A Little Dip for Northwest


“This is stupid”

“This is genius”

“I look stupid”

“You look hilarious! He's gonna love it”

“... Are you sure?”

“Im sure now shhh!! He's coming”

When Dipper heard this, he was a bit wary. He has no idea what his sister is doing, but he doesn't want to deal with it right now. He just continued walking, planning on going upstairs to the shack and read by himself. However when Dipper walked past the door, he paused. Seeing a sigh he didn't think he would ever see.

“Whats... uh... Whats going on here?” Dipper said as he really needed answers.

“Dipper Look” Mabel said pointing to her friend “Its Pacifica! Wearing a Pacifier!”

Standing next to Mabel was Pacifica Northwest. Over this summer those two have become friends, due to the unbreakable love Mabel shows to everyone. It took a while but their friends now.

So thats what Dipper just assumed it was. Just two friends messing around “Cool... well I'm going up to my room. You two... keep doing what your doing” The young man walked away and up the stairs. Leaving the two girls.

Pacifica as soon as Dipper got out of her sight, she spit the pacifier onto the ground. “I told you that stupid thing wasn't going to work!”

“Yeah in hindsight... that was kind of stupid” Mabel said to her “But we can do more things. What about a Sock Opera?”

“Mabel enough, he's... He's to dense! No matter how much or what i try. He just doesn't notice!”

Its true, for a while now Pacifica has been coming to the Mystery Shack with one goal in mind. Get Dipper to like her. Whenever she was over she flipped her hair over her face, walked around with a strut and even tried taking an interest in those Mysteries of him. Which was a total bore to her though.

She kept trying but got no resort out of it, Dipper didn't notice anything. Mabel though and ever since she's been on the quest of Love with Pacifica, the ideas have been stupider and stupider

“Don't give up Pacifica, maybe you can dress like Wendy. He's like Wendy” Mabel said raising her point.

“I want him to like me!” Pacifica said to her “I don't get it, ever time i talk to him he's doing something else. Its like he can't just talk to me face to face, he's always got to have his attention divided”

“That sounds like Dipper!” Mabel said with a smile, getting a look from Pacifica “Well thats Dipper. Not much you can change with him”

“Yeah... not much we can change” Pacifica echoed as she kept thinking about it. It took a while but Mabel spoke up, loudly and with an idea”

“We can change him!!!” Mabel said “We can change to little Dipper!”

“Huh...” Was all Pacifica could say as Mabel grabbed her hand and led her away. Running as Pacifica was confused. “Mabel, where are we going?”

“To my secret chest!” She said as she ran through the Shack. After entering several rooms they entered to the main attraction. Mabel moved one of the attractions and they're was a secret door underneath. After opening it Pacifica had to comment.

“How much secret does this place have?”

“I still haven't found them all” Mabel said with a laugh “I found this trap door so its where i keep all my secret stuff as well as my photos of cute boys” Mabel opened it up and dug around, feeling something as she smiled “Here it is!”

Pacifica saw her pull out a flashlight? “Okay.. ill bite, what does that do?”

“It shrinks things!” Mabel said with a smile. This whole family is so weird that she believes it. “We can shrink Dipper down, and then you two can spend time together cause he has no other choice!”

“Wow... thats a bit evil of you Mabel, I'm impressed” Pacifica said with a smile “And I'm all in for this plan, lets go!”

Both the girls walked up to the room the twins share. Both girls being quiet knowing Dipper is inside. With one sudden kick Mabel busted in. Dipper on his bed reading jumped! He looked at his sister at the doorway, aiming something at him. Is that... oh no.

Mabel pulled the trigger and Dipper felt the shrinking flashlight hit him. Shrinking him and his book down to doll size. His bed being now more like a platform and land. Looking around his giant room he was concerned for a second, and became even more concerned when Mabel came in closer. Her loud steps against the ground Dipper could do nothing but watch as Mabel stands over him.

Looking up Mabel was smiling down at him, grinning ear to ear as her as she looked down at Dipper. He expected some testing from his now big twin, some playtime and maybe some pain if Mabel isn't careful.

“He's small! You can come in Pacifica!” Mabel shouted. His eyes of course went wide open as he looked to the door. In came the giant rich girl as she was excitedly walking towards Mabel. When she spotted the tiny Dipper, she covered her mouth.

Dipper down below was amazed at seeing Pacifica so big, and he was now a little bit afraid. Both girls looking down to him as he felt truly tiny.

