The Incredible Shrinking Kristoff

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by TheProky)

Far outside the castle town of Arendelle were the frozen mountains, ordinarily a very quiet part of the world at nighttime. But for tonight, there was one person to be found working. One very important person at that. He was Kristoff, the royal iceman for Queen Elsa and her sister, Anna, as well as the entire kingdom of Arendelle. Plenty of ice is needed for the kingdom so that Elsa doesn't have to use her powers of cryokinesis so much, and so the young people of the kingdom, especially the children, can enjoy doing winter-related things such as ice skating all season long. As Kristoff repeatedly drove his pickaxe into the frozen lake, he hummed the song Frozen Heart. He looked back at his faithful reindeer, Sven, with a smug smile.
"Pfffft. You're lucky you're a reindeer. You get to lay there looking pretty while I'm gathering ice blocks galore." Kristoff said. Sven snorted out a few giggles, and Kristoff smiled right back.
"Yeah, you're right. Someone has to do it. Besides, I get a lovely girlfriend out of the whole thing in Anna." Kristoff said as he got back to splitting the ice apart (beware the Frozen Heart!).
Almost an hour later, with a wagon full of carved up ice, Kristoff was taking a short break and looking up to admire the starry night sky. That's when he saw…
"Oh! Look, Sven. An aurora borealis." Kristoff said as he pointed up at it. Both he and Sven admired the beauty of the object, and could see why Elsa and Anna were so fascinated every time it showed up. As they continued to stare at it, Kristoff noticed something strange.
"Hmmm? Sven, is it me or is that aurora getting bigger?" Kristoff said as the two kept staring at the object that was closing in. They both knew this wasn't normal.
"It's heading right for us! Take cover!" Kristoff shouted. As Sven ducked down low to the snowy ground, Kristoff started running as fast as his legs would allow through the snow. But it wasn't fast enough as he looked behind him and saw the aurora closing in fast like waves on a sandy beach.
"Eeeeep!" Kristoff said as he finally tripped and ducked as low as he could in the snow, but the aurora was now touching the ground and swept right through the young man.
Kristoff eventually looked up and saw the aurora borealis rising back up to the sky. He quickly looked over himself and saw his body glow with bright energy, but that energy soon dissipated. Kristoff stood back up with a hint of confusion in his face.
"Oooooooookay… that aurora clearly touched me, but what did it do? Anything?" Kristoff said as he rubbed his arms and legs. As he did so, he looked over and saw Sven walking up towards him.
"Sven! You okay, boy?" Kristoff asked with Sven quickly nodding in approval.
"Good. That was really strange what that aurora did. We better tell Elsa what happened." Kristoff said. Sven let out a few noises.
"Yeah, when it's morning, that is. Come on. We better get back to Arendelle with all this ice." Kristoff said. He hopped atop Sven and gave him a light kick on the sides, signaling him to return home along with the wagon full of ice.
 With most of Arendelle indeed asleep, aside from the town and castle guards, Kristoff worked for the next hour storing away the ice in one of the chambers outside of the castle. Once this was done, Kristoff walked up to Sven and patted him on the head.
"Alrighty, Sven. Into the stables you go. I'll see you in the morning!" Kristoff said, with Sven nodding and galloping away. Kristoff didn't see any need to follow given how smart his reindeer was, so right away he walked into the castle and quietly made his way into his room. As Kristoff pulled his boots and some of his winter gear off, he once again looked over himself trying to see if that aurora borealis did anything to his body.
"Surely that aurora borealis wasn't a dud. I still remember what it did that one time to Elsa and Anna. Sigh… can't think about that right now. I need some sleep after a long night of ice picking." Kristoff said as he tucked himself into bed and eventually drifted off to sleep. Little did he realize his perspective on things was going to change.
Morning arrives, with the sunlight peeking through the nearby window and stirring Kristoff awake.
"*yawn* Morning to you, Arendelle. I hate mornings sometimes…" Kristoff said. As he leaned up in his bed, he looked over at his arms and saw something very peculiar about his clothes. They were hanging very loose like they were one size too big.
"What?" Kristoff said as he swung his arm around and watched the sleeves flop about. He quickly threw off his bed covers and saw his pants were just as baggy.
"Ooooookay. I know these are the same clothes I wore last night…" Kristoff said. The young man suddenly heard a few knocks on his bedroom door.
"Um… come in!" Kristoff shouted. He watched the door open and saw none other than Anna running in.
"Gooooooooooood morning, iceman!" Anna said as she ran up towards Kristoff, giving him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.
"Heh… I never get tired of that kind of good morning." Kristoff said.
"So how are you this morning? You got us plenty of ice, right?" Anna asked.
"Of course, of course! Ready for whatever Elsa plans to do with it." Kristoff said.
"I heard her talking about wanting to build a merry-go-round made entirely of the ice you and other guys found." Anna said.
