The Growinator


      It was a rather sunny day in the summer season in Danville, a peaceful little city,with no odd weird things going on everyday.

    Well, that would be far below an understatement, in Danville, there are two boys, stepbrothers if you will.

    Every single day, during every single summer, these two brothers would try to have the most fun and awesome day every.

  Sometimes the two brothers would invent a odd machine, travel to mars, or make their background a beach.

  Most of the time however, the two stepbrothers older sister always tries to tell her mom about

    However, today was gonna be rather different for the two stepbrothers.

  On this fine summer evening, Phineas and Ferb were, as they mostly do every day, sit under the big tree in their background.

    "So Ferb, what are we gonna do today?" Phineas, the brother who is shorter and has a head the shape of a triangle.

    Ferb, the other brother with a oddly F shaped head just shrugged.

    "You know Ferb, I think that we finally did everything that we can ever do this summer." Phineas said, in a slightly disappointed voice.

  "What about defending Nintendo against AnaScope?" Ferb said, in a British accent.

    "Nah, they already won the trial.". Phineas said.

  "Oh right." Ferb said.

    "Well, I guess now it is official, we're out of ideas for the rest of summer." Phineas said, sighing as he did.

  "So how many days till summer's over Ferb?" Phineas asked.

  "58." Ferb replied, rather simply.

  "Well, there's one month and 28 more days left Ferb. *Sigh.*"
Phineas said.

    "Hey! Wait a minute!" Phineas said as he jumped. "Why don't we see what Isabella's up to? I heard that today was the Fireside Girls camping trip?" Phineas continued. "Why don't we go? We have nothing better to do."

      Ferb just nodded his head in agreement.

    "Well then, it's settled, let's go see Isabella!" Phineas said.

    Phineas and Ferb got off of the old tree, and walked over to their screen door, opening it, the two brothers walked in it.

    As the two brothers were walking into their house, they passed by a sofa, with their sister sitting on it.

    "So Stacy, like Jermey looked at me last night! Straight in the eyes!" The sister, otherwise known as Candace said as she was talking to her friend on her cellphone.

    "Hey Candace!" Phineas said as he and Ferb walked by her, heading to the front door.

    Candace noticed her two brothers walking out the door. "Hold on Stacy, It's Phineas and Ferb again."

    Candace got off of the sofa, and ran over to the front door, blocking it from Phineas and Ferb. "Hey hey! Mom said you guys can't leave without me!"

    "Well we were planning to go on a camping trip with Isabella!" Phineas said.

    Candace was thinking, "Hmm.. Well, I guess I'll go with you guys... But no stupid and crazy inventions!"

  "We Promise!" Phineas simply said.

  Candace opened the front door, walking out of the house along with Phineas and Ferb.

  "Hey where's Perry?" Phineas said.

  Inside the house was, Perry, Phineas and Ferb's pet rectangle shape Platypus.

    It really does nothing interesting, besides for making a odd sound every once in a awhile.

      That is, until he becomes the amazing Agent P.

      Perry jumped up, and from out of nowhere it may seem, put on a detective/ Secret Agent like hat.

    The Platypus grabs a whistle that was hiding in his hat, he started to blow into it.

    A small looking tornado came by, as it passed by, the only thing it had sucked up was Agent P.

    After a while, the tornado passed by some odd looking secret agent headquarter's of some sort, as it passed by, it dissolved into nothing, besides for Agent P.

    Agent P was infront of a giant Television screen, and on the television screen was a man.

  "Agent P, its Doofensmirtz again." The man, otherwise known as Major Monogram. (Or Francine.)

    "For some reason, Doofensmirtz is buying hundreds of B movies from the 50's at the local Blockbuster. We need you to find out what he's up to!" Major Monogram said.

  Perry simply gave Monogram a thumbs up, indicting that he was ready to take down Doofensmirtz, Again.

    Somewhere else, Phineas, Ferb and their sister were at the Danville forest.

  "Hey look! There they are!" Phineas said, as he ran over to a giant tent, and outside of the tent was, a girl with a orange bowtie and the Fireside Girl's uniform.

  "Oh hey there Isabella!". Phineas said as he ran up to her.

  "Oh hey Phineas!" Isabella said.

    "So today's the big Fireside Girls Camping Trip?" Phineas asked.

  "Sure is Phineas!" Isabella responded.

  "Cool!" Phineas said. "I'm just asking because, Ferb and I are so bored tonight."

  "Wait, Don't you guys always do something interesting everyday?"

