Tinker Bell's Pixie Dust Adventure

(Lord Bolo)

“The sun festival is today! Come on everyone!” Tinker Bell shouted to her friends. Indeed, it was the day of the sun festival, a celebration held every 100 years of the light and warmth the sun gives us every day.

“I want to see the green pixie dust be made!” said Silvermist, excited.

“I’m excited to know how it’s made,” said Iridessa.

They all hurried off to the pixie dust tree, hyped for the festival.

When they got to the tree, they were greeted by wonderful colors. There was Celtic music being played out of pipes made of leaves and all matter of plants. There was dancing and laughter and overall joy. Near the end of the festival, everyone counted until sundown. Because at the exact moment of sundown, there would be a bright flash of green and green pixie dust would explode from the air. The tree’s pixie dust would then change to green pixie dust, which flowed through the roots of the tree into the other seasons, strengthening the plant life there.

3, 2, 1! Yay!!!” everyone let out a collective yell of happiness as pixie dust appeared everywhere. It was gathered up and brought to the pixie dust pool in the center of the tree. They poured it in and watched as the tree’s dust changed from yellow to green.

“Good work everyone. Now let’s head home and let the dust work it’s magic,” said Queen Clairion. With that everyone began to fly back home, while Tinker bell had something else in mind.

“Hey Vidia, why don’t we come back here later so we can find out exactly how this works?” asked Tinker Bell with a smile. Vidia gave a huff, crossed her arms and nodded.

“Great! See you then,” Tinker Bell then flew off to her house, a teakettle with a front door, and laid down. She couldn’t fall asleep because she was so excited, so she just stared at the ceiling. When Tink was sure everyone was asleep, she flew out to grab Vidia.

Tinker bell knocked on Vidia’s front door. The seashell knob turned to reveal Vidia, ready to go.

“You wanted to check this out so much, so let’s make it quick,” said Vidia with a smirk.

The two of them then flew off to the pixie dust tree.

“Wow, it’s amazing to see the pixie dust at night,” said Tinker Bell.

“Let me take a closer look,” said Tinker Bell as she leaned in to examine the pixie dust. Vidia saw the perfect opportunity and pushed Tinker Bell in.

“Ha! You should have seen the look on your face!” said Vidia. When she opened her eyes, Tink had sunken into the center of the pool.

“Tink!” shouted Vidia. A low thud was heard from the bottom of the tree. Vidia looked down to see Tinker Bell lying unconscious at the bottom of the tree.

“HELP! Somebody Help!” Shouted Vidia as she flew for the nurse fairies home.

Meanwhile Tink began to glow a light green…

The next day everyone was gathered around Tinker Bell. Nobody dared to touch her for she was glowing brightly.

“Stay back,” said Queen Clairion. She and fairy Mary had arrived to investigate what they had heard.

“I wonder what’s happening to her,” said fairy Mary.

Suddenly, Tink’s glow began to pulse brightly. Then she started to grow. Everyone backed away as Tinker Bell got bigger and bigger. She stopped at about the height of six feet. To the 4 inch tall fairies, she was humongous. She began to wake up.

“Ow, my head,” Tink said as she sat up.

“Wha, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!” Tinker Bell shouted as she stood. The other fairies held their ears from the volume of the noise.

It was then Tinker Bell looked down. The other fairies were looking at her with fear. Tink spied her friends out of the corner of her eye. Rosetta had fainted (again), Iridessa was hiding behind Vidia, while Fawn and Silvermist were looking up at her with wonder.

“Everyone leave, go back to what you were doing, Fairy Mary and I will handle this,” said Queen Clairion. Everyone followed these orders without question, and flew away as fast as they could.

“Tink, please sit so you can see us better,” said Queen Clairion. Tinker Bell did as told and sat down.

“I’m sure you’re very confused, so are we. We will get our top problem-solving fairies on it. In the meantime, try to adjust to your new height. We’ll let you sleep under the pixie dust tree until we can get something more permanent,” said Queen Clairion. Tinker Bell just nodded.

“Tinker Bell, if you ever need anything, come ask us. We’ll be here, just try not to step on anyone,” said Fairy Mary.

