Stormy Weather: Return to Pixie Hollow

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by skysoul25)

It’s another day for Dylan and his fiancee, Mae. Today, though, is not just any other day for the pair. Today is Dylan’s birthday, and the twentysomething young man was feeling energized not just in being another year older, but also in his research. The research that there are fairies out there helping us with our everyday lives, especially in the weather. He should know. He has first hand experience having stumbled onto a land full of fairies 6 years ago in the form of Pixie Hollow. Granted, the fairies were gigantic thanks to the island’s protective magic, and that’s why he’s done his best to share his research without sharing his experience of living on Pixie Hollow.
This was putting a strain on relationships he once had with his friends, and it was especially digging away at his relationship with Mae. The night before his birthday, Dylan told Mae he would do his best to take his mind off fairy research for just one day so they could have a nice day out for his birthday. They said they would go to places like the beach, their favorite restaurants, anything to get away from his workbench where papers were spread everywhere about fairies.

But on this day, Dylan’s birthday, everything would change for the young man.

Dylan was busy writing away at his desk, only to suddenly feel some hands caress his chest. They of course belonged to his girlfriend, Mae.
“Happy Birthday, Dylan.” Mae said.
“Oh, thank you, Mae.” Dylan said.
“Remember what we were going to do today?” Mae asked.
“Huh? Oh, yes! Of course… you wanted to go to the beach and other places, right?” Dylan said.
“That’s right! Now come on and get dressed.” Mae said. Dylan got up from his seat and started to follow Mae… only for him to turn around and walk back to his desk.
“Er… could we do all that tonight, perhaps? I feel like I’m so close to finishing this paper for the university about worker fairies…” Dylan said.

There was that word again, Mae thought. It seemed like she would constantly hear it day in and day out. It was tolerable in the beginning when they first met, but now it was turning into an unhealthy obsession for Dylan. And for him to suddenly blow off perfectly laid out birthday plans just like that… Mae’s blood was boiling and this time she didn’t hold back.
“AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!!” Mae screamed as she took off her engagement ring and flat out threw it towards the nearby window, causing it to smash apart as the ring went flying outside.
“Mae!?” Dylan shouted as he looked back at his angry soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend.
“You know what!? I’m sick and tired of this fairy nonsense! It’s almost like you want to make out with them!!” Mae shouted.
“Come on, Mae, you know it’s not like that.” Dylan said.
“We had plans! PLANS, for crying out loud!! You even said you wanted a break from all this!!” Mae shouted.
“I… I’m sorry, Mae.” Dylan said.
“Forget it. Just forget it!” Mae said as she turned sharply around and marched for the front door, with Dylan following from behind.
“Mae, where are you going!?” Dylan said.
“To my Mother’s to cool off, and then to find a more normal boyfriend!!” Mae said as she slammed the door behind her. Dylan looked out another window and watched helplessly as Mae jumped in her car and peeled off the driveway.

Seeing the skidmarks on the road sunk Dylan’s morale as low as it could get. He knew he had messed up and probably would never see Mae again. And yet, he just couldn’t take his foot off the gas pedal for one second when it came to his fairy research. Some of the stuff he had already published was garnering positive attention, and very good money too. And that’s when it hit him.
“I should just go back to Pixie Hollow. Take some time off there and remind myself of why I’m doing all this. I’m sure Tink and the others wouldn’t mind!” Dylan said as he smiled thinking about Tinker Bell. Such a radiant beauty that towered over him. But that’s when he shook his head and gathered a few essentials before heading out the house in his own car.
About an hour later, Dylan parked his car outside the docks of the boatyard. Naturally, there were quite a few boats docked ashore, but he made his way to the very end of the docks where his own personal boat resided, the Gulliver. Dylan undid most of the ropes before hopping aboard the Gulliver, finally undoing the last rope and powering up the boat as he took off for the open sea.