  "Well yeah, but now we're all out of ideas!" Phineas said.

  "Well, I guess you guys can come with us, besides, why would I say no to a cutie like you?" Isabella said.

  "Thanks Isabella!"

    *Doofensmirtz Evil Incorporated!*

  Meanwhile, inside of a building in the city of Danville, a orange haired man with a lab coat, was looking up at a giant ray gun.

    "Finally! My newest invention! The Growinator Is finally complete!" He yells maniacally.

    "Hmm... But there's something not right here..." Doofensmirtz, the mad man said.

  "Where's Perry de Platypus? He should be here by now!" Doofensmirtz said, slightly saddened.

    "I mean, he always comes here at THIS POINT!"

  As Doofensmirtz was talking about his disappointed day, all of a sudden, a small thing had just crashed through the window, it was Agent P!

    "Oh finally your here Perry de Platypus! I just was gonna show you the.... Growinator!" Doofensmirtz said, laughing crazily.

  "Now, Enough of that, Perry, would you like to hear my new mastermind plan?" Doofensmirtz asked.

  Perry the Platypus just gave a thumbs up and sat on the floor.

    Doofensmirtz suddenly pointed as his new invention. "Behold Perry! The Growinator!"

    Perry just stared at the odd looking machine.

  "Hahaha Perry! Your speechless!" Doofensmirtz said.

  "Anyway Perry, with the Growinator... I shall... Change the sizes of my shoes! Ah haha!"

  Perry just face palmed as he heard "Sizes of my shoes!"

    "Well Perry, you know how
when after a few months your shoes don't fit you anymore?!" Doofensmirtz said.

  Perry didn't know anyone who had this odd problem that Doofensmirtz mentioned, but he continued to listen.

    "So with the Growinator, I shall by able to grow all of my shoes to my current shoe size! Haha!"

  Perry just stared at Doofensmirtz.

  "Wait, your not punching me in the face or anything of that sort?" Doofensmirtz said slightly confused.

  "Oh wait, it's that my plan isn't evil is it?" Doofensmirtz asked.

  Perry nodded his head

  "Well, Sorrrry that I'm using my intellect for things other then evil!" Doofensmirtz said in annoyance.

      "You know what Perry? Fine, Ill use the Growinator for some chaos if it makes you soooooo happy then!" Doofensmirtz ran towards the Growinator, tapping on a few random buttons.

  "Haha! There we are! In a few hours the Growinator will aim it's first target at.... A Isabella Garcia!" Doofensmirtz said as he laughed evilly.

    Agent P, after hearing the name "Isabella" reminding him of his owner's supposed girlfriend, jumped up and kicked Doofensmirtz in the face.

    "Oh so now you wanna stop my plans!" Doofensmirtz said. "Well... Eh...." Doofensmirtz looked though his pockets.

  "Well, I forgot to  install a new trap this week, so... Eh, just watch this!" Doofensmirtz said, suddenly the Growinator fired a laser beam from out of the window.

    Was Agent P, for once too late to stop Doofensmirtz?

      Meanwhile, back with Phineas and Ferb later that night, they had set up a tent in the Danville Forest.

    "Well we're done!" Phineas said, looking up at the tent.

    "It's a shame it couldn't have been more roomy." Ferb said, while looking up at the tent, it appeared to be 100 feet wide and 100 feet tall.

      "Hey Phineas!" Isabella says as she walks to Phineas and Ferb's tent. "Wow! Pretty good for a first try! " Isabella said, impressed by the tent."

    "Yeah, it's pretty cool, even though like Ferb said, it could have been more roomy." Phineas said.

    "That's okay!" Isabella said.

    A little later that night, inside of the large tent all of the Fireside Girls were inside of the Tent, along with Isabella, Phineas, Ferb, and Candace.

    Most of the Fireside Girls were chatting about the camping trip and a few other things.

    Also, Phineas was having a nice chat with Isabella.

    "So, what's the thing we're gonna do Isabella?" Phineas asked.

    "Well Phineas, we're trying to earn the Survival Camping midnight Badge!" Isabella said.

    "Wow! That sounds cool!" Phineas said. "So what is it for?"

    Isabella toke out her Fireside Girls Handbook. "Well... This is it! Selection 84, Page 600!"

        Isabella showed Phineas the page. "One's group has to go and camp out at the darkest area of the DanVille forest, Note: Varies on location." Phineas said as he read the book.

      "Sounds pretty exciting, doesn't it Phineas?" Isabella asked.

    "Yep!" Phineas said. "So what are we gonna do first?" He asked.

