing tortilla chip about to stab her in the head.
"Star, duck!!!" Jackie shouted as she dragged Star down to the floor with the others. The girls watched as the now enormous chip grew over their heads, knocking over a few things here and there as it took up almost the entire room. Eventually the chip stopped growing.
"Hah! I dare ya'll to eat this overgrown monstrosity!" Pony Head said.
"Er… care to pause on the Truth or Dare, Pony Head?" Jackie said as the girls navigated their way on top of the chip. As they got there, they saw the now four normal-sized adults that were standing up and brushing off whatever of Jackie's (enlarged) lip gloss was left.
"Mom! Dad!" Star shouted as she ran up towards them.
"Oh, Star!!!" Moon said as she opened her arms and allowed Star to hug her, with her returning the favor.

After River gave a hug of his own, the trio looked at each other in the eyes.
"I… I'm so sorry, Mom and Dad. I hope you guys didn't get in too much danger." Star said. Moon resisted the temptation that was building to claim her daughter fowled things up, just like in Mewni, but shook it off.
"We're quite alright, Star. We weren't in that much danger." Moon said.
"Correct, dear! In fact, that was the most fun I've had in years!" River said as he thrusted his arms up in a victory-like pose. Star then looked over to another couple that she had to apologize to, Mr. and Mrs. Diaz.
"Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, please forgive me for accidentally putting you two in danger as well." Star said.
"That's okay, Star. All that matters in the end is that you found us and we are safe and together." Angie said.
"Now that we are full size again, it's high time we cleaned off everything we've grinded through to get to this point. Cheese, saliva, ear wax, lip gloss…" Rafael said, making Star cringe a bit, trying not to imagine going through a gauntlet like that. Angie pulled out a clump of ear wax from her hair and tossed it to the side.
"Agreed, but you girls feel free to continue your slumber party!" Angie said.

Suddenly the door to the bedroom opened, and inside came Marco holding another plate full of nachos and dip.
"Alright! Who's ready for another pair of nach…" Marco started to say until he looked ahead and saw a gigantic tortilla chip, with Star, her friends, her parents, and his own parents all standing atop of, with the latter of the group covered in all sorts of gunk. His jaw dropped and he ended up dropping the bowls of food onto the floor, causing Janna to smack her head.
"Ugh… what a waste of nachos!" Janna shouted.
"Ummm… anyone care to explain why there's a giant chip in this bedroom, and why Mom and Dad are covered in a mixture perfect for the Worst Cooks in Echo Creek show?" Marco asked. The parents looked at each other and laughed, along with the teenage girls and Pony Head.
"It's a long story, Marco." Angie said.
"And one we will happily tell after we shower." Moon said as she and the other adults walked out of the bedroom. An incredulous Marco followed them out as the girls got back to their slumber party, namely in who was going to take a bite out of the giant tortilla chip first! ^______^