Sofia the Big Frosty Friend

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by whitebearboy)

The caravan pulled up to the front steps of Freezenburg Castle, where Princess Hildegard and her father waited patiently. They watched as the caravan opened up and trumpets played in the background as the family of Sofia the First stepped out. With Sofia were her mother (Queen Miranda), stepfather (King Roland II), stepbrother (James), and of course her stepsister (Amber). The king of Freezenburg, King Henrik, ran up and greeted the grownups.
"Ahhhh… King Roland II, it's so good to see you again!" King Henrik said.
"Likewise, King Henrik. It has been too long." King Roland II said.
"Yes, yes, I can relate. Running a kingdom can suck all the free time in the world away." King Henrik said. Sofia ran up towards Hildegard, doing a curtsy even with the extra clothing she was wearing over her princess gown to protect her from the cold.
"Hi, Princess Hildegard!" Sofia said.
"And hello to you too, Sofia." Hildegard said.
"Still snobbish as usual, I see." Amber said with a wry smile.
"Hey, come on! I'm learning." Hildegard said.
"Come, one and all! Let me show you where you'll be staying tonight." King Henrik said as he and everyone else made their way inside massive Freezenburg Castle.

While walking down the hallways, Sofia couldn't help but stop in front of a painting that showed gigantic people (both male and female) roaring down at a group of normal-sized people in a village. Hildegard saw Sofia had stopped and ran back to join her friend while everyone else went ahead.
"Huh? Hey, Hildegard! I don't remember seeing this painting before." Sofia said.
"Oh. Daddy had that put in about a year ago. He keeps going on and on about wanting to do a rememberance of the Frost Giants." Hildegard said.
"The Frost Giants?" Sofia asked.
"An ancient race of people as big as that picture portrays them. Legend has it they helped shape the way Freezenburg is today, but when people started moving onto their territory, they got mad and tried chasing them away." Hildegard said.
"Really? That's not very nice…" Sofia said.
"But the people just kept coming back, repeatedly rebuilding their homes no matter how many times they were destroyed and no matter how ruthless the Frost Giants grew." Hildegard said.
"Sooooo… what happened to them?" Sofia said.
"They eventually got tired and made a spot in the kingdom all to themselves. In fact… come on, let me show you something." Hildegard said as she gently grabbed Sofia by the hand.
"Oh!" Sofia said.

Eventually the two were standing on a balcony looking out in the distance at the castle's backside. Hildegard pointed out towards an incredibly thick fog that cut off all visibility beyond that point.
"Supposedly the Frost Giants made that strong blizzard, using it to ward off any curious visitors. Anybody who did trespass into their turf, that is if they weren't frozen solid by the weather, were eaten alive by the Frost Giants." Hildegard said with a spooky type look on her face.
"*gulp* The Frost Giants ate people!?" Sofia said.
"At least, that's what the legends say. But this was hundreds of years ago… who knows how they really behaved once the blizzard was put up, and who knows if they're still alive anyway." Hildegard said.
"Yeah, they're probably all gone by now. Hasn't anyone tried to go beyond that blizzard?" Sofia said, with Hildegard shaking her head.
"Even after all these years with the advancements in technology, nobody who enters that fog has ever come back. Maybe there are still angry and nasty descendants behind there…" Hildegard said. Suddenly the two heard a male voice behind them. It belonged to Sofia's father.
"Sofia! What are you doing out here? Don't you want to see the room you, Amber, and James will be sleeping in?" King Roland II said.
"Oh yeah! Coming, Dad! Sorry… Hildegard was just showing me something." Sofia said as she, Hildegard, and the king all left the balcony. Sofia took one last look at the fog way out in the distance.
"Well, I've got my magic amulet. Maybe that will be enough to see if there are any Frost Giants left." Sofia said. Of course, she couldn't make her way towards that fog now. She had to wait until the time was right.

