Shrunk at Minnie's House


The story begins by showing the grocery store in the middle of the town. Inside the store we see Mickey Mouse walking around the store with a shopping van. He has arrived to buy himself some food for the coming weekend. So far he has found almost all of what he's written on his list, apart from a few things; cheese, butter, and bread.

"Hm... where's the place with cheese and butter and all other related milk products again? They keep changing the locations of things from time to time that it becomes difficult to find what you're looking for." Mickey said to himself as he keeps searching for the milk products part of the shop.

He eventually finds the place where cheese and such are, but as he's about to bring the butter and cheese to his shopping van he clumsily slips on a milk carton that has fallen down from the fridge shelf, sending the carton flying onto a pile of conserves which causes them to fly all around the place, knocking down a few store shelfs in the process, and is forced to pay for the damage caused by his accident.

"Gosh. All I wanted to get was some cheese and butter, and then I have to pay for the damage I didn't mean to cause! ... as if I didn't have enough money for that... which I did, but that money was reserved for all the food I'm going to buy. Hope I have enough in the end to pay for the wares though." he said and continues on with his shopping van to look for the bread.

Meanwhile, in another part of the store, Minnie Mouse, Mickey's girlfriend, also happens to be shopping around in the grocery store, and she has already found all the things on her list and is heading towards the pay desk.

"Pant... aah... I'm nearly there. Just a couple feet left and I'll have my errands for today completed!" she said as she kept dragging her shopping bag across the floor. Her shopping bag is so full that things keep falling out of it, but she's completely oblivious to this.

At the same moment Mickey is arriving with his shopping van, and is about to pay for his things as well. He see's Minnie in front of him, who is putting her wares on the pay desk.

"Oh my... as if I didn't have it any harder. Why didn't she just take a shopping van like me?" said Mickey to himself. But then he notices the long thread of foods and things right in front of his van, stretching from Minnie's shopping bag to the end of the long store shelf behind him.

"Hang on a sec, she seems to have dropped nearly all of her things. I better bring them back to her!"  he said and proceeded to pick up and bring all the dropped things back to Minnie. A minute later Mickey is seen with all of Minnie's things in his hands stacked like a tall pillar, running as quickly as he can to Minnie.

"Minnie, wait!!" he shouted to her, but while he has his head turned he bumps into a store shelf a bit away from Minnie, which falls down right on him. A little rounded box then lands on him with the lid coming off. Out of it comes lots of strange powder. After Mickey has been covered with all the powder he then starts to shrink.

"Huh. What was that noise?" Minnie wondered and rushed over to see what happened. "Hm... strange. I'm sure I heard something falling down... and isn't all that stuff around here the things from my bag??" she said and began to collect her things, not looking at each thing carefully. Among it all lies Mickey, who now is completely knocked out after the impact. He is sweeped along with Minnie's things into her shopping bag.

After Minnie has paid all her things she then goes out to her car and loads her bag into the trunk cover. She gets into her car and starts driving home. As she's driving home Minnie keeps thinking about what happened at the store earlier.

"Hm. I really can't shake this thing off my mind. I swear that I could also hear Mickey in the background at the store earlier, but I couldn't see him anywhere... ah well, whatever it was, I'm sure it's being sorted out by now." said Minnie as she keeps on driving.

At a later point we now see Mickey lying down in an unrecognizable environment, having been in a unconscious state for some time.

"YAAWN... Wow, I sure got myself a beating there... hang on, where in the world am I now?? Ain't I supposed to be in the store still?!" said Mickey and got up on his feet to get a better look at his surroundings. The ground was unstable, as parts of it moved as he moved himself. Wasting no time, he tries to find his way out of the rather dark and strange place.

After getting out of the strange thing Mickey's eyes were suddenly blinded by a white light. After rubbing his eyes a little things started to look clearer. The new environment looked quite familiar to him, but he couldn't quite figure out where exactly he was. After getting a good look at the surroundings he now realizes where he has ended up at while he was knocked out.

"Woah! I seem to have ended up in Minnie's house. Only difference is that it looks bigger than I remembered..." said Mickey as he keeps scratching his head in confusion, and the strange thing behind him is actually Minnie's shopping bag. However, this doesn't put him off from doing some exploring.

