Full-On Fawn

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by TheProky)

WARNING: This story is rated MA-LV for strong language and a bloody violent death at the end of the story. Reader discretion is advised.

What you're about to read is the mostly forgotten story of Peter Proky, an entrepreneur in the oil digging business. He would briefly look out at the wide open sea and then around the platform that he owned, watching as numerous people worked hard. For him, however, it was time to go home and see his wife again (provided she was still there; she kept threatening to leave because he wasn't home enough but has never had the guts to do so). Before he could hop aboard his ship, though, he was stopped by one of his co-workers, Ben, whom was his second-in-command.
"Heading home, sir?" Ben said.
"Yes, Ben. It's time to go home. Is the drilling still going on as scheduled?" Peter said.
"Yes, sir! It should be a couple days before we get results." Ben said.
"Good." Peter said.
"One more thing, sir." Ben said. Peter rolled his eyes (without Ben seeing of course) and turned around.
"What is it, Ben?" Peter said.
"I've been getting numerous calls from the EPA. They still want to talk to you about that oil spill two weeks ago and…" Ben said.
"Ben, I've got nothing to say to those juveniles. Tell them I'm on vacation or something." Peter said.
"Are you certain, sir? They've been calling us for days now and…" Ben said.
"They're like trolls on Facebook, Ben. You ignore them long enough, they'll find someone else to bug. Heck, maybe they'll drive the competition insane and they'll shut down." Peter said with a smile on his face and a wink from one of his eyes. Ben knew there was no changing the boss's mind once he made a decision.
"As you wish, sir." Ben said. Peter then hopped on his boat and cranked it up.
"Have a good one, Ben!" Peter said before he drove his boat off into the distance.

Peter hummed a series of tunes (most of them from the 1990s) as he drove his boat through the open sea. And when he wasn't humming, he was thinking about the endless calls coming from the EPA.
"Pfffft… sea life dying. Environmental issues, blah blah blah. It’s like they don't know this Earth is much bigger than they think. High school kids. Yep, that's what they mostly are." Peter said as he reached down to grab a beer bottle, but thought better of opening it, remembering the last time he drove drunk in his boat.
But another reason he didn't take a drink was when he looked up at the sky and saw storm clouds quickly gathering together.
"What the? Ugh… did Ben get the weather report wrong again?" Peter said as he heard the thunder pick up and watched the lightning strike repeatedly in the sky. Before Peter knew it, he was suddenly getting drenched in rain, and the seas roared to life as the wind picked up too.
"Shit!" Peter shouted as he tried to keep his boat under control within the raging waves. One wave even toppled over the boat and soaked the entire deck full of water. Peter raced to throw the water off his boat while also steering to fight the currents even as lightning flashed high above his head. Finally, though, there was another monster wave and the boat couldn't take any more as it capsized and threw Peter off.
"*cough cough!*" Peter coughed as water got into his lungs. He swam towards his capsized boat and hung onto it for dear life. Between the frigid air, heavy winds and rain, and lightning in the sky, Peter was getting pounded by the elements, finding it hard to stay conscious. It didn't help that he couldn't find any piece of land anywhere he looked.
"Damn it… I need to work out more…" Peter thought as his vision became a blur and he dozed off. His very last thoughts were he hoped he would live to see another ray of sunlight, and he hoped his wife got that… thing… that he wanted for Christmas.

Hours pass, and Peter opens his eyes to indeed see that ray of sunshine. In fact, the sky was a perfectly clear blue. He crawled to his knees and looked down to see the soil he was standing on, along with his capsized boat and waves of water crashing behind both of them. Peter, after brushing as much mess as he could off his clothes, tried to lift the boat right side up with all his strength, but it wouldn't budge.
"Shit! I guess that's what happens when I buy the deluxe model." Peter said. He then looked over and saw the antenna laying in pieces, so he sighed knowing that even if he could get the boat turned over, he'd have no way to radio out for assistance.
And that's when he began to wonder where he was. He walked away from his boat and looked around. He figured he was in some kind of forest, but the trees looked… odd. They looked more like blades of grass than actual trees.
"Well now. This sure ain't the Amazon Rainforest." Peter said as he kept walking forward, trying to figure out where he was and if he could find anyone that would help him.

