From 70 Feet of Hair to 70 Feet Tall

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by MacroTean)

NOTE from author: This was written early in the life of Tangled: The Series, meaning Varian is a different character than what we see in later episodes (I won't spoil what happens!).

Rapunzel sat peacefully atop the trusty white horse, Maximus, with Cassandra riding alongside on another horse, as the two ladies made their way towards the forest.
"Raps, are you sure we should be doing this? I mean... what if Varian messes up again?" Cassandra said.
"Of course we should be doing this, Cass. Don't you remember? The results of the last test got destroyed before we could read them. Varian's work, as strange as it seems, may be my only chance of finding out more about my 70 feet of hair. Besides... with you protecting me, what could go wrong?" Rapunzel said with an enthusiastic smile. She brushed her hair also, which was currently being held together by a few beads.
"Right... I had to ask." Cassandra said, remembering Rapunzel's I-can-do-anything attitude, which held true during the Challenge of the Brave.

It took a few more minutes of strolling, but the two ladies finally made it into the forest. And they didn't have to look far when they heard an explosion nearby. They looked to see a small wooden house with puffs of green smoke coming out from the windows. As the girls hopped off their respective horses, they looked to see the front door opening and Varian stumbling out with several coughs. Then he looked up and saw Rapunzel and Cassandra standing not far.
"Ladies! Welcome, welcome! I'm so happy to see you again!" Varian said as he ran up towards the two women and shook their hands.
"Ummm... hi, Varian. What just happened?" Rapunzel said as she pointed back to the house where Varian came from.
"Huh? Oooooh... don't you worry about a thing. I was trying to make this new kind of laughing gas, but I guess I mixed in pinocchioium when I should've mixed in the snow whiteium. Or maybe I should've looked for the dumboium... hmmm..." Varian said.
"Ahem... I believe you called us saying you've fully rebuilt your alchemy lab and you were ready to conduct another 89 tests on Raps' hair!?" Cassandra said with her arms folded and a look of disgust on her face.
"Oh, of course! And this time, we don't have any secret underground vats to worry about! Nope! No siree! If there's one experiment I'm glad blew up in my face, it's that one. Now then, shall we get started, ladies?" Varian said. He took both ladies by the arms and dragged them into his laboratory, with both horses just rolling their eyes as they watched the three people go running in.

Meanwhile, all the way back in Corona, Eugene was busy walking through the stable of horses on the castle grounds. Though he wasn't alone, as he had Pascal, Rapunzel's pet chameleon, on his shoulder. There were also a couple familiar voices behind him.
"Shopping for a horse, Eugene?" the male voice said. Eugene jumped and quickly turned around, only to see it was two of the guards, Pete and Stan.
"Oh... Hey, Pete. Hey, Stan. Yeah, I guess. I don't know, I'm just bored." Eugene said.
"Bored? Eugene Fitzherbert, formerly known as Flynn Rider, BORED?" Stan said.
"I know! Stop the presses!" Pete said.
"Alright, alright, just chill, guys. I just feel like I haven't gone on any big adventures lately... ever since Rapunzel became princess of Corona. I just wish something big would happen with both of us." Eugene said.
"Awww... don't worry, Eugene. I'm sure you'll get your chance soon." Pete said.
"Yeah. Maybe you can help a little old lady cross the street. Hahahaha!!!" Stan said as he and Pete let out loud chuckles before they left the stable. Even the brown horse Eugene was standing in front of was laughing.
"And what are you laughing at!?" Eugene said as he snapped at the horse, who promptly stopped laughing and had a lost puppy look in its eyes. Pascal also was laughing but stopped as well, thankful Eugene didn't catch it in the act.
"(sigh) Sorry, sorry. Come on, you could use a good workout." Eugene said as he started to open the door the horse was being kept in.