That time would prove to be a couple hours later, when both the families of Sofia and Hildegard were sitting at the dinner table. For Sofia, she felt lucky that everyone else was talking to each other but her. That allowed her to sneak the rest of her dinner plate (she had already eaten half) under the table into the licking chops of her pet rabbit, Clover. Once she saw the plate was empty (and Clover let out a burp), she quickly pulled it back above the table before anyone could notice.
"What!? Sofia, you're done already?" Amber said.
"Errrr… yeah. I guess I was really hungry. May I be excused, Mom?" Sofia said as she looked over at her mother sitting at the next chair over.
"Of course, Sofia." Queen Miranda said. Sofia scooted the chair back and hopped off, walking gracefully out of the dining room.

Once she was out, she got back to the bedroom she was staying in and put on her extra clothing for winter protection.
"Are you going where I think you're going?" a male voice said. Sofia gasped as she looked over, only to see it was her pet rabbit, Clover.
"Clover… don't sneak up on me like that! And yes, I am going towards that fog." Sofia said.
"You sure that's a good idea? That was one creepy story Princess Hildegard told. What if the Frost Giants are real? You heard what she said…" Clover said.
"I know, I know. Nobody who's ever gone into that blizzard fog has come back. But they didn't have the Amulet of Avalor." Sofia said.
"True. But still…" Clover said. Sofia then walked up to Clover and patted him on his head between the ears.
"Look, Clover. I shouldn't be gone long. If anyone does ask, I'll just tell them I was looking for more Snowdrops." Sofia said.
"Sigh… alright, but be careful." Clover said, watching as Sofia opened up the nearby window. She set her sights on the fog in the distance and then took a deep breath as she cradled her amulet in her hands.
"I wish to be a flying unicorn!" Sofia said as she jumped out the window and magically transformed into a flying pink unicorn. Sofia flapped her wings as she flew directly towards the fog.

Right as Sofia went into the fog was when conditions took a turn for the worst. She was immediately pelted with cold air, snow flurries, and strong wind.
"Whoa! It really is a blizzard in here! It's much worse compared to looking at it from a distance!" Sofia said. But the young princess bravely flew through it, hoping there would be an end in sight. Even after a few minutes of flying through the harsh weather, there was no end in sight, and the weather was finally taking its toll as she lost altitude.
"C-c-c-can't h-h-h-h-hold m-m-m-much l-l-l-l-longer…" Sofia said as she felt her teeth chattering. Finally she crashed down onto the snow and changed back to her human self. Even with her robe, Sofia felt the cold weather overpowering her easily as she collapsed on all fours and crawled forward.
"S-s-s-s-s-s-sooooooooo c-c-c-c-c-c-coooooold." Sofia said as her vision started to fade. Finally, her strength had been fully sapped and she thought long and hard about her friends and family as she collapsed face first into the snow.

When Sofia next opened her eyes, the scenery had changed radically. She looked to be in an indoor environment judging by the wooden ceiling. She also realized she was laying on her back in some kind of bed, which she slowly leaned up on. More importantly, it was a lot warmer than before. In fact, she was sitting next to a large flame.
"Ooooooh…" Sofia said as she rubbed her eyes trying to clear her vision. She looked around at her surroundings.
"Where… where am I?" Sofia asked. She looked up at the burning flame and saw it was sitting atop an oversized candle.
"Is that… a candle? It's so big…" Sofia said.
"Oh, good! You finally woke up!" a young female voice echoed behind the candle. Sofia worked hard to maintain her balance as the ground suddenly shook a little bit every second. Sofia shuddered nervously until she finally saw someone coming. And this someone was quite large.
"Eeeeeeek!" Sofia screamed as she backed away to the bed she had been laying in. Towering above her at about 150 feet tall was a young girl with blonde hair wrapped in a pony tail. She was wearing a dark emerald colored long sleeved shirt as well as dress that went down below her knees, revealing light emerald colored socks and black dress shoes.
(If you do a Google search for Young Elsa, particularly from Frozen Free Fall, you'll get an exact look of this girl! ^______^)
"Whoa whoa whoa! Don't be afraid! If it wasn't for me, you'd have frozen solid in that blizzard." the giantess said.
"Oh? It was you who saved me from the cold?" Sofia asked. The giantess nodded.
"My name is Princess Rimsa. What's yours?" Rimsa the giantess asked.
"Sofia. Although… you don't look much like a princess." Sofia said.
"Heh… I suppose not given the gown you're wearing. It looks lovely, by the way." Rimsa said.
"Thank you!" Sofia said.

