Rampagin' Fairies


WARNING: This story is rated MA-V for violent death scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

Fawn happily hummed her favorite tune as she soared through the sky admiring the beautiful weather.
"Ahhhhh… now this is what I call picture perfect weather." Fawn said as she looked around and saw nothing but sunlight beaming down everywhere. She lowered her altitude towards the grass, wanting to see if there were any waterdrops on a blade or two that would reflect the sunlight.

In that moment, however, she suddenly heard a series of high pitched whines and screams. This made her gasp.
"*gasp* Is there an animal nearby that needs my help?" Fawn said to herself. After quickly looking around the area and not seeing any animals in plain sight, she slowly flew around the area trying to eyeball the troubled animal. However, Fawn would soon realize that it wasn't an animal at all. Even though she couldn't see one, she heard the screams get louder and louder. Once they were at their peak, Fawn stopped flying and looked straight down, where she saw a hole in the grass.
"Oh? What's this?" Fawn said as she descended down within the blades of grass and stood on the edge of the hole she spotted from above.

What she saw truly astonished her. She was looking down at what appeared to be a modern looking city. Buildings and skyscrapers littered mostly the middle of this city. As for the screaming she heard? She looked down between a couple of the buildings at the streets, where she saw numerous people all looking up at her.
"Those are… people?" Fawn asked as she leaned in to get a closer look, giving these people close up look of her brown eye. Some people had to run out of the way to avoid being crushed by the end of Fawn's braided hair, which she quickly realized and pulled back.
"Whoops! Sorry!" Fawn said as she threw her hair back behind herself. She walked around the edge of the city and explored it further, with the microscopic people nervously looking up as her toes (covered by the brown pointed shoes she was wearing) were easily the size of smaller apartments. Fawn kept getting more and more impressed with what she saw.
"Wow… it's amazing to think such a modern city resides within these blades of grass. And the people… they're as tiny as that Peter creep I ate a while back." Fawn said.
Then she gasped when she realized something important.
"Shoot! I'm supposed to meet with Tink and the others in her home! I have to tell them about this." Fawn said as she flapped her wings and soared into the sky.

Meanwhile, inside Tinker Bell's house, Tink was walking around chatting with her four best friends (and fellow talent fairies)… Rosetta, Iridessa, Silvermist, and Vidia.
"And that's when Periwinkle finished with… I guess I deserved that cold reception!" Tinker Bell said as she laughed. The other fairies all lightly chuckled.
"Yeah, Periwinkle may be a master of ice, but her joke telling skills could use some work." Vidia said.
"Awwww… come on, Vidia! Every fairy has to start somewhere!" Silvermist said.
"She's right. Ya'll remember when I tried to paint my first red rose?" Rosetta said.
"Heh… point taken." Vidia said.
The five girls then heard a knock on the door. Tinker Bell walked over and opened it, revealing Fawn who was busy catching her breath.
"Fawn! Where have you been?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Yeah! We all got here almost five minutes ago!" Iridessa said.
"Sorry, sorry, sorry. I found something you all just have to see!" Fawn said.
"What is it, Fawn? Did that bird you were training finally fly?" Tinker Bell said.
"No, it's not that. I… well…" Fawn said.
"Yes yes?" all the fairies asked as they approached Fawn.
"Well… I'm just going to come out and say it. I was flying through some plains when I saw a hole amidst the blades of grass. When I get closer to this hole… there's this modern city. You know, kind of like the ones in the Mainland? But it was really REALLY small! I mean… this small!" Fawn said as she pinched two of her fingers together.