“He's actually small” Pacifica said, of course having a bit of doubt. Seeing him this small though got rid of that doubt completely “Hello, little Dipper”

“Mabel! Why did you shrink me!” Dipper said up to his sister, ignoring Pacifica. Which did not go well with the giant blonde girl “I thought we destroyed that”

“I had a backup” Mabel said shyly “Now why... well its for a reason. But i can't say!” She said.

“I think you've talked enough Mabel” Pacifica said walking up and pushing Mabel back a bit “If you don't mind, can you leave me and your brother alone”

“Of course!” Mabel said as Dipper panicked. Being alone with Mabel is bad, being alone with Pacifica may be even worse. He tries to get Mabel to stay but she didn't listen, she just skipped out of the room with a giddy smile

“Wait Mabel” Pacifica said “Give me the flashlight, just in case i want to change him his size” Pacifica said, and Mabel being the fool gave it to her.

“Have fun you two!” Mabel said as she ran out of the room and closed the door. Pacifica looked down to him with a huge smile. Really happy that they finally got some alone time.

“Pacifica, please don't do anything” He said obviously a bit frightened. Pacifica didn't say anything back to him, only smiled as she placed the flash light down onto the bed. She then reached her hand to Dipper to grab him.

He panics of course not having enough time to get away, her fingers came around him. Wrapping around him like a toy as he felt himself get squeezed by her fingers. They were all around his body. Around his torso and around his legs as he was immobilised. Pacifica raised him up to her face as she smiled. Now that his body was no longer on the bed, she dropped onto the bed. Landing stomach first and kicking her feet in the air. She popped her shoulders on the mattress and held him right in right in front of her face.

“Pacifica, i don't know what your gonna do! But i want you to know that my body isn't condensed this size. Im still as breakable as i was when i was big”

“Oh you dork” Pacifica said catching Dipper off guard. She then brought her other hand to his head, picking off of his hat and placing it onto the bed. She then brought her finger and raised up his hair. “Your sister told me about it but i had to see it myself. Little Dipper”

She said referring to his mark on his head. Something he doesn't share with everyone.

“Its kind of cute” She said as she brought her finger away. She then started to touch Dipper’s body with her fingers. Feeling him around as it was uncomfortable for him. She grabbed his arm and leg between her fingers, feeling his limbs between them. She poked his stomach and touched his chest as she felt around him. She even brought her finger around to his back and touch his butt, which of course made the little Pine uncomfortable.

Once she had fun touching him with her fingers, she dropped him onto the bed. Right in front of her face he backed up a bit, scurrying his little legs backwards as he was prepared for her next action.

What he wasn't prepared for was what she asked “So Dipper? Hows your day been?”

It took a while for him to actually respond, but he did with a bit on edge “Um... good. You know until i shrunk”

“What were you reading?” Pacifica asked as she reached down and grabbed the book that shrunk with him. It was too small between her fingers for her to actually see it”

“Just... Just a book about the occult and all that. Research and stuff” He said as he was really confused.

“You really like that stuff don't you?” Pacifica said as she brought the book down right in front of him. “Do you mind telling me about it?”

“Why would you want to know?” Dipper said “Im confused, what are you doing?”

“Oh how can someone so smart be so dumb” Pacifica said to herself under her voice. Of course though Dipper could hear her “Im just trying to spend some time with you. Im good friends with Mabel and i want to be your... a good friend to you”

“Uh... why?” Dipper said a bit confused,.

“Because i just want to know!” She said before calming herself down “Look, if you don't want to tell me about you, then ill just talk about me”

“O...Kay?” Dipper said still confused,

Pacifica then started to talk about herself, her interests, her life at home, her friend. What she thinks, what she likes, what she hates and more. Dipper down below being forced to listen to her as she rambled on. She didn't seem to have any problem talking about herself. Dipper wasn't partially having fun, but it was better then the alternative he was expecting.

Once she finished, she saw Dipper sitting down, his knees to his chest and with a bit of a bored expression. In her mind she panicked, figuring she was boring him right now! If she wants Dipper to be hers, she can't bore him.

“Hey Dipper, lets play a game!” She said as he was surprised by the sudden change. They were just talking about Pacifica a minute ago. Dipper found himself grabbed as she Pacifica held him. Standing up from the bed and placing him down onto the ground. He landed down on the wooden floor as he looked up at the giant Northwest. She was standing over him with so much authority and so much power that Dipper was going to listen to her.

“Okay, now were gonna play a game. Im gonna try to step on you and your gonna run away” Pacifica said as she can't help but smile seeing Dipper stare up at her.