Just then he hears footsteps. It gets louder and louder each time, and things around him eventually starts to shake, including himself.

"W-who's there??" Mickey stammered in a bit of nervousity and fear. His heart started to beat rapidly as the sound of the footsteps became louder. A few seconds later he then sees a familiar sight above; his girlfriend Minnie! Initially relieved at first, he quickly realizes that she's heading his way, and is about to step on him! He makes a big leap towards the right in an attempt to avoid her shoe.

"Phew... THAT was close!" he said to himself as he's still recovering. What he doesn't know is that Minnie is now turning around with the shopping bag in her hand, and ends up being stepped on by her. Mickey survives this though, and starts wandering off while feeling dizzy.

Later on during his journey throughout Minnie's house, Mickey is now messing about in the bathroom, making several goofy expressions in front of his reflections the walls make.

"Heh. I never could make silly faces in front of my own bathroom walls in my home, because the reflections aren't really that crystal clear. Minnie must be a fairly good house cleaner for sure." Mickey said to himself. He wanders around in the bathroom a little more, and suddenly sees a fairly rare sight he doesn't usually see every time he comes over.

"A pair of bloomers! … gosh.. good thing they appear to have just been dropped from her clean laundry though. Still... I better leave them where they are, maybe Minnie'll be looking for them once she finds out it's gone missing." he said and turns his attention towards something else. He soon spots something else lying on the floor.

"A soap? Hm. Even if Minnie's quite a skilled house cleaner, she still seems to forget about some things. Now this truly confirms the fact that not even Minnie's all that perfect." Mickey said to himself. As Mickey is standing there looking at the giant soap he then hears Minnie entering the bathroom.

"Oh oh, Minnie's coming. If she finds out that I'm in her house in this shrunken state she will likely scream in shock and terror, and who knows what she'll do in that case!" he said and quickly began to run off to find a hiding spot, but doesn't realize that he's just stepped onto the giant soap he just saw earlier. Apparantly it's been used by Minnie earlier, so it has turned a bit wet and soapy. He then slips and falls on his back.

The footsteps of his girlfriend gets louder and louder as she approaches, her bare feet being the only visible part. She stops right at the soap that Mickey is on top of. She picks the soap up and puts it on the side of the bathtub. After having filled the bathtub with water and a squirt of schampoo she then gets herself into the bathtub. The camera pans out to show Minnie sitting in the bathtub, with her private parts being covered by bath leather.

"Ah, about time I'm taking a bath now. It has been a hectic day for sure." Minnie said as she relaxed in the bathtub. Meanwhile, Mickey is still sitting on top of the soap, shocked over the sight that he's now being exposed to.

"Gosh. I just can't believe what I'm seeing right now! I bet being able to see and experience your own girlfriend taking a bath like this is something most men would only dream of." Mickey said to himself as he keeps staring in awe as Minnie keeps washing herself in the bathtub, unaware that her tiny boyfriend is sitting right behind her looking at her.

"Well, it's been an enjoyable sight so far, but I can't just sit around here. Minnie may eventually find out I'm in here, and who knows what would happen in that case... right, time to get moving!" Mickey said and is about to get off the soap, but since the soap has been splashed by the water occasionally coming from the bathtub he just runs around in circles as the soap spins around.

"Oh no. It's getting slippery!" said Mickey as he keeps running in circles, eventually landing on the soap facing down. Minnie then reaches out her hand to grab the soap, with the side Mickey's stuck to facing the palm of her hand.

"Alright, time to scrub my body clean." said Minnie and holds her right leg up in the air, and begins to scrub it with the soap.

"Sigh... well, at least I'm not facing the other way." Mickey said to himself as Minnie keeps scrubbing her right leg with him facing Minnie's hand.

"Aah, talk about shiny and clean. Time for my left leg now." Minnie said and holds up her left leg to scrub it, only this time turning the soap around, with the side of Mickey facing the other way.

"Gulp... don't tell me I have to endure this now!" Mickey said to himself. Minnie then scrubs her left leg with the soap, with Mickey tasting the leather coming from the soap.

