Frozen Universe

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by jedipat)

Elsa watched from one of the balconies of her castle in Arendelle as the troops chased the rival army off the royal grounds. Even though the guards were hooping and hollering as they celebrated their victory, Elsa sighed. She wasn't alone, as Olaf jumped on the railing and shouted down at the troops.
"Woohoo! Yeah! Good job, boys! Send that army all the way back to Blizzard Beach!" Olaf said as he jumped up, causing his head to go flying off but luckily he was able to catch it. Elsa lightly laughed, and this didn't sit well with Olaf.
"Huh? No offense, Elsa, my dear, but usually your laughter is like a bang… not a whimper!" Olaf said.
"I'm sorry, Olaf. It's just… I'm getting so worried. The invasions keep piling up. Almost every kingdom wants a piece of Arendelle now." Elsa said.
"Awwww… but why feel so gloom? The castle soldiers have thwarted off every attack so far!" Olaf said.
"Yes, but it's only a matter of time before they crack through the walls, both literally and figuratively." Elsa said as she pointed out towards the outer edges of the town, which was almost surrounded by water.

Elsa turned around and walked back inside the castle, with Olaf following close behind.
"I know this sounds crazy, but I feel like I should become stronger… that way I can help in battle." Elsa said.
"Heh heh… no offense, but your powers are crazy as it is. You did create me, some other monsters, and an entire castle. Heck, you could probably freeze the entire universe if you could!" Olaf said.
"You know I'd never go that far, Olaf." Elsa said.
"There you are, sis!" a female voice said. Elsa looked down the hallway and saw Anna and Kristoff running towards her.
"Anna! Kristoff! Thank goodness you're both okay." Elsa said.
"Heh… nothing like being Solid Ice!" Kristoff said.
"Solid who?" Anna asked.
"You know… Solid Ice! That stealthy hero from the comic books. I used to dream I could be like him when I was a kid." Kristoff said.
"I see." Elsa said.
"Whew… still, it is crazy out there. I feel like I'll never look at boredom the same way again!" Anna said.
"I'm starting to wonder if it was ever a good idea to open the gates to Arendelle to everyone. These attacks keep piling up like snow on the highest mountain." Elsa said.
"Come on, Elsa, you can't think like that! None of us couldn't have imagined a world of armies out there wanting to take over Arendelle." Anna said.
"If only there was a way I could become more powerful, yet still have the forthright to control my powers in a sensible manner…" Elsa said.

As soon as Kristoff heard that comment, that's when he thought of an idea.
"You know, I've heard stories of this crystal in the mountain ranges." Kristoff said.
"Pffft… there's probably a ton of crystal stories floating around." Anna said.
"True, but I keep hearing this legend of a 'universally powerful' crystal." Kristoff said.
"Universally powerful?" Elsa asked.
"Yeah. Whoever comes in contact with the crystal supposedly gains tremendous power. The power to almost do whatever they want… including bring peace to kingdoms." Kristoff said.
"Hmmm… that could be why we're being invaded so often. These armies probably think I know something about this so-called universally powerful crystal." Elsa said.
"Our family does have a very, VERY long history behind Arendelle." Kristoff said.
"Alright, then it's settled." Elsa said as she walked right by both Anna and Kristoff.

"Wait! Where are you going, Elsa?" Anna asked.
"Where else? To the mountain to find this crystal." Elsa said.
"Um… I said they were just rumors… that doesn't mean there really is such a crystal!" Kristoff said.
"Maybe so, but we won't know unless we take a look." Elsa said.
"Then we're going with you!" Anna said.
"No! I don't want you two to get hurt…" Elsa said.
"This is not for debate, Elsa! We don't want to see YOU get hurt." Anna said.
"And besides… you could use someone who knows what to do with ice." Kristoff said. Elsa sighed.
"Okay, you can come. Olaf, I need you to stay here at the castle." Elsa said.
"Are you sure?" Olaf asked.
"The children who live here are probably scared. They could use your comfort." Elsa said with a smile. Olaf smiled right back and saluted the princess.
"Right, your royal highness! Juggling my head always makes them laugh and cheer!" Olaf shouted. Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff all left the room to get ready for their journey

