The Beauty Fashion Contest


It is a lovely and quiet morning in Mickey's world, and in Minnie's house
Minnie is sitting in the kitchen in her pajamas, having breakfast. She's
reading the paper that landed in her home a moment earlier in the morning.

”Ah. Such a beautiful morning it is today.” She said to herself as she
looked out to the window on her right. ”I wonder what Mickey's doing by
now.. unless he phones me while having sandwiches in his mouth again.. Ack,
I sure don't like hearing the sounds of him chewing on those things while
we're talking on the phone!” said Minnie and turned the pages on the

Just as she turns the pages she then comes across an article about an
beauty fashion contest that will be held somewhere down in town. ”Now
that's something new! I didn't know that a beauty fashion contest is to be
held in the town!” she said in surprise. ”Hm... maybe I should take part in
it. I bet I will be able to beat the other women there with my own beauty.
Their beauty are nothing compared to mine!” she said and ran over to her
phone and began dialing Mickey to tell him about it.

Over to the house of Mickey Mouse, Mickey is seen in the kitchen preparing
an whole mountain of sandwiches for himself. Seeing that it is too tall for
him to actually be able to reach the topmost sandwich, he began throwing
most of the sandwiches into his mouth and starts chewing them to pieces.
Just then his phone rings, and Mickey quickly answers the phone.

”Hi Mickey...!” Minnie greeted him from the other end of the line. ”Oh, hi
Minnie!” Mickey said to her while he still chews on his breakfast. ”Erm...
Mickey. You're NOT standing at the phone talking to me while eating
sandwiches again, hunh?” she asked him in disgust. Realizing she doesn't
like it when he's doing that, Mickey quickly swallows all of the sandwiches
in his mouth and starts talking properly. ”Um, well. You see, I've already
had my breakfast by now.” he lied to her a little. ”Now, what did you want
to tell me about, if it was anything at all?”

”Well..” Minnie started. ”I was just reading the newspaper this morning,
and in a moment I saw an article about an beauty fashion contest that will
be taking place down the town. They're looking for a few more contestants,
and I thought that I maybe should apply myself to the contest!” Minnie told
him. ”That's great!” Mickey told her in a enthusiastic manner. ”Yeah. And,
I was just going to ask you if you would like to be my support!” said

Mickey took some time to think, but quickly comes to his decision. ”Sure
Minnie. I'll be there for you! I'm sure that you will be winning this
contest.” he said to Minnie. ”Ok. See you when I'm done fixing myself up!”
Minnie said. ”Ok then, I'll arrive at your house by then. Bye!” Mickey said
and put the phone down, with Minnie putting her phone down as well.
”Alright. Time for me to go and make myself pretty for the contest.” she
said as she goes in to the bathroom.

While in her bathroom Minnie has gathered all the things needed to make
herself look pretty. She first goes into the shower and washes herself
clean. After coming out of the shower with a towel around her body she
turns on the hairdryer to make her fur dry more quickly. Then after getting
her clothes on she takes the perfume and sprays it on her, but by accident
she sprays herself in the eyes and starts walking around in blindo,
crashing and bumping into things in the process. In a later scene she tries
to put her earrings on, but accidentally puts the left one far too deep
into her ear, making her shriek in pain.

After she finally manages to get herself fixed up she then overstretches
her toes when trying to put on her shoes. After getting her shoes on she
then goes outside to water her flowers, but ends up slipping on a spot of
mud from last day's raining, getting herself dirty. Slightly frustrated by
things suddenly going wrong for her she heads back inside to take another
shower. After having washed herself again she then comes out of the shower
with the towel around her. ”Grr... WHY are things not going the way I want
it to!” she talked to herself in anger. ”I don't have the time now to go
and fix myself up the usual way again, because Mickey will be here to pick
me up in any moment. I have to take the more lazy route. Now where have I
put the catalogue again. I'm going to order something that will make me
into the most beautiful woman the world has ever seen.” Minnie said as she
started to root in her pile of magazines. Eventually she finds what she's
looking for and starts to dial the number to the Ajax Warehouse. Minnie
tapped her foot as she waited for someone to answer the phone.

”Ah, at last.” she said as she heard someone answer at the other end of the
line. ”Well, hello. Is this the Ajax Warehouse? Oh, perfect. Now listen,
I'd like to order this device listed in your catalogue here.” she said and
puts her hand with the catalogue through her phone which pops up in front
of the worker's eyes, showing him the article of the device Minnie is
asking after. Minnie then pulls her arm out of her phone again and answers
his questions. ”Yeah, that's the one I want! I think it's called the
”Beauty-Maker”! I'd like to buy it if you still have it.” Minnie waited for
the worker to report back. ”So it's the last copy you have? Great, I'll
order it now! Make sure to deliver it to me fast.” said Minnie and puts the
phone down.