Meanwhile, things were business as usual for Neverland. High above Pixie Hollow, in fact, was Peter Pan as he flew around in the sky in all sorts of acrobatic maneuvers.
“Whew! The open sky! The fresh air! I can fly, I can fly, I can fly all around it as much as I want!” Peter said. After completing one loop-de-loop in the air, however, he looked down and saw something peculiar.
“Huh? What is Fawn doing all the way out here?” Peter asked himself. Although he was high in the air, he could recognize the color of Fawn’s pixie dust from a mile away. He flew down to see what was up, taking shelter behind a tree. Peter lightly gasped as he looked ahead and saw two grown-up sailors who looked much smaller than they should be. In fact, Fawn was flying towards these shrunken sailors, standing tall over them and resting her hands on her hips. The sailors woke up, then looked up and saw Fawn towering over them. As they squeaked, Fawn spoke.
“So, you sailor scoundrels thought you should just cruise on up to Pixie Hollow? You thought wrong, and now you’ll be added to my ever growing collection, which I’m getting to like as much as my animal friends, if I must say!” Fawn said as she reached down and scooped up the tiny sailors, dumping them into the satchel attached to her waist.

Peter couldn’t believe what he just witnessed. He just had to intervene as he flew out from behind the trees and approached Fawn, towering above her.
“Fawn!” Peter shouted. Fawn gasped and turned around.
“Peter! What are you doing here?” Fawn asked.
“Oh, I was just passing by when I saw what you did with those sailors. Is that why it’s been storming so much lately?” Peter asked, referring to the thunderstorm activity that usually happens when someone far away gets too close to Pixie Hollow.
“Well, yes, but come on, it’s fun, wouldn’t you say? To have someone smaller than you to be like a doll or toy or something like that?” Fawn asked. But Peter didn’t look happy.
“Well, it may be fun for you, but what about those innocent men and the others you say you’ve collected? What do they think?” Peter asked. Fawn had a disgusted look on her face as she floated higher and looked at Peter right in his eyes.
“Ugh! Who are you and what have you done with the real Peter Pan!? I think all those years you spent with Wendy and her little brothers have made you soft!” Fawn said.
“Say what you will, Fawn, but she taught me what’s right and what’s wrong.” Peter said.
“Enough! I won’t have you lecturing me on what kind of fun I can and can’t have!” Fawn said.

She put two fingers up to her mouth and let out a loud whistle. Within seconds, Peter suddenly found himself surrounded by many different kinds of birds, all of whom he tried to swat away.
“Whoa! Down, birds! Down! Don’t you have some worms to eat back home?” Peter said before the birds finally flapped out of the way. By the time Peter could clearly see Fawn again, she was aiming both her arms at the flying boy and soon unleashed a pink energy ball at him. Peter had no way of escaping this blast in time.
“Ack!” Peter said as he felt the energy hit him. Just a few seconds later, Peter watches as Fawn seems to be quickly growing before his eyes, when in fact he was actually shrinking. Smaller and smaller Peter shrunk. It actually worried him seeing Fawn tower over him like he did with Tink and the other fairies. Just as the shrinking finally stopped at half an inch tall, Fawn quickly trapped him in a fist to keep him from flying away.
“Now then, Peter Pipsqueak. What do you have to say now?” Fawn asked, surprisingly with a grin on her face. Peter was left speechless.
“Exactly. Now you just stay in there like a good little boy until we get back to my home.” Fawn said as she threw Peter Pan in the satchel with the shrunken sailors… along with a couple other shrunken people she managed to capture earlier in the day.

Back in the open sea, a full 24 hours have passed since Dylan set sail. As he navigated his boat, The Gulliver, around the water following the onboard compass, he watched as the weather slowly deteriorated. It had gone from a clear, sunny day to clouds building up to a rain that started slow but was picking up. And yet, Dylan smiled.
“I’m getting close.” Dylan said. Other people would turn the heck away back to shore if they saw rough weather approaching, but not Dylan, he turned head-on, feeling his boat and everything on it get pelted with rainwater. The winds kicked up, and the lightning and thunder got more intense. The Gulliver finally couldn’t take it and Dylan was thrown off the boat, the savage weather robbing him of his strength. He closed his eyes hoping the next thing would be that familiar island.