“Will do, thank you for helping me in a time like this.” Tinker Bell got up and walked away, creating light rumbles as she walked. As soon as she was gone, the two fairies turned to each other.

“This will be difficult to get used to, but in time the fairies will adjust. I’m wondering how her friends will react around her though,” said Queen Clairion.

“I imagine they will have some difficulty, but Tink and her friends are inseparable. So I don’t imagine it will be too long before they get used to her,” said Fairy Mary. With that, they headed back to their homes.

Tinker Bell walked towards tinker’s nook, where she would talk to her old friends Clank and Bobble. They were the only fairies, besides the winter fairies, who weren’t there during Tink’s growth spurt, and she had a feeling she knew why.

“Clank, hand me that hammer,” said Bobble as he looked up from the wagon he was working on.

“Will do, Bobble!” said Clank as he tossed the hammer to him. Only he threw a bit too hard, and the hammer hit the wall behind them.

“Sorry,” Clank said as he shrugged his shoulders.

The ground started shaking lightly, and tools and other items started falling off tables. They looked up to see what was causing it, and found that Tinker Bell filled the sky. Clank fell off the chair he was sitting on, and Bobble’s glasses popped again. He refilled them with water and blinked again to make sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him.

“Hi guys,” said Tinker Bell with a weak wave.

"Tinker Bell? What happened to you?" said Bobble as he looked her over.

"Well um," Tinker Bell put her hand behind her head. "Green pixie dust has more effects than it seems."

"Well then, it'll take some work to get you moved in. I imagine your old house won't fit you anymore," said Clank, flying up to her face.

Tink took a close look at him. Clank was one of the 'larger' fairies, yet he seemed so small. Looking down, she saw the most of the houses there barely came up to her heel. Everything looked so fragile and delicate at her size. It was almost surreal, seeing how she could destroy everything with one touch. The sound of a snap broke the silence.

"Yoohoo, Miss Bell?" said Bobble as he snapped his fingers. Tink looked down at him, once again marveling at how small everything looked.

"You better get a move on if you're going anywhere else. The sun's getting close to sundown," said Bobble.

"I will, thanks guys," Tinker Bell said as she turned around.

"One last thing!" Tink said as she scooped them both up and gave them a hug. Bobble's glasses popped again, but he enjoyed the warmth and soothingness of the hug. Clank nestled against her as he too enjoyed the hug.

"Thanks for being such great friends," Tink said as she put them down.

"Bye guys," Tink said as she walked off.

There was a long pause between the two, and then they turned to each other.

"Well Clank, back to work," Bobble said while refilling his glasses. He then tossed the hammer to Clank and cracked his knuckles.
"Now hammer this part on and it should be fixed!" said Bobble with excitement. Clank took one swing of the hammer and ... the wagon fell apart.

"Clank! Let me do it!" said Bobble as he took the hammer from Clank.

Meanwhile, Tink headed towards the ponds in summer glade. She knew Silvermist would be there, listening to gossip from the babbling brook. It was one of Silvermist's secrets, but Sil did it so often it was a secret to everyone.

"Uh huh. Really!? No way!" Silvermist sat listening to the babbling brook, responding occasionally. Suddenly, the water around her began to ripple violently. The ripples soon turned into waves which Silvermist had to fly at full speed to avoid. She wasn't looking ahead of her, so she ended up crashing into a rock.

"Hi Sil." Silvermist heard this, pushed herself off the ground and looked up to see Tinker Bell, waving down at her.

“Tink! I’m so glad to see you’re okay. You gave everyone quite the scare back at the pixie dust tree,” said Silvermist as she flew up to Tinker Bell’s face.

“I’m so sorry about that. I was scared and didn’t know what to do,” said Tinker Bell as she held out her palm for Silvermist to stand on.

“It’s fine. I would’ve reacted the same way had I been in your shoes,” said Silvermist as she landed on Tink’s hand.

“So how are things going over here?” said Tinker Bell, lifting Sil to her face.

“They’re fine. Nothing major’s been happening recently,” said Sil.

Tink felt something against her foot, so she looked at what it was. It was a group of tadpoles, playing around in the water. Looking down at them gave her a sense of how big she really was. They would normally be around the size of a small rock, but to Tink they looked absolutely miniscule.

