Big Hopps

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by gamma102)

It was once again time for roll call and duty assignments, and Judy Hopps made her way to her desk and jumped onto her chair. The other animal that occupies her chair was missing, which did not go unnoticed by some of the other officers.
"Hey, Hopps, where's your partner, Wilde Fox?" Fangmeyer said.
"Yeah, did he have a nice trip?" Wolford said, prompting nearly every officer to have a laugh or two. Judy knew they were just kidding, but she rolled her eyes anyway. Obviously, she still had some respect to earn even after solving the mystery of the disappearing mammals, which nobody else did, and putting the true mastermind, Miss Bellwether, behind bars… but it wasn't so bad as long as she and her partner were making a difference. And speaking of her partner, the back door opened and in came Nick Wilde the fox on crutches.
"Hey, Wilde!" nearly all the other officers shouted. There were a few other jokes about Nick as he limped his way across the room, but he just shrugged them off and would on a couple occasions joke right back all the way until he hopped onto the same chair that Judy was sitting on.
"You doing better, Nick?" Judy asked.
"Well, considering it was a series of gumballs that made me trip on my ankles, yeah… I'm doing fine." Nick said with that sly smile foxes were always known for.
"Yeah, I figured." Judy said with a smile.

Finally, it was time for the chief to arrive.
"At-ten-hut!!!" Officer Higgins the hippo said as the door opened and Chief Bogo walked into the room to the usual grunts from the other animals in the room.
"Alright, alright, shut your traps! Sit down." Chief Bogo said. The chief then opened up his notes at the podium.
"No time to waste, people. I'm going straight to the assignments. Officers Francine, Grizzoli, and Fangmeyer, you're on SWAT Team 1. Officers McHorn, Delgato, and Wolford, you'll be on patrol in Sahara Square. Officers Johnson, Anderson, and Snarlof, you're undercover. Officer Wilde…" Chief Bogo said. He looked down to see the fox still with his crutches, but Nick was quick to deliver a punch line.
"Wait, wait! Don't tell me, you want me to hunt down speeding cheetahs! No sweat, big chief, I've got the slyness and know how to chase down those speedsters! Ow…" Nick said as he tried to stand up but his bruised feet prevented him from doing so, prompting soft chuckles from some of the other officers. Chief Bogo just rolled his eyes and then looked firmly into Nick's eyes.
"Desk duty for you, Wilde." Chief Bogo said.
"Awwww man… worse than parking duty." Nick said.
"Officer Hopps… due to your partner still being disabled, you'll be flying solo today. You're to head to Little Rodentia post haste and find out why hordes of cheese are being stolen left and right! Dismissed!!" Chief Bogo said as he walked away from the podium and the officers started to leave the room as well. Judy couldn't help but raise her eyes at hearing the two words Little and Rodentia. The last time she went there almost ended in total disaster, but she had her orders and vowed to follow them no matter what. As she hopped off her chair, Nick made a comment.
"Have fun, sly bunny! Try not to step on anything there, hahaha!" Nick said.
"I will gladly keep that in mind, dumb fox!" Judy said as she let out a cute smile that Nick always appreciated.