A couple hours later, and Dylan washes ashore. He woke up and recognized the tall blades of grass in the distance.
“Well, here I am again. I sure hope Tinker Bell and the others will be happy to see me again… especially my sweetheart, Tink.” Dylan said. He kinda shook his head after having said that out loud, but ultimately he came to accept it… he had a crush on Tink ever since she took care of him the last time he was in Neverland.
Dylan navigated his way through the ‘forest’ that was the tall blades of grass, but then he heard the booming footsteps in the distance.
“Oh! Someone’s coming…” Dylan said as he took shelter behind one of the blades. He watched the blades rustle around until they spread apart and revealed three giant fairies he immediately recognized. There was Silvermist, Vidia, and most importantly, Tinker Bell.
“Tink…” Dylan said as hearts came theoretically out of his eyes especially as he watched the giantess step near with her familiar shoes.
As for Tinker Bell, Silvermist, and Vidia, they all were looking around on the ground like they were trying to find something.
“Man, Fawn sure is getting frequent with these storms and luring tactics.” Vidia said.
“That’s why we need to hurry and find whoever it was that shrunk. We can’t let Fawn increase her collection any more than it already has.” Tinker Bell said.

Dylan couldn’t stay put any more, and he came running out from his hiding spot and called up to his giant friend.
“Tink! Down here, Tink!” Dylan shouted. The three fairies looked around rapidly.
“Did you guys hear that?” Tinker Bell said. Vidia pointed down towards the ground.
“Down there!” Vidia said. Tinker Bell walked up to the speck on the ground and kneeled down to get a closer look. She gasped over seeing who the ‘speck’ was.
“Oh! It’s Dylan!” Tinker Bell shouted. She lowered a hand and allowed Dylan to climb aboard her palm. Dylan smiled as he got a face full of Tinker Bell’s face, and later those belonging to Silvermist and Vidia.
“Hahaha! I’m glad you haven’t forgotten me, Tink.” Dylan said.
“Teehee… I would never forget a kind and caring face like yours.” Tinker Bell said.
“Even after 6 years?” Dylan asked.
“Wow… 6 years? Has that much time really passed outside of Neverland? No wonder you’re looking kinda scruffy.” Vidia said as she lightly brushed Dylan’s head of hair.
“Vidia!” Tinker Bell said.
“What? It’s a compliment!” Vidia said.

Silvermist was the next to speak to the shrunken man.
“So what brings you all the way out here, Dylan?” Silvermist asked.
“Oh, I was just in need of a vacation, especially on my birthday today.” Dylan said.
“Well, happy birthday!” Silvermist said.
“Too bad we’re too busy to make you a cake.” Vidia said.
“Oh?” Dylan said. Tinker Bell gave a kinda sorta stink face to Vidia like he wasn’t supposed to know that, but she quickly brushed it off.
“Yeah, Vidia is right. We’re kinda trying to solve a crisis right now.” Tinker Bell said.
“Please tell me. Maybe I can help you out.” Dylan said.
“Well, you know that security system we told you about where the island shrinks anyone that gets close enough to it? Well, ever since we all first met you, Fawn has suddenly become obsessed with building a collection of people as small as you. We’ve tried to talk her out of it, but she just shuts us out.” Tinker Bell said.
“She won’t even come out to perform her normal duties of training animals, whether it be self-defense, flying, or whatever.” Vidia said.
“Oh my, that sounds terrible! Have you told Queen Clarion?” Dylan asked.
“We’ve tried, but Fawn cleverly hides everyone like nothing’s wrong. She’s probably using some newfangled pixie dust.” Vidia said.
“She won’t even bother to hear our pleas regarding the matter anymore, even saying don’t be like the boy who cried wolf.” Silvermist said.
“Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.” Dylan said.

But Tinker Bell then smiled.
“Actually, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that you’ve shown up on this day.” Tinker Bell said.
“What do you mean, Tinker Bell?” Silvermist said.
“Maybe Dylan can talk Fawn out of her power trip and convince her to release all those people she has captured.” Tinker Bell said.
“That’s insane! Madness! Suicidal! Asking for trouble! And I like it, actually…” Vidia said.
“Well, that’s if you’re willing to do it, Dylan. I don’t want to put you in any unnecessary risk, after all.” Tinker Bell said.
“It’s okay, Tink. I’ll do it.” Dylan said, and rather bravely too.
“Oh?” Tinker Bell said.
“I can’t let Fawn do such a terrible thing. You’re right, maybe I’m the one destined to talk some sense into her.” Dylan said.
“But then what, you two? I don’t think Fawn is going to roll over so easily, especially after watching her treat this one kid. Hoo boy…” Silvermist said.
“Just let me into her home. The rest of you convince Queen Clarion to come to her home. It doesn’t have to be because of Fawn… make up something that will get her off her throne.” Dylan said. The three fairies looked at each other.
“That won’t be easy given how busy she is inside the Pixie Hollow tree.” Vidia said.
“But we have to try! For the sake of all those innocent travellers. You two round up Rosetta and Iridessa. I’ll sneak Dylan into Fawn’s place and catch up with you later to formulate the rest of our strategy.” Tinker Bell said.
“Aye aye, captain!” Silvermist and Vidia said as they flew away. As for Tinker Bell, she carefully set Dylan on one of her shoulders.
“Hold on tight, Dylan!” Tinker Bell said. Dylan did just that and watched as Tink flapped her wings and took off for the sky.