“Hey Tink, wanna hang around here for a while? I’ve got some things to finish up and could really use the company,” said Silvermist.

“Sure, I guess I can stay for a little bit,” said Tink as she set Silvermist back on the ground. She then walked over to a rock not too far away and sat down, watching as Silvermist finished her job. When she was done, Silvermist flew over to Tink and sat down on her leg.

“Hey Sil, while you were working I came up with a game,” said Tinker Bell.

“Really? Cool! What is it?” asked Silvermist.

“I think you’ll like it,” said Tink as she undid her hair.

Next thing she knew, Silvermist was swing from hair to hair like vines. She was clearly having the time of her life, as indicated by the huge smile on her face. She stopped and began to climb the strand she was holding, reaching the top of Tinker Bell’s head.

“I’m the queen of the world!” Silvermist said triumphantly. She then jumped off Tink’s head and landed in her hands. Rolling over laughing, she looked up at Tinker Bell.

“That.. was the most… fun I’ve had in forever!” said Silvermist, out of breath.

“I’m glad you had so much fun. It was cute seeing you let loose like that,” said Tinker Bell.

“I should probably get going. It’s very late and we’ll both need some rest after today,” said Tinker Bell as she set Sil on the ground.

“Yeah I’m pretty worn out myself. Anyways, goodnight!” said Silvermist as she set off for her house.

Tink began to head back towards the pixie dust tree, more tired than she had been in a long time. She expected to just lie against the trunk of the tree for sleep, but what she found was very different.

There was a tarp made of leaves laid on the ground, a blanket made of flower petals, and a pillow made of leaves and filled with cotton. There was a weathered jewelry box filled with all sorts of lost things. There was even a night light! The night light began moving and flew right up to her face. It was then she realized it was none other than her old pal, Blaze. Blaze saluted her, as if to show he would stay awake as long as she would.

“Oh Blaze! I can always count on you,” said Tinker Bell.

Tink laid down and looked up at the tree. She wondered what tomorrow would bring, as she would be going to visit her sister Periwinkle in the winter woods. Try as she must to stay awake, she was soon fast asleep from the fatigue getting to her. Blaze slept soundly a fair distance away from her to make sure he wasn’t crushed in his sleep, although occasionally her wing brushed against him because of their size. Tomorrow would definitely be an interesting day, that’s for sure.

Tink woke up to the sound of bells overhead as all the dust keeper fairies flew in for work. Among them all, she spotted one she knew. She plucked Terence out of the sky by grabbing his foot. Holding Terence upside down in front of her face, she smiled and laughed at Terence’s surprised expression.

“Hey Terence, It’s nice seeing you again,” said Tinker Bell.

“It’s nice seeing you too, but can ya’ flip me over? It’s kinda hard to talk upside down,” said Terence.

“Sure, sorry about that,” said Tinker Bell. She tossed him into the air and caught him again, right side up this time.

“Hey Tink, how did you get so big? Vidia shared some of the story, but not all,” said Terence, wiping the scared look from being tossed off his face.

“Long story short, Vidia pushed me into the green pixie dust. I blacked out after that so I don’t exactly know what happened,” said Tinker Bell.

“Oh, I guess I better tell the others not to mess with that stuff, or we’d have bigger problems on our hands,” said Terence.

“Alright, but first let’s play a game,” said Tink in her usual playful spirit.

“What do you have in mind?” said Terence.

“A race to the winter border. First one there wins,” said Tinker Bell.

“But you can’t fly anymore, can you? You don’t have any pixie dust to fly with,” said Terence.

“That may be true, but my wings are large enough now I can fly without it,” said Tinker Bell.

“Why do you walk everywhere then?” asked Terence.

“Because it tires me out. I’m sure I could fly indefinitely if I trained some more, but for now I just deal with it. Flying with pixie dust and flying using your strength are two different things Terence. Plus, I like walking at this height,” said Tinker Bell.

“That makes sense,” said Terence.

“Anyways, ready, set, go!” said Tink as she flew off. A bit shocked, Terence began flying as fast as he could in an effort to keep up with her. Tink was much faster than him, but due to her size she had to go around trees a lot whereas Terence could dart between the branches. Terence was behind most of the time, due to the gusts of wind created by her wings. He managed to catch up because a large tree had blocked Tink’s path. It was a very close race, but Tink was the winner. She sat down, out of breath.

