6 Foot Gadget


Monterey Jack, or Monty as he was known by his friends, pulled as hard as he could on the rope from ground level. Chip and Dale were keeping the oversized calculator balanced, Zipper gave guided directions on how much to lean the device, and Gadget? Well, she just cheered everyone on from the highest branch of the tree. That's because it housed the newest area of Rescue Ranger headquarters, completed four weeks ago, in fact. That's where Gadget could finally store all the 'junk' that she has collected from the many Rescue Rangers adventures.
"Almost there, guys! You're doing great!" Gadget shouted.
"Yeah... that's easy for you to say, Gadget love..." Monty said to himself in between breaths.
"Oh, be careful! That calculator was not easy to find! I've been wanting one of these for years!" Gadget shouted. Dale watched as a bird flew by and he temporarily lost concentration by leaning closer towards Chip.
"Dale! Watch where you're leaning!" Chip said as he bonked his partner on the head.
"Yikes! Sorry, Chip!" Dale said as he stood back on his end of the calculator.

Finally, the calculator made it to the branch that Gadget was standing on. The two chipmunks hopped off the device and onto the branch, pulling the calculator until it hovered over the branch.
"Okay, we're here! You can let go, Monty!" Gadget shouted. Monty did just that, and the calculator was safely on the branch.
"Whew... Really, Gadget, hadn't we already gotten one of those oversized calcuating thingys?" Monty said.
"Well, you can never have too many of them! Now come on up here. We've gotta get this thing inside the garage." Gadget said, using the term she gave her new space. Chip felt bad for making Monty do all that hard work, plus he wanted to spend a little 'close' time with Gadget, so he was quick to make a suggestion.
"Wait, Gadget! Why don't Dale and I push this thing into your new work space? I think Monty deserves a little down time." Chip said.
"Well, thanks, Chip old mate! Although I don't necessarily need the break, but still..." Monty said. He then entered the door at the bottom of the massive tree, which would lead to headquarters. At the top branch, Chip and Dale got to work pushing the calculator into the 'garage.'
"Come on, Dale! Push harder!" Chip shouted.
"Are you kidding? This thing weighs like a brick!" Dale said.
"Hold on, guys! I'll give you a hand." Gadget said as she and Zipper joined in on the pushing.

Eventually, the calculator was fully inside the garage, tucked in against one of the walls. They were lucky to find the empty spot, because to the west of the garage's entrance was a bunch of devices stacked together.
"There! Nice work, team!" Gadget said.
"Wow... you sure have collected a lot of stuff, Gadget!" Chip said.
"I know! The Metamorphosizer, the Beverage Carbonator, the Magno-Ray, the Gyromobile... the Nut Cracker? I thought I threw that piece of trash away?" Gadget said.
"Well, don't throw it away! That's my favorite invention!" Dale said.
"Easy for you to say, nut brain!" Chip said.
"Oh, there's the Molecular Audio Empathizer, the F.O.G.I.E. Ray, and the Gigantico Gun. A lot of these though we did get from Professor Nimnul after he was finally arrested." Gadget said. Then, suddenly, Monty came running into the room.
"Crikey, lads! I just remembered we gotta get down to the police station and look for cases!" Monty said.
"You're right, Monty! We almost forgot! Let's get down there, pronto!" Chip said.
"Listen, why don't you guys go ahead? I've gotta update my inventory now that we've got this calculator here." Gadget said.
"Hey, wait... how come she gets to..." Dale said, but was cut off when Chip put a hand on Dale's mouth.
"Okay, Gadget! We'll come get you if something comes up. We'll take the Rangermobile!" Chip said.
"I'm driving, mates!" Monty said. He, Chip, and Dale soon ran out of the garage. Gadget, meanwhile, looked over the big pile of devices that filled the room.
"Well, time to start counting devices." Gadget said.

Several minutes later

Gadget had climbed her way over some of the machines to try and reach some of the other machines stacked on top of one another. She admitted to herself that it was kinda sloppy the way everything was stacked together, but it was better than nothing for the most part. She was adjusting a few screws on the Beverage Carbonator at the moment.
"Let's see, a little adjustment here, and a little adjustment there. It should work with no problems!" Gadget said. However, she would loosen one screw a little too much, and she watched as the screw bounced around as it fell down, hitting a switch from one of the devices before landing on the floor.
"Golly, Monty was right when he said one day I would have a screw loose!" Gadget said as she climbed down from the carbonator to the floor. She reached down to pick up the screw, but then looked back at the pile when she heard a low humming sound.
"Huh? Where is that noise coming from?" Gadget said. She walked towards the mess of machines, moving around until the humming noise got louder. She finally found the source of the humming, and recognized what she was looking at.
"Uh oh... that's the..." Gadget said, but then the gun fired the green laser bolt, striking the mechanical genius. When the green color faded out from Gadget's entire body, she finished her thought.
"...Gigantico Gun!" Gadget said. She ran closer to the device and checked up on the dial at the back of the machine. There were three different colored switches on the dial, Shrink (white), Grow (red), and Stop (green). Just as Gadget feared, the switch was on the red.
"I better get out of here!" Gadget said. She then ran right out of the garage, and made her way down the tree, branch by branch. She eventually made it to the bottom of the tree, on the grassy plain.
"Whew, that was close... and not a moment too soon. Here it comes!" Gadget said. Shortly after landing on ground level, that's when Gadget started growing. She slowly grew from her original height of roughly four inches tall, along the way wondering how big she was going to get. She feared it would be like what happened to Zipper, when he grew to 50 feet tall and was mistaken as an alien by the city.