"Heh… good for her." Kristoff said. Anna then took notice of Kristoff's loose clothing.
"What's up with your clothes? Are you trying an old, outdated fashion trend?" Anna asked.
"For your information, no. These clothes are the same ones I've worn for years, and…" Kristoff said as he got up from his bed, holding his clothes to keep from possibly falling off, especially his pants.
And that's when the two noticed another major difference.
"What the…!?" Kristoff said as he found himself looking up at Anna's face. In fact, he was a full head shorter than Anna rather than the other way around like it usually is.
"Uhhh… Kristoff. Why don't you stand up?" Anna said.
"But I am standing up!" Kristoff shouted.
"Oooooookay…" Anna said as she took a step back and looked over Kristoff from head to toe.
"At least this explains why your clothes are so loose, because you're shrinking and they're not!" Anna said.
"Whoa whoa whoa… how is it that I'm shrinking!?" Kristoff said.
"I don't know! Please don't get upset with me!" Anna shouted.
"Sorry… I'm just… I can't believe this is happening. This HAS to be because of that aurora borealis last night!" Kristoff said.
"What? An aurora borealis?" Anna asked.
"What about an aurora borealis?" a female voice suddenly said. Anna and Kristoff gasped as they looked towards the bedroom door and saw Elsa coming in.
"Oh! Hey, Elsa." Anna said.
"Anna, what are you doing in here? We're supposed to be outside overseeing construction of the new icy merry-go-round." Elsa said.
"I know, but… look at Kristoff." Anna said as she stepped aside and allowed Elsa to approach the slightly smaller Kristoff as he struggled to keep his clothes up.
"Oh? This is… different." Elsa said, noting how she was a full head taller than Kristoff like Anna was.
"No duh, your highness… literally." Kristoff said.
"He said something about an aurora borealis last night probably being the cause of this." Anna said.
"What!? Please explain, Kristoff." Elsa said.
"So I was picking ice last night like you asked, when this aurora comes sinking down to the ground… in fact it outright touched the ground, kicking up snow like waves to sand on a beach. The aurora touched me before it rose back into the night sky. Nothing happened that night, but when I woke up… I was like this." Kristoff said.
"I see." Elsa said.
"Elsa… you don't suppose this is the same aurora that made us gigantic that one time, do you?" Anna asked.
"I don't know. That aurora absorbed into my body. This one sounds like it acted differently. I'll do some research on it later." Elsa said. Kristoff then sighed.
"Well, I guess I better get to work in the meantime, but it's going to be hard walking around getting dragged down by my clothes like this." Kristoff said. Anna then snapped her fingers.
"Wait here. I know a guard who's the same size as you. He's probably got some clothes perfect for your size!" Anna said as she quickly ran out of the room. While Elsa and Kristoff waited for Anna to return, Elsa looked down again at Kristoff and gently patted him on the head.
"Don't take this the wrong way, but you do look cute at that height." Elsa said.
"Thanks, I think. Is it because Anna always thinks I'm cute?" Kristoff asked.
"That must be it." Elsa said with a smile. A few minutes later, Anna comes walking back in holding a full outfit folded up.
"There you go! Those clothes should fit perfectly!" Anna said.
"Thanks, Anna." Kristoff said.
"Come on, Anna. We need to get going. We'll catch up with you later." Elsa said.
"Bye bye, shortie!" Anna said as she blew Kristoff a kiss before walking out with Elsa. Kristoff rolled his eyes as he changed out of his old outfit and into the new one. He looked over the outfit and cringed over some of its colors.
"Not my first choice of coloring, but it will have to do." Kristoff said as he shrugged his shoulder and then headed out of his room.
Unfortunately for Kristoff, he would soon find out his shrinking was only beginning.
For the next few hours, Kristoff performed his normal duties despite the slight size difference, mostly in delivering ice from one Arendelle home to another. Everything seemed to be going well until a couple hours into his shift, when he felt his clothes loosening up again.
"Come on… again!?" Kristoff said as he pulled his pants up. He also had to work twice as hard anytime he needed to hop onboard Sven. Sven couldn't help but snort.
"Alright, don't you start." Kristoff said. As he headed to the next house, he looked over and saw a young boy, probably 8 to 9 years old, walking by. Kristoff was just barely taller than the boy.
"Look at the short man, Mommy!" the boy said as he pointed over at Kristoff, who couldn't help but sigh. The mother raised her eyebrows, but didn't say anything as she and her son kept walking by. Still, as Kristoff watched a crowd of people walk by and continue with their business, it made him sweat nervously. On top of all this, he was grunting heavily as he tried to lift up a block of ice that normally would've been no sweat at his normal height. He grunted and grunted until he laid the block of ice at the doorstep of the nearby house. He had to jump up to reach the doorbell, and that's when he ran away so that he wouldn't get laughed at by the couple who lives in this home.