“Yes! I win!’ cried Tink with joy.

“I would have won if you didn’t keep blowing me back! But it was fun anyways,” said Terence, sitting on Tink’s lap. Tink pushed him over using her finger.

“Hey!” said Terence, looking up at her. He still found it unbelievable that what he is sitting on is his friend. To him, she was amazingly huge, as big as some of the biggest sunflowers he’d seen.

“I have to get going. Fairy Gary’s gonna kill me if I don’t get there right now,” said Terence, getting up.

“Oh, ok. I’ll see you later then!” called Tinker Bell as Terence flew back towards the pixie dust tree.

Tink got up and turned around to see the winter border just behind her. She knew she could cross without the help of any frost fairies because her wings were large enough to the point where they wouldn’t freeze. Even so, she was still hesitant to cross the border. She put on the much larger coat with wing holes the fairies made for her and, gathering her courage, she leaped over the border and landed with a small thud. She turned around to see that her wings had lit up again. Her wings sparkled prismatically, indicating that her sister was nearby.

“Peri?” Tink called out.

“I’m down here Tink,” said Periwinkle. Tinker Bell looked down and sure enough, her sister was standing right next to her foot. Peri, being extremely pale, looked even more fragile standing next to her enlarged sister.

“There you are! I was worried I was going to have to go looking for you,” said Tinker Bell, scooping her sister into her hand and lifting her up.

“I was actually hoping to catch a glimpse of you walking by, because as you know I can’t leave the winter woods,” said Peri.

“Well I’m glad I decided to come by today then. Let’s head back to your house, I’m getting cold out here,” said Tinker Bell. They then began the journey to Peri’s house, with Periwinkle sitting on Tink’s shoulder the whole time.

“Wow, this view is amazing!” said Peri in amazement.

“I know, right! I still can’t get over it and I see it all the time,” said Tinker Bell.

“Hey, wanna go see Dewey? I bet he’d jump out if his skin if he saw me,” said Tinker Bell, pointing at Dewey’s house off in the distance.

“Sure! I want to see his reaction,” said Peri.

They reached Dewey’s house in almost no time. Tink, being six feet tall, couldn’t go inside, so she held out her arm for Peri to slide down and go inside. With a loud WEE!! Peri slid down and opened the door to go inside. While Peri was inside, Tink compared her height with the building. At its peak, the building came up to her chest. The rest of the building was somewhere around her waist. It looked like a large dollhouse to her.

“Now what was it you wanted to show me?” said Dewey as he adjusted his glasses.

“Look up,” said Periwinkle.

OH MY GOODNESS! Is that you Tinker Bell?” said Dewey, falling onto his back.

“Sure is. Let’s just say stay away from green pixie dust,” said Tinker Bell.

“Amazing! I’ll have to get to writing about this immediately!” said Dewey, pushing Peri out of the way and rushing back inside.

“Oh Dewey! Well let’s get going to your house, Peri,” said Tinker Bell, putting Periwinkle back on her shoulder.

They arrived at Periwinkle’s house moments later, but there was one problem. Peri’s house was situated inside the face of a mountain, which Tink obviously knew she couldn’t fit in. Standing on her tiptoes, she could reach it from the ground, but couldn’t stay like that forever. Periwinkle sat in thought for a moment before coming up with an idea. Using her powers of frost, she created a small stepstool for Tink, that way Tink could look inside the house.
“You’re a genius Peri!” said Tinker Bell.

“Well I wouldn’t go that far,” said Peri as she flew up to her house.

“No really! I bet had you not gone to the winter woods, you would have been a tinker fairy!” said Tinker Bell, leaning in and putting her head on her crossed arms.

“Heh heh, you’re probably right!” said Periwinkle. A long moment of silence passed between them.

“Hey Peri, I need to get some things off my chest. Will you promise not to tell anyone?” asked Tinker Bell.

“Of course Tink,” said Periwinkle.

“I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever get back to normal. There doesn’t seem to be much telling me I will. I’m just… scared, I guess. I’ll never be able to interact with my friends correctly, I can’t fit into my own house, and I know they can’t feed me forever. I feel like a monster at times…” said Tink as she turned around and slumped against the mountain, hanging her head.