Fortunately, that didn't happen, as Gadget felt the growing stopped when she hit an even 6 feet tall. Still, she felt pretty big, looking down on the ground where she was once a part of.
"Well... um, this is a new experience." Gadget said. She then could hear some familiar chatter behind her, along with the familiar buzzing of the Rangermobile.
"Huh? The Rescue Rangers are back already? I better not let them see me like this!" Gadget said. She walked around the tree and hid behind it, listening in on what her friends were saying.

Chip, Monty, Zipper, and Dale all returned via the Rangermobile, parking it down by the bottom of the tree for when Gadget would find a way to park it inside headquarters, or at least they thought that way. But in the meantime, they were discussing what they had heard at the police station.
"I'm telling you, it sounds like a case to me. Expensive jewelry just disappearing from inside the jewelry stores? Sounds mysterious to me!" Chip said.
"Who do you think it could be?" Dale said.
"I bet all my supply of cheddar cheese it's Fat Cat and his mates." Monty said.
"You could be right, Monty. We'll definitely need Gadget's help on this!" Chip said. While Gadget was listening in, she suddenly felt how wrong it would be if she hid her current situation from her friends.
"No, I can't hide from them like this. It'd probably be difficult to do that anyway. Okay, I have to do this..." Gadget said. She got up after sitting down against the tree, and she stepped out in plain view.
"Um... hi, guys!" Gadget said, awkwardly waving down at her small friends.
"Oh my gosh! Gadget turned us all into ants! That fortune cookie knew what it was talking about!" Dale shouted, only to receive another bonk in the head from Chip.
"Don't be silly, Dale! The only thing that's ant-sized is your brain!" Chip said.
"Crikey! What happened to you, Gadget love?" Monty said.
"Well, I was taking inventory, and fixing a few things here and there, and I accidentally activated the Gigantico Gun. Luckily I was able to get out before I grew." Gadget said.
"At least it wasn't me melon rind this time. Thank goodness for that, eh Zipper?" Monty said. Zipper simply nodded. Just then, Gadget walked up to her friends, standing just a couple feet away from them.
"Golly, you look so small from here. It's amazing how different the world looks from six feet tall." Gadget said. She then crouched down and held out her hands for Chip and the gang to climb on. As Gadget rose back to her feet, she placed Chip and Dale on both of her shoulders while she continued to hold Monty in her hands. Zipper, being a fly, simply flew around Gadget's head, though he would almost run into either Gadget's huge ears or her blue goggles at times.

"So, what are we going to do about this, Gadget?" Chip asked.
"Yeah! You're much too big to invent anything for us!" Dale said.
"Not necessarily, Dale. I can still invent things, although..." Gadget said. She then looked out away from the park, out towards the city in the distance.
"Although what, Gadget love?" Monty asked.
"Although... I mean... y'know? Hey, it just dawned on me. I'm six feet tall. I'm human-sized!" Gadget said.
"And your point is?" Dale asked.
"Don't you see, everyone? Think of all I could do for the human world! There's now no job out there that's too big for us! Well, for me, I mean..." Gadget said.
"She's right! She can tackle cases that are too big for us!" Chip said.
"And not just cases! Think of all I can do to help the humans! I could bring my expertise in inventing things to the humans! I can change the entire world!" Gadget said.
"Gee, Gadget love, I know it's great that you have some new advantages at that height, but do you really think you could change people for the better?" Monty said.
"Yeah, that might be stretching it. But we've just gotta go to the city! There has to be something I can do!" Gadget said. She started to take some steps towards the city, but Chip implored her to stop.
"Gadget, wait! You can't go into the city looking like that!" Chip said.
"What do you mean, Chip? I think she looks perfect!" Dale said.
"Think, stupid! How would the city react to seeing a six-foot-tall mouse?" Chip said.
"Too right... and one that has big goggles and the biggest ears I ever lay eyes on. Er, no offense, Gadget love." Monty said. Gadget just smiled.
"It's okay, Monty. No hard feelings, and Chip is right... we don't live in St. Canard, after all." Gadget said. As she was thinking of a way to disguise herself, Zipper looked on the dirt path of the park and noticed something that might help. Zipper flew near Gadget's ear and started speaking out. Gadget turned and looked at the little fly.

"What? What is it, Zipper?" Gadget said. Monty listened to what Zipper was saying and also looked towards where he was pointing.
"Good thinking, Zip, old pal!" Monty said as he too pointed at the object, which was a baseball cap.
"Hmmm... someone must've lost that during the strong breeze this morning." Dale said.
"That's perfect! We can use that to cover the top of Gadget's head!" Chip said. Gadget, right on top of things, walked over and picked up the hat. Chip and Dale had to hold on tight to Gadget's coveralls as she leaned down to pick up the hat (Monty was placed on the ground to free Gadget's hands). Gadget then threw the hat on top of her head. It concealed her blue goggles and about 75% of her large ears.
"Well, it's not perfect, but it'll have to do." Chip said.
"Nonsense, Chip old mate! You look fabulous, Gadget love!" Monty said.
"Awww... you're just saying that to make me feel better, aren't you?" Gadget said.
"Wait, don't I say things to make you feel better?" Dale said.
"Never mind! I think we're all set for human world exploration!" Chip said.
"Hold it there, mates! We gotta do something about that there tail." Monty said, with Gadget looking behind her and agreeing with Monty's assessment.
"Hmmm, yes. That's the only other thing we gotta conceal somehow." Gadget said.
"No worries about concealation, mates! Ol' Monterey has an idea. Gadget love, could you lay down on your stomach?" Monty said.
"Well, sure thing, Monty." Gadget said. She did just that, getting down on the ground and laying flat on her stomach. Chip and Dale hopped off Gadget and ran towards Monty, who jumped on Gadget's backside and grabbed her tail. She could definitely feel that despite being much bigger.
"Hey, not so hard back there!" Gadget shouted.
"Whoops! Sorry, Gadget love!" Monty said. Eventually, he was able to tie the tail up into a knot, like a shoelace.
"Tie it up like a shoelace? That's not gonna keep people from seeing it!" Chip said.
"Well, you must admit, mates, it's better than a long tail. Think of this as a boo-boo on her bottom!" Monty said.
"I'll take your word for it, Monty. Now come on, everyone! Let's head for the city." Gadget said. After getting back on her feet and placing Chip and Dale back on her shoulders, while Monty was put inside one of the pockets of her coveralls, Gadget began walking confidently towards the city.

