Friendly Skies

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by skysoul25)

Dylan looked out at the wide open sea from one of the decks of the cruise ship on which he was a passenger. He first had a big smile on his face.
“Ahhhh... sure feels nice to be free and not stuck in either a dorm room studying or taking french fries out of the fryer.” Dylan said. The 22-year-old had just recently graduated from college, and he felt like he had been dragged through heck ever since making it there. Between working hard to get a perfect GPA and working at the nearby fast food restaurant to help pay the bills, he didn't have much free time for anything else… not even finding a girlfriend! Still, he told his parents he would go looking for the perfect girl as soon as he got back from the cruise, which he definitely wanted to take as a post-graduation reward. He hoped this mini vacation would allow him to clear his mind and decide what he needs to do next. For now, he walked around the deck.
As he did, he passed by what he assumed was a married couple with their daughter holding each of their hands.
“Mommy, I want a big ice cream cone!” the young girl said.
“Okay, Kelly. We’ll make sure you get a nice big chocolate cone.” the mother said.
“While your Mom gets the triple thick chocolate sundae.” the father said, prompting all three to get a laugh. Dylan smiled. He hoped maybe one day he could have a family like that of his own. He shook his head to snap back to reality, and he began the trek back to his cabin.
“I think I better take that nap now. This is going to be a long cruise." Dylan said to himself. After a couple more minutes of walking, he finally made it back to his quarters, walking inside and closing the door behind him. He fell onto the bed on his back and closed his eyes. It would be the last bit of peace he would enjoy for a little while.

A couple hours later, dark storm clouds suddenly began to swirl over the cruise ship, with frequent claps of thunder accompanying the growing murmurs from the crowd.
"Everyone please return to your quarters. I'm sure we will be past this storm in just a few... Aaaaaah!" an older gentleman, presumably part of the ship's crew, started to say. Then a huge gust of wind, along with a powerful tidal wave, suddenly tilted the ship a few degrees more than normal. The man lost his balance and fell head first into the sea. The nearby pedestrians didn't care what happened to the man... they just started screaming their heads off and ran in whichever direction they were facing.
That severe tilt of the boat was enough to knock Dylan off his bed. He had somehow been able to sleep through the heavy wind and thunder from outside, but like with a cup of coffee, falling off the bed made him wide awake.
"Huh? What was that?" Dylan said. Because his quarters didn't have windows, he was forced to step outside to see what was going on. He was greeted not only by some of the nastiest dark clouds in the sky, but also screaming people that were running by. He suddenly found himself wrapped in the arms of a young man who was passing by.
"Come on, man! We gotta abandon ship!" the man said.
"But..!" Dylan said.

Another tidal wave crashed against the ship, causing it to tilt once more. Dylan and a few others held on as tight as they could to the nearby railing, but others were not so lucky and they went falling into the sea. Dylan listened as a couple people argued over if they could save those people.
"Darn it, we have to save those people!"
"Are you kidding, man!? We have to save ourselves!"
Before the gentlemen could argue any more, another tidal wave, this one much bigger and able to crash land on the deck, swept up the two and threw them into the sea. Although Dylan was able to hold on again, his white T-shirt, tennis shoes, and blue jeans were absolutely soaked. It didn't help matters that he felt his strength sapped and he was coughing up seawater.
"Cough cough! Gotta... COUGH!... Get to lifeboat..." Dylan said as he slumped his way along the railing and made his way to an intersection of the ship. That's when the same family he passed by earlier was fumbling their way towards his direction.
"Kelly!!!" the mother screamed. Dylan grabbed the woman by her shoulder.
"Ma'am, where are you going!?" Dylan asked.
"My daughter, Kelly, was swept by the waves!" the woman said as she pointed off the ship. She, Dylan, the father all gasped as they saw Kelly fighting to stay afloat.
"Mommy, Mommy! Help me!" Kelly screamed.

Dylan wasn't about to be eyewitness to a young child drowning right before his very eyes, so he clenched his fists and fought against the wind. He made it to the edge and tried to reach out for the girl, who was about 10 feet below the deck.
"Kelly! Try swimming towards the ship!" Dylan said. Kelly tried doing just that, but a clap of thunder instantly paralyzed her with fear.
"Eeeeek! I can't! I'm too scared!" Kelly said as she contined to battle the raging sea water, but she was probably a few more inches from total submersion. Dylan had to think fast, and that's when he looked over and saw a familiar life saving circular tube. He pulled it off the wall and threw it towards Kelly.
"Kelly! Grab this!!!" Dylan shouted as he whipped the tube, along with the rope attached to it, into the water. Kelly wasted no time in grabbing the tube, and once that was done, Dylan and Kelly's parents pulled with all their might to bring Kelly back onboard. The first person Kelly hugged was none other than Dylan.
"Thank you, mister." Kelly said, only to quickly be grabbed by her father.
"Come on, come on! We have to get to the life boats!" the father said.
"But what about mister who saved my life?" Kelly said.
"Don't worry about me, just go! I'll be behind you." Dylan said, watching as Kelly and her parents ran off to find a life boat to escape on.

