Devil Pluto's Revenge


--Chapter 1--

It's a relatively normal day in the world of Mickey Mouse and co, and in the first scene we see Mickey and his dog Pluto walking over to the house of Minnie Mouse. After reaching the door Mickey rings the doorbell and Minnie opens the door to see Mickey and Pluto standing in front of her.

”Hi Minnie.” Mickey quickly greeted her ”I'll be going away for a day. Would ya mind taking care of Pluto while I'm away, will ya, please?” he asked her.

”Um...” was all what she could say.

”What? You're saying you don't want to?” Mickey asked in a bit of disappointment.

”No Mickey, of course I'd like to watch over him. It's just...” she paused for a moment ”I just came to think about what happened last time I had to take care of him.” she said and begins to think back on the moment when she saw Pluto lying on the floor after having removed the bookcase that had fallen over him. "Ah don't you worry." Mickey interrupted her. "I'm sure nothing's gonna go wrong this time. Here's the food for the day." he said and handed over the food can to Minnie.

”Ok Mickey.” she said and grabbed the can. ”And don't you worry, I'm gonna take care of Pluto as best as I can.”

”Alright then. Thanks Minnie.” Mickey said and ran off.

A little while later, inside Minnie's house where she and Pluto are in the kitchen.

”Ok Pluto. You know that I love you and I don't really mind taking care of you.” she said, with Pluto nodding in agreement. ”I actually had nothing else on my mind today, so I think it was a good thing of Mickey to bring you over here. It really gives me something better to do instead of wandering around the home trying to think about what I should do.”

Minnie then looks at the clock on the wall and thinks it's time to feed Pluto. She opens the can and puts some food in his bowl and puts it down on the floor.

”Ok Pluto. Time to eat!” she called to him. Pluto then comes in running towards the food bowl in typical fashion, and starts to eat.

”There you go, it is all yours!” she said to Pluto as he happily eats his meal. ”And after you've eaten it's time for your bath.” Pluto stopped eating after hearing those words. ”Come on, Pluto. You know that it is time for it. You really NEED a bath.” she said as she held her nose in disgust over the smell. ”But don't worry. I'll be scrubbing you so clean that you're going to smell good in no time, and I'll be spraying perfume all over you so you'll smell even better. Now, finish your meal and we'll put you in the bathtub then, ok?” Pluto didn't like the sound of this, since he doesn't like Minnie being in charge of washing him. He decided it was best to follow her words though, and after the meal Minnie puts him into the bathtub, scrubbing and brushing him. Minnie then reaches out her hand to grab the shampoo bottle, but by mistake grabs the Purple Hair Dyer again.

”Oh no. Don't tell me it's the Purple Hair Dyer again!” she gasped as she took a thorough look on the bottle's label. ”Yes, it is. I better put that one back and get the schampoo.” Minnie said to herself as she put it back and grabs the schampoo instead. After having given Pluto his bath Minnie decides to go outside and play with him in the back of her house.

”Ok Pluto. Let's play a game now shall we?” she said to Pluto in a nice manner. The moment Minnie bent herself down to grab something on the ground Pluto knew that the game was going to be fetching the stick.

”How about we play with this stick in my hand here? I know you really like this sort of game don't you.” Minnie said. Pluto nodded in excitement. ”Ok Pluto. Fetch!” she said and threw the stick as far as she could. Pluto rushed out to get the stick and comes back with it in his mouth. ”Good boy.” Minnie said and petted him. She threw it a second time, and again Pluto comes back with the stick.

”You're really good at this game, aren't you?” she said. ”Let's do it a third time, alright?” said Minnie and threw the stick with all her strength as far as possible. This time however Pluto doesn't return, leaving Minnie wondering about where he went off to. After waiting for a minute she then sees him coming again, but to her shock sees something rather unexpected. ”B-but... Pluto! What's that you've got in your mouth there?” she said as she examined the strange thing in his mouth. Minnie then looks up and gasps over the sight. ”Aah! PLUTOO!! Why have you brought a big tree to my house!?” Minnie screamed and fainted. All Pluto could do was shrug his shoulders as to try to tell her that he couldn't find the stick. Leaving the tree behind he rushes over to Minnie to try to wake her up.

After she's been woken up by Pluto they head back inside, with Pluto laying down on the floor to have a nap, and Minnie sitting down on the couch.

”Hm...” she sighed out of exhaustment. ”There's been much going on today. Pluto's about to take his nap now. Maybe I should do the same as well.” She thought to herself, but then takes it back. ”Oh no, I'm not gonna go sleepy now. What else is there that needs to be done...” Minnie began thinking about what stuff she could do so she doesn't get bored, and decides to go out to the kitchen and do some dish washing. After washing the dishes she goes out to get the washing that she's hung outside to dry earlier. Still seeing the tree to the side of her, she sighs and decides not to mind it and goes back inside. After doing the ironing and putting the clothes back in their rightful drawers and so on she goes back downstairs and gives a call to Daisy on the phone.

”Hi Daisy. It's me, Minnie. I was just wondering what you're doing today.” she lets Daisy finish speaking. ”Oh, so you're taking Donald out on dinner again! Do you think he could try to control his temper this time?” she said and listened to Daisy. ”Well, it could be worth a try I guess... oh, me? Well, I'm taking care of Pluto right now. I agreed to watch over him while Mickey's away for the day.” she paused for a moment. ”Ok, good luck with the dinner then. Wish me luck on taking care of Pluto. Ok, bye!” Minnie put the phone down and laid down on the couch, thinking about something else to do.

”Hm... I wonder if I've got any books that I need to start reading.” Minnie wondered. Looking at the table on the back side of her she spots a book that she put there sometime ago and decides to read it. ”Ah, time for me to sit down, relax, and read a very interesting book!” she said and starts reading the book. A little while later Minnie has fallen asleep on the couch with the book on her belly. Over to Pluto where he also is sleeping a puff of red smoke suddenly appears at his side. After the smoke clears off it is revealed to be Pluto's inner devil. ”Waa-ha-ha-haa!” he laughed ”About time I came to escape from this dog's mind by now. Gotta wonder what's going on here though.” he said and looked at Pluto, then turning his eyes towards Minnie who's now sleeping on the couch. ”So she's taking care of him again I see. Hm... I wonder if I smell something brilliantly devilish on my mind...”

He began to think of something very nasty to do. ”Aha, I've got it! He he. This will be my perfect chance to strike back on that silly angel of his!” he cackled and begins to hover towards Minnie. Just then Pluto's inner angel appears in front of him and tries to stop him.

”Stop!! I forbid you to do it, whatever this plan of yours is!” he warned him. Not convinced, the devil responded to him ”Look, get outta my way will ya. I've got important business to do, and what this business of mine are is none of your right to know!”