“Don’t talk like that! You’ve got plenty of friends to help you through this. Everyone in pixie hollow had tried their best to make sure you’re comfortable, and we’ve got plenty of resources to feed you. If every fairy in pixie hollow were to feast for the whole day, it wouldn’t make a dent! Believe me; we’ve got plenty of things to make you happy Tink. Don’t forget, you’re a fairy, and fairies look after each other. Now say it with me, faith, trust, and…” Peri said.

And pixie dust! Thank you Peri, I feel a lot better now. I should be heading back though, I’m freezing out here! Not literally of course,” said Tinker Bell.

“Aww. Already? Okay, thanks for stopping by,” said Periwinkle as she retreated into her house, wings drooping.
“Wait Peri, one more thing!” said Tinker Bell as she picked up her sister and gave her a big hug. The warmth of it was enough to make Periwinkle sweat, but she hugged back anyways. The two sat in each other’s loving embrace for quite some time.

“You are the best sister I’ve ever had,” said Tinker Bell, putting Periwinkle back up on the ledge. “Never forget that.”

“I won’t. Goodbye Tink!” Periwinkle waved bye as Tinker Bell flew away.

When she got home, Tinker Bell spent the rest of the day brushing her hair with a brush that washed up on the beach, and just freshened up in general. Tink and her belongings smelled a little bit, and Tink thought it was noticeable when it really wasn’t. She went to bed that night feeling better than she had in a long time.

A ray of light in her face slowly woke up Tinker Bell. She got up and, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes, put her hair back in its bun. Blaze was still sleeping, so she crept around him to make sure she didn’t wake him up. With everything done, she headed off towards summer glade in search of Iridessa. On her way there, she passed by many other fairies who were practicing their talents for the changing of the seasons. Tink got a lot of friendly waves, but some fairies were still scared of her, so they hid instead. She rolled her eyes and kept walking, eventually reaching summer glade. There she saw Iridessa having fun with some fireflies.

“Hey Iridessa!” Tink called out. Iridessa was so surprised she and the fireflies hid in the nearest flower.

Tink walked over and carefully opened the flower. Inside, Iridessa was clutching the fireflies in a near death grip hug.

“Iridessa, it’s just me,” said Tinker Bell. Iridessa looked up and, sure enough, her lifetime friend was standing there.

“Oh, it’s you Tinker Bell,” said Iridessa, still shaking a bit. “I thought you were something else.”

“What like a monster?” Tink said holding back laughter.

“Yeah,” said Iridessa, blushing a deep shade of red.

Tink gave in and laughed for a while after that.

“I’m sorry about that,” said Tinker Bell.

“Its fine, I get startled easily anyways,” said Iridessa.

“Good to know you’re okay. What were you doing before I got here?” asked Tinker Bell.

“Giving some new fireflies their lights,” she said as she tossed an orb of light into the air. The orb split into three, raining on each firefly and making their tails light up. The fireflies were so happy they began to spin in circles.

“Hey, you wanna play a game?” Tink asked.

“Sure, what is it?” asked Iridessa.

“A good old game of hide and seek,” said Tinker Bell. “With all these sunflowers it should be difficult to find you.”

“Sounds great! Close your eyes and count to 20, I’ll have found a good spot by then,” said Iridessa.

“Alright. 1, 2, 3…” Tink closed her eyes and began to count. Iridessa was about to fly off, but then realized something. She flew up above Tinker Bell, and then hid in the bun in her hair.

“She will never look here,” Iridessa said as she giggled.

“19, 20! Here I come!” Tink said as she opened her eyes.

Tink began to look around in various places. Eventually she sat down against a sunflower, exhausted. Then she reached up and pulled Iridessa out of her hair.

“What?! How did you find me?” Iridessa shouted.

“Silly, I knew you were there the whole time,” Tink said while holding Iridessa by her wings.

Iridessa blushed red and Tink laughed again.

“Alright, I have to get going. I planned to see Rosetta today too,” said Tinker Bell, putting Iridessa down.

“Okay. Bye!” Iridessa called after Tink as Tink began to walk away.

As Tink began to walk towards Spring Valley, she thought about if she was ever going to return to normal size.