“What! Did you even listen to what i said before, I'm not very durable and-”

“Relax Dipper, ill take off my shoes and its not like I'm going to try to stomp you into paste. In just gonna step on you gently okay” She said to Dipper. Dipper watched as she reached down and grabbed the shoes. Pulling them off as she had trouble actually stepping onto the dirty floor. She had to tell herself that it was for Dipper to actually do it. Once her feet were on the ground she put the shoes on the bed next to the flashlight. Now her feet on the ground, it was all Dipper could look at. Knowing that he's gannet trapped under them he couldn't take his eyes off of her feet. Looking at her wiggling toes and her pink coloured nails on top of them.

“Okay Dipper, ill give you a five seconds head start” Pacifica said from above “You better get moving”

“Whats the point, there is no way I'm running from you” He said up to Pacifica.

“Oh your so annoying. Just stop questioning everything and just do what i say” Pacifica said to him “Its almost like you want to be under my feet”

“Fine ill move. Your gonna get me anyway” He said as he just casually walked the other way, not putting in much effort cause in his mind his not escaping. Pacifica up above wasn't impressed and decided to get his butt in gear. Stomping down hard behind him as it was a warning shot. The two children lock eyes with each other as Dipper starts moving, running away from Pacifica.

“Thats better” She said to herself smiling now that he's finally moving. With one step she placed it down behind him. Not as hard a stop but to get to run faster. Which he did. Pacifica smiled seeing him run away, playing with him like a cat plays with a mouse.

Down below Dipper was running from her, every twenty steps he takes Pacifica took one and placed it right behind him. It was obvious that she could step on him whenever she wanted but she was toying with him. Dipper needs to find a way to get away from her feet if he wants any chance. Being the smart boy that he was it didn't take him long to figure out where. As soon as another foot placed behind him he changed directions. Running down and towards Pacifica.

The rich girl was taken aback by this at first, and just watched with a pleased smile as he ran past her and between her legs. Happy he didn't look up at that partially time. Dipper ran past her legs and Pacifica only watched.

That was until she pieced it together and figured where he was going. Under the bed!

“Oh no you don't!” She said as she brought her foot down in front of him, blocking the path to the bed. He looked up and saw Pacifica smiling victoriously at him “Your not getting out that easy. Were gonna play some more, now run the other way”

Dipper down below decided against her words, running in the same direction and jumping over her foot. It was ticklish to Pacifica when he went against her foot and almost caused her to laugh. But keeping the playful tone she didn't, wanting to scare Dipper some more.

“Have it your way” Pacifica said as she raised her foot slightly, bringing it down not in front of Dipper or behind Dipper. But onto Dipper.

Dipper had no time to react or dodge or anything that would result in no foot touch whatsoever. He was done for when her foot came down onto him and pinned him to the ground. It was hard on him as he tried to fight his way out. The wooden floor under him giving little Dipper not much to work with.

Up above Pacifica was loving the feeling of him moving around under her foot. It was a bit ticklish but besides that it felt great. Also the fact that he was under her foot made the feeling so much better. Still she hopes that Dipper was having fun under there.

“Pacifica get your foot off me!” Dipper yelled not very happy. She became sad as she heard that but did just that. Lifting her foot of as she supposes she should of figured that out. Of course Dipper didn't like getting stepped on. Quickly thinking about something else, she figured maybe if she did something weird or different she could get him on her side. He likes the weird and different.

Moving her toes to Dipper she pinched him between the sides. Holding them on each side of Dipper as he found himself stuck. He put his arms on her toes and tried to lift himself out. His lower half stuck. “Oh Come on!”

“Get ready for lift off” Pacifica said smiling as she raised her foot up, letting her see Dipper’s panicking feet under her foot. With a smile she asked Dipper “How do you like this, pretty weird huh?”

“Got to admit, I'm not normally picked up by feet” He said as Pacifica felt like she finally took a step forward “But still, very demeaning and not great”

Pacifica decided to add some fun to it. Maybe that will change his tune. With one foot on the ground and one foot in the air, she started to spin around. Hoping and spinning as she sent Dipper for a ride. One that he was not a fan off.

He almost vomited from the ride as he had no way to tell her to stop. He was too busy screaming out him mouth in fear. After a while she stopped, ready to see his face and see if Dipper liked it or at least was having fun.

But he wasn't, not one bit. He was not only not having fun, but he looked like he was about to be sick

“Oh no! Dipper!” She said lifting her foot up and quickly grabbing him with her hand. Holding him in she moved back and sat down onto the bed “Im sorry, don't get sick. Don't vomit, that would be really gross”

“Ill try not to” Dipper said “Can you get me some water”

Pacifica was on to it, moving around and putting Dipper onto the bed. She ran out of the room as fast a lightning bolt. Running down and quickly getting a glass of water. Like a girl on a mission.