"So where are we going first?" Chip asked.
"Yeah, it's a big city out there!" Dale said.
"Well, I was thinking of heading for the hardware store, just to pick up a real hammer or two..." Gadget said.

Gadget walked down the street admiring the sights and sounds of the city, for the first time at human size. Occasionally she would say hi to a few people that walked by her, but they didn't respond much, wanting to move on with their regular lives. Eventually, Gadget found the hardware store known as Hatten's Hardware. It was easily recognizable by the run down nature of the building as well as the sign kinda leaning downward, signs that did not go unnoticed by Gadget.
"Poor Mr. Hatten. The guy just can't catch a break." Gadget said.
"Too right... it's like a bomb was dropped on this place." Monty said.
"Man, that must've been some explosion... but how could those other buildings survive!?" Dale said.
"If only I wasn't on this shoulder, I oughta..." Chip said, but Gadget then picked up both chipmunks and put them in the same pocket as Monty.
"Shhhh... just act natural, guys. We don't want to raise suspicion, right?" Gadget said. She then entered inside Mr. Hatten's shop.

Gadget spent the next couple minutes just browsing around. She was amazed at how much more of the store she could see from her new perspective. She felt like she had gone to heaven with all the different tools laying around.
"Golly... look at all this hardware! Just think of what I can do with all these gadgets!" Gadget said.
"Well, that is why you're named Gadget, right?" Dale said from the pocket. Then, Mr. Hatten himself stepped out from a back room and took his place behind the sales counter. He watched Gadget doing her browsing, though he had no idea Gadget was a she just yet, thanks to the hat that she was wearing.
"Um, young man, can I help you?" Mr. Hatten said. Since there wasn't anyone else inside the place, Gadget could only assume that Mr. Hatten was referring to herself.
"Who? Me?" Gadget said.
"Mmmhmm... you're the only customer in here right now. And the only other man at that." Mr. Hatten said.
"Well, actually, I'm a girl, Mr. Hatten, sir." Gadget said with a smile.
"Huh? You don't look like no girl. What's with that hat then!?" Mr. Hatten said.
"Oh, um... my... my brother makes me wear it. He says I have to wear it to join his boys club..." Gadget said.
"Eh... kids these days. So, is there anything I can get for you?" Mr. Hatten said.
"Well, how about... how about this hammer?" Gadget said. She turned around and grabbed the hammer that she was looking for, then walked back to the counter and showed it to Mr. Hatten.
"Alrighty! That'll be $19.99." Mr. Hatten said. Gadget then gulped.
"Um... oops. I... uh... I don't have any money." Gadget said.
"Huh? What kind of goofy customer comes in without a single penny to show?" Mr. Hatten said.
"You mean aside from Donald Duck? Hahahaha!" Dale said, trying to add a punch line with the word goofy. Again, he gets a bonk in the head from Chip.
"Shhhhhhhhh!!!" Chip said.
"Crikey... guess Gadget love isn't used to getting the stuff the human way." Monty said.
"The human way?" Dale asked.
"You know, mate! Paying for it!" Monty said.
"Hey! I've got an idea! Gadget! Gadget!" Chip shouted.

Gadget could hear Chip crying out from her pocket, and so she looked at Mr. Hatten.
"Um... could you excuse me for a moment?" Gadget said. She then ran outside the hardware store and pulled Chip and friends out from her pocket.
"What is it, Chip?" Gadget asked.
"Why don't you offer some assistance to Mr. Hatten? Maybe that can help pay for that hammer!" Chip said. Monty immediately caught on to Chip's suggestion.
"Too right! I saw it in a movie once, Gadget love... a poor kid can't afford to buy something, so he works one day for the boss, and gets paid the money to buy something!" Monty said.
"Great idea... but what can I do for Mr. Hatten?" Gadget said. Zipper flew around Gadget to get her attention, and then he first flew up at the hanging sign. Next, he showed Gadget the paint that was peeling off the normally white walls of the exterior of the building. Gadget, even though she couldn't understand the gibberish that Zipper was saying, was able to catch on to the fly's thinking.
"Good thinking, Zipper! And you too... Chip. See? I'm not always the smartest one, am I?" Gadget said. She quickly slipped everyone back inside the pocket. She then walked back inside and saw Mr. Hatten about to put the hammer back where she found it.
"Um, excuse me, Mr. Hatten. But what if I became a temporary employee to help pay for the hammer?" Gadget said.
"Huh?" Mr. Hatten said.
"You know, just like at a restaurant, where if you don't pay you have to wash your own dishes. Maybe I can fix some things for you. Fix the sign outside or paint the walls... I am quite the handy girl, after all!"
"You could do those for me?" Mr. Hatten said.
"You bet!" Gadget said.
"Hmmm... you've got a very positive attitude, kid. Okay, you can have the hammer if you do both of those... and I like your work. And you only have four hours!" Mr. Hatten said.
"That'll be plenty of time." Gadget said, again with a smile.