The girls at first were silent, but some of them started laughing.
"Come on, Fawn. Ya can't be serious. Even them smallest of cities is way bigger than all of Pixie Hollow!" Rosetta said.
"For once I think Fawn is underexaggerating!" Vidia said. Fawn folded her arms under her chest.
"Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh it up! But what's even weirder were the people in this city were even smaller! I mean… if I walked onto this city, we'd look like giant goddesses!" Fawn shouted. This suddenly got the fairies who were laughing to stop as they looked into Fawn's eyes.
"Are you sure, Fawn?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Yeah! When have I ever lied to you?" Fawn said.
"Well…" Vidia started to say.
"Never! You're one of the most trustworthy fairies I know, Fawn. I believe you when you say you saw a tiny city with even tinier people." Silvermist said.
"Awwww… thanks. Still, I'm sure you all want to see for yourselves, right?" Fawn asked.
"Sure, why not!?" Tinker Bell shouted.
"Eh… I've got nothing better to do today." Vidia said.
"Me neither! I finally got some free time from giving light to the fireflies." Iridessa said.
"Then it's settled! Lead the way, Fawn!" Tinker Bell said.
"Right! All hands on deck!" Fawn shouted, which caused the others to look funny at their friend.
"Heh… we sure spent a lot of time on that pirate ship, didn't we?" Tinker Bell said, referring of course to the events of The Pirate Fairy. Nevertheless, all six fairies departed from Tinker Bell's house, with Fawn indeed leading the way.

It took over a few minutes, but finally Fawn brought everyone to the spot with the hole within the blades of grass.
"This is it! Now, let's descend carefully so we don't cause too much panic." Fawn said as she slowly decreased altitude. The other fairies shrugged at each other and did the same thing. Even as they heard the faint screams of microscopic people slowly getting louder, they eventually touched down and were just as awestruck as Fawn was when she first spotted the city.
"So… there it is." Fawn said.
"Well, I declare." Rosetta said.
"Wow… everything's so small." Silvermist said as she took a step into the city with her flip flops.
"Whoa… slow down, Silvermist! We don't want any trouble…" Tinker Bell said.
"Oops! Sorry!" Silvermist said as she backed away from the city.
"Really? We're just going to leave it as is? What happens if other fairies were to come across this place?" Vidia said.
"What are you saying, Vidia?" Rosetta asked.
"I'm saying we're fairies! There's hardly ANYTHING smaller than us. At least why don't we walk around and get a feel for what it's like to be… well… way bigger than human sized." Vidia said. The other five fairies all looked at each other.
"I mean… I always dream of what it's like to be towerin' over everythin'." Rosetta said.
"Me too!" Fawn said.
"Alright then, let's have a walk around… carefully!" Tinker Bell said, with the other five fairies nodding.

And so, they all set foot on the vast tiny city, with the micro-sized people having to run like mad from all sorts of footwear the giantesses were wearing. The fairies ooooohed and aaaaaaahed over seeing everything so small… and also how easy it was to destroy things as Vidia would attest to when she made a firm stomp over a tall building and crushed it under her shoe.
"Heh… I know some fairies who'd get a kick out of this kind of destruction. And I kinda like it too…" Vidia said. Not too far from her was Tinker Bell, who took note of how not even the tallest building in the city could rise past her ankles.
"Yeah, I guess it is exhilarating seeing a city this small at our feet." Tinker Bell said.

However, as Tink stomped around in a different direction, she would soon find not all was rosy in this city. After sniffing a few times, she suddenly felt the need to cough.
"Phew… it kinda stinks in this part of the city. What!?" Tinker Bell said when she looked down to see where the smell was coming from. She was standing atop a factory… where smoke was billowing out from the three pipes atop the structure. In fact, there were numerous structures like this and not nearly enough residental-type places that she remembered seeing in the Mainland.
"This… this shouldn't be a city." Tinker Bell said. She then heard a woman screaming behind her feet, and so she turned around and watched a young woman have her purse ripped off her shoulder by three masked men. Tinker Bell gasped as she watched the men run away and the woman fell to her knees, crying.
But that wasn't the only crying she heard. She turned and saw a family that looked like they hadn't showered in days judging by their dirty clothes. Tinker Bell listened in on the conversation.
"I'm sorry, kids. This is all the food I could find." the man said.
"Waaaaaaaaah! I wish we could go home!" the younger boy said.
"I know, sweetie. But our home was foreclosed on, remember? The streets are all we can afford." the woman said.