Meanwhile in Mickey's house Mickey has barely gotten his day started yet.
While watching his TV he suddenly falls asleep, and time passes until it
hits 12 'O clock, at which point Mickey wakes up. ”Yaawn... now that's what
I call a good nap.” Mickey yawned as he got up. Not realizing the time, he
walked into his bathroom to brush his teeth, which takes about 15 minutes.
After having his teeth brushed clean he sets out to change his wear into
his more appropriate everyday clothes; his trademark yellow shoes and red
shorts, and only that takes him a further 10 minutes. ”There. Now I'm all
dressed up and ready!” Mickey said and was about to head downstairs again,
but decided to have a look at the table clock. ”Gosh!!” he gasped as he saw
the time on the clock. ”I'm late for Minnie!” said Mickey and stormed out
of his house in hurry.

Back over at Minnie's house, Minnie has already received her delivery, and
is about to unpack the package. ”There then. I better hope I don't have to
put the whole thing together by myself.” she said as she started to open it
up. ”Well lookie-lookie! My Beauty-Maker is all ready to go it seems.”
Minnie said and began to unveil the usage-instructions. ”Hm.. so all I have
to do is choose the type of beautifying process and then the machine takes
care of the rest for me? This is getting even better and better!” Minnie
said and dragged the curtains on the windows in the room so nobody could
see in, and took the device into her bathroom.

She then turned it on and began choosing the kind of beautification
setting, but by accident she clumsily hits a lever on the machine with her
leg, making the display say ”Transform” instead of ”Beautify”. Minnie then
goes inside the Beauty-Maker and pulls up the curtain. The machine then
does the whole work, and after just a few seconds the process is done. The
curtain is unveiled as Minnie walks out of it. Only her legs are shown
right now, but they seem to be more of an orange color. The camera then
pans out to reveal that Minnie's appearance now has changed to that of
Daisy Duck. ”There. I think I look much more pretty by now.” Minnie said
and starts looking at herself in the mirror.

”OH NOO!!!” she screamed at the sight as she saw herself in the mirror.
”What has happened to me?? Why am I looking like Daisy?” she asked herself
in confusion. Just then the doorbell rings. ”Who is it?” Minnie shouted
out. Outside her house Mickey Mouse was now standing at her door, waiting
for her. ”It's me, hu-ha. Mickey Mouse! I came here to pick you up,
remember?” Mickey said. ”You are ready to go for the fashion contest now,
aren't ya?” he asked. ”Um... nobody's home!” Minnie shouted. ”Oh dear,
Mickey must never find this out!!” she said to herself and goes back into
the Beauty-Maker machine to get her appearance changed back again.

”Ok, I'll try this button and see what happens.” Minnie said and pressed a
button, and walks into the machine. After the machine's finished the
curtain is then unveiled, but now she looks like Donald instead. ”Oh no!”
Minnie said and pressed another button on the Beauty-Maker and headed back
inside again. In her subsequent attempts to fix her look, after the curtain
is unveiled each time she's having different appearances, ranging from
looking like Pluto, Devil Pluto, Angel Pluto, Goofy, Pete, and even Gosalyn
from the Darkwing Duck series. On her last attempt at fixing herself (still
looking like Gosalyn at this point), she spots the lever on the machine and
pulls it back to its original position, and goes back inside to fix her
appearance once and for all.

After the Beauty-Maker is done the curtain is unveiled once more, but to
Minnie's disappointment she still has Daisy's appearance. ”Oh, it's just NO
use!” Minnie said and storms out of her house, determined to fix her look
before the Beauty-Fashion contest begins. ”B-but... Daisy?! What are you
doing in Minnie's house??” Mickey asked her, believing that Minnie is
Daisy. ”None of your right to know! And I'm NOT Daisy!!” she exclaimed, but
realizes that she was almost about to reveal the truth, and immediately
runs off to a ajax store, leaving Mickey standing there in confusion.

A little while later Minnie returns with some sort of bottle in her hand.
As Minnie is about to head back in to her house Mickey sees the thing she
holds in her hand. ”Whatcha' got there Daisy?” he asked her. ”Perfume.” she
lied to him. ”But, it says ”Appearance-Reverser”!” Mickey points out to
her. Minnie takes a look at the bottle label ”Um... it is just a little
gift for Minnie.” she said and closed the door in front of Mickey. ”Hmpf...
girls.” Mickey says to himself as he starts to sit down on the stairs to
Minnie's house again.