The shrinking spurts continued for Kristoff as the day continued, and he eventually found it impossible to keep his clothes on, especially the pants no matter how much he tightened the belt. He marched into the nearby clothing store and walked up to the front desk.
"I'll take the cheapest boy's clothing you have… please!" Kristoff said.
"Right away, sir." the male clerk said. He stepped away for a minute and then came back with a set of clothes that would make Robin Hood proud. Kristoff immediately threw the money onto the desk.
"Keep the change." Kristoff said as he walked away with his new kid-sized clothes.
"My my, he's in a hurry. And so young too… I guess his parents pay him real good." the man said before he went back to work on other things.
Kristoff rushed to the back of the building and quickly changed from what he was wearing now to the kid's clothes. When he re-emerged, Sven tried his hardest, but finally had to laugh when he saw what Kristoff was wearing now. Kristoff folded his arms and looked mad at Sven.
"It's a good thing we're lifelong friends, otherwise I'd smack you. Come on, let's get back to work." Kristoff said as he walked towards Sven. However… after numerous jumps, he couldn't get atop Sven's saddle. Kristoff heavily sighed and then turned around, gently tugging on a nearby woman's dress.
"Excuse me, ma'am. Can you help me atop my reindeer. I… I left my booster seat at home." Kristoff said.
"No problem!" the woman said kindly. She picked up Kristoff by his waist and helped him atop Sven.
"Thank you." Kristoff said.
"You're welcome, though… aren't you a little too young to be riding that reindeer? That could be dangerous!" the woman said. Kristoff just rolled his eyes and the two were on their way. He couldn't think of anything more humiliating than what just happened… being mistaken as a child.
But alas, his size now meant he could barely deliver even the smallest chunks of ice, and when he struggled to pick something up and fell off the wagon into a pile of snow, he dug himself out only to see a group of children laughing at him.
"Haha! Look at that shrimp!" one boy said. As the kids left, Kristoff kicked the snow in frustration and detached the wagon with what little ice was left from Sven.
"Come on, Sven. We're going home and we're staying home until Elsa figures out how to get me back to normal." Kristoff said as he marched away, forcing Sven to gallop from behind. The reindeer could sense the frustration in Kristoff's mood and body movements and felt bad for his friend.
Eventually, with Sven back in his stable, Kristoff marched towards the Arendelle castle, only to be cut off by a couple of guards.
"Halt, young boy! Only those authorized by the queen shall be permitted in this castle." the guard said.
"Guys! It's me, Kristoff! Hello!? Don't you recognize me!?" Kristoff shouted. The guards looked at each other and then looked longingly at the shrunken Kristoff. They gasped when they finally recognized the face.
"Sir Kristoff? Is that really you?" one guard said.
"My eyes must be going bad… I could've sworn you were much taller, especially over the queen!" the other guard said.
"No, it's not your eyes. It's a long story. Can you just let me through so I can hope and pray this is all just a bad dream?" Kristoff said.
"Of course, sir." the guards said as they stepped aside and allowed Kristoff to pass through. He passed by more people who made whispering comments about his size, which only stressed him out further. Finally he made it to his bedroom and collapsed onto the bed, burying his head into the pillows.
"This is all just a bad dream. I repeat, this is all just a bad dream. When I wake up, I'll be my good ol' normal size again." Kristoff said to himself as he drifted off to a napping state, hoping indeed he'd be awake from this 'bad dream.'
However, this was very much real, and he wasn't about to get any bigger. Quite the opposite, in fact.
An hour passes, and Kristoff is awaken by the sound of the door being knocked on. He starts to roll out of his bed to get up… but he felt something was wrong when he rolled more than a few times and still felt his bed underneath him. That wasn't all he was sitting on top of. The kid's clothes he wore earlier now dwarfed him. In fact, Kristoff was now no bigger than doll-sized, estimated to be 6 inches tall now.
"Poop." Kristoff said, feeling distressed over being so incredibly small now, not to mention being naked too. And there was also the matter of who was on the other side of the door.
"Kristoff? Are you in there?" the muffled voice of Elsa said.
"D..d…don't come in!" Kristoff said as he quickly wrapped part of the clothes he once wore around his naked body.
Then he watched as the door opened up. Kristoff felt he was probably too small for his voice to reach Elsa's… and even then, when he looked in one of her hands and saw a key made entirely out of ice, he figured that was her ticket in.
"Of course. No door is lockable to her given her powers to make anything out of ice." Kristoff said as he tried to take cover within his clothes, even as Elsa walked in and approached the bed.
"Kristoff? Where are you? The guards said you left work early and came in here!" Elsa said as she looked around every corner of the bedroom.
Then she set her sights on the bed where she saw the kid's clothes laying there.