It almost brought tears to Tinker Bell's eyes, and yet she almost got red in the face (like what usually happens when she gets angry). Factories, industrialization, crime, and the resulting poverty. This was a place that got away from itself. Tinker Bell looked forward at the other fairies stepping around.
"Girls! Over here!" Tinker Bell shouted as the other 'giant' fairies joined up with her. Right away they picked up on the foul factory smell like Tink did.
"Yowza! Who cut the cheese!?" Rosetta said.
"I'll say! Suddenly the muddy river we crossed that one night is not so bad!" Iridessa said.
"It's not just the factories, girls. There's crime being committed… families are being forced out of their homes…" Tinker Bell said.
"How awful!" Silvermist said.
"But what can we do about it?" Rosetta said.
"Right… we're supposed to go around politely asking these big shots… oh, excuse me, can you please stop polluting this city so normal people can live happy lives?" Vidia said.
"Come on, Vidia. We're really big to these people. They'll HAVE to listen to us." Tinker Bell said.
"At least today they will." Fawn said.
"Huh? What do you mean, Fawn?" Tinker Bell said.
"(sigh) I know this is going to sound cruel, but is there really any saving to this city? What's to say the people responsible for this mess will change overnight? Once a sleazy polluting businessman, always a sleazy polluting businessman." Fawn said as she recalled the time she spent with Peter Proky before digesting him (still unknown to the other girls to this day).

The other fairies looked at each other confusingly while Fawn put her foot down (crushing a significant amount under her shoe).
"We have to destroy this entire city… and everyone in it." Fawn said.
"WHAT!? I reckon you've gone insane, Fawn… or maybe got hit on the head too hard by that squirrel and his acorns." Rosetta said.
"I agree with Rosetta. We're fairies! We don't destroy things… well, not unless it's absolutely necessary, anyway!" Iridessa said.
"This goes against everything I've ever stood for…" Silvermist said.
"No, girls. Fawn is right." Tinker Bell said, with the other girls looking shockingly at their friend.
"Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell. I never thought I'd live to see the day you'd support such… ooooooh… a fiendish thing to do." Vidia said.
"Well, don't get used to it! Still, Fawn is right. This city may be super tiny, but if word of not just its existence but also its activities were to spread beyond these blades of grass… it would be bad news for Pixie Hollow. I mean, we have a lot of fairies who like to imitate." Tinker Bell said.
"Bobble and Clank, anyone?" Silvermist said, prompting a brief giggle from the other fairies.
"So it's unanimous then? We destroy this city and everyone in it?" Tinker Bell asked. There was still a bit of unsettlement from the fairies. Except for one, anyway, which was Vidia.
"Meh… I don't mind. Crushing a city beneath my shoes is a good way to blow off steam." Vidia said.
"Okay, Tink. We're with you." Rosetta said.
"Same goes for me." Iridessa said, with the other fairies nodding.
"Thanks, everyone. Let's spread out so we can cover more ground. And don't hold anything back." Tinker Bell said.
"Roger, Captain!" Fawn shouted as the girls put their hands together and nodded before finally breaking off in their own paths.
"Look out, ya'll, for rampagin' fairies!" Rosetta playfully shouted.

Obviously, this plan was overheard by everyone in the city given the massive size of the fairies, and when they broke the huddle and got to stomping around and showing no mercy to whatever was under their feet, the panic set in. Tinker Bell switched rapidly between expressions of sadness and anger, feeling bad for the lives she was ending but knowing it was a necessary evil. She looked on the soles of her green shoes and saw numerous bloodstains from those she had crushed.
"Ick… I hope my friends don't gag over this." Tinker Bell said. She then watched as she kicked one of her feet back and leveled a skyscraper. She started to kneel down and try and set it back on its foundation, but let it fall back down and crumble apart.
"Heh… I'm so used to tinkering with things rather than destroying them." Tinker Bell said. She stood back to her full height and got back to walking around. It started to make her feel good that she was causing so much destruction with just a few steps.
"Yeah, Vidia was right. How often do you get a chance to do something like this?" Tinker Bell said. She then remembered the factory she towered over earlier and wanted to make sure that got destroyed as well… and not just by stepping on it. She approached the factory, watching as workers galore ran outside and around her gigantic green shoes hoping they wouldn't get stepped on. Tink then turned around and fell down backwards…
"Timber!" Tinker Bell shouted as she landed back first on the factory, crushing it and sending out a tremendous tremor that cracked the foundations of surrounding buildings in multiple directions.