  "Well, in a few minutes it's the annual 7 day a week campfire practice!" Isabella responded.

    Phineas just stared at her for a few seconds before saying, "Eh.. Say that again?"

      "We're going to tell scary stories." Isabella replied, rather coldly

    "Oh, cool!" Phineas said.

    Later that night, into the early hours of the mourning, a campfire was burning, with a huge circle of people around.

        Phineas and Isabella we're sitting right next to each other, while Ferb was sitting right next to Candace.

        "Okay Girls!" Said Isabella, "Right now, we are gonna attempt to earn our first Telling Scary Stories to most of the troop number 46321 Pin!"

    "So, anyone willing to tell the first?" Isabella asked.

        "Me Me!" Shouted a random Fireside Girl with blond hair.

        "Well then, Scout number 10, go ahead!" Isabella said.

    "Okay, well um...." The little Fireside Girl said, thinking of something.

        "I got it now!" The Fireside Girl said, "Okay, so there was once this.... Something."

  "(Yawn! This is so Boring! I could think of a better campfire story..)" Thought Candace as she listened.

        "Okay and well.. He sorta did a lot of stuff like... Hurt people and... Make girls grow... Or something." The little girl said. "The End."

        "Great Effort Troop number ten!" Said Isabella as she stood up and gave the girl a little patch.

    "T-Thank you.." She said, looking at the Patch as she sat down.

      "Okay now, how would like to share the next story?" Isabella asked.

    "I'll do it!" Candace yelled. "Besides, none of you don't know a REAL campfire story that's actually scary!"

      "I know a few." Ferb muttered.

    "Shut it!" Candace said, slightly annoyed. "Okay then, this is the story of... The Friendly Demon!"

      The name of the story had already freaked out a few of the girls.

    "There was a fearsome demon, Who had a very scary form... Like.... Gelatinous Goo!" Candace said in a darker tone.

    "He was the most unholy Creature that was ever born... In lower Manitoba!" Candace continued.

    "Even the other demons.. Were scared to let him join their games.... Like Mimesweeper!"

    At this point, even Phineas and Ferb, who were mostly calm all the time, were slightly scared.

    "And if you want to meet him. You just have to shout his name!"

    "Hey Shambling Corporate Presence!" Candace screamed at the top of her lungs, shouting the name of the Demon.

      Suddenly, behind of Candace a huge purple light appeared, behind her, though Candace didn't notice.

      "Uh... Candace?" Phineas said in a nervous tone.

    "What is it Phineas? Scared?" Candace asked.

    Suddenly the Purple light disappeared, and then, it was clear what was behind Candace, a purple monster the size of Candace with tentacles, six eyes and gelatinous goo!

    Of course, Candace still didn't notice.

    Most of the Fireside girls, including Isabella and Phineas were cowering behind a few logs.

      "Candace, I have ever right in the world to believe that, you are, next to a demon beast." Ferb explained.

      "Uhh... What?" Candace said, and she looked behind her, only to find....


      The fearsome looking purple monster made out of goo screams a loud cry.

    "Pl-Please don't hurt me!!" Candace said to Shambling Corporate Presence while holding him.

    Shambling Corporate Presence screams another loud cry before grabbing Candace with one of his tentacles.

    "Uh... What are you doing?" Candace said.

    Shambling Corporate Presence yells again, before running with Candace in his Tentacle to the deeper parts of the woods.

      One little Fireside girl came out from under one of the logs, "What just happened?" She said in a scared voice.

        "Shambling Corporate Presence kidnapped Candace!" Phineas yelled in shock.

      Many of the Fireside girls didn't know what was going on. Sure, most of them had wrestled a alligator, but never a demon.

        Most of the Fireside girls were speechless to what had happened.

    "Okay girls! Listen up!" Isabella shouted.

    The Fireside Girls, (And Phineas and Ferb) looked at Isabella as she said that.

    "To the Fireside Girls Clubhouse!"

      A while later at the Fireside Girls clubhouse in the middle of the forest....

    "All right girls!" Isabella said as she was standing on a stage.

    The Fireside Girls, and Phineas and Ferb were sitting on a few chairs placed all over the incomplete clubhouse.

    "Now I know most of you have never faced against a demon, Am I right?" Isabella said.

    Most of the Fireside Girls nodded in agreement.

      "So anyway, I have arranged a list of groups we all are going to be in, so we would have a better chance with finding the demon." Isabella said with a few papers in her hand.

          "Well, okay now... Holly is with Adyson..."

