Belle Bashed

(BiggerBetterBarbie; idea by TheProky)

WARNING: This story is rated MA-V for violent death scenes (mostly crushing). Reader discretion is advised.

A couple months have passed since the curse was lifted on the castle, returning the Beast and all the other animated objects to their original human forms. The prince, still being affectionately called Beast by everyone in the castle, married the girl that set him on the right path, Belle, and the two couldn't have lived happier lives. Whether they were in and out of the castle, it was bustling with people coming in and out all doing whatever part they could to have happy lives. In today's case, Belle and Beast were away in another kingdom but said they would return the next day.

Not all was rosy (no pun intended!) inside the castle, though. Despite being inside, the men and women looked very nervous as they heard the wind howling and the rain crash against the stain glass windows. The people murmured if the storm would ever let up, but it was about to get much much worse. Thunder seemingly every second with lightning flashing every couple of seconds. It was enough to terrify even the bravest of people young and old.
Finally, it got to the point where everyone needed to take shelter, as Lumiere shouted from the highest balcony in the main hall.
"Everyone! Follow us to the underground shelter!" Lumiere shouted. The people followed the senior members and Beast's closest companions as best as they could, whether it was Lumiere, Mr. Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, or others.
"Women and children first!" Mrs. Potts shouted.

Despite the best efforts of the staff, the underground shelter rooms were filling up fast, as evidenced by Lumiere turning away a few male patrons.
"Sorry, chaps. This chamber is full! Find another one!" Lumiere said before he ran inside and slammed the doors shut. Some of these gentlemen were lucky enough to find another shelter courtesy of Mr. Cogsworth or Mrs. Potts (and her son, Chip). Over a dozen or two, though, would not be so lucky as they all bumped into each other in the main room where the big entrance doors were.
"Don't tell me… you didn't make it to the shelter in time?" one man said.
"That's right. I guess we all didn't!" another man said.
"Darn it! What good is a castle that doesn't have underground shelters big enough to hold everyone inside!?" another man shouted. The group of men all quivered as they watched a nearby window suddenly shatter and rain came blowing in.
"What are we going to do!?" another man shouted.
"Let's just find somewhere to hide! I'll take anywhere at this point!" another man said. After another crack of loud thunder, the guys were panicking even more.
"Every man for himself!" another man said.
"I'll be in the prince's room under his bed!" another man said. Everyone suddenly scrambled into whatever direction they could think of running, although a couple were so terrified by the storm, they didn't bother to move at all.
And they would be the first to witness the next incredible event. After another lightning strike, the outside stayed a bright white… eventually getting to the point where the guys had to shield their eyes from it.
"Ack! What's going on!?" one of the men screamed. He soon felt his senses overload and he fainted… with the same fate befalling the rest of the men that weren't already barricaded downstairs with the rest of the citizens.

Fast forward to the next morning. Despite the rough weather and some windows not surviving the night, the main room of the castle looked in relatively pristine condition, though something was missing. And that was the men who couldn't find a place to hide in this part of the castle in time.

Well… to the naked eye they were missing, but they would find out in a really big hurry, almost literally, what had happened to them! ^_____^
Three of the men who stuck together all stirred awake, where they looked around and saw the rough weather was gone.
"Man. That was some intense storm. I didn't think we'd make it out of that one." Man 1 said. Man 2 looked down on the floor and saw it had a much different texture.
"Huh? Where are we?" Man 2 said.
"Uh… guys… is that…?" Man 3 said as he pointed up at the sky. All three gentlemen saw the ceiling was a loooooooooong ways away.
"Okay, hold up. I know this part of the castle has a high ceiling due to all the floors, but I could've sworn it wasn't THAT high!!!" Man 1 said. As Man 2 walked around, he suddenly felt himself bump into something. It looked like a grey-colored boulder of some kind, but what took his breath was how it was the size of a house.
"Since when did we start storing giant grey rocks?" Man 2 said. Man 3 walked over and lightly touched the 'boulder.'
"Uh… I don't think this is a boulder. It feels like dust." Man 3 said.
"Huh? Maybe the royal couple found the world's biggest dust ball." Man 2 said. Man 3 looked past the 'boulder' and saw how far away the front doors were.
"The hallway is so far away." Man 3 said.