Minutes later, Tinker Bell landed firmly on the welcome mat of the front door to Fawn’s house. She gently picked up Dylan from her shoulder.
“Okay, I’ll knock on the door. You’ll have to be quick and hope she doesn’t look down. Good luck and be careful!” Tinker Bell said. Dylan nodded, watching as Tinker Bell gently set him down on the ground, inches away from her shoes. Tink gave the young man a quick smile before knocking on the door.
“Who is it?” Fawn said.
“It’s Tink, Fawn.” Tinker Bell said.
“Ugh… can’t you leave me alone for just one day!?” Fawn said, sounding grumpy, which was news to both Dylan and Tink.
“I just need a minute of your time for some advice!” Tinker Bell said. Finally, the door slowly opened up, revealing Fawn on the other side. Dylan broke into a full sprint. His shrunken size meant he couldn’t cover much ground even in a few seconds, so he had to be fast to make it inside Fawn’s home.
“What is it?” Fawn asked.
“Ah… thanks, Fawn. So, now then, I need your opinion on something. So I’m helping Clank and Bobble build a new invention and…” Tinker Bell said as she continued to stumble and ramble, giving Dylan as much time as he could to get inside. She could just see the young man making it inside, running in between Fawn’s bare feet.

And speaking of Fawn, she was seeing right through her friend’s behavior.
“You’re doing it again, Tink.” Fawn said.
“Huh? Doing what again? What in heaven’s sake could you be referring to?” Tinker Bell asked.
“I told you before, Tink. You’re not getting a single one of my little friends. NONE!” Fawn said.
“No, Fawn, really. That’s not what I was after, I was just…” Tinker Bell said.
“You were just going to beg me to release them or you’ll tell Queen Clarion. We’ve been through this charade before, right?” Fawn said.
“Yes, but…” Tink said.
“Goodbye for now, Tink. You have five seconds to leave before I summon my ant army to chase you away!” Fawn said as she slammed the door shut. Tinker Bell breathed a sigh of relief as she flapped her wings.
“Phase 1 complete. Now to get back to the others.” Tinker Bell softly said as she flew away.

Meanwhile, inside Fawn’s house, she sighed as she walked away from the door, nearly stepping on Dylan who had to dive out of the way to avoid the giant bare foot. Dylan got up and breathed a sigh of relief. Then he heard Fawn speak.
“Now then, my little toys, where were we?” Fawn said. Dylan watched as Fawn walked up to a desk and seemed to be holding something in her hand. She was in fact holding a group of screaming young men as she licked her lips together.
“Ah, yes. You were about to get a bath in my mouth. Try not to fall into my tummy!” Fawn shouted as she tilted the men towards her tongue, soon rolling it inside and swishing it around, drowning the men in saliva. Fawn kept the charade up for a couple minutes, being careful not to let anyone slide down into her throat (that would be quite awful, she thought!). Finally she opened her mouth and tilted down, letting the group (and the saliva they were covered in) fall onto the table.
“Haha! Wasn’t that fun?” Fawn asked. Then she picked up another few people, this time a mix of men and women, and carried them over to her bed.

Fawn plopped herself down onto the bed and set the people down on her lap, watching them walking around her leg like it was a massive desert (and it probably was given the size difference).
“Let’s see, who should I crush out of all of you? Eeny, meeny, miny…” Fawn said as she waved a finger around each of the people.
“Moe!” she shouted as she lowered that same finger until it was millimeters away from one of the women. To the woman’s surprise, Fawn pulled the finger away before she could crush the woman, who was trembling with fear. She may have survived, but her husband clearly was ticked off.
“Hey! You leave my wife alone, you hear me!?” the man shouted.
“Awwww… I’m sorry for scaring your wife, but she’s fine now, wouldn’t you agree?” Fawn said. The man just growled, which Fawn managed to pick up on.
“What you two need is to kiss and make up. Here you go!” Fawn said as she used two fingernails to slide the man and woman together, pushing on them both until they kissed and kissed.
“Haha! There we go! A romantic ending.” Fawn said.