”B-but...” was all the angel could cough up before the devil interrupts him. ”No buts here! Off you go to where you came from.” said Devil Pluto and uses his pitchfork to pull his dress over him and sends him spinning into a wall. ”Alright, with that buffoon out of my way I'm now gonna try waking Minnie up!” he said and begins knocking with his pitchfork on the side of Minnie's head to try get her attention.

”Ow!” Minnie said as she woke up. ”What is hitting on my head like that...”

”Hey you, over here!” Devil Pluto screamed to Minnie as she began to get up. ”Huh... who, who are you?” Minnie asked in confusion as she saw the little devil on her side. ”Look, I'm Pluto's inner devil, and I just came to ask you what you really think of that dog over there!” the devil said as he pointed at Pluto on the floor. ”Oh, Pluto you mean! Well, I think he's pretty sweet.” Minnie answered him. ”Yeah yeah, I know that stuff.” the devil responded back ”Now, what I really want to ask you is.. have you ever considered getting rid of him? Like, in a pretty but devilish way? I could help you with it in that case!”

”No way!!” protested Minnie. ”He's my and Mickey's best friend. I would NEVER think about harming him in any way!”

”Well, suit yourself then. But remember, deep inside, I just KNOW that you want to kill him!” the devil said.

”Hmpf... look, why don't you go and pester Pluto's inner angel or something. I have no desire to get rid of Pluto, so leave me alone.” Minnie tells him off and flicks him away with her finger, and goes back to her sleep. Not to be outdone, Devil Pluto plots to turn things upside down for both Pluto and Minnie. ”Hah, if convincing her won't work, then I suppose I need to take matters into my own hands.” he said to himself and tries to think of something. ”Aha, I'll enlist the help of Minnie's inner devil.”

The devil pulls up a early-2000's-style cellphone out of his pocket and begins to dial the number to devil Minnie. He waits for her to pick up her phone, and in only just seconds he hears her answering.

”Hi. You've reached Devil Minnie's dark HQ's of Minnie Mouse's mind! Who am I speaking to?” she asked. Devil Pluto responded back ”Well, hiya. This is the inner devil of Pluto speaking here. I'm calling you over to help me out with something extraordinary devilish, if you agree to it.”

”He heh, of course I can help you out Devil Pluto. What do you want me to do?” She asked him.

”Come out of Minnie's mind and head over to my place and we'll discuss my plan there.” He replied.

”Ok, I'll be on my way!” she said and puts the phone down. She then storms out of Minnie's mind in a pink puff of smoke.

Meanwhile, outside in the main room where Devil Pluto is (impatiently) waiting for Devil Minnie's arrival, he suddenly sees pink smoke appear in front of him, revealing Devil Minnie. ”Ah Devil Minnie, so you made it here after all! I was starting to think for a moment that you somehow were lying to me.” he greeted her. ”Naw, of course I wouldn't lie to anyone. ” she told him ”Besides that, you look pretty manly for being a devil!”

”And YOU look gorgeous for being a female devil yourself!” he responded back. ”Ah, don't you try to hit on me, or else!! ...” she paused for a while ”Hah, just joking there!” she exclaimed. ”Why don't we shake hands?” she asked him. ”Oh... ok then.” Devil Pluto said and tried to shake her hand, but she pulls it away before he can even grab it. Devil Pluto sees the joke and laughs very hard. After befriending each other he soon explains his plan to her. ”Ok, you see that dog lying on the floor there?”

”Yes?” she asked.

”That dog's name is Pluto.” he answered.

”Aw, he looks so cute.. so cute that you would almost want to hurt him!” she said with an evil grin on her face. ”Exactly. I think we're on the same page!” Devil Pluto said. ”And over there on that couch lies Minnie herself, completely asleep like a lazybones.”

”Yes, I see her.” Devil Minnie said. ”That darn Minnie has always stoved me away and only listens to herself. I just soo want to get back on her for that!!” she said with a rage. ”Well, I know exactly HOW we'll go on about it.” Devil Pluto began explaining to her. ”How?” she asked. ”Easy. We'll be slipping something nasty into Pluto's food bowl and another into Minnie's water glass on the table up there.” he continued. ”I want you to get out there and buy some nasty drugs. Or steal if you prefer, because we're devils after all, and devils don't really pay for things!”

”Well, except that YOU have to pay me for every single request you tell me to do. I ain't doing things for free you know.” she told him. ”Hrm... alright, HOW much money do I owe you for this task?” he asked Devil Minnie. ”40$ would be the lowest sum I want from you for now.” she answered him. ”Ok then. Here's your forty bucks.” said Devil Pluto and handed her the money.

”Now, I think we're ready for the plan ahead of us.” he said as he began forming a nasty look on his face. ”You know what you've got to do by now, right?” he asked devil Minnie. ”You can always count on me.” She said and disappeared as pink smoke obscured her. ”Hah-hah-haah... now then Minnie. Let's see who's gonna be pestering who here!” he laughed as darkness began to fill the room along with thunder and white flashes coming from the windows.

--Chapter 2--

Pluto's inner devil has been hatching a plan to get rid of Pluto with the help of Minnie's inner devil. He's wandering around the room waiting for her to return with the drugs needed to set his plans on track. ”Where the heck is she??” he asked himself in a bit of worry. ”She couldn't have gotten herself lost already. Only thing I hope and look forward to is that she comes back with the needed things so we can get this scheme going!”

Just then pink smoke appears by his side. Devil Minnie has returned with her errands completed. ”Ah, there you are! I really started to worry for a bit there.” Devil Pluto greeted her. ”Have the guys woken up yet?” Devil Minnie asked. ”Not yet.” he replied. ”If we get going immediately, we can hopefully set it all up in no time! Whatcha' got in there?” He asked as he plunged his hand into her bag. ”Well, the first thing you're now holding is a potion that when consumed shrinks the subject. And the second thing is a box of pills that can make the subject obey any commands one says to him/her/it after it's been swallowed.” Devil Minnie informed him.

”What? Only that? Well, at least it's better than nothing I guess.” he said as he looked at the two drugs. ”The second thing however sure sounds very interesting. But how would one be able to control the subject after it has taken the pills?” Devil Pluto asked her. ”By using this special walkie-talkie.” She said and showed him the strange device. ”It's not just any ordinary walkie-talkie. It has the ability to reach out to people's minds. It only works if the person in question has already taken the pills.”

”Aah, I see! This could be of great use. Are there any setbacks to watch out for? Will the effects of the pills wear out after a certain time?” He asked Devil Minnie. ”I don't think so.” She replied. ”The effects of the pills can last for over a week, or maybe a month even! It depends on how many pills you dose into Minnie's water glass though.”

