Messy Nightmare


WARNING: This story is rated MA-V for extremely violent crushing and death scenes. Reader discretion is advised.

Sakura sat up in her bed, breathing heavily after experiencing unquestionably the worst nightmare she has ever seen. Even though she was glad it was only a nightmare, the gruesome nature of the vision she just had was enough to shake any young girl. It didn't surprise Sakura that she was sweating a lot at the same time. She got up from her bed and sat near the window, opening it up and letting the cool air inside.
"(sigh) Such a horrible nightmare. Thank goodness it was only that." Sakura said. She checked her hands. There was no blood or anything else that would make her violently throw up like she did in that terrible scene. She was normal-sized, something she wasn't anywhere close to during that nightmare. She slowly started to feel confident that all her friends, especially Tomoyo, were fine. Still, Sakura couldn't help but think back to the terrible nightmare...

Unknown room

Sakura slowly opened her eyes, rubbing them to help clear her vision. She didn't know what hit her, or how she ended up in this mysterious location. All she knew, as she looked around, is that it was really huge. Someone, or something, real big lived in this place. Sakura then cast her eyes down on ground level, where she saw three familiar faces laying down as well.
"Huh? Rika! Naoko! Chiharu!" Sakura said as she slowly ran up to the similarly shrunken friends. She first rattled Rika, who slowly woke up from her slumber. Naoko and Chiharu did the same thing after Sakura had nudged them as well. They all were slow to get up, as if they had been knocked cold by some strange force.
"Mmmm... Sakura? What happened?" Chiharu asked.
"Yes, where are we? I don't recognize this place." Rika said.
"Looks like some sort of kitchen." Naoko said. She and the other girls studied their surroundings. They were all standing on sparkling white tile, and not too far from them was a large wooden table, and behind that were various kitchen appliances. Of course, every last one of these things were huge, at least huge to the eyes of the four girls.
"Why is everything so big?" Naoko asked.
"I don't feel very good about this..." Sakura said to herself. And as soon as she said that, an evil-sounding female laughter eminated throughout the room.
"What was that?" Chiharu said.
"Perhaps it's the giant who lives here." Naoko said.
"Don't be silly, Naoko. Everyone knows that's just a fairy tale..." Sakura said.
"Eeeeeek! Look!!!" Rika shouted as she pointed farther down the kitchen. There, slowly marching towards the shrunken girls, was Meilin. Except she looked gigantic, looking bigger as she got closer. Meilin, wearing her 'fighting' outfit but without any shoes (leaving her in her bare feet), just smiled as she finally planted her feet as close to the girls as she could. The four shrunken girls looked to be around four to five inches tall, which she felt was the perfect height for her deeds.

"Well, well. If it isn't the mighty CardCaptor Sakura, along with three of her worthless friends." Meilin said.
"M-Meilin!? But how?" Sakura said.
"How did I get so big? Oh, I didn't grow... you four have fallen under my new shrinking spell. I'm quite proud of it." Meilin said.
"Shrinking spell? That's impossible!" Sakura said.
"Oh, anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Didn't you or Tomoyo once say that?" Meilin said.
"What... what are you going to do with us?" Chiharu asked.
"You are all my prisoners... and death will be your only escape! Let me show you just what I mean." Meilin said. She then reached down to grab at least one of her shrunken victims.
"RUN!!" Sakura shouted as she and the other girls tried to run away. While she, Naoko, and Chiharu were able to get away, Rika was too slow to take off, and she found herself trapped inside Meilin's hand, with only her head sticking out from the closed fist.
"No!!! Help!! Someone help me!!!" Rika shouted.
"Mmmm... Rika Sasaki. You'll make a nice first victim." Meilin said as she held the little girl up to her face, watching as Rika helplessly struggled to break free.
"Give her back, Meilin!" Sakura shouted.
"Oh, don't worry, you'll have her back... in pieces." Meilin said. As the other shrunken girls wondered what that could possibly mean, Meilin took a couple steps to her left, now standing behind the table. She placed Rika on top of this table, and the girl just sat there helplessly, knowing there was no escape (other than a huge drop to the floor that would've spelled instant death for her).