Tinker Bell laid flat on her back for a minute as she looked up at the clear blue sky.
"Ahhhh… that felt… satisfying! Like I just finished building that flying wagon with Bobble and Clank." Tinker Bell said as she waved her arms and legs around like an angel, carving paths of destruction. Finally she got back up on her feet and cringed over seeing the charred marks and debris left behind from crushing the factory on her outfit.
"Ick… gross!" Tinker Bell said as she rapidly brushed her outfit to clean off the mess, which was easy to do, thankfully.
"Whew… good." Tinker Bell said. She couldn't relax for long, however, as she felt a series of explosions to the side of her head. She turned to look in that direction and had to squint when she saw mosquito-sized objects flying towards her. These were actually fighter jets that belonged to the city she and the other fairies were smashing.
"I guess they're trying to shoot me down. Well, normally I have utmost respect for bugs, but not in this case!" Tinker Bell shouted. She watched the jets fly towards her face and they tried to pull up, but Tink was ready as she wound up a fist and flung it at the jets, instantly exploding them.
One of the pilots managed to eject from his jet and was parachuting towards the ground, but it didn't make him feel any better seeing nothing but a wall of green in front of him which represented the dress the 'giantess' was wearing. He kicked his legs around as he watched Tink spread her mega-sized hands apart.
"Forgive me." Tinker Bell softly said before she clapped her hands together and reduced the fighter pilot to nothing more than a blood splat on one of her hands, which she casually rubbed on her dress.

With the fighter jets taken care of, Tinker Bell got back to rampaging around, eventually finding herself towering over what looked like a school. She was about to flatten it under her shoe, but stopped when she looked behind the school and saw a couple dozen children cowering in fear behind the building. Tinker Bell, like any other fairy, had great admiration for children given fairies are born from the laughter of Mainland children. Tink set her foot down and got down on her knees to get a closer look at the kids.
"Don't be scared, kids. I won't hurt you. Children are the future… it's important you stay safe!" Tink said. She then stood back up and took one of her shoes off, exposing her bare foot. Then she got back down on her knees and gently scooped up the children (despite the objections of some of the teachers). Tink held the children up to her face, some of them in awe over seeing nothing but her blue eyes or strands of her blonde hair.
"You'll be safe in here. Just stay against the wall so my toes don't crush you!" Tinker Bell said as she dropped the kids into her shoe. She set it back down on the ground and tucked her foot back into it. The kids were somewhat afraid seeing the gargantuan toes of the giant Tinker Bell in front of them, but they heeded her advice and stayed against the wall with a good 5-6 feet separating them from the toes.
Tinker Bell smiled as she thought about the children one more time for now, and then got back to stomping around the area, including the school (with the teachers in or around the area).

The story would pretty much be the same for the other fairies towering over the city. Fawn slowly walked around with a beaming smile seeing people left and right trying to avoid getting crushed, and failing in doing so, underneath her shoe.
"Oooooh… bang! Splat! Boom! Vidia was right, this is kinda fun!" Fawn said as she stepped on another group of people as well as several cars. She then got down on her knees and crawled forward.
"Hahaha! Take a good look, people! This is the face of your destruction!" Fawn said as she crawled and smashed several people under her hands and knees.
"Wow… such a power rush. I better be careful I don't treat my animal friends like that!" Fawn said. She then looked down and realized the end of her braided hair was leaving a trail of destruction… and so she moved her head around that made her hair slither over the city, carving said trail of destruction.
"Hahaha! I always thought my hair was strong and powerful." Fawn said. She then saw a group of people staring bravely up at her.
"Look out, little people. A big wind storm is coming!" Fawn said as she took a deep breath and then exhaled, blowing people off their feet and into the distance where they slammed into something, either the ground or another building, and died from the impact (if the hurricane-like gust of wind from Fawn's mouth didn't kill them first).