”Would two of them do it maybe?” Devil Pluto asked her. ”I'd say go for four, or even eight if you're on the extra devilish side.” She said with a smirk on her face. ”Hm... I don't know... I think we'll try four of them and see for how long it lasts. Let's start it slowly but steady for now.” said Devil Pluto. ”Have you got anything else in this bag?” he asked while rummaging in her bag some more. ”Well. A little something for myself...” she answered. ”A... an box full of head ribbons and dresses?!!” he asked her in confusion. ”Well, I guess I do share a few of Minnie's traits.” said Devil Minnie and takes it back from him. ”There's also some devils stuff in there though. But that's not so important for you to know.”

”Whatever. Now, let's get the whole plan into gear.” Devil Pluto told Devil Minnie. ”I want you to get into the kitchen and pour the shrinking potion into Pluto's food, and I'll go and drop the pills in Minnie's glass!”

”Ah-ah.” She stopped Devil Pluto. ”Remember the deal? No money, no help.”

”Ah, alright.” Devil Pluto sighed and pulled up his wallet. ”I guess you want over 65 bucks by now?” He asked Devil Minnie. ”Pretty far away there... I want 120 dollars from you! Come on, cough 'em up.” she demanded him. ”Hmpf... you sure like eating peoples money for breakfast, don't ya!” He said as he gave Devil Minnie the cash. ”Aw, I just want to be paid for my services.” replied Devil Minnie. ”If I didn't ask for any payment, then I wouldn't even have had any reason to help other devils with their ”evil” schemes.”

”Oh, I think I see.” he said quietly to himself. ”So if I refused to pay you, then you would punish me hard, am I right.” he said to her. ”Oh yes. I would definitely be punishing you!” She replied. ”If the devils don't pay me, then they'll end up serving for me, and be forced to worship me!” said Devil Minnie with an angry look on her face. ”Gulp... oh, heh. Ok then. I guess I'll just have to follow what you say!” he replied back to her. ”Good! If you now excuse me, I've got some important business to do! Make sure to not forget putting the pills in Minnie's glass!” she shouted to Devil Pluto. ”Alright. Got it madame!” he shouted back to her. ”Soo... now time for me to get to work!” he told to himself and rushed over to the couch where Minnie sleeps. He prepared to drop some pills in her glass, and flies back down with a grin on his face. ”Ok, I've finished my task. Now what about her.” said Devil Pluto and gave a shout to Devil Minnie. ”Yes Devil Pluto?” she shouted back and comes over to him. ”Have you done your thing yet?” he asked her. ”Of course! The liquid is now mixed together with the substance of the food and hopefully Pluto will be swallowing it whenever he decides to come and eat again.” She answered. ”Marvelous! But I think I can get him there even quicker.” said Devil Pluto and flies off to wake Pluto from his sleep.

But Pluto's inner angel soon appears again and tries to stop him once more. ”Aw, what do you want me now you spoiled little angel dog!!” Devil Pluto angrily tells him. ”Don't you know what you're about to do?” Angel Pluto began to scold him. ”You are planning to literally get rid of Pluto by having Minnie do the work for you!! This is one of the most devilish plans that I've ever heard of in my life!”

”Yeah, so what?” Devil Pluto asked him sarcastically. ”Well, what I'm trying to say is... I've heard of many crazy plans from your side before, but this is one of the most horrible and meanest ones that you've ever come to attempt! Please, I beg you not to do this!!” Angel Pluto angrily tells him off, but is soon hushed by Devil Pluto. ”Look. I have a companion of my own now. Say hello to Devil Minnie over there!” he said and points to Devil Minnie. ”But wh... you... y-you're having Minnie's own inner devil on your side now??! Just HOW evil can you be??” Angel Pluto asked in confusion.

 ”VEERY evil, if you ask me. Now, I'm sorry that I don't have the time to introduce this beautiful devil lady to you, but we've got some work to do. Devil Minnie, take this miserable excuse of an inner angel here and tie him and lock him up so he won't interfere with our operations!” he requested to Devil Minnie. ”Alright, on my way. But first I want you to pay me up!” She demanded him yet again. ”Oh not again... HOW much money do you want now?” he asked her. ”215 bucks!” she responded. ”What the... alright, who am I to argue. At least I'm getting the help I want.” he sighed and began paying her up. After taking the money Devil Minnie began to tie Angel Pluto up and lock him in a storage room. Meanwhile Devil Pluto tries waking Pluto up by talking into his ear. The dog wakes up and soon sees his inner devil besides him.

”Ah, finally. I'm glad you've woken up by now pal.” said Devil Pluto. ”Besides, hasn't it been quite some time now since you last ate?”

Pluto wasn't sure if he could trust him, but after some thinking and being persuaded by his inner devil he decides it might be time for him to go to the kitchen and eat again. Devil Pluto follows him into the kitchen to make sure everything goes according to plan. He pretends to be nice as Pluto is about to tug into the food. ”Come on pal, do eat up. I assure you that it isn't poisoned or anything!” he encouraged him. Still not feeling safe inside, Pluto began to slowly eat. ”See, it wasn't that bad, was it?” Devil Pluto said as Pluto started to eat. Devil Pluto began to back away a bit and watched Pluto eating his food. After swallowing some of it Pluto suddenly begins to get a strange feeling in his stomach, and acts almost as if he's been poisoned. ”Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-haa!! It works. It works!” Devil Pluto screamed in joy and satisfaction. ”Just any moment now, and Pluto will be reduced to nothing but a little spot of dirt!”

He kept watching as Pluto acted strangely, and in just a moment Pluto instantly shrank down to the size of a dustball. Terrified by this event, he quickly began running off to find Minnie for help. Devil Pluto watched as Pluto ran away and said to himself ”Ha ha, you can run if you want but you'll never get any help, nor will Minnie or anyone else find you again, ever!!”

Just then Minnie enters the kitchen looking for Pluto, unaware of what is happening. ”Pluto, oh Pluto!” She called to him. Pluto stopped as he saw the now gigantic Minnie in front of him. He realizes that she is about to step on him and makes a desperate attempt at evading her foot. Luckily Minnie misses him by just a couple inches, and Pluto takes a moment to calm himself down. Devil Pluto however sees himself being stomped flat by Minnie. ”Dammit!” he thought as he tried to pull himself up despite now being flat as a pancake. ”There is a certain backdraw with being small yourself to begin with, and it is getting stomped on by somebody!”

”Pluto!!” Minnie called out to him again, but she still can't hear or see him anywhere. ”Hm, strange. Where has Pluto gone? He can't just have had run out of my house while I was sleeping, or could he?” Minnie said to herself and headed back out to the main room and kept looking around for him. ”Pluto! Pluto!! Come here boy, wherever you are!”

