Star's the Big Star

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by gamma102)

It was just another day for Star and Marco (both wearing their usual outfits) in Echo Creek. Notice I didn't say ordinary! Marco stayed on his toes, both physically and mentally, wondering what the day would bring whenever he and Star walked through the town together. Star was, shall we say, bubbly in her personality and still adjusting to life on Earth compared to Mewni. For the most part she was doing a good job, Marco thought, but maybe that was because much of the town, especially at school, was embracing her and her antics. Star then suddenly looked sharply at Marco with a stern face.
"What are you staring at?" Star said.
"Who? What? Me? Where? When? Why? Who? What? Me? I was… um… just admiring how lovely your hair looks today." Marco said as he quickly came up with an excuse.
"Awww… thanks! Actually I double brushed it. You know, just in case any evil monsters from evil dimensions decide to come visit!" Star said.
A few seconds later, Star and Marco's walk came to a sudden stop when they saw a few portals open up in front of them. Jumping out were a few different creatures, a couple of them the two recognized… Ludo and Buff Frog.
"Greetings, my beloved Star!" Ludo shouted.
"Ludo." Star said.
"Today's the day I finally capture your wand and rule the universe! Get them!" Ludo said as he pointed his staff at the two humans. The monsters all charged towards the two teenagers as they both got in a fighting pose.
"Oh, good. I was getting kinda bored." Marco said.
"Let's get dangerous!" Star said as she twirled her wand around. The battle was on between the two and the monsters.
Of course, thanks to the monsters having little brain power, Marco being trained in martial arts, and Star having her magic wand… it was a lopsided victory for the good guys. Ludo growled as he watched his monsters fall flat on their faces.
"Arrrrrrgh! You worthless many-eyes newts!" Ludo said.
"Speaking of newts…" Star said as she walked up to the small villain.
"Ugh… okay, Star. You win again." Ludo said.
"Seriously, Ludo, you little pygmy. Why don't you give up, already?" Star said.
"Hey! Stop using words like that!" Ludo said. Star leaned down over the villain.
"Awwww… did I hurt your infinitesimal feelings? You're so bite sized! Teensy weensy! A shrimp! Oooooh… I like shrimp! A Lilliputian! A…" Star said as she continued to lay one insult after another in regards to Ludo's height. The more insults Star dropped, the angrier Ludo got. His face was glowing red and steam was blowing out of his ears until he finally snapped.
"OOOOOOOOH! STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT!" Ludo said as he jumped up and down and then adjusted the skull atop his head. Then he aimed his own wand up at Star.
"Let's see how you like it when I've shrunken you to a grain of salt! Oooooh… I should've used this spell a long time ago!" Ludo shouted. Star gasped a bit and tried to run out of the way, but Ludo fired and the beam hit Star square on.
"Eeeepeeeepeeeepeeepeeeep!" Star said as she felt the energy coarsing through her body, paralyzing her. Marco dealt with the last of his monsters (with a couple swift uppercuts), and then looked back and saw Star getting zapped by Ludo.
"Star!" Marco shouted as he ran towards the two. But he came to a stop when suddenly he watched Star grow bigger. And bigger. And bigger.
Ludo and Marco both looked up as Star gradually grew in size. Ludo was vigorously shaking his wand.
"Arrrrgh! Stop you stupid wand!" Ludo shouted. Finally the wand stopped shooting its energy, and Star stopped growing at the same time. Ludo looked way up at Star and sighed.
"Oy… this is what I get for not using Star's wand." Ludo said.
As for Star herself, she looked in every direction possible, at first confused over what just happened.
"What just happened? Did everything else shrink?" Star said.
"Star! You're gigantic!" Marco shouted. Star quickly looked at her wand.
"Height check!" Star said. Then, just above the wand itself, a glowing green digital readout appeared overhead, which read '100.0 FEET TALL.'
"I… I'm now 100 feet tall?" Star said. She took another look around. Ludo, his monsters, Marco, the nearby buildings… they were all much smaller than before. Everything. Star then smiled and had her eyes replaced with beating hearts.
"This... Is... So... AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!!!" Star shouted, her voice echoing in the sky and causing the surrounding area to vibrate. Marco and Ludo both covered their ears.
"Ow! Not so loud, Star!" Marco shouted.
"Yeah! Us monsters have sensitive eardrums too, you know!" Ludo shouted. Star then looked down at Ludo and had an evil looking grin on her face.