Back in Minnie's house she's now in the kitchen to open the bottle she
bought and drinks a bit of it. In just a flash her appearance is now
changed back to her normal self. ”Ah, finally! Now I can go back to the
Beauty-Maker machine and do things properly!” she said and headed back to
the bathroom where she presses a button on the machine and is about to go
in to have her beautification process made, but accidentally hits the lever
again, this time in the opposite direction and also breaking it. The
display on the machine now says ”Beautify and Bigger” instead of just

After the Beauty-Maker is finished Minnie then comes out of it, and is now
looking like the most beautiful girl in the world, completely brimming with
diamond necklaces and bracelets, a tiara on her head, a diamond ring on the
finger of her left hand and a long, sparkling purple dress that ends just
above her feet. ”Wow. Now THAT'S the type of beauty I wanted! Mickey will
woo over me when he sees my new look!” Minnie said and was about to head
out of the bathroom, but bumps her head in the doorframe. ”Ow! How did I
end up bumping my head in the frame like that? Are my heels too high
maybe?” she said as she tried to press herself out.

After some struggle she gets herself out and lands on the floor. She soon
notices that somethings not quite right with her surroundings. ”Hang on a
minute. My house weren't this small earlier!” she said and kept looking
around the main room. She then looks at herself as things around her seem
to slowly get smaller and smaller. ”Wait now... It's not the house that's
shrinking. It is ME who's growing!!” Minnie said in shock. ”Minnie!! Are
you in there? I haven't got all day standing here waiting for you!” Mickey
shouted from outside. ”Coming Mickey!!” she shouted back to him. ”Gulp.. No
one must ever see me like this!” she said and tried to look for something
to hide herself with. She then opened the door and tried to get herself
out, but gets stuck in the doorframe. ”Um, Mickey..” she asked him and
quickly hid herself with a newspaper. ”Yeah Minnie?” Mickey asked her.
”Could you maybe start walking away to the competition yourself? You don't
need to stand here and wait for me you know. I'll be coming after you a
little bit later.” said Minnie. ”Alright. I'll do as you say.” Mickey
sighed. ”But you WILL be coming to the contest when you're done with
whatever thing it is you need to do, right?”

”Yes, I will.” Minnie replied. After Mickey is almost out of sight Minnie
tries to squeeze herself out of the doorframe. After a few attempts she
finally gets herself free, but also manages to break the doorframe after
doing so. Wasting no time, Minnie started walking away to the contest.

After catching up with Mickey they're now heading to town to take part in
the fashion contest. As they keep walking Mickey can't help but wonder why
Minnie's hiding herself behind a newspaper. ”Um.. Minnie. Sorry I'm asking
this, but... why are you covering yourself?” he asked her. Minnie was now
about a quarter bigger than Mickey himself. ”Aw, nothing special. I just
like reading the paper while out on my walks.” she answered. ”Alright.
Anyway, I think you'll be winning the contest today, I can tell it for
sure. WHAT could possibly go wrong?” Mickey said.

As they walk Minnie then lowers the paper to reveal herself a little when
Mickey isn't looking. ”Oh, I hope the contest will be turning out alright.
It's only gone about a few minutes, and I'm already almost taller than most
things around here!” she said to herself quietly. ”Anything you wanted to
say Minnie?” Mickey asked her. Minnie quickly hid herself again as he
turned his head towards her. ”Oh, nothing Mickey.” she said. ”O-k...?”
Mickey said. ”I could've sworn you were talking about something. Or maybe
it's my imagination... Mind the fire hydrant in front of you!” Mickey
warned her. ”Where??” she said as she walked into the hydrant and fall
over. But she quickly gets up on her feet again. ”I told you to mind the
fire hydrant Minnie.” said Mickey.

They continue on, but then Minnie ends up having her dress splashed over by
a passing car driving on a pool of water. Then a seagull flies down on her
and starts pulling her ears. ”Aah, let go of my ears!! Let go! Shoo, shoo
with you!” Minnie said and took a piece of a fence to fight off the
seagull. ”Um... you need any help Minn??” Mickey asked in concern as he
heard the fight going on behind him. ”Ahn... No Mickey, I'm fine!” she said
and manages to fend off the bird.

A little while later Mickey and Minnie have arrived in the building that
houses the competition. Daisy Duck are also taking part in the contest.
They're now inside the restroom where they wait for Minnie to be called out
to show herself. ”Ok Minnie, this is it! And remember that I'm gonna
support you ALL the way through!” he said. ”And could you please get out
from behind the curtain now! It's gonna be your turn next!”

”Um, Mickey. I'm not sure if I want to do this..” Minnie told him. ”Aw,
come on Minnie. It's not like it's gonna be a total disaster or anything. I
assure that things are gonna turn out just alright.” Mickey said to her.
”Oh, here it comes. They're about to call out your name now!”