The gentlemen didn't realize it just yet, but they had been shrunken to a microscopic size. Quite literally! The normally hard to see ball of dust, which likely would only be seen if swept up by a broom, looked the size of a normal villager's house. The group then heard a loud series of booms out in the distance.
"W-w-w-what's that!?" Man 1 asked.
"I hope it's not another big time storm!" Man 2 said.
"Wait! Look at the doors!" Man 3 said. The trio watched as one of the doors slid open and Belle came in from the other side. She was dressed in her signature blue-and-white dress complete with brown leather boots, the same outfit she wore back when she lived in the village.
"Huh? That's strange. Usually the butler opens the doors right away." Belle said as she walked forward a few steps. The trio of shrunken men all looked up… and up… and up… and up some more. Belle was a good 30-40 yards away and yet she was already towering over them like some statue of a famous god or goddess.
“Gulp… she’s massive.” Man 3 said.
“And she’s coming this way! Run!” Man 2 said, pointing up as the group watched the massive Belle walk closer and closer. Her boots left soft but very loud booming sounds with each step she took. One of the men tripped himself up trying to run and look back at the massive boots at the same time, and when he looked up, he quickly screamed as he saw the bottom of one of the boots rapidly approaching.
“EEEEEEE….” the man screamed until his voice was cut off the instant Belle planted her boot down. She had completely crushed the young man underneath her boot. There was hardly anything left except for a red blood stain that was easy for the other two men to see.
“Oh no!” Man 1 shouted. He and Man 3 trembled both from seeing the massive Belle approach as well as seeing nothing but a blood stain where Man 2 once was, both on the floor and underneath Belle’s boot.
Of course, Belle had no idea whatsoever she had crushed the man. She didn’t even see a speck of red on the floor except for the adjacent carpets. Belle stopped her walk and looked around the main room, confused as to why it was empty.
“Where is everyone? I hope that big storm last night didn’t scare them all away.” Belle said.

As for the remaining two micro men in the area, Belle stopped walking mere inches away from where they were standing. The two could barely make out Belle’s face as she towered overhead seemingly for miles. Despite the insane size difference, Man 3 ran up to the side of Belle’s boot and banged his fists against it.
“Madame Belle! Please look down here!!” Man 3 shouted.
“It’s no good, man! We’re just too small.” Man 1 said.
“WE’RE too small!? What makes you say that!?” Man 3 said.
“Think, dummy! No woman can possibly grow that big, let alone castle!” Man 1 said. Before Man 3 could argue any further, however, he gasped as he watched Belle shift her foot ever so slightly towards him. It may have been a miniscule movement to a normal-sized person, but to Man 3… it pinned him underneath the boot.
“Help! Get me out of here!” Man 3 said. Man 1 ran alongside and pulled with all his might trying to squirt Man 3 free.
“Arrrrrgh! It’s no good! We need a flipping crane to lift that boot and...” Man 1 said.

But before he could finish, both he and the fellow servant watched as Belle shifted her boot again, this time completely crushing the duo underneath and leaving them as nothing more than gruesome blood stains. And again, Belle had no clue she had taken these three lives with just mere steps.
“Sigh… it’s been a long road back, and Beast won’t be back for another hour while he finishes up peace negotiations with the other kingdom. I should just kick back and relax in the bedroom.” Belle said. The young woman quickly made her way up the stairs, following the path that would lead to one of the royal bedrooms. Along the way, a few more men would share the same fatal ending as the three men downstairs. These micro men tried in vain to get away but ended up smushed underneath her boots. A couple slightly lucky folks didn’t dissolve into a mess of blood and broken bones… instead sticking to Belle’s boots like glue.