“This size does have advantages though,” Tink thought aloud. “If Lizzie saw me like this I wonder what she would say. I’ll have to visit her again.”

By this time Tink had reached Spring Valley. There she saw the whole hill suddenly bloom in a variety of pinks, reds and purples. Rosetta then flew right up really close to Tink’s face.

“Hi Rosetta!” said Tink, crossing her eyes a bit to look at Rosetta.

“Hi Sugar! Haven’t seen you since the accident! How’ve you been?” Rosetta asked backing up from Tink’s face.

“It’s been going great! I just walked over here from seeing Iridessa,” said Tinker Bell, holding out her hand for Rosetta to sit on.

“Walked? Sweetie, you have wings! Use them!” said Rosetta, landing on Tink’s hand.

“I can use them, but walking around at this height is more convenient. Plus, it tires me out to use them since I don’t use pixie dust to fly,” said Tinker Bell.

“Don’t use pixie dust? How’s that work?” asked Rosetta.

“Since my wings are so big I can fly without it. But it takes my strength to do it, so I get tired easily,” said Tinker Bell.

“Oh, That makes sense,” said Rosetta.

“That reminds me, we had something special planned for you!” said Rosetta. “Give us one minute to get ready.”

“Okay,” Tink said as Rosetta flew away.

Sitting down, Tink wondered what the surprise could be. Could it be a show, a gift, or maybe both?

I’ll find out soon enough,” Tink thought.

“We’re ready!” Rosetta called out. Various flowers of beautiful shades of red flew out of the ground and began to fall back down spinning like a propeller. Then came the oranges, then the yellows, and then the blues and purples. Before they could hit the ground fast flying fairies gathered them up into a globelike shape with the petals facing away from the center. One fairy flew into the globe and then the globe burst into a beautiful array of colors. Flowers rained down to the earth, where garden fairies planted them back in their location. A group of fairies picked up a beautifully red star shaped flower before it could hit the ground, plucked off the top part of the flower, and flew it up to Tinker Bell’s face. Rosetta flew up in front of the group in order to speak.

“We got a gift for you to make being your size a little bit better,” said Rosetta.

“Thank you all so much! That was an amazing performance that I will never forget,” Tinker Bell said as she took the flower from the group and put it in her hair.

Rosetta turned around to address the fairies who helped out during the performance.

“You all did great! Thank you for the help!” said Rosetta. Everybody who helped with the performance clapped wildly and then went back to their duties.

“Thank you so much Rosetta,” said Tinker Bell.

“Me? Why thank me?” asked Rosetta.

“Don’t try to deny that you set this up,” said Tinker Bell.

“Okay fine, I set up the whole thing,” said Rosetta

“Then thank you for caring about me so much, I really mean it,” said Tinker Bell.

“You’re welcome,” said Rosetta.

“I have to leave now, it’s getting dark,” said Tink, looking up at the sky.

“Alright. Bye sugar!” called Rosetta as Tink left.

When Tink got home she carefully set aside the flower Rosetta gave her and took out the bun in her hair. She then began to brush her hair that went down to her shoulders. When she was finished she laid aside the brush and laid down, wondering what tomorrow would be like. She would be going to see Vidia tomorrow, so it would definitely be interesting.

“YYYYAAAAAWWWWNNNNN!’ Tinker Bell let out a yawn that could probably be heard in summer glade. Sitting up, she stretched out her arms and wings, then she got up and stretched out her legs. Blaze awoke from his slumber from the rumbles Tink was creating, but he was so tired he went right back to sleep. Tink put her hair in its bun, put the flower Rosetta gave her in the bun and walked towards autumn woods, where she would visit Fawn. Flying over the creek that surrounded the pixie dust tree, Tink was deep in thought about what she would do with her visit to Vidia later today.

“Come on, Corey! You can’t sleep all day!” Fawn yelled at the sleeping bear, trying to move him.  Fawn had a nasty habit of trying to train dangerous creatures, which usually ended badly for the fairies. Since her experience with Gruff, she’s gotten a lot better at it and has even been successful a few times, Corey being one of those times.