For her next game involving the microscopic people, she swung her legs until they were hanging off her bed.
“Alrighty, everyone, time to go for a slide job!” Fawn said as she slowly tilted her legs down, all while people were fighting to keep their balance to stay where they were.
“Ready, set, GO!” Fawn said as she now tilted them at 45 degrees, causing them to go downhill like they were on a giant water slide. Once she saw them touch down near the tops of her feet, she applauded.
“Bravo! Bravo!” Fawn shouted. She then tilted those feet down until they were flat on the floor. She tilted so fast, some of those people fell down onto the floor, landing near Dylan who was fast approaching the giant feet. And speaking of Fawn’s giant feet, she was wiggling her toes.
“Now then, everyone, time for a foot massage. I’ve been on my feet for most of the day and they sure are tired!” Fawn said. The people did just that, knowing they could possibly get squashed to death if they failed to comply. And so the tiny people got to massaging as much of the skin on her feet as they could, something that Dylan simply couldn’t fathom as he watched the people rub away.
“I… I can’t believe it. I didn’t think Fawn would have that kind of personality!” Dylan said. He knew his only chance was to climb up the giantess and get her attention somehow.

As Fawn laid back and felt the foot massage continue, almost lulling her to sleep, Dylan made a bold leap upward and grabbed the very edge of Fawn’s short cut nail on her pinky toe. He climbed aboard and was now on the top of her foot, watching as people continued to rub away. One of the men saw Dylan and grabbed his hand.
“Huh? I don’t recognize you. Are you new?” the man asked.
“Er… yes. Yes, I am.” Dylan said.
“Where are you going? Do you want to get the giantess mad!?” the man said.
“I’m just going to reason with her. I have… a bit of a history, shall we say, with her.” Dylan said. The man looked confused as he watched Dylan climb up the rest of her leg.
“(sigh) Oh well… his funeral.” the man said as he got back to massaging Fawn’s foot.

As for Dylan, he climbed and climbed and climbed. Already he was huffing and puffing. This was not like climbing any ordinary tree. We’re talking a fairy the size of the Empire State Building, he thought! But he pressed on, determined to find out why Fawn was doing what she was doing and if there was a way to convince her to free these people.
But he would have to hold on for the ride of his life as Fawn leaned up and then stood back on her feet with him holding onto the bottom of her outfit. Fawn looked down on that outfit and saw a speck, thinking it was a person trying to escape from her feet.
“Oh? What are you doing all the way up there, little one? You’re either really brave or really dumb!” Fawn said as she plucked the speck from her outfit and held it up to one of her amber-colored eyes. Dylan knew this was his chance to make himself known.
“Fawn!!!” Dylan shouted. When Fawn heard the speck speak, she focused in and gasped over who she saw.
“*gasp* Dylan!?” Fawn said.
“Yes, Fawn, it’s me.” Dylan said.

Fawn sat down at the nearby table (with tiny people still on her bare feet) and focused on Dylan.
“What are you doing here? How long have you been here in Neverland?” Fawn asked.
“I just got here, but listen, we need to talk.” Dylan said.
“About what?” Fawn asked.
“About you capturing all these little people. Why?” Dylan asked.
“Well, um… I couldn’t resist, really. Ever since we first met, I’ve been kinda obsessed with other people your size. So I tricked them into sailing near here so the island’s security method of those sudden thunderstorms would shrink them and wash them ashore.” Fawn said.
“All because you could toy with them?” Dylan said.
“Well… yeah! What’s wrong with that? Haven’t you ever wished you could have a person bug-size compared to you so you could play with them?” Fawn asked.
“No, Fawn, because that’s kidnapping. You’re holding these people against their will. They didn’t even look happy when I saw them trying to massage your feet.” Dylan said.
“Well… um… you just gotta give them time…” Fawn said.
“You need to release them now, Fawn. This is different from when we spent time together. Well, me and all the other fairies, especially Tink.” Dylan said.