She got back to being nervous, however… thinking maybe this was part of some evil scheme by the giantess to lull her into thinking she was friendly.
"You're… not going to eat me, are you?" Sofia asked.
"Eat you? Good heavens, no! My Mom and Dad always say tinies don't taste good at all." Rimsa said.
"Tinies? Is that what you call people smaller than you?" Sofia asked.
"Yes. At least what few I've seen in all the years I've lived." Rimsa said.
"Oh? Just a few? Legends say there were many people who invaded your grounds." Sofia said.
"Maybe years ago that was true, but you're actually the first Tiny I've ever seen come this far. They usually die in the blizzard outside and get buried underneath the snow." Rimsa said.
"Oh, I see!" Sofia said.
"Anyway, you must be starving after going through that storm. Wait here." Rimsa said as she got up from her chair and walked away. Sofia watched as the giantess opened up the fridge and got something out. After closing the fridge doors, she came back holding a piece of lettuce that she dropped in front of Sofia.
"Here. It doesn't look like much, but it's probably equal to a full dinner plate given your size." Rimsa said.
"You're right! Thanks!" Sofia said as she gracefully munched through the lettuce.

After a couple minutes of chewing through the piece of lettuce, Sofia rubbed her stomach.
"Thank you, Princess Rimsa. I'm full now." Sofia said.
"You're welcome, Sofia." Rimsa said as she brushed aside the lettuce. Both girls smiled at each other until Rimsa sighed.
"What's wrong, Rimsa?" Sofia said.
"You're such a sweet little girl, Sofia. Can… can we be friends?" Rimsa said.
"Sure! I've always wanted to have a giant friend." Sofia said. She noticed one of Rimsa's hands was resting on the table, and so she ran over and hugged as much of one of the giantess's fingers as she could, prompting a giggle from Rimsa.
"The thing is… friends are hard to come by outside this cottage. I firmly believe myself, my Mom, and my Dad are the only Frost Giants left." Rimsa said.
"Oh… I'm sorry to hear that, Rimsa." Sofia said.
"I'd give anything to meet another giant or giantess… even if we couldn't go far from home for fear of scaring the Tinies." Rimsa said.

Sofia lightly sighed, feeling sympathetic for the loneliness Rimsa must go through every day. She thought about what she said about wanting to meet another giant friend, and then, after looking down at the amulet wrapped around her neck, realized she had the one object she could use to make that dream happen.
"Maybe I can help, Rimsa! I can grow as big as you!" Sofia said.
"Huh? Seriously? Is now really a good time to be joking around?" Rimsa asked.
"No, it's true! See this amulet? It's called the Amulet of Avalor. It has the power to grant whatever wish I want as long as I use it for good." Sofia said.
"Oh? A magic amulet?" Rimsa said.
"Yeah! I can use it to wish myself as big as you. Then you can have that giant friend you always wanted!" Sofia said.
"I… well… okay! I would like that, Sofia!" Rimsa said.
"Okay! Could you set me down on the floor so I don't crush this bed or table underneath me?" Sofia said. Rimsa nodded and held a hand out, allowing Sofia to step on and stand on the palm.