"Huh? Where did these clothes come from? Is Kristoff expecting young company?" Elsa asked out loud. Inside the clothes, Kristoff questioned what he was doing trying to hide. I mean, this was Elsa we were talking about. Maybe by now she has an answer for why he was shrinking. And so he finally revealed himself, making sure to keep himself covered up.
"Elsa! Down here!" Kristoff said as he waved an arm around. Elsa gasped as she walked towards the bed (making Kristoff feel so small as she towered above) and kneeled down to get a better look at the shrunken man.
"Kristoff!?" Elsa said.
"Sigh… yeah. It's me… smaller than ever before." Kristoff said.
"Oh my. This is more serious than I thought. I was going to tell you the first chance I got that whatever magic that aurora borealis possessed you with is quite powerful. It would cause you to keep shrinking until a cure was found." Elsa said.
"KEEP shrinking!? You mean I could get even smaller!?" Kristoff said. Elsa grimly nodded.
"Possibly too small for any of us to see." Elsa said.
"Thanks for the great news." Kristoff said in a sarcastic tone.
"But don't worry! I think I'm getting close to finding the cure. I need some more time." Elsa said.
"Sigh… alright. Thanks, Elsa. I'm sure you understand why I had to leave my duties." Kristoff said.
"I do understand. In fact…" Elsa said.
Kristoff then gasped lightly as he watched Elsa move one of her hands closer to him. She wrapped the hand around him and picked him up like a doll. Kristoff found himself being held in mid-air and about 10 inches away from Elsa's face.
"At your size, it's not safe to be out in the open. I know a place you can stay for now until this is resolved." Elsa said.
"I hope it's not uncomfortable…" Kristoff said. Elsa smiled.
"Don't worry. Quite the opposite, in fact. Hold on." Elsa said as she cradled Kristoff up against her stomach region, concealing him from the world with both her hands.
Eventually, the two arrived in Anna's room, and Elsa set the shrunken Kristoff down on one of her desks. He quickly covered up his private area as he looked up at Elsa.
"Wait here." Elsa said as she walked across the room and opened one of the closets. That's when she dragged out a dollhouse, causing Kristoff to raise his eyebrows.
"Oh? I didn't know Anna was into dolls." Kristoff said to himself. Elsa, after positioning the dollhouse right next to Anna's bed, reached inside the dollhouse and pulled out an outfit, which looked like a working man's outfit from the 1930s or some other old era. She walked towards Kristoff and dropped the outfit at his feet.
"I know it's not the best looking outfit, but it will have to do given your size." Elsa said.
"It's fine, Elsa. Thank you." Kristoff said. Elsa turned around so she wouldn't see Kristoff naked while he changed into his new outfit. About a minute later, Kristoff was all dressed up, prompting Elsa to turn around and smile.
"You look nice. I know Anna will approve." Elsa said.
"Heh, thanks. I wonder what it'd be like to kiss her being this small and wearing this." Kristoff said.
"Hahaha! You'll have to try that later when she returns." Elsa said. She then lowered a hand and allowed Kristoff to jump on. The princess carefully carried Kristoff all the way to the dollhouse, setting him down at the bottom of the staircase. Once Kristoff climbed up the stairs and onto the second floor of the dollhouse, she watched as Elsa stood back up, towering over him.
"Well, I must go and attend to more royal duties. Are you going to be okay being alone in the dollhouse?" Elsa asked.
"Yeah, I'll manage. I've still got my imagination, thank goodness." Kristoff said.
"Good. I'll see you later, Kristoff." Elsa said, winking an eye at the shrunken man before turning around and leaving. Kristoff, meanwhile, walked around the dollhouse admiring the insides and figuring out what to do.
A couple more hours pass with the sun beginning to set. Kristoff paced back and forth nervously from one room of the dollhouse to another, especially as he could feel his clothes loosening up again, which told him he was not done shrinking yet.
"Ugh… how small am I now? 4 inches? 3? I sure hope Elsa figures out a way to reverse this sooner than later." the now 4-inch-tall Kristoff said. He then approached one of the open windows and had to fall back when he saw a gigantic eyeball looking inside.
"Waaaaah! Giant monster!" Kristoff said.
"No, wait, Kristoff! It's me, Anna!" Anna said. Kristoff got up and stuck his head out the window, finally recognizing the giant eye belonging to his girlfriend, Anna.
"Whew… sorry, Anna. I haven't been thinking straight ever since I shrunk to doll size." Kristoff said.
"Yes. Elsa filled me in on what's happened to you today. I'm so very sorry." Anna said.
"Hey, it's not your fault that an aurora borealis decided to play with me last night." Kristoff said. Anna briefly smiled and then moved a hand towards the window, forcing the shrunken man to back away. Two giant fingers made their way through the window and inside the bedroom, where they opened up and several different food crumbs came falling out. Obviously, to a normal sized person, these crumbs would be negligible, but to someone as small as Kristoff currently was, it was like looking at a full course meal right in front of his eyes.