Back at Varian's lab, the tests were well underway. Already 68 tests were completed as Rapunzel's hair, now at its full length since it was no longer constrained by beads, was getting pulled in every direction imaginable.
"Whoa! Okay now, not too hard! Whoa!" Rapunzel said as the table rapidly shifted around and the arms moved her hair about. Cassandra had a queasy look on her face, and yet Varian was a happy camper.
"I think I'm going to know the answer, but are you sure these tests are safe?" Cassandra asked.
"Of course, my dear! I've personally tested every one of these tests! They've all passed the test with flying colors!" Varian said, just as some red and blue spray paint went on and quickly faded from Rapunzel's hair. Cassandra simply raised an eyebrow as she looked back at Rapunzel.
Then the bell rang and the nearby counter went up to 70.
"And here we go with Test #70!" Varian said. He and Cassandra watched as Rapunzel's hair unfurled. Then another arm came lowering down and dangled a test tube full of green liquid above her head.
"Whoa whoa whoa... what's that stuff?" Cassandra asked.
"Oh, just a special concoction I whipped up to help test the endurance of the hair. Nothing dangerous as long as we stay back." Varian said. The tube then opened up and several drops came falling onto Rapunzel's hair. It glowed a bright green for a split second. Then, the bell rang again and the counter went up to 71.
"Huh? That was fast." Rapunzel commented.
"Heh, yep! Test 70 is one of the shorter tests, but what will matter most is the results in the end." Varian said.

Suddenly, however, Rapunzel felt her skin tingling.
"Oooooh... Ummm... Varian? Could we maybe take a break? I really need to scratch." Rapunzel said. A split second later, the straps that held her arms down to the table suddenly broke loose. Quickly after that, the straps around her bare feet also broke.
"Huh? What's happening? Is this part of the next test?" Cassandra asked.
"Ummm... no! Something's wrong! Very wrong!" Varian said. It wasn't obvious at first, but Cassandra finally took notice of the table that Rapunzel was laying on.
"Wait! Look! The table!" Cassandra said as she ran up to her friend.
"What? What about the table?" Rapunzel asked. That's when the table started creaking apart, the wood unable to hold her increasing weight any longer. That's when Cassandra stated the obvious.
"Ummm... Raps. You're growing." Cassandra said.
"Huh? Growing? As in...?" Rapunzel asked.
"Yeah, getting taller." Cassandra said. Finally the table broke and Rapunzel landed on her behind, crushing the many pieces of wood underneath.
"OW!" Rapunzel shouted.

But that wasn't the worst of the bad news for everyone inside. Rapunzel's growth spurt was increasing rapidly. Her head was above Cassandra even though she was sitting down, and it only took a few seconds more for her head to touch the ceiling.
"Ooooof! Getting cramped!" Rapunzel shouted.
"Oh no! I must've mixed up the wrong chemicals again! Sigh... some alchemist I'm becoming." Varian said, realizing he's royally screwed up yet again. But he couldn't stand still for long. He felt himself grabbed by Cassandra as the two raced for the front door.
"No time for moping, mister! We need to get out of here!" Cassandra shouted. However, just before the two could reach for the front door's doorknob, it was suddenly blocked by one of Rapunzel's growing feet.
"Eeek! We're trapped!" Varian shouted.
"Ugggh! So tight..." Rapunzel said as she continually shifted her growing body around as best as she could, but that was not easy for her as she approached 30-35 feet tall in a room that was only 15 feet tall. Cassandra and Varian were both just as uncomfortable as they felt pinned between one of the walls and the bottom of Rapunzel's purple dress.

Eventually, though, the growth finally stopped. Rapunzel could tell before she no longer felt her skin tingling. Still, she looked unsettled as she looked around and saw she had very little room to move around, and it didn't help that her 70 feet of hair was practically filling up the entire lab.
"Well... this is different. Maybe it was something I ate for breakfast." Rapunzel said. Cassandra finally squeezed her way out from between the wall and Rapunzel's dress, standing on top of it and looking at her giant friend's face.
"Raps! Are you alright?" Cassandra said.
"Ummm... define alright, Cass." Rapunzel said.
"Right... let me rephrase. Are you feeling alright?" Cassandra said.
"Sure... I guess, considering I'm stuck in this suddenly tiny lab." Rapunzel said. Cassandra just sighed. How was she going to explain THIS to the royal family? Rapunzel getting her very long golden hair back was one thing, but this was something right out of a fairy tale, she thought. Varian finally managed to free himself as well, and once again he was putting on a happy face.
"Haha! I just remembered! The element used in Test #70 is Expanogen! I remember testing it on tomatoes to help them grow faster. I'm quite proud of it working out... once it's perfected, the kingdom of Corona will never go hungry again, and..." Varian said, only to be interrupted as Cassandra grabbed and shook him by the shoulders.
"Will you just shut up on the Attack of the 50 Foot-gen or whatever it's called!? I just want to know if you can reverse it?" Cassandra said.
"I... well.. the thing is... um... it's a matter of... no." Varian said.
"WHAT!?" both Cassandra and the enlarged Rapunzel shouted.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I hadn't developed an antidote because I didn't think it would ever work on living beings! I don't even know how Rapunzel grew given the stuff only hit her hair..." Varian said, only to get a firm shaking from Cassandra yet again.
"Well, you better think of something real fast, or you're going to be tasting the elements of my sword!" Cassandra said.
"I'll... I'll do my best, but alchemy takes time to perfect and..." Varian said.
"The only perfecting I'm going to do is on your thick head if..." Cassandra said. The two bickered back and forth for close to a minute, and all that yelling combined with being trapped in the lab was causing frustration to rapidly build up in Rapunzel...
"Will you two stop fighting AND GET ME THE HECK OUT OF HERE!?!?!?!!?" Rapunzel shouted, causing the entire lab to shake feverishly with Cassandra and Varian diving underneath Rapunzel's dress to avoid falling pieces of the ceiling.