Meanwhile, after digging around inside the nearby cabinets, Meilin pulled out two slices of bread, a jar of peanut butter, and a jar of jelly. She also pulled out a knife, and this was an actual cutting knife, not one of those bladeless spreading knives. Rika began to sweat immensely as she saw the knife coming out, but she simply watched as Meilin covered one slice with peanut butter and the other slice with jelly. After she was done spreading the two out, she put the knife down on the table and looked down at Rika.
"And now, the main topping." Meilin said. Rika immediately figured out what the giant Meilin had in mind and tried to make a run for it, but once again Meilin was quick with her hands. She then dabbled the shrunken girl in the peanut butter, not able to roll her in the paste because of its high viscosity. She was, however, able to roll the girl around in the jelly, covering the innocent one from head to toe in the gooey mess.
"No! Please! *cough cough*" Rika said with her pleas falling on death ears. She almost choked on being suffocated in both the peanut butter and jelly, to the point where she was too exhausted to move around. Rika could only watch as the other slice of bread, the one covered with peanut butter, came down on her, leaving only her head exposed. Meilin then picked up the newly-created sandwich with both her hands, her tongue covered with saliva and causing some of it to drip down on Rika.
"Yes... my favorite sandwich. Peanut butter, jelly, and Rika!" Meilin said. Rika continued to try and squirm her way out, but the peanut butter was making that nearly impossible.

Down below, the other girls could only watch in horror as Rika was stuck inside the sandwich with no way to escape.
"Oh my gosh! She's gonna eat her alive!" Chiharu shouted.
"Meilin! Stop this!!" Sakura shouted. But Meilin didn't respond. Instead she took her first bite... to the right of Rika, biting down on the sandwich and devouring it into her mouth.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!" Rika screamed as she saw Meilin's pearly white teeth just inches away from her body. After Meilin gulped down the sandwich piece, she turned the sandwich to the left of Rika, biting down and once again coming close to biting the girl.

Finally, after gulping that piece, Rika knew there was no other angle left. Her panicking was becoming frantic now, and the girls on the floor were shouting whatever they could to get the attention of the giantess, but Meilin was clearly focused on her prey.
"Hahaha... down you go, little Rika. Can't say I will miss you!" Meilin said.
"NOOOOOO!!..." Rika screamed, only for it to be cut as soon as Meilin planted her teeth above Rika's chest. Meilin had to bite a lot harder than before, but eventually, as her teeth crunched together, the blood and guts came pouring out. At first it landed on her legs, but she moved the sandwich to the side of the table, tilting the sandwich down and watching as the red liquid, combined with organs and bones, came spilling out from Rika's decapitated body.
The shrunken girls watched in horror as Rika's remains slowly dripped down onto the white tile. Naoko almost threw up when Rika's arms eventually landed on the floor.
"Rika..." Naoko said, the tears coming down from her eyes. Chiharu had already turned away from the carnage and buried her head into Sakura's chest, weeping for the loss of her friend.

In the meantime, despite the blood still dripping down from the lifeless body, Meilin continued to munch and chew away at Rika's head, occasionally picking out blood-soaked pieces of bone from her teeth. She took a couple more bites at the body, with blood splashing all over her lips, which she wiped away with her hands. Each crunch she made, it sounded like something snapping apart, and the inside of her mouth continued to fill up with blood and guts. Sometimes she would simply spit out these guts, either in the nearby sink or on the floor next to the other shrunken girls. One particular organ that landed next to the girls was Rika's lifeless heart. Finally, Meilin felt she had gone cannibal enough, placing the sandwich back down on the table.
"Mmmm... messy, yet satisfying at the same time." Meilin said. As she was looking down on the blood stain on her legs, she noticed something going on with the other girls...