And this seemed to strike a nerve within the giant fairy as she suddenly had a frustrated look on her face.
“Shut up! I want to be in control for once! And nobody is going to stop me! Not Tinker Bell, not the queen, and certainly not YOU!” Fawn said as she got up and moved Dylan towards an empty glass bottle. She casually dumped him inside the bottle and stared right at him as he landed.
“You just stay there and be a good little boy until I figure out how to play with you.” Fawn said as she walked away from the table and focused back her attention on the tiny people on her feet as she sat back on the bed.

Dylan, meanwhile, slumped back into a sitting position, staring a long ways up at the opening of the bottle he was trapped in.
“(sigh) Well, I guess I couldn’t pull it off. I wonder what my fate will be when Fawn decides it’s my turn.” Dylan said.
“Hey now, don’t give up so easily!” a male voice shouted from above.
“Huh?” Dylan said as he looked above his head. That’s when he saw a younger man his size slowly descending into the bottle and towards where he sat. His outfit is green resembling an elf's attire with a red feather on his Robin Hood-like hat. His shoes are sienna-colored and he holds a belt around his waist which holds his dagger.
“Who… who are you?” Dylan asked.
“Peter Pan, at your service.” Peter said with a quickie bow like he was a knight saluting the queen.
“You can fly?” Dylan asked.
“Sure can! I gotta admit, it’s been kinda fun being this small. So much more room to fly around in.” Peter said.
“Oh? You’ve been shrunken too? Wait… you’re not from where I come from, are you?” Dylan said.
“Oh? So you’re not from Neverland?” Peter asked.
“No. Further away than that.” Dylan said.
“Ah… probably from the same world Wendy resides in. But anyway, we better move fast. Fawn still thinks I’m trapped in the bottle she put me in, but nobody traps Peter Pan so easily! Not even Captain Hook!” Peter said with a confident smile.
“I see…” Dylan said, finding this Peter Pan boy an interesting character to interact with.
“Anyway, it’ll be a long journey, but if we act now, we can get to Queen Clarion’s before sunset. Surely she can grow us back to normal and maybe talk Fawn out of her ways.” Peter said.
“Then what are we waiting for?” Dylan asked.
“Easy! Your pixie dust! Good thing I kept some spare from Tinker Bell.” Peter said as he pulled off a satchel from his belt and opened it up.

Right away, the young man sprinkled the dust all over Dylan. As he was doing so…
“You know, she has a crush on you.” Peter said.
“Who? Tink? How do you know!?” Dylan said.
“Oh, we keep in touch with each other. She’s practically dreamed about you since you left.” Peter said. This made Dylan blush, but it made him happy to know that he was kept in her thoughts just as he wouldn’t stop thinking about her the past 6 years. Peter then closed the satchel again.
“Okay, that should be enough. Just concentrate on wanting to fly.” Peter said. Dylan did just that, pretending he was soaring above the clouds through the blue sky. And lo and behold, he did it as he circled around Peter and the rest of the bottle.
“Wow! I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!” Dylan said.
“Excellent! You’re a fast learner!” Peter said as the two flew out of the bottle prison. Just as they did that, they saw Fawn glance over angrily at the two.
“PETER!?” Fawn shouted.
“Whoops… time to go!” Peter said as Fawn got up, sending shrunken people flying off her body wherever they were and nearly stepping on some of them. Fawn walked up to the two boys and started to clap her hands together, but the two escaped, even as their ears rang from the thunderously loud sound of the clap.
“Come back here! You two won’t escape from me!!!” Fawn shouted as she watched the boys fly out the nearby window. Fawn followed them outside as she swung the front door open.

Peter Pan and Dylan kept looking back, wondering where Fawn was.
“I don’t see her… did we lose her?” Dylan said.
“I doubt it. She’s probably gathering up an army of her animal friends to pursue us.” Peter said. The two then flew to a screeching halt when they saw a gigantic red robin tweet angrily at the two.
“See what I mean?” Peter said as the two boys flew around the bird, only to be ambushed by another bird, and a couple more after that.
“Gulp… we’re surrounded.” Dylan said. One of the birds finally slapped the two with one of its wings, sending them flying towards the ground. They both crashed onto the sand, and while they were thankful for the soft landing, they were both still bruised enough that they couldn’t fly.
“Oooof… I didn’t think ol’ Jess had that kind of strength.” Peter said.