Four hours later

After getting a ride to the mountainside courtesy of Sven, Elsa and her companions spent the next four hours walking around on foot around the snowy grounds. It felt like forever for Anna and Kristoff as they rejoined with Elsa and brushed the snow off their faces.
"Ugh… we've been searching it feels like forever!" Anna said.
"Any luck?" Elsa asked.
"No dice. Not even a twinkle in the distance. At this point, I'll take a glitter from the north star." Kristoff said as he looked up at the night sky.
"Elsa, we really should get back. If another army tries to attack the castle and we're not there…" Anna said.
"No. We're not going back empty handed. I can feel we're close." Elsa said.
"Oh? How do you know?" Kristoff asked.
"If I can just tap deep into my powers, maybe I can use them like a radar to find this crystal." Elsa said as she closed her eyes and concentrated. Anna and Kristoff watched as shards of ice swirled around Elsa's dress, then the princess opened her eyes.
"That way." Elsa said as she pointed to the southwest. She walked her way through the snow while Anna and Kristoff looked at each other.
"Maybe all these armies want is to take Elsa out on a date." Kristoff said.
"If only it were that simple." Anna said as she rolled her eyes and the two followed Elsa.

Eventually, the two came across a small cave entrance, where suddenly a bright blue light glowed.
"There!" Elsa said.
"Wow! You did it, Elsa!" Anna shouted.
"Yeah, but… what if it's a trap? What if it's something else?" Kristoff asked.
"There's only one way to find out." Elsa said as she quickly walked towards the cave entrance. Anna and Kristoff followed from behind, and the three carefully made their way through the cave. Anna almost slipped at one point despite wearing her snow and ice shoes (like Elsa ALWAYS tells her to do when they go out), but luckily Kristoff was always there to catch her.
The three navigated tunnel after tunnel for the next few minutes until they finally came across the source of the light. Elsa fought to look past the light, and that's when she saw it.
"There it is… the crystal." Elsa said.
"Well, I'll be. Kristoff was right!" Anna said.
"Ha! Aren't I always? I guess I win the bet!" Kristoff said.
"Um… we didn't bet anything, but I'll kiss Flemmy if you want!" Anna said. The two then watched as Elsa slowly approached the crystal.
"Elsa… what are you doing?" Anna asked.
"What else? I'm going to see what kind of power this crystal holds." Elsa said.

Elsa finally reached outward and touched the crystal. As soon as she did so, however…
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Elsa screamed.
"ELSA!!!" Anna screamed as she ran towards her sister. She tried to pull her away, but was covered in blue energy as well and screaming for her life as well.
"Anna!" Kristoff shouted as he clutched the top of his head with his hands, trying to think of a way to rescue the girls. Eventually, though, the energy dissipated and threw both ladies backwards as they landed on their backsides.
"Owwww…. that smarts." Anna said.
"Anna? Are you alright?" Kristoff said as he ran up to Anna and Elsa and helped them both up.
"Yeah, I think so." Anna said. Elsa then looked to see not only the light, but also the crystal were gone.
"Oh… the crystal has vanished." Elsa said.
"Well… so much for finding out what powers it has." Anna said.
"No, Anna. I can feel its energy flowing within me. Ohhh…" Elsa said.
"Elsa, are you?" Kristoff asked.
"I'm okay. Just a little dizzy. Ugh!" Elsa said as she clutched her stomach next. Almost immediately afterwards, Anna felt the same thing.
"Oooooh… what's with all this cramping?" Anna said.
"Ugh… okay. You two just wait here while I go get a doctor." Kristoff said.
"Kristoff… get out." Elsa said.
"What!?" Kristoff said.
"Get out NOW!!!" Elsa shouted as she and Anna fell to their knees.
And that's when the two women began to grow. And they were growing fast… already their bodies were getting too big for the cave as they laid down on their sides to try and get more room. Meanwhile, Kristoff had Elsa's icy glass slippers and Anna's boots coming up fast towards him… not to mention pieces of the ceiling falling down as the cave struggled to contain the two growing girls.
"Yipes!" Kristoff said as he sprinted his way out of the cave, looking behind as the footwear kept closing in on him.