"Hm...? What is this nice feeling I'm getting from rubbing the soap on my leg? Kinda reminds me of my boyfriend... whatever, I'm sure it is only my imagination." Minnie tries to brush the feeling off from her mind and keeps scrubbing herself clean. However, each stroke becomes more intense the longer Minnie rubs herself with the soap.

"Ooh... I.. I can barely shake that feeling off. I just wanna feel it all over me now!" said Minnie and intensely rubs the soap all over her body. A little while later Minnie has finally finished her bath and showered herself, and now stands in the bathtub with a towel over her waist.

"There. Now I'm all clean and nice. Suppose it was needed, because I've been out all day shopping." Minnie said and steps out of the bathtub.

"*Giggle*... Oh my, the floor feels so cold to my feet now after just getting out of the bathtub. I still can't forget the feeling I felt earlier when I scrubbed myself with that soap though." Minnie said and looks around the bathroom.

"My goodness, there sure are a few bloomers and so on of mine lying around the bathroom. I must have dropped them when I was doing the laundry earlier in the morning. I'll take care of it later." Minnie said and walks out of the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Mickey has just gotten back up on his feet after falling down from the bathtub, and is now having hiccups caused by the swallowing of the soap leather.

"*Hic*... What a ride...! As if feeling airsick wasn't enough for me already, I'm also having hiccups... *Hic*... at least I-*hic*... survived the whole thing. Being rubbed all over Minnie's body sure made me feel ill. *hic*" Mickey said while the hiccups keep coming. He then tries to get out of the bathroom, but he falls down on the floor out of sickness, and remains there for some time. 

After Mickey has recovered from his airsickness and hiccups, he has now made his way up on the seat of Minnie's couch, unaware of what is about to come next for him.

"Hm... Minnie's house sure is full of details that I normally miss. Gotta wonder where she got those heart-shaped pillows from..." Mickey said and keeps gazing in on his surroundings. Unbeknownst to him, Minnie is coming into the room, and intends to sit down and chat on the phone.

"I wonder how Daisy's doing today. She surely always has something to talk or ask about when we talk to each other on the phone." Minnie said and is about to sit down on the couch, unaware that Mickey is standing on the spot she is going to put her behind on.

"Wha?" Mickey said as he looked up, but before he can get out of the way he is then sat on by Minnie. He is then smothered into the seat by her behind as she makes herself comfy.

"There. Now, I'll dial the number to Daisy to see if she's home." Minnie said and starts dialing Daisy's number on her phone. After a number of beeps someone finally picks up the phone on the other line.

"Hi, Daisy Duck on the line. Who am I talking to?" Daisy said on the other line.

"Hi, Daisy. Whatcha' doing today?" Minnie said.

"Oh, my best friend Minnie! Well, I'm doing nothing, literally. What about you?" Daisy said.

"I've been shopping at the grocery store. I sure had a lot of things on my list to bring home for the coming weekend." Minnie said.

"Well, I suppose having food is always a good thing." Daisy said.

"Yes. Oh, I almost forgot... While I was at the store, I happened to hear Mickey and some noise in the background while I was about to pay my wares. But when I rushed over to see what had happened I couldn't find him anywhere, and..." Minnie kept on talking. Under her behind, Mickey is struggling to free himself from under Minnie, but all his struggles only makes Minnie adjust herself, pinning him further down onto the seat.

"Yeah. It sure sounds weird to me that Mickey was nowhere in sight. Aren't you sure you just misheard it all or something?" Daisy asked Minnie.

"Yeah, you're right. I probably misheard it. But I still wonder what all that noise was about, and how the store shelf came to just fall down like that." Minnie said.

"Strange things sure are going on no matter where you are. I really hope they try to get things sorted out in the grocery store soon so these things don't happen." Daisy said.

"I definitely hope so as well. Just give me a few seconds to lie down on the couch." Minnie said and gets her legs up on the couch to lie down, with Mickey still stuck under her bloomers.

"Ah, there. Much better... Oh yeah, I have got to tell you this as well." Minnie said and prepared to tell Daisy of her little story.

"Sure, go ahead. I've got all day!" Daisy said.

"You see. I was taking a bath earlier today, and..." Minnie started. Under her bloomers, Mickey is overhearing everything of what's being said.

"Oh no... don't tell me she's going to bring that thing up now! What if she actually knew I was in there??" Mickey worryingly thought to himself.