The two then watched as a small army of ants marched up to them, and riding atop one of them was Fawn herself. Naturally, given how small the two boys were, the ants towered over the men, and they quickly found themselves surrounded by the ants and the birds as they came in for a landing.
“Tsk tsk tsk… you two did a naughty thing by trying to run away. Now I’ll have to punish you for this offense.” Fawn said. She then hopped off the ant and walked up to the men, planting her bare feet in front of them.
“I guess you two will be the first to go smush under my foot. Hope you enjoy it!” Fawn said as she lifted up one of her feet while Peter and Dylan tried to crawl away from danger.

At that moment, however, a female voice came to their rescue.
“Fawn!!!” the voice shouted from the distance. Fawn gasped to see Queen Clarion flying in from the distance, and behind her were Fawn’s familiar group of fairy friends (Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Vidia).
“Q… Queen Clarion!?” Fawn shouted, looking shocked. Tinker Bell, meanwhile, floated towards the shrunken Dylan and was surprised to see who was with him.
“Dylan! And… Peter?” Tinker Bell said as she kneeled down and scooped up the two.
“Whew… right on time, Tink.” Dylan said.
“Heh heh… you’ve certainly grown up since we last chatted, Tink!” Peter said. Tinker Bell couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Typical Peter Pan, she thought, always trying to put a positive spin on everything. Queen Clarion, on the other hand, was looking a bit unhappy.
“Fawn, have you been misusing one of the security measures of Neverland and Pixie Hollow? I demand an explanation, young lady.” Queen Clarion said.
“Um… well… you see… um…” Fawn said as she tried to wiggle her way to a believable explanation, but it didn’t help matters when Vidia suddenly came flying back with more shrunken humans that were once inside Fawn’s home.
“Look, your highness! More of them. Do you believe us now?” Vidia asked. Clarion was even more mad now. She had a look of ‘you have 10 seconds to start talking before I pluck your precious wings.’

That look was all Fawn needed to see. She finally broke down crying, getting down on her knees and begging.
“WAAAAAAH!!! I’m sorry!!! I’m so sorry!!! I’ve just been wanting to get a sense of that kind of power… holding onto people smaller than me! I know it drove me power mad, especially when I almost stepped on Dylan and Peter Pan, but I couldn’t stop!!! I’m SO SORRY!!!” Fawn said as the tears flowed out of her eyes. She expected to get a tongue lashing or her wings plucked or burned or some other punishment. But instead, Queen Clarion walked up to the fairy and patted her on the head.
“There, there, Fawn. At least you have learned a very important lesson.” Queen Clarion said.
“I have? *sniff*” Fawn asked.
“That power can corrupt your mind if you let it take control of you.” Queen Clarion said.
“Something we know too well from fighting Captain Hook.” Tinker Bell said down to Peter Pan.
“Haha! He’s probably got seven or eight hundred gator bites by now!” Peter shouted.
“And Fawn, you know almost anything is possible at Pixie Hollow. There are artificial ways of attaining your desires of befriending tiny people.” Queen Clarion said.
“Yeah! Like… have you ever thought about asking Bobble and Clank or one of their friends to make, I don’t know, robots?” Iridessa asked.
“I… I don’t know if it would be the same.” Fawn said.
“Bleh! I reckon it’s a lot safer! You break a tiny robot kid, you can always rebuild it! Now, crushing a real person, I don’t know if I’d live with myself.” Rosetta said.
“Listen to your friends, Fawn. They are all very reasonable. As long as you are willing to do that, I see no reason to punish you.” Queen Clarion said.
Fawn breathed a sigh of relief amongst the tears knowing that the queen was throwing her a lifeline.
“Thank you… your highness. I’ll go get the others I kidnapped.” Fawn said as she ordered her ant army to turn around and head back for her home.