He dove out of the cave entrance and quickly got back to his feet. He backed away as he watched the side of the mountain slowly crumble apart, eventually revealing the growing Elsa and Anna as they both stood to their feet. They brushed the rocks off their bodies as they looked around at the landscape that continued to shrink before their eyes.
"Elsa… what just happened?" Anna said.
"Isn't it obvious? That crystal must've had the power to make whoever touches it gigantic." Elsa said.
"Wow… that's so awesome! I didn't think anything like this could happen again." Anna said.
"Heh heh… that makes two of us." Elsa said. Anna took note that the area was still shrinking. In fact, the two were already over 300 feet tall and still growing.
"How big are we going to get this time? I feel like we're already bigger than that one time with the aurora borealis." Anna said.
"I don't know, Anna…" Elsa said.
"Oh, wait! Where's Kristoff?" Anna said as she looked frantically around the snowy region.
"I can't see him. We're already so big that people probably look like ants from up here. Stay still, Anna." Elsa said as she carefully stepped out of the hole they made and then kneeled down. She scanned the region carefully until finally she could see one tiny speck moving around.

Elsa pinched her fingers together and lifted the speck up towards her face. Upon further inspection, she could see it was Kristoff.
"Kristoff! Thank goodness you're not hurt." Elsa said. Kristoff, meanwhile, covered his ears.
"Yeouch! Not so loud, Elsa!" Kristoff said.
"Oh, sorry." Elsa whispered. She stood back up and held her hand close to Anna's face.
"Awwww… he looks so cute. Why is it men look so much cuter when they're teeny tiny?" Anna said.
"It probably helps that he's your boyfriend." Elsa said. Anna couldn't help but laugh, but when she looked back down at Elsa's hand, Kristoff was almost out of sight.
"Oh my… we're still growing. He's getting too small to see!" Anna said.
"Anna, I have to put him back down on the ground so I don't accidentally hurt him." Elsa said.
"Don't worry about us, Kristoff! We'll find a way out of this!" Anna said as she watched her sister set Kristoff back down on the ground.
"Come on, Anna. We should let the people of Arendelle know what has happened." Elsa said.
"Right, before that whole town becomes too small to see!" Anna said. As the two mega giantess walked away from what was now a very small mountain, Kristoff watched them walk a long ways away and still be visible from the distance. He tried calling out to them for one last bit of help, but there was no response. He threw his arms up and then folded them.
"Great… I guess I'm supposed to walk all the way back to Arendelle." Kristoff said as he got to walking.

Elsa and Anna, already approaching 1,000 feet tall, could see Arendelle from miles away as a result of their ever increasing size. Anna pointed towards the town.
"Elsa, look! It's another army attacking!" Anna said.
"Ugh! So soon? This is getting out of hand!" Elsa said.
"Hey… we're, like, a billion feet tall or something like that. We can take on that army! I mean… at least talk them into giving up and running away." Anna said. Elsa looked over at Anna.
"You really think so, Anna?" Elsa said.
"Uh oh… I know that look from when we were kids!" Anna said.
"Let's go, my sister." Elsa said. The two held hands as they walked their way (crushing numerous trees along the way) towards Arendelle.

Innocent people, meanwhile, ran for their lives trying to avoid getting anywhere near the soldiers of the rival army. The soldiers native to Arendelle did their best, but they were outnumbered almost two to one. One mother knelt in fear… shielding her children as two of the soldiers pointed their lances at her face.
"Hahaha! I love seeing them beg for mercy." one of the soldiers said.
"Please… take anything you want! Just spare me and my children!" the woman said.
"Rest easy, darling. We will depart once we have found the snow queen, Elsa." one of the soldiers said. Everyone then struggled to maintain their balance as the ground suddenly shook every second. Just as everyone wondered where the quakes were coming from, they then watched as all sunlight instantly disappeared from the town. The soldiers looked up thinking it was a cloud… but instead it was two of the biggest women they would ever see. Elsa and Anna were so massive, everyone could barely see the upper halves of their bodies. The normally deep water that surrounded Arendelle looked only 3-4 inches deep to the two giantesses.
"Rival army! I am the snow goddess, Elsa. You will leave Arendelle this instant... or I promise life will not be very pleasant." Elsa said as her voice echoed seemingly forever in the sky. The rival soldiers didn't think twice… they started running towards the bridge that led to Arendelle.
"Haha! You have a way with words, Elsa! Especially the goddess part." Anna said.
"Well, it is appropriate, wouldn't you agree? But I'm not done." Elsa said.