Fawn then got back on her two feet and approached yet another group of people that made the mistake of running into an alley and had nowhere to escape.
"Big mistake, you little people! I wonder what I should do with all of you…" Fawn said as she heard the faint screams from the microscopic people. She could just make out some of them begging to spare their lives, but finally she came up with an idea.
"Hey, do you all wonder what it's like to fly like me?" Fawn said. She then summoned the pixie dust she and the other fairies were famous for, and then rained it down on the group of people. Within seconds, the people were glittering in pixie dust and floating in the air, going higher or lower depending upon how high Fawn held her arm up. Then, as she waved it around, the people went flying around as well.
"Wheee! Having fun, everyone!" Fawn said, smiling even as these people screamed even louder from flying around uncontrollably. It didn't make them feel any better when Fawn made these people fly all around her body, whether it was around her waist, between her legs, under or around her arms, or when she blew them a kiss when they were in front of her face.

"Around and around they go… where they stop, nobody…" Fawn said as she flew the people around faster and faster. Finally, though, Fawn got a little too excited with waving her arms and she ended up slamming every last person against a skyscraper (that was barely taller than ankle level), leaving many blood splats on the glass windows. This made Fawn cringe a little bit.
"Ick… that's gotta hurt." Fawn said. She got down on her knees and wiped one of her fingers on her tongue, and then she pressed that saliva-drenched finger on those windows, trying to wipe off the blood stains. In doing so, however, she put too much pressure on the building and caused it to topple over and flatten a series of buildings underneath it.
"Sigh… They sure didn't build this city with mega-sized fairies like us in mind. Oh well." Fawn said as she got up and got back to casually walking around, trying to figure out what other fun and destructive things she could do.

Rosetta, like Fawn and the others, started by slowing walking around and admiring the view.
"Woowee! I'm almost getting vertigo seeing a city literally at my feet." Rosetta said. After she took a firm step and crushed a few buildings under one of her shoes, she suddenly felt intrigued.
"Hmmm… I wonder what smushing this here city would feel like in my bare tootsies." Rosetta said. And so she slipped her feet out of her footwear, only taking seconds to leave her in her bare feet. Rosetta playfully wiggled her toes before she took a couple steps forward, immediately feeling several things go crunch beneath the skin of her soles.
"Oooooooh… this is the dangdest thing I've ever felt in all my life!" Rosetta said as she pressed one of her feet in a circular motion, eventually lifting it and seeing the big hole she left behind in the city.
Rosetta then took a good look around the city and realized how drab it looked, especially with all the factories in the immediate area.
"This place sure looks dull. It could use a sprinkling of mother nature." Rosetta said as she threw a bunch of pixie dust around, watching it sink into the ground. After a few seconds of deep rumbling, which felt like a big time earthquake to the tiny people, suddenly a series of flowers came sprouting up from the ground. Many different kinds of flowers sprung up, such as dandelions, roses, and daisies. Rosetta watched one of the roses bloom immediately, and it had people inside that couldn't get out of the way from when it grew.
"Ooooooh… a 'people' rose. I wonder what it smells like." Rosetta said as she lowered her face towards the rose, with the tiny people screaming as they saw the giantess's face take up their entire vision. They held on for dear life as Rosetta inhaled through her nose, but the force proved to be too strong and they got pulled inside the nostrils… with Rosetta totally unaware she had microscopic people stuck inside.