Later that day, Judy arrived at the front gate of Little Rodentia. After waiting for the entryway to clear, Judy crawled her way inside and was now in the city grounds. Some of the mice cheered her arrival while others looked up with great nervousness.
"Um… hi, little mice! So nice to see you again." Judy said as she carefully made her way through the city, briefly flashing back to the time when she blazed a trail through the city trying to chase down the crook known as Duke Weaselton. As already mentioned, not everyone was excited to see the arrival of Judy.
"Bunnyzilla! Run for your lives!!!" a male mouse shouted as he and his family went running inside their apartment home.
"No, really! Don't be frightened! I won't hurt you!" Judy said as she waved her hands around trying to calm the frightened mice down.
"You can't blame them for running, dear lady! I know I'd be running for the hills the moment someone big showed up in my city." a male voice said. Judy turned and looked down on the ground where she saw a mouse dressed in a business suit, one that she didn't recognize.
"Oh? Who are you?" Judy asked.
"Mayor Mickmouse, at your service. Are you from ZPD?" Mickmouse said.
"Um… yes, yes! Officer Judy Hopps, Zootopia Police Department. My CO said you have had a problem with cheese disappearing from your city?" Judy said.
"Very much so! For the past few days, various warehouses full of cheese have been broken into, and our supply of cheese is dwindling fast! I fear cheese prices are already on the rise as a result… we could have a cheese crisis the likes of which we haven't seen since 1973 and 1974!" Mickmouse said.
"Oh my! That sounds terrible!" Judy said.
"So will you help us, young bunny lady?" Mickmouse said.
"Of course, mayor! Officer Hopps is on the case!" Judy said as she saluted down to the mouse.
"Oh, thank you! You have full access to the city at your disposal. In fact, here is the key to our humble city!" Mickmouse said as he pulled a key out of his pocket and held it up towards the giantess rabbit. Judy carefully plucked the key from Mickmouse's hand with two of her fingers, and couldn't help but laugh awkwardly at how incredibly tiny the key was before she put it inside a shirt pocket.
"Ummm… thanks, Mayor Mickmouse! I'll do my best." Judy said as she got back to walking around the city.

As Judy walked around trying to find any clues she could gather in regards to the missing cheese, she couldn't help but pause at times to see how tall she was compared to the city.
"It's so amazing to think there's such a small city in this big world. Really shows how diverse this world is, with all things big and small." Judy said. Still, she tried her best to think of where to look next for the stolen cheese. She ended up rapidly tapping her foot on the ground (like all rabbits do) as she folded her arms and got to thinking. But in doing so, she caused a minor quake in the city, but it was enough to tip a nearby car over. It wasn't until Judy heard a couple mouse squeals that she took notice of the vehicle.
"Whoops!" Judy said as she gently kneeled down and tilted the car back on its wheels.
"Sorry… bad habit!" Judy said as she watched the vehicle speed away.
"Still, it kinda makes me wish I were taller, that way Nick and I could take on bigger cases. I mean the REAL BIG cases, the kind of mysteries that make you feel 80 feet tall when you solve them and…" Judy said to herself, only to suddenly hear more mice voices.
"Oh, my Gawd! Officer Hopps is here!" a familiar female voice said. Judy looked down and recognized the mouse.
"Oh! Hello, Fru Fru!" Judy said as she waved down at Fru Fru and two other female mice that were with her.
"Wow, Fru Fru, your new friend is so big!" one of Fru Fru's friends said.
"See, girls, what did I tell you? She was the perfect one to be the bride's maid for my wedding!" Fru Fru said.
"Heh heh… it was a pleasure, Fru Fru. How's the baby doing?" Judy said as she looked down at Fru Fru's 'inflated' belly.
"Oh, wonderful! Another three months and Judy is ready for the world! Say, Officer Hopps…" Fru Fru said.
"Please, Fru Fru, you can just call me Judy." Judy said with a smile.
"Sorry! Judy, would it be alright if my friends had a race to see who can climb up to your head the fastest?" Fru Fru said.
"Huh? Are you sure? It could be dangerous…" Judy said.
"Nonsense! They're quite acrobatic, and besides, you'll catch them with that super quick rabbit speed of yours, right!?" Fru Fru said.
"Yeah, true!" Judy said.
"Alright, girls! Go to it! Remember the deal! The loser has to do all my shopping for the next month!!" Fru Fru said. The other mice nodded and scurried up towards Judy's feet.