We'll skip ahead about four hours. During that time, Gadget first very gingerly fixed up the sign at the top of the store. Borrowing a ladder and some nails, Gadget carefully straightened out the sign and then nailed it into perfect position. The next task was to clean up the worn-out walls, and that was no problem as soon as Gadget got her hands on a paint roller and some fresh white paint. Near the end of the four hours that she was allowed, she finished the painting. The place looked as good as new, and Mr. Hatten noted that as he came out to survey the work.
"Oh my... this is amazing work!" Mr. Hatten said.
"Why thank you, Mr. Hatten. So... can I keep that hammer that I wanted?" Gadget said.
"Well... it's hard to say no to a job like this. Very well, you can take it." Mr. Hatten said.
"Thanks! I'm glad I could help. I better get going now, there are big projects waiting for me now!" Gadget said. As Mr. Hatten watched Gadget walk away, he rubbed his chin as he looked over the newly redesigned exterior of his shop.
"Hmmm... maybe I should hire for assistance." Mr. Hatten said.

Gadget was eventually back in the park where Rescue Rangers headquarters were secretly located. She continued to admire her new hammer.
"Crikey, Gadget love. I hope you're not thinking of marrying that poor hammer." Monty said.
"Oh, don't worry, Monterey Jack. It's just a tool, I'll probably treat it just like I have every other tool after a while." Gadget said.
"Help! Somebody!" a young girl's voice called out.
"Sounds like someone's in trouble!" Chip said.
"We better check this out!" Gadget said. She ran over several yards away towards the source of the scream. Gadget soon found herself in front of a medium-sized tree. A little girl was calling up towards one of the branches.
"Hello, little girl. Is there something wrong?" Gadget said.
"Yes! My cat climbed up this tree and now she won't come down!" the girl said. Gadget looked up and saw the blonde cat sitting on one of the high branches.
"Oh dear! Don't worry, little girl, we'll save your friend. Won't we, guys?" Gadget said. She looked in one of her pockets at Chip and his friends.
"Right! We're the Rescue Rangers!" Chip said.
"At least there's no robotic canines involved this time!" Dale said. As Chip and Dale jumped out from Gadget's pocket and landed next to her feet, Monty stayed put inside.
"Hey, where's Monty?" Chip asked.
"Errrr... if you don't mind, mates, I'm gonna stay up here and keep Gadget love company." Monty said.
"Sorry, guys. You know Monty's story with cats." Gadget said.
"Right. Come on, Dale! Rescue Rangers away!" Chip said as he and Dale both quickly climbed up the tree. The little girl hadn't heard the conversation because she was busy wiping tears away, but she finally noticed the chipmunks climbing the tree.
"Huh? Chipmunks?" the girl said.
"Trust me, little girl. They're the best!" Gadget said.

Chip and Dale finally made it to the branch where the cat was resting (with Zipper flying up there as well for support). The cat looked at the chipmunks as they approached.
"Hello there, kitty! We're here to rescue you." Chip said.
"So what's your name?" Dale asked.
"Molly. Are you sure it's safe to come down? Are those scary moving boxes gone?" Molly said.
"Huh? Moving boxes?" Chip asked.
"Yeah. They looked like monsters! Some of those boxes had feet!" Molly said.
"Well, don't you worry. Those boxes appear to be gone now." Chip said.
"Yeah, and we'll find whatever was in those boxes!" Dale said.
"You will? Oh, that's great! But, how am I supposed to get down from here?" Molly said.
"Just jump! We've got a friend, Gadget, down there to catch you." Chip said. He pointed down at Gadget who stood at ground level.
"Whoa... your friend is quite big. Although, I didn't know chipmunks could befriend human beings." Molly said.
"That's because she's really a..." Dale said, but had his mouth covered up by Chip.
"Okay, Molly! Jump away!" Chip said.
"Well, here goes! Whoaaaa!" Molly shouted as she leapt into the air and fell towards the ground, but it was an easy catch by Gadget. She promptly gave Molly to her rightful owner, the little girl.
"Molly!! Thank you so much, ma'am." the little girl said.
"Awwww... it was nothing, really." Gadget said.
"I better get going. My parents must be worried by now. Bye bye!" the little girl said as she and Molly ran off, with Gadget waving them off. Chip, Dale, and Zipper were all back on ground level, and Gadget got down on her knees so she could talk with them. Monty joined the party as he leapt out of Gadget's pocket.

"So how did that cat get up so high in that tree?" Gadget said.
"Her name was Molly, and she said she was spooked by these weird moving boxes." Chip said.
"Kinda strange... even for me!" Dale said.
"Hey, mates! You don't suppose this has something to do with the missing jewelry, do you?" Monty asked.
"Missing jewelry?" Gadget asked.
"Oh yeah! We were coming to tell you about this big case we heard!" Chip said.
"Until we ran into the bigger you! Hahahaha!" Dale said.
"Dale!!!" everyone shouted.
"Oops, sorry. My bad." Dale said.
"Anyway, there has been jewelry suddenly disappearing from jewelry stores all over the city since last night!" Chip said.
"Just vanished without a trace, although one witness did see a bunch of furry creatures fleeing from one store." Monty said.
"No question it's Fat Cat. He must have another one of Nimnul's dirty inventions! That Nimnul can be a pain even when he's behind bars!" Gadget said.
"But how are we going to catch him? We don't even know where he is!" Chip said. Gadget knew what Chip was talking about. Normally they find a trail or a clue that leads to their destination. But a stroke of luck soon fell upon our heroes when Monty looked towards the streets.