A minute or two later, however, Rosetta watched the rose slowly lose some of its beauty and wilt a little bit. She immediately realized why.
"It's them dang factories polluting this air. Gosh darn it I oughta give these factories a piece of my mind! But I'll give them a piece of my feet instead." Rosetta said as she stood up and walked away from the flowers she created. She immediately set her sights on one of the factories and got to work smashing it up left and right, even going as far as kicking one of the pipes off the roof of the structure.
"You factories are a disgrace to nature!" Rosetta shouted as she continued to stomp around, which made her feel better and better.
"Chloe sure is missin' out!" Rosetta added.

It took a couple minutes, but soon every factory in the immediate area was crushed flat. Rosetta looked at each of her soles one by one and almost cringed seeing a mix of dust, debris, and blood on the skin from everyone and everything she crushed.
"Bleh! And I thought waltzin' through a mud puddle was bad enough." Rosetta said. She wondered what in the city she could use to clean her feet with. She found a skyscraper under construction partially covered by a tarp and tried wiping her feet that way, but the tarp proved to be too small and eventually ripped apart anyway. Then she saw more people running and screaming away from her toes, and that's when she got an idea. She surrounded these people with her feet, leaving them with nowhere to go.
"Congrats, ya'll! You're the lucky ones who are going to make my feet sparkly clean again!" Rosetta said. She then sat down, smushing several structures under her behind, and placed her dirty feet on either side of the people.
"C'mon, c'mon." Rosetta said as she lightly shook her giant feet in front of the tiny people, who felt they had no choice and did whatever they could to please the giantess, mostly scrubbing away with their own two hands.

Rosetta was satistied as she felt the minute touches of the tiny people against her feet. Alas, they were still significantly dirty, and Rosetta knew it would take these people forever for them to clean them up. Then she thought, they're just going to get dirty again anyway when she resumed rampaging around.
"Well, thank ya'll for your efforts, but it's time I hitched my wagon and move on! Later, ya'll!" Rosetta said, listening as the people screamed while she closed her feet together. And then once they were slammed together… total silence. There was nothing left of these people but their smushed remains and a few blood splats here and there.
"Whew… I'm definitely gonna give my feet a washin' when I get back home." Rosetta said. The garden talent fairy got back on her feet and resumed her stomping spree.

In another part of the secretive tiny city, Silvermist and Iridessa were rampaging together. Like the other fairies, they admired the view from high above.
"Whew… this is like flying over Pixie Hollow." Iridessa said.
"Yeah, only we're walking instead!" Silvermist said. Iridessa smiled as she lifted a leg high up in the air and slowly brought it down over a group of buildings, crushing them flat.
"Pretty good." Silvermist said.
"Thanks! Why don't you try next?" Iridessa said. Silvermist smiled as she mirrored Iridessa's moves exactly in slamming a foot down on the buildings.
"Y'know, that gives me an idea. I wonder what a drizzle would look like to this itty bitty city." Silvermist said as she snapped her fingers and summoned a miniature rain cloud. After stirring her finger in the cloud for a few seconds, it soon sprinkled rain. While it looked like a sprinkle to the two giantesses… each drop flooded the city streets and washed away people and vehicles galore.
"I guess it looks more like the great flood to them." Iridessa said.
"True!" Silvermist said as she moved the cloud around, flooding more parts of the tiny city. She couldn't help but giggle as she watched water fill up an entire building and shoot everyone out of its windows.

While the cloud was busy doing its thing, Silvermist thought of another way to both entertain herself and dispose of more of the microscopic people. The water talent fairy got down on her knees and focused her eyes on a group of panicking people.
"What's wrong, little people? Haven't you ever wanted to float in a bubble?" Silvermist asked. That's when she spread her hands apart on either side of the crowd of people. Before these people knew it, they found themselves trapped inside a crystal clear bubble made on the outside of water. The bubble slowly floated up just as Silvermist stood back to her full height.
"Yay! Wonderful!" Silvermist said.
"Heh, I'm impressed by your bubble making skills, Silvermist." Iridessa said.
"Thanks! Maybe I can teach you to do it, Iridessa." Silvermist said.
"Errrr… maybe if I were a water talent fairy." Iridessa said. As for the bubble, Silvermist looked inside it and smiled at the people.
"Well, it's been fun, little people, but the ride is over. Goodbye!" Silvermist said as she lightly tapped the bubble, causing it to pop. Naturally, this caused the many dozens of people to fall to their deaths in front of the giant Silvermist's shoes.
"Oooooh… that's cold." Iridessa said.
"Not really. Periwinkle would be a master of the cold stuff." Silvermist said.
"You know what I meant." Iridessa said as she rolled her eyes.