After looking around nearly the entire house she begins to sit down on the couch and think. ”Hm... no matter how many times I look or where I'm looking I still can't seem to find Pluto. I wonder if he has something against me. Am I being too outgoing with things when he's in my home? Or am I being too angry over things sometimes and that makes him attempt to leave my house when I don't notice? I'm at a loss for an possible explanation...” her thoughts kept flowing around in her mind.

Just then Devil Pluto appears and tries to sweet talk her. ”And what do want me now? Didn't I tell you to go and pester someone else earlier??” she said to him. ”Well. Yes. But I thought I was perhaps being a bit rude earlier and I wanted to apologize for what I said. I think Pluto's a nice dog for sure.” Said Devil Pluto, trying to pretend to be nice and forgiving. ”Hm... I'm not so sure if I can really trust you there. I mean, you're a devil after all, and.. devils often tend to lie!” said Minnie.

”Aw come on Minnie.” Devil Pluto tried to fool her once more. ”I promise that I'm not lying! Pluto's the nicest pal you guys ever had.”

”Thank you for your kind words. Have you seen Pluto somewhere by any chance? I mean, you are a part of his own conscience, so you must have some knowledge of where he could be.” Minnie asked him. ”If I have seen him? Em... sorry, but I haven't seen him here as of late. If I did, he would of been at my side by now.” He lied to her. Devil Pluto then asked Minnie ”Hm... say, you feelin' a bit thirsty?”

”Um... yes.” she said.

”Here, let me hand over the water for ya!” said Devil Pluto and handed Minnie her water glass. ”Thanks Devil Pluto!” she thanked him. ”You're very welcome.” he said and made a friendly smile. But as soon she began to drink his smile changed to a more sinister-looking one. After taking a few clunks of the glass she finds that the water tastes odd. Not worrying about it at first, as soon as she began to stand up she started to feel strange. ”Oow... what's going on with me?! My... my chest... hurts...” was all she could say. Devil Pluto chuckled to himself while he watched the effects of the pills affecting Minnie. After some very strong and painful coughing she suddenly puts her left hand on her chest where her heart is.

 ”Ah!! … my... my heart...” was her last words before her heart stopped beating and the pupils on her eyes went blank. She now just stood there on the mat, completely mindless. ”Waa-ha-ha-haa!! It worked!!” Devil Pluto laughed. He was overjoyed that his plans had succeeded, and pulled up the walkie talkie Devil Minnie gave to him earlier. And just in time Devil Minnie arrives back to tell him that she has got the inner angel of Pluto locked up by now and that she's ready to hear what the next plan is.

”Well, you came here just in time!” He said to Devil Minnie. ”Pluto is now as tiny like a piece of dirt. Well, almost as big like us actually. And Minnie is now under my, or shall I say; OUR control!”

”Excellent!” she said and looked up at Minnie in delight. ”Finally I'll be able to have my revenge on her. Let's hit the button on the walkie-talkie device and communicate to her mind through it!” She instructed Devil Pluto to activate the walkie-talkie, and he begins to speak to her mind through it. ”Minnie. Hey Minnie. This is Devil Pluto here. Can you hear me?” he spoke to her. ”Yes. I hear you master.” She responded with a now more evil voice. ”Good. Now, I'd like you to go find Pluto and destroy him! He's around somewhere in this house. If you see him, get rid of him immediately!!” Devil Pluto commanded Minnie. ”I'll go and destroy him immediately.” she responded as the pupils of her eyes began turning into a red-purple like color, to show as if she is being possessed. Minnie then walks off to find Pluto.

”Ha ha ha ha!!” laughed Devil Pluto. ”Now, only thing left to do is to make sure nobody gets in here.” He raised his pitchfork and began casting a spell that locks all the doors and windows in the house. ”Ah, it's great to have this stuff done by now.” said Devil Pluto. ”Um, sweetheart.” Devil Minnie interrupted him. ”Oh what do you want from me NOW Devil Minnie? A cash income of 5.000 dollars?!” He asked her in a bit of frustration. ”Um. No. I was just going to say that you're one of the greatest inner devils that I ever met in my life. You're so manly in the way you talk and all that.” she said to him with a bit of blush.

”Aaw, that's nothing really.” He responded. ”However, I would like a bit more money though. Mainly to round up my cash into a nicer figure.” requested Devil Minnie. ”Alright. How much?” asked Devil Pluto. ”25 dollars should be enough.” she answered him. ”Oh, ok. Here's the deal!” he said and handed her the money.

”Alright. Now, it's time for us to get into action.” Devil Pluto said as he began to plan the next step of the process. ”You've got no chance of getting out of this situation now Pluto. Minnie is now under MY control, and you can't do anything to stop our plans!!” He said to himself as he produced a loud, evil laugh.

--Chapter 3--

Devil Pluto and Devil Minnie has managed to shrink Pluto and also take control of Minnie. Now, only step left of their plan is to find Pluto and get rid of him.

”Ok Minnie!” Devil Pluto communicated to her via the walkie-talkie. ”I think we've found Pluto by now. He's just on the kitchen floor over there! Destroy him in whatever ways you find applicable!!” he commanded to her. ”Yes Devil Pluto. I will do all in my power to get rid of him!” She said and began walking towards Pluto, who is now going around exploring his new strange world. ”Oh, Plutoo..” She called to him. Pluto raised his head up to look, and saw Minnie towering above him. First happy to know that she's finally found him, he doesn't realize that she is being possessed and are about to stomp on him.

She raised her foot over him and with all strength she forced her foot down. Pluto's eyes starts popping out in typical cartoon-style as he sees Minnie's foot coming on him and tries to run away from her. The chase continues for a while until she gets him stuck into a corner. ”Ha ha ha!” laughed Minnie. ”I've got you cornered Pluto. You can say goodbye to your chances of surviving now!” she said as an evil smile formed on her face and began lowering her foot at him again. But Pluto manages to evade her just before her foot comes down on him. ”Rats!! We missed him!” Devil Pluto said to himself in anger. ”Don't let him get away Minnie! Get that dog! Get him!!” He screamed to her. ”I'll go and find him!” Minnie responded back and began running after Pluto. ”He he hee... Well, you can try escaping Pluto. But you will never be able to hide from Minnie! She's still gonna get you in any case!” he said and headed out towards the main room again.

While in the main room Pluto is still trying to escape from Minnie's sight, but is always spotted by her each time. ”Don't you try to run away from me Pluto!” Minnie said as she continued to stomp after him. ”I'm going to get you and...” Minnie paused for a moment and looked around, and suddenly Pluto was nowhere in sight. ”Hey Pluto. Where did he go?!” she wondered as she began lifting up furniture after furniture to see if he's hid himself under them. Not able to spot him under any of them she continues to look around. ”Hey ya, Minnie!” the devil tapped on her foot. ”I think I've spotted the dog you're looking for.” He said. ”Where?” Minnie asked. ”Under the rug here! I'll get him out for ya!” said Devil Pluto and began to stick his fork on the bump portruding out of the mat. ”Yeow!!” screams Pluto and jumps out from the mat with both front paws on his back in pain.