The 150-foot-tall young giantess gently set Sofia down on the wooden floor. Sofia marveled over how big Rimsa looked from the floor, but got excited thinking she was soon going to look a lot more normal-sized now. Sofia cradled her amulet into both her hands.
"I wish to be as big as my new friend." Sofia said. The amulet immediately worked its magic by glowing brightly and shooting out sparkling energy that surrounded her in a white light. Immediately afterwards, Sofia began to grow.
"*gasp*" Rimsa gasped as she stepped back, watching Sofia grow bigger and bigger. It took almost a minute, but Sofia soon found herself the same size as her new friend.
"Wow… everything looks so different from up here!" Sofia said as she looked around the once gigantic wooden floor at her slippered feet.
"That's… that's… that's incredible!" Rimsa said.
"Hahaha! Thanks, Rimsa!" Sofia said.
"Soooooo… what am I supposed to do now?" Rimsa said.
"What best friends always do… hug!!!" Sofia said.
"Yay!" Rimsa said as she approached Sofia. The two giantesses fully embraced each other in a hug that lasted a good 10-15 seconds.

The two stopped hugging and held hands for a brief moment.
"I still can't get over how you suddenly grew. One minute you're the size of a snow bug, and the next… we're like sisters!" Rimsa said.
"I'm glad you're happy that you finally have a giant friend, but I know something else we can do now that I'm this tall." Sofia said.
"Oh? What's that, Sofia?" Rimsa said.
"Why don't I take you out of this house and show you the Freezenburg Kingdom? Better yet, I can take you to the kingdom I live in!" Sofia said. Rimsa again gasped.
"Sofia! I… I don't know. Mom and Dad said I'm to never ever ever ever venture outside home and visit the world of the Tinies. It could be dangerous!" Rimsa said.
"What's there to be afraid of? We'll have each others backs, and besides… this is a great opportunity to show that not all Frost Giants are bad." Sofia said.
"Yeah… I guess. Still, we should try and get back before my parents come home." Rimsa said.
"Okay! Then let's go!" Sofia said. She started to pull her fellow giantess by the arm, but Rimsa stood firm.
"Oh, wait! We should bundle up if we're going to go through the blizzard wall." Rimsa said.
"Nah, there's no need. I have another magic trick I can use my amulet for." Sofia said.
"Oh?" Rimsa said. The two giantesses finally made their way out of the cottage and stepped outside.

The two giantesses stood on the edge of the blizzard wall. They could feel the effects of the cold even with their size and standing a couple feet (relatively speaking) from the conditions. Sofia, without hesitation, held her amulet again.
"I wish both of us can always stay warm." Sofia said. The amulet glowed brightly again and this time made the bodies of both Sofia and Rimsa glow red.
"Oooooh… it's like I'm sitting in front of the fireplace at full power!" Rimsa said.
"We better walk quick. This particular spell has a time limit, unlike my growing spell." Sofia said.
"Okay." Rimsa said as the two held hands and made their way through the blizzard, still having to shield their eyes somewhat to keep falling snow from blanketing them.

A few minutes later, life is normal for the citizens outside Freezenburg Castle, whether it was shoveling snow, planting Snowdrop flowers, building snowmen, or cooking up dinner. But that normal life would come to a booming halt as booming sounds echoed in the distance and progressively got louder and louder and the ground also shook rhythmically. Everyone looked towards the blizzard wall in the distance behind the castle, where they saw two shadows slowly getting thicker and thicker.
"What are those things!?" one man shouted.
"Maybe it's the giant snow monster and his sister!" one young boy said.
"Come now, boy! There's no such thing as snow monsters!" one woman said. Then the murmurs turned into loud gasps, as bursting through the 'wall' were the two giantesses, Sofia and Rimsa.
"Whoa! I knew it! The snow monsters were real!" the boy said.
"And quite lovely looking too…" the man said, only to get slapped by the woman.
"Will you shut up and get everyone inside before those two eat us!?" the woman screamed as she and the rest of the family scrambled back into their house. About half of the remaining citizens did the same thing while the other half stood gobsmacked at the mere sight of two towering young ladies.
"Oh my! Isn't that Sofia from Enchancia?" one man shouted.
"She's really grown up since I last saw her!" one woman said. They and others watched as the giantesses slowly stepped forward. It gave some people lumps in their throats when they saw the two giantesses a full head taller than Freezenburg Castle itself, a fact not lost on Sofia.
"Wow… we're bigger than even Freezenburg Castle!" Sofia said.
"It's amazing what I've been missing…" Rimsa said.
"Oh, that's right. You said you've never ventured far outside your home." Sofia said.
"Still, look at all the people looking up at us." Rimsa said.
"Teehee… yeah! They're all so small, just like the houses they live in! Come on, let's walk around." Sofia said as the two stepped away from the castle and gently toured around the village in front of it.