Just then, the duo felt a series of explosions hitting their ankles. They looked down to see a series of tanks rolling up towards their shoes.
"I guess they must be the 'superheroes' here to defend the city." Iridessa said.
"Indeed. They are brave for challenging us despite the serious size difference." Silvermist said.
"Maybe not after we step on them." Iridessa said as she stepped forward and raised her foot to smush the tanks. However, the tanks managed to speed out of the way and avoid getting crushed. Iridessa and Silvermist both made repeated stomp attempts, only to miss each and every time.
"Wow! Persistent little bugs, aren't they!?" Silvermist shouted.
"Fawn would probably be proud of them. But I have an idea." Iridessa said.
"Oh? What's that?" Silvermist asked. She then watched as Iridessa held up a couple fingers and a bright and shining light emerged from them.
"They can't dodge when they can't see anything. You may want to cover your eyes." Iridessa said as the light suddenly intensified. Silvermist did indeed shield her eyes as Iridessa lowered the light towards the tanks. It wasn't blindingly bright to the fairies, but given the size they were at, the soldiers inside these tanks thought they were looking straight at the sun as they had to shield their eyes.
"Ack! The light! It's as bright as the sun!" one soldier said.
"I can't see where I'm going, sir!" another soldier said as the tank he drove, along with others, swerved uncontrollably back and forth.

This gave Iridessa and Silvermist the chance they needed.
"Now!" Iridessa said as she pulled the light away and the two 'giantesses' proudly stomped the entire fleet of tanks flat. They stomped the ground a few more times to make sure there was nothing left but scrap metal and small pools of blood from the crushed soldiers. The two then high-fived each other.
"Yes! Nice thinking, Iridessa!" Silvermist said.
"Ahhhh… thanks. The plus side of being a light talent fairy." Iridessa said. The two looked down and saw there was a lot more city to destroy.
"Shall we get back to it?" Iridessa asked.
"I thought you'd never ask!" Silvermist said as the two fairies resumed their destructive rampage.

But no fairy was enjoying being a pretend rampaging giantess than Vidia. The competitive fast flying talent fairy often would feel she was the best at everything, at least until Tinker Bell was born. Nevertheless, it brought a delightful smile to Vidia's face as she watched building after building disintegrate underneath her shoes.
"Fee fi fo fum! I smell… well, you're all so small and fragile, I can't smell much at all!" Vidia said as she raised her leg high and slammed it down, causing massive destruction in a wide radius because of the force of the stomp. But Vidia didn't just let her feet do the talking. After sweeping one of her shoes in an arc, she reached down and scooped up a handful of micro people in her hand.
"Mmmm… you'll make fine appetizers." Vidia said as she opened her mouth wide and sprinkled the people inside, gulping them down without a hint of remorse as she felt them slide down into her throat. After rubbing her stomach area, she then saw another group of people trying to run away from her. Instead of stepping on them or picking them up, Vidia instead turned her back to these people, who wondered what the giantess had in mind. Was she going to fall backwards and crush them underneath her backside? Instead, she rapidly flapped her fairy wings, causing an incredible gust that blew everyone off their feet. Vidia eventually turned around and saw the carnage she left behind.
"That's what happens when you try and tangle with a fast flying fairy." Vidia said.