These lucky tinies eventually wound up in the bedroom with Belle. And they wouldn’t be alone either. Several more shrunken male servants were scattered all over the bedroom. Some on the floor near or under the bed (trying to hide from last night’s storm) while others were sitting on the bed itself, which put them at the greatest risk as Belle walked near the bed and stretched herself. Belle worked her feet out of the boots and then her socks, casually pushing everything aside as she wiggled her toes.
“Whew… it sure feels good to get those boots off." Belle said.
While it was a relief for Belle to take those boots, it was anything but relieving for the microscopic servants down by those bare feet. The smell penetrated their nostrils and almost knocked them out like they had been punched in the face.
"Oh my… *cough cough!*" one man said as he collapsed onto his knees and threw up, unable to take the smell as he gagged repeatedly. The man twitched several times before finally passing out.

As for on the bed itself, more than a few of the servants looked nervously up at the goddess-sized Belle. They then watched as she turned around and lowered her rear end like she was going to sit down. The people screamed for Belle's attention.
"Miss Belle! Noooooooo!!!" most of them shouted until they were smushed underneath and crushed to their deaths without effort. Other tiny people instead got bounced high up in the air. Some of these people fell the ground and went splat on the ground (with their corpses getting further mangled by Belle unknowningly crunching them under her bare feet). Others instead landed deep in her hair, finding themselves in a gigantic forest full of brown hair strands as thick as tree trunks.
"Daddy… where are we now?" one boy asked.
"I don't know, son, but stay close. We'll get through this somehow." one man said as he and other tinies all walked around the dense, filthy jungle.

It became obvious to all these people who fought as hard as they could to fight off the powerful smell that Belle hadn't showered in at least 24 hours. One man, in particular, looked around the strands of hair, though he did cringe at times when he saw some of these strands covered in sweat, oil, and grease. It made him lose focus, however, and he ended up tripping over a small tear on the skin he was walking on.
"Whoa!" the man said as he fell down and suddenly went splash into some kind of liquid. He gasped as he realized what the white and gooey substance was that he landed in… dandruff liquefied in sweat.
"Oh… YUCK! What is this muck!?" the man said as he brushed himself off as much as he could. It didn't help that it was a little hot and steamy inside this 'forest' of hair, which only drenched him further in sweat… both his own and that belonging to Belle.
But getting covered in filth was the least of these microscopic servants' concern.

With so many of them walking around the skin, it eventually made Belle reach up and scratch her head with her fingernails. As one man put it when he saw the massive fingernail coming down…
"RUN!!!" he shouted as he and a few other men ran away. One of the men wasn't so lucky and easily got sliced in half by the nail.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!" the man screamed in shooting pain as his upper body got separated from his legs (which got pushed away as Belle moved her fingernail backwards away from the group). The man died seconds later from the massive blood loss. The other men could only mourn his loss for a few seconds when they looked up and saw the giant fingertips coming in again. The men tried with all their might, but even when running in a full sprint, the nails caught up easily and pinned them underneath, dismembering them as they got dragged against the skin of Belle's head for seemingly forever.
A couple guys managed to get lucky and dodge the fingertips a few times; the nails coming within inches of catching them. Eventually they got to the edge of the giantess's head and looked to see it was a loooooooong way down. They both looked back and saw the nail coming fast.
"We have to jump! It's the only way!" the man shouted.
"But we'll die!" the other man shouted.
"I'd rather go splat and die on the floor than succumb to this sorcerery!" the man said. They both finally shrugged and leapt forward, just as the nail got to where they were standing.

The men fell for what felt like forever… at least until they saw some kind of black rope dangling to the side. They reached out and grabbed on. What they didn't realize was that they had grabbed onto one of the many hairs that make up Belle's right eyebrow.
"Whew… we made it! We're safe!" the man said.
"But for how long?" the other man said. And to answer their question… they weren't safe for long at all, because the next spot Belle scratched was the very eyebrow these two were holding onto.
"Oh shi…" they both started to say until they were instantly crushed into bloody remains, all of which sinking into Belle's skin deep within her eyebrows.