      A while later, The Fireside Girls had split into their groups to find Candace and stop Shambling Corporate Presence.

    Isabella was walking in a group with Phineas and Ferb.

      "So Phineas, Ferb, when do you expect we're going to find your sister and stop the demon?" Isabella asked as she walked in the dark.

      "I don't know Isabella. What do you think Ferb?" Phineas asked.

    "A few hours at the most, To defeat the Demon, 96 years in snail time." Ferb responded with.

        "Gee, I'm wondering if this wasn't so much of a hot idea..." Isabella said to herself, worried about the other Fireside Girls and what they are doing.

  Meanwhile, two Fireside girls were walking in the forest, hoping to find the demon.  "Uh... Ginger? You think we're lost?"

    "Well... Yeah I think so." The other girl said.

    "Gee... It's getting even more dark, we should probably..." Before the girl could finish the sentence, she noticed a odd purple goo thing behind her (Shambling Corporate Presence!?).


    Back with Phineas, Ferb and Isabella, they had heard the scream.

    "What was that?" Phineas asked.

    "It seems as if it was shriek of fear." Ferb answered.

      "Well, whatever it was, we should probably check out what's going on." Phineas said.

      "I agree, come on guys!" Isabella said.

    Phineas, Ferb and Isabella ran over to where they heard the shriek, only to find...


    The demon was found with two Fireside girls trapped in his tentacles.

    "Hey you!" Phineas said angrily, "Where's my sister?" He said.

      The demon yelled another cry before he grabbed Phineas.

    "Hey! Let me go!" Phineas yelled as the demon grabbed him.

      The demon gave another loud cry, (again.)

    "Hey you! Give me back Phineas! NOW!" Isabella yelled, running towards the demon, ready to fight the Demon for Phineas.

      Isabella quickly ran towards the demon pulling a fist towards it, she attempts to punch it.

    Suddenly, as her fist got towards it, her hand gets stuck inside the goo!

  "Eww Eww!" Isabella quickly pulls her hand out of the Goo. "I should've remembered it was made out of goo..." She says.

      Shambling Corporate Presence begins to run off, with Phineas and the two Fireside Girls with him!

    "Isabella! Help!" Cried Phineas, as Shambling Corporate Presence runs off, into a deeper part of the woods.

      "Phineas!!" Isabella was shocked, to say the least, her crush was just kidnapped by a odd demon with Tentacles made out of goo!

    Isabella suddenly fell to the floor, while making sobbing noises.

    Ferb who had just witnessed the whole thing with Phineas, walked over to Isabella.

    "Isabella." Ferb said, grabbing her shoulder.

    "Ferb?" Isabella said as she turned her head to see Ferb, Isabella had tears in her eyes as she said,"What are we going to do? The Demon just kidnapped a few of the Fireside girls and Phineas!"

    "Isabella, we will save Phineas and the others."

    "Ferb? You really think we will save Phineas?" Isabella asked,


    Suddenly, up in the sky, the sun is starting to rise.

    "Its..... Mourning!" Isabella yelled, looking up at the sky.

      A huge flash of light suddenly appeared in the sky.

    "What is that?" Isabella said, slightly squinting her eyes.

      And then, somehow, the beam started to get closer to Isabella, Ferb moved back slightly.

    "Uh.... What is that?" Isabella said, still looking at the light.

  The light got closer and closer to Isabella before it was realized, it was a odd blue laser beam!

      Before Isabella could run away, or even do anything, the beam suddenly hits her.

    Isabella falls to the floor after being hit by the beam, Ferb runs by, seeing if she's okay.

      "Uhh... What was that?" Isabella got up, "Hey Ferb, Weren't you taller?" She asks, noticing she looks a little bit taller.

     Isabella felt woozy and sick after she had stood up.

    "Ohh.... I don't feel so..." She muttered as she looked at Ferb.

    "Isabella?" Ferb said in one of his few moments of saying anything.

    Isabella suddenly felt a warm feeling inside of her belly. "Ohh... What is this?" She says, holding her stomach as she said that.

    She falls to the ground, saying much moaning and groaning as she fell. "Ferb... What's happening?"

     Ferb backed away, slightly nervous and shocked at what's happening to Isabella.

    Then, as Isabella was on the floor, holding her stomach, her body grew.

     The pain had suddenly stopped. "What was that?" Isabella said.

     Isabella stood up after the pain had gone away, she streched out her arms.

     Isabella then noticed, she was taller! "Ferb! Look! I've..... Grown or something!"