“Hey Pacifica, hows it going?” Mabel said in the shack seeing the rich girl walk past her.

“Not good!” She replied not even stopping as she keeps running. Getting a glass of water, feeling it up and running back to the room.

“I hope it goes well!” Mabel said as she was on her run back

“Me too!” She adds running back to the room and quickly getting to the door. Now with two options, she decides against the one that she shouldn't.

Dipper down below was getting his senses back and keeping his breakfast back. After a while Pacifica came back, and dipped all the water on Dipper. Drenching him as he was under a waterfall for a bit. Now completely wet he shook himself, getting himself dry.

“Really Pacifica!” He shouted up to her as Pacifica realised that was the wrong decision.

“Sorry, i was only trying to help” She said as he relaxed. Deciding not to blame her cause what she said was true, she did only try to help. Although he was shivering a bit now from the cold water that was just dumped onto him.

Pacifica noticed this and felt guilty. She's got to do something that warms you up, something that she won't screw up like she has for the rest of the time. She could grab a blanket or towel, that would wrap around you. Although thinking about it, Dipper might suffocate that way.

Rethinking she finally realised what she was going to do. Picking Dipper up as he was grabbed. He was wet right now but that didn't bother Pacifica. Grabbing him she put him against her body. Right onto her shoulder as she held him there. Placing a hand behind him as she warmed him up.

And it did work. Dipper was a bit shook by the way he was getting held but not even he could argue about the results “Thanks” He said to her as Pacifica smiled kindly to him. Although inside she was a lot more giddy about it

“Its fine, I'm the one that made you cold, plus. I needed a hug” She said to him as he was confused. “Ill hold you till your warm, and then i can put you down”

He was okay with that, although he had a bit of concern “Yeah, so you can toy with me even more?”

Pacifica paused, hearing this as she felt bad “I... i wasn't trying to toy with you. I was trying to have fun with you. I like you Dipper, really like you. I just wanted to have a good time with you”

“And you thought stepping on me, trapping me between your toes and spinning around was a ‘Good Time’”

“I may have panicked in the middle of that” She admitted “As you may be able to tell pleasing people is not something I'm use to. Normally its people trying to please me”

“Well thanks for trying, but if you wanted to hang out we could of done it normal size. You didn't have to shrink me down to this size” Dipper said sounding bitter.

“Do you know anything about yourself” She said rolling her eyes “Your not easy to talk to you. Unless they're are gnomes or ghosts or something like that involved” She said to him.

“Right...” He replied slowly as he waited. The two hugged for a little while until finally Dipper gave the go and announced that he was warm enough. She placed him down onto the bed, right next to the size changing flash light. He looks up at the giant blonde as he had the questioned “Well... you can grow me big once again. I mean we can hang out normal size and go outside or something. That would be fun” Dipper said up to her trying to get her to get him to normal size.

“I will” She said happy that he wants to hang out. Another step closer to where he will be her special someone “But... i think I'm gonna have more fun while your this size”

Dipper sighed before addressing her “Fine, i guess we can have some more fun but... wait... did you your gonna have more fun?”

“Thats right” She said with a smile down to him “This whole time I've been trying to do what you find fun, but now i think its my turn to have my fun. Only one thing though, not to be too harsh”

“Okay... Now I'm a bit scared” Dipper said to her as Pacifica had the dominating smile she usually has. “What exactly are you going to do?” He questioned up.

“What am i going to do... I'm going to sit” Pacifica said as she turned around. letting Dipper see her butt as he knew what was coming “Good luck under me”

“Pacifica, please don't” He said as he didn't want to get sat on but at the same time... lets just say the sight in front of him was interesting.

“Sorry, but its my turn to have fun” Was all she said as she got up. Jumping up onto the bed, her rear going above him as it came collapsing down.

Dipper had a little time to escape, and he took that time as soon as he can. Turning his foot and diving away. He had no idea if he was going to avoid getting sat on, but he figured it was the best option he had. Eventually she sat down behind him as he officially dodged it. With a massive rear came down behind him, the bed shook. Shaking the ground as it sent him flying from the massive hit.

He came back down as he looked behind, seeing the wall that was Pacifica’s clothes as he breathed a sigh of relief.

Up above Pacifica didn't see what happened, but did see that Dipper has dodged out of the way. Looking down at him she was impressed by the dodge.