A few minutes later, everyone was gathered outside the signature giant tree of Pixie Hollow. Lined up horizontally on a table were all the shrunken people that Fawn once had in her possession, with Queen Clarion approaching them.
“With my magic, I shall return you all to whence you originated. You will have no memories of any horrible endeavors you had with Fawn.” Queen Clarion said as she waved her arms around and covered them in pixie dust. She sprinkled the dust onto the tiny men (and some women), and they quickly vanished into thin air, returning to their homes. The only two left on the table were Peter Pan and Dylan.
“I know some fairies who would love to toy with you, especially given some of the pranks you and the lost boys would sometimes pull…” Queen Clarion said.
“Awwww… come on, your highness. No hard feelings?” Peter Pan asked. Queen Clarion smiled.
“None!” Queen Clarion said as she worked her magic. The dust she summoned swirled around Peter and enlarged him until he was back to his normal size with all the fairies looking up at him.
“Whew! Thank goodness! I can fly, fly, fly, without having to worry about being eaten by birds! Anyway, catch you all later!” Peter said as he took off for the open skies.

All that was left now was Dylan.
“Alright, Dylan, time I sent you back too…” Queen Clarion said.
“Wait! I… I want to stay here.” Dylan said.
“What!?” all the fairies shouted. Tinker Bell approached the table.
“Dylan… what are you…” Tinker Bell started to say, but Dylan cut in.
“Tinker Bell. I have to confess something to you. My life has not been the same ever since my first departure six years ago. Ever since I made and sent those clothes to you and your friends, I can’t stop thinking about this place… especially you.” Dylan said. Tinker Bell clutched her chest with both her hands.
“I… Dylan… I haven’t stopped thinking about you either.” Tinker Bell said.
“Hold on a sec! He can’t possibly stay here at THAT size! He’s easy pickings for the wildlife around here.” Silvermist said.
“Silvermist is right, Tink. I’m not sure this is a wise idea.” Queen Clarion said.
“But you can make him bigger, right? Just like you did Peter Pan!” Tinker Bell said.
“True, but he has a normal life to get back to. His family and friends probably miss him.” Queen Clarion said. That’s when Dylan clarified and dropped another bombshell to the ladies.
“I have nobody else except all of you. My parents died last year from an illness, and my fiancee and friends all dumped me because I chose you all over them.” Dylan said.
“Oh my… that sounds awful.” Fawn said.
“I’d be happy the rest of my life here, especially with you, Tinker Bell.” Dylan said.
“Well, when you put it that way, I am happy to oblige.” Queen Clarion said.

For one last time, the fairy worked her magic and surrounded Dylan with it. Everyone watched as Dylan slowly grew bigger and bigger. After about 20-30 seconds, Dylan was now the same size as Tink and her friends… and that’s when the growth stopped.
“Oh?” Dylan said, taking notice of how he was the same size as Tink.
“We obviously can’t have you walking around here at normal size. You’ll have to agree to this size if you’re going to live with us.” Queen Clarion said, but Dylan immediately smiled.
“It’s perfect!” Dylan said. Suddenly, he found himself being wrapped up by Tinker Bell.”
“I couldn’t agree more.” Tinker Bell said as she finally planted her lips on the left side of Dylan’s face, causing the twentysomething man to blush.
“Awwwww… I just love happy and romantic endings!” Rosetta shouted as she and the other fairies clapped their hands.

After Tinker Bell stopped kissing Dylan, he smiled.
“Wow… that was great, but…” Dylan said.
“But what, Dylan?” Tinker Bell asked.
“It was kinda fun to be held by you when I was small. I’m gonna miss those days.” Dylan said.
“Then think small. I put a little something extra in that pixie dust I showered you with.” Queen Clarion said. Dylan at first wondered what that meant, but he did just that and thought of himself being smaller. Sure enough, he found himself shrinking smaller and smaller until he was no taller than Tinker Bell’s signature shoes. He smiled as he looked up at Tink and watched as she reached down to pick him up.
“Teehee… I like you both ways.” Tinker Bell said.
“Me too.” Dylan said, allowing the giantess to lightly pet him on the head.
“Alright, everyone. Now that this crisis has been averted, I think it’s time we all got back to our regular duties.” Queen Clarion said.
“Yes, your highness!” all the fairies said as they flew away from the Pixie Hollow tree. Tinker Bell placed Dylan on one of her shoulders.
“You know we’re going to have to build a bed for you if you’re going to stay with me. Both regular size and tiny size!” Tinker Bell said.
“I’m looking forward to that project.” Dylan said. He held on tight as Tinker Bell took off for the skies, looking forward to many years of happiness with his new giant girlfriend (but he certainly wouldn’t mind spending time with her at the same size).