Just as Dylan cracked a smile knowing he did a very good deed, he suddenly got consumed by the next tidal wave that struck the ship. And unlike with Kelly, there was nobody to save Dylan as everyone had evacuated that particular area of the ship. Dylan fought to stay afloat, but between trying to escape and rescuing Kelly… he was just plain exhausted. His energy had been robbed seemingly by Mother Nature herself. He used the last of said energy to express one thought.
"Well, I guess if I'm going to die, it's going to be in the open sea where nobody will find me." Dylan said to himself. Although he did find a broken plank from the ship to hold onto, he soon fell unconscious, supposedly falling into a watery grave like with a few other unfortunate souls.

When Dylan next woke up, he would be treated to a radically different scenery.

Dylan opened up his eyes. His vision was blurry and he felt very groggy initially, but after 15-30 seconds, he was able to at least rest on his knees.
"Oooooooooh... my aching... everything." Dylan said as he rubbed his head and other parts of his body. As he slowly stood back up, a quick turnaround showed the ocean, with rather large waves continuously crashing on shore every few seconds.
“Where am I? Heaven?” Dylan said. He then remembered the sequence of events that led him to this new world.
"Now I remember! I got swept off the cruise ship during that nasty storm. Man… what was that we ran into? It felt like a Category 5 hurricane." Dylan said. But once he looked around, he gulped nervously. He was the only one around. Not even pieces of the ship had washed on shore with him. He was all by himself, trapped on whatever this island was that he drifted onto. He stood up and called out.
"Helloooooooooooooooooo!!!!?" Dylan screamed. He tried again, but once again he didn't get a response. He put his hands on his hips.
"Well, no sense staying put. Might as well walk around and learn the lay of the land." Dylan said as he got to walking away from the sand and eventually into the nearby forest.

Dylan looked in every direction imaginable, fascinated by how the trees looked in this forest.
"What's up with these trees? They look more like…" Dylan said. Before he could acknowledge they looked more like giant blades of grass, he suddenly watched as a big shadow flew overhead. He could just make out some kind of insect flying right by, not realizing it was a butterfly. Dylan gulped nervously.
"Yeah, I better be careful. I could end up on someone or something's menu at this rate. Maybe I'm in Jurassic Park or something?" Dylan said. As he kept walking, he suddenly came across a small puddle of water. Dylan ran up to it and dipped his hands in, rubbing the water all over his clothes and then his face.
"Ahhhh… that felt good. It sure is hot here, that's for sure." Dylan said. Then he watched as the water suddenly rippled. He also felt the ground shake every second or so.
"An earthquake?" Dylan asked out loud. Then he watched the nearby 'trees' start to rustle rapidly.
"Something's coming…" Dylan said as he ran over and took cover behind the closest 'tree' he could find.

Something finally emerged from the rustling trees, and what he saw come out took his breath away.
"Oh my…" Dylan said as he looked up and up and up. He was looking at two of the biggest girls he had ever seen. He guessed they were somewhere between 250-300 feet tall. And there was something else noteworthy about these giantesses.
"Huh? They have wings. Are they… fairies? Oh boy… my fairy-believing cousin would have a field day if she saw these girls." Dylan said. He watched as the giantesses stopped walking near the puddle where he had been. Good thing I wasn't standing there when they arrived, he thought. One of the giantesses had fair skin, blue eyes, blonde hair worn in a bun, and wore a green strapless dress with a mini skirt, plus green shoes with white pom poms on the toes. The other giantess wears an orange-and-brown dress with bracelets around her ankles and no footwear. She has a latino-looking appearance, fair skin, light freckles, long braided light brown hair, and amber eyes. She has slightly orange-tinted wings, and was wearing a sleeveless top and orange-and-yellow mixed colored skort. Of course, we knew these fairies as Tinker Bell and Fawn. ^_____^
"Whew… that was some thunderstorm, wasn't it, Tink?" Fawn said.
"Sure was. The soil is soaking wet, as a result." Tinker Bell said as she and Fawn kneeled down to get a closer look at the many puddles that were around the area.
"But at least Rosetta will be happy. Again." Fawn said.
"Heh, you know Rosetta, always looking out for every last grain of soil." Tinker Bell said.
"Still, what do you suppose that loud noise was that we heard during the storm?" Fawn asked.
"I think it's called thunder, Fawn." Tinker Bell said. Fawn rolled her eyes.
"I meant the OTHER loud noise aside from the clapping thunder and lightning." Fawn said.
"Oh… right. That noise. Yeah, I'm kinda curious about it myself. Perhaps we should ask Queen Clarion about it." Tinker Bell said.
"Good idea. The queen knows everything, right?" Fawn said.
"Including who really won the leapfrogging contest in the Pixie Hollow Games." Tinker Bell said as she winked one of her eyes.
"Hey, come on! I said I didn't flap my wings! Honest!" Fawn said.
The two stood up and looked like they would be on their way out. However, something irritated Dylan's nose as he focused heavily on the giant fairies. He tried to resist the urge to sneeze.
"Ah… ah… ahhhhhh… CHOO!!!" Dylan sneezed.
"Bless you, Fawn!" Tinker Bell said.
"Huh? But that wasn't me!" Fawn said. The two then looked around the immediate area.
"Hmmm…? Who could possibly have sneezed like that?" Tinker Bell asked. Dylan stuck to the blade of grass he was hiding behind like glue. He had blown his cover and the giant fairies were no doubt going to look for him.