Belle felt she had been scratching for longer than usual, not knowing of course it was because of the many microscopic servants wandering all over the skin deep beneath her hair.
"I sure am itchy all of a sudden. Maybe I better watch what I put in my hair from now on." Belle said. She then felt her stomach rumbling all of a sudden.
"But first, it's breakfast time." Belle said. She got up from her bed and walked out of the bedroom, leaving her boots behind. Along the way, she crushed a few more micro shrunken servants who couldn't dodge the village-sized foot in time.

Belle eventually made it down to the kitchen, and once again found it strange there was nobody in there as well.
"Curious. Not even the kitchen staff is here? Maybe I should go out looking for them…" Belle said, only to hear her stomach rumbling again.
"Just not on an empty stomach…" Belle said. She walked over to the nearby cabinets and pulled out a box of cereal. She noticed a bowl was already sitting on the counter in front of her and picked it up, but what she didn't realize was that the bowl was already occupied with a few more shrunken male servants. The men looked up and were in awe over how massive Belle appeared.
"Goodness me! Look how massive our lady is!" one man said.
"Belle! We're down here! Save us!" another man said, but once again these pleas fell on deaf ears. Belle instead placed the bowl down on the table and opened up the box of cereal, pouring its contents into the bowl. The shrunken people ran left and right dodging the many giant O's that were the pieces of cereal, climbing up on top of some of the pieces so they could stay in view. They thought the worst was over when Belle stopped filling the bowl with cereal…
"Whew… I don't know how we managed to survive that ordeal." one man said.
"Where is she going now?" another man asked as they watched the giantess walk away from the bowl. She returned a few seconds later holding a jug of milk, and everyone knew what was coming next.
"Oh no!!!" they all screamed as Belle opened the jug and poured the milk inside. Most people were drowned instantly under the white colored waterfall, unable to bring themselves above both the milk and the cereal. Others jumped on the various O's and watched them rise with the milk itself.

Even when Belle was done pouring the milk, they were still in danger as they watched the giantess leave and then come back with a massive spoon in her hand. The giantess wasted no time in scooping up the O's and putting them in her mouth. Most of the shrunken men couldn't swim out of the way in time and found themselves inside the mouth with those O's. The remaining few servants just swam and swam, pleading for mercy.
"Miss Belle! Please! Stop!!!" one of the men shouted. But once again, Belle couldn't hear these poor servants, especially as she was humming a tune in between chews. Her next scoop of cereal had the remaining few men trapped in between a couple O's and enough cold milk to quickly sap their strength as evidenced by some of these men chattering their teeth. Belle started to put the spoon in her mouth but temporarily paused.
"I wonder where everyone could've hidden. I'll just have to keep my eyes open." Belle said as she moved the spoon back towards her open mouth.
"Don't eat us! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…!!!" the shrunken men screamed before they were put inside her mouth. Some landed on her tongue and slid down into her stomach with the milk, while others watched and said a final prayer as giant teeth from top to bottom crunched them along with the O's.

A few minutes later, Belle is finally finished eating her breakfast.
"Ahhhh… that was good, even though it doesn't compare to the exquisite breakfasts the head chef normally brings out. Oh well, it will have to do." Belle said. The young woman got up from the table and took the empty bowl to one of the sinks, taking the time to wash it out herself.
"Heh heh… I haven't done this since I was back at the village." Belle said as she washed out the bowl with her bare hands.