The mice were climbing up the 'giant' Judy rather quickly, thanks in part to the fact Judy was wearing a full uniform, making it easier for the mice to climb. One of the mice scurried up one of Judy's arms while another took a shortcut by scampering underneath the vest Judy was wearing, which spooked her for a brief moment as she skipped backward a couple steps.
"Whoa! Careful there!" Judy said. Despite the shortcut, the two mice were neck and neck. But it was one little slip by one mouse on Judy's shoulder (but she didn't fall off) that allowed the other mouse to make it to the top of Judy's head, where she jumped up and down victoriously.
"Yeah! Wooot! In your face, girl! I'm the greatest! I'm the Little Rodentia Ninja Warrior!!!" the girl shouted. Soon she had to stop celebrating, though, when Judy wrapped one of her hands around the mouse and moved her (and the other mouse with her other hand) in front of her face.
"Alright, alright, good for you. Just don't give me a headache with all that jumping. Haha!" Judy said. She then lowered the two mice back down to the ground next to Fru Fru.

Just when Judy was going to chat with Fru Fru and the other mice again, she suddenly heard her radio go off.
"All units, all units! We have a 10-13 in Sahara Square! Officer McHorn needs assistance!" the familiar voice of Clawhauser said. Judy gasped… she remembered from officer training that a 10-13 call trumps all other orders no matter the priorities.
"Officer Hopps responding! I'm on my way! Gotta run, ladies!" Judy shouted on her radio as she turned around and, taking expert care not to step on any mice along the way, rushed out of Little Rodentia. She made a big jump over the fence and made her way to her car, turning on the sirens and speeding her way through Zootopia. Fru Fru and her friends just watched Judy speed away and hoped everything would turn out okay.

It took almost 30 minutes, even with careful high-speed driving, before Judy could finally make it to Sahara Square. Just outside the Palm Hotel is where Judy saw the large gathering of officers and police vehicles. She parked her own car behind the others and then hopped out, running towards a gathering of officers.
"Officer McHorn! Officer McHorn!!" Judy shouted as she navigated her way around the crowd of taller officers. She had a bad feeling something horrible had happened to McHorn given the large crowd that was gathered. Finally, when she got into the inner circle, that's where she saw McHorn laying on the ground and kicking his legs around while he held onto his horn.
"What happened!?" Judy shouted.
"McHorn was chasing a thief with a suitcase, and he slipped on a rock and landed on his horn." Officer Francine said.
"Huh? Is that all?" Judy asked.
"Is that all!? IS THAT ALL!? Don't you understand this is an emergency! Officer McHorn has never chipped his horn in his entire life!" Officer Rhinowitz said.
"Calm down, Rhinowitz. Forgive him, Judy, a bruised horn has always been a sensitive subject for Rhinowitz." Officer Delgado said.
"No problem, I understand." Judy said. Chief Bogo was already there on the scene and ready to give out the next commands for his officers.
"Rest easy, McHorn. You'll be back in one piece in no time. Everyone else spread out and begin searching for clues. We need to find out who did this and also what was in the suitcase that was stolen." Bogo said. Judy turned around and started to do some sniffing around of her own, but was quickly stopped by the chief.
"Hopps, I need you to return to Little Rodentia on the double." Bogo said.
"Huh? Why? I can help, chief! Honest!" Judy said.
"Not by yourself, you can't. Without your partner, Officer Wilde, this job is too big for you." Bogo said.
"Sir, permission to speak candidly…" Judy said. Bogo snorted and put on his very mad face.
"Denied." Bogo said. That's when Judy knew she wasn't going to be changing his mind and just sighed.
"Yes, sir. Returning to Little Rodentia now." Judy said as she turned around and slowly walked back to her car.

Before she could get back in her vehicle, she took a look back at Chief Bogo and saw his back was turned as he chatted with the other officers.
"Pffft… I'll show Chief Bogo that no case is too big for me." Judy said as she ran away from her car and looked around for any little thing she could use as a clue. It looked like there would be nothing of interest after walking almost 100 yards away, but eventually, she felt something get kicked by her foot. She looked down and saw a small vial of red liquid.
"Huh? What's this?" Judy said. She studied the red liquid and it immediately made her think back to that blue stuff that was made to make predators go mad.
"Hmmm… I don't like the looks of this. Could this be another nefarious experiment that Bellwether was working on, like when she used the toxins from the night howlers?" Judy said to herself. She tapped the vial with her other hand, wanting to see how potent the liquid appeared to be.