Obviously, various people got out of the way to avoid being stepped on by either giantess, or get trapped underneath Sofia's dress.
"Don't be afraid, everyone! We're the most gentle giantesses of all time!" Sofia said. Rimsa saw one couple run inside their home, and she couldn't help but get down on her knees and gently lift the house up from its foundation in one piece. The couple screamed as they looked up at the giantess.
"Hi! Don't be scared. I just want to say nice to meet you!" Rimsa said as she waved down at the couple with her other hand. The couple very slowly waved back, wondering what the heck they were witnessing. A giantess who wasn't power hungry and threatened to eat them? They breathed a sigh of relief as Rimsa set the house back down on top of them and they were living under the roof like nothing had happened.

Sofia, naturally, was just as curious. It was one thing to be shrunken to a tiny size like that one time she did so to play with the wee sprites, but towering over Freezenburg was a whole other surreal experience to the young princess. She took note of all the snow that was surrounding some of the houses, with some stunned people holding shovels in their hands
"Wow… this is a lot of snow. Perhaps I can help clear it out for you!" Sofia said as she reached down and scooped up a small hill's worth of snow around one house. She threw it to the side, allowing the family to roam around much easier around the outside of their house. Once they realized the good nature of the giant Sofia, they cheered for her.
"Awww… thank you!" Sofia said. She would soon do the same thing for another house, and she wouldn't be alone either.
"Do you need some help, Sofia?" Rimsa asked.
"I would like that, Rimsa!" Sofia said as the two giantesses got back to shuffling snow around with their hands, although Rimsa couldn't help but kick some of the snow out of the way, prompting giggles from the two giantesses.

Eventually, every house in the village was cleared of excess snow… but the giantesses laughed when they saw the mini mountain full of snow they had made at the very edge of the village.
"Haha! How about that mini mountain of snow we made?" Sofia said.
"I say we name the mountain. Mount… um… Mount Sofia-Rimsa!" Rimsa said.
"Teehee! I like that name, Rimsa! I had something similar in mind… Rimsa-Sofia." Sofia said.
"Heh, I guess it can work either way." Rimsa said. Sofia could tell from the smile on Rimsa's face that she was having a grand time.
"Sofia!" a faint female voice yelled out for her. Sofia looked towards the castle where she saw her mother and the rest of her family, along with other castle servants (like Princess Hildegard), standing on the bottom of the castle steps.
"Oops! That's my Mom! I forgot all about my family in trying to get to you." Sofia said.
"I guess now is as good a time as ever to introduce them to me." Rimsa said.
"Good point! Come on!" Sofia said as she swung around and clipped part of a house with her dress.
"Whoops! Sorry!" Sofia said as she gently picked up the pieces and rested them against the house.
"Yeah… you might want to be more careful, Sofia." Rimsa said.
"Yeah… it's easy to destroy something at this size. I can see why my people would fear the Frost Giants even today." Sofia said.
"Sad, but true." Rimsa said as she frowned, but Sofia wrapped an arm around her.
"Hey, come on! At least you've got a giant friend in me!" Sofia said.
"Thanks, Sofia." Rimsa said as the two briefly hugged before they finally walked towards Freezenburg Castle.