"I made sure to gather some crumbs from the dinner table downstairs. They should fill you up for the night." Anna said.
"Thanks!" Kristoff said. Anna smiled as she watched Kristoff dig into the food crumbs.
A few minutes later, Kristoff had eaten all the crumbs and rubbed his belly feeling it full. Quickly afterwards, however, he frowned… a facial expression Anna picked up from outside.
"What's wrong, Kristoff? Did you not like the food crumbs?" Anna said.
"No, no, I liked every last bit of them. It's just… hold on, let me go upstairs to the balcony." Kristoff said as he got up and headed up to the third floor of the dollhouse. Anna watched as the shrunken Kristoff (fighting to keep his doll clothes on) came outside and stood on the balcony. Anna was kneeling calmly for the time being as she waited for Kristoff to speak.
"Anna… I'm not going to lie or play tough like I usually do around ice mountains. I'm really scared." Kristoff said.
"I know. It must be terrifying to be so small. I know I'd be scared too having to look up at the rest of the world." Anna said.
"And the worst part is that I can still feel I'm shrinking. How small am I going to get?" Kristoff said.
"I… I don't know." Anna said.
"Anna… you know there's a real possibility I could shrink out of existance, right?" Kristoff said. Anna gasped and leaned in to look closer at Kristoff and the balcony he was standing on.
"N…no! Elsa will find a way!" Anna said.
"But what if she can't!? What if I shrink to the size of an atom!?" Kristoff said.
"Kristoff, please!!! Don't think like that!" Anna said as she shed a couple tears from her eyes. Kristoff could immediately sense the sadness in his giant girlfriend.
"Anna, I… I just can't bear the thought of being too small even for you." Kristoff said.
"I don't care what size you're at. Nothing will ever come between us." Anna said. Kristoff slumped his shoulders.
"I wish I could share in your think positive attitude…" Kristoff said.
Anna, likewise, could feel the disappointment in Kristoff despite the size difference between the two. That's when, instinctively, she leaned in and kissed Kristoff's entire body with her lips.
"It's going to be okay, Kristoff. We WILL find a way to cure you." Anna said. Kristoff tried to argue back again over the thought of shrinking too small, but that kiss convinced him to do otherwise.
"I hope so, Anna. Thanks for sticking with me. Can you come closer?" Kristoff said. Anna did just that by leaning in once again over the balcony. That's when Kristoff planted his lips on the side of Anna's face. Despite being only 4 inches tall, Anna could feel Kristoff's lips and smiled. It must feel really good for him to kiss me at the size he's at, she thought. Once Kristoff pulled away, Anna stood back to her full height, towering over the dollhouse.
"Anyway, I'll leave you be for now. I still have my royal duties to attend to. Maybe I can help Elsa speed up in figuring out how to return you to normal." Anna said.
"Tell her I said good luck." Kristoff said.
"I will." Anna said as she slowly backed away and then left the bedroom.
Anna made it out to one of the hallways where she almost bumped into her sister, Elsa.
"Is he okay?" Elsa asked.
"Yeah, for the most part, but…" Anna said, who had a worried look on her face now.
"But what, Anna?" Elsa asked.
"He's still shrinking. I can tell from the way he kept tugging on his clothes." Anna said.
"I see…" Elsa said. Anna lightly grabbed Elsa by one of her shoulders.
"Elsa… I… I'm getting really worried… if he shrinks too small…" Anna said. Elsa returned the favor and rested a hand on her sister's shoulder.
"Stay calm, Anna. I am doing everything I can. I just need a little more time. We won't lose Kristoff while I'm still breathing." Elsa said.
"*sniff* Thank you, Elsa." Anna said as the two sisters hugged.
"You go downstairs and help the servants clean up. That should take your mind off things. I'll head back to the library to continue my research on the aurora borealis." Elsa said.
"Okay. Good luck, sis." Anna said as the two sisters went their separate ways. Elsa walked at a much quicker pace than usual. After hearing Anna remark how Kristoff was still shrinking, she knew time was running out fast to save him.
Kristoff once again paced nervously, fighting to keep his clothes on his body. Alas, the shrinking was speeding up, and he found it pointless to stay covered as he let his entire outfit fall the ground. It didn't make him feel any better watching as he became buried in the outfit. Smaller and smaller Kristoff shrunk. No longer was it a matter of inches, but centimeters and maybe even millimeters very soon. He looked way up at the ceiling of the room he was staying in and sighed.
"Goodbye, cruel world." Kristoff said as he curled himself into a fetal position. While the shrinking did eventually stop, Kristoff felt he was no bigger than a speck of dust.
About an hour later, as nightfall takes over the kingdom of Arendelle, Kristoff woke up to loud booming sounds from outside, along with a loud female voice.