    Ferb looked at Isabella, yes, she does look awfully taller, but why? Ferb walked over to her.

      Ferb decided to compare his and Isabella's size, the results were  rather... Amazing.

   Isabella was to Ferb the size of Candace, and Ferb to Isabella was the size of... Well... Pinky, her dog.

    Isabella felt a sharp pain in her stomach again, "Oh great... Not this again..." Isabella said, holding on to her stomach once again.

       Once again, Isabella was feeling her body expand in size again, she was, growing!

    The pain started to get even more intense as she continued to grow, infact, at about this point, Isabella's foot was about the size of Ferb!

     Her head hit a branch, suddenly stunting her growth for a few seconds.
"Ow!" Isabella said, rubbing her head.

    The growth then started to continue, Isabella's already huge body started to accidently knock down many of the trees in the forest.

    One of the trees almost felled down on Ferb, he then knew that he should run or something.

    Ferb decided to jump on to Isabella's shoe, though, he was only able to grab on to a single shoelace.

   Ferb started to climb up the shoelace, even though the shoelace was getting longer and longer every second.

    After a while, Ferb had finally made it to the shoe, the shoe at this point to him was about the size of a roof to him.

    Ferb looked up at the sky, even though he couldn't see much of it and instead mostly saw a tower sized Isabella. (And a little bit of her skirt!)

    The growth had stopped, Isabella's pain had ended.

    Isabella looked down at the ground, she for some reason couldn't see well because her eyesight was slightly blurry for some reason.

     Isabella rubbed her eyes, she could see now. "Oh... My eyes just needed to adijust to... Something. I guess.." Isabella said.

    Isabella noticed something wrong, her voice sounded deeper! Almost like the giant she saw on a cartoon she watched!

    She looked down, to see many trees (Well, a few knocked down trees...) Though, the trees looked as if they were.... Well, the size of little flowers.

    Isabella also noticed something odd on one of her shoes, a little green thing..

      Isabella started to keel down so she could see what the strange little green thing was.

     She squinted her eyes to see what the little green thing was. "Ferb? " She said, surpised.

     She picked up the little green thing, which was rather hard at her size because of her huge fingers.

    The green thing was grabbed by the hair with her fingers, the little green thing showed no rebel or annoyace. (Or maybe Isabella was really strong at her size?)

     She pulled the little green thing to her face, and then, she realized that...

    "Its is you Ferb!" Isabella was in shock, everything was so small!

    She could only imagine how when they get back to Danville after the camping trip how small the city would look.

    Suddenly, Isabella had a lightbulb plan! "Hey wait a minute! Maybe i could use my new size to fight that demon guy! Right Ferb?"

   Ferb was still trapped in Isabella's huge fingers, however, he nodded in agreement.

    "Then it's settled then Ferb!" Isabella said. "Lets beat that demon thing so we can save Phineas!" She shouted, causing Ferb to cover his ears.

     Isabella seemed to notice what Ferb was doing. "Oops.... Sorry."

    Isabella placed Ferb on to her shoulder. "Feel okay over there Ferb?" Isabella asked to Fefb in a more quiet voice.

    Ferb just nodded again, like he mostly does most of the time. "     actually," He blurted out, "i would like some peanuts."

     "Hmm... Let me check!" Isabella looked down and grabbed her offical Fireside girls "camping goods and needs." handbag which appeared to have grown with her, somehow....

     "Ehh.... all I have is some M&Ms, you okay with that?" Isabella asked as she looked though the huge handbag with little in it.

    "That will do." Ferb said in a delighted tone, unlike his mostly stale British accent he has.

   "Okay then!" Isabella looked though the handbag again, looking for the M&Ms that Ferb apprently wanted. "Here it is!" Isabella said, grabbing a single M&M.

    Isabella hands Ferb the little M&M (Which was about the size of Ferb himself.) Ferb held the M&M in his hands, holding it tightly.

       Then, Ferb suddenly swallowed the whole little M&M without chewing, or even letting it sorta dissolve in his mouth. Ferb then let out a huge belch. (Even Isabella heard it!)

   Isabella giggled at Ferb's belch, thinking it was slightly cute.

   "So everything's okay then Ferb?" Isabella asked, hoping they could now go and save Phineas.

    Ferb just nodded in agreeement, and nothing more.

   "Good then! Now let's save Phineas and the other Fireside girls from that Demon thing!" Isabella said, ready to beat the demon.

   Isabella looked down at the floor, looking if she could notice any Demon made out of goo on the ground.