But then he got to thinking. Those fairies looked very friendly, on top of being very cute.
"Giant trees that look like blades of grass… giant fairies… all after being washed away in a storm. I'm either dead or dreaming, so what do I have to lose?" Dylan said. He took a deep breath and stepped out of his hiding place, looking up at the giantesses and waving up at them.
"Excuse me, ladies! Down here!!!" Dylan screamed, letting out a whistle next. This definitely got the attention of both Tinker Bell and Fawn.
"Okay, I know your whistle and that's definitely not it!" Fawn said.
"You're right, but I could say the same about your whistle." Tinker Bell said.
"Point taken." Fawn said with a smile. After another loud whistle, Tinker Bell finally looked in the direction the whistle came from. That's when she got her first look at the shrunken Dylan.
"*gasp* Fawn, look!" Tinker Bell said. Dylan nervously looked up as Tinker Bell got closer and closer, soon towering over him with her shoes only a few yards away. Fawn eventually joined up with Tinker Bell. She raised her eyebrows, realizing she was looking at another human being smaller than even her, although not as small as that Peter guy a few months ago that she secretly found and later killed for numerous reasons. To this day the other fairies still don't know about that day and Fawn intended to keep it that way.
"Well, I'll be. I didn't know they made ordinary humans that small!" Fawn said.

Tinker Bell got down on both knees and lowered a hand towards Dylan, who took a couple nervous steps backwards.
"It's okay, young man. We won't hurt you. Go ahead, climb on." Tinker Bell said. So far so good, Dylan thought, as he now stepped forward and climbed atop Tinker Bell's hand. Tinker Bell stood back up and looked down on Dylan, holding him against her chest.
"Hello there, little man. What's your name?" Tinker Bell asked.
"It's… it's Dylan." Dylan said.
"Dylan, I see. I'm Tinker Bell, though you can just call me Tink if you'd like. And this is Fawn, one of my friends." Tinker Bell said.
"N…n…nice to meet you." Dylan said.
"Heh… he's like one of my ex-boyfriends. Stuttering and full of nervous energy. Probably because I look so beautiful from his perspective." Fawn said as she stroked her braided hair. Tinker Bell couldn't help but giggle.
"Don't mind Fawn. She may look like a girl but she's got a tomboyish spirit." Tinker Bell said.
"I see." Dylan said.
"Anyway, Dylan, where do you come from?" Tinker Bell said.
"Well, Tink, I was on a cruise ship when suddenly it got swept up by this nasty thunderstorm. The next thing I know, I wake up on the beach, walk away, and here I am." Dylan said.
"Hmmm… perhaps we should consult with Queen Clarion. She knows everything!" Tinker Bell said.
"Well, almost everything. There was that one time she didn't remember her shoe size." Fawn said.
"Shhhh… Fawn!" Tinker Bell said.
"So this Queen Clarion… could she help me out?" Dylan asked.
"Only one way to find out." Tinker Bell said. Dylan then watched as Tinker Bell gently placed him on her right shoulder.
"Hold on tight. I'm assuming you've never ridden a fairy before?" Tinker Bell said.
"Nope. Whoa!" Dylan said, holding on tight to Tinker Bell's skin as she and Fawn rapidly flapped their wings and made their way back to the heart of Pixie Hollow.

Eventually, the two made it to Pixie Hollow, flying inside one of the giant trees. There, they saw Queen Clarion flying around conversing with some of the working fairies.
"Queen Clarion!" Tinker Bell shouted from above. The queen looked up and saw Tinker Bell and Fawn flying in from above.
"Oh! Hello, Tink! And Fawn! What brings you here?" Clarion said.
"Well, we have a small problem." Tinker Bell said.
"Or big problem depending on who you ask." Fawn said.
"Huh? What do you mean?" Clarion asked.
"Queen Clarion. Allow us to introduce our new friend." Fawn said as she, like a model, waved her hand in front of the shrunken Dylan on Tinker Bell's shoulder.
"Um… greetings… your really really highness." Dylan said as he slowly stood up and bowed in front of the queen.
"*gasp* Oh my!" Clarion said.
"Heh… that's how we pretty much reacted too." Fawn said.
"His name is Dylan. We found him on the outer edge of the island." Tinker Bell said.
"On the outer edge, you said?" Clarion said.
"Yeah, near the shoreline to be exact. That's where he came from, he said." Tinker Bell said.
"He was on a cruise ship when it got swept by that thunderstorm we just had." Fawn said.
"Hmmm… I see." Clarion said as she leaned in and got a closer look at Dylan, giving him the closest look at a blue eye that he would ever see.

Queen Clarion then backed away and looked squarely at both Tinker Bell and Fawn.
"Dylan, you are normally not this size, I take it?" Clarion asked.
"Well… no, I guess not. When I think of fairies, I think of them at this size." Dylan said as held two hands several inches apart to show off how big he thought fairies usually are.
"This confirms my suspicions." Clarion said.
"What is it, Queen Clarion? Please endow us once again with your wisdom." Tinker Bell said.
"You see, girls. For many years, there's been a hidden security system installed on the seaside of Pixie Hollow. Anytime a normal-sized human comes precariously close to Pixie Hollow, a thunderstorm is generated to drive them away… or at least it's supposed to. If that doesn't work, then the magic of this entire land comes together to shrink that person to the size Dylan is at right now. Obviously the idea is to keep us all safe from outsiders. The human world, as you two know, can be a VERY unpredictable place." Clarion said.
"I see. So does that mean anytime there's a thunderstorm, that means a human is close by?" Tinker Bell said, only for the queen to quickly shake her head.
"No, no. The thunderstorm would have to suddenly form without warning AND be as severe as can be." Clarion said.