"And then, while I was rubbing the soap all over my body, especially my legs, I suddenly felt something that reminded me of my boyfriend. I don't know why, but I kept scrubbing myself anyway. But that feeling just wouldn't come off, and... heh... well, I began to rub myself with the soap more intensely than I usually do, then..."

Minnie keeps on talking. Still pinned under Minnie's behind, Mickey has to listen to the talk about the whole bathtub stuff. The chat goes on for a few hours, and Minnie seems to have talked about the bathtub scene over and over, even making Daisy growing tired of it.

"Yawn... well, yeah. It sure has been fun hearing about your experience, but... can't we talk about something else now for a change??" Daisy asked Minnie.

"Oh, sorry Daisy. I just... um, I came to keep myself on the same subject for longer than I thought." Minnie said.

"Ah, don't worry. It happens to me as well sometimes." Daisy said.

"How's Donald, by the way?" Minnie asked her.

"You know, the usual. Can barely control his own temper. It has been like this for as long I can remember. Fortunately, I've grown used to it over the years, but his temper does still annoy me from time to time." Daisy said.

"Oh, right. All I can say is, keep hanging in there Daisy, maybe it could take a turn for the better someday." Minnie said.

"Alright, thanks. Have you got anything to do tomorrow?" asked Daisy.

"I will be staying home tomorrow. I'll probably start cleaning around in my house shortly after I get up of bed... but not until I've had breakfast, of course." Minnie said.

"Um, yeah. That one bit need to be considered as well." Daisy said.

"What will you be doing tomorrow Daisy?" asked Minnie.

"Oh, nothing I guess. This day though I have got to watch over Donald's nephews, since Donald seems to be getting tired of constantly falling victim to their pranks. What I say about it... well, I don't have anything against it, but I know that for me it's gonna be a tough five hours period having to take care of them. I'm not exactly cut for this task really." Daisy said.

"Are they in your home right now?" Minnie asked.

"Um... yeah..." Daisy was about to start, but hears crashing in the background.

"Oh dear... Um, Minnie, I have to go. Apparantly one of Donald's nephews has had something thrown down from someplace again! I better hope it is not one of my most expensive figurines!!" Daisy said and puts the phone down.

"But hey, we haven't even said goodbye yet...! Hello??" Minnie said. She still held her phone at her ear incase Daisy would be getting back, but hears nothing else besides static noise from the other line.

"Hm. Oh well, I think we'd call this a day then. I really need to get up from the couch. I must've been sitting here for a few hours by now." Minnie said and gets herself up from the couch. She then goes into the kitchen to make herself something to eat, leaving a somewhat embarrassed Mickey lying on the couch.

"Phew... about time Minnie got up by now, otherwise she would of have smothered the air out of me." Mickey said and gets back up on his feet again. Feeling bored, no sooner is he thinking about letting his own mischievious self out.

"Gosh, I'm real mighty bored now. I don't think Minnie will notice me turning on the music on her phone, heh." Mickey said and jumps onto the table where Minnie's smartphone is to turn on some music and starts dancing to it.

"Hunh? What's going on out there?" Minnie said and goes out to the living room to turn off the music on her phone.

"There. I wonder how the music just came to turn itself on like that." Minnie said and goes back in to the kitchen again.

"HEY! I was just getting into the beat you know!!" Mickey shouted at her and proceeds to turn on the music yet again. Minnie then returns again to turn the music off, still oblivious to Mickey's presence on the table.

"Hrm... I don't know who or what is turning on the music on my phone, but if I hear my phone being fiddled with again then I... well, who knows WHAT I'll do in that case!" Minnie said and goes back to the kitchen again.

"Grr... I won't be giving up! Shall I listen to my music so will I Minnie. You won't stop me from doing that!!" Mickey said and turns on the music on Minnie's phone yet again, but this time he hides it behind one of the heart-shaped pillows on her couch.

"Hrrm... I'm starting to suspect someone's messing with me now!" Minnie said and rushes out to the living room to turn the music off on her phone for the third time, but gets confused when she can't find the phone on the table.

"B-but, where's my phone?" Minnie said and starts looking around the room for her phone. No matter where she looks though she still can't find it, and eventually grows quite irritated.