”And one of the last few contestants of this competition today is...” a
female voice sounded through the speakers. ”Ok Minnie, time for you come
out now!” Mickey shouted to her. ”Ok, I'll try!” said Minnie as she tried
to stand up. The female announcer then begins to call out Minnie's name.
”Our newest contestant; Minnie Mouse, with Mickey Mouse as her supporter!!”
After saying that a loud crash is heard from inside the restroom. This
surprises Mickey for a bit. ”Hu-ha! … Em, I'll go and check what's going on
in there.” Mickey said and walked in to the room again. The camera remains
on the same spot as he goes in. ”What's going on Minnie?” Mickey asks her.
”Um... I seem to have gotten a bit of a problem here.” she said. ”Aw come
on now, don't be shy! As long as I'm here nothing bad is going to happen.”

”But, but what if things starts going awry? Like, if my dress would be torn
apart or got dirty?” she tried to excuse herself. ”Why are you so afraid of
coming out now? Don't you want to show to the other girls how pretty you
look?!” Mickey asked her again, growing a bit impatient and concerned.
”Er... I-I don't know, I just wanna get back home now!!” Minnie started to
protest. ”Look, it is too late to back out of it now! You've got to show
yourself to the public!” Mickey said and began pulling her out. After
almost getting Minnie out of the restroom the wall then starts breaking
apart. ”WHAT?!” Mickey said in complete shock as he looked up. In just a
moment the entire wall breaks into pieces, revealing Minnie at a rather
giant size, almost reaching up to the roof of the building. Minnie is
stricken with fear and begins to sit down on her knees and cover her eyes.

”W-what has happened to you Minnie?? Y-you're GIANT!?” He asked. ”Oh
Mickey. I feared that you would eventually find this out!” She said while
shaking in fear. ”Well, at least your dress looks gorgeous, that's the main
point!” Mickey replied nervously. ”But HOW did you end up like this??” he
asked her. ”Well. I... I just don't know!” Minnie said nervously, not
wanting to talk about the whole thing in front of the public. ”What do you
mean with ”don't know”? Of course there has to be a cause for your
bigness!” Mickey said. ”Well hello, if it isn't Mickey and Minnie.” said

”Well, she asked me to be her support basically. Are you the only one to be
attending this contest along with Minnie?” Mickey replied. ”Um, yes. Now
don't take this the wrong way, but how do you think a giant girl like that
is supposed to win a beauty contest. She's going to destroy things in here
as soon as she moves even if by little! And HOW exactly would you be of any
help to her in this case?” Daisy said to him. ”And WHAT do you know about
it hunh?” said Mickey to Daisy. ”She may be bigger than the all of us, but
she's still got what it takes, and I'll be on her side at all times. Ok
Minnie, bring the show on. Show 'em what you're made of!” Mickey encouraged

”M-me, already??” asked Minnie. ”Yes. Now, come on. The others won't be
having a chance against us! I'm cheering for ya!” said Mickey. ”Um... o-ok.
I-I'll try.” Minnie stammered nervously and began standing up, but as soon
as she's about to start her performance she trips and falls over, causing a
bit of damage to things here and there in the process. ”Gosh...” Mickey
sighed to himself in confusion and disbelief. Minnie, now sitting down
after the fall, was shaking with fear and guilt over her mistake. ”Oh
Mickey, I don't think I can do it at this size!” she said. ”Of course you
can. Don't let a single little accident get the better of you!” Mickey
started to persuade her, growing a little worried over the thought of her
not being able to win the contest.

”Realize it Mickey. You two won't be able to win this contest the way
Minnie is now! Besides that, I look much more pretty than she does!” Daisy
told him. ”Hey, no one judges the prettiness of my girlfriend here!!”
Mickey began scolding her. ”If she DID look absolutely horrible to you,
then I'd do anything to...” Mickey was about to finish, but sees Minnie
overhearing him. ”Y-you think I look ugly Mickey??!” she asked him in
confusion. ”... aw schucks...” Mickey thought to himself. ”No Minnie, I
don't think you look ugly!” he said to Minnie. ”Well, I didn't say she
looked absolutely terrible, but I don't think her style is right for this
competition.” said Daisy. ”Daisy, stop it!” Mickey began getting frustrated
with Daisy's criticizing of Minnie's wearing and began to tell her off.
”Look, you can say that about yourself a few times. Minnie is my girfriend,
and no matter how hideous her choices of wearing may seem like, I still...”

As Mickey was about to finish off his sentence yet again, Minnie has been
listening to all the talk going on. Thinking Mickey no longer loves her
because of her wearing, she began to stand up and burst into tears, and
starts running out of the building. ”... I still love her, right Minn?”
Mickey finished off. ”She's already heading out.” Daisy informed Mickey.
”Huh? Minnie, wait!” Mickey shouted to her. ”Um... hu-ha... well, looks
like I screwed up a little… Now, if y'all excuse me... Minnie!!”