While Meilin had been chomping away at the remains of Rika, the other girls simply could not believe that Meilin had done something so horrible and so gruesome. Naoko didn't want to be any part of this, even as Sakura tried to calm everyone down and keep their spirits high.
"Everyone stay calm... Rika is gone, there's nothing more we can do. We just have to find a way to survive all this." Sakura said.
"How can we survive... we're gonna die." Naoko said.
"Naoko, come on. Don't have that kind of attitude." Chiharu said.
"We cannot survive like this. We have to escape now!" Naoko said.
"I hear you, Naoko, but we need to..." Sakura said.
"NO! You see that door over there!?" Naoko said, pointing over to the large door that felt like it was several yards away given the current size of the girls. Sakura immediately sensed what the normally mild-mannered, but clearly frustrated Naoko was thinking, and so did Chiharu.
"Naoko, no! We need to think this through..." Sakura said.
"Sakura's right. That door is too far away... Meilin will catch you before you get there!" Chiharu said.
"I don't care! I have to take that chance!" Naoko said. She then broke away from the other two girls and went into a full-on sprint for the aforementioned door.
"Naoko, stop!!! Come back!" Sakura said. The two watched Naoko making her mad dash for the door, but thirty seconds later...

BOOM! Splat!

Where Naoko was when Meilin's bare foot came down was suddenly replaced with a pool of blood and limbs that splattered in every direction.
"NAOKO!!!!" Chiharu screamed. Sakura just covered her mouth with her hands. In the blink of an eye, Naoko was gone, suffering just as violent an end as Rika.
"Hmmhmm... just like little insects." Meilin said, who had watched Naoko make her stupid dash for freedom and decided to end her life just as brashly by quickly slamming her foot down on the ground. Finally, she lifted up her foot, and Naoko was nothing more than a large puddle of red blood, along with almost every extremity severed from her body, if it hadn't been crushed into a bloody pulp already. Meilin, meanwhile, left blood with every step she made with her left foot, dragging out a small body part on the floor. She then looked to where Sakura and Chiharu had been hiding, near the table.
"You see what happens when you try to run away? As I told you little bugs before... death is your only way out! Go ahead and look at what happened to your friend." Meilin said. Sakura and Chiharu decided to comply with this request, not that they had any choice, really. Sakura almost threw up seeing her friend meet such a violent and painful death, and Chiharu couldn't stop crying.

"We're gonna die..." Chiharu said.
"No, Chiharu, we won't." Sakura said.
"Darn it! What's the point? She's the big one and we're not! We're gonna die! We're really gonna DIE!!!" Chiharu said, shaking Sakura by the shoulders as she grabbed them. But Sakura reached up and gave Chiharu a loud SLAP on the face. The slap was so hard... the right side of Chiharu's face actually glowed a bright red. Chiharu had to hold a hand to her face from the pain.
"Pull yourself together, Chiharu!!! We haven't lost all hope yet." Sakura said. Things looked bleak at this point, but Sakura was not about to give up so easily. But soon, that would change, for Sakura was soon going to be responsible for Chiharu's death.

After Meilin felt the two shrunken girls had seen enough of the bloodbath, she turned her attention to Sakura.
"Are you starting to see, Sakura?" Meilin said. Sakura just looked up at the giantess with a cold face.
"The power... the power of being able to crush your enemies in such easy manner." Meilin said.
"You fail to use that power responsibly. How can you expect me to believe in your ways with this much death around us?" Sakura asked.
"Hahaha! You still think like the naive little girl I've always thought you to be. You don't know what it's like to look down upon those who are insignificant to you. Join me, Sakura. Let us relish together in this new power and start a new era in Tomoeda." Meilin said.
"No! I would never do such evil things!" Sakura said.
"I figured you would say that. Perhaps you need some convincing. HA!" Meilin said. She then held a hand in front of the two girls, and they both ducked thinking they were going to be either grabbed or crushed by the mighty hand. But instead, the two were nearly blinded by a bright white light. Both girls shielded their eyes, but luckily the process lasted only a few seconds. When Sakura felt the light had vanished, she opened her eyes and looked around. Nothing appeared different. She was still about five inches tall, that was easy to see with Meilin still towering over her. But Chiharu was nowhere to be found.
"Huh? Chiharu? Chiharu!?" Sakura said, fearing the worst for one of her remaining friends.
"Sakura! Don't step on me!" a faint female voice sounded. Sakura traced the source of the voice down to her bare feet, and she gasped. In front of her was an even smaller Chiharu, shrunken even more by Meilin's supposed newfound magic.