"Oooh!! WHERE is my phone! I hear the music but yet I can't find the thing! This is really starting to tick me off!!" Minnie said and keeps searching for the phone, now with an even more angry look on her face.

"Oh oh... M-maybe it wasn't such a smart thing of me to do after all." Mickey said after seeing Minnie growing frustrated and angry. Rather than let it go on he decides to take the phone out from behind the heart pillow and put it on the seat of the couch, and hides himself so Minnie won't find him.

"Ooh! Where has it gone!!" Minnie said in a fit of anger as she keeps looking around for her phone. Eventually she spots it lying on the couch.

"Hrm... FINALLY!" she said and picks up the phone to turn the music off again. Due to the fact that Minnie has been growing so frustrated she almost ends up breaking the screen on her phone in the process. She then takes a moment to calm herself down.

"Phew... Hadn't I found my phone by now I would of have exploded!" Minnie said and goes back into the kitchen to finish making her snack. Relieved that Minnie didn't find him, Mickey soon gets out of hiding and sits down to think a little.

"Sigh... all I wanted to do was to go to the grocery store to buy some food for the weekend, and what happens instead is I somehow end up in Minnie's house at this size, getting stepped on by my girlfriend, getting scrubbed against her body while she's taking a bath, and being sat on by her while she chats on the phone. There must be a possible explanation for all this, but at the moment I just... can't really make sense of it all..." Mickey said and keeps thinking. As he is drifting away into his thoughts Minnie then enters the living room again, holding a tray with a plate of melon slices and a bottle of elderberry-flavoured water.

"Ah... I'm looking forward to just sit down now and have myself a well deserved snack before going to bed." Minnie said and sits down on the couch, right on the spot where Mickey is. She puts the tray by her right side and grabs the TV remote to turn on the TV, and tugs in on her healthy night snack.

"Mm.. that melon sure wasn't so bad. I wonder where Mickey has gone though. I haven't seen him for the entire day now, nor have he even called me on the phone. Wherever he is, I hope he's doing fine." Minnie said and keeps eating on her melon slices while watching on the TV.

Under her bloomers, Mickey is starting to suffocate due to lack of air, and eventually passes out.

"Hm. It feels like there's an bump right under my rear. Maybe it'll go away if I..." Minnie said to herself and started to wiggle her behind to make the "bump" go away, smothering poor Mickey into her bloomers.

Sometime later, Mickey finally wakes up, but are surprised to no longer find himself on the couch, and the environment is rather dark.

"Hm.. I wonder where I have ended up now." Mickey said to himself. A rather warm temparature enveloped around him, and the ground he's lying on is quite soft, almost like fabric. He could hear someone snoring. It wasn't loud, and sounded more like light breathing.

"I sure hear someone snoring. It must come from Minnie, because she usually breathes lightly while sleeping. But I'm still clueless as to where I'am." Mickey said and tries to get himself up, but is unable to, as something is keeping him in place. He reaches out his arms to touch the rather soft-looking wall in front of him. The moment he touches it a light moan is heard from outside.

"Hm. Where'd that noise come from?" said Mickey and began to think over where he has ended up. After taking a good look at his surroundings he then notices that things aren't exactly like what it seems to be.

"Gulp... I think I figured out where I'am now... I'm inside Minnie's pants! Also, I seem to be trapped under her bloomers. Gotta be lucky it isn't the back side I'm facing though." Mickey said. He takes a moment to listen to Minnie's voice as she is sleeping.

"Sigh... The voice coming from her snoring sounds as cute and beautiful as always... Still, I gotta be careful. If I make even the slightest rush of movement she will likely wake up from her sleep. But I can't just be in here all night, I have to get out of here somehow." Mickey said and carefully tries to wriggle himself out from under her bloomers, but for each move he makes Minnie starts moving.

"Uh oh... this is getting tougher than I expected." Mickey said and kept trying to get himself out, but every time he moves, so does Minnie as well. She is in so deep sleep that Mickey's small movements affect her dreaming.

"Mm... Mickey... you don't know how... much I want to... to hug you right now." Minnie said in her sleep. Apparantly Minnie is having a new dream about her sitting on the couch cuddling with her boyfriend, only difference is that in her dream Mickey is a bit smaller than her, and she is hugging him tight against her chest while looking down at him with an very affectionate look on her eyes.