    Isabella noticed a random guy on the ground, Isabella keeled down to his level. "Excuse me," She said. "Have you seen any Demons made out of goo?" She asked.

    The person pointed to his left, and to the left was a cave with a huge sign saying "Shambling Corporate Presence's cool hideout."

   "Oh thank you!" Isabella shaked the guy's hand with her huge hand before she walked off to the left.

   "What a nice girl."

     Meanwhile, a orange haired boy was just waking up after a hour or so of sleep.

     When he opened his eyes, he saw a odd yellow wall, allof the Fireside Girls (besides for Issbella, Obviously.) and her sister banging on a bunch of large rocks.

     "Where am I?" Phineas said,  looking around again, to find Shambling Corporate Presence on a computer chair nearby!

     Phineas ran over to the Demon, "Listen here you! Let me, my sister and all of the Fireside Girls out of here!" He yelled.

     Shambling Corporate Presence did not reply at all, completly ignoring Phineas.

    Now Phineas was getting frustrated.  "Listen here you! Let everyone go NOW!!"

   Shambling Corporate Presence STILL ignored Phineas, something must be up...

   "Listen! Just let- Hey what?!" Phineas just noticed something, the demon had headphones in his ears! (Or, well, where ears are supposed to be!)

    Phineas then noticed on a small coffee table nearby, mysteriously, there was a little CD cover.

Phineas picked it up and started to read it.. "Hmm... How to sleep with the sounds of the rain forest."

    "So he's sleeping?" Phineas said to himself.

   Suddenly, Phineas had a idea, "Hey girls!" He yelled out.

    All of the other girls, (even Candace!) ran over to Phineas.

     "What is it Phineas? Can't you see I was trying to find a way out of this... Whatever it is!" Candace said, annoyed as she always is.

        "Were'nt you just banging on a bunch of rocks?" Phineas said, questioning Candace.


       "Well, that didn't sound like a very well thought out plan." Phineas said.

    "Then what's your plan Phineas?"

    "Thats simple!  Did you know Shambling Corporate Presence is asleep?" Phineas asked.

    "He was asleep?!"

     "Well yeah Candace, didn't you know he listens to Rainforest sounds music made by Chinese Corporations?"

   Candace looked at the Demon. "You know, it's sorta obivious once you think about it." She said. "So what's your plan this time Phineas?"

       "We need to build a cross dimensionable portal back to DanVille!"

    "Yay! Then we could get our Crossdimensionable portal building patch!" One of the girls say.

     "Okay then, Gretchen, you find a emerald of hope inside the Demon's Closet."

   "You got it!" A girl named Gretchen said as she walked off into a nearby closet.

   "Okay then... " Phineas said as he said  names out loud and told most of them what to find so that they could make a Crossinterdimensionly portal.

    A few minutes later, the Fireside Girls and Phineas, (Besides for Candace, she was banging on rocks. Again.) were building the portal.

     "And.... Behold! It's done!" Phineas said as he looked up at some weird looking door he and the others had Invented. "Now all we need is an power source! Anyone have a outlet?"

     None of the girls said anything or replied to what Phineas said.

    "Oh great!" Candace said, still banging on rocks. "This is just great! She said, angry.

     "We have no way to get out of this place, and we're stuck with this... Ugly, Goo Demon thingy!" Candace continued her rant, ranting on how angry and pissed she feels!

     She even managed to throw in a few cuss words into the rant. "Woah." Phineas said. "Hey girls! Cover your ears!" He said.

    All of the girls (Besides for Candace of course!) covered their ears at Candace's annoying, loud, foul, and just all around crazy rant.

     As Candace was continuing her loud and annoying rant, the demon, was still sleeping on his computer chair, relaxing and such.

    Suddenly, the Demon woke up,
streteching out his tentacles, the demon yawns a loud cry.

    Candace didn't notice this, she was still ranting.

    The Demon got off of his chair, he heard Candace's rant, annoyed, he hops behind her.

    Though, Phineas and the Fireside girls noticed. "Uh.... Candace look behind you!" Phineas said, nervous.

     "What is it Phineas? Can't you see I'm trying to do the thing I'm best at? Complain?!? " Candace yelled at Phineas.

   "Seriously Candace! The Demon's behind you!" Phineas yelled.

     After Candace heard "Demon" She looked behind her, and to the back of her, she saw... A very angry Demon.

    "S-H-SHAMBLING CORPORATE PRESENCE!!!" Candace yelled at the angry looking Purple Demon!