"Kristoff! I think I've found the cure!" Elsa's voice boomed from outside. This got Kristoff on his feet as he raced to climb atop the doll clothes he once wore.
Outside the dollhouse in Anna's bedroom, Elsa raced inside and walked towards the dollhouse.
"Kristoff! I think I've found the cure!" Elsa said. However… she didn't hear anything, and nobody was coming out. Elsa got down on one knee and looked from window to window inside the dollhouse.
"Huh? Kristoff? Where are you?" Elsa asked. She scanned every room but couldn't find any trace of Kristoff. That's when she decided to pick up the dollhouse so she could examine it further. Unfortunately for Kristoff, that meant getting tossed around along with most of the furniture inside the dollhouse.
"Elsa! Stop! I'm in here, Elsa!!!" Kristoff screamed with all his might, but alas, he was so small… not even a mosquito could hear him. He crashed against some of the walls and even the ceiling as Elsa angled the dollhouse trying to find him. Eventually, the next tilt sent him flying out of the dollhouse entirely.
"Waaaaaaah!!!" Kristoff screamed as he felt himself falling and falling. He fell for a good few seconds, wondering when he would go splat on the ground. But he looked to his right and reached out for what was possibly his only hope, which was a thick blonde-colored rope. Kristoff grabbed it and found himself tangled in a series of these ropes. He had no idea until he looked around his surroundings, especially up when he saw Elsa's mountain-sized face, that he was trapped within the giantess's braided hair. As Kristoff fought to untangle himself from the many vines that were really Elsa's long strands of hair, he continued to call up to the princess.
"ELSA!!!" Kristoff shouted.
Meanwhile, Elsa continued to tilt and angle the dollhouse around until she finally saw the doll outfit flying out from one of the windows. Elsa set the dollhouse down and picked up the clothes next to her icy glass slippers.
"Huh? These are the doll clothes I gave Kristoff to wear." Elsa said. And that's when it hit her and she gasped loudly.
"Oh no… OH NO!!!" Elsa said as she set the dollhouse down and frantically looked on the ground. Then she looked underneath her slippers. She scanned every square inch of the floor and started to walk around, but quickly stopped realizing how much more danger that might put Kristoff in. Of course, she had no idea he was actually lost within her braided hair, but still, she was operating under one assumption.
"Oh… Kristoff. I know you're down there somewhere, smaller than even an ant…" Elsa said as she tried to think of what to do.
Seconds later, Elsa watched as the bedroom door opened and Anna started to walk inside.
"There you are, Elsa. I finished…" Anna started to say, but Elsa held out one of her hands.
"Anna, STOP!!!" Elsa shouted with all her might. Anna did just that, abruptly stopping her walk towards her sister.
"Huh? What's wrong, Elsa?" Anna said. She watched as Elsa held up the doll outfit that Kristoff had previously been wearing.
"It's Kristoff, Anna! I think he shrunk again and fell to the floor when I was moving the dollhouse around looking for him." Elsa said.
"Oh no! Did you find him!?" Anna said.
"No… and he's so small, even the smallest snowflake would fatally crush him. I'm afraid to move around for fear of unknowningly stepping on him." Elsa said. Anna clutched her hands on her chest, thinking Kristoff's fear of shrinking too small came true and the two would never see each other again. Of course, Anna was not known to give up so easily.
"We can't just stand here and do nothing! There has to be some way to locate him without putting his life at risk!" Anna said.
Elsa put her hand on her chin and thought for a few seconds, and then snapped her fingers.
"I've got an idea!" Elsa said as she waved her arms around, summoning her power to create ice. She aimed her arms up at the ceiling of Anna's bedroom, and suddenly a series of chains made entirely out of ice formed from the ceiling and made their way downward, eventually forming a small platform at the bottom, dangling about two feet above the ground. One by one, more of these chains formed until almost the entire room was filled with them (Anna actually had to step back as one of these chains almost formed over her head).
"Oh! Good thinking, Elsa! We can ride on these chains and not worry about touching the floor." Anna said.
"Precisely!" Elsa said as she and her sister hopped aboard a chain each.
"But… how are we going to find him? As you warned, he's much too small to be seen by the naked eye." Anna said.
"That's where these come in handy." Elsa said as she used her powers of ice making again. This time she was now holding two magnifying glasses, and she kept one while tossing the other to Anna, who smiled.
"You never fail to amaze me, sis." Anna said.
"Alright. I'll take this side of the room while you take the other. Don't hesitate to let me know if you find something." Elsa said.
"Got it!" Anna said as the two ladies got to work scanning the floor, wondering where Kristoff might be.
As for Kristoff, while all that was going on between the ladies, he continued to climb up the thick strands of Elsa's hair. He had to be quick, as he could feel the ropes getting ever so slightly thicker, which told him one thing.