Meanwhile, deep within her head, a few more servants were lucky enough to survive in the wet and smelly jungle that was her unwashed brown hair from being crushed, poked, or scratched at. Little did these men realize that, aside from a few more people on the ground who were smushed under Belle's bare feet, they were the last of the shrunken ones to survive. One of these people walked to the right edge of her head and came up with a plan.
"We've got to climb down and get to her ear. It's the only way she can hear us!" Man 1 said.
"It… it could be dangerous!" Man 2 said.
"I'll tell you what's more dangerous! Staying up here and getting suffocated by the smell of dandruff!" Man 3 said.
"He's right. Our only chance of somehow getting back to normal size is getting her attention, and getting to her ear is the safest way." Man 1 said.
"I agree. I don’t trust hanging off those eyelashes…" Man 4 commented. And so the few men all grabbed as much of the single hair strand as their microscopic bodies would allow. Nevertheless, it was enough for them to climb down, which they spent the next few minutes doing. While they did this, Belle was walking around the castle, making her way to the library and looking for a book to help pass the time.

Finally, after using their momentum to swing the hair strand back and forth, the shrunken men all leapt off and landed inside Belle's right ear. Already they were looking at a tunnel covered from top to bottom in disgusting, sweaty wax.
"I think I'm gonna be sick…" Man 4 said.
"Stay strong, everyone. We're gonna have to brave this tunnel to achieve our goal." Man 1 said.
"If Belle can be brave… so can we." Man 2 said as the few men all walked inside. While the men were looking around and taking in the scenery, one man didn't notice a little glob of ear wax breaking off from above and then crash down on him.
"Eeeeeek!!!" Man 3 shouted as he looked up and suddenly found himself covered from head to toe in ear wax. The other guys saw this happen and ran over to check on their comrade.
"Whoa... you okay?" Man 2 asked.
"Ugh... no, I'm not okay! Yuck!!! This is beyond disgusting!" Man 3 shouted as he tried in vein to brush off the wax.
"Chill out. It's just ear wax." Man 4 said.
"And we don't want to set off any alarms Belle may have in here. This is a sensitive part of the body, after all!" Man 2 said.
"Gee, thanks 'doctor.' But we're the size of this stuff, which makes it that much more disgusting!" Man 3 said.
Man 1, on the other hand, was focused on finding very object he was looking for as he went farther into the ear. Finally he found it.
"There it is! The eardrum. Miss Belle!" Man 1 said as his voice echoed off the eardrum.

This time, Belle reacted. It was incredibly faint, but she heard a voice calling out her name. Belle rapidly looked around trying to find whoever it was that called out to her.
"Who was that? Hello?" Belle said. At the same time, she once again felt the need to itch. This time she felt something inside her right ear. Despite how unladylike it was to do what she was about to do, she put one of her fingernails inside that ear.
Of course, she had no idea the itching was caused by the steps of the microscopic people inside that ear, but these same people were going to find out real fast. All the men had been thrown to the front of the tunnel, splashing in pools of ear wax in the process, thanks to Belle rapidly moving her head around, and they all screamed when they saw the biggest finger they'd ever imagine coming right for them.
"Ahhhhhhh…!!!" the servants screamed before they were scooped up, the wax they were trapped in sticking to either Belle's finger or her fingernail. Either way, their vision changed rapidly as Belle quickly moved her finger towards her eye, with everyone seeing the biggest brown eye of all time. Despite being so close to the eye, however, all Belle saw was enough ear wax to make even her cringe. Never mind the miniscule specks that were really the micro shrunken servants.
"Oooooh… that's a mighty big clump of ear wax. I wonder if this is what I was hearing earlier." Belle said. She couldn't help but hold the wax in front of her nostrils and take a whiff, causing a couple of the servants to go flying inside her nostrils. These people landed smack against either the walls inside her nostrils or into a booger, but no matter what, the speed of the impact caused them to die instantly.

As for everyone else still trapped in the ear wax? Despite their repeated pleas for help, the unaware Belle got up and walked to another table where a box of tissues were sitting. She pulled out a tissue with her other hand and wiped the wax off her finger, instantly crushing the remaining micro servants. Belle looked down at the glob of ear wax on the tissue and couldn't help but notice very tiny specks of red littered in the wax.
"Hmmmm? What's this? Oh well…" Belle said as she walked over to a nearby trash can and casually dropped the tissue inside.
"I could've sworn I heard voices earlier, but no matter." Belle said.