Dylan nodded his head throughout the whole conversation, fascinated that such technology existed.
"Sooooo… now that I know how it happened, can I be cured?" Dylan asked. Queen Clarion suddenly had a somewhat solemn look on her face.
"I don't know, Dylan. The truth is… this system has only been used a few times in Pixie Hollow's entire existence, and you're the first shrunken person I've EVER laid eyes on." Clarion said.
"The only one, queen?" Tinker Bell asked. The queen nodded.
"The others all probably got crushed by one of the fairies without them knowing it at all." Clarion said. Dylan suddenly looked very defeated.
"I see… *sigh*" Dylan said. He suddenly got picked up by Tinker Bell from her shoulder.
"Don't give up, Dylan! Perhaps there is a way to reverse the spell!" Tinker Bell said.
"Tink is right. If there's one thing she's taught me over the years is to never lose hope." Clarion said.
"And that's no easy feat, teaching the queen something!" Fawn said, gently patting Tinker Bell on the back.
"I will consult with some of the other fairies like Clank, Bobble, and Fairy Mary. Maybe the four of us can put our heads together and offer a solution, but please don't get your hopes up, Dylan." Clarion said.
"Sure, I understand. I just gotta hope for the best." Dylan said.

"In the meantime, why don't you two care for him? Surely this will be a valuable learning experience for all involved." Clarion said.
"As you wish, Queen Clarion. I've always wondered what it's like to have someone small in my hand, like if I were in the hand of a normal-sized human." Tinker Bell said.
"Trust me, it's an exhilierating feeling!" Fawn said.
"Huh? How do you know?" Tinker Bell said. Realizing she almost gave away that one time she spent with an environmentally unfriendly shrunken human being (see Full-On Fawn), Fawn quickly corrected herself.
"Well… you remember that army of pill bugs that came walking by. They were small, I mean SMALL… remember?" Fawn said.
"Yeah, you're right, Fawn. Good point. I knew I should've tried to chat with one of them when they came walking by the village." Tinker Bell said.
"There ya go!" Fawn said.
"Anyway, let's get back to my place, Dylan. Hold on tight!" Tinker Bell said as she and Fawn flew out of Queen Clarion's room, with Dylan back on Tink's shoulder and holding on for the ride.
"Just remember… be gentle with him!!!" Queen Clarion shouted as the two fairies flew away.

Minutes later, the two arrived at Tinker Bell's humble home, and she and Fawn walked inside, where Dylan took a look around and was fascinated.
"Wow…" Dylan said.
"Heh heh, yeah, I know. Not much to look at, is it?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Actually, no! I'm just… it looks so much like a human's room." Dylan said.
"Well, we do like to peek inside people's homes from time to time and get design ideas. We're like ninja! Hee! Hoo! Ha! Ow…" Fawn said as she threw a few punches around, only to end up holding one of her elbows as she punched a little too hard with it.
"It looks very nice." Dylan said.
"Awww… thank you, Dylan. You're not just saying that because we could crush you, right?" Tinker Bell asked.
"N-n-n-no! Not at all! I mean what I said!" Dylan said, who then was softly patted on the head by the giantess fairy.
"I was only kidding, Dylan. Calm down… rest assured you are safe with us. Right, Fawn?" Tinker Bell said.
"Of course. Tink's kinda the glue that keeps all us fairies together." Fawn said.
"Really?" Dylan asked.

He was then set on a nearby table, which Tinker Bell and Fawn both sat at.
"It's true. Queen Clarion says I'm a special fairy. She tells me my mere presence keeps everything in Pixie Hollow naturally balanced." Tinker Bell said.
"I see." Dylan said.
"Still, you do look cute. I guess it's true what Vidia often says. Things smaller than us are automatically cute!" Tinker Bell said.
"Hey, we should let him feel the sensation of flying, don't you think?" Fawn asked. Tinker Bell clapped her hands together.
"Great idea! Hold real still, Dylan. A little pixie dust will go a long way." Tinker Bell said. She generated some pixie dust and gently dropped it all over Dylan. Dylan looked over all the pixie dust that briefly covered his clothes.
"Okay, so now what?" Dylan asked.
"Just use your imagination. A little thinking goes a long way." Tinker Bell said.
"And pixie dust." Fawn added. Dylan took a deep breath and thought deeply about flying. Before he knew it, his feet were off the ground and he was completely in mid-air.
"Whoa, hey! It worked!" Dylan said as he looked around and saw he was floating. Suddenly, he found himself zipping around the room, flying around like a butterfly.
"Wheeeee!" Dylan said.
"He's a fast learner." Fawn said.
"Sure is!" Tinker Bell said.

The two, after getting up from the table, watched for the next couple minutes as Dylan flew around the room, taking great delight in soaring the friendly skies.
"Haha! I can fly, I can fly, I can fly!" Dylan sung. He then divebombed towards the floor and quickly pulled up, flying between Tinker Bell's legs at knee level, making absolutely sure not to look up and see something he wasn't allowed to see.
"Oh!" Tinker Bell said while Fawn whistled.
"Hahaha! That's some fancy flying! Maybe he can be in the next aerial show." Fawn said with a smile. Dylan then turned around and looked down at the giant fairies, hovering a couple feet above their heads.
"Whew… sorry about that, Tink. I'm just so excited over flying… it's been something of a pipe dream for people where I come from." Dylan said.
"Understood, Dylan. I'm glad you're enjoying it." Tinker Bell said.
"Don't get too comfortable, though. The pixie dust is going to wear out any…" Fawn said, but before she could finish, Dylan suddenly felt gravity grab him literally by his legs and he went into a freefall.
"Ahhhhhh!" Dylan shouted.
"…second." Fawn finished.