Peter walked for what felt like forever when it was really only a half hour. It was a good thing I ate those sandwiches right after I left the platform, he thought, as he was only exhausted from the tropical-like weather this rainforest seemed to be cranking out. Still, he wanted something refreshing both to drink and to wipe the sweat off his face, and that's when he found a small puddle of water. Peter ran up to it and dipped his hands in, rubbing the water all over his muddled clothes and then his face.
"Ahhhh… well, that felt nice, anyway. I'll probably get ten million diseases next, but whatever." Peter said. Then he watched as the water suddenly rippled. He also felt the ground shake every second or so.
"What the heck? An earthquake?" Peter asked out loud. Then he saw a shadow cut off the sunlight from above. He turned around and looked up thinking it was a cloud overhead, but instead he saw something else, and it was coming in fast!
"SHIT!!!" Peter said as he scrambled to get out of the way of the boulder, or whatever it was, that eventually slammed down in front of him. The resulting shockwave from the giant object's impact knocked him off his feet and face first into the soil. He scrambled onto his back to look up, and up, and up, and up forever more to see what it was that nearly crushed him. His eyeballs widened when he eventually realized what it was.
"Is that… a girl?" Peter said.

What Peter narrowly avoided being crushed by was the bare foot of a fairy named Fawn. Fawn put her hands on her hips and looked back at where she walked from.
"Hmmm… that was weird. I can't get my mind off what that extra noise was during that thunderstorm. Oh well." Fawn said. She then kneeled down and wiped her hand through some of the dirt and soil in front of her feet.
"Well, at least the soil is looking very healthy today. Hopefully Rosetta will be very happy about that." Fawn said.
Meanwhile, Peter was still flabbergasted by the giantess he was looking up at. She looked incredibly huge… probably 500 feet tall by his best guess, but he felt like a grain of sand compared to her. What he didn't realize was that Fawn was normally pretty small herself, especially when compared to normal-sized humans, which made him probably not even micro-sized to the rest of the world. But that was not his immediate concern.

"This has to be a dream. Some silly, wacky dream all because of some random place I stumbled onto on the Internet." Peter said. He then looked longingly at the giantess, especially after she got down on her knees and inspected the soil he once stood on.
"Still, I'll take help from ANYBODY at this rate." Peter said. He took a deep breath and ran towards the giant Fawn.
"Excuse me! Ma'am! Miss! Down here! MA'AM!!!" Peter screamed as he jumped up and down and waved his arms around. But there was no response.
"Geez. It's no wonder flies and mosquitoes get swatted all the time." Peter said. He then looked at the giantess's backside and followed her very long braided hair down all the way to the ground. Without thinking of much else, Peter ran to the tail of this girl's hair and grabbed on… right on time too as Fawn got back to her two feet.
Fawn, meanwhile, wiped the sweat off her forehead. She then heard a faint rumble coming from her belly.
"Whew… it's getting hot out here! And I haven't eaten in hours! Guess I better get back home to Pixie Hollow and correct that." Fawn said. The fairy then quickly flapped her wings, allowing her to soar into the sky once more. Peter, of course, had to hold on very tight to the thick strands of hair as Fawn got moving again, especially as she got her wings going.
"What the…? She can fly!?" Peter said, who could only hold on tight as he watched the ground fade away fast from view. Still, he kept on climbing to the best of his ability, but that was not easy given her hair was moving all around in the air… and that it felt incredibly greasy and slippery being covered in sweat.