But he wasn't going to get it out of there that easily. Reaching down and grabbing him, holding him in her fingers as she raised up her butt a bit. She then slipped Dipper under her as he was dropped right under one of her cheeks. The ceiling above him threatening on dropping down right now.

“Please don't!” Dipper begged as he didn't want to get sat on.

“Sorry, but nothing you can say can stop me” She said back to her “But hey, this is pro blabby the biggest butt you've ever seen or touched. Think about it like that” Pacifica taunted as she lowered her butt down. Sitting on him right there and then as Dipper was pushed into the bed. Laying on his back with her butt in his face.

Pacifica above couldn't contain herself right now. Currently squealing like a little girl as she loved it. She loved sitting on Dipper, not just the feeling but the idea as well. She hopes she's not going to bad on Dipper, but she wasn't going to get up. Like she said it was for her, not for you.

Smiling down she started to play with him some more. Bouncing up and down with excitement as she pounded him into the bed over and over again. Pacifica loving and laughing about it.

On the other side Dipper wasn't having more fun. It got even worse when she started bouncing on him as he didn't like it. No doubt he would have a different answer if he was older but at the moment not so much.

Pacifica giggled right now as she stopped bouncing. Just one more thing and then she will grow him back, she's just got to have more fun. Moving her butt left and right, she started rubbing him over and over again. Left and right left and right as she loved it. She even felt Dipper roll onto his back from the movement she was doing.

After a while and after her enjoyment, Pacifica felt like she should end this. Don't want to bury the good will she has with Dipper right now. She got up from the bed, letting Dipper finally breath and relax his body. Pacifica turned around and kneeled over him, smiling ear to ear down to him as she giggled.

“Sorry, but i couldn't resist. I hope it wasn't the worst for you” She said honestly thinking about

“It was” He admitted to her “But at least I'm fine and its behind us. Now can you grow me big again”

“Sure Dipper, and then we can go to town. Just me and you, huh”

“Well you keep me shrunk if i don't agree?” He asked her

“I will”

“Then we can go to town” He said as she smiled down at him

“Good choice” Pacifica then reach down and grabbed him. Lifting him up to her face before placing him down onto the ground. She dropped him right next to her foot as she looked down at him for a second before doing anything.

“Well!?” Dipper said getting impatient.

“Im just taking a lasting lok at you by my feet. Something to make me go to sleep happy”

“Pacifica!!” Dipper whined as she laughed.

“Fine, ill do it now” She said grabbing the size changing ray from the bed. Holding it as she looked over it, finding the trigger and flipping it. Pointing it down at Dipper she looked down at him. “Here we go, get ready for a change of perspective”

She then pulled the trigger and Dipper did get a change of perspective, just not the one he wanted. He went down!!!

He kept going down and down to the ground as everything expended. The entire room and Pacifica. She turned from a giant to a building and finally to a giant goddess right in front of him.

“Oh no!” her voice boomed as she moved it away, not wanting to shrink him down anymore. “Uh... sorry” She said with an apologetic smile. She hears some noise, but it wasn't loud enough to figure out “Darn it, how does this thing grow stuff” Pacifica said as she started hitting it, trying anything to grow Dipper back and get that walk in town she was promised. However thats not what happened, cause Pacifica made the one mistake of pointing it to herself.

And when she did that, it started to go. Hitting her as it shrunk her down as well. She dropped it down and it landed right on her still pointing. She shrunk down her size to smaller and smaller as she dwindles in size. Panicking as this was the first time she saw it.

“Pacifica! Move!” She heard Dipper’s voice say. It was a good idea as she did just that. Getting out of the spreader ray that it was sending. Every step she took, she kept going down and down. When she finally got out of it, everything was massive. The flashlight looking like a gigantic building to her. “Wow” Was all she said as she looked around the room.

After looking around she spotted Dipper, who was running to her. A bit hurt seeing that she was the same small size that he was. After a while Dipper ran to her and she ran to him. Both of them arrived together as they hugged.

“Sorry, stupid thing didn't work” Pacifica said “Guess were stuck this size”

“No don't worry” Dipper said to her “Its fine we can easily get out of this. Look at the trigger, i think we can push it together. Its already going so all we need to do is switch it from shrink to grow”

“Sounds simple” Pacifica surprised that it was that simple. She expected more science stuff to explain it

“Yeah, should be simple” Dipper said confident he can do it “Unless of course there is a problem”

And then a problem walked in. “Pacifica! Dipper! You two in here!” Mabel walked in. Strolling against the room and right in front of them. Both shocked watching the towering girl right in front of them.

“That... may be a problem”