”Ah, there you were.” Minnie said. ”Yeah. Now go and get him!” Devil Pluto ordered her. Minnie then proceeds to grab poor Pluto with her hand with little to no effort. ”Ah, excellent!” said Devil Pluto. ”Now. I want you to squeeze the air out of him! Let him suffer!!” He commanded her. ”Right. As you say!” said Minnie and prepared to clench her fist harder. Desperate to think of way to escape, Pluto had no other choice but to hurt Minnie, and with all strength he gave her the bite on her finger. ”AAOW!!” Minnie screamed in pain and released her hand which makes Pluto fall down on the table. ”Bad dog. Baad, BAD dog!! I'll go and get something to smack him with!” Minnie said and stormed up to her room to find something to hit Pluto with.

A few seconds later she comes back down with a mace behind her back. She slowly approaches Pluto on the table, and with a sweet voice she said ”Ooh, pluutooo!” and began to try smacking him with the mace, but misses him during the first shot. Pluto looks up and sees Minnie holding a mace above her head, with a very nasty look on her face. Pluto freaks out and starts to escape as Minnie is about to smack him a second time. She chases him all around the room, trying to hit him with the mace. Minnie tries once more to hit the blow on him, and this time it looks like she has finally managed to destroy him. She lifts the mace up and looks at spot where she hit him, but can't see him. She then looks at the mace again and sees him lying on top of the ball, knocked out from the impact. Pluto quickly regains his consciousness, and notices that he's now standing on the top of Minnie's mace. He starts to run, but then the top starts spinning around. It is soon revealed that Minnie is the one who spins it.

”Haa-ha-ha-ha-haa!!” she began to laugh maniacally as she watched the dog hopelessly trying to escape. ”Aaw, are poor little Pluto stuck on aunt Minnie's mace? How unlucky. You won't be able to get away from your new mistress now! You're doomed to forever run on it! Run and run and run and run until you no longer can keep up. And I mean FOR ALL ETERNITY!!” She laughed.

Still running on top of the mace, Pluto tries to run faster, hoping to get himself off of the thing. It then starts spinning so fast that Pluto is thrown into Minnie's face, making her fall over and hit the floor. After getting herself up into a sitting position she sees Pluto hanging on to her eyelashes, with Pluto giving her a silly smile. ”Oh you little...!” Minnie said and tried to grab him, but he quickly let himself drop down before Minnie could get him, landing on and running across her body in real panic, all the way down her left leg and jumping down from the tip of her shoe. Minnie then got back up on her feet and started to look around for things to throw at him. Spotting a set of silverware on a table in the room, she quickly took it and started to throw spoons and forks at Pluto, even knives. But they all end up missing their target except the knives, which now has trapped Pluto.

He sees Minnie approaching him, and as she's about to grab him he jumps over the fence of knives and runs off again, persuading Minnie to follow him. But in the middle of the chase she stops and tries to think of other ways to get rid of him, which gives Pluto a chance to run away and hide. After calming himself down from the chase, Pluto decides it is time to investigate and find out what or who is behind all this madness, and sneaks out.

As Pluto is about to try to find the culprit behind all of what's happened so far, meanwhile Devil Pluto is seen on the couch, watching over the entire room. He communicates to Minnie once again ”Heya, Minnie! Have you gotten that dog yet??” He asked her in a bit of impatience. ”I almost had him boss, but he always managed to escape my grasp!” She responded. ”Argh! So that dog's even clever than I thought.” He said in a fit of rage. As Devil Pluto is still talking to her Devil Minnie suddenly appears at his side. ”Hey Devil Pluto!” she greeted and asked him. ”How's it all going?”

”A lot worse than I thought.” replied Devil Pluto. ”Pluto's still on the run, and Minnie has barely managed to catch him! Looks like we have to make some drastic changes to our plans.” he said. ”And how would we go on about that?” she asked him. ”Well. I have to think about it first. But somehow we WILL eventually kill that dog off!” said Devil Pluto as he began to reconsider things. While they are still discussing what to do next Pluto has been doing some detective work of his own, and spots some drugs on the table. Getting even more suspective, he rushes over to where Minnie is standing.

Expecting her to chase him again, he began closing his eyes, but nothing happens. He tried to poke her feet, but she didn't respond. After climbing up to her nose and having a closer look on her eyes he eventually sees that her mind's been literally ”turned off” at the moment. No matter what gestures or faces he makes in front of her she still doesn't notice. He begins to realize that her mind is possibly being controlled by some outer force. He gets down and attempts to track down the source to all the mischief.

After climbing all the way up to the top of the couch, he soon spots his inner devil together with an female mouse devil. Pluto is enraged to find out that Devil Pluto is the one behind it all, and decides to get back on him. He goes into hiding again as they approach.

”You know Devil Minnie.” Devil Pluto said to her. ”I think you and I could make a great team someday, or maybe even now, today!”

”Well, it depends on how much trust I have in you.” she replied back. ”So far you've been keeping to your promises, and you always pay me up when I demand you to.”

”Well, it sure is a good thing that I've been making alot of cash out of punishing the souls of dead dogs.. well, cats mostly!” said Devil Pluto. ”You could say I punish souls for a living. So, what's your duty as a devil?” he asked her. ”Well...” she began. ”I'm mainly the one who watches over everything. My other assistants are actually doing most of the work for me.”

”What? You're making money out of your own co-workers?!! I-isn't that a little too... well, a little too evil??” he asked her in surprise. ”Ah, it's legal in my version of Heck anyway. How the laws are in your place I don't know.” she said. ”A lot more different actually. Even if I'm the main devil down there, I can't just do things as I please without breaking some of the more stricter rules there.” Devil Pluto said.

While they are still busy talking about all things Heck Pluto suddenly shows himself up in front of them. Surprised and aghast by his sudden entrance Devil Pluto takes a moment to think of something to say about the current situation. ”Drat. I think we've been spied on!!” was the only thing he could think of to say. Devil Minnie then comes to his aid. ”Let me take care of the dog.” She said and started to walk towards him. Pluto growled at her as she approached him. ”Well hello there.” She said to him in a nice manner. ”You must be Pluto, aren't you. Well, if you think you can stop us in our plans, think again! Together with my handsome devil over there, we will be using Minnie to get rid of ya.” she paused for a moment, and soon comes to the last part ”And after that we will go out and make her destroy the entire world, and in the end even Minnie herself will perish!!” She laughed. Pluto started to bite on her cape as a way of protesting. ”He-hey. Let go of my cape you stupid little dog!” She scolds him. He then ran around her with the cape still in his mouth which makes her fall over.