Fortunately, Tinker Bell was right there to catch him into her bare hands.
"Whew… that was close!" Tinker Bell said.
"Yes. Thank you, Tink." Dylan said.
"Actually, thank you. It's been a dream of mine to save someone smaller than me from a falling death." Tinker Bell said.
"R-r-really?" Dylan asked.
"It's almost… romantic." Tinker Bell said as she suddenly felt the need to cuddle the young man against her face. Dylan was worried at first, but the giantess was very gentle with her hug… not pressing him too hard against her skin.
"Hey, come on, Tink! Don't hog all the glory!" Fawn said.
"Okay, okay. You're right… equal opportunity!" Tinker Bell said as she gently handed Dylan over towards Fawn. Fawn did the same thing as Tink did and hugged him against her face, but she added in the finishing touch of giving the young man a quick kiss from head to toe, covering him in a bit of saliva.
"Whoops… sorry about that!" Fawn said as she gently wiped some of the saliva off with one of her fingers.
"Heh… no worries. It's just like getting kissed by a dog I had when I was a kid." Dylan said, prompting a bit of a giggle from both fairies.

They then walked back to the table and sat down, letting out huge sighs each.
"What's wrong, girls?" Dylan asked as he was set back down on the table by Tinker Bell.
"Oh, nothing. It's just my feet are tired from all the walking around today." Tinker Bell said.
"Your feet are tired? Heh… they can't be as tired as mine. I sure had to do a lot of running this morning to get those baby frogs to hop after me!" Fawn said. She then snapped her fingers.
"Hey… why don't we massage each other's feet?" Fawn said.
"Well… okay, even though your feet might smell like the back of a skunk again." Tinker Bell said.
"Hey, come on! I'm a hard working animal fairy. Foot wash never seems to last longer than 10 minutes." Fawn said.
"That's very much true." Tinker Bell said. Tink started to point a finger towards one of Fawn's bare feet, but Fawn grabbed her by the wrist.
"Uh uh uh uh… no pixie dust this time! Let's do it the old fashioned way." Fawn said.
"Ugh… do I really have to? Because if I see even one square inch of toejam on that skin of yours…" Tinker Bell said.
"Ummm… excuse me, ladies, but maybe I can help." Dylan said.
"Huh? Little you?" Fawn asked.
"Well… I owe you for saving me from that fall. I don't mind. Honest!" Dylan said. Fawn and Tinker Bell looked at each other.
"No offense, but don't you think you're a little too small to be massaging anyone's feet?" Tinker Bell asked.
"I say we let him try, Tink. He looks ready and willing, and a bit of a strong guy for someone so little." Fawn said, which made Dylan chuckle. It's the first time anyone ever put his name and the word strong in the same sentence.
"Okay, but can I at least dull his sense of smell temporarily so you don't choke him or something like that?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Okay, deal." Fawn said.

Fawn moved her chair so that her feet weren't under the table, and Tinker Bell got up carrying the shrunken Dylan towards Fawn's feet. Tinker Bell then shot another batch of pixie dust down towards Dylan, and she set him down next to the other giantess's feet. Dylan took a few good whiffs and didn't feel any foul scent running up his nostrils.
"Oh… I can't smell anything at all!" Dylan said as he looked up at the towering Tinker Bell.
"Don't worry, you'll get that sense back very soon. You'll be thanking me later!" Tinker Bell said.
And so for the next couple of minutes, Dylan went between Fawn's toes and gave them a good massaging while Fawn herself sat perfectly still, wincing a tiny bit as she tried not to laugh from being tickled. It got somewhat slick as Dylan slipped around a few times, and despite the sweat running down his own forehead, he felt he was getting the job done. As a matter of fact, Fawn reached down and gently picked the young man up.
"Well done, sir! Now for the top of my feet." Fawn said as he gently dropped Dylan down on top of her right foot. Dylan got to work rubbing as hard as he could. He felt it was working because Fawn was moaning softly from above.
"Who knew someone under an inch tall could be such a good masseur? You have GOT to try this, Tink!" Fawn said.
"Oh, I don't know… Dylan's worked hard enough." Tinker Bell said.
"C'mon, Tink! Do it!" Fawn said.
"Oh, alright. Bring him over here." Tinker Bell said.

As Fawn gently picked up Dylan, Tinker Bell sat down in another chair at the table, pointing her feet away from underneath the table. Both Fawn and Dylan watched as Tinker Bell slipped her feet out of her signature shoes, exposing her own bare feet. Fawn smiled as Tinker Bell wiggled her toes briefly.
"Haha! I gotta admit your feet look super cool." Fawn said.
"Oh please, Fawn…" Tinker Bell said as she lightly blushed. Fawn then set Dylan down on top of Tink's left foot, and already he was impressed with how much smoother her skin was. He got to work rubbing away, and already he heard Tinker Bell softly moaning.
"Ummm… does this feel good, Tink!?" Dylan shouted.
"Yes, Dylan. Keep at it, please!" Tinker Bell said. Dylan smiled knowing his work was producing positive results. It reminded him of that science project he worked on as a junior in college. Ahhhh… whatever happened to that sweet looking girl partner of mine? He thought.