The 'giantess' then smiled and scooped up another group of people near her feet. But instead of swallowing them or crushing them in her hands, she had something else in mind. The people held on tight as Vidia laid down on her backside, and then she sprinkled them up and down her body.
"Go ahead, you little peeps. Walk up and down my magnificent clothing." Vidia said. As she put her hands over her head and chilled out, she felt the microscopic footsteps coming from the people walking around. As for any people that tried to escape, well… she made short work of them by smushing them with her finger, licking up the blood.
"Mmmm… this is the life." Vidia said as she half dozed off from being so comfortable and hearing the screams and sirens from people and vehicles that were in peril.

In fact, she was so comfortable, she didn't notice Tinker Bell walking up towards her.
"Laying down on the job, I see, Vidia." Tinker Bell said as she, with a giggle, hovered one of her shoes over Vidia's face, causing her to quickly roll back on her feet.
"Hey!" Vidia shouted as she got back on her feet, causing people to go raining down to their deaths as they landed on the pavement. Those that managed to cling to her outfit wouldn't last more than a few more seconds as Vidia brushed off her outfit with her hands.
"Ooooooh… good thing you were wearing shoes. No way I'm smelling your bare feet!" Vidia said.
"Come on. They can't be as bad as when Fawn walks around." Tinker Bell said.
"Good point, given the stuff she flies through to get her animal friends to cooperate." Vidia said. The two then watched the other fairies join in the group, and all six looked around to see over 90% of the city in ruins.
"Dang… we sure gave this city a run for its money." Rosetta said.
"Still, there's enough left that some fairies are going to ask questions if they ever fly to this area." Iridessa said.
"Leave that to me. Everyone fly up after I snap my fingers." Silvermist said as she did indeed snap her fingers. After the six fairies flapped their wings to go airborne, everyone except Silvermist gasped as they watched a wave of water come sweeping from between the blades of grass and onto the city grounds. Of course, it looked like a small leak's worth of water to the fairies, but to what few tiny citizens of the city that were still standing… it was the tidal wave to end all tidal waves.
"All is lost." one man said as he hugged his wife before the wall of water consumed him and the rest of the buildings still standing.

Once the water swept away, there was nothing left except a gray slab… the foundation of what was once an entire city. The fairies landed back on the ground and looked over what remained.
"Well, that's that." Vidia said.
"So much destruction, and so many people whose lives we took…" Fawn said. The fairies stood in silence, realizing the gravity of what they just did. Although nobody else would ever know of the city's existance given how small it was, the girls would still remember for years to come the day they took out that entire city.
But Tinker Bell knew the fun was not over yet, as she just remembered something important she did earlier.
"Well… we didn't destroy everyone." Tinker Bell said. The fairies watched as Tinker Bell slipped her foot out of one of her shoes. She then picked up that shoe and gently shook out the dozen plus children she captured earlier from a school before she crushed it.
"I didn't have the heart to crush these children before I crushed the school they were hiding in." Tinker Bell said. The children looked nervous as they looked up and saw not only Tinker Bell, but the other five fairies towering over them.
"Awwww… they look adorable!" Rosetta said.
"Don't worry, little ones. We won't hurt you. We love kids! We owe our lives to them." Iridessa said, with the other fairies (even Vidia) nodding.

"So what are we going to do with them, Tink?" Fawn asked.
"We should keep them until we figure something out. At their size… the world's a dangerous place." Tinker Bell said.
"I wouldn't mind! I could give some of them a swimming pool inside my home." Silvermist said. Right away that got some of the children cheering.
"Heh, somehow I knew they'd like that." Vidia said.
"Come on, everyone. We better get back to Pixie Hollow and figure out who keeps who." Tinker Bell said.
"And before Queen Clarion figures out where we've gone AND what we've been doing!" Iridessa said.

And with that, the six fairies (with Tinker Bell cradling the microscopic children up against her chest, allowing them to hear her kind heartbeat) all flew up and away from where the microscopic city once stood. Nobody else but them would ever know there was a bustling city full of innocent people sitting atop the pebbles.