"Well now. This perfectly qualifies you as a bug. Guess it's time I stomped out the bug!" Star said as she lifted up one of her boots. Seeing the bottom of Star's boot almost petrified Ludo, but he got it together and summoned a portal.
"Gotta go!" Ludo shouted as he ran into the portal, which closed right before Star could stomp the ground, leaving a crater in the road shaped like the bottom of her boot. The monsters all disappeared in green balls of light at the same time, leaving just Marco and a few civilians looking up at the giant Star.
"Did I get him?" Star asked.
"No, I think he got away." Marco said.
"Drats! But never mind that…" Star said. She then had a smile on her face as she looked down at Marco.
"Um… Star? Why are you looking at me like that?" Marco said.
"Come 'ere, you!" Star said as she quickly leaned down and scooped up Marco into her free hand.
Marco shook nervously as he sat squarely in the palm of Star's hand, looking up at nothing but her giant face.
"Wow… Star… you're so… beautiful… when you're… when you're… big." Marco said.
"Hahahaha! I would sincerely hope so!" Star said.
"Sooooo… how long do you think this spell will last?" Marco said.
"Don't know… and don't care! I hope I'm this gigantic forever!" Star said.
"Ooooookay… but you know, there are disadvantages to being that big. Like… you'd need the entire town's food…" Marco said, only to have Star gently put a finger over his face.
"Man… chill out, Marco. How bad can things really get? I know how I can calm you down…" Star said. She gently pressed Marco up against her chest. Even with Star wearing her green dress (with squid decal), Marco could hear the gentle beating of Star's heart.
"Oh. Well… this is nice." Marco said.
"I read stories as a little girl that say a giant's heartbeat will always calm the nerves." Star said.
"A good giant, right?" Marco said.
"Yes, right. Oooooh… maybe Ludo will send giant monsters after me now! That'd be so cool… just like in those TV shows you always watch where the giant hero and the giant monster fight in the middle of the city! Fufufufu!" Star said as she jumped up and down excitedly, thinking about such a scenario. Of course, as she jumped, she caused the ground to shake and rattle, knocking things down and cracking the pavement around her boots.
"Star! Hold up! You're breaking the road!" Marco shouted.
"Oops! Sorry!" Star said.
The giantess took a couple steps to the side… but ended up stepping on a parked car and crushing it flat. She listened as its alarm died a slow and painful death.
"Whoopsies! I hope the driver of that vehicle had giantess insurance!" Star said.
"Geez… Star! See what I mean!? Maybe it's best we find a way to shrink you back to normal and…" Marco said, only to get a giant face full of angry Star.
"NO! If I want to be a giantess, then I'll be a giantess!" Star shouted. She could see the mix of emotions on Marco's face, mostly that of fear and anguish. She then smiled.
"I'm sorry, Marco. Kiss and make up!" Star shouted.
"Wait! I…" Marco said, only to watch as he got planted up against Star's lips while she kissed the little boy. She then softly cradled him against each of the hearts on her cheeks.
"Feel better now?" Star asked.
"Well… yeah. I guess. I don't know what to think really. It's hard to get mad with you no matter what size you're at." Marco said with a smile. Star then placed him on top of one of her shoulders.
"Here, you can stay here and ride along." Star said.
"Ride along? What are you going to do?" Marco said.
"Walk around Echo Creek! What else? Don't worry, I'll be suuuuuuper duper careful." Star said as she got walking further into Echo Creek. Marco just sighed and hoped nothing else accidental would happen.
For the next few minutes, Star gently walked around Echo Creek, admiring how nothing towered above her. Of course, she was careful not to step on anyone or anything else, but that didn't mean the people of this town were going to stay behind and watch. Many of them were running and screaming away from the giantess.
"Heeheehee! Chill out, people. I'm not THAT kind of giantess!" Star said.
"Well, of course they're going to run, Star. Wouldn't you run if a giant something came walking down your street?" Marco said.
"Puh-lease! You're talking to the princess of Mewni here! I can walk in a straight line with my eyes closed… WAAAAAAAH!" Star said, only to feel herself tripping over something and falling down towards the ground. She landed face first just inches away from Stop & Slurp. Marco managed to survive the fall thanks to hanging onto Star's hair, but he quickly saw what made Star trip over… a power line.
"Ugh… Star! Watch where you're going! That was a power line you tripped over." Marco said.