Fawn eventually made it back to her home, amazingly without anyone stopping her for a chat or update on what kind of mischief one of the fairies would get into. She opened the door and went digging through her cabinets trying to find something good to eat.
While this was going on, Peter continued his climb up the braided hair. There were a few close calls of losing his grip or footing and the danger of falling a long ways down to the ground, but eventually he made it to the top of Fawn's head. He rested on his hands and knees and breathed heavily on the tan-covered ground.
"*huff puff huff huff* Now I know how Gabe felt." Peter said. He finally stood back up, where he looked around and saw another dense forest, this time full of Fawn's many strands of brown hair. He slowly walked forward and looked all around, suddenly finding his environment very fascinating.
"I suppose I shouldn't complain. I mean… I am going through uncharted territory. For people in my profession anyway." Peter said as he looked around the strands of hair, though he did cringe at times when he saw some of these strands covered in sweat, oil, and grease. It made him lose focus, however, and he ended up tripping over a small tear on the skin he was walking on.
"Whoa!" Peter said as he fell down and suddenly went splash into some kind of liquid. He gasped as he realized what the white and gooey substance was that he landed in… dandruff liquefied in sweat.
"Oh… YUCK! When's the last time this girl took a shower!?" Peter said as he brushed himself off as much as he could. It didn't help that it was a little hot and steamy inside this 'forest' of hair, which only drenched him further in sweat… both his own and that belonging to Fawn. After a couple more minutes, Peter couldn't take much more of this. He absolutely had to see how far along he had gotten. So that's when he jumped towards a nearby strand of hair and clutched it tightly like a tree trunk. He climbed up a few feet, but that's when the hair bent forward a bit… which would eventually lead to trouble.

Although she had already picked out a couple items, such as a creamy dip, Fawn was busy scanning the cabinets trying to pick the right food she wanted to eat for today. As she was looking, she felt an itch on the top of her head.
"Hmmm… I can't decide what to pair with that dip." Fawn said as she scratched the top of her head with one finger.
While this was going on, Peter looked up and saw the biggest finger he'd ever laid eyes on coming down towards the general area.
"Yikes!" Peter screamed as he leapt off the hair strand he had been climbing and ran away just as it got pinned under the giant finger. Peter gulped nervously as he watched the many 'trees' of the 'forest' buckle underneath the giantess's finger. It almost made him hurl when he looked at the nail that belonged to that finger. It did not look pristine at all. He could see chunks of dirt underneath the nail. It looked significantly worn out… he could even see it chipped in one corner. Nevertheless, he watched as some of the skin he had been standing on get dug up like a shovel digging up chunks of the Earth.
"Man, even my wife has better looking nails than this chick." Peter said. He couldn't stay idle for long, however. As the nail continued to scratch the area, Peter realized it was getting closer and closer with each stroke. He started to run away, but it was too late. A mighty flick from the fingernail sent the young man flying through the air and over every hair strand he could see.
"AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!" Peter screamed. He reached out in vain several times, trying to literally cling onto one last bit of hope.

He finally was able to grab another strand of hair to hold onto like a rope.
"Whew… safe." Peter said as he looked out in the distance to see he was now inside a home rather than outdoors. He then turned around and again gulped nervously when he saw something unfathomably gigantic. It was one of the giantess's amber-colored eyes. He also saw gigantic red spots that were actually her freckles. It took Peter a few seconds to realize it, but he was closer than ever to the giantess. If he was going to get her attention, this was the perfect chance.
"HEY! MISS! RIGHT HERE!!!" Peter screamed.

This time, as Fawn's ears flinched from picking up the unfamiliar noise, she looked between her eyes at her hair, where she saw a tiny speck dangling from there. Of course, she had no idea this was the shrunken man, Peter.
"What the…? A flea? How did you get there?" Fawn said. She took the back of her hand and swung it towards her hair, knocking the flea off and sending it flying through the air. Peter saw the hand coming like a speeding train and held one arm out in vain.
"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!" Peter screamed as his arms and legs flailed around, hoping it would save him from a gruesome death. But once again, he felt himself go splash in some kind of liquid. At first he thought it was much worse than liquefied dandruff.
"Great… maybe now I landed in her pi…" Peter started to say, but when some of this liquid got into his mouth, it had a very familiar taste to it. It triggered his taste sensations like he was back home.
"Dip? I've been saved by a giant bowl of dip? Well, I guess I'll take it." Peter said as he kicked his arms and legs around fighting to stay afloat, although one of his legs and one of his arms both felt very sore.
"Ow… I must've sprained them when she flicked me off her hair." Peter said.