Mickey began to run after her. Outside of the building, a hole in the wall
then appears with Minnie coming out of it as she runs off towards the park.
Just by then Mickey comes out of the building. ”Hm... where did she run off
to?? I can see some footprints in the ground leading to the park. Maybe's
she's in there!” Mickey said and runs in to the park to try to find Minnie.
After traversing nearly the first half of it, he stops for a while to rest.
”Phew...” he said while panting in exhaustment. ”How in the world can such
a big woman move so fast??” as he asked himself that question he then hears
someone sobbing. Those squeaky, female cries sounded like Minnie to his
ears, so he hurries off to find her.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the middle of a grassy field, Minnie is seen
sitting on her knees crying. Mickey then arrives to see her being in deep
tears. He walked over to where she was sitting and tried to talk to her.
”Minnie?” He asked. ”W-who?” Minnie asked back while she continued to sob.
”Um... oh, it was nothing.” he replied, but immediately took back his
response and asked Minnie yet again. ”Um... you have any problem with me
sitting here with you?” Mickey asked her. ”No, that's ok with me.” she said
to him. Mickey then sat himself down on Minnie's side.

”Um... you know...” Mickey began. ”I... I'm really sorry for what happened
at the contest earlier. I didn't really mean to talk dirt about you or
anything. I was just surprised at seeing you at such a big scale, and at
that same time I was also in the middle of an argum....” he said. ”Aw, no
need to try to explain yourself.” Minnie interrupted him. ”I think what you
guys said about me was true. I'm nothing but a giant disaster machine to
many now! Even so, I now know that you actually don't like me because of
what I wear! I'd never believe that you would ever say that to me!” she
said and began to cry once more.

”Aw, come on Minn. Of course I love you!” Mickey tried to console her. ”But
could you tell me a bit on how you came to grow so large? I'd really like
to know about that.” Mickey asked her. ”Well, it started earlier this day.
You see, before we would be leaving to participate in the contest, I
decided to try a new machine that I ordered that would make me into the
most beautiful woman the world has ever seen. But I made a small mistake
and I saw myself being tranformed into Daisy, and then into other
characters as well. I then managed to fix my appearance, and after the
machine has done its work on me I finally turned out pretty. But something
apparantly went wrong yet again; I began to slowly outgrow my house. Not
wanting you or anyone else to find out, I decided to hide myself from
everyone's view hoping the competition would be going just fine... but
after all of what's happened so far, I think my chances of winning the
contest are now near to none. Daisy's apparantly much more prettier than
I'am...” she said and starts to shed some tears again.

”Don't listen to her, nor to my random rambling.” Mickey said to Minnie.
”However, I think it would have been better if you told me about that
incident of your's before we headed off so we could find a way to reverse
it.” said Mickey. ”Maybe I should have thought about it. But I were in a
bit of stress and didn't simply feel like having to delay it further.” said
Minnie. ”Hm.. well, I suppose stress do play a bit of role there. But don't
worry, because no matter your size, in my eyes you're still the cute and
sweet Minnie that I've always known.” Mickey said to her. Minnie's tears
stopped as she heard him saying that and began to smile at him a little.

”Y-you think so?” she asked. ”Yes. And no matter what anyone says about
you, your beauty is beyond any other comparision out there! I mean, look at
yourself. You've got a wonderful sparkling purple dress. You're wearing a
diamond-encrusted necklace on your neck, a pair of bracelets on the wrists
of your arms, the most beautiful tiara on the head. And lastly, you wear
the most perfect-looking heels that I've ever seen you wearing before. What
could possibly go wrong? You're perfect for the Beauty Fashion contest, and
I'm sure you'll be beating all the other contestants there!” Mickey praised
and encouraged her.

”Really? Y-you're not saying this just to make me happy now, are you??”
Minnie asked. ”Of course not. I'm honest with what I say. Your style is
simply stunning, and now that you're big I think you'll be having a even
bigger chance of winning the contest.” as Mickey says that Minnie starts
having happy tears on her face and lays herself down on the grass to hug
him ”Aaw, that's the sweetest thing you've ever said to me.” said Minnie
and began to hug Mickey, not aware that her hugging is nearly squeezing the
air out of him. ”Um.. Minnie! Y-you're nearly... hugging the... the air out
of me!!” said Mickey as his face starts to turn blue. ”Oh, sorry!” Minnie
said and loosened her grip to make sure not to hug him too hard.