”Ouch!! Hmpf.. alright then. Devil Pluto! Take care of that dog! NOW!!” She shouted out to him. ”Ok madame, you've got my word!” Devil Pluto said and quickly turned on Minnie's mind again. ”Minnie. Quick! Do something to stop Pluto!!” He demanded her. ”Alright boss!” She said and began once again to look for things to throw at Pluto. She first takes a baseball and a bat, and tries to hit the ball so it hits Pluto. The ball misses him and he continues to run off. Minnie then throws apples and other fruits at him, but they all miss Pluto. She then takes other things around her and throws them at the dog, including furnitures, chairs, her fridge, her bed, and even her washing machine. Devil Pluto and Devil Minnie watched and ducked as they tried to evade all the things Minnie attempted to throw at Pluto. The longer it goes on though, the more worried Devil Pluto becomes about his plan being a complete failure, and decides it's time to intervene. ”Minnie! STOP IT, NOW!!” He shouted to her via the walkie-talkie. Minnie stopped and shouted back to Devil Pluto ”What's the matter now?? Am I doing something wrong?”

”This isn't really going anywhere.” he told her. ”Look, I want you to just forget about the whole ”Catch-Pluto” thing, because I've got an even better idea!”

”Ok. What is the plan??” Minnie asked. ”Go and get your mace. After you get it, whenever you see Pluto, sneak up behind him without saying a word. When the time is right, hit him on the head!” he told Minnie. ”Alright, I'll go and get the mace and do exactly as you say!” Minnie answered and headed upstairs to get her weapon.

”So...” Devil Minnie started to ask Devil Pluto. ”When do you think we will be conquering the world?”

”Er... I-I don't know.” Devil Pluto stammered a little. ”But if it all goes well now, then we will be out of here in no time and rule the entire planet...” He paused for a moment to think of some request to ask Devil Minnie. ”Devil Minnie. I'd like you to go and get a coffin, box, or something like that, and a rather small one. About my own size I think. Would you be a nice woman and do that for me, please?”

”Ok, but first I want you to pay me up before I do it! ” She demanded him. ”Oh, you sure are stealing money from me like a corporate business woman!!” Devil Pluto began to complain and gave her the loot. ”Don't start complaining now. You promised to pay me for every single request you ask me for. If you stop paying me now, then you can forget about our later partnership if this plan of ours don't work out!!” She said to him in an unusally threatening manner.

”Gulp... ok. I'll stop my complaining then.” said Devil Pluto, slightly frightened of Devil Minnie's change in mood. ”Good! I'll be off now.” she said as she headed off. Devil Pluto looked over to the stairs where Minnie is sneaking down with the mace in her hand. He then pulled a large telescope out of his pocket and looked down on pluto, where he now is standing, looking out for Minnie.

”Heh heh.. if it all goes exactly as planned now, I think we can kill him off in almost no time!” said Devil Pluto. He kept watching, and sees Minnie slowly approaching Pluto, and when he is at his most unaware,  Minnie then hits Pluto with her mace, which knocks him out. Devil Pluto is pleased to see that Minnie once and for all managed to get the blow on Pluto.

”Bwaa-ha-ha-ha! That really hit him on the head! Good work there Minnie. Your task is almost complete!” He told Minnie. ”And in only a matter of minutes or hours, Pluto will be gone from this world for all eternity, and be sent straight down to hell!!” he laughed as lighting and thunder flashed outside, and the scene goes black.

--Chapter 4--

After having been knocked out for a while Pluto starts waking up. At first he doesn't seem to know where he's ended up at, but after feeling the rather isolated and cramped space around him he realized he was in some sort of coffin. Feeling panic, he tries to get himself out, but is unable to open the coffin from the inside. Outside of Pluto's tiny coffin stands Pluto's devil and Minnie's devil together with Minnie besides them. Minnie is wearing her gravedigger's outfit from the original ”Minnie Takes Care Of Pluto” episode. Apparantly they're holding a funeral for Pluto. They were going to bury him alive!

”Alright girls.” Devil Pluto declared as he began to read the devils bible. ”We have gathered here tonight to say goodbye to a special someone. Someone who once was very important to Minnie, but now no longer are. I hereby propose that we pray for him... or shall I say, harass him!!” He paused for a moment. ”Only thing I don't like about your choice of coffin Devil Minnie, is that it has a see through portion on top of it!” he complained to her. ”Oh please. It was the only one I could find.” she argued.

”Ah, whatever... Well, since I don't have anything else on mind to say about the dog right now, how about you other guys say some last words about him?” Said Devil Pluto. ”Well. To me...” Devil Minnie began. ”He wasn't really my favorite type, to be pretty nasty about it. The way he attacked me while indoors was just terrible!” Devil Minnie snorted. ”Well. To be honest.” Minnie began saying, still having her mind possessed. ”I liked him in the early days, but now he's just become too much of a nuisance to me! Therefore I think it's time for him to go now!” Minnie paused, but then suddenly started to show her more sweet side for a short moment. ”But still, I gotta miss him though. He was like a best friend to me and Mickey..”

”WHAAT?!!” Devil Pluto screamed as he heard her saying that. ”What did she just say??”

”Oh, em... ” Devil Minnie tried to explain to Devil Pluto. ”I think the effects of the mind-controlling pills are starting to wear off on Minnie. Her body appears to be a bit more resistant towards this drug, so the effects might last for a much shorter time than what the package claims. But she's still under our control though, so she's still not completely aware of what she's doing.”

”Or maybe it's simply just her stupid kindness that makes it last that short.” Devil Pluto said. ”Shall I go back in and get the pills?” she asked him. ”Yes please! Do I have to pay you anything this time?” he asked her. ”Nope.” she answered. ”This is an urgent situation, so I've got no time to think about profits.”

”Good. Now hurry up and get those damn pills before Minnie returns to normal again!” he shouted. ”Ok. I'll be as quick as possible!” Devil Minnie said and hurried back in to get the pills. ”Now, where were we...” he paused as he tried to focus again. ”Oh yeah. Pluto's funeral was it! Besides that strange thing you said a moment ago Minnie... anything else you'd like to say about Pluto before we bury his body?” he asked Minnie.

”Well, I can't think of anything else to say Devil Pluto... other than the fact that I think Pluto doesn't deserve to be buried alive.” she said, showing more of her sweeter side as time goes. ”Oh no. The effects are almost starting to wear off! I hope that Devil Minnie hurries up quickly enough so that Minnie's mind don't return to normal!!” he began to worry even more than before. ”I'll have to rush this funeral, because I don't think Devil Minnie will be coming back here in time.” he said and began to hurry with finishing off the funeral. ”Ok Minnie. I think this funeral has been finished by now. Bury the coffin under his grave and then we'll get outta here!” he said to her. ”Ok Devil Pluto.” said Minnie and was about to prepare to bury Pluto under the earth. Devil Pluto turned his back and began to laugh as he sees his schemes having gone exactly as according to plan. ”Muu-ha-ha-ha-haa!! My plan is a success! And after this is done we will be ruling the world!!” Devil Pluto laughed once more, and the dark skies flashed white as the thunder showed up.