This shout did not go unnoticed in Corona. Several people stopped when they heard the muffled female voice echoing in the air. Despite it being muffled enough for most people to not care for long and move on with their lives, Eugene was able to discern who that voice belonged to.
"Rapunzel? Oh no! She must be in trouble again! Let's go, girl!" Eugene said as he gently tapped the sides of the horse he was riding. He rode off out of town and towards the forest, following the source of the echo with Pascal holding on tight for the ride.

Inside Varian's alchemy lab, Varian and Cassandra slowly revealed themselves again, sitting on top of Rapunzel's dress.
"Geez... Raps! Say it, don't spray it!" Cassandra said.
"(sigh) Sorry. I just feel so trapped in here... and that's a feeling I hoped I'd never experience again." Rapunzel said as she thought back to the day when Mother Gothel kept her locked up in that tower.
"Don't worry, Raps. We'll figure out a way out of this. Won't we, Varian!?" Cassandra said, once again giving an angry glare.
"Oh, of course! Every solution has an antidote! I'll get to work on it right away." Varian said as he latched onto Rapunzel's hair and climbed it up, down, left, and right.
"Er... provided I can find my workbench." Varian said as he disappeared into Rapunzel's hair.

Cassandra shifted her way around Rapunzel's tall body to nestle herself on her stomach region.
"Raps... this is all my fault. I shouldn't have told you about Varian rebuilding his lab. He may be the only person I didn't trust more than Eugene." Cassandra said.
"Cass... don't worry about it. Whatever happens is meant to happen. You of all people taught me that, remember?" Rapunzel said.
"Yeah, I guess." Cassandra said.
"Actually, part of me wants to just break out of here and go back to Corona. I mean... everyone there will understand, right? They understood when my hair came back." Rapunzel said.
"Raps, I don't think that's a good idea. What would your father think? More importantly... what would MY father think? He'd never forgive me for letting you come all the way out here." Cassandra said.
"Yeah... thanks for reminding me. Alright, I suppose I can stay here... as uncomfortable as it is." Rapunzel said.
"Hey, um... Rapunzel, would you be so kind as to move forward a few inches to the left? There's some important equipment I need to access." Varian said.
"Okay." Rapuzel said. She was able to move her behind a little bit despite the very low mobility from her gigantic body taking up nearly the entire lab. To make matters worse... she moved the wrong way and trapped an unsuspecting Varian underneath her behind.
"Ouch! Um... Rapunzel... the other left!!!" Varian said as he winced in pain from being crushed underneath the mini giantess's behind.
"Ack! I'm sorry! I'll move back... or try to... Ugh..." Rapunzel said, grunting in frustration because she can't move much or risk bringing the entire lab down.

Before she could move, however, the group heard the front door being knocked on rapidly.
"Rapunzel! Are you alright!?" a male voice shouted. Rapunzel gasped as she quickly recognized the voice on the other side.
"Oh no! That's Eugene! I can't let him see me like this!" Rapunzel said. Cassandra quickly looked around and knew they had, literally, a big problem.
"Too bad this place doesn't have giant curtains for you to hide behind!" Cassandra said.
"Ugh... just try and get him out of here, anyway you can!" Rapunzel said as she shifted her foot as much as she could. She grunted as she bumped her kneecap against the ceiling trying to move her foot aside, but Cassandra was able to get just enough room to squeeze her way out the door. Rapunzel knew her friend would do her best, but Eugene was always known for his persistence (especially being a former thief), and so she started gathering as much of her hair as she could, at least the strands that weren't pinned between the walls, floor, and her body. All this went on while Varian continued to moan in pain from being trapped underneath the mini giantess.
"Ow... watch it, Rapunzel, that's my ulnar nerve you're compressing!" Varian shouted.