A couple more minutes pass, and Dylan has been rubbing away at Tinker Bell's foot, although he was starting to show signs of fatigue.
"Hey, Tink. I think he's getting tired." Fawn said.
"Yeah, I agree. Come on up, Dylan." Tinker Bell said as she reached down and picked the shrunken man up. She rested him on top of her left leg.
"Now it's my turn to massage you!" Tinker Bell shouted as she gently rubbed the man on his chest with her finger, pinning his backside against the smooth skin of her leg.
"Oh, um… thanks, Tink." Dylan said. The giantess just smiled as she continued massaging the tiny man. Fawn leaned in and got a closer look at his beaming smile.
"Heh heh. You really should consider yourself lucky, Dylan. Any other fairy might've left you out in the dark, or some other horrible fate I don't want to think about." Fawn said.
"Yes, indeed. Thank you to both of you. I hope there is some way I can someday repay the two of you for your kindness and hospitality. Like maybe design clothes…" Dylan said.
"Oh? Do you design clothes or something?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Well, just sketches of them. I don't know if I have what it takes to design clothes for real." Dylan said.
"Dylan, always remember. You can do anything you set your mind to." Tinker Bell said.
"She's right! Fly to the moon! Well, theoretically speaking… but still, aim high! Reach for the stars! Never settle for less! That's what I tell every bird that goes through flight school." Fawn said. Dylan smiled. That was definitely good advice to keep in mind. It reminded him of a couple teachers he had growing up in elementary school.

Fawn then felt her hair tickling her backside and came up with an idea.
"Hey, Dylan. How good are your climbing skills? I'd like to see you climb my braided hair like a rope… if that's okay with you." Fawn said.
"Fawn! He's probably still tired from all that foot massaging!" Tinker Bell said.
"It's okay, Tink! I'll do it." Dylan said.
"Yay! Here you go, Dylan." Fawn said as she leaned forward, allowing her hair to dangle above the shrunken man. Dylan reached up and gave the 'rope' a few tugs to test its strength.
"Huh? Are you worried it's going to fall off? I'm pretty sure my hair is tougher than that!" Fawn commented.
"Sorry, Fawn. Force of habit, you know." Dylan said.
"I get it, Dylan!" Tinker Bell said with a smile. Dylan finally leapt up and grapped the rope that was Fawn's ponytailed hair. He had to hold on as Fawn stood back to her full height, causing the hair to crash against her waist.
"Whoops! Sorry!" Fawn said.
"(cough) No worries." Dylan said.

Just like that, the young man started climbing. He was climbing at a good pace too, already approaching chest level.
"Wow! Go, Dylan! You're doing it!" Tinker Bell said as she cheered the shrunken man on as he looked back at Tink and gave her a thumbs up.
"Ha! I wish we had a camera for this!" Fawn commented as she stood still, watching Dylan easily climb up her hair. A couple minutes later, he finally makes it to the very top of Fawn's head. He thrust his arms up in victory.
"I claim this mountain in the name of… er… of Dylan!" Dylan shouted. Tinker Bell and Fawn both laughed. It reminded them of how much fun they would have every day.
"Alright, supreme giant fairy climber Dylan… I'd like to see you try that with Tinker Bell." Fawn said.
"Uh… Fawn. My hair is all bunched up." Tinker Bell said as she patted the back of her head at her golden hair tied like a ball.
"Yeah, good point, so I guess climbing your dress will have to do." Fawn said as she reached up and gently trapped Dylan into her hand. She navigated it down towards the bottom frontside of Tink's green dress. Dylan looked up in awe at the giant Tinker Bell smiling and waving down at him.
"Go ahead, Dylan! Give it a try. I'll be here to catch you if you get tired." Fawn said. Dylan took a deep breath and hopped towards Tinker Bell's dress, once again putting his arms to work in climbing the wall of green that was Tink's dress.

It wasn't as easy an ascent as Fawn's hair was, but Dylan still did a good job hanging onto the fabric of Tinker Bell's dress. All Tinker Bell did was stand as still as a statue and watch, although she did catch Fawn leaning in with her face.
"Uh… Fawn, what are you doing?" Tinker Bell said.
"Oh, you caught me. I was going to pretend it was getting very windy atop the 'mountain.'" Fawn said.
"Heh, yeah. Nice try!" Tinker Bell said. She watched as Dylan made it to the top of the dress and was tugging quite firmly on it.
"Good job, Dylan! That's close enough!" Tinker Bell said as she gave Dylan a boost by pushing him upward by his legs, all the way up to the top of her shoulder.
"Whew… thanks, Tink. Whoa!" Dylan said. He then watched as Tink grabbed him with both her hands and held him against her face.
"Now then, Fawn gave you one. So now it's my turn." Tinker Bell said. That's when she moved him towards her lips and gave him a kiss from head to toe that lasted about three seconds.
"Wow…" Dylan said as he stared at Tink's humongous face in front of him.
"Ooooooh… I think he's going to turn into a frog, Tink!" Fawn joked.
"No, Fawn. Just become more of a prince than he already is." Tinker Bell said. Dylan could tell from the look in her eyes that she was attracted to him. He was gradually feeling the same way…

At least until one of the fairies swung the front door to Tink's home open.
"Yo, Tink and Fawn!" the female voice that snapped both Tink and Fawn out of it said. The two looked over to see who it belonged to.
"Iridessa!" they both shouted.
"You forgot to knock again!" Fawn shouted.
"Sorry, but Queen Clarion asked to see the both of you. She said it was important!" Iridessa said.
"Oh? Did she figure out a way to get our friend home?" Fawn asked.
"Let's find out." Tinker Bell said. The three fairies made their way out of the home, with Dylan once again riding Tinker Bell on her right shoulder.