At the same time, he watched as the 'giantess' approached the bowl. Fawn had watched the speck fly through the air and was still curious about it. That's when she dipped her finger into the dip, taking Peter with her. She looked closely at the 'speck,' once again treating Peter to the sight of one of her massive amber eyes.
"Did I kill it? I'm pretty sure I did." Fawn said. She started to lower the dip-covered finger towards the bottom of her clothing, causing Peter to scream thinking he was going to be crushed against it. However, inches before that could happen, Fawn then quickly moved her finger back up towards her face.
"Nah… why waste a perfectly good dip? And ruin this outfit when I still haven’t washed all the others!" Fawn said. So she started to move her finger towards her mouth. Despite almost choking on the hot, moist breath that flew out of her mouth, Peter once again pleaded for the girl's attention.
"NO! DON'T!!!" Peter shouted. Once again, Fawn's ears shifted around.
"Okay, I KNOW I heard something. I guess this flea is still alive." Fawn said. She then moved her finger up towards one of her ears. It was extremely faint, but she could hear something.
"Help me!" Peter shouted. Fawn very lightly gasped as she moved the finger back in front of her face.
"Oh my! This creature talks?" Fawn said.

That's when she walked over to a nearby table and gently brushed her dip covered finger on its surface, dropping the dip and Peter with it. Just as Peter got back to his feet (or tried to given the unsightly shape one of his legs was in) and coughed out and brushed off all the dip he had to deal with, he had to cover his ears when he looked up and saw Fawn leaning in.
"Wait here, little creature. I'm going to get something I can see you better with." Fawn said. Peter did not recognize what the giantess was saying… as even with covering his ears, Fawn's voice was still deafeningly loud and hard to cobble together. It also made him uncomfortable as even with the giantess walking away, her booming footsteps on the floor were louder than the loudest claps of thunder he had ever heard, especially working out at sea on an oil platform. Peter shook himself loose, but was thankful that he had finally gotten this girl's attention and that maybe he could get some answers.
Fawn finally returned a minute or two later, holding an object that appeared to be a pocket-sized telescope, but it was really a handheld microscope. She smiled as she looked over the object.
"I always knew one of Clank and Bobble's inventions would come in handy one day." Fawn said. She looked into the microscope and focused closer and closer until she could finally see a face on the speck. She lightly gasped as she finally got her first clear look at Peter.
"Is that a… human?" Fawn asked. She shook her head, "Noooooo… humans are normally gigantic! This person is so tiny… just like everything else in this world, I guess humans come in all shapes and sizes."
She looked in and out of the microscope, trying to make sure it wasn't malfunctioning which was known to happen at times with inventions from Bobble or Clank. But nope… it was definitely a living, breathing person she was looking at.

Like anything else she would meet for the first time, Fawn introduced herself to this micro-sized man as she looked back into the microscope.
"Hello. My name is…" Fawn said, only to stop when she saw Peter holding his ears.
"Oops… sorry…" Fawn said. That's when she backed away a little bit and this time whispered her words out.
"Hi. My name is Fawn. What's yours?" Fawn asked. She watched as the man moved his lips, but she couldn't hear a single word.
"What?" Fawn said.
"PETER PROKY!" Peter shouted out of frustration, not understanding how his words weren't getting through the giantess's ears. Of course, he had no idea his tiny size meant his voice couldn't travel far. Fawn tried leaning one of her ears in, causing Peter to get a glimpse of the dirty inside of the ear as it was filled in some corners with wax and other goop. But his voice sounded more like a high-pitched bell, much like her and the other fairies' own voices would sound to a normal human being (like that one girl named Lizzy).
"Sigh… I'm not getting anywhere." Fawn said as she sighed and rested her hands on her hips. Then she looked down on the floor where she conveniently saw a very small loose piece of graphite. After she reached down to pick it up, that's when she got an idea.
"Oh! I have an idea, tiny person." Fawn said gently down towards Peter.