Cassandra took a deep breath as she walked out the front door and then looked at Eugene in the eyes.
"Eugene! Wow... fancy meeting you here." Cassandra said.
"Um... hi, Cassandra. Isn't this Varian's new alchemy lab? Is Rapunzel in there?" Eugene said.
"Yes, but she's not feeling well. At all. In fact... she's in one of her moods." Cassandra said.
"Oh?" Eugene said.
"You better get back to Corona, pronto. I promise Raps will be back soon. Varian and I are on the case!" Cassandra said as she gently pushed Eugene away from Varian's lab.
"Oooookay, Cassandra. But you forget one thing." Eugene said. He suddenly did a back flip high into the air, leaping over Cassandra and landing in front of the lab's front door.
"I'm a former thief, so I've got smooth moves just like you." Eugene said as Cassandra had a look of despair on her face. She could only watch as Eugene confidently opened up the door. Eugene's smirk look on his face was quickly wiped when he slowly walked inside and saw golden hair everywhere he looked.
"Whoa... were you guys making spaghetti or something?" Eugene said.

Of course, it wasn't spaghetti that Eugene was standing on, but part of Rapunzel's hair. Rapunzel would peek out from behind her hair and watch as Cassandra and Eugene conversed with each other.
"Umm... yeah! Varian wanted to try cooking for a change, so Raps and I were teaching him how to make spaghetti and it didn't go over too well." Cassandra said.
"Uh huh..." Eugene said. Rapunzel secretly sighed, as she knew Eugene wasn't that gullible and wasn't likely to buy that story. Ultimately, it didn't matter how things would or should have played out, as Varian was about to take matters into his own hands with the help of a needle that he managed to pull out from his outfit.
"For what I'm about to do... forgive me, Rapunzel." Varian said as he thrusted the needle up and stuck Rapunzel's behind with it.
"OW!" Rapunzel shouted as she lifted her behind ever so slightly, but it was enough for Varian to finally crawl out from danger. Rapunzel, meanwhile, revealed her face by spreading her hair apart.
"Varian, that hurt!!!" Rapunzel shouted as she looked around trying to find the young lad. Of course, by doing this, she revealed herself to a stunned Eugene.
"R...R...Rapunzel!?" Eugene shouted, while Pascal's jaw dropped over his shoulder.
"(sigh) Yes, Eugene, it's me." Rapunzel said.
"Whoa hoa hoa... okay... oooooookay... this is new... I mean really REALLY new... you've done the whole magic thing right wait don't tell me it's not magic because this is Varian's lab and we all know what sort of silly stuff happens in Varian's lab right wait don't tell me I'm just doing to think you magically grew 20 or 30 feet but you weren't going to tell me because you were trying to hide it from me. So I won't ask how you grew gigantic but please tell me how you grew gigantic don't answer that because the important thing is that you're okay you are okay right because as long as you're okay I don't care what happened I mean I care obviously I care but I'm sure there is a reasonable explanation." Eugene said. Rapunzel, Cassandra, and Varian all stared point blank in Eugene's eyes for the next 10 seconds.
"Did he really just say all that in one breath?" Varian said.
"Um... yes." Cassandra said.
"You are so awesome, Eugene!" Varian said as he tried to pump his fist, only to see it tangled up in Rapunzel's hair.
"(sigh) Varian told us last night that he just finished rebuilding his new lab and so we could run the 89 tests again. And one of the tests made me like this." Rapunzel said with a frown on her face.
"Simple as that?" Eugene said.
"Simple as that." Rapunzel said. Eugene wedged his way around the cramped up spaces, trying to get closer to Rapunzel's face. He nestled himself against Rapunzel's stomach region.
"But I'm doing fine... other than a lack of space." Rapunzel said.
"Well, as long as you're doing fine, I won't complain." Eugene said.
"You won't?" Rapunzel asked.
"Of course not! Remember what I said the night your hair grew back? No matter what, we'll stick together. I'll love you whether you're 5 feet tall or 50 feet tall." Eugene said.
"You really mean that?" Rapunzel asked.
"Absolutely, and I'll prove it to you." Eugene said. He crawled up Rapunzel's body, being careful not to touch her chest in the wrong places. Eugene was now inches away from Rapunzel's face.
"Pucker up!" Eugene said.
"With pleasure." Rapunzel said with a smile. The two got ready to kiss despite the size difference.