"Look lively, mates! Over by those roads!" Monty said. There was a skateboard, and riding it were Fat Cat's four cronies, Wart, Mole, Mepps, and Snout.
"Those are Fat Cat's crazy cronies!" Chip said.
"We'll never catch them at this rate!" Dale said.
"Oh yes we will, silly! We have a huge advantage... literally!" Chip said.
"Right... with my size, we can easily keep up with them and see where they are going. Maybe they'll lead us to Fat Cat!" Gadget said. She quickly lowered her hands so that everyone could climb back into her pocket.
"Let's hurry, Gadget love. Last one aboard is a rotten slice of swiss!" Monty said. Once everyone was onboard, Gadget started running after the skateboard, making sure to keep a safe distance so that she wouldn't be spotted.

For the next several minutes, Gadget carefully followed the skateboard all the way to Fat Cat's hideout. It was unmistakable with the golden cat statue resting atop the Happy Tom cat food factory. And of course, atop the factory was Fat Cat Casino. Gadget watched as the four cronies were climbing up a pipe that led to the rooftop.
"They're heading for the Fat Cat Casino. So what's the plan, Chip?" Gadget said.
"I say we let them have it! We've got our secret weapon!" Dale said.
"Don't be silly! We can't just go barging into Fat Cat Casino! He's got almost a hundred rats in this city working for him!" Chip said.
"Crikey, Chip, old mate, but Dale's got a point! We do have one big Gadget!" Monty said.
"Well, yeah... but there's still the matter of getting to the rooftop." Chip said. Gadget looked over at one of the corners and saw a rope resting there.
"Leave that to me!" Gadget said. She ran over towards the rope and tied some of it together into a knot, allowing a hole for latching onto something.
"Zipper, you're going to need all your strength for this one. Find a chimney or something that I can latch this rope onto." Gadget said. Zipper nodded confidently and flew up towards the roof. Gadget twirled the rope around before throwing it upwards. As soon as it landed on the roof, Zipper dragged the rope and lifted it (with all his strength) up and around the chimney. Gadget gave the rope a few tugs to make sure it was secure, and once it was, she started climbing up.
"Everyone hold on!" Gadget said as she started climbing.

After a few minutes of climbing, Gadget was on top of the building, straightening out her hat and looking down at Fat Cat Casino. In another amazing stroke of luck, the front entrance was unguarded.
"Look, there's nobody guarding the entrance!" Dale said.
"Y'know, mates, it's unusual for Fat Cat to leave the doors to his casino wide open, even in broad daylight!" Monty said.
"Alright, we'll go in and confront them. Just to make them think it's just myself, Dale, and Monterey! Zipper, when I give the signal, you let Gadget loose!" Chip said.
"Just be careful, Chip. There's no telling what Fat Cat may have up his sleeves!" Gadget said as she kneeled down and allowed Chip and friends to climb out from their safe spot.
"Awww... have I ever been reckless before, Gadget?" Chip said.
"Sure, there was this one time when..." Dale said, only to get another bonk on the head.
"Quiet you!" Chip said. He and the others then ran towards the entrance to Fat Cat Casino, with Zipper (taking a position near the doors) and Gadget staying behind as instructed.

Meanwhile, inside the somewhat inactive casino since it was daytime, Fat Cat's four loyal minions (Wart, Mole, Mepps, and Snout) all came running inside with a device on their backs. In the back of the room was Fat Cat, staring at what felt like a mountain full of jewelry. The crooks set the device down nearby.
"Boss! We're back!" Wart said.
"Whoa... I guess this gizmo works!" Snout said.
"Of course it worked, you fools! That Professor Nimnul... we were lucky to score this one invention of his after he was imprisoned." Fat Cat said.
"Duh, yeah! Uh, what does this thing do again?" Mole asked.
"(sigh) Must I explain everything all over again? The Transportater takes solid objects and moves them from one part of space to another." Fat Cat said.
"I get it! You can take anything solid and move it from one part of space to another!" Mepps said.
"Something like that. Anyway, with this in my hands, I can easily pick off any piece of jewelry I want. I'll be rich beyond my wildest dreams! Hahaha!!" Fat Cat said with his sinister laugh.

But he soon stopped laughing when three of the Rescue Rangers came barging in.
"Not so fast, Fat Cat!" Chip said.
"Yeah, even if you're not very fast at all!" Dale said.
"The Rescue Rangers!? Did you forget to check on their whereabouts again!?" Fat Cat shouted.
"Duh, there was nobody followin' us!" Mole said.
"No matter, there's just three of them. They can't take on this entire casino." Fat Cat said with a sly smile on his face. He snapped his fingers, and a couple dozen of his weasel henchmen came running into the room.
"This ought to be quite interesting." Fat Cat said.
"Crikey, this'll be fun!" Monty said.
"I agree, Monterey. It's time to unleash the secret weapon!" Chip said, whistling at the front door. Zipper heard it and flew up to Gadget's face, pointing down at the door.
"Alright, Zipper. Stand back... I've always wanted to do this!" Gadget said. First, she untied the knot on her tail and took off her hat, throwing it off the rooftops and allowing her big ears to come up. Next, she pulled out her newly acquired hammer and held it with the claw facing the front. She then charged forward at the front entrance of the casino, ripping piece by piece into the structure.