And that's when part of the glass cracked open, spilling the entire contents of the vial onto Judy's hand.
"Yikes!" Judy said as she dropped what was left of the vial. She tried to brush the soaked hand onto her uniform, wanting to clean it up, and instead watched as the liquid seemed to sink into her hand like quicksand.
"Hmmm? That's odd. It's like water sinking into the soil." Judy said. As she continued to examine her hand, she didn't realize she was getting taller and taller… already she was 6 feet tall, almost the same height as Chief Bogo himself. She finally moved her hand away and got her first look at the ground fading away.
"Huh? What the?" Judy said as she watched the ground get smaller and smaller as the growth continued.

A few seconds later, the growth stopped, and Judy found herself standing at 80 feet tall now. Her growth did not go unnoticed by the other officers as they ran up and gathered a few yards away from her feet.
"HOPPS!!!" Bogo shouted. Judy turned around and looked down at the smaller animals.
"Um… hi, Chief Bogo! Wow, you all look so tiny from up here!" Judy said.
"Wow, Judy, you've really hit the big time!" Officer Snarlof said.
"Yeah! You're taller than even Officer Giraffic!" Officer Anderson said. Chief Bogo did not look pleased, nor intimidated by Judy's new size.
"How did this happen, Hopps!?" Bogo said.
"I'm so sorry, Chief Bogo! I was walking back to my car when I saw this vial of red liquid on the ground, similar to the blue stuff that made predators go crazy. I picked it up, but the glass cracked in my hand and the liquid sunk into my hand like quicksand. Next thing I knew… here I am… this tall…" Judy said as she looked around her surroundings, noticing how much smaller the world around her was.
"Well, that proves the contents of that stolen suitcase are very dangerous, especially if there are more of those vials in there. We must make our search for the thief priority one!" Bogo said.
"Agreed, sir! I'll head back to Zootopia and search for more clues there!" Judy said.
"No, Hopps! Your size will only cause panic! You're to remain here until we find a cure for your condition." Bogo said.
"Forgive me, sir, but my new size can be a huge advantage! No pun intended… but I can cover much more ground in the city being this tall!" Judy said.
"No need to sweat it, Judy, ZPD has the number of cops to scour the entire city!" Fangmeyer said.
"Yeah, and besides, the chief is right! It would be reckless endangerment if you were to walk around the city!" Rhinowitz added.
"No! I'll be careful, I triple-double promise! You won't be disappointed, everyone." Judy said as she stepped over her fellow officers and made her way out of Sahara Square.
"Hopps! Get back here! That's an order!!" Bogo shouted, but Judy did not hear her boss and just kept on walking as small boom sounds from each of her steps followed in her wake.
"Should we stop her, chief?" Officer Higgins said.
"No, she'll figure it out sooner or later. Just… sigh… just make sure she doesn't step on anyone." Bogo said.
"Aye aye, sir!" Higgins said.

At only 80 feet tall, many of the buildings in Zootopia still towered over Judy. But there was one thing that Judy fully expected would happen as she looked down. Civilian animals were either stopping in their tracks or running for their lives.
"Hi, everyone! Don't be alarmed! I'll be careful!" Judy said. However, she wasn't off to a good start, because one of her ears raised up (as is natural for rabbits like her) and clipped one of the buildings, sending pieces of it down to the ground.
"Or… I'll try to be careful." Judy said. With that said, she started tiptoeing her way through the city, but as heavily populated as Zootopia was, it was hard to find clear ground on the streets below.
"Oops… sorry, coming through! Excuse me… excuse me!" Judy said. Despite her best efforts to be careful, she didn't notice a parked car that was one step away, and she stepped on it. Although she didn't totally crush it, only compressing its top a good two feet, it was enough to startle her.
"Whoa!!!" Judy said as she hopped back and was struggling to maintain her balance. Finally, she fell backward, the vibration causing an ice cream cart to bounce up in the air. Vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry soft serve ice cream all splatted either on Judy's head or her uniform.
"Ugh… makes me wonder how the giraffes are able to get around." Judy said as she brushed aside the ice cream.