However... when Eugene's lips were a couple inches away from Rapunzel's lips, Rapunzel gasped.
"*gasp* Oh no..." Rapunzel said.
"What? What's wrong?" Eugene asked.
"My skin is tingling again... the same way right before I grew!" Rapunzel said.
"Uh oh... that can only mean one thing! The growth agent is entering its second and final phase!" Varian shouted from behind Rapunzel's back.
Sure enough, Rapunzel was growing again. Already suffering from a lack of space, Rapunzel yelped as the compression became almost impossible to bear.
"Arrrrrrrgh! I can't stay here! I have to break out NOW!!!" Rapunzel shouted. Cassandra kicked the front door open as Rapunzel's dress fast approached her.
"Abandon lab!!" Cassandra shouted as she ran out of the lab. Eugene and Varian had to fight and tussle their way around Rapunzel's growing body and hair, but they were too late in escaping as Rapunzel covered not only the front door, but all the windows as well. Varian went into full panic as more and more pieces of the ceiling rained down.
"Eeeeps! Crushed by my own lab!" Varian said. But Eugene thought fast and remembered the superior strength of Rapunzel's extraordinarily long hair.
"Quick, hide within her hair! It will protect us!" Eugene said as he grabbed Varian and pulled him within Rapunzel's hair, just as the growing girl thrust her arms out and punched two great big holes in the lab.

Cassandra watched as the lab fell apart piece by piece, and looked up in the awe as the structure finally collapsed. Emerging from its remains was a still growing Rapunzel, who watched the area around her shrink smaller and smaller. Finally, the growth stopped. Rapunzel was now exactly 70 feet tall, the same length as her hair when she was normal sized. At that size, it felt like her hair stretched on for several yards, if not half a mile! Cassandra slowly walked up to the giantess.
"Raps... are you alright?" Cassandra said.
"Am I alright, Cass!? Look at me! I'm a giantess now... I should be banished to that big castle in the sky." Rapunzel said with a saddened look on her face. She didn't feel any better when she noticed two important people missing.
"Eugene! Varian! Where are they!? I hope I didn't crush them when I was outgrowing the lab!!" Rapunzel said.
"Now now, Raps. Just calm down... I'm sure they're around here somewhere." Cassandra said. Rapunzel then stood up to her full height, and then...
"Yee-hah!!!" Eugene said as he and Varian came sliding down Rapunzel's hair like they were going down a pole. The two men eventually landed next to Cassandra.
"Whew! I gotta admit that's a fun way to use the longest stretch of hair in the world." Eugene said.
"Whew... Eugene, thank the heavens you're safe. But..." Rapunzel said, who looked happy but quickly reverted to a sad state.
"What's wrong, Rapunzel?" Eugene asked.
"What do you think is wrong? She's bigger than any of us could've imagined!" Cassandra said.
"Yeah, I can see that, Captain Lady-in-Waiting! I could probably see her all the way from Corona even with my not so perfect vision!" Eugene said. Rapunzel didn't care the two were fighting again. She instead put her hands over her eyes as the tears came flowing out.
"What am I going to do now? *sob sob* I'm too big for the kingdom now... I'll only cause harm for everyone... especially my hair... Waaaaaah!" Rapunzel cried, especially after she looked and saw her hair going a long ways into the forest thanks to her increased size.
"Actually, Rapunzel. It could be worse! You're only 70 feet tall by my best calculations. I've read stories of women growing far bigger and causing quite the ruckus, and..." Varian said.
"Ugh! There's gotta be SOMETHING you can do, Varian!!!" Cassandra shouted.
"O...O...Of course! I'll get to working on an antidote right away. It's just..." Varian said.
"What!?" Cassandra shouted.
"Can you give me about six months to build a new alchemy lab?" Varian softly asked.
"UGGGGH!!!" Cassandra shouted as she threw her arms up in the air in disgust.