A few seconds after Chip whistled, the whole place started to shake a little, but more importantly was the front of the building coming off piece by piece by Monterey through a block of cheese. Eventually, enough from the statue was gone for everyone to see the 'giant' Gadget standing outside.
"Fee fi fo fum... I smell nothing but dirty little criminals!" Gadget said with a smile on her face. The shock quickly spread to all the bad guys. In fact, Fat Cat's four cronies took cover behind their leader. Fat Cat tried to remain strong.
"What!? Don't just stand there, you fools! Get them! Get them!!!" Fat Cat shouted. The weasels didn't hesitate as they charged head-on for Gadget. Not very smart, obviously.
"Maybe you'd like to play footsie with me!" Gadget said, lifting a foot up in the air. The weasels squeaked in terror and ran backwards before Gadget could step on any one of them. As they were running back, the rest of the Rescue Rangers made quick work of the weasels, whether it was tripping them up with their own feet or just meeting up with the mass of muscle that was Monterey Jack. The ones that were still standing ran behind Fat Cat.
"You sniveling weasels!" Fat Cat said. He then looked over at the invention his goons had used to transport the many forms of jewelry into the casino.
"Quick! The Transportater! Shoot that blasted girl to oblivion!" Fat Cat shouted.
"Duh... right boss!" Mole said. He and Wart ran over to the Transportater, picking it up and aiming it at Gadget.
"Gadget, look out!" Chip shouted. Fortunately, Gadget ducked the blast.

As the cronies were aiming again, Monty came charging towards them.
"Nobody dares blast Gadget love and gets away with it!" Monty said as he flat out tackled the two goons, causing the Transportater to go flying in the air. Chip and Dale were there to catch the device.
"I got it!" Chip said.
"What do you mean YOU got it? I caught it first!" Dale said.
"Did not!" Chip said.
"Did so!" Dale said.
"Did not!" Chip said.
"Did so!" Dale said.
"Did not!" Chip said.
"Did so!" Dale said. And then Gadget reached in and took the Transportater out of the chipmunks' hands.
"That's enough you two! I'll be taking this thing." Gadget said. She then studied the interface, namely the small keypad.
"Hmmm... I see. So you can quickly input a destination using this keyboard interface." Gadget said.
"Um, Gadget love, I think now is a bad time to be learning new technology!" Monty said, pointing out the weasels and Fat Cat's goons closing in, with Fat Cat staying behind.
"No problem, Monty. I think I got the situation in hand. Clear out of the way!" Gadget said. She then aimed the Transportater down and activated it. With Chip and friends either ducking or scampering out of the way, Gadget swept the beam across the main room, capturing all the bad guys inside except for Fat Cat himself. Gadget quickly typed the destination for those she had caught.
"Okay... off all you goons go to the maximum security prison! And now you're next, Fat Cat! This is for all the trouble you've given us Rescue Rangers!" Gadget said.
"Er... um... I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got an important meeting with Flintheart Glomgold. Ciao!" Fat Cat said. As he tried to get to the elevator that would take him to his office and into safety, Gadget quickly reached inside the casino with her other hand and grabbed Fat Cat by the tail, pulling him outside.
"Hey! What are you doing!? Stop, that hurts! Helllllllllp!!!" Fat Cat shouted.
"Looks like Fat Cat is nothing more than a thin kitten!" Gadget said.
"Hahahahaha!! That's a good one, Gadget!" Dale said.
"Never mind! Just transport him to the prison so we can wrap this case up!" Chip said.
"My pleasure, Chip!" Gadget said as she aimed the Transportater directly at Fat Cat.
"I'll be back, you rotten rescuers! You haven't seen the last of..." Fat Cat said, his rant getting cut off as he was blasted.

After inputting the destination once again, Gadget smiled. She had just sent the Rescue Rangers number one villain away, hopefully for a long time. The rest of the rangers joined Gadget outside the Fat Cat Casino.
"Well, that's a wrap, gang." Gadget said.
"Crikey! That was some performance, Gadget love!" Monty said.
"Yeah, you really showed Fat Cat and his goons!" Chip said.
"Although I still like that thin kitten line." Dale said.
"Well, all I gotta do is zap all this jewelry to the police station, for them to figure out where it all belongs, and then..." Gadget said. She had to stop when she felt a tingling sensation in her body.
"Then what, Gadget?" Chip asked. Gadget looked at the device she had been holding for the past few minutes. It was getting smaller.
"No... it can't be... Chip, get the Transportater back to Rescue Ranger headquarters for me!" Gadget said, laying the device next to the rangers. Then she quickly ran towards the rope that she had helped create to get them to the rooftops.
"Gadget! Where are you going?" Chip shouted. But Gadget didn't say anything as she climbed down from the rooftop.
"What was that about?" Dale asked. Monty ran towards the ledge of the rooftops and jumped on top of it. He looked down... and couldn't believe what he was seeing.
"Look lively, lads! We've got a bigger problem now!" Monty shouted as he jumped backwards. Zipper just barely got out of the way as Gadget's slowly growing ears and goggles nearly collided with him.
"She's growing even bigger! But that's impossible!" Chip shouted. Indeed, Gadget's face came into view, as did more of her body as she continued to grow. Just like before, Gadget was afraid she was going to get too big, especially when she could hardly make out her friends even as they stood on the rooftops. Another couple minutes of growing, and she thought Fat Cat's entire hideout (not just his casino) would look like a toy building.