The fairy gently set the piece of graphite down next to the tiny human. It was just big enough for Peter to grasp in his arms, and once he picked it up, that's when Fawn played a mini game of charades, moving two fingers together through the air in a writing motion.
"Ah… I get it. She wants me to write her name. I guess she doesn't mind me carving up her table… but then again, they're probably miniscule fissures given my size." Peter said, feeling more relaxed thinking he was home free. And so Peter chiseled his name as best as he could. Each letter took anywhere from 2-3 minutes to carve out on the table, but he hoped Fawn would have no problem seeing his work, especially with the microscope in hand. Finally Peter was able to get PETER out.
"Nice to meet you, Peter." Fawn said. But she watched as Peter continued to chisel. He was probably going to throw in his last name. How thoughtful of him, she thought. His last name was finally spelled out, and Fawn found herself looking at PETER PROKY.

Her expression changed rapidly. No longer was she smiling. She had a look of concern.
"Peter… Proky? Wait a minute…" Fawn said. She put a hand up to her chin and thought. She knew she had heard that name somewhere before. Then it hit her like a fairy, whether it was herself or one of her friends, slamming straight into a tree.
"Peter Proky? You're THE Peter Proky!?" Fawn said.
"Um… the one and only?" Peter said as he was confused by the way Fawn suddenly didn't look so cheerful. In fact, she looked viciously angry now. She suddenly tossed aside the microscope and walked up towards the table, slamming her hands down on both sides and looking dead on at the shrunken human.
"You're the one who's built all those oil platforms… including that one that exploded two weeks ago! Oil was spilled in the ocean everywhere… all those animals both on land and sea…" Fawn said with a couple tears suddenly raining down from her eyes.
"How dare you… HOW DARE YOU! YOU'RE A MURDERER!!!" Fawn suddenly screamed with absolute furor. She slammed the table again, hitting it so hard… it caused Peter to go flying through the air.
"Not again!!!" Peter said. He was surprised his head didn't explode from her yelling voice being over a hundred decibels. Still, he once again feared he was heading for a deadly fall that would kill him upon impact, but instead… Fawn walked around the table and caught the tiny human squarely in the palm of her hand. The landing was anything but soft.
"Ack… shit!!!" Peter said as he held both his legs, both of which were in extreme pain. He could only assume they were broken as he couldn't get any strength to stand back up.

He then looked up at a very angry Fawn as she focused on him.
"You're a menace to nature! I cannot… I WILL NOT forgive you!" Fawn shouted. Even though she couldn’t possibly hear him, Peter stated his case anyway.
"Look, lady. I'm sorry, I truly am, but you know… that's kinda the way the world is. I've never really believed in this fairy tale shit anyway. Just get me back to normal and I'll be on my merry way." Peter said. Fawn suddenly didn't have quite the angry look on her face. It looked more like disappointment.
"There's no way I can let you live, Peter Proky. Our world is for the better if I disposed of you." Fawn said. Peter tried to argue with the giantess, but instead watched as Fawn stuck her tongue out and planted it at the base of her hand and moved it forward. He knew what she had in mind.
"Oh no… nonononononono!!!" Peter screamed.

The shrunken man turned around and crawled towards the giantess's fingers, the only thought on his mind being he'll just jump past her fingers and take his chances on the ground. But there was no outracing the giant tongue. Seconds later, he clung to the saliva-drenched object like glue.
"Ahhhhhh!!!!" Peter screamed until his screams were cut off when Fawn pulled her tongue back into her mouth. Because of how fast Fawn moved her tongue into her mouth, he slipped off and landed on one of her molars.
"Yipe!" Peter shouted as he watched the giantess's upper jaw coming down fast on him. He tried moving his arms, but they too were in so much pain, he could barely move. There were now blood stains on parts of his clothes, as gashes in his skin opened up from being roughed up the past several minutes. Peter rolled out of the way. He managed to avoid being crushed between the teeth, but now found himself trapped in between her lower jaw and her cheek. Of course, his situation didn't get any better when he felt the warm and moist air of her breath flowing throughout the inside of the mouth, not to mention the nasty smell and unpleasant sight of plaque in his face.