”You know Mickey. I think I could live with being at this size. It has been
a very long time since I really could cuddle myself up with you like this!”
said Minnie. ”Yeah, but don't make it too much of a habit.” said Mickey and
asks Minnie to put him down. She puts him down on the ground and they start
to walk away. ”You think I'll be winning the contest at this size?” Minnie
asked Mickey. ”Oh, sure! Like I said before, nothing's gonna go wrong from
here on. We'll be winning it in a flash!” said Mickey as they started to
walk out of the park.

Later Mickey and Minnie are now back at the competition again, hoping to be
able to win it despite of Minnie's size. ”So, I see you guys came back
again!” Daisy asked Mickey. ”Yes Daisy. And I'd rather not wanna hear any
bragging about who's the most beautiful woman. Minnie is a bit sensitive of
herself at times, and what you said about her earlier probably hurt her
feelings!” Mickey told Daisy.

”Yeah. Suppose I was being a bit rough on her.. but I think I'll still win
the contest regardless!” said Daisy. ”Just you wait Daisy. We may be
friends, but even friends can sometimes be competitive. I'll be sweeping
the whole contest with my beauty!” Minnie told her. ”Hah. We'll see about
it.” said Daisy. ”Ok Minnie, get ready now. The competition is about to
begin soon.” Mickey tells Minnie. ”Ok Mickey. How do you think I look?”
Minnie said and began posing in front of Mickey. ”You look incredibly cute
in that dress!” Mickey replied. ”Thanks Mickey!” Minnie said as she let out
a giggle.

”Hm...” Mickey began to think as he saw Daisy pass by him with a rope in
her hands. ”Er, Daisy. Where'd you get that rope, and what are you going to
use it for?” Mickey stopped her. ”Oh, nothing special. Just as a safeguard
in case things wouldn't go as planned.” Daisy lied a little and ran off to
get up on stage. ”Hm... Daisy's got a rope, and plans to use it for
something... Hang on, I think I get it now; She's going to use it on Minnie
to make sure she fails the contest! Well, guess I have to play it a little
unfair as well and try to make sure Minnie wins the contest!” said Mickey
and began to prepare his move.

Later, as Daisy has finished her showoff, it is now Minnie's turn. She
slowly approached the platform, but turned back to talk to Mickey. ”Are you
sure that I'll be doing better than the others?” Minnie asked him. ”Of
course! What else could be going wrong?” Mickey answered. ”Now, get out
there and show the public what you're made of. I'll be cheering for you!”

”Ok, I'll do my best!” said Minnie and began to build up courage, and
starts walking out. ”Ok, now's the time for me to go and check what Daisy's
up to.” Mickey said to himself and headed out. Below the stage Daisy is
seen with the rope in her hand, unaware that Mickey is spying on her. ”Hah,
just like I thought. Daisy IS going to try ruin Minnie's performance! I've
got to stop her.” Mickey said and sneaked over to her back, making sure not
to catch her attention. As she was about to tie the two ends of the rope
onto the platform to make Minnie trip on it Daisy suddenly tripped over,
landing on her behind.

”H-hey, what just happened??” Daisy asked herself in confusion, and then
sees Mickey in front of her eyes. ”Oh, eh... Hi Mickey. What are YOU doing
down here? Was it you who made me fall over?!” she asked him. ”Yes. And
don't you think you can ruin Minnie's chances of winning the contest!”
Mickey said.

”Oh yeah. Just try it. You won't be able to stop me. I'm gonna win this no
matter what!” Daisy said and ran off to another hiding spot to hatch a new
plan. Mickey followed her, hiding himself from her view. Daisy now has a
bottle of peanut butter in her hand, and pours some of it on the spot where
Minnie is going to walk. ”Aw gee! Minnie sure is going to slip on that
spot!!” He said and rushed up onto the stage with a bucket of water and a
mop in hand, and began to frantically clean it off, but the mop then flies
off his grip and is flung up right on Minnie's face. ”Ow!!” she said as it
hit her on the eye. ”Ops... he he.” Mickey said and requested the personel
to come up and clean the peanut butter off the stage. He then rushed down
and hid before Minnie could see him.

Meanwhile, Daisy is outraged to see her new plan being ruined by Mickey.
While she did chuckle a little over Mickey's little accident on the stage,
that wasn't enough for her to give up. ”Oh, I'm NOT going to let them win
at any cost! Time for plan C!” Daisy said and rushed off to find a new
thing to use for sabotaging Minnie's performance with.

On the stage, Minnie is doing rather well with her show. Her new size also
further boosts her popularity amongst the audience. Mickey is watching the
performance, but also has to look out for Daisy, because she could likely
show up again at any time. And sure enough, after about ten minutes Daisy
returns with a bucket of strong glue. ”Well hello Daisy. I see that you're
back again!” said Mickey. ”Yep, and this time it is I who shall take the
prize!” Daisy said.