Judy tried her best to shake off the rough going she was having with her new size and get back to the task at hand, which was hunting down whoever stole the suitcase in Sahara Square. Even at 80 feet tall, there wasn't much that Judy could see, so she had to get to a higher perspective. She hopped on top of a couple buildings, using them as platforms to get up to one of the taller buildings of the city (but not THE tallest one). Judy put a hand above her eyelids to help shield the sunlight and grant her a better view of the city, but it wasn't helping much.
"Hmmph… this higher view isn't helping much. It's like trying to find a molehill from a mountain." Judy said. She tried to get a better view by inching forward a couple steps, but she forgot about the edge of the building and ended up tipping over.
"EEEEK!!!" Judy shouted as she quickly grabbed the edge of the building. Judy looked down and saw it was still a long ways down despite her increased size.
"Gulp… this is one time I wish I had grown bigger than this!" Judy said. But after taking a deep breath, she quickly thought of a safe way to climb down to ground level. That's when she kicked her feet around until she finally found some open windows. She did the same thing with her hands and used these open spaces to climb her way down the building.
Of course, this wasn't a fun idea for the people residing inside these buildings. They had to duck and cover as giant rabbit feet or hands made their way into their living quarters. Even if it was for a brief period of time, those hands and feet still destroyed the rooms of these animals, even though none of them got hurt. It didn't help matters that some windows were getting broken if Judy wasn't able to find an opening to stick her hands and feet into.

It took a good 2-3 minutes, but finally, Judy was able to make it back to the ground.
"Whew… that was a close call." Judy said as looked down on the ground, her hands on her knees, and felt like swinging her ears up and down… but in doing so, she was causing a strong wind gust that was blowing anything that wasn't bolted down away. When Judy finally looked up and realized what was going on, she gasped and grabbed her ears to stop flapping them.
"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry!" Judy said.
The giantess rabbit then turned around when she heard a series of alarms and sirens echoing in the distance. She focused her vision several yards away and saw a couple of panda bears stuffing some money bags in a car and then getting in.
"Oh! Bank robbers! Officer Hopps is in pursuit!" Judy said as she got to running towards the car.

The bears stuffed the money bags both in the trunk of their car as well as the back seat of their 1980s-style vehicle.
"Haha! We sure made off with a bundle, didn't we!?" one bear said.
"Yeah! Now we don't have to be contestants on Who Wants to be a Zootopian Millionaire?!" the other bear said. The first bear, before he got into the passenger seat, looked out in the distance and saw something big coming.
"Duh… what's that?" the bear said. The other bear looked and saw the same thing… a giant Judy Hopps charging for them.
"ZPD! Stop right there, bank robbers!" Judy shouted.
"Yikes! I didn't know they made cops that big!" one bear said.
"Come on, come on, come on, let's go!" the other bear said as both bears got into the car and drove off, just before Judy could plant her foot on top of the vehicle. Judy turned to the left and gave chase after the car.