    The demon yells a loud cry, ready to do something to Candace.

    Candace fell to the floor as the Demon's tentacles started to get closer to her body.

     Suddenly, the roof ripped off for some reason.

   Everyone sorta froze, Phineas, The Fireside Girls, Candace, and even the Demon were confused.

    Suddenly, a huge hand dropped down to the floor very gently, now everyone was mostly confused.

     "Hey! Everyone listen up!" Said a voice that sound much like Isabella's voice, only a little more deeper.

    "Isabella?! Was that you!?" Phineas yelled, confused and surpised to oddly hear Isabella's voice.

    "Yes Phineas, It's me! Isabella!" Isabella's voice said.

    "Well then, where are you? And why does your voice sound deeper?" Phineas asked.

     "I'll tell you later! Just tell everyone to grab onto this hand!" Isabella said.

    Phiness grabbed onto a part of the hand, to be more specific, the pinky finger.

     "Come on Everyone, grab on to this giant hand thing!" Phineas yelled to the girls.

      All of the girls jumped on to various different parts of the hand, Candace herself jumps on to the index finger. "This better work!" Candace said.

     "Olay Isabella! Everyone is on the giant hand now!" Phineas yelled to Isabella.

   "Now, all of you guys ready?" Isabella asked.

   "YEAH!!!" everyone replied.

    The hand started to rise up to the sky, soon all of the people trapped inside the Demon's lair were now free!

The Demon looked up at the hand as it flew up, he was sorta confused for a little while. He shurgged, and then sat back down on his computer chair and put his headphones back on.

     As the hand continued to rise up in the sky, it suddenly stopped. "Okay now guys! Climb up my shoulder!" She says.

     "Wait, your shoulder?!" Candace said, looking to her right to see the hand they were standing on's shoulder.

    Phineas, The Fireside Girls and Candace start running up the shoulder, until they made it up to the elbow.

    Phineas looked up, to see, Isabella! "Isabella! Is that you!?" Phineas said, shocked and amazed to see a giant Isabella!

     "Yes it's me Phineas?"

    "Then how the heck did you get so big?!" Phineas replied, still in shock.

"Just climb up to my Shoulder and I'll tell you later!" Isabella said.

   And that is what all of the Girls and Phineas did, climb up her shoulder and did not ask any questions.

  later that day. Isabella was walking out of the forest, ith many of the Fireside Girls holding onto her shoulder,.

        Isabella leaned down suddenly, grabbing everyone on her shoulder, she gently put them on the ground. "Okay then guys, come back tomorrow for the
How to knot tie a snake patch!"

     After she had finished talking, The FireSide girls had left and walked off to their houses. Though, Phineas, Ferb and Candace stayed infront of the giant.

    "Now Phineas, did you have anything to do with this?!" Candace yelled.

    "I didn't do this Candace! For real! I don't even know that Isabella grew! Honset!" Phineas said.

    "Then what about you Ferb!?" Candace yelled at Ferb.

  "No." Was his simple reply.

   "Since you too won't tell me anything, I'll ask Isabella. Isabella, did these too make you grow?" She asked.

   "Well.... Um.... I really don't know!" She replied.

   "W-What What What?!" Candace replied in shock.

      "Well, yeah. I really don't know!"

   "Psh, whatever. I'll be going to see Stacey. " Candace said as she walked away.

   As Candace left, Phineas looked up at the giant Isabella.

      "Well Isabella thanks for saving us and stuff." He said, slightly blushing.

    Isabella suddenly blushed at the little Phineas. "No problem Phineas!" She said back.

      "Well Ferb and I are going to work on are new inventions for the rest of the summer! Wanna come Isabella?" Phineas asked.

     "Hmm... No thanks Phineas. I'm kinda tired right now. Maybe later!" Isabella replied.

    "Well okay then Isabella! Fern and I will be thinking of some ideas right now." Phineas said, walking off to their

     Isabella watched the little Phineas and Ferb walk off into the city, to where their house is. "Well, I wonder what I should do now.." She said to herself.

     She looked a little bit around, looking at a few nearby buildings and a street nearby. She was amazed at how small everything looked to her.

    She stood up from the ground, now even more amazed with how small everything was. Cars looked liked little toy cars to her, buildings were the size of lego buildings.

       She was amazed that no one had even noticed her yet! Sadly, something terrible was to happen to her soon.

    "Hmm... Well, I better go home, just to tell my mom I kinda grew a few feet taller. She says to herself.