"Really… I'm still shrinking!? Sigh… I need to act fast, or I won't even be big enough to take in oxygen!" Kristoff said, who used all his strength to speed up his climbing despite how thick the hair was… not to mention how spots of it were very cold due to some snowflakes glittered in her hair.
It was certainly not a pleasant journey for the micro-sized Kristoff, though, especially when Elsa made a big swing to her side, causing her braided hair to swing about. The swing proved too strong and Kristoff went flying off.
"Waaaaaaah!" he screamed again until he felt himself landing on a soft tan-colored surface, which he gripped with all his might. He looked up and almost gasped when he saw where he was at.
"Gulp… I'm on Elsa's chin! I hope she doesn't get the urge to scratch." Kristoff said. He thought very quickly about where to go next, and that's when he set his sights on Elsa's right ear.
"I've gotta get in her ear. It's my only chance!" Kristoff said as he quickly got to climbing up Elsa's face, making sure to stay far away from the lips or nose, and eventually making it into her ear. He cringed ever so slightly seeing a good bit of wax built up from top to bottom.
"I've seen worse." Kristoff said as he walked his way around the wax and soon found himself a few yards away from the eardrum.
"Here goes… Elsa! ELSAAAAAAAAAAA!!!" Kristoff screamed with all his might.
Meanwhile, the girls had already covered over 75% of Anna's bedroom, but still no sign of Kristoff. They were almost right next to each other on different chains.
"Anything?" Elsa said.
"No… I still can't find him." Anna said.
"I don't understand. He couldn't have gotten far given how incredibly small he must be now." Elsa said.
"We can't give up, Elsa! We just can't!" Anna said.
"I know, Anna. We'll find him no matter what it takes." Elsa said. Before she could get back to searching the room, however, she felt the need to reach inside her right ear and scratch it… the same ear Kristoff was trapped inside.
Kristoff sighed, seeing nothing happen around him even after all the shouting he did.
"Sigh… it's no good." Kristoff said. However, seconds later as the 'tunnel' moved around a bit from Elsa moving her head around, he looked back at the entrance and suddenly saw an unimaginably large finger digging its way in, dislodging much of the wax he had dodged earlier.
"Oh spit!" Kristoff said as he tried to get out of the way, only to get scooped up along with the wax by the giant fingernail. Kristoff tried to break free from the wax, but the sticky mess made sure he wasn't going anywhere. All Kristoff could do was hang on for the ride.
Elsa finished digging inside her ear and eventually pulled out a good clump of ear wax sticking to the underside of her fingernail like cereal to a spoon. Elsa cringed seeing all the wax she had dug out.
"Ewwwww… clearly I haven't done a good enough job keeping my ears clean this month." Elsa said as she started to move the finger towards her dress. Kristoff knew she was going to rub the nail full of wax up against her dress which would crush him for sure…
"Elsa, noooooooooooo!!!" Kristoff shouted. But when the nail was about to press on the dress…
"Elsa, wait!" Anna said.
"Huh? Don't worry about the dress, Anna. You know I can wash it very easily." Elsa said.
"I know, but… can I see that wax with my magnifying glass. I have this feeling…" Anna said. Elsa raised her eyebrows, but was not about to question her sister's logic now, and so she held the finger towards Anna, who looked at it with her magnifying glass. Anna scanned the wax until she found something very small moving around. She leaned in closer and closer until she gasped.
"*gasp!* Elsa, look! It's Kristoff!" Anna shouted.
"What!?" Elsa said as she looked at the wax with her own magnifying glass. Sure enough, that's when she spotted Kristoff waving his arms around.
"Oh, there he is!" Elsa said.
"He's alive! He's alive!" Anna shouted as she and Elsa shared a quick hug. The two then looked down at Kristoff.
"Oh, Kristoff… baby. Are you alright!?" Anna shouted. The two could see his lips moving and they couldn't even hear a high-pitched tone out of the shrunken man.
"I… I can't hear you. You're much too small!" Anna said.
"Come on. Let's get him somewhere safer than my fingernail and the wax that's on it." Elsa said. Anna nodded, and with a few waves of one arm, Elsa made the icy chains disappear. The two ladies landed softly on their footwear and they walked over to the table next to Anna's bed.
Elsa very lightly and carefully scraped her fingernail on the table, allowing the wax to slip to the surface, but more importantly allow Kristoff to break free. However, as the girls noticed through their magnifying glasses, he almost slipped through what would normally be a tiny crevice on the surface of the table. He again spoke out, but the girls could not hear what he was saying.
"I wish I knew what he was saying. Maybe he's trying to tell us the adventure he had trying to get our attention." Anna said.
"Well, don't worry, Kristoff. This will all be over in a couple minutes." Elsa said.
"Huh? You mean…?" Anna said.