"Ow… that hurt. But hey! At least we're at the Stop & Slurp!" Star said. She quickly got to her knees and ripped the roof right off.
"Hey there! Give me the biggest slushie you have!" Star said. The cashier then screamed and ran right out of the building.
"Huh? I brought money this time! Honest!" Star said as she dangled a few supersized dollar bills over the building, but the men and women of all ages inside just took off running without taking another look at the giantess.
"Wimps. Oh well! I'll just help myself then!" Star shouted as she reached inside and ripped the slushie machines off the ground, causing sparks and some different colored liquids (from the respective flavors) to shoot out briefly. Star tilted the tubs full of slush back and allowed the contents to fall into her mouth. She dropped the empty containers and then licked her lips with her tongue.
"Mmmmm… cherry, orange, and grape all in one gulp! That's gotta be a new record!" Star said.
"Er… right. Did that satisfy your hunger, Star?" Marco asked.
"Nope! I need more! How about we go to that taco place? Y'know, the one with the sugarrito?" Star said as she rapidly blinked her eyes down at Marco on her shoulder.
"What!? Oh no… don't tell me you're having that again!" Marco said.
"Maybe, maybe not! We'll see!" Star said as she got back on her feet and walked down the road again, trying to find Britta's Tacos.
Along the way, Star once again walked slowly to make sure nobody in front of her got stepped on. Eventually, though, she couldn't resist having some fun with them. She stomped her boots a little closer than ever before.
"Rawr! Beware the monster boots, little Earthlings!!! RAWR!!" Star shouted.
"Star!!!" Marco shouted.
"What? Come on, it gets boring waiting for them to get out of the way!" Star said.
"Yeah, but… some of those people are close to having a heart attack already!" Marco said.
"Alright, alright. I'll leave them alone. Party pooper. You sound just like my Mom sometimes… oooooooooh… there's a scary thought!" Star said. She then stopped walking when she towered over the taco stand, which was curiously empty.
"Huh? There's nobody here?" Star said.
"Maybe they're on vacation?" Marco said. Star then got down on her knees and peeked inside the stand. Inside were three burglars, who all screamed like little girls when they looked outside and saw nothing but a giant eyeball looking through the window. Star gasped as well.
"What is it, Star?" Marco said.
"There are people dressed in black inside! Are those guys the alien hunters you told me about?" Star asked. Marco then watched as the three guys came running out of the taco stand and jumped into their car.
"Not those guys! They're robbers! They probably scared everyone away so they could take all the money here!" Marco said.
"WHAT!? Oooooooh… if there's one thing I hate more than anything else in this entire universe… IT'S TACO STAND ROBBERS!!!" Star suddenly shouted with imaginary flames shooting out from her head. She quickly got to her feet, causing Marco to fall off, but once again he grabbed Star's hair to save himself, while Star herself chased after the getaway car.
While one of the three crooks drove the car, the other two looked back and watched the giant Star closing in quickly.
"Dang, man! Can't you speed this thing up!?" one crook said.
"This is as fast as the car will go!" the driver said. Star then watched as the car wobbled left and right. It was clearly having trouble staying straight as it tried not to run over anyone or anything. Still, that put the civilians in danger, and Star felt inclined to intervene with her magic. She tightly gripped her wand, just as Marco managed to get back on Star's shoulder.
"Um… Star… what are you doing?" Marco said.
"Putting my own spin on radio controlled car!" Star said. She then powered up her wand, and just as soon as it glowed, the car the crooks were driving in also glowed. The driver of the car watched as the steering wheel in front of him took a life of its own.
"What!? What's happening! I can't control the car anymore!" the driver shouted. He and the other crooks screamed as they were helpless passengers inside the self-controlled vehicle, with Star doing the steering by tilting her wand left and right.
Eventually, the car spun out and collided lightly with a police car. The officers got out and saw the unconscious crooks inside. Then they looked up at the giant Star approaching them.
"Hey there, officers! I caught these men trying to rob Britta's Tacos! Thank you, have a nice day!" Star said as she waved down at the officers and then turned around, walking to another part of the town. The officers traded confused looks at each other.
"Um… shouldn't we do something about that giant girl too?" officer #1 said.
"Dude… that's Star Butterfly. That's probably one of her special powers." officer #2 said.
"Oh… right, right. Still, shouldn't we…?" officer #1 said.
"She has special powers." officer #2 said as he interrupted his partnet. Officer #1 quickly nodded.
"Got it. I got it." officer #1 said as the two then turned their attention to the crooks.
Star, meanwhile, casually strolled around town while Marco chatted with her from her shoulder.
"Heh… I gotta admit that was pretty slick." Marco said.
"Thanks! Why not try something different if I can't go dogzilla all over the town?" Star said with a smile.
"Er… right." Marco said. Star then looked a few blocks out ahead of her.
"Oooooh! Look, Marco, there's Echo Creek Academy!" Star said as she went into a faster walk towards the high school. Once she towered over it, she watched as teachers and a few students (who liked to hang out after hours) came flying out from inside.
"Hey, Marco, can I pretty please just stomp one little section of the school?" Star asked.
"Um… I don't know, Star…" Marco said.
"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease? Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!?" Star said as she suddenly displayed scared deer in the headlights type eyes.
"Sigh… okay, okay. Just ONE section." Marco said.
"Woohoo! Let's see…" Star said. She then pointed a finger down towards the school and moved it back and forth.
"Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Catch a tiger by the toe. If he hollers, let him go. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe!" Star shouted as she stopped her finger at the farthest building to the right. Star then, without hesitation, lifted up her right boot and slammed it down on the building, bringing half of it down in pieces to the ground. Marco breathed a sigh of relief when he saw nobody inside.
"Wow! That felt so gooooooood!" Star said.
"Heh heh… just don't let it go to your head." Marco said.
"Who? Me? Beautiful gigantic 14-year-old Star Butterfly going on a destructive rampage? I'd like to think I've been more than…!" Star said, only to swing her boot around and accidentally kick a palm tree, sending it toppling down and crashing into one of the central buildings of the high school's complex.
"…careful. Oopsies!" Star said. Marco gave a brief angry glare at Star's face, but ultimately didn't say anything.
Shortly thereafter, there was another familiar voice coming from ground level.
"Star! Ohmigosh, Star!" the girl said. Star looked down and immediately recognized the girl down by her boots. She was Jackie Lynn Thomas, another student at Echo Creek Academy. Jackie has wavy, shoulder-length platinum blond hair with an aqua streak on the left side, tan skin, mint green eyes, and freckles. She is of medium height and has a slim, curvy body. She wears a green and white raglan shirt, an orange seashell necklace, cyan jean shorts, green and white kneesocks, and blue and white sneakers. Star gasped upon seeing her.
"Oh! Hey, Jackie! What's up?" Star asked.
"You mean aside from you? Hahahaha!" Jackie said. Star smiled and then reached down and gently picked her up, holding her in her hands.
"And I see you picked up a hitchhiker." Jackie said with a smile.
"Um… hi, Jackie." Marco said as he blushed.
"Seriously, though, how long have you been down there?" Star asked.
"Not long, really. I've been following you around ever since I saw the news report of you stomping around Echo Creek." Jackie said.
"Oh? I'm on the news already? How did I look?" Star said with that familiar happy grin of hers.
"Haha! Never better, Star! I think being that big suits you." Jackie said.
"Awwww… thanks, Jackie!" Star said as she gently hugged Jackie against her face just like with Marco earlier.
After the hug, Star watched as Jackie sighed.
"Huh? What's wrong, Jackie?" Star asked.
"I wish I could be that tall. It must be so much fun being bigger than anyone or anything else." Jackie said.
"Hmmm… I think I can arrange that." Star said.
"Huh? Really?" Jackie said.
"If I can tap into magic inside of me that made me grow and channel it into my wand, maybe I can make a growth spell that I can use on you!" Star said.
"You'd… you'd do that for me?" Jackie said with stars glittering in her eyes.
"Of course! We are pals, right?" Star said. She gently set the girl back down on the ground and then tucked her wand against her chest.
"Can you really do that, Star?" Marco asked.
"No idea, but I'll try it anyway!" Star said with a smile on her face. After a few seconds, Star became surrounded in a bright light as her wand also glowed brightly. Eventually Star stopped glowing and it was just her wand that glowed. The giantess smiled.
"Looks like it worked! Hold real still, Jackie…" Star said as she pointed her wand towards Jackie and half closed her eyes.
"Star… are you sure you know what you're doing?" Marco said.
"Well… if this doesn't work, let's just say Jackie will be in a million pieces. No biggie, right?" Star said with an awkward smile. Marco gulped nervously as he watched Star fire a white beam towards Jackie.
Jackie glowed a bright white for a few seconds, but then Star smiled as she watched what was happening.
"Oh! Jackie's growing! Coooooooool!" Star said. Jackie gasped as she watched the ground fade away from her, and she rised up in the air like she were on an elevator.
"Oh my…!" Jackie said. After a few more seconds, Jackie was standing at the same height of 100 feet tall that Star had grown to. Star and Jackie looked at each other like they were normal-sized. As for Marco… practically a galaxy's worth of stars were in his eyes as he looked at the towering beauty that was in front of him.
He was so distracted… he didn't realize he was slipping off Star's shoulder until he felt himself falling.
"Whooooooooooa!!!" Marco screamed as he tried to reach out and grab a strand of Star's long hair. He wasn't able to grab anything and so reached out for his last possible hope, latching onto the bottom of Star's green dress.
Jackie checked over her arms and feet to make sure they weren't deformed or transformed into elements of a monster (they weren't), much like Miss Skullnick.
"So… what do you think?" Star asked.
"I… I really am a giantess." Jackie said.
"Heh… that's what I first thought too." Star said.
"Star. This… Is… Beyond… AWESOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOME!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!" Jackie shouted. She then wrapped her arms around Star's upper body and gave her fellow giantess a hug.
"Whoa! My pleasure, Jackie!" Star said. Jackie then loosened her grip on Star.
"I… I have a secret I want to tell you. I've dreamed of growing to a giant size ever since I was a little girl." Jackie said.
"Heh… well, now that you are a giantess, how does it feel?" Star asked.
"Ahhhh… it's everything I ever dreamed it would be. Cars small enough to be crushed under my shoes… being able to see for miles in the distance… seeing tiny people like Marco on your shoul…" Jackie said, who suddenly had a concerned look on her face.
"Hmmm? Go on?" Star asked.
"Star! Where did Marco go!?" Jackie said. Star looked on her shoulder and didn't see Marco there anymore. She gasped, but then the two giantesses looked down when they heard him calling out.
"Hey! Down here!" Marco said as he held on for dear life on the bottom of Star's dress. Jackie smiled and got down on her knees.
"Hahaha! You sure love to hang around, Marco." Jackie said with a giggle.
"Very funny! Now someone get me down from here!" Marco shouted.
"I got this one." Jackie said. She extended a hand underneath Marco and allowed the boy to fall onto it. Jackie stood back up to her full height and admired Marco from her new size.
"Awww… you look so cute, Marco. Like a little doll." Jackie said as she lightly stroked Marco's head of hair.
"Hey! Watch it!" Marco shouted as his hair got messed up as a result.
"Don't worry, Marco! I'll fix your hair!" Star said as she suddenly stuck her tongue out.
"Eeeep! Nonononon…!!!" Marco said, only to have Star's saliva-drenched tongue drop down on his entire upper body. Star could only get one good lick in before Jackie pulled him away and cradled him against her chest.
"Ewwww! Star, that's like totally disgusting!" Jackie said.
"Sorry, Jackie. I was only trying to help." Star said as she fidgeted her boot around, obviously looking like she badly messed up again. Jackie then petted her on the shoulder.
"It's cool, Star." Jackie said. Suddenly, the two girls heard a loud rumbling sound. They both looked right at Marco.
"Ehhehhehheh… I guess all this excitement over you two being giant is making me hungry." Marco said.
"I know the perfect spot we can eat. Come on, Star." Jackie said as she walked by Star and took her by the hand.
"Whoa!" Star said as the two giantesses walked further into Echo Creek.
They eventually came to a stop when they towered over Emilio's Pizza. Jackie smiled as she saw how small the structure looked compared to before.
"Haha! Nothing like seeing Emilio's Pizza so teeny tiny!" Jackie said. She got down on her knees and tapped on the building's front doors with one of her fingers. Eventually someone in a Emilio's Pizza work outfit came walking out.
"Yes? How can I help youuuuuuu…?" the man said as he gazed upward and upward at Jackie and Star both towering above him.
"Hey there, young man! My friend and I would like every Piezilla pie you have in stock. We don't care about the toppings! Oh, and how about every box of pizza nuggets you have as well?" Jackie said.
"Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-yes, ma'am…" the man said as he stumbled his way back inside the building.
"Um… Jackie? Can we possibly afford all that?" Marco said as he continued to stand in one of Jackie's giant hands.
"No… but who cares!? We're giantesses. He'll probably drop all the food and run for his life." Jackie said.
"Teehee… I like the way you think, Jackie!" Star said with that signature grin on her face. She was really enjoying having Jackie as her giant company.
The giantesses watched as the man ran in and out of the store, dropping the 24-inch pizza boxes down in front of their footwear. Once he brought out the last of a handful of much smaller sized boxes, presumably the ones with the pizza nuggets, he was breathing heavily.
"That'll be… huff puff… four thousand… huff puff… five hundred…. and sixty… huff puff… seven… dollars." the man said.
"Uh oh… he did ask for payment after all. What now?" Marco asked. Jackie didn't sweat it, however. She whispered into Star's ear.
"Oooooooh… that sounds like fun! Let's do it!" Star said. Both giantesses then gave a somewhat mean glance down at the young man.
"I've got a better idea. How about we pay you in 4,567 megatons?" Jackie said.
"Stompy time!" Star shouted as both ladies raised their footwear high.
"Yipe!!!" the man said as he turned around and ran off in the distance. The two ladies laughed as they watched him run off.
"Hahahaha! It's so cute watching them run!" Jackie said.
"I'll agree to that!" Star said. The two then sat down in front of the pizzeria, and after Jackie set Marco down on the ground, they each took a box, using their fingers to somehow open the boxes and drop the bite-sized pizzas down their mouths.
"Hey, Star! Race to see who eats the most food?" Jackie said.
"Deal!" Star said. The two giantesses raced to eat the most of the 'Piezilla' pizzas and pizza nuggets. Marco tried to sneak a slice down his own throat, but had to back away when one of Star's giant hands came down and grabbed the pizza.
A couple minutes later, before Marco knew it, all the food was gone… either inside Jackie's stomach or Star's stomach.
"Ooooh… that was gooooooood!" Star said.
"Haha! I never thought I'd be eating that much pizza in my life!" Jackie said as she rubbed her stomach region. Star then looked down and saw Marco by one of her legs.
"Huh? Did you have any pizza, Marco?" Star asked.
"Maybe a slice or two, though you did come close to eating me during your contest." Marco said.
"Oops! Sorrrrrrrrrry!" Star said. She then picked him up and lightly kissed his entire body. Jackie folded her arms.
"Hey… don't I get to kiss him too!?" Jackie said.
"Oh, of course." Star said with a smile. She dangled Marco by his shirt and held him in front of Jackie's giant face. Jackie puckered her lips and gave Marco a kiss as well.
"Oy…" Marco said as he suddenly closed his eyes and tilted his head to the side.
"Oh dear… I think getting kissed by two giantesses was too much for him!" Star said. She and Jackie got back to their feet as Star put the nearly unconscious Marco back on her shoulder.
"So what do you want to do now?" Star asked. Jackie didn't have to look far to figure out the next destination.
"To the skate park." Jackie said as she walked by her fellow giantess.
"Of course. Why didn't I think of that?" Star said, finding the destination choice unsurprising given Jackie's intense love of skateboarding.
It was business as usual for the few boys in the skate park as they rode around and did stunts in the many ramped holes. Of course, activity came to a screeching halt (almost literally for some of the boys) as they looked up and watched the giantesses Star Butterfly and Jackie Lynn Thomas stand over the park with their hands on their hips.
"Hello, boys." Jackie said.
"Oh wow! It's Jackie! She's so big!" one of the boys shouted.
"Yeah! And isn't that Star Butterfly also?" another boy said. Before the boys could wonder anymore how the ladies got so big, Jackie reached down and picked up every single one of them.
"Now then. You all are so good at skateboarding. I want to see how good you are at climbing!" Jackie said. She placed her hand at the bottom of her shirt.
"The winner gets a biiiiiiiiiig kiss from me. Ready, go!" Jackie said. The boys looked at each other confusingly, but Star helped get them going.
"You heard the lady! Go!" Star said as she flashed her wand and shot tiny energy beams at the behinds of all the boys, giving them a light electric shock that made them jump onto Jackie's shirt.
After a couple minutes, one boy managed to make it to the top of Jackie's right shoulder. He could only celebrate (by pumping his arms up) briefly before he was picked up by Jackie.
"Congratulations! And now… your reward." Jackie said as she licked her lips and planted them all over the boy, smothering him in saliva. She started to bend her knees to put him back down on the ground, but Star put a hand on Jackie's shoulder.
"Wait, Jackie! Why not have them climb me next!?" Star said. Jackie then took a good look at Star's very long head of hair and smiled.
"A GREAT idea, my giant friend." Jackie said. Star took as many locks of her hair as her left hand would allow and held it in front of her, allowing Jackie (after she plucked the other boys off her shirt) to hold them in front of the hair.
"Round two! Now you get to climb the biggest head of hair you've ever seen!" Jackie said.
"And you have to make it to the horns atop my head!" Star said as she pointed up to her headband.
"Ready, go!" Jackie said. This time, the boys did not hesitate and got to climbing up the locks of hair like they were ropes in a gymnasium.
In Jackie's excitement over watching the tiny boys climb, however, she took a step back into the roadway and partly stepped on a pickup truck. She gasped as she felt the crunch underneath her shoe and quickly looked down, but breathed a sigh of relief as it was only the front of the truck that got crushed. The driver of the truck jumped out and ran like heck away from the giantess.
"Sorry! I didn't mean that! Honest!" Jackie said as she tried to apologize to the man, but he just kept on running.
"Sigh… goes with the territory, I suppose." Jackie said as she shrugged her shoulders and got back to watching the boys from the skate park climb up Star's hair.
Star smiled and giggled at times watching the boys climb her hair. It looked like there was going to be a surefire winner, but Star had a different idea up her short sleeves. She picked up Marco and shook him back to consciousness.
"Wake up, Marco!!!" Star shouted. Just as he woke up, she placed the young man on top of her head near one of the horns on her headband.
"Huh? What? Where am I?" Marco said.
"And the winner is Marco!" Star said.
"Awwww… c'mon, man!" many of the skateboarding boys said. Jackie just smiled as she looked up at the confused Marco.
"What… just happened?" Marco asked.
"You won the hair climbing contest, what else?" Jackie said.
"Ack! You mean I climbed up Star's long and beautiful hair!" Marco said, only to then get wrapped up by Star's giant hand again.
"Of course! And you looked so good doing it." Star said as she quickly kissed him again.
"Okay then. Time to let our friends back down." Jackie said as she started to reach for the tiny boys still on Star's hair.
"Wait, Jackie! I got this." Star said as she clutched her wand and made it glow brightly. All of the boys, including Marco, glowed a bright white and then found themselves floating in the air, but only for a few seconds as Star waved her wand down and allowed the boys to land back on the ground in front of the giantesses' feet.
"Heeheehee! Just one of many many many spells my wand has!" Star said.
"Can it make us a little bigger?" Jackie said with a smile on her face.
"Errrr… still working on that." Star said as she casually brushed the ground with her boots.
"Anyway, you boys better run on home now before we go Attack of the Teenage Giantesses on you." Jackie said, again with a crafty smile. The boys didn't hesitate and either ran or skated out of the park.
It was soon just Marco and the giantesses in the skate park, and the sun was setting in the distance too.
"Hmmm… what now? Where are you two going to sleep?" Marco said.
"We could always sleep out here. Y'know, like in the summer camp days!" Jackie said. Just then, Star watched as her body glowed a bright red now.
"Huh? What now?" Star said. Jackie looked down and was the first to notice something.
"Ooooh… I think we're shrinking, Star." Jackie said. Both she and Star were indeed getting smaller and smaller. About 20 seconds later, they were both back to their normal size.
"Oh… you're back to normal." Marco said.
"Darn it! Just when I was having fun being big!" Jackie said.
"Yeah! Me too! I guess Ludo's spell wore off." Star said.
"Who's Ludo?" Jackie asked.
"Oh… well… that's a story I should save for another day." Star said.
She then twirled her wand around and smiled.
"Well then, I guess it's time to head home, right Marco?" Star said with a smile as she ran up alongside Marco.
"Um… yes. Yes it is." Marco said. He was part relieved to have Star back to her normal size, but part of him was already missing when she was giant sized. And Jackie too, especially as she ran up to Marco's other arm.
"How about I stay over for a little bit? Maybe Star and I can trade ideas for the next time we grow big." Jackie said.
"That'd be so cool!" Star said. As the three walked their way back to Marco's home, Marco rolled his eyes… but then smiled. To him, it was another one of those days in Echo Creek.