But finally, Gadget stopped growing at the astounding height of 60 feet tall. That's a large height when comparing to normal-sized human beings, but to Chip and his friends, Gadget looked immeasurably large. They all had to look way up as it felt like her face was touching the sky. Gadget, just over twice the height of the building now, looked down, trying desperately to find her friends.
"Chip!? Chip!! Where are you?" Gadget said. Her voice booming loud, Chip and friends had to cover their ears.
"She's louder than the television when Dale's watching Flash the Wonder Dog!" Chip said.
"What's that? Speak up, Chip!" Dale said.
"Listen, guys. I think this is from the effects of the Gigantico Gun. We have to get back to headquarters so you can shrink me down!" Gadget said.
"No worries, Gadget love! You lead the way!" Monty said. But Gadget was clearly still searching for her friends, and her attention was now on the streets to the left of the building. There, she saw a human couple that was staring up at her. Obviously, they were easier to see, and so were their immediate reactions.
"Eeeeeek!!! It's a giant alien from outer space!" the woman shouted. The man, meanwhile, pulled out his unusually large cell phone (this is 1990 after all! ^____^).
"This is the mayor! We have a giant alien invading from Mars! We need the National Guard! We need as many men as you can spare, because she's gonna kill the patriots! Never mind that, just hurry and get everyone here!" the man said before hanging up. He and his wife quickly ran away, as did a few other spectators who caught wind of the giant Gadget sighting. Gadget, meanwhile, looked down at the building where Chip and friends were.
"Guys, I can't go back to headquarters. The police may follow me. Don't worry about me, I'm gonna try and reason with everyone... I hope." Gadget said. Finally, she took her first steps away from the building and into the heart of the city.
"Gadget, wait! Come back!" Chip said.
"Oh, this is bad... and I thought the giant Zipper was a nightmare." Dale said.
"Mates, we have to hurry back to headquarters and get the Gigantico Gun so we can return Gadget love to good ol' normal size!" Monty said.
"But how are we going to get there on such short notice? The city may be torn up... whether it be by Gadget or the people trying to stop Gadget!" Chip said. Dale looked down at ground level and saw the skateboard that Fat Cat's four cronies had used to get back to where they were. Also by the board were the spoons that the goons used to control the board.
"Anybody fancy a skateboard ride?" Dale said. Monty saw it next and quickly caught onto Dale's idea.
"Good thinking, Dale!!" Monty said.
"Let's hurry up, team! Gadget is depending on us!" Chip said.

Meanwhile, in the heart of the city, people were running like mad from the giantess. Gadget tried with all her might to convince the crowd she meant no harm, but with the mayor screaming over loudspeakers of how the 'giant alien' has come to destroy us all, nobody was listening.
"People, listen to me, I won't hurt you! You have to listen to me!" Gadget said. In her excitement to try and reason with the people, she inadvertantly sliced a piece of a nearby building with her swinging tail. And she felt it too as she turned around and surveyed the damage.
"Oops! I'm sorry! It was an accident!" Gadget said. While looking over the slightly wounded building, she once again gained a sense of perspective.
"Boy, it's one thing to be 6 feet tall. But 60? This is just too much for me." Gadget said. Then she walked ahead a little bit towards a glass building. She peeked her head into many of the windows, and naturally, everyone started panicking and/or running like heck to the nearest exit.
"Wait, don't be afraid! I won't... (sigh)... it's just no use. I'm just too different from these people." Gadget said. She then looked over to her side, where she saw a small battallion of tanks and other Army weaponry approaching. One of the soldiers came out from one of the tanks.
"Alright, you alien scum! You came to this here planet Earth to sample our military might? Well, we gonna give it to you!" the man shouted.
"No, don't shoot! There must be something I can do for you!" Gadget said.
"You can start cowering in fear before we start shooting at you! Ready the tanks, men!" the man said before jumping back inside the heavily armored vehicle.
"I've gotta get out of here..." Gadget said as she turned around and walked away from the tanks, watching where she was stepping at the same time. From inside the tank, the man ordered everyone to follow her and keep a lock on her.

As Gadget slowly strolled down the streets, she eventually came across an amusement park that included a roller coaster with the peak of the ride twice her current height. She slowed her walk down with a traffic jam in front of her, and that gave the Army the perfect chance to strike.
"Sir, I've got a lock on the alien!" one of the men said, showing the back of Gadget's head on the screen.
"Fire at will, soldier!" the other soldier shouted. The man pressed the fire button, sending a missile flying towards Gadget's head. She turned around to see the missile rushing right for her face, but she quickly ducked at the last minute. The missile instead made contact with the roller coaster just ahead of her. Gadget looked to see the one part of the coaster slowly crumble apart, but that wasn't the worst part. She looked a little further out.
"Oh no... that coaster's gonna derail!" Gadget shouted. Quickly thinking ahead, she took a couple big steps over the traffic jam, amazingly missing the little people running by her feet. She was in close proximity with the broken tracks, and she could already pick up, through her large mouse ears, the screams of many people, most of them young children, as they saw the danger approaching.
"Don't worry! I'm here to rescue, because I'm still a Rescue Ranger! And... because Darkwing Duck is not available." Gadget said. With the speed that she was known for in her normal self, as soon as the coaster was about to launch from the broken track, Gadget quickly grabbed the vehicle and ripped it right off the tracks, taking a few bolts of sparks and electricity with her, but these eventually faded out. Gadget looked in the coaster as she held it with both her hands. The great news in her mind was that everyone was safe and sound inside.
"Whew... that was close. Is everyone okay?" Gadget said.
"Are you a superhero?" a little girl asked as she was looking up at Gadget's huge face. Gadget was flattered by what she heard and decided to play along.
"Well, yes... yes I am, little one." Gadget said.
"Thank you for saving us!" the girl shouted.
"No problem... now listen everyone, I need you to get away from here as fast as you can." Gadget said as she safely put the coaster down on ground level. Immediately, all the children and adults unbuckled themselves from the vehicle and they took off running.

Meanwhile, Chip and his friends were pulling away from Rescue Ranger headquarters. After taking the skateboard to get there, they were now riding in the Rangermobile, with the Gigantico Gun attacked to the back, though Monty did have to hold onto it for support.
"We've got to hurry! Those guys will make science experiments out of Gadget! Just like in the movies!" Dale said. Chip felt compelled to bonk Dale on the head again, but didn't.
"You have a point. Monterey Jack, that thing is set to shrink, right?" Chip said. Monty looked, and indeed the switch was set to the white color, which indicated Shrink.
"No worries, mate! One zap from this gizmo and we'll have Gadget love back to her normal self!" Monty said.
"Good! Keep leading the way, Zipper!" Chip said. Zipper was flying above so it could see where Gadget was, which wasn't too hard as big as she was.