It was pure chaos from this point forward. Innocent animals were getting out of the way either from the speeding car or the giantess rabbit that both came fast and furious. The polar bears were doing a good job weaving their way through traffic, even as they drove onto one of the bridges that led outside the city. Judy had to think fast in order to catch up to the thieving bears as well as not cause too many traffic accidents that involved crushed cars beneath her feet. She ran up the railing on the sides of the bridge… not an easy task given how small the rails were compared to her feet. Despite her best efforts, she couldn't keep her balance and fell over into the water.
"Whooooooa!!!!" Judy shouted as she splashed into the river. The water was not at all deep for someone her size, but still, a lot of water splashed onto the bridge and swept many vehicles and on foot animals off the ground. And that's when it started to hit her. She was being a menace/threat to the city despite her good intentions. Her size was just causing too much havoc on the innocent animals. It didn't make her feel any better when she stood up and glanced onto the bridge and saw not only the damage she caused, but the crooks had managed to slip away. It was the first time a criminal escaped her clutches, even with a distinct size advantage.
"It's no use… this new size was supposed to help me better fight crime… instead it's making me look like a giant rampaging monster. Chief Bogo was right." Judy said. In fact, she heard a few angry animals as they literally threw sticks and stones at her.
"Get out of town, you giant rampaging monster!" one of the animals said.
"Yeah, you're a no good carrot-flavored donut eating klutz!" another animal said. Judy just sighed.
"Alright, people. Alright! I'll just leave and go hide somewhere until I somehow return to normal size." Judy said as she dropped her ears down to go along with her sad face. Watching carefully where she was stepping, especially after seeing a small boat capsized no doubt from when she fell into the river, Judy made her way to land and eventually left Zootopia altogether, setting her sights on the one and only place she knew she'd be welcomed.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Zootopia was Bunnyburrow, a small town populated entirely by rabbits, most of whom were running around the famed carrot farm owned by Bonnie and Stu Hopps. Bonnie and Stu were minding their own business as always, watching as Gideon Grey approached the two holding a tray full of pies.
"Mr. and Mrs. Hopps, introducing my newest recipe… carrot and cranberry pie!" Gideon said.
"Oooooh! It looks mighty tasty, Gideon! Great job as always." Stu said.
"We're so glad to have you as our baker." Bonnie said.
"Awwww… just doing what I do best." Gideon said. A few seconds later, the ground started thumping every couple of seconds, with slight booming sounds accompanying the thumps.
"Oh dear! What's all this shaking?" Bonnie said.
"Could it be an earthquake?" Gideon said.
"Nonsense, boy! There hasn't been an earthquake in Bunnyburrow since 1826!" Stu said. And then the sunlight suddenly disappeared thanks to a large looming shadow. The three turned around where they all gasped.
"Mom! Dad! Um… hello again!" Judy said.
"J…Judy, darling!?" Stu said.
"My heavens, when I said you've really grown up, I didn't mean it literally!" Bonnie shouted.
"Heh heh, I know, Mom. It's kind of a long story on how I grew this big, but right now ZPD wants me to stay here until they find a way to return me to normal so that I don't hurt anyone." Judy said.
"Oh, of course! You know you're always welcome to our humble home, especially with your 100 brothers and sisters." Stu said.
"Man, it's a good thing I've changed my evil ways now. I'd be cream of fox soup if I teased you the way you are now! Hey… there's an idea for a recipe." Gideon said.
"Heh, thanks, Gideon. I'll just make myself cozy over there." Judy said as she pointed over to a nearby field and walked that way. Stu was worried Judy was going to step on a whole bunch of crops along the way but didn't say anything knowing it couldn't possibly be helped.

Judy spent the next few minutes sitting on the ground and sighing, not even paying attention to the many younger rabbits who were climbing up her giant body. She didn't even notice a familiar face that had climbed his way up to her shoulder.
"Hey there, big carrots." the male voice said. Judy looked out of the corner of her eye and saw none other than her partner from ZPD standing on her shoulder.
"Nick! What are you doing here!?" Judy said.
"What else? Trying to find a smile in that mopey dopey face of yours." Nick said with that sly smile of his as he took a couple licks of the lollipop he was holding. Judy then noticed one important thing missing from Nick, which made her concerned.
"Hey… wait a minute. Where are your crutches? Don't tell me you climbed up me on your own two broken feet!?" Judy said.
"Relax, floppy ears. That physician at ZPD… booyah is she a miracle worker! All she had to do was pop my ankle back into place and I'm as good as new!" Nick said.
"Huh? You're all better now?" Judy asked.
"You betcha! There was no way I was going to spend another minute on desk duty. Most. Boring. Job. Ever." Nick said.
"Heh, I'm glad there's some good news to be had." Judy said.
"Yeah, I heard about your little giant lizard costume wearing tryout. Didn't go so hot, did it?" Nick said. Even Judy had to laugh at that joke.
"Ho ho… (sigh) That's why I love your humor, Nick. It can brighten up even the rainiest of days." Judy said.
"Look, in all seriousness, remember what you said at the academy? No matter if you're big or small, look inside yourself and try, TRY with all your might to make the world a better place. We all make mistakes, we have a lot in common no matter what shape or size we come in." Nick said.
"True, I did say that… but I didn't factor in chemical spills with that speech." Judy said.
"No, but after what happened with the night howlers, it kinda goes with the territory. Still, you know I'll always have your back, whether it's in the next hour or the next year that you're this tall. I'll be there for you." Nick said.
"Thanks, Nick. That means so much coming from you." Judy said.
"Soooooooooo… how's the carrot juice in this neck of the woods? I hear rumors it's pretty darn healthy." Nick said with that signature smile. Judy smiled right back. She was glad Nick was still able to keep his sense of humor through this whole ordeal.