Eugene, meanwhile, ran up towards the giantess, stopping a few yards away from her bare feet.
"Rapunzel, my darling! Please don't cry, I promise I will never leave your side." Eugene said. Rapunzel looked through her water-logged eyes and saw Eugene standing close to her feet, causing her to back away slightly.
"Eugene! Please... stay away! I don't want to accidentally step on you." Rapunzel said.
"Rapunzel... does having 70 feet of hair keep me away from you? Is being 70 feet tall all of a sudden keeping me away from you? Is... is 70 suddenly your lucky number?" Eugene asked. Rapunzel couldn't help but laugh as she kneeled down to the ground.
"Heh heh... at least you haven't lost your sense of humor." Rapunzel said.
"I told you before and I'll tell you 70 more times if I have to. No matter what happens with you... I will always be by your side." Eugene said.
"Thank you, Eugene. That means so much." Rapunzel said. Cassandra then walked up to her giant friend.
"And you know I'll always be around too. I mean... surely there are giant dragons around that want a piece of you, right?" Cassandra said with a confident smile and a couple swings of her sword.
"Heh heh... thanks, Cassandra. Thanks to both of you." Rapunzel said. She gently reached down and picked up both her friends and hugged them against her chest.

Then she placed them back down and stood back to her full height.
"Now we just gotta find a place where you can stay until..." Cassandra started to say, but the enlarged princess interrupted her.
"No. I'm not going to hide in this forest. The kingdom of Corona deserves to know what has happened." Rapunzel said.
"Uh... are you sure that's a good idea?" Eugene said.
"For once I agree with Eugene, Raps. You said it yourself, you don't want to be crushing anyone at that size. Not with your feet and certainly not with your hair." Cassandra said.
"I'm just going to have to be super careful, Cass. I hope everyone there, including my parents, will understand." Rapunzel said. She then turned around and looked out in the distance at Corona, taking a deep breath.
"Well, wish me luck everyone." Rapunzel said as she started walking out of the forest. The two horses, one of them Maximus, quickly got out of the way of both the giant Rapunzel and her seemingly never ending stretch of golden hair.
"Rapunzel, wait!" Eugene said.
"Come on, Eugene! We should follow her and make sure nothing bad happens to her... or Corona!" Cassandra said as she ran for the same horse she rode atop to arrive in the forest. Eugene just sighed as he ran towards Maximus and jumped atop it, and the two followed the giantess back to Corona.
As for Varian, he stayed behind and watched the giant Rapunzel walk off in the distance. Just then, however, he watched as one of the strands of hair made a small rip in the ground where his lab once stood. He noticed a faint green glow from within the fissure.
"Huh?" Varian said as he walked over to the green glow. When he looked inside, his eyes lit up like Christmas tree lights and his mouth was wide open too.
"There's where I kept the other liquids! Maybe I can come up with that cure faster than I thought!" Varian said as he started digging into the glowing green ground with his bare hands.

Meanwhile, activity in Corona came to a crawl when everyone heard faint rumbles in the distance that got louder and louder. Eventually, the murmurs became gasps, as everyone watched the now 70-foot-tall Princess Rapunzel strolling into town. She waved slowly with an awkward smile on her face.
"Um... hi... everyone. Don't be alarmed... this is only temporary... I hope." Rapunzel said. Luckily for her, most of the people weren't running away but were instead just staring up in shock, either at how tall she now was or how long her hair was because of the increased size. Some people couldn't believe there was still lots of hair to come in even though she was well within the town now!
As for Rapunzel herself, she made sure to walk slowly so that she wouldn't step on anyone, though she would look back and see people trying to dodge her hair.
"(sigh) And I thought my hair at my normal size would be a problem." Rapunzel said to herself. Still, she couldn't worry about that now as she got back to walking. She turned to the right and walked down another street, again being careful but at the same time being quite fascinated.
"Heh... at least Corona looks so much different from up here." Rapunzel said.

The 70-foot-tall woman turned right again, walked down another street, and then made another right turn and did the same thing. As she got to the end of that street, she came to a sudden stop when she noticed a familiar sight on the ground. Her hair. It made her realize she had looped around an entire block and she still had much hair to go.
"Ugh! Why couldn't my beads have grown too!?" Rapunzel said as she thought about her vital pieces of headgear that usually kept her hair wrapped up. That's when Rapunzel started tugging on her hair, gathering it up as quickly as she could. Unknown to her, her sweeping hair was causing chaos for the other sections of the block. People and horses scrambled to get out of the way, only to get caught up in the hair and be helplessly along for the ride.
About a minute later, Rapunzel finally had every last strand of her long hair laying around her feet... but she gasped when she saw quite a few people, horses, and other things (like food, entire food stands or wheelbarrows) either stuck in or sliding down her hair.
"Eeeeek! Sorry! Sorry!" Rapunzel said as she dropped her hair and hoped nobody was seriously hurt. Thankfully nobody was... in fact, a couple younger people looked rather excited.
"Wheee! That was fun! Can we do it again, Mommy!?" a young girl shouted before she and her mother ran away. Still, it left Rapunzel with a deep pit feeling in her stomach. She didn't want to think about what the streets she just passed through looked like now because she tried to get her hair back together.