When Chiharu opened her eyes after Meilin's white light display, the world had almost completely changed for her. The first thing she noticed was the size of Sakura. She at first thought that Sakura had somehow grown back to her normal size, but that thought was quickly erased when she looked down and saw the white tile closer than ever. Also distressing to her, and by far the most frightening part of her new ordeal, was Meilin in the distance. She looked big enough to crush entire cities in one stomp if she were to grow herself rather than shrink people. Chiharu was so depressed, she felt like even if she were to somehow survive this nightmarish ordeal, she'd likely never be able to return to her normal size again. Worst of all, she'd never be able to strangle Yamazaki again.
She quickly dashed backwards when she saw Sakura frantically moving around trying to find her, because even the slightest movements from Sakura's feet felt like they were moving several yards instead of inches.

Once Sakura had found Chiharu, she carefully got down on her knees and looked at the even tinier girl. She guessed she had to be no bigger than a quarter-inch tall now. Small enough to make Sakura look almost a hundred feet tall while Meilin saw the even smaller Chiharu as ant-sized, maybe even smaller than that.
"Do you see, Sakura? Do you see the power that has been granted to you?" Meilin said. After a few more seconds of staring at the smaller Chiharu, she finally turned her attention up to Meilin.
"No! This is a mockery of power! Please grow Chiharu back!" Sakura said. Meilin now was not amused. If Sakura wasn't going to relish in the power of towering over another human being, she would make her do so.
"Sakura. Your friend will die anyway, so unless you want me to end her life with just a simple slash of my fingernail, you will DO AS I SAY!!!" Meilin shouted. That definitely got Sakura's attention as she bowed her head.
"Yes... Meilin." Sakura said. She slowly approached the tiny Chiharu and picked her up, gently holding her in her hands.
"Good. Now go ahead and show her who is in charge." Meilin said. Sakura tried to think of ways she could convince Meilin of the power she wanted to see, and yet keep Chiharu safe at the same time. So she first pressed Chiharu against her chest, but quickly changed her tactic to just lightly squeezing her in her fist. While nothing did Sakura hurt Chiharu yet, the micro girl still was deeply concerned
"Sakura, what are you doing?" Chiharu said.
"Shhh... stay strong, Chiharu. I'm thinking of a way out of this." Sakura said. Meilin, on the other hand, would have no hand in this slow and steady display. She raised a foot above Sakura.
"Sakura, no more being dainty. Either kill her now or I will do it for you, and take you with it!" Meilin said.
"Alright, alright!!!" Sakura said, shouting as loud as she could and holding a hand up to somehow fight off the foot if it were to come down. Meilin got the message and placed her foot back, watching to see what Sakura had in mind.

Sakura then knew there was no way out. Meilin was right... Chiharu was probably going to die anyway, especially at that miniscule a size.
"Chiharu... forgive me." Sakura said, tears slowly forming out of her eyes. She then used her other hand to grab a hold of Chiharu's right arm.
"Wait... Sakura, what are you.... AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" Chiharu said... but suddenly had to scream out in agony and pain as Sakura ripped Chiharu's arm right off her body. The blood came pouring out like water out of a pitcher, and with her other arm pinned down from Sakura's large fingers, there was no way for Chiharu to try and suppress the pain that was consuming her entire body. It was much harder for Sakura to take, watching as her friend's blood stained her own hands. Meilin, of course, was ecstatic.
"Yes. Yes!! Show no mercy! Bring forth the pain and suffering to those we tower over!" Meilin said. Sakura was feeling sick to her stomach, having to listen to such demoralizing words. And yet they got to her head as she reached down to grab Chiharu's left leg this time.
"Sakura... no... please, no... please... nooooo... AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Chiharu said, trying to plead with her gigantic friend, but it fell on deaf ears, especially since Chiharu screamed even louder as the pain intensified from her left leg now severed and pouring nothing but blood and organs.
"Good. Now end this! End her miserable life! FINISH HER!" Meilin shouted with her most evil smile yet. Sakura was fully crying now. She couldn't believe she had turned to this. She tried to convince Chiharu that the afterlife would be much better for her.
"Chiharu... just remember... you're going to a better place." Sakura said softly.
"Sakura..." Chiharu said, too drowned in pain and suffering to speak anymore, and even then, her life started to fade out from the intense loss of blood.
"You'll be in a better place!" Sakura finally shouted. She grabbed Chiharu's body with both her blood-soaked hands and twisted it in half, tearing the tiny girl completely in half and spilling the rest of her blood onto the floor, next to Sakura's feet. This was too much for Sakura. She finally dropped the split body on the floor and slapped her bloody hands to her face.
"No!!!" Sakura shouted as she cried her aching heart out.