Just then, Belle heard a familiar male voice calling her name from outside.
"Belle! Where are you?" the voice said. Belle gasped, immediately recognizing the voice.
"Beast!" Belle said as she ran out of the library and down the stairs into the main room, where she saw the handsome young prince who was once upon a time a beast. She ran up to him and embraced him.
"Sorry I'm late, Belle, but I got the peace negotiations done. The rulers of the other kingdom should be joining us tomorrow for dinner." Beast said.
"Thank goodness. I knew you could pull it off." Belle said, suddenly with a concerned look on her face.
"What's wrong, Belle?" Beast said as Belle looked in his eyes and then at the broken stained glass window a handful of yards away.
"I'm worried about everyone else. It's like a ghost castle again." Belle said. But Beast had a smile on his face and patted his beloved on the shoulder.
"There there. I'm sure they're all hiding safe and sound in the underground bunkers." Beast said as he walked towards one of the doors with Belle following from behind.
"Underground bunkers?" Belle asked.
"They were built several years ago for everyone to hide in in the event of severe weather or an invasion from a rival army." Beast said.
"But how come they haven't come out yet?" Belle said.
"They're under strict orders not to leave the bunkers until someone from the royal family gives the all clear sign." Beast said.
"I see…" Belle said.

The two eventually made it downstairs to a series of locked doors. Beast knocked on the doors.
"Lumiere! Are you in there!?" Beast shouted.
"Master! Is that you!?" Lumiere shouted.
"Yes! You and everyone else can come out now. The sun is shining bright!" Beast said. The doors slowly opened up and everyone came pouring out. Belle was the first to give Lumiere a hug, and she also hugged other senior members of the castle such as Mrs. Potts, Chip, and Mr. Cogsworth.
"You're all okay!" Belle said.
"Of course we're alright, my dear! No storm is too strong for this ol' underground shelter!" Lumiere said as he happily pounded on the doors even as people left and right were leaving the chambers and returning to the main room of the castle.
"Is everyone accounted for?" Beast asked.
"I'm afraid not, your grace. I counted at least 30-35 who didn't make it inside in time." Mr. Cogsworth said. Belle had a worried look on her face, only to be cheered up by Beast with another shoulder pat.
"Don't worry, Belle. We'll find them. Perhaps they took shelter in the distant village." Beast said.
"Yeah, maybe that's where they're hiding." Belle said.
"I'll order a search and rescue party right away." Beast said.
"Good idea. The other villagers may need our help too. That was a vicious storm last night! I wonder what that bright prolonged light was all about too." Belle said, talking about the light that caused the micro shrinking mishap she would likely never be aware of.
"Let's not worry over trivial stuff like that, Belle. Come on, let's get back upstairs." Beast said.
"You're right." Belle said as she and Beast headed back upstairs.

Once Belle was back in the main room, she couldn't help but lift up one of her bare feet to check and see if she picked up anything dirty from the basement. She gasped lightly when she saw light specks of red up and down her foot.
"Huh?" Belle asked.
"What's wrong, Belle?" Beast asked.
"Oh, um, nothing… just making sure my feet didn't get dirty. They're fine!" Belle said.
"Why do you have your shoes off, anyway?" Beast said.
"Oh, they were tired from all that walking in those boots. Surely you understand?" Belle said. Beast smiled.
"I do." Beast said. Belle smiled back and rejoined with Beast in helping the servants settle back into their normal lives.

Alas, it was not a happy ending for the 30-35 mentioned missing by Mr. Cogsworth, because they were the ones who somehow got shrunken by last night's storm and then killed by an unaware Belle, whether it be crushed, eaten, or thrown away in a garbage can.

And Belle would have absolutely no idea she did all that in just one morning.