The three were back inside the tree where Queen Clarion watched them arrive. Also inside were three other noteworthy fairies… Vidia, Rosetta, and Silvermist.
"Oh? The gang's all here, I see." Fawn said.
"Yeah. We were all called by the queen." Vidia said.
"So what's going on, Queen Clarion?" Rosetta asked.
"Tinker Bell, have you introduced our new friend to the other fairies?" Clarion asked.
"Oh! Not yet… Fawn and I have been busy getting to know him. Everyone, please say hello to Dylan." Tinker Bell said as she waved her hand in front of the shrunken man. The other fairies all leaned in to get a closer look, much to Dylan's awe.
"Wow… they're ALL so gorgeous. I'd hate to choose a winner among these six if there were some giant fairy beauty pageant." Dylan said to himself.
"Well, I declare! I didn't know they made fairies that small! Maybe you and I can have a grand ol' time together." Rosetta said.
"Actually, he's not a fairy. Long story short, he's a human who got shrunken thanks to some security system around Pixie Hollow…" Tinker Bell said.
"Yes, we know. Queen Clarion already told us about that." Vidia said.
"And she was just about to explain how all of us can help." Iridessa said.

Queen Clarion nodded her head and got to talking.
"Ladies, as you all know, anything can become possible if you combine your powers and pixie dust together, right?" Clarion said, causing all six fairies to nod.
"Well, I've been consulting with Fairy Mary, and it turns out there once was a spell where someone could be teleported as far as halfway around the world if they were surrounded by good friends and their well wishes and pixie dust." Clarion said.
"So by joining hands and praying for Dylan, he could be teleported back home?" Fawn asked.
"In theory, yes… but… as I said, it was a spell that was hand crafted thousands of years ago, but after a series of accidents where the fairies trying to be teleported never returned… the spell was scrubbed from the books, hoping to become a distant memory as time passed. Although…" Clarion said.
"Although?" Silvermist asked.
"I firmly believe those teleportation efforts failed because the fairy trying to be teleported didn't think clearly. He or she would wonder off and think about other things, thus causing the spell to work incorrectly." Clarion said.
"Still, a spell like that sounds incredibly risky. Is it really the only way for Dylan to return home?" Tinker Bell asked.
"I'm afraid so, Tink." Clarion said.

That suddenly got Tinker Bell thinking, especially as she gently picked up Dylan and held him against her chest. This gave Dylan the chance to hear Tink's heart softly beating against her chest.
"Why doesn't he just stay here? He could live with us amongst the fairies!" Tinker Bell said. Queen Clarion then had a mixed look of seriousness and sadness.
"Tink, you know we cannot do that. There is no telling if the shrinking effect from the storm is permanent, and even if he has shown to have a heart of gold and pure intentions… his own people may be looking for him." Clarion said.
"I hate to say it, but the queen's got a point. Maybe his Mom or his girlfriend are looking for him and they'd be either happy or sad." Vidia said.
"What do you mean by happy or sad?" Silvermist asked.
"Well, sad that they'll never find him. Or happy that they do find him AND he's the size of a bug. I know I'd be obsessed if there were a person as small as my pinky toe." Vidia said.
"Then you'd REALLY have a crush on that boyfriend you've always wanted!" Fawn joked, prompting a quick laugh from all the fairies.
"Hey, wait a minute! What about his size, speaking of? Will he return to normal or stay that tiny?" Silvermist asked.
"No no, he will return to his normal size no matter what happens…" Clarion said as the fairies continued to talk about the spell and the many options regarding the use of it.

Dylan, meanwhile, of course was privy to the entire conversation. He was flipping back and forth like a coin being flipped in the air. On one hand, he felt comfortable even with all the giant fairies around and was willing to accept a new life here, but like Vidia said, he still had a lot of people who cared about him. His parents, his friends from high school and college, any future girlfriends he could find… and then there was a risk he could be vaporized trying to get back to home. Logic would dictate the safest play to make is to stay with the fairies and start a new life, but then he opened his mouth.
"Um, ladies. I'm willing to take that chance." Dylan said.
"Oh? Dylan?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Tink. Fawn… I can't thank you two enough for treating me like you have today. You could've very easily crushed me like a bug… but you didn't. You treated me so fairly and so carefully… it's given me a new perspective on smaller lifeforms. But the queen is right… I'm a normal human being. I know you all would do your best to fit me in… but it just wouldn't feel right." Dylan said. The fairies all looked at each other.
"Gotta admit… he's pretty smart for being smaller than even us. I'm impressed, little guy!" Vidia said.
"Tink, I hope you'll forgive me." Dylan said. Tinker Bell quickly smiled.
"I do, Dylan. It's just… I just wish there was a way we could stay in touch." Tinker Bell said. Queen Clarion then patted the fairy on the back.
"He will always be in our thoughts, yours most of all. Now, girls, we must not waste another second. We must perform this spell while our admiration for Dylan is this high." Clarion said.