After watching Sakura let out the water works for about a minute, Meilin smiled as she talked with the only victim she had left.
"So, Sakura. What did you think? Did it feel good?" Meilin said.
"How could it feel good? You've turned me into a monster, just like yourself!" Sakura said.
"Awww... that's not a very sporting thing to say." Meilin said.
"You'll never get away with this! I still have Tomoyo out there! She'll save me!" Sakura said.
"Hmmhmmhmm... I wouldn't be too sure about that." Meilin said.
"Wh... what?" Sakura asked. Meilin then walked over a few steps away from the kitchen to a nearby closet. She opened up the doors, and Sakura gasped as she saw what was inside.

Sitting inside, with her hands tied up and a gag around her mouth, was Tomoyo. But this Tomoyo was much different... she was in horrible shape. Tearing on her clothing, scars all over her face and skin, and not to mention one of her eyes looking swollen.
"Oh, Daidouji... your little friend would like to see you." Meilin said. She then grabbed Tomoyo by the hair behind her head, forcing her to get up and walk into the kitchen. When the walk was over, Tomoyo collapsed down onto her knees.
"Well, Sakura, Tomoyo is here. I guess you're happy now, aren't you?" Meilin said.
"You... what have you done with her!?" Sakura shouted.
"Let's just say her fighting skills pale in comparison to mine. Would you like to say something, Tomoyo?" Meilin said. She undid the gag that was covering Tomoyo's mouth, but despite that, Tomoyo was clearly too weak to speak much, a few seconds delay in uttering her words to the tiny Sakura in front of her.
"Sakura... I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I failed in saving you." Tomoyo said.
"That's right, Tomoyo. You failed. You failed in trying to save your friend. And what does that get you?" Meilin said. As she was circling around the injured Tomoyo, when she got behind the girl, she swiftly swung her foot and slammed it at not just her hands, but her lower back as well.
"Owwwww!!!" Tomoyo screamed, wincing in pain and unable to caress the painful spot with her hands tied up. Things didn't help when those hands were bleeding as well.
"A swift beating the likes of which only the Li clan can deliver. And this is for so boldly defying me when I gave you the opportunity." Meilin said. She walked in front of Tomoyo and this time gave two quick punches to the face.
"Hi-yaaaa!!!" Meilin shouted.
"Ahhhhh!!!" Tomoyo quickly shouted.
"*cough cough cough*" Tomoyo lowered her face to the white tile, coughing up blood and spitting it out on the floor. Sakura couldn't stand watching this ugly display.
"STOP IT!!!" Sakura shouted.