”And WHAT are you going to try now?” he asked her. ”Super strong glue. What
else!” she said and headed over to where Minnie was standing. She was
intent on trying to glue Minnie's feet to the ground. But before she could
even start pouring the glue all over Minnie's feet Mickey quickly took the
bucket away from her. ”Ha. You better not do that!” he said. ”Hey, give it
back to me!” Daisy shouted. ”Now, you give it to me!!” Mickey protested
back. This fight goes on for a while, and eventually Daisy is able to
retrieve the bucket from Mickey, but loses her grip of it, which makes it
fall on the feet of Minnie, essentially gluing her to the floor. It then
lands on Daisy herself and bounces off, covering her entire body in glue.

Mickey is amused over Daisy's misfortune at first, but then the bucket hits
him on the head which makes him walk around in a rather dizzy way. He then
gets his one foot stuck in the bucket. After regaining his sight of things,
he sees that his left foot is now stuck in the bucket. ”Aw schucks! How did
it end up on my foot like this?!” said Mickey and tried to shake it off,
but ends up getting his other foot stuck in it as well. ”Oh gosh...” Mickey
sighed. He heard Daisy laughing at him in the background. ”Ha ha ha ha!
Looks like you've gotten yourself in a bit of trouble there.” Daisy said.
”Yeah, but YOU seem to have gotten yourself stuck as well, heh heh!” Mickey
laughed back at her.

”That's not nice of you to say you know.” said Daisy. ”Besides, my plan
appears to have succeeded! Just look at Minnie over there on the platform.
She won't be able to do anything now.”

”Oh no. It is the final moment of the contest, and now Minnie can't even
move her feet. I have to get up there and free her somehow, or we will lose
the contest altogether!” Said Mickey and tried to move, but realized his
feet were still stuck in the glue bucket. ”Grr... aw, looks like I have to
hop my way there then.” he said and began to angrily hop his way to Minnie
in embarrassment as Daisy laughed at him again. At the same time, Minnie
has started to notice that she somehow can't move. She tries to get her
feet off the floor, but yet she's unable to move. ”What is going on here??”
Minnie started to grow worried, almost to the point of being upset.

Just then Mickey has finally gotten up on the stage, still hopping around
with his feet stuck in the bucket. The noises he makes while hopping
catches Minnie's attention. ”Hunh...? Mickey, what are you doing here?? And
why do you have a bucket on your feet?” she asked him. Mickey stopped and
looked up at Minnie. ”Oh, Hi Minnie. Well, I... erm...” Mickey was about to
start, but Minnie interrupted him ”Mickey.. You don't suppose you could
help me out here? My feet seem to be stuck, and I can't move!” said Minnie.
”Well, I was just about to get to the point.” he said. ”Daisy has been
trying to make sure that you fail the contest, her latest plan being to
glue your feet to the floor, but it gone a bit out of hand, and she ended
up getting herself covered in glue, and me getting my feet stuck in the

”What?? Is it Daisy who has glued my feet?!” Minnie wondered, trying to
make sense of it all. ”Yes. And I promise I'm not lying!” Mickey said. ”How
COULD she do that to me?! I thought we were friends..” she said. ”Well, I
suppose the only thing she had on mind was to win. But I hope she's learned
her lesson. Now, how am I supposed to get those pretty feet of yours free?
They're practically glued to the floor.” Mickey said and hopped over to
Minnie to help her out. ”Um, Mickey. Wouldn't it be a good idea to get that
bucket off of your feet first?” Minnie asked him. ”You think you can remove
it?” he asked her back. ”Oh yeah. I can at least bend myself down to pick
you up.” she said and bent herself down to pick Mickey up. She tried to
remove the bucket from him, but it simply won't come off.

”Ooh, how deep have you been jumping into that bucket? It's almost like
your feet are all glued to it.” She said as she kept trying to get the
bucket off of him. ”That's because the glue in the bucket is very strong.
But I know you can do it. I'd really like to be able to move normally
again!” Mickey said and kept biting his teeth as Minnie tried to remove the
bucket from his feet. After some hard pulling she finally manages to pull
him out of it. ”Phew... There Mickey, you're all free now.” she said and
gave him a kiss, she then puts him down on the floor again. ”Gee, thanks
Minnie!” he said. ”Now is your turn, and I've got a feeling that it isn't
going to be so easy..”