In the real world, Mickey is still stuck under Minnie's bloomers, and he could hear parts of her dream as she talked during her sleep. Despite the fact he now were spending the night with his most beloved girlfriend, he was still determined to get out of her pants no matter what.

"Gosh... No matter how hard I try to get myself unstuck, her bloomers do their best to keep me in place. It also doesn't help that the more I try pulling myself out the more Minnie moves her body... Oh no, I'm not giving up. In one way or another I will get out of this place! Just have to be careful though, because I know the more I make any movements, then Minnie will likely wake up in minutes or just a few seconds, and worse, maybe she will even find me in here." Mickey said and tries to pull himself free.

After some more struggling he finally gets himself out from under her bloomers. He then plots his escape from inside of Minnie's pants.

"I'm glad to be able to move again now. Only thing I have to do now is get out of here." Mickey said and proceeds to find his way out, making his way past her bloomers, but his path is blocked by Minnie's legs. She has apparently shifted her position slightly, and is now sleeping in a birth-like position.

"Hm, so her legs is blocking my way out... I have no other choice but to crawl up on her topmost leg and make my way out from there." Mickey said and began climbing up Minnie's leg. Once he has made his way up Mickey is now crawling his way out of her pants.

"Gosh, I sure have been going through a lot in just one day. Who would've thought that one would be given the chance to interact with the various parts of his own girlfriends body. Not me certainly! But I just want to get out of here now before anything bad or unfortunate happens to me." Mickey said and keeps on crawling.

After having crawled on Minnie's leg for some time Mickey has finally made it out of her pants, and is now making his way down her lower leg.

"Phew. About time I made it out of there now. Only this part left, and I can make my way to a more safe place where she won't be seeing me next morning." Mickey said. He has just reached the start of Minnie's right foot. She giggled as he crawled onto her foot, tickling her so much that she starts moving again.

"Aah!!" said Mickey as lost his balance and starts sliding down her foot. After falling down on the bed Minnie foot then comes down on him, trapping him under her toes.

"Oh, just great. After I finally have made my way out of Minnie's pants, I then end up stuck under her toes. I... can barely move..." Mickey said and struggled to free himself, but his struggles prove to be futile, since her foot is too heavy for him to even fight off. Realizing it is useless to try to free himself, he is forced to spend the rest of the night under the toes of Minnie, occasionally being rubbed by her foot as well.

After the night has passed morning finally comes. Minnie's alarm clock starts to sound, and she reaches her hand to the table to turn it off. She then sits up in her bed and gracefully stretches out her arms as she let's out a big yawn.

"Yaawn... What a wonderful night. I never slept so good in my life before..." Minnie said. However, as she was about to get out of bed she then feels something under her foot.

"Hm...? What's this thing I'm feeling under my sole?" Minnie wondered and takes a closer at her foot.

"Aaaah!!!" Minnie screamed out of confusion and embarrassment upon seeing Mickey sleeping under her foot. Her screaming also wakes up Mickey from his sleep.

"Mickey! H-how did you get in here, and why are you smaller than my sole??" asked Minnie.

"Yikes, don't scare me like that!!" Mickey said, still scared stiff from Minnie's screaming just a moment ago.

"Right, sorry then, but... wait a minute. Did you shrink yourself just to spy on me yesterday??" Minnie asked him. She then starts to argue with Mickey.

"So it was YOU who turned on the music on my smartphone! It was also you I felt on my soap while I was bathing in my bathtub. I guess you were trying to have a sneak peak of me while I was taking my bath, didn't you?? And I'm sure that the bump I felt under my rear on the couch yesterday were you touching my butt!!" Minnie kept arguing, and forces Mickey out of her room all the way out to the main room of her house. Mickey barely gets a word out of him, since Minnie keeps interrupting him.

"B-but Minn..." Mickey tried to speak.

"No 'buts' here, Mr. Mouse. I know you've been doing some inappropriate things with me in the past, but this is even worse! I can accept you sleeping under my feet when we're actually spending time together, but not when I'm alone in my own house!! Now, have you got any more excuses of yours??" said Minnie.