Minnie was about to bury Pluto's coffin in his grave, until her body suddenly straightened up and she began placing her hand to the left side of her chest. ”Oh!!” was all what came out of her, and she suddenly fell down on her back, completely unresponsive. ”Hunh? What happened Minnie?” Devil Pluto asked and turned his head to see if she was alright. ”Aw, don't tell me that she's dead now as well!” Devil Pluto sarcastically commented on the sight. Just then Devil Minnie returns again with the pills in her hand. ”Sorry that I took so long. I had a hard time finding them. But I'm back with the pills now!” she said, only to see Minnie laying down on the ground near Pluto's gravestone. ”What happened to her Devil Pluto? Has she had some sort of seizure or what??” she asked him.

”Well, one possibility is that the effects of the pills have been wearing out by now. Or perhaps she died of a heart attack.” He suggested. ”Oh dear, so I was already too late!” Devil Minnie said quietly to herself. ”Ah whatever, I don't think it matters now.” Devil Pluto tried to cheer her up. ”Now that Minnie is gone, so will Pluto be sometime later as well! Come on, let's go inside and celebrate our victory together!”

”Ok, I'm coming my sweetheart.” she said and followed him inside as they closed the door. Over to Minnie where she now is lying on the ground by Pluto's grave, she soon begins to wake up. ”Oww... w-where am I?” she asked herself. ”What am I doing out here in the stormy night? And what is this costume I'm wearing?”

As she looked around she soon saw a gravestone in front of her. At first she thought it was reserved for her, but after reading it she finds out what it says ”R.I.P. Pluto?? Am I... have I been attempting to kill Pluto?!!” she gasped in shock and quickly threw off her costume. In just a moment she hears his pleas for help and rushes over to his grave. ”Pluto!!” she called out to him and began digging his coffin up. To her surprise the coffin looked rather tiny. It fits almost perfect in her hand. After looking inside the see-through portion she soon sees him in there. ”Why is he tiny? … Don't you worry Pluto, I'll get you out of there!!” she said and attempted to open the coffin. After a few unsuccessful tries she finally succeeds opening it, and takes Pluto out and places him in her hands. ”Oh Pluto! I'm glad that you're ok!” she said in relief began to comfort him. ”How in the heavens did you end up like this?” she asked him. Realizing that Minnie is now her sweet, normal self again, he began gesturing in various ways as to try to tell her about what he's been going through. She understands and tells him ”I see Pluto! I'm really sorry for what I've done to you, I hope you can forgive me. Let's go and find the ones responsible for this!”

But just as they are about to head back into the house they soon see Devil Pluto standing right in front of them. ”Aha! So you woke up after all Minnie! I see that you've also returned to your normal self by now.” Devil Pluto said. ”Devil Pluto?? So you're the one responsible for all this! Pluto here has told me everything, and I demand that you give your plans up!” Minnie told him off and began to near towards him to try pick him up. ”Oh no, you don't! Devil Minnie!! Come out and help me here, quickly!” he shouted to Devil Minnie. ”Yes Devil Pluto. You called me!” she said as she appeared in a pink puff of smoke. Minnie stood still in confusion as she saw the miniature devil version of herself besides Devil Pluto. ”Wh-who are you??” she stammered. ”I'm your inner devil. But you can call me Devil Minnie, because that's the name I'm always referred to.” She replied. ”Enough with the introductory chit-chat!” said Devil Pluto. ”Shoot at her Devil Minnie!!” he said to her. ”Ok Devil Pluto!” she answered and prepared to charge her pitchfork, and from it she shot out a pink bolt at Minnie.

”Aah!!” she said and fell to the ground, unable to get up. She tried to crawl away in a attempt to escape to safety, but Devil Pluto shot another bolt at her, which hit her again. ”AAOW!!!” she screamed in pain. ”Don't think you guys can stop us so easily!” Devil Pluto mocked her. ”This is what you'll get from us for freeing that dog from his grave!”

”Pluto! Help me!! HELP!!” she screamed. Devil Minnie then hit her with her pitchfork. ”Ah don't you try little lady!” She mocked Minnie. ”Pluto won't be able to help you out, because we're about to get rid of him after we're done with you.”

”You guys won't be getting away with this. I'm gonna tell Mickey about it all when he comes back from his trip tomorrow!!” After saying that both devils hit her with another bolt from their pitchforks, this time even stronger than the other ones. ”AAIEE!!” She screamed even higher as the bolts were felt through her already aching body. ”PLUTO!! PLEASE HELP ME!! I beg you!! Please help!!” She screamed out to him. Having seen Minnie suffering for long enough, Pluto could no longer stand seeing her being hurt, and runs over to attack the devils. ”YEEOWW!!” Devil Pluto screamed as Pluto put his teeth on the devil's back. ”Devil Minnie. Get your hands on that dog, now! Get rid of him!!” he shouted to Devil Minnie. ”Ok!” she said, and began to chase Pluto around the garden aiming her pitchfork at him. She tried to shoot a bolt at him, but he jumped as it was about to hit him, making it miss him. She shot another one at him, but he jumped again, and it missed him yet again.

They continue the chase, with Devil Minnie running after him blasting the entire garden to pieces in the process. At the same time Devil Pluto is about to give Minnie her punishment for betraying them. ”So, let's see. Which punishment should I be giving you...” he wondered as he read through his spell book. Minnie could barely move any part of her body, and as soon as she tried she began feeling pain. Her chest felt heavy. She was feeling so weak as if she had a large weight on top of her. ”*panting* Well... why don't you try to... Angh... let me go for a start...” she said with a weak and sad voice. ”Hah, NO WAY!” Devil Pluto said to her. ”You betrayed me, and people who betrays the devil deserve to be punished!”

”Pluto... h-help me...” she quietly said as her body were shaking. Just then Pluto runs under Devil Pluto's bottom, which distracts him. ”H-hey! Watch it where you're running, man??!” he yelled at Pluto. Not long before he can react, he is suddenly hit on his behind by Devil Minnie's pitchfork. ”Yeeowwch!!!”  he screamed as he jumped in pain. ”Oops.” Devil Minnie said to herself as she realizes her mistake. ”Why did you do that for Devil Minnie??” he screamed at her. ”I'm sorry, I guess I just didn't see where I was running!” she tried to apologize to him.