She pointed a finger towards the bridge behind the army that was retreating. She was shooting a thin beam that looked massive to the eyes of the rival soldiers. Massive chunks of ice formed behind the soldiers as they ran for their lives. Elsa then aimed her ice down in front of the troops, trapping them in between.
"Now you gentlemen have nowhere to go." Elsa said.
"Oooooh… can I crush them under my boots, Elsa? Pleeeeeease?" Anna said. Elsa looked down and saw the scenery continue to shrink before her eyes. Something told her these men were going to get crushed anyway at the rate she and Anna were growing. In fact, they were now over 2,000 feet tall.
"Well, okay." Elsa said.
"Hahaha! Thanks, Elsa! You're the best!" Anna said as she gave her sister a quick hug. She then looked down at the bridge with a huge grin on her face.
"Well, you heard her, guys. You go squish now!" Anna said as she raised one of her boots up and brought it down on the bridge, practically disintegrating it as soon as she touched it. Any soldier that didn't have their life crushed underneath the boot fell into the freezing water (thanks to Elsa's presence).
"Mmmm… I'm not going to lie, Elsa. That felt good!" Anna said.
"I suppose I should try that sometime, right?" Elsa said.
"You bet! Oh… maybe try it on that fleet of ships!" Anna said as she pointed up the river at a series of boats that were making their way to Arendelle.
"Alright, then. Stand back and watch the master at work." Elsa said with a wink of one of her eyes. She then turned around and stomped her way towards the ships.
"Wait… the master? Since when did you crush ships under your slippers!?" Anna said.

Despite the fact the ships could only see Elsa's icy glass slippers without having to fall backwards as they looked up, they fired cannonballs aplenty at the growing giantess. Almost a mile tall now, Elsa couldn't help but roll her eyes as she didn't feel any sort of impact from the cannon fire.
"It's so silly to think they can defeat me like this. Then again, I could probably beat them at normal size with my eyes closed." Elsa said. She started to raise a foot so that she could crush the entire fleet with just one stomp, but lowered it back down without crushing anything.
"Nah… that would be too easy. I got something more fun in mind." Elsa said. That's when the mega giantess kneeled down and took a deep breath, almost swallowing one of the ships as she took air in. Then she exhaled. What felt like a normal blast of air to someone her size… it felt like being in the middle of the strongest tornado ever formed as the ships went flying backwards for several yards. On top of that, they were being covered in ice. The ships either broke apart after crashing on nearby land or sunk beneath the river. As she stood back up, Anna rejoined her.
"Whoa… that's just… um… well…" Anna said.
"Cold?" Elsa said with a smile.
"Hahaha! You said it, not me." Anna said.
"Still… those poor soldiers… but it can't be helped." Elsa said.
"Why do you say that, Elsa?" Anna asked.
"Just look, Anna. We're still growing… we might get too big for this entire world." Elsa said.
"Yeah… you're right!" Anna said. The two women took note that their growth was accelerating rapidly. They were now past 3 miles tall and showed no signs of slowing down.
"I think we should explore more of this world while we have the chance. You know… see what other kingdoms are around." Elsa said.
“Good idea!” Anna said. The two mega giantesses didn’t waste a second more as they marched their way away from Arendelle. As big as they both were, the people of Arendelle could still see them even though they were miles away.

But with their growth continuing to accelerate, it was quickly looking like they were standing over a map as they could now see entire countries before them. Elsa didn't even need to freeze the water at the feet of herself and Anna, as with a size of over 15 miles tall, it was like walking on shallow water. Elsa and Anna then stopped in front of the southeastern part of a land that we would know as Florida in the United States. ^_____^
"Oh… look at that piece of land. It looks very warm." Anna said.
"Hmmm… yes. I can feel it. Maybe I can fix that." Elsa said as she held a hand above the state and wiggled her fingers. Coming out of those fingers was nothing but snow. It took mere seconds for the entire state, and others like Georgia and Alabama, to be engulfed in snow.
"Haha! Awesome, Elsa!" Anna said as she clapped her hands together. Elsa then looked out in the distance at the other side of the US, namely the southwest and places like New Mexico and Arizona.
"Oh… but what about that side of this foreign country? It looks dry to the bone!" Elsa said as she stepped onto the country. She and Anna flattened unimaginably huge portions of the country underneath their footwear (especially Anna with her boots), flattening as many as 5-10 cities with each step! At this point, however, neither giantess paid much mind to this. They were simply too big to NOT cause any sort of destruction to the planet. As Elsa watched the southwest portion of the US quickly get smaller and smaller, she had to act fast. She shot a blue beam down over the entire states of Arizona, New Mexico, and southern portions of California. All of which were covered in thick blocks of ice.
"Wow! You just froze those whole places solid! Do you think it will be enough to un-dry them?" Anna asked.
"Probably not, but…" Elsa said as she raised her slipper up and crushed the ice and everything beneath it.
"…I always wanted to do something like that in real life." Elsa said.
"Haha… you acted like you've done it before!" Anna said.
"Well… I had some free time when I was locked in my bedroom all those years ago." Elsa said with a sly smile on her face. Anna just giggled.