Everyone watched as Sofia and Rimsa soon arrived and towered high above them, which was to be expected given they were both 150 feet tall.
"Sofia! What's happened to you!?" Queen Miranda, Sofia's mother, said.
"Hi, Mom! Please don't get mad at me, but I flew through the blizzard wall and found a cottage, where I met my new friend here, Rimsa! She's a Frost Giant! She said she always wanted a friend her size, so I used the amulet to grow to her size." Sofia said.
"Hi!" Rimsa said.
"So… the legend of the Frost Giants are true?" Hildegard said.
"Please don't be afraid. You may have heard a lot of things about Frost Giants, but I'm not like that. I just want to make friends, both big and small." Rimsa said.
"I believe you, young lady. Anyone who is a friend of my stepdaughter is a friend of all of us!" King Roland II said.
"Still, Roland, their mere presence could be scaring everyone else here." Queen Miranda said.
"Yeah… and think of all the food the two of them would have to consume!" Amber said. Suddenly she found herself lifted up as Sofia pinched two of her fingers on her lime green dress.
"What the… hey!" Amber shouted. Even with Sofia's gigantic smiling face now in front of her, Amber kicked her legs and waved her arms around trying to break free (even if that meant falling down to the ground).
"What's that, Amber? You're going to have to speak up… teehee!" Sofia said.
"Arrrrrrgh! Not funny, Sofia! Let me go in the name of humanity!" Amber said.
"Sofia, you put down your stepsister this instant!" Queen Miranda shouted.
"Yes, mother. I'm sorry." Sofia said as she gently set Amber back down on the ground.

Rimsa then tapped Sofia on the shoulder.
"Hey, Sofia. Didn't you say you were going to show me your home kingdom of Enchancia?" Rimsa said.
"Oh yeah, that's right! Come on… we better look at it now while the sun is still up." Sofia said. The two giantesses marched away (watching where they were stepping of course) and Queen Miranda tried to chase after them, only to be held back by the two kings.
"Sofia!!" Queen Miranda said.
"That won't do any good, my queen. Besides… (sigh) Sofia's a big girl now. She can take care of herself." King Roland II said.
"I just hope she doesn't do anything foolish…" Queen Miranda said.
"Or anything to inflate her ego to match her size." Amber muttered as she still caught her breath from being held by her giant stepsister.

As the two giantesses stepped away from Freezenburg and walked through a normally dense forest, brushing aside trees that were level with their waists, Sofia and Rimsa did a chit chat with each other.
"You know, you could've not followed your Mom's wishes. I mean, you're MUCH bigger than her now, so she can't boss you around anymore." Rimsa said with a smile.
"Yeah, I could've, but…" Sofia said.
"But what?" Rimsa asked.
"I have to be careful with how I use any power I wish from the Amulet of Avalor. It can easily become a curse if I use it irresponsibly." Sofia said.
"Ah… so if you were to go all fee fi fo fum…" Rimsa said.
"I could end up being stuck at this size." Sofia said.
"That wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing. We could be BFFs!" Rimsa said.
"Heh heh, I wouldn't mind that, but still, my people need me as much as the rest of my family. And Amber is right… there would be problems of finding enough food to eat, a place to sleep, having to do everything outside…" Sofia said.
"Hmmm… yeah. You bring up valid points. I've been taking my size for granted all these years, especially since everything is to scale where I live." Rimsa said.
"Haha, true! Still, we're already best friends for life, Rimsa, even when I eventually have to shrink back to normal size." Sofia said.

Rimsa smiled, and then looked over Sofia's shoulder.
"Oh! Is that your kingdom?" Rimsa said, with Sofia looking towards where her fellow giantess was pointing.
"Sure is! Wow… at least there's one good thing about being this big. It takes way less time to travel from one kingdom to another." Sofia said.
"Huh? What's going on over there?" Rimsa asked as she pointed towards the castle where Sofia normally lived. They both watched as a group of bandits were running out and being chased by armed guards.
"Oh? They look like bandits. They must've been trying to steal something from inside the castle again." Sofia said.
"Not if we stop them, right?" Rimsa said as she winked one of her eyes at her fellow giantess.
"Yeah, you're right! I can't wait to see how they react to seeing a couple giant princesses. Teehee!" Sofia said as she and Rimsa made their way towards the castle. It wasn't a straight walk to the castle, though, as the giantesses had to tip toe their way through a village in the path of the castle.
"Excuse us… pardon us…" both giantesses said as they tiptoed their way around the village, doing their best not to crush anyone or anything. It was a harder time for Sofia, though, given how her dress got caught up on some of the houses at times.
"Oooooh… I knew I should've worn a shorter dress before we left for Freezenburg." Sofia said.