"Er... Honest Minnie, NONE of that is really true! ... ok, except for the smartphone part. That one was somewhat intentional, actually." Mickey said.

"Ha, don't you think you can fool me! Now, the door is right behind you, and I want you to leave my house, NOW!!" Minnie said and points to the front door of the house.

"M-Minnie..." Mickey once again tried to speak.

"Nope. You can forget it. I just want you to leave, and I never wanna see you again, EVER!" Minnie shouted at him. Mickey's mood starts sinking down and he becomes depressed. He then does as Minnie tells him to and leaves.

"Gosh... alright. If... if that's what you want me to do, then I will leave. May we never meet each other again. Take care, Minnie..." Mickey said and sadly walks out of the house as Minnie held the door open for him. After he has leaved Minnie then slams the door so hard that the entire house shakes.

"Ah. Finally! I just want to forget about that guy now and move on with my life!" Minnie said and goes to the kitchen to have herself some breakfast. While she's eating in the kitchen she starts to think about Mickey.

"Hm. Wonder if I maybe misjudged him a little... naw, don't think so. Has he decided to spy on me earlier so has he, and it is his own fault." Minnie said and keeps tugging in on her breakfast. Later during the morning Minnie is going on with her usual chores in the house, like cleaning, watering the flowers, and so on. However, the longer she carries on with her duties Minnie starts to feel remorse for what she said to Mickey earlier.

"Sigh, I just can't let go of it any longer now... Poor Mickey. Maybe I was being too harsh on him earlier this morning? I must have hurt his feelings... I better go find him and apologize to him." Minnie said and walks out of her house to find Mickey.

"Mickeey! Where are you? Miickeey!" she called out to him. Meanwhile, a unhappy Mickey is sitting on the street just outside her home, now believing what Minnie said about him earlier to be true.

"Ah, there he is! He sure is looking a bit down...  Yohoo, sweetie!" she called to him. Not seeing any reaction from his side, Minnie walks over to where Mickey is sitting and sits down besides him to have a little talk.

"Um, Mickey... I, I didn't hurt your feelings earlier in the morning, did I?" asked Minnie.

"Oh, are you here? Didn't you tell me that you never wanted to know of me again?" Mickey said.

"Well, I was thinking about you while I was cleaning around in my house, and I realized I maybe were too hard on you. You were also trying to say something while we, or mostly I, was arguing. Could you tell me about it?" Minnie asked. Mickey then tells her about his story.

"So, it was I who did all of those things to you yesterday? Oh dear... I'm starting to feel horrible for myself now. I really hope you can forgive me." Minnie said and tries to comfort Mickey. No matter what she says or does to cheer him up, he still seems down.

"Ok, so I really did hurt your feelings pretty hard, I guess." Minnie said. She then gets an idea and takes off her left shoe, and lays her foot in front of him.

"Do you want to give me a foot massage, Mickey?" she asked him.

"Naw... maybe later." Mickey said, still feeling down.

"Come on Mickey. I know you really want to." Minnie said and starts flirting with him. After a few seconds Mickey decides to accept her offer and starts rubbing her foot. She giggled as he did this. After he has given Minnie her foot massage she picks him up in her hands and kisses him on the face much to his surprise.

"Wow... I... didn't expect that! I guess you really do feel sorry for what you said." Mickey said.

"Yes Mickey, I do. I hope you will forgive me for what I said." Minnie said.

"Aw, of course I forgive you Minnie. It wasn't your fault." Mickey said.

"And, it wasn't your fault either." Minnie said and nose cuddles with him a little.

"So, now that we have finally made up, let's go back into my house and spend some time together before we try to find a way to grow you back to normal again. Who knows, maybe I'll even let you be with me when I'm taking my bath later." Minnie teased him a little.

"Hunh...? You... you're not serious about that bit now, are you?" Mickey asked her.

"Well, only if you want to. Let's just see it as my way of apologizing to you, right?" Minnie said.

"Hm... well, I suppose all ways of making up with each other are good, except the bad ones." Mickey said.

"Ok, let's go back to my house then and have some fun." Minnie said and walked back into her house with Mickey sitting in her palms. She then turns to face the camera, and winks at the viewers before closing the door.