Fawn couldn't feel Peter's presence at all on her tongue given how small he was. She assumed that he had been killed… either by swallowing him with her latest gulp, by drowning him in her saliva, or by merely crushing him with her tongue as she was licking. Either way, she felt satisfied knowing she had ended what she felt was a great threat to nature. Friends and family that would go looking for him be damned, she thought. Evil people like Peter Proky deserved to die for the crimes that he had committed against nature and the animal kingdom (even though it was merely sea life that was harmed by the aforementioned oil spill).
Before Fawn could think anymore about the microscopic human, she heard a knock on her door. Lightly gasping as she snapped back to reality, she looked over at the door.
"Who is it!?" Fawn shouted.
"It's me… Tink!" the female voice said on the other side. Fawn walked over to the door and opened it up, revealing her fellow fairy and one of her best friends, Tinker Bell.
"Oh! Hi, Tink!" Fawn said.
"Fawn, are you okay? I thought I heard you screaming in here." Tinker Bell said.
"Oh, I'm fine! I was just playing drill instructor to a baby bird learning to fly." Fawn said.
"Huh? Really? I didn't see any birds near your house." Tinker Bell said.
"Hahahaha! Of course you didn't! This was a tiny little young bird… probably barely bigger than both of us! I was giving him a private lesson." Fawn said. Tinker Bell had a hard time believing her story, but knew better than to question Fawn on anything that didn't concern the safety and security of Pixie Hollow.
"Oooooookay, whatever you say, Fawn. Anyway, some of us are heading to Rosetta's place for lunch. Would you like to join us? We're having pumpkin muffins!" Tinker Bell said.
"Oh, I'd love to! Lead the way." Fawn said.
"Great!" Tinker Bell said. As the two fairies got to flying away from Fawn's home, Fawn got to thinking.
"Hey, Tink. Have you ever wondered if there are creatures out there so small… they make us look big? And I mean biiiiiiiiiig." Fawn asked as she stretched her arms out as wide as she possibly could.
"Well… sometimes. Why do you ask?" Tinker Bell said.
"Oh, just wondering." Fawn said.

Inside Fawn's mouth, it was anything but glorious for Peter Proky. His arms and legs were broken, swelling, and bleeding and he was trapped between the giantess's teeth and her cheek. Peter took several deep breaths.
"No… I'm not going to die here! Never!!!" Peter shouted as he summoned one last bit of adrenaline, allowing him to climb up one of her molars. The climb was not easy in the slightest, and by the time he made it atop the molar, he was exhausted… the sweat and blood pouring out of his body and the many foul smells from inside the mouth, especially the tartar and plague, were all overcoming him.
"Ugh… doesn't this bitch brush her teeth?" Peter commented as he realized he was likely going to get crushed between her teeth and crawled sluggishly onto her tongue.
It would prove to be a fatal mistake. Saliva had been building up within the giantess's mouth, and Peter found himself slipping on the saliva and sliding down into her throat.
"No no no no NO!!!" Peter said as he tried to grip the tongue, but his broken arms meant that was a luxury he couldn't afford. Peter screamed as he went falling and eventually sliding into the darkness that was her esophagus. Eventually Peter splashed down in a green liquid that turned out to be stomach acid.

And he was about to find out real quick how strong a fairy's stomach acid was.

Peter pulled his right arm out of the acid… it was nothing more than rapidly bleeding muscle tissue with all the skin having melted off. His other arm followed, then his lower body, then his upper body. Even the muscles withered away into bloody remains, leaving nothing more than his bones, which one by one detached from his body.
"NOOOOOOOOOOOO….!" Peter let out one final blood-curled scream before the dissolving of his heart cut off what little life he had remaining. There was pretty much nothing left of him except pools of his blood and his skeletal remains all floating around in the stomach acid (kind of like what happens in Mortal Kombat when you knock someone into the acid pool).

Peter Proky was dead. And thanks to the fact a fairy named Fawn ate and digested him, he was quickly forgotten by the rest of the world, even by those who once knew him personally or professionally.