”I thought we were a team! Teammates don't hurt each other like that!!” he began to scold her. ”B-but it was just a accident!!” Devil Minnie said. ”Doesn't matter my devil lady. You'll be paying for this!” said Devil Pluto as he began to start chasing her with his pitchfork. ”But hey, hey!! I told you I'm sorry! Can't we at least forget about this and make up like a true couple does?!” she asked him while she tried to run away from him. ”NO!! Now you'll be paying for all the money you stole from me!” he then stopped, and Devil Minnie did the same thing. ”Now that I think about it... do you still have the money I gave you??” he asked her. ”Um... no.” she said with guilt. ”I spent it all on buying a luxury hotel on a beach, where I will be moving soon after I'm done helping you.”

”WHAAAT!??” he shouted in complete shock and disbelief. ”Y-you spent all of the money on buying some stupid little hotel on a beach?!”

”Y-yes..” she said, and began to shake in terror as she saw Devil Pluto going mad.

”AARRGH!!! Alright, you will definitely be paying for this little brat! Take this!!” he said and shot a bolt at her from his pitchfork. ”Yeoow!!” she screamed. ”Ah hah? Take this then!” she said and sent a bolt at Devil Pluto. The both of them now started to shoot bolts at each other, blasting parts of the backgarden in the process. Back over to where Minnie is lying she sees what's going on at the back of her house, but is feeling too tired and weak to even bother. Pluto comes over to her and licks her on her chin. ”Oh Pluto.. you finally made it boy.” she thanked him with the little voice she had left in her throat. Soon they hear a explosion and the entire area flashes in a red-pinkish color. After all the smoke clears off Minnie sees both Devil Pluto and Devil Minnie lying on the ground, completely knocked out after the explosion. Amused at seeing them just lying there, she decided it was time to get back at them for all the bad they have done.

With all the support of her body she got herself up on all four and crawled over to where the little devils were lying. She grabbed them with both her hands and started to tell them off ”Right, you two. I think we've got a little score to set with you guys!” Devil Pluto and Devil Minnie both began to shake in fright as they heard that. After Minnie got up on her legs again she, along with the now miniature Pluto slowly headed back into her house. After getting inside Minnie laid herself down on the couch, since she was still too weak to do anything else. She ties the little devils up and places upside-down glasses over the each of them, trapping them there. Just then Pluto's inner angel arrives down the stairs jumping on his legs, still all tied up. He jumped up to Minnie to see if she was ok, and to his relief she seems to have already taken care of Devil Pluto and his new companion.

”Minnie! I'm glad to see that you're fine and well. And I see that the nasty inner devil over there in that glass has had his lesson as well!” he said to her. ”Oh, hi Angel Pluto. Yes, that guy and Devil Minnie are now taken care of. You can go and yell at them if you want.” Minnie said to him. ”Of course I will!” he paused for a bit. ”Um... you don't think you could help untie me maybe?” he asked her. ”Ok.” said Minnie and began to untie Angel Pluto. ”So.. how are you going to return Pluto to normal?” Angel Pluto asked her. ”I'll be trying to find out some way tomorrow.” Minnie answered.  She then falls asleep on the couch with the tiny Pluto in her hand. ”Alright. Time for me to have my words with that devil guy over there!” said Angel Pluto and began to head towards him and Devil Minnie. What happens during this moment though remains a mystery, as the scene suddenly fades to black.

Later after morning arrives in town things appear to be like normal in Minnie's house, except that Pluto is still tiny, with Minnie holding him wherever she goes to make sure he is safe. ”Well Pluto. Things sure turned out very strange yesterday.” said Minnie. ”First Mickey wants me to take care of you, then your inner devil appears and tries to bother me into hurting you. Then he hatches a plan to make me attempt to get rid of you, and nearly succeeded. Then I'm being forced beyond my own control to bury you alive, but after I dig you up again the devil reappears with his companion and tries to kill me off for ”betraying” them... and then we finally managed to stop them. We better hope now that that inner devil of yours is being given a good punishment by your angel for his evil deeds.” Minnie said, with Pluto nodding in agreement.

Just then someone rings on her doorbell. ”Oh, I think it's Mickey!” she said. ”How am I gonna explain all this to him? Shall I just hide Pluto from him and try to find a way to grow him back to normal size??” She began to feel concerned. ”Naw, I need to stand up for myself. I'm gonna tell him the truth.” Minnie said and began building up her courage, and opened the door. ”Hi Minnie.” Mickey greeted her. ”I came back a little earlier than expected because Goofy apparantly got me, Donald, and himself into trouble with a lion while we were out camping, so we had to drive back home as fast as possible.” Mickey said. ”I hope you've been taking good care of Pluto... Hang on, isn't Pluto supposed to be with you?” He asked.

”Um, Mickey..” Minnie interrupted him. ”Yes Minnie?” Mickey asked. ”Um, something very terrible happened yesterday, and I'm going to tell you the truth.” Minnie then took a deep breath and started telling Mickey about the whole event. ”Well, after Pluto and I fell asleep Pluto's inner devil began to emerge and started to plot some very nasty plans. With the assistance of my inner devil he found a way to somehow shrink Pluto down in size and then gained control of my mind, and commanded me to get rid of Pluto. After knocking him out they then set out to bury him alive during the dark night, and they had me there to join them as well. A little while later my mind became normal again, and I rushed over to his grave to dig him up again. He told me that Devil Pluto and Devil Minnie were responsible for all this stuff, and together we set out to foil their plans of destroying the world!” Minnie explained to him.

Mickey wasn't sure as of whether to believe her or not, but after Minnie shows Pluto in front of his eyes he gasped in shock. ”Pluto! What in the hastings happened to you?!!” Mickey asked him in worry. Pluto then gestured in front of him to prove that Minnie is not lying. ”So your inner devil had done all of this to you?? Oh, if I had known it then I would of have stayed in town! That devil of Pluto's sure is up to no good every time!” Mickey said in a bit of anger and regret.

”Well, at least we managed to stop him and his then-new partner though, and what matters more is that Pluto has always been in safe hands with me.” said Minnie and handed Pluto over to Mickey. ”Don't worry pal, we'll find a way to grow you back to normal. Somehow.” Mickey said to Pluto. ”Minnie, you will be coming with us later on as we try to find a cure for him, right?” Mickey asked her. ”Of course I will tag along with you Mickey. Have a good day!” she replied as they waved each other goodbye.

After Mickey has left her house Minnie soon spots the shrinking potion on the table. ”Hm.. wonder what I'm gonna do with this thing?” she wonders to herself. ”Maybe I'll just throw it in the bin and never think of it again.” as she said that she then formed a little smile on her face. ”Or maybe I'll keep it! I think I'll be using it on Mickey the next time he comes over to my house.” she giggled to herself and took the bottle upstairs and hid it in her bedroom drawer. She then goes back down and starts doing some cleaning around the house.