“Corey!” Yelled Fawn as she finally managed to push the bear over on its other side. She was then blown back into a tree by a blast of the bear’s hot breath. Corey got up, scratched his head, and began to lumber slowly over to a nearby berry bush. A few fairies scattered when he came close to the bush. The grizzly then put his whole head into the bush to get his breakfast. Fawn  flew over to him, wondering how she was going to get the smell of bear out of her clothes.

She began tugging on the bear's fur hoping he would start moving to where she needed him to go.  The giant grizzly suddenly backed up, sensing something was approaching. This sent Fawn hurtling through the air again, where she hit the same tree and fell to the ground. On the ground, Fawn began to feel the ground shaking, indicating something big was approaching. Then rumbling suddenly stopped, and Fawn could hear Corey go on the offensive. Fawn flew to where Corey was standing to investigate.

“Uh oh, This looks bad,” Fawn said to herself as she saw that Corey was growling at Tinker Bell.

“Corey, buddy calm down. This is Tinker Bell. She won’t hurt you,” explained Fawn, flying in front of the bear’s nose. Corey looked at Fawn, then back at Tinker Bell. He gave a huff of acceptance, and then wandered off into the woods.

“Well, that’s the direction I needed him to go,” Fawn thought as the bear lumbered off. “What are you doing here Tink?”

“I came here to how your training programs been going. From what I’ve heard, you’ve had about as much luck as I did trying to become an animal fairy,” said Tink.

“Don’t remind me,” said Fawn as she sat down on a branch at Tinker Bell’s eye level.

“But I’ve also heard there’s been a lot of success. Hawks are becoming less and less of a danger thanks to you training them,” said Tink.

“Thank you! Although with your size, I doubt they’ll be bothering us for a while,” said Fawn, laughing a bit.

“Yeah, I think so too,” said Tinker Bell, holding out her hand for her tiny friend to climb onto.

“So, how’s your life been going recently? It must be hard fitting in at your size,” said Fawn, climbing onto her giant friend’s hand. Tinker Bell brought her hand closer to her face so she could see Fawn better.

“It’s been going great actually! Everyone’s been so kind to me. Some fairies are still scared that I might accidentally step on them, and Iridessa is a bit more shy than usual, but other than that I’m fine,” said Tinker Bell.

“That’s good to hear,” said Fawn, sitting down. “Well, except for the part about Iridessa. How is she anyways?”

”She’s been just fine. although she thought I was a monster at first,” said TInker Bell, giggling a little.

“Same old Iridessa, always afraid of everything,” said Fawn.

“Oh man!” Fawn said sitting up with a surprised look. “I totally forgot about Corey! I’ve got to catch him before he gets into trouble,” said Fawn. “Bye!” She called back as she flew away. It was sundown by the time the two got done talking.

“Well, I guess it’s time to go see Vidia. Nothing else I can do to avoid talking to her now,” Tink thought as she turned around and headed towards Vidia’s house.

Vidia sat alone in her house, staring at the table in silence. Over and over again, the events of that night played in her head. She sat and watched them with horror as they went through her mind.

“What was I thinking?!” Vidia suddenly shouted, putting her head in between her hands. “I could’ve killed her!” Slight tears were coming out of her eyes. “I never really liked her, but I never wanted her dead!” Vidia said as she put her head down on the table. A loud knocking came from her door.

“Go away! I-I’m busy!” Vidia shouted.

“Vidia, open the door. It’s Tinker Bell,” said Tink. She had been standing outside her house for a while now, listening to Vidia.

Vidia jumped when she heard this and quickly dried the tears off her face. Hesitating, Vidia opened the door. She saw Tink’s massive figure kneeling outside with her hands on her knees. The two of them looked over each other for a long while in complete silence. It had been a while since the accident, so Vidia had forgotten just how big Tink was. She could easily crush Vidia’s house, which was only as big as Tink’s foot. She stood there, trembling at what Tink might say, because she surely wasn’t going to speak up first. Finally, Tink spoke up.

“Hey Vidia. How have you been?” Tink said, looking down at Vidia.

Vidia said nothing. Instead, she flew towards Tink, crashing into Tink’s shoulder and began to cry. Tink picked Vidia up and gave her the reassuring hug she knew Vidia needed.

“I-I’m so sorry! You could’ve died that day!” Sputtered Vidia.