Eventually, Anna realized another big change happening with the two.
"Oh… I feel like I'm floating all of a sudden!" Anna said.
"Me too!" Elsa said. What the two ladies didn't realize was that gravity was taking over and pulling the girls into space. They watched as the whole planet of Earth shrunk before their eyes. Somehow the girls were able to breathe in space… likely thanks to the power of the crystal they absorbed (which was also giving them the insane growth burst).
"Well, I'll be… is this… the entire planet we lived on?" Anna asked.
"It sure looks like it." Elsa said. She then hovered a hand over the upper portion of the planet.
"Huh? What are you doing, Elsa?" Anna asked.
"Giving this planet a parting gift. The parting gift of an everlasting Winter." Elsa said as she once again made snow fall out of her hand. It blanketed the top half of Earth easily, burying it under what had to be miles and miles of snow and ice.
"Bravo! Ooooof…" Anna said as she clapped her hands together. She then felt her head bump against something. She turned around and saw it was the Moon, which quickly was shrinking to a more handheld size.
"Oh? Is this the Moon that we usually see at night?" Anna said.
"It sure is." Elsa said. Anna then licked her lips and threw the grape-sized Moon down her throat.
"Huh? What did you do that for!?" Elsa shouted.
"Well… um… I always wondered what an entire planet would taste like! And besides… we're probably going to get too big for it anyway." Anna said as she pointed in the opposite direction and saw some other planets coming within view as they continued to grow.
"True, but maybe the next one we can share?" Elsa asked.
"Deal." Anna said as the two astronomically-sized women shook hands.
"Hold onto my hand." Elsa said as she used her other hand to shoot a series of icicles behind her. These allowed the two to 'fly' through the vastness of space.

Elsa and Anna spent the next few minutes admiring the other planets of the Solar System, so this feeling wouldn't last as the growth continued to accelerate. They were likely growing in light years rather than just mere miles at this rate. Suddenly, distant stars became close clusters of stars that continued to shrink smaller and smaller and smaller.
"Elsa… are we ever going to stop growing?" Anna asked. Elsa then smiled.
"Well, if we don't, at least we're together." Elsa said as she gave her sister a hug, with the two unknowningly crushing the entire Solar System (including the Sun) in between their chests. Even though it was a short hug, the two were now surrounded by numerous other galaxies.
"Oh my… it's so beautiful." Anna said. She reached out to touch another of these galaxies, only to have it snuffed out by one of her fingers
"Oops! Sorry!" Anna said.
"And so fragile too." Elsa said.

Finally, Elsa and Anna could see nothing more than a bright white light. Elsa immediately knew what they were looking at.
"Look, Anna! This has to be the whole universe!" Elsa said.
"Oooooh wow! Hello, everyone and everything in the universe!" Anna said as she waved down at the light that was the whole universe. She then watched as Elsa charged her hands up with her icy energy.
"Don't worry, Anna. I'm just going to make sure this universe stays close to us." Elsa said. That's when she encased the light in an ice crystal that she combined with a thin icy chain. Elsa was now wearing the entire universe around her neck.
"Haha! You froze the entire universe! I'm so jealous! I wish I could have a universe of my own!" Anna said as she looked happy and then pouted for a brief period. Elsa patted her sister on the shoulder.
"Come on. Maybe we can find another universe for you to keep." Elsa said.
"I'd really like that. Let's go!" Anna said. The two women then floated deeper into the void, which was all that was left in reality. The growth may have finally stopped (conveniently after Elsa made her frozen universe), but Elsa and Anna were left to swim in the blackness of the void for the rest of their lives, and yet they were having too much fun trying to find another universe to care. ^_____^