The bandits, meanwhile, looked as though they were going to get away from the guards… only for them to come to a screeching halt when they saw the giant Rimsa towering over them with her arms folded.
"Going somewhere, gentlemen?" Rimsa said. The bandits scrambled and ran to the right just as Rimsa tried to reach down and grab them… only for them to almost crash against the dress of the other giantess, Sofia, whom they recognized as part of the royal family.
"Stop in the name of Sofia the Supersized!" Sofia said. The bandits turned around, but between the guards (who were just as stunned seeing Sofia so big) blocking their path and Rimsa closing in with her giant black dress shoes, they had nowhere to go and begged for mercy.
"Please! Spare us!" one of the bandits cried.
"Don't you guys know it's one of the highest crimes in all of Enchancia to steal from the royal castle?" Sofia asked.
"I know the old Frost Giants would probably stomp the intruders flat." Rimsa said.
"Great idea, Rimsa! I now cast upon you your punishment." Sofia said as she raised one of her glass slippers up in the air.
"Nooooooo!!!" the bandits screamed as Sofia lowered her foot closer and closer.

But then she pulled it back.
"Teehee! Thanks, guys! I've been wanting to do that all day. Okay, guards! Take them away!" Sofia said. The guards did just that, wrangling the bandits together and taking them back into the castle to no doubt throw them into the dungeon. Rimsa approached her fellow giantess.
"Wow… I was worried you were actually going to crush them!" Rimsa said.
"Teehee… I was tempted to, but thankfully I didn't. While it would've been fun, it's still taking a life, which would've made me felt horrible…" Sofia said. The two giantesses then heard voices calling out Rimsa's name in the distance. One male and one female.
"Oh! That's my Mom and Dad. I guess they're out looking for me." Rimsa said.
"Oops! I guess we had too much fun!" Sofia said.
"We better get back before they go rampaging around thinking the rest of the world kidnapped us! Can you lead the way, Sofia?" Rimsa said.
"Absolutely!" Sofia said as the two giantesses again carefully made their way out of Enchancia. They eventually were back in the forest region on the way back to Freezenburg.

At Freezenburg Castle, just as everyone was breathing a sigh of relief over the temporary departures of Sofia and Rimsa, they suddenly found themselves being visited by two more giants. And they were older and, as a result, much bigger than Sofia and Rimsa (approaching almost 300 feet tall in fact!). The giantess looked almost like exactly like Anna and the giant looked a lot like Kristoff, both from Frozen. They were, of course, the parents of Rimsa.
"Where could she have gone? It's not like her to not come running back immediately." the giantess said.
"It should be no surprise. She's probably gone far away causing all sorts of trouble. I must insist that we leave these grounds immediately, king!" the giant said with a slightly angry look down at King Henrik, with his daughter, Princess Hildegard, trembling behind him. They were both, along with Sofia's family, standing on one of the balconies of the castle.
"Have patience, sir! She and Sofia will be back soon. There is no need to cause panic across the entire land by merely walking around!" King Henrik said.
"Y-y-y-y-yeah! Just look at how scared our people are by just you two standing here!" Hildegard said. The giantess wrapped her hands around the giant's arm, which seemed to immediately calm him down.
"Alright, we'll give her a few more minutes, but then we go looking for her." the giant said.