Just then, Nick's radio went off.
"All units, be advised! The suitcase thief, Duke Weaselton, has been spotted in Zootopia! All units respond and apprehend at first sight! Over!" Clawhauser said.
"Weaselton!? Doesn't he ever get tired of stealing anything?" Judy said.
"I'm guessing he didn't get the 'some animals change' memo." Nick said. Judy then hopped (not literally!) to her feet.
"Whoa, whoa! Slow down there, carrots!" Nick said as he climbed back on top of Judy's shoulder after nearly falling off.
"You're right, Nick, I'm sorry. I'm not in a position to help anyone." Judy said, remembering the enlarged state that she was in.
"Now now, it's only gonna be difficult, not impossible. All it takes is a little self-control and awareness… and stuff like that." Nick said.
"You're right, Nick! I just gotta be extra careful, that's all! I've got an idea to catch Duke! Hold on tight, Nick!" Judy said as she got to running out of Bunnyburrow and towards Zootopia. Nick hung on to one of Judy's ears as they flew backward in the wind.
"Like I have a choice." Nick calmly said to himself.

In Zootopia, Duke Weaselton, sporting a pair of inline skates, was making good distance from the officers chasing him on foot as he cradled the suitcase like a football, unsurprisingly having little trouble wielding the somewhat large object.
"Haha! You'll never catch me, coppers!" Duke shouted. Watching from above, however, was one Nick Wilde as he hopped from one building to the next, keeping up with the weasel.
"Okay, carrots. Get ready to engage in 5… 4… 3… 2…" Nick said as he spoke into his radio and counted down. Duke took another look back at the officers and couldn't help but feel excited that he was getting away.
"Hahaha! Yes! I've finally hit the jackpot!!!" Duke shouted, but when he looked back up front…
"Oooooof!" Duke shouted as he felt himself slamming into what felt like a wall, knocking him backward a few feet. He then looked up and up and up and up… all the way in the sky at the giant Judy's face.
"Hello, Mr. Weaselton." Judy said.
"Yipers! You're a lot bigger than I last remember!" Duke shouted.
"Duke, you're under arrest for possession of stolen property! Hand over the briefcase and nobody gets hurt!" Judy said with her hands on her hips.
"Ha! You gotta catch me first, bigfoot!" Duke shouted as he went skating between Judy's feet.
"Hey!" Judy shouted. She turned around and watched Duke skate around the corner, and the giantess quickly followed in pursuit after checking to see the roads were clear of animals and traffic.

Duke couldn't get very far, however, as a platoon of police cars suddenly drove up and blocked off the roads and sidewalks, and another group of officers made sure he couldn't take a shortcut through the nearby park.
"Uh oh!" Duke said as he screeched to a halt. He turned around, only to find the giant Judy directly in his sights.
"Hah! I'll just skate around you again!" Duke shouted as he tried to skate beside Judy's right foot. But he didn't see a much smaller foot sticking out, and he got tripped up as he stumbled his way to the ground. It turns out the foot actually belonged to Nick Wilde.
"Tsk tsk tsk. Didn't your mother always tell you to watch where you're going?" Nick said as he casually licked the lollipop and pulled the inline skates from Duke's feet. The weasel turned around and laid on his back, still holding the suitcase although this would not last any longer as Judy reached down and, with two of her fingers, ripped the suitcase from his clutches. She dropped the suitcase in front of the police cars and let them take care of it. As for Duke himself?
"Heheheheheh… okay, big big bunny, you win. Just let me go and we'll call it a day!" Duke said with an awkward smile on his face.
"No, Duke. I'm going to make sure you never steal anything ever again." Judy said with a suddenly mean look on her face.
"Ummm… what are you doing, sly bunny?" Nick asked, fearing the worst was going to happen with Duke as they both watched Judy raised one foot into the air.
"Oh no! Please! PLEASE! HAVE MERCY! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Duke screamed as he watched Judy bring her giant foot down.