"Raps! Raps!" a familiar voice shouted. Rapunzel looked around and saw Cassandra and Eugene down on the ground having finally caught up to her.
"Cass? Eugene?" Rapunzel said.
"Whew! Man, the horses had to go some serious running to catch up with you. Maximum was dying for a whole crate of carrots as soon as we got back!" Eugene said. Rapunzel smiled, admiring Eugene trying to make light of the situation, but she also giggled as she watched Cassandra bonk him in the back of the head.
"Raps? Are you doing alright?" Cassandra asked.
"I don't know, Cass. It's fascinating seeing Corona from this height... But look at the carnage just my hair has caused. Maybe I should've listened to you and stayed in the forest." Rapunzel said.
"Don't despair, Raps. It could be worse." Cassandra said.

"Stop, thief!!!" a male voice shouted. Cassandra and Eugene looked down the street, and so did Rapunzel as she peeked out from behind the nearby watch tower. The voice came from one of the castle guards as he and a few others were chasing a few thieves holding bags of stolen goods (and money, of course).
"Oooooh... those thieves have some nerve stealing from our town!" Cassandra said.
"Never fear, the thief once known as Flynn Rider shall subdue the intruders and return what was once stolen." Eugene said. But before he could run after the thieves, the giant Rapunzel stepped in his way, causing him to crash into the back of her left ankle.
"Don't worry, Eugene. I can handle those itsy bitsy crooks!" Eugene said.
"What!? No, Raps! It could be dangerous!" Cassandra said as she pleaded with her friend not to go running after the thieves.
"It's okay, Cass. I'll just use some fancy roping." Rapunzel said as she took a few strands of hair, ones that weren't as super long as the others, and twirled them around like a cowboy would do to a rope.
"Heh heh... fancy roping. Good one, sweetheart." Eugene said as he laughed awkwardly. Cassandra, in the meantime, backed away from her giant friend, impressed by her sudden swing of confidence... though that was probably because there were no more good citizens left on the streets after they all evacuated inside nearby buildings. She and Eugene watched as Rapunzel threw her 'rope' towards a bridge that the thieves were running towards.
"Guards! Duck!" Rapunzel shouted as she watched her hair wrap around two light poles surrounding the bridge and the guards turned around and ducked before they could be struck by the giantess's hair.

The thieves, meanwhile, were running as fast as they could and actually making distance from the castle guards.
"Woohoo! We're filthy rich!" one thief said.
"Ugh... please don't say filthy! I showered just yesterday!" another thief said. Just then, the thieves watched as a 'rope' blocked off their access to the bridge.
"Hey! What the...? Who threw that rope?" one thief said. One of the thieves turned around and gulped nervously.
"Ummm... I don't think that's rope we ran into." the other thief said. They all finally looked and saw the rope was actually hair belonging to the 70 foot tall Rapunzel, who was marching fast towards them.
"Eeeeep! That's Princess Rapunzel! How did she grow that big?" one thief said.
"Don't you know the old saying!? They grow up so fast!" another thief said.
"Who cares!? Let's get out of here!" another thief said. The thieves started to scramble out of the way, but Rapunzel was ready for them.
"Oh no you don't, shorties!" Rapunzel said as she threw a few more strands like a lasso, tying up three of the thieves. The remaining few thieves all ran down one of the other streets. Rapunzel pointed down to one of the stunned guards by her bare feet.
"You! Keep these three tied up while I chase after the others." Rapunzel said as she loosened up the hair on the thieves. She picked most of it up like she was carrying a pile of hay in order to keep anyone from getting crushed by it, although some of it still dragged the ground.