"I figured out what kind of aurora borealis possessed Kristoff, and I know how to undo the shrinking effect." Elsa said.
"YES! Oh, you're the best, Elsa!" Anna said.
"I know, but I'm going to need your help, and we need to do it fast before Kristoff shrinks out of sight permanently. I need you to find something that exudes a burning flame. A match… a candle… anything like that!" Elsa said.
"Got it!" Anna said as she rushed out of the bedroom. As Elsa charged up one of her arms with her frozen energy, she looked at Kristoff again through the magnifying glass and could see the shrinking was still going on despite slowing down. Elsa felt it would be a few minutes before he became so small, not even the magnifying glass could help.
"Hurry, Anna… hurry…" Elsa whispered as she continued to stare at Kristoff.
Seconds later, Anna was back holding a match.
"Okay, here it is!" Anna said.
"Good! That will work perfectly. Now, I need you to strike the match and hold it above Kristoff." Elsa said.
"Okay, but… what's the plan? What do we need a lit match for?" Anna asked.
"By combining the heat from any kind of flame with my cold energy, it will create a unseen energy pulse that should neutralize the effects of that aurora borealis, allowing Kristoff to grow back to normal." Elsa said.
"I see. I hope it works!" Anna said. Elsa shook her head and frowned briefly.
"It better, otherwise we're going to lose him to the microscopic world… forever." Elsa said, causing Anna and Kristoff to both gulp. Elsa looked over at her freezing arm and then over at Anna.
"Okay, Anna. Light the match!" Elsa said. Anna nodded and did just that, lighting the match and holding the resulting flame over Kristoff. Elsa next held a finger which looked almost frozen solid (although this was nothing she couldn't handle) above Kristoff. The two held steady for a few seconds until the flame went out on the match, like someone had blown it out.
"Oh! The flame!" Anna said.
"Shhhhh… it's okay. That's part of the plan. Now, we wait." Elsa said as she pulled her arm back and both ladies aimed their magnifying glass down at Kristoff.
One minute later, when the ladies thought nothing was happening, Anna was the first to spot a big change in Kristoff.
"Oh! He's growing, he's growing!" Anna said. Indeed, Kristoff was finally getting larger for a change, and at a rapid pace too. Already he was 6 inches tall, then 12, 18, 2 feet tall, 3 feet tall… Kristoff actually had to jump off the table as it was getting too small for him to stand on.
Finally, Kristoff was back to his normal size. Anna had a huge smile on her face.
"Well, hello there, ladies." Kristoff proudly said.
"Oh my god! Kristoff, you're back to normal!" Anna said as she ran up to Kristoff and wrapped her arms around him. The two quickly kissed each other.
"Mmmmm… I never thought I'd be so happy to see you taller than me." Anna said.
"Heh… me neither." Kristoff said.
There was one tiny bit of awkwardness to come from the reunion. Kristoff next looked down and saw he was still naked. Anna looked down as well as she followed Kristoff's eyes. She backed away and covered her eyes while Kristoff blushed and covered his, shall we say, netherregion.
"Um… sorry. It's just…" Kristoff said.
"I know. Heh heh… I know." Anna said. Elsa, on the other hand, smiled. She turned around and picked up a familiar looking outfit from the bed, which were Kristoff's normal clothes.
"I believe these belong to you?" Elsa said.
"Whew… thank you, thank you." Kristoff said.
He spent the next two minutes changing back into his normal outfit, allowing Anna to look at him again.
"Heh… that's better!" Anna said.
"Oh, you have no idea. I'll never take my size for granted again, first after seeing the growth spurt you two had and then the one I just went through." Kristoff said.
"It's very strange the effects these aurora borealis have had on the three of us. I really need to dig deep and research them further to prevent mishaps like what happened today from happening to anyone else." Elsa said.
"Well, in the meantime, I just want to thank you both for not giving up on me." Kristoff said.
"Like I told you on the balcony, we will always find a way back together." Anna said, prompting Kristoff to look down at the dollhouse he once lived in. Kristoff started to joke about how fun it was living in a dollhouse with Anna towering above him, but he didn't want to give his girlfriend any ideas.
"Yes, indeed." Kristoff said.
The young man finally let out a yawn and stretched his arms.
"Well now, I don't know about you ladies, but I could use some sleep." Kristoff said.
"We all could. Perhaps you could be a gentleman and escort me out?" Elsa asked.
"If that's okay with Anna." Kristoff said.
"Of course! I know she'll freeze your heart if you try anything silly." Anna said.
"Er… right." Kristoff said, finally prompting a laugh from all three. As Elsa and Kristoff departed Anna's bedroom, Anna got to work putting the dollhouse back where it came from. She couldn't resist staring at it for a few more seconds, thinking back to when Kristoff was tiny and cute and living inside it, before finally closing the closet doors and getting ready for bed.