But suddenly, Judy stopped putting pressure on Duke, leaving just his hands and head sticking out from beneath her toes. Duke tried weaseling his way loose, but he was stuck.
"Cuff him, Officer Wilde!" Judy shouted from above. Nick then suddenly burst into laughter.
"Ha! Hahahaha!!! Ohhhhh… I see what you did there. Pretty slick maneuvering, Judes." Nick said as he pulled out some handcuffs and slapped them on Duke. Once they were on, Judy lifted up her foot and allowed Nick to pick up the weasel. The fox looked up at Judy, who winked an eye down at him.
"We bunnies are quick learners from our mistakes." Judy said.
"I'd like to take partial credit for that." Nick said with a sly smile.
"Hey, watch it! Or I'll pretend stomp you too!" Judy said, prompting a chuckle from Nick.

A few seconds later, another batch of police cars pulled up to where Judy was standing. The giantess watched as Chief Bogo emerged from one of the cars.
"Hopps! Are you alright?" Bogo said.
"Just fine, Chief Bogo! We caught the thief and there were no casualties." Judy said.
"Well, that's good to hear." Bogo said.
"Chief! Here's the suitcase we've been chasing after!" Officer Johnson the lion said. He then opened it up, and to everyone's surprise, despite the size of the suitcase, there was a foam insert for only one item which was clearly labeled… RED GROWTH ELIXIR.
"Huh? That's all? All that space for one tiny bottle of elixir?" Nick commented.
"The same one that Judy found and got hit with in Sahara Square." Bogo said.
"Hey! Come on, I was gonna sell that suitcase online! I hear things like that fetch a pretty penny these days, especially the protective foam inside! Woohoo!" Duke said. Chief Bogo just snorted.
"Take the thief and the suitcase back to headquarters!" Bogo said. A couple taller animals took hold of Duke and the suitcase, taking them to nearby squad cars.

As for Judy, she looked down and saluted Chief Bogo.
"Sir, permission to return to Bunnyburrow. I am still a threat to Zootopia at my current size." Judy said. But just as she said that, Bogo and Nick watched as Judy was rapidly shrinking. The rabbit officer shrunk smaller and smaller until she was back to her normal size. Bogo flashed a rare smile.
"Permission denied. You and Wilde are to return to HQ for booking." Bogo said as he walked away and got back in his squad car. Nick walked up towards Judy and petted her on the head.
"Heh heh… I guess it's another happy ending, just like in most fanfiction starring enlarged animals." Nick said. Judy breathed a sigh of relief and gave Nick a quick hug.
"Whew… I couldn't agree with you more. I'll never make fun of my short size again. I kinda like being this small, now that I think about it." Judy said.
"Careful, carrots. Wouldn't want to start calling you short stuff, right?" Nick said.
"Nick, Nick, Nick. You haven't been at ZPD long enough to realize how old that joke is." Judy said as she walked away from the scene to head back to ZPD.
"Hey, wait! We're not gonna walk all the way back to HQ, are we?" Nick said.
"Sure we are! Besides, you could use the exercise!" Judy said as she suddenly broke into a sprint. Nick just shook his head.
"(sigh) Always getting the last laugh. I like that about her." Nick said as he gave chase after his partner.

Judy, on the other hand, couldn't be happier to have the wind blowing in her face from running AND not put an entire big city in danger. She was probably going to be stuck doing smaller cases again (compared to the veterans) like before this day, but she and Nick didn't mind one bit.