"Hmmhmm... you made a grave mistake, Tomoyo. You should've joined me in my quest for power." Meilin said. And then, she walked back to the kitchen table and picked up the knife she had used earlier to spread the peanut butter and jelly on the Rika sandwich.
"And now, you will join Sakura's friends, and soon, Sakura herself..." Meilin said, tapping the knife on the palm of her hand. Finally, she thrusted the knife forward, stabbing Tomoyo in the back of the neck and watching the blood come flying out. Tomoyo wanted to scream, but her vocal chord had likely been shattered as the knife penetrated the skin. That didn't matter now, because Tomoyo finally didn't even have the strength to sit on her knees, she collapsed on the floor, trying to get her last look at Sakura before she surrendered herself to death.
"S...Sakura..." Tomoyo said, her mouth flooding with blood that spilled out onto the floor. Finally, her eyes closed. Tomoyo Daidouji was dead.
"Tomoyo!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Sakura screamed, tears overcoming her eyes to the point where her vision was a blur. Sakura just sobbed herself onto Tomoyo's bloodied and broken face. She was all alone now. Well, there was probably Syaoran Li, but knowing the devilish Meilin, he was probably dead too. It didn't matter. Sakura, seemingly out of desparation, charged towards Meilin's toes and just pounded on them.
"YOU MURDERER!!!" Sakura shouted with all her might.
"Hmmhmm... murder is such a senseless word. You should choose your words more wisely." Meilin said. Sakura just gave a cold look up at Meilin. The fact she showed such minute remorse for all the blood that had stained not just herself, but Sakura and the rest of the kitchen, it was just too much for Sakura.
"Now, I ask you once again, will you serve me in my quest for ultimate power?" Meilin said. For Sakura, the answer came easy. She would take Meilin's advice to heart and just escape death, hoping this was just a horrible nightmare.

"No. I have chosen death over serving someone like you... someone with such a dark and evil heart." Sakura said. She stood firm, looking up at the giantess and anticipating her next move.
"I knew you would go down that path. But don't worry, I'll make sure you don't die as quickly as your friends did." Meilin said. Sakura watched helplessly as Meilin lifted one of her bare feet. In fact, it was the one she used to savagely crush Naoko earlier, so it was easy to see the splotch of blood on the skin. Not that this bothered her anymore. She would soon become part of that blood stain.
"Goodbye, Sakura Kinomoto." Meilin said. Sakura didn't run. She simply watched as the foot came down closer and closer. Not that it would help her, but Sakura decided anyway to hold her arms high in the air, to somehow try and fight the giant foot off. But of course this was to no avail. Once the foot touched her, she was forced down to the ground, and her vision was filled with nothing but the blood-soaked skin of the bottom of Meilin's foot. As the vision of the foot filled up, so did the pain. Body parts everywhere started to crack from the increasing pressure.

On the loudest crack of them all, Sakura screamed and watched as her vision faded.

Sakura's room

"Sakura!" a male voice suddenly sounded. Sakura suddenly felt her eyes open wide and she swung her body around in a 180-degree turn. Sakura was looking at her father. In her room. With her body fully intact. No blood or broken bones or organs anywhere.
"Sakura... are you alright?" Fujitaka, Sakura's father, said.
"Um... yes. Yes, I'm fine." Sakura said.
"But what are you doing sitting against the window already awake?" Fujitaka said.
"I... well... I couldn't sleep real well, so I figured I'd get some early morning air." Sakura said.
"Ah, I see. Just like your mother once did." Fujitaka said. Sakura let out a smile upon hearing him mention her mother.
"Well, I'm gonna make breakfast now. You're welcome to join us downstairs." Fujitaka said.
"Sure. I'll be right down." Sakura said. Fujitaka was about to exit Sakura's room, but he turned around with one more message.
"Oh, Tomoyo called. She's already on her way here. I guess she couldn't sleep too." Fujitaka said.
"Oh, okay. Well, thanks." Sakura said. Fujitaka nodded and walked out of the room.

Sakura took a heavy breath of air. Perhaps she wasn't the only one to experience such a horrible nightmare? It wasn't like Tomoyo either to wake up at such an early hour either, not unless the two of them were out searching for the Clow Cards.

Nevertheless, feeling relieved that the horrible hour or two of killing put on by Meilin never actually happened, Sakura finally got up and walked away from the window. She walked downstairs to eat some much deserved breakfast. In the back of her mind, and to help break that cold ice from the nightmare, she wondered (and smiled at such a thought) if there was a Clow Card that would help allow her to dream of the dreams she wanted to dream.