    Isabella decided to walk her way to the city, walking in the middle of the street, hoping it wouldn't cause much trouble for her or the cizitens of Danville.

     As she walked though the streets of Danville, near many of the large buildings in the city, turning at most street corners to the way to her house, everything was going perfectly fine for Isabella.

   Sadly, the same could not be said for most of the cizitens, infact, as her huge shoes were stepping on the streets, she was blocking the ways of cars, stepping on a few of them, and causing major damage to the streets.

   Oddly enough, Isabella did not notice this chaos at all. She was happily walking in the street, thinking she wasn't causing any trouble what soever.

     She didn't notice any of this stuff at all, until one thing happended. As she was walking, suddenly, and very oddly, she suddenly tripped on to the ground, causing a huge earthquake to happen in the city of Danville.

      Isabella wasn't hurt or anything like that. She was soon able to get up from her sudden trip, though when she got up, she didn't really like what she saw.

     Infront of her was a few cars crushed by her body as she fell (She may of had some of the parts of the cars on her Fireside Girls uniform!) Though nothing else seemed to have happended.

   Though then, she looked to her back, to find, well, a mess of descrution. Destroyed cars just like she saw a few seconds ago, a few crushed buildings, (Now how did that happen?! Maybe the quake?) And also, a few more then a small number of angry people.

    Isabella suddenly felt very sad and was about to cry, and she started to. One after another giant sized tears were falling from her face and dripping
down to the ground, causing huge puddles to form. "Everyone... I'm real (Sniff!) sorry..." She said, still having tears in her eyes.

     She then noticed, all of the little tears she was crying, (Well... They are not really that little. So to speak...) were causing even more chaos by making huge puddles, which may have not been so bad if it wasn't for the fact that they were falling on people!

    Isabella couldn't handle it anymore, while she is most of the time a very brave and strong girl, is as of right now a very sad and scared girl due to the chaos she is causing.

    She started to run off to somewhere, away from the city of Dsnville it may seem. But where is she running?

    "Olay now Ferb... Now that we're back home, let's think of some ideas for the best summer ever!" Phineas said, sitting under a tree like he and his brother always do. (Hey, this is sorta like the beginning of the story!)

     Before Ferb could answer, (Would he have answered anyway?) Phineas suddenly heard very deep sobbing. "Hey wait Ferb! I think I hear something!"

    To Phineas, it sounded very close nearby, and also very deep. "Come on Ferb! I think I know where it came from!" Phineas said running off somewhere. Ferb soon followed after.

    After a while of walking, suddenly, Phineas noticed something very huge behind a house, infact, it was much taller then the house itself! "*Gasp* Isabella!" Phineas said.

    "Phineas?" Isabella said, looking to her back.

   "Well, yeah it's me. "Phineas said. "So what the heck happended?" Phineas asked.

      Isabella started to have tears on her eyes again, "No No! Don't cry Isabella!! Just tell me, what's wrong?"

      Isabella stiffed her nose. "I nearly destroyed Danville with my new size! And, well... I just don't think people want me here anymore..."

      "Thats not true Isabella! I still like you! And so does everyone else! I'll prove it!" Phineas said. Suddenly, he had an idea. "Wait a minute... I have an idea! Ferb! You stay here and watch Isabella while I go and do something!"

     Ferb just shurgged, like he mostly does.

    Phineas then ran all the way back to his house, planning something.

   About a few hours later, Phineas had not returned yet. Isabella and Ferb were a litle worried.

     "Uh Ferb, do you know when Phineas is coming back?" Isabella asked.

    Ferb just shurgged, again.

  Suddenly, a car, (The DeSoto!) just passed in front of them, and then parked infront of their house, Phineas walked out of the car.

   "Hey Isabella!" He yelled.

   "Phineas, your back?" Isabellasaid, glad to see Phineas again!"

    "Yep! And I brought the President along with me!" Phineas said.

And out of the car door, was a 6 foot tall dog and a little rabbit with a wide smile. (He was President!)

    "Are you the Missy who grew 95 feet taller in one mourning?" The dog asked.


  "Well then, here you go!" The dog flicked a medal in his hand, it went flying to Isabella's hand. "Achivement for largest growth spurt." Isabella read off of it.

   "Can we get out of here Sam?" The rabbit asked. "I sorta wanna get home before the opening credits!"

"You crack me up little buddy!" The dog said, jumping back inside the car along with the rabbit and drove off.

Isabella looked at the little medal that Phineas got the Dog to give her. "Wow! Thanks Phineas!"

   "Anytime Isabella. Anytime."