Mickey proceeds to grab one of Minnie's shoes and attempts to lift it up,
hoping to get it free. It's of no use however, because Minnie is too heavy
for him to lift, and the fact that her feet is glued to the floor makes it
all the harder for him. Mickey keeps on trying, but then grows tired and
stops to rest. ”Aw, it's just hopeless.” he said to himself. ”But Mickey, I
can't stand in this spot all day! You've got to free me somehow!!” Minnie
started to get very upset. ”Ok ok, calm down Minnie! I'll try to think of
something. If only all of this could be washed away somehow...” Mickey said
to himself as he tried to think of an idea. But then it hit him. ”I've got
it! Maybe we could wash the glue away with water.” he said in confidence.
”What?” asked Minnie, but he had already run off. ”Hey Mickey, where did
you go? … Is he just leaving me to stand here when I need his help??” she
said as she started to cry.

Over to Daisy, where she is still standing on the same spot, she overhears
Minnie's crying, and starts to feel guilty for what she has done. ”Aw...
poor girl. Why did I even do it to Minnie? … ah yes, it was because I
wanted to win the contest. I doubt I will now though, seeing that I'm all
glued in place.” Daisy said to herself and tried to forget about her desire
to win. ”I've ought to help her out!” she said and tried to move, but could
barely go anywhere. ”Sigh... Looks like I'm the one who's done in by now..”
she sighed to herself.

A few minutes later Mickey returns with a hose. ”Don't worry Minnie, we've
got a water hose, AND I'm going to put it into great use!” said Mickey and
aimed the hose at Minnie's feet. ”Gulp... Y-you're not going to spray water
on me like that?!!” she asked nervously, unsure of what Mickey was planning
to do. ”Oh no, I'm only aiming it at your shoes, nothing else. You'll be
free in no time!” said Mickey and turned on the hose. ”Oh, right... I guess
my shoes needs a little cleaning.” said Minnie and nervously grinded her
teeth while awaiting the wash her feet were going to get.

Mickey then started to spray water on her shoes. Not seeing the glue go
away, Mickey raises the pressure on the hose. Minnie watches him from above
as he tries to free her. ”Come on Mickey, you can do it!! … must say though
that my feet kinda starts to itch now.” said Minnie. Meanwhile beneath her,
Mickey is still trying to wash away the glue. ”Gosh, this sure isn't going
swell! Afraid I need to raise the pressure some more!” said Mickey and
raised the pressure to max, but he accidentally sets it to ”Intense”, and
out of the hose comes a strong jet of water. This time the glue is washed
away from Minnie's feet, finally freeing her from her spot. But she's soon
knocked down to sitting position by Mickey's hose which now has started to
fly around all over the room, with him still holding onto the handle.
During the flight the hose sprays water all over Daisy, freeing her as
well(but not without sending her flying to the feet of Minnie).

A little while later, Mickey and the hose then stops in midair, and starts
falling down. Minnie sees this and catches him before he falls to the
ground. ”Woah. Thanks Minnie!” he thanked her for saving him. The two then
look at the now all-wet Daisy, who is feeling ashamed of her bad act.
”Oh...” Daisy sighed. ”I'm so sorry for what has happened Minnie. It is all
my fault.”

”It sure is.” said Mickey. ”Aaw, don't worry about it Daisy. You were just
getting carried away at the thought of winning the contest.” Minnie said
and sat down on her knees to be somewhat more at Daisy's level. ”I forgive
you, because we're friends.” said Minnie. ”But what about the performance?
I wonder how well we did...” Mickey asked. ”Hm... Well...” Daisy said as
she looked around the room; nearly everything has been destroyed by
Mickey's water hose, including the prize trophy that Minnie was so close to
win. ”Aw gosh... that means it's draw for the both of us then.” said Mickey
in disappointment.

”Ooh no. And I was so close to win the contest!” Minnie said as she let a
couple tears run down her face. ”Aw Minnie, don't worry. I'll buy you
something really nice on our way home, like a shiny diamond ring or
something. How's that sound?” Mickey told her. ”Ah, Mickey...” she said and
kissed him. They then started to head home, with Daisy going her own way
and the others going their way. ”Well. It's a shame neither of us won the
competition. But that doesn't matter. What matters more to us is that we
had some sort of fun today, right Minnie?” asked Mickey, still sitting on
the palms of Minnie.

”Yeah. And what more, I've also become a giantess now.” she said. ”I know.
Would you want to stay like this?” Mickey asked her again. ”Hm... I'd
really want to remain as a giantess. But at some point it does have to end.
Now... what about that diamond ring you told me about?” she asked Mickey
while giving him a wink. ”We'll get to that point soon enough. I know of a
nearby jewelry store that has what we're looking for. Only thing I don't
know, is whether they have anything in your size!” Mickey said to Minnie.
”Oh, I'm sure they do have something for me!” said Minnie and gave him a
smile as they continue to walk home.