Rapunzel chased after the thieves until she saw them run down another street... one that had a dead end, and Rapunzel knew it too.
"Big mistake, guys. No pun intended..." Rapunzel said as she giggled a bit over what she said. She then took a deep breath and heaved her hair forward, concentrating in the process. The thieves looked behind and saw nothing but hair coming fast for them.
"Yikes! It's a tidal wave... of hair!?" one thief shouted as the hair bobbed and weaved literally like water coming onto a shoreline.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" the thieves screamed as they all got swallowed up by the hair wave, which eventually crashed at the brick wall at the end of the street. The hair subsided (because of Rapunzel pulling it back) and the thieves were all slumped against the wall. By the time they got back to their feet, Rapunzel towered over them with nowhere to escape.
"Okay! We surrender! We'll go to the dungeon immediately!" one of the thieves shouted as he got down on his knees and kissed a few of Rapunzel's toes.
"Hahaha! I admire your begging, but I'm afraid I have a different punishment for you." Rapunzel said. That's when she raised one of her bare feet high up in the air. The thieves all screamed fearing what was coming next.
"AHHHH!!! Please! Have mercy on us!" they all shouted. They ducked and covered, not wanting to see the foot coming straight down on them.

However, when Rapunzel's foot was a few inches away from the thieves, she stopped. And then she pulled it back. The thieves looked up to see the foot was gone and the giantess was laughing down at them.
"Hahahahaha!! You guys should've seen the looks on your faces. Come on, did you really think I was going to squash you like bugs?" Rapunzel said. She then looked by both her feet and saw a few more castle guards catching up to her.
"Gentlemen, lock them up in the dungeon and make sure whatever was stolen gets returned immediately." Rapunzel said.
"Yes, your bigness!" one of the guards said (causing the others to groan thinking Rapunzel wouldn't appreciate that, but she had no reaction). The guards took the thieves into their custody and lured them away. As Rapunzel watched the thieves exit out of the alley, she then saw Cassandra and Eugene catch up to her.
"Wow... that was pretty slick there, Raps." Cassandra said.
"Thanks, Cass. That actually felt kinda good." Rapunzel said. She then smiled as she reached down towards Eugene.
"Huh? Rapunzel? What are you... ack!" Eugene said as he suddenly had both of the giantess's hands wrap around his body. Rapunzel lifted Eugene up to her face.
"Now then... I believe I was about to give you the biggest kiss of your life back at the lab." Rapunzel said.
"I... *ahem*... I would love that." Eugene said. The young man braced himself for the big kiss as he got closer and closer to Rapunzel's lips.

But once again, a tingling of Rapunzel's body interrupted those plans. The giantess quickly gripped her skin, causing her to drop Eugene, but luckily he was able to catch the giantess's hair and use it to slide down safely. Rapunzel initially feared she was going to go through another growth spurt, but instead...
"Oh! You're shrinking, Raps!" Cassandra said. She and Eugene (and a couple remaining guards) watched as Rapunzel was shrinking in size. It only took a few more seconds for her to return to her normal size.
"Whew... finally back to normal!" Rapunzel said as she twirled around in happiness, but almost tripped over her own hair. Cassandra came running up to Rapunzel with her beads.
"I think you'll be needing these." Cassandra said.
"Thanks, Cass." Rapunzel said. As she started bundling up her hair to bead it back up and Pascal happily jumped onto her shoulder, the three people looked to see Varian running towards them jumping for joy.
"Yippee! Yahoo!!" Varian said.
"Varian?" Rapunzel said.
"Thank goodness my antidote worked! Just a few drops on her hair and presto!" Varian said.
"Huh? You mean you had the antidote all this time!?" Cassandra said.
"Yeah. It's kinda a long story. It turns out it was buried underground. I have Rapunzel's hair to thank for making an underground entrance. Silly me... I guess I still like to bury things underground and..." Varian said. As he continued to ramble on about this and that regarding alchemy and his lab, he was then interrupted by Rapunzel.
"Um... Varian, you wouldn't happen to have the test results that were interrupted by my growing?" Rapunzel said.
"No, sorry. I'm afraid we lost those results too. But don't worry, we can always run the tests again! After I rebuild my lab in a few months, that is..." Varian said.
"Just leave the enlarging stuff out!" Cassandra said.
"Yeah... we wouldn't want a giant Cassandra walking around, would we?" Eugene joked.
"Come here, you silly..." Cassandra said.
"Yipes! How about beheading one of those thieves instead!?" Eugene said as he and Cassandra ran off, with Varian following behind as well.

Rapunzel just giggled as she finally followed after the trio. On one hand, she was glad to be back to her normal size, and yet as she looked up at the buildings that towered over her again, she couldn't help but wonder if she'd ever experience a feeling like that again.