“But I didn’t. You had no idea what the effects of it were, you were just pulling a prank. And besides, you tried to help as soon as you realized what happened,” said Tinker Bell, petting Vidia with her finger.

They sat there exchanging feelings between each other for quite some time. Eventually Vidia flew out of Tink’s embrace.

“You realize neither of us are allowed to speak of this again, right?” Vidia said with a slight blush.

“My lips are sealed. Feel any better?” Tink asked.

“Much better. Thank you Tink,” said Vidia, drying the tears off her face.

“Hey, we fairies have to stick together right? Remember, faith, trust, and pixie dust. That saying wasn’t made up for nothing,” said Tink.

“I guess. Bye Tink,” said Vidia as she went back into her house. Giving Tink one last look, she closed the door.

Without a word, Tink sat up and began to walk to the pixie dust tree. Looking at all the houses as she walked past them, she noticed little to no lights were on. She looked up to see that the moon was high in the sky.

Tink soon arrived at the great tree, which looked absolutely stunning at night. The gentle, golden glow of the great tree gave it a warm, inviting look.

Tink laid down on the bed created for her underneath the tree. She thought about how tomorrow would go, and if she would ever get back to normal. She had not heard any news from Queen Clairion on how research was going, so all she could do was hope for the best. A hundred thoughts went through Tink’s mind before she fell fast asleep.

Tink woke up to the sight of her friends flying above her face. The shower of pixie dust falling on her made her sit up and sneeze unexpectedly, knocking Silvermist and Rosetta on the ground next to her.

"Sorry, girls," Tink said, a bit embarrassed.

"It's ok, Tink. We know it was an accident," Silvermist said, pushing herself off the ground.

"We all flew over here as fast as we could to tell you the great news! They finally found a cure for you!" Rosetta said, flying up beside Fawn.

"Really? That's great news!" Tink said, visibly excited.

"It's all set up in Springtime Square. Come on!" Fawn said, flying away quickly. The rest of Tinker Bell's friends followed after her.

"Set up?" Tink thought about what that could mean for a moment, but ultimately decided not to question it. She instead began to walk in the direction of springtime square.

Tink took one last look at her surroundings as she walked towards the square. Looking at all the houses, she realized she would be getting back to her normal life, which would be quite the change.

"I might actually miss this size," Tink thought to herself. She looked ahead of her to see Springtime Square was close.

When she arrived at Springtime Square, she saw an army of fairies, each one of them holding a ladybug painter, Tinker Bell's first invention. Queen Clairion, Clank, and Bobble flew up to hover in front of Tink's face.

"What's all this?" Tink asked, confused.

"We put all our effort into research on how to fix your problem." Bobble said with a smile. "And we found that by mixing a bit of green pixie dust wtih a selection of berries, we can make a paint that does the exact opposite of what green pixie dust does normally."

"Oh! You'll have to tell me all about it when I get back to normal," Tink said.

"Well, we can tell you one thing, it seems to only affect things affected by green pixie dust," Clank chimed in.

"Tinker Bell, you've helped every fairy at some point of your time being here, we wanted to return the favor." Queen Clairion said gently. She then turned around to face the army of fairies.

"Everyone! We're going to need every last drop of paint for it to take effect. Are you ready?" There was a collective nod amongst the fairies. "Good, get in formation!"

The army of fairies flew up in waves, forming a cylinder around Tink. "Fire!" Paint began to spray from all angles, covering Tink from head to toe. When the last painter stopped firing, the cylinder disbanded to a scattered crowd.

Tink dared not to open her eyes, in case she got paint in them, but she could feel it taking effect. What she couldn't see however, is the dim blue glow surrounding her. Tinker Bell began to shrink back to her normal size. When she felt like it had stopeped, she wiped the paint away from her face and opened her eyes. Looking around, she found the grass to be as tall as she was, meaning she was back to normal. She tried to fly up in excitement, but found her wings were covered in paint. She just jumped around instead.

"Thank you all so much!" Tink yelled from the ground. All her friends landed next to her and jumped in happiness as well.

"Alright, now that that's over, let's go get you cleaned up sweetie," Rosetta said, leading the way. Tink then ran after her, already prepared for her next big adventure.