After seeing the people from the roller coaster escape to safety, Gadget looked back and could still see the tanks taking aim at her. The lead soldier once again poked his head out.
"I'm warning you, alien scum! This is your last chance to head back to the depths of space from whence you came!" the soldier said. Gadget was a bit disgusted. She had just saved a whole group of people from certain death, and yet they still mistook her for some huge invader ready to take the world by storm.
"Why must you people hate everything that's different from you? Can't you see I'm just trying to help?" Gadget said.
"Alright, men! Aim the tanks again!" the soldier said as he hopped back inside the tank. Gadget tried reaching for her new hammer, but quickly figured it didn't grow with her. She thought about just using her bare hands and feet to defend herself, but as she looked at the tanks that were aiming up at her, along with the many innocent people standing by to watch the battle take place, she started to feel conflicted.
"No... I don't want to hurt any of these people. They're living beings... just like I am. But what do I do?" Gadget said.

Finally, Chip and friends made it to their gigantic friend. They had to weave their way around the big crowd as well as the massive tanks, but they managed to get in front of the commotion and have a clear shot at her.
"Alright, steady..." Chip said as he hopped back to help Monty aim the device.
"Quick! It looks like they're getting ready to fire!" Dale said.
"Ready, mate!" Monty shouted.
"Fire in the hole!" Chip said. Monty grabbed the trigger and pulled with all his might. Finally, with a slight click, the gun fired and the beam hit Gadget squarely in her chest.

Gadget shielded her face, thinking that would help block any firepower the tanks send her way. At the moment the tanks fired their missiles, the beam from the Gigantico Gun hit Gadget, and she suddenly found herself shrinking (though she didn't realize it yet). And just in time too, as the missiles went flying just above Gadget's blue goggles, destroying the rest of the roller coaster ride. The lead soldier came out of his tank, watching as the ride came crumbling down and the giant Gadget was nowhere in sight.
"Huh? What happened? Where did that gigantic alien go?" the soldier asked.
"Um, sir, how are we going to explain the destroyed roller coaster ride to the mayor?" another soldier asked.
"Er, well... never mind! Search the area for that monstrosity from Mars!" the soldier asked.

Finally, when Gadget opened her eyes and unblocked her face, the world looked completely different once more. This time, it was the humans that towered over her from the sidelines, and the tanks looked more like Technodromes from her perspective.
"Huh? What happened? Could it be?" Gadget asked herself.
"Gadget!!" Chip shouted as he pulled up towards her in the Rangermobile in addition to the rest of the Rescue Rangers. She had a huge smile on her face when she saw everyone at the size she most recognized them at. In fact, she ran towards Chip as he hopped out of the Rangermobile.
"Oh, Chip! Are you ever a sight for sore eyes!" Gadget said, even kissing Chip on the cheek.
"I couldn't agree more, Gadget." Chip said with a smile. Dale simply pouted, missing another chance at trying to win Gadget's love.
"Er, I hate to spoil the reunion, mates, but we better skedaddle out of here while the getting's good!" Monty said, pointing out the many soldiers who were walking around wondering what happened to the 60-foot-tall Gadget, not realizing she was back to her regular height of around four inches tall.
"You're right. Let's head home, Rescue Rangers!" Gadget said. She took the wheel of the Rangermobile, and after everyone hopped back inside, the Rangermobile drove off and away from the chaos that was ensuing.


Several minutes later, with the Rescue Rangers back together in their humble home and the Gigantico Gun (and the newly acquired Transportater) back in storage, everyone was watching the live news report about the 'mysterious giant alien' who appeared and then suddenly disappeared without any traces at all. On top of that, the mayor was demanding the Army pay up for the destroyed roller coaster in the amusement park.
"The giant alien disappeared from the scene, just as quickly as the mayor first witnessed it. Amazingly enough, aside from a few building scratches and a destroyed roller coaster that the mayor is demanding the Army pay damages for, there were no civilian causalities. Was this entire incident just a monsterous hoax written right out of a Walt Disney movie? The world may never know." the female news reporter said.
"Well, at least nobody was killed during this whole ordeal, and that's what's most important." Gadget said.
"On top of that, we sent ol' Fat Cat behind bars, at least until the dirty mate finds some clever way to escape again." Monty said.
"Gadget, I'm sorry you couldn't enjoy your first new height. I know you said you wanted to do so much for..." Chip said. Gadget just shook her head and decided to jump in on Chip's apology.
"Golly, Chip, don't worry about it. Between disguising myself and then what happened with the Army when I was even bigger, I've come to realize something." Gadget said.
"What's that?" Dale asked.
"I just wouldn't fit in with the human world. They see the world differently than we do. It just wouldn't feel right... and it's not just because I look different from them." Gadget said.
"Awww, don't feel bad, Gadget love. You must admit there were some highlights from the journey, like at the Fat Cat Casino!" Monty said.
"True, but I wasn't finished yet. The most important reason I want to stay this size... is so I can be with the only friends I've ever had. You guys... you're all I have after my father vanished years ago." Gadget said.
"Well, nevertheless, we're glad to have you back, Gadget! The Rescue Rangers team is back together again!" Chip said.
"Thank you, everyone! Now what do you say we have some dinner? I actually missed Monterey's cooking while I was bigger!" Gadget said. That prompted a laugh out of everyone, including Monterey Jack.

And thus ended Gadget's biggest day ever. A little later, Chip suggested that Gadget destroy the Gigantico Gun, as dangerous as it's proven to be. But Gadget talked him out of it, thinking that she may still be able to find some usefulness out of it in a future case.