Dylan would soon be set down on the floor, finding himself surrounded in a circle by seven gigantic fairies as they all held their hands together. After Queen Clarion instructed each and every one of the fairies on how the spell worked, they all took one more look down at Dylan and smiled.
"Farewell, Dylan. I'm… no… We're gonna miss you!" Fawn said.
"Remember, Dylan. You must concentrate like you've never concentrated before. Only think about where your home is and NOTHING ELSE." Clarion said with absolute sternness. Dylan took a deep breath.
"Yes, ma'am!" Dylan said. And with that, the fairies all held hands
"Through Tinker Bell and the power of tinker and pixie dust everywhere." Tinker Bell said.
"Through Silvermist and the power of water." Silvermist said.
"Through Rosetta and the power of nature." Rosetta said.
"Through Fawn and the power of the animals." Fawn said.
"Through Iridessa and the power of light." Iridessa said.
"Through Vidia and the power of fast flyers." Vidia said.
"Through Clarion and the power of every fairy in Pixie Hollow." Clarion said.
"Faith. Trust. Pixie Dust. We summon fairy transport!" all seven said together before flinging pixie dust down towards Dylan. That's when he closed his eyes and thought very hard about home, though he did think very briefly about the wonderful time he had with Tinker Bell and Fawn even though Queen Clarion made it clear he should not be thinking about anything else.

The girls opened their eyes. Dylan was gone. Nowhere to be found.
"Did it work?" Fawn asked.
"Sadly, we'll never know." Clarion said. Tinker Bell held her hands against her chest, hoping to the heavens Dylan made it back safe and sound.

When Dylan opened his eyes, he was almost expecting to be in the 'fourth dimension' surrounded by endless molecules, especially given how far away he felt his home was compared to Pixie Hollow. But instead, he immediately recognized the front door, and then as he looked up, the very house he grew up in. Not only that, but he was back to his normal size. He breathed a sigh of relief that he was in one piece, albeit with some important things missing that were lost in the storm like his wallet, but that was the least of his worries right now. He knocked gently on the front door, and it opened up where he saw his mother inside.
"Oh! Dylan! What an unexpected surprise!" Dylan's mom said as she ran out and gave her son a hug.
"Hey, Mom." Dylan said.
"What are you doing here? I thought you were on a cruise to celebrate graduation." Dylan's mom said.
"Yeah… that's a long story. And one with an ending where I've decided what I want to do with the rest of my life." Dylan said.
"Oh? Well, come on in then. Your father should be home from the bowling alley any minute…" Dylan's mom said as she and Dylan walked inside the house. Dylan took a deep breath knowing he was about to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth on what has been happening with him lately. More than ever he would find out how much his parents loved and supported him.

8 weeks later

Much time has passed since the fairies teleported Dylan out of Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell and Fawn were flying around chasing each other until Fawn finally caught up with her.
"Ha! Caught you!" Fawn shouted.
"Heh heh… yes you did." Tinker Bell said. Fawn could immediately tell something was on her fellow fairy's mind.
"Still thinking about Dylan?" Fawn said. Tinker Bell sighed and slowly nodded her head.
"Tink, you gotta let it go. It's been eight weeks since we heard anything. Like the queen said, we simply don't know if he made it back or not." Fawn said.
"He made it back. I'm sure of it." Tinker Bell said.

"Oy! Delivery, everyone!" a male voice shouted from ground level. The two ladies looked down to see Clank and Bobble wheeling in (via one of their inventions) a large box that would look small through a normal human's eyes. Tink and Fawn flew towards the box with the other fairies eventually joining in.
"Oh! What's this, Clank?" Tinker Bell asked.
"We're not sure. It's a piece of mail that's delivered to right here in Pixie Hollow." Clank said.
"But how could anyone from the outside world know of where Pixie Hollow is?" Bobble asked.
"Oh, I can think of one person." Fawn said as she gently nudged Tinker Bell on the shoulder.
"I already scanned the box with my instruments… there doesn't appear to be anything dangerous inside." Bobble said.
"Well, let's hurry up and open it already!" Tinker Bell said as she and the other fairies and sparrowmen all worked together to unravel the packaging. Eventually, one of the sides fell down and a stack of clothes came falling out.
"Wow! Look at all these outfits!" Rosetta shouted.
"And they're all perfectly suited for fairies!" Silvermist added with all the fairies digging in and checking out the many varied outfits.

Soon, a note fell out of the box which had a drawing of Tinker Bell's face on it. Tink and Fawn flew down towards the note and unfolded it, to which it read:
"Tinker Bell. Thank you for helping me find the courage to pursue my dream. I will never forget you or your friends. Please have all of Pixie Hollow accept these as a token of my appreciation. Faith, trust, and pixie dust… Dylan." Tinker Bell read out loud.

Immediately she breathed a sigh of relief.
"Now that's one smart dude." Fawn said.
"Yes, Fawn. Yes it is." Tinker Bell said.
"Haha! Now I'm going to pursue my dream too!" Fawn shouted.
"Huh? What's that?" Tinker Bell asked.
"Of seeing if there's a whole colony of other people just as tiny as Dylan was! Wouldn't that be fun to discover, Tink?" Fawn asked.
"Well, yeah, but before we do that, let's go see what Dylan crafted for us!" Tinker Bell said as she threw the note aside and flew down towards the pile of fairy outfits.
"Yeah, good idea!" Fawn shouted as she followed her friend from behind.