Fortunately, the duo wouldn't have to wait for more than 5 seconds to hear her voice.
"Mom! Dad!" Rimsa shouted as she came walking fast onto the Freezenburg Castle grounds with Sofia now behind her.
"Rimsa! Oh, Rimsa, my baby girl!" Rimsa's Mom said as she got down on her knees and allowed Rimsa to run into her open arms. The two hugged each other profoundly.
"Hi, Mom! I'm so sorry I ran away from home. I wasn't going to go far, honest!" Rimsa said.
"We'll talk about that later, Rimsa. We're just glad you're back with us." Rimsa's Mom said.
"We were worried you got lost or, even worse, attacked by Tinies." Rimsa's Dad said.
"No, no. I just walked around to other kingdoms with my new friend, Sofia." Rimsa said. Sofia walked forward and did a curtsy.
"Mother and father of Rimsa, I'm so very sorry. I take full responsibility. I only grew as big as Rimsa because she said she wished she could have a giant friend." Sofia said.
"Oh? Are you saying magic is what's making you this size?" Rimsa's Dad asked.
"Yes, sir. With my Amulet of Avalor. I even talked Rimsa into showing her what the rest of the world looks like beyond that lovely home of yours. I guess we lost track of time." Sofia said.

Rimsa's Mom then got up and walked towards Sofia. Sofia expected to get quite the scolding from her, but instead she got a pat on the shoulder.
"I understand, Sofia, and thank you so much. You're right. Rimsa's been wishing she could have a friend her size ever since she was born." Rimsa's Mom said.
"Alas, we're the only Frost Giants left. Our world is not like yours where you can find other people to become friends with." Rimsa's Dad said.
"So feel free anytime to come visit our home and Rimsa anytime you feel like." Rimsa's Mom said.
"T-t-t-thank you, ma'am! Did you hear that, Rimsa? We can stay friends!" Sofia shouted.
"Yay!" Rimsa said as she ran over and gave Sofia another big hug.
"Just remember to grow to this size so we don't step on you!" Rimsa said.
"Haha! That won't be hard to remember!" Sofia said.

Rimsa's Mom and Dad then both patted Rimsa on the shoulder.
"We better get back now. It's almost bedtime for you, young lady." Rimsa's Dad said.
"Awwww, but…" Rimsa said.
"No buts!" both the Mom and Dad quickly said.
"Okay, okay, you're right." Rimsa said. The trio started to head for the blizzard wall when Rimsa took one last look back at Sofia.
"Farewell, Sofia! I hope we meet again soon!" Rimsa shouted.
"Me too!" Sofia said as she waved back, smiling just as much as Rimsa was.

Finally the group disappeared, leaving Sofia as the only giantess still standing over Freezenburg Castle.
"(sigh) I miss Rimsa already. At least I was glad to make her happy by growing to this size." Sofia said.
"Um… Sofia?" a female voice said from below. Sofia looked down by the balcony and recognized it as belonging to her mother.
"Sofia, don't you think maybe now would be a good time to come back to normal size?" Queen Miranda said. That's when Sofia looked around. As tempting as it was to stay a giantess and not have to be bossed around or proudly show herself as a tower of power, that would make it easy for her amulet to curse her into staying big.
"Okay, Mom! Here I come! I wish to be my good ol' small size again." Sofia said. The amulet glowed brightly and surrounded Sofia in a bright light. At the same time, Sofia watched the surrounding area grow bigger and bigger even as she floated down towards the ground.

Eventually, Sofia touched down on the balcony, now restored to her normal size. She immediately got a hug from her mother, Queen Miranda.
"Oh, Sofia. That was a nice thing you did for that Rimsa girl." Queen Miranda said.
"Teehee! Thanks, Mom! I hope the amulet is just as proud of the way I handled myself at that size. Being a giantess is really something." Sofia said.
"Tell me about it. Ugh… the way you easily lifted me off the ground!" Amber said.
"I'm sorry, Amber. I couldn't help myself. You would've likely done the same thing to me." Sofia said.
"Yeah, I suppose so." Amber said as she briefly imagined herself being as big as Sofia was.
"Anyway, I think that's enough tall tales for today… no pun intended! It's time everyone got into bed. We're leaving quite early tomorrow morning to get back to Enchancia!" King Roland II said as he and everyone else walked back inside the castle.

Sofia took one last look at the blizzard wall in the distance, hoping profoundly there would one day be another opportunity to